Shanghai Immortal Readalong: Day 1!


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Hello fairy family!

Happy Monday and welcome to day 1 of our Adult readalong! We’ll be reading Shanghai Immortal by A.Y. Chao. I’m so excited to be reading this one with you, I hope you all love it!

Before we start, how are you all doing? I hope you had a wonderful weekend and got some reading and relaxing done.

Since today is day 1, we’ll be reading from the beginning to the end of Chapter 7. Get comfy and let’s get started!

When you’ve finished today’s section, catch up with me in the comments down below so we can discuss the beginning of the book. Happy reading!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Shanghai Immortal by A.Y. Chao from the beginning to Chapter 7. Please only read on if you have finished this section!


We’re starting off strong with a main character who’s half fox-spirit, half vampire and all sass! I think I’ll like Lady Jing.

She’s waiting on a delivery for Big Wang, it’s not what she expects it to be… but a human in a bag. He makes the mistake of insinuating he’s an offer, and very nearly gets eaten. Although, if he keeps up the ‘courtly piss-fart’ as Lady Jing put it, she might just eat him anyway.

She now has to work out how to deliver Tony Lee to Big Wang in one piece without a talisman to protect him. She swings him over her shoulder and takes off running through hell.

As she’s scaling a literal building to get Tony to safety, she overhears some gossip from her grandmother’s handmaiden. Interesting turn of events! Lady Soo is after the dragon pearl. I feel sad for Lady Jing, because she also overhears them talking about her, and it’s nothing good!

What’s more annoying is that when Lady Jing tells Big Wang what was said about him, he doesn’t even believe her! He only sees it as truth once the mortal admits he heard it too.

I’m loving Lady Jing’s sass. Even after a warning from Big Wang, she can’t stop herself snapping back at Lady Soo when she seeks her out to belittle her all over again.

That being said though, it probably wouldn’t be the worst thing for Lady Jing to learn how to better handle her frustration, as evidenced by this rooster disaster Old Zao has the pleasure of witnessing!

Old Zao has some wise words to shed on Big Wang too, from what they’ve said it sounds like Big Wang cares for Lady Jing and has actually done a lot to protect her, she just doesn’t see it.

Alas, she has to face the music and tell him what’s happened with the roosters. He apprehends her and scolds her for losing her temper and tells her this is why she needs to meditate. To prove herself she’s given the task of escorting Tony Lee around yin Shanghai safely so that he can help Big Wang. That shouldn’t be too hard, right?

What are your first impressions on Lady Jing?
Do you think Tony Lee’s motives are innocent? It seems strange that he would willingly enter hell.
How do you think Lady Jing escorting him around yin Shanghai will go?

I hope you’ve enjoyed your first day in Immortal Shanghai! See you tomorrow for another!





  • Natalie Leuchen

    1)What are your first impressions on Lady Jing?

    I love her sass and these situations are funny as tian 😉 but I can see a scenario where it starts to get annoying, however, let’s hope for the best and let’s wait for the character development to unfold itself <3

    2) Do you think Tony Lee’s motives are innocent? It seems strange that he would willingly enter hell.

    He seems to be a kind soul and his courtly-piss-fart let us hope that he is a decent person. Nevertheless, he made a deal with the king of hell… sooo he won't be there just because he wanted to help Big Wang.

    3)How do you think Lady Jing escorting him around yin Shanghai will go?

    I read a bit further along, so I am not going to spoiler anyone here. 😉

    I have to admit, I looked up quite a few things because I am not so familiar with Chinese deities and ghosts. A glossary or something would have been helpful. And I'd like to read more about lord black! <3

  • AllicynA

    We meat a fun cast of characters in these first few chapters! I’m looking forward to how the story is going to pan out. I’m hoping for some silly adventures or some hijinks.
    Really enjoying it so far!!

  • Annie @readbyannie_

    What are your first impressions on Lady Jing?

    Honestly I don’t like her very much at the moment, I get that it’s her “thing” to be sassy but she’s coming across as quite annoying and immature, especially as she’s supposed to be nearly 100! I’m hoping for some character growth and for her to act a little better as the book goes on.

    Do you think Tony Lee’s motives are innocent? It seems strange that he would willingly enter hell.

    Hmm, I’m not sure about this one! He seems quite sweet and innocent at the moment but I do have some doubts about the whole banking system they’re wanting to put in place in hell.

    How do you think Lady Jing escorting him around yin Shanghai will go?

    I think something will go wrong, and they’ll end up in some trouble! I also think she may end up opening up to him about why she behaves the way she does.

  • Katie

    I’m enjoying this without loving it so far. I thought the wisecracking sort of Deadpool kinda character might wear thin but actually I like her. I have a theory she will be a golden fox, the most powerful and tell those interfering gossipy jerks to go to…well not hell seeing as they’re already there…but somewhere not nice.

  • thebookishwytch

    1. I like the character concept of Lady Jing. A half fox, half vampire sounds interesting. Although, I find her near constant anger issues slightly irritating and hope that we see her character develop.

    2. I think Tony Lee is a typical greedy money man. He appears genuinely soppy but I suspect that when money is concerned he is a different person. But will he go so far as to cross the King of Hell? I do not think so.

    3. I do not think Lady Jing’s escort duties will go well at all! Her intentions appear good but she is a bit too childish. I hope she is successful in her mission!

  • Bec @Booktineus

    I did not expect this book to be narrated in the sassy style that it is. I’m finding it so much fun. The narration and world descriptions/ premise is giving me some India Holton and Garth Nix vibes.

    Anyway, questions!

    1. What are your first impressions on Lady Jing?

    She’s so angry and short-tempered! I’d think she was a YA heroine, not an almost 100 paranormal being. She is funny though.

    2. Do you think Tony Lee’s motives are innocent? It seems strange that he would willingly enter hell.

    We barely know Tony Lee! I swear he’s only been in two, maybe three, scenes and so far seems harmless… He could end up being just a banker, or something more sinister but I haven’t seen anything that makes me suspicious of him yet.

    3. How do you think Lady Jing escorting him around yin Shanghai will go?

    Oh, it’s going to be DISASTROUS and I cannot wait to see what happens.

  • Sof

    I had a very busy weekend working, but now I’m so glad to have two days off in a row so I can read a lot today! I recently just finish The Curse of Saints (the last FariyLoot adult book), and I have to say that the end of the book really disappointed me, so I have high hopes for Shanghai Immortal!

    The beginning of the novel is gripping and throws us straight into the underworld. I love Lady Jing’s voice. She’s engaging, sassy, and funny. I love hearing more about what her existence is like as a half vampire, half fox spirit. While I am loving her voice and the pacing of the novel so far (pacing was a major reason I had a problem with The Curse of Saints), I am starting to see almost too much immaturity from Jing. Natalie -from the first comment – pointed out that it could get annoying if it goes on too long, and I agree because the chapter with Old Zao and how she talked Big Wang in the last chapter we read sounded like tone and word choice from a young teenage rather than – I’m assuming in Hell years – a later twenty something? I love the tone and the voice, and I really hope it can maintain a good balance.

    As for Tony Lee, I’m not sure if we know enough about him yet for me to really get him as a character. I cannot wait to see more of him! I keep wondering if he’s putting on an act to be meek and there’s so ruthless in him, or if this is he’s true, scared self.

    I really can’t guess what may happen next, but all I know is that somehow Lady Jing is going to create more chaos, get to know Tony Lee a bit more while also getting him into trouble, and I can’t wait to read it!

  • Ronan55

    Lady Jing has some room to grow. Her snarky attitude isn’t too bad for me but I can see others not finding it enjoyable. Curious to see how she will grow as we continue.

    Tony definitely has some motives. Who would willingly go to Hell without some kind of goal in mind? What he’s after who knows? Maybe the throne ?

    There will likely be some shenanigans. She is carrying a sword and probably will encounter more roosters! Her temper might be the biggest liability for the future let’s hope it won’t cause too much trouble!

  • Tired Tiger

    1) This was definitely a fun opening! I wasn’t expecting a bit of a reverse Edward and Bella, nor the amount of sass from Lady Jing. I like her so far. I’m pretty level-headed, but even that doesn’t prevent me from losing my cool when someone hits my sore spots, and Lady Soo sure knows where to punch. Plus, this gives her plenty of room to grow throughout the series. So far, her interactions with Big Wang, Bullhead, Horsey and Old Zao have all revealed different aspects of her personality, which is always interesting to see. (Overall, Lord Black is the most intriguing so far, though.)

    2) Tony Lee seems like such a warm person (that front endpaper art gave him the softest eyes, and it’s beautiful) that for now I’d wager his motives are somehow tied to helping someone dear to him.

    3) I mean, given the small taste we got from the opening, I’d say that won’t go well, but it’ll definitely be fun. And I’m hoping we get to see Mr Lee be resourceful too.

  • SeaFox.Adventures

    1) I love so many things about her, but she’s extreme in them, which is striking as annoying. She almost makes the book feel young YA rather than Adult or even mature YA. I’m hoping that changes fairly soon.
    2) I don’t think there’s ever anyone completely innocent when they’re willing to go to Hell, unless there’s a /very/ compelling reason for it.
    3) Oh, probably terrible. But hopefully an amusing terrible that results in good, rewarding character growth for Lady Jing!

  • Megan Hill

    What are your first impressions on Lady Jing?
    She is a bit annoying and immature. I don’t particularly like or hate her at the moment. Here is hoping for good character development.

    Do you think Tony Lee’s motives are innocent? It seems strange that he would willingly enter hell.
    I am not sure. My opinion of him at the moment is that he is a gentle person and a bit of a wimp. Hope he proves me wrong. I think if his motives are not innocent that will surprise me more than anything at this point.

    How do you think Lady Jing escorting him around yin Shanghai will go?
    Not well. She is immature, irrational, and easily provoked/angered. I cannot see her escorting him without incident.

  • Nymphie

    I honestly do not like Lady Jing so far. Her sass is funny at times, but I feel she comes across as extremely immature and unintelligent. I feel kind of uncomfortable reading from her perspective when she’s making such terrible choices over and over. I do feel bad for her. Fate has not been kind to her. But much of her situation is her own fault, and I think it’s kind of…pathetic. I hope that she’ll grow into a more mature person as this story continues.

    Mr. Lee definitely has some other underlying motive for entering hell and I’m very curious to see what it is. But honestly, I don’t particularly like him either. The last chapter of this section was enjoyable and I liked seeing more sides of his character, but I did not like him in the beginning. He’s extremely cowardly. I’m looking forward to seeing how his character develops as the book continues.

    Overall, I’m curious to see where the story will go, but I’m worried that this book is shaping up to be one that I might not like. I’m really hoping something will give or change soon.

  • Steph Keays

    What are your first impressions on Lady Jing?
    I absolutely love the girl! When she first started talking about her mother and said, “Sob sob i know” she had me. Oh my gosh, I laughed so loudly! I believe she will be prone to problems. ?‍♀️

    Do you think Tony Lee’s motives are innocent?
    He seems a little too innocent to me. What’s his part of the deal? What will he get after all? Because it was a lot of risk to enter hell, and Clairly some people wanted his death because if the step was legal to come to hell, then why the hell did he end up with a fake talisman?

    How do you think Lady Jing escorting him around yin Shanghai will go?

    Ohh it’s sound trouble… just the ride to go see Big Wand was intense. Probably a lot of Yaojing/demons will want to eat the poor Tony.

    I’m so involved to get rid of Lady Soo. She already made me cringe. ?


    What are your first impressions on Lady Jing?
    She’s interesting. I like that she breaks the mold and doesn’t follow the norm. While others seem like prudes she is the one ruffling feathers. Literally. Haha.

    Do you think Tony Lee’s motives are innocent? It seems strange that he would willingly enter hell.
    I am interested in why he came to hell. Maybe he’s a scout for something.?

    How do you think Lady Jing escorting him around yin Shanghai will go?
    I think it will go over as well as hell in high water. ?

  • Jessica

    Ok, so I am still a bit confused, but I like it so far. Lady Jing seems a bit childish to me, like a rebelling teenager. Not sure if I like her.
    Tony Lee for sure has his own plans.i don’t buy his submissiveness, that it too much to be good. I don’t know his motives yet, be we will soon find out.
    Maybe he and Lady Jing will team up?

  • agsing

    I am loving Jing’s unbelievable amount of sass! An icon really! Needless to say this has been such a fun start, I am excited to see what kind of chaos Jing gets herself and undoubtedly Tony into.

    I’m excited to learn more about Tony, how he learned about this Hell bank project and why he agreed to it. We don’t know much about him yet other than he is rightfully nervous around Jing. There is no way her escorting him around the city can go wrong right?

  • Sophia

    Lady Jing is irreverent, fiery, creative, and hilarious!

    Tony Lee is probably in a situation where he has no choice but to make deals in hell.

    Lady Jing escorting him around yin Shanghai will be chaos ?

  • Sasha Cardinal

    What a new world to get familiar with, it is truly wonderful to see the difference between the Western culture and this representation of Immortal Shanghai.

    1) I wasn’t entralled at first by Lady Jing, for a 99 year old vampire/fox-spirit, she hasn’t mastered the same level of decorum as the other spirits in Hell. It makes me wonder if that will be the reason she is the one to save Hell from Lady Soo’s plans with the Dragon Pearl…
    2) I do agree, that Tony Lee’s motivations to willing go into Hell are eyebrow raising. However, he doesn’t seem like the sinister-type. A bit annoying around the edges, seeing as Lady Jing seems more modern than he is, when it should be the inverse. I guess we will have to see what his actual reason for being in Hell are.

    3) I think Lady Jing will discover through Mr. Lee, what is truly means to be human and in turn let herself open up to her emotions (other than anger obviously she has that one mastered already haha).

    I am truly enjoying this book, more than I thought I would.

  • Victoria Todd

    I think Jing is pretty amusing so far, but I can see her whole “chip on her shoulder” thing getting annoying later on if there isn’t some serious character growth. I really empathize with her word never standing with Big Wang, it sucks when people don’t take you seriously, even if it is kinda your fault from past actions.

    Maybe not totally innocent? But it sounds like there are plenty of morally grey mortals who end up going into hell, like the courier who dropped him off, so I’m not sure I’d consider it strange. We don’t know the backstory yet and for people like the courier maybe he’s gone to hell because he desperately needs the money for his family or maybe it’s plain old greed. Money is a powerful motivator and Tony Lee is going to be directly involved in the bank.

    Lol, it’s gonna be a wild ride for them both for sure!

  • Holly Groves

    What are your first impressions on Lady Jing? I really like her so far, her personality is so fun and sassy.

    Do you think Tony Lee’s motives are innocent? It seems strange that he would willingly enter hell. It does seeem strange, although could just be an innocent adventure for him

    How do you think Lady Jing escorting him around yin Shanghai will go? Definitly not going to be easy, but hopefully they’ll become friends along the way! He did back up what Lady Jing said to Big Wang about the conversation they overheard

  • nathalie.nicholle

    So far Lady Jing seems like a character that I would like, she’s funny, has a temper and is super sassy. I only hope it doesn’t become annoying in the rest of the book. It’s weird and extreme that Tony Lee decide to go to hell but maybe he has a good personal reason to do it, it might not be a innocent reason. I’m interested to know his real reason. I think think Lady Jing escorting him around will be chaos, it’s going to be funny, dangerous and maybe they’re going to learn form each other.

  • Henzie

    1. I’m not sure I like all this sass Lady Jing is showing, she acts like a rebelling teenager and it gets annoying. But this is only the beginning, so maybe she’ll have character growth throughout the book/series.
    2. Tony Lee probably has his own agenda agreeing to a visit to Hell and meeting with Big Wang.
    3. There’s definitely going to be chaos.

    And also, that mention of no golden fox yet in existence…

    Excited to read on!

  • Lisa Spanu

    1. What are your first impressions on Lady Jing?
    Not the biggest fan of her. She is a bit to snarky and immature for my tastes. She comes across as a twelve-year-old to me instead of someone who is almost a hundred and should be mature.

    2. Do you think Tony Lee’s motives are innocent? It seems strange that he would willingly enter hell.
    Can’t really get a good feel on him, but he most have something to gain for himself as well, if not he wouldn’t have entered Hell I believe

    3. How do you think Lady Jing escorting him around yin Shanghai will go?
    Not as planned

  • Vivian Lu

    Ok I am LOVING this so far. Lady Jing is such an interesting character and I feel for her so much. I love everything! The world is rich and I’m very curious about whether Lady Jing will end up earning everyone’s respect. And if she’ll end up being a nine-tailed fox!

    I love Lady Jing’s attitude. She makes me root for her and I like how she can be vulnerable. She’s growing!

    As for Tony Lee…part of me thinks he is faking the whole innocent thing. He cannot really be that meek can he? And what’s with the issue regarding the talisman? Something is definitely not right here.

    There is no way that Lady Jing and Tony won’t get into trouble around yin Shanghai lol. Very excited for the next chapters!

  • minntmllr

    1). My first impressions of Lady Jing are that she is deeply wounded from her and her parents’ past. She believes she is nothing, so the nipping of Lady Soo seems to hurt her more and rake across a nerve. However, Jing doesn’t seem to have all the puzzle pieces or true information about her circumstances. I’d like to see her focus in more on really figuring herself out. She seems a bit juvenile still—even though she is almost 100 years old! She is strong and stubborn but still very unsure of herself.

    2). I still haven’t decided how I feel about Mr. Lee. He seems willing to stand up for Jing—even when he is a mortal in hell. You would think he comes off a bit cowardly, but I have a feeling he is anything but. I feel like there is more to his reason for being down in hell, and I have a feeling that will come out during his adventures with Jing. I don’t necessarily feel like he will be a negative character, but I do think there’s a lot more to him than the banking aspect.

    3). You know that they will likely have issues as they try to move around hell. They will probably both have to work together and get to know each other better to be successful. Perhaps Mr. Lee is also interested in the pearl? Who knows. I’m eager to find out.


  • Amy Kosta

    I really like Lady Jing! I love her sassy personality and like that she’s not perfect and makes mistakes – I much prefer reading about realistic characters!

    I don’t think Mr Lee has been featured enough yet for me to make a decision about his motivations. He does seem to be genuine – perhaps he’s ambitious and thinks he can succeed in the mortal realm by going to Hell?

    Based on what’s happened so far I doubt her escorting him will go well. They’re bound to run into some sort of trouble, especially with her and Lady Soo both looking for the dragon pearl!

    I’m enjoying it so far and it’s quite an interesting story. I’m not sure if it’s one of my favourites yet but I am looking forwards to seeing what happens next!

  • @old.enough.for.fairy.tales

    I really like the irreverent style in which this book is narrated, but at times I feel Lady Jing acts a bit too impulsively for my liking…
    I think this book can be appreciated more by having a bit of knowledge of Chinese folklore/mythology.

  • bahnemah1

    What are your first impressions on Lady Jing?

    I think that she is used to be excluded from things and being judged, so she is acting like any normal outcast, she over compensates for it by being aggressive and not following the expected roles she should play.

    Do you think Tony Lee’s motives are innocent? It seems strange that he would willingly enter hell.

    I think Tony Lee is a guy who is curious about lots of things, he seems like the type of guy who wants to go into hell to see what it is all about and such.

    How do you think Lady Jing escorting him around yin Shanghai will go?

    I can already tell they are going to get into all kinds of shenanigans and that she is probably going to get in trouble with Big Wang again, because why not?

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