Shielded Readalong: Day 3

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Hello Everyone!

It’s day 3 of our readalong of Shielded and I’m so excited to dive back in!

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Alright, with that said, lets dive into todays chapters! Today we’re reading Chapters 10-13!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Shielded Chapters 1-13! Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


I’m so glad that Jenna stumbled upon such a nice family who were willing to help a stranger! It almost feels like a shame that she needs to leave to find out information about the Mage ?

“Don’t dwell on the past- it’s not where you’re going” such a good life motto!

Oooo Lorenz has asked her if she knows anything about what’s happening between Halendi and Turia! The people seem to want an alliance so why would Marko attack them?

Confused Math GIF

I honestly don’t know if I’d be able to leave such a happy existence to head into such uncertainty but also it would be hard to truly be at peace until you could find out what really happened to your family! 

Do we think she’s going to try and find a job as a servant so that she can find out all the gossip and secrets? 

Are these sections about the King in the past before he died? Showing us what led up to him and Ren being killed? The Red Mage was in the castle and killed Blaire! 

Turia sounds like such a nice place to live! Everything seems to be more colourful there and the warm weather would be a plus! 

Ohhh someone just came in and announced that they are at war with Halendi! Does that mean that someone made it back and told everyone Marko tried to kill them? This might make her time in Turia a little more difficult!

Comedy Central Reaction GIF by Lights Out with David Spade

Please be the prince please be the prince please be the prince ?

Aww they’re just Turian soldiers!

Ahh more shadow men have found her but the mysterious man steps between them and Jenna! 

Ooft yes we love a gal that can defend herself!

Whaaat can the boy see the magic?? Fighting together almost seamlessly, they manage to defeat the shadow men!

Aww she’s using Aleinn’s names as a reminder of why she’s doing this! My heart hurts? 

Do we trust them to take her to a healer when there’s a war raging between their kingdoms? I’m concerned!

Oh wow the blade was poisoned which is why such a small cut effected her so much! I love that Teren is using his body heat to keep her warm enough for the antidote to help ? he has no shame scooting closer like that!

amy poehler flirty GIF by Late Night with Seth Meyers

Ahhhh they’ve been cuddling in their sleep ?? that’s so adorable! 

I’m not sure leaving while the iciness of the wound is spreading is a good idea! What if it gets infected again!

Well at least Luc is honest about not trusting Jenna! Ohh so her wound was poisoned but Luc’s wasn’t? How could that be?

They think she could know something about Jennesara but little do they know she’s right there! I really can’t figure out what their angle is here though and if they’re actually trying to help her!

The prince thinks that Jenna had ignored all correspondence from him when she didn’t even know that he was writing to her! Maybe things would be different if she had known! 

Wait their innocence? So it wasn’t Turians that attacked?

Ommggg my pleas were answered!! Teren is the prince and he’s taken her to the palace!! 

Parks And Recreation Reaction GIF

Is this all the mages plan to destroy each of the kingdoms??

It may not have been the way she’d expected to get into the palace but at least she’s in! And the King wants an audience with her!

Marko didn’t send the Mage to kill Jenna or her family and they didn’t want a war so it must all be the mages plan! 

Yaay I’m so glad that she was able to tell enough of the truth without revealing herself to make the King trust her enough to stay! 

Now she can learn everything she needs to about magic!

I can’t believe that Teren was the prince all along! I’m so excited to see how their relationship develops and I wonder if she’ll tell him who she is!?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments and I’ll see you tomorrow!



33 thoughts on “Shielded Readalong: Day 3

  1. So, I think I have a slight crush on Enzo ? in my opinion it was pretty obvious that he was the prince, and I’m glad the whole disguise situation didn’t drag for too long.

    I have the feeling that the conversation in king Marko’s study was very relevant to the plot – expecially this thing of the missing ambassador – but I still can’t put together all the pieces. Evidence and logic would say that the traitor is either Jen’s father or general Leland, but I think both options make little sense.

    So far I’m really liking this book, I’m itching to read forward! Anyway I posted my photo, my instagram handle is Sputnik.books ♥️

    1. I agree about the missing ambassador! The traitor called him back i think. Though I don’t believe the traitor is the King, Leland doesn’t make sense as well…otherwise he would have warned the mage that he was killing the wrong girl ?

  2. Knew he was the prince!!

    My insta handle is @penguinograce

  3. OK so I’m running behind on my reading today but posting my comment for the little photo competition! I’ll be posting it by the 13th and my insta handle is @late_blooming_wallflower

  4. I’ll be posting my photo tomorrow with insta handle @thecaffeinated.reader


    BUT!! These chapters were amazing! I already have a new book boyfriend and I really really need Enzo and Jenna to kiss already lolol

  5. Didn’t you think Teren was the prince?? I thought it was kind of predictable, but I liked it anyway ??‍♀️ I was thinking it would’ve been more surprising if Teren was Enzo’s little brother.
    I’m really wondering why Luc wasn’t poisoned?? ?
    Can’t wait to find out more! See you tomorrow ?

    I’ve entered the giveaway ? (beppie125)

  6. I think it was quite obvious Teren was actually the prince! But I’m not sure if the author planned for it to be obvious to the reader or not.

    Now that she’s in Turia, I’m interested in seeing what direction the story takes. I think some of it has been a bit predictable so far, but now I’m not sure what’s going to happen next, so I’m intrigued to continue reading.

    I’ve posted a photo for the giveaway – my handle is @m.t.wilsonwrites1891

  7. Ok, so first I would like to say that it was really predictable that Teren is the prince. ?
    The same with ambassador that he was connected with traitor, but I don’t still have any clue who can be a traitor….

    I really like Lorenzo and Irena’s family, they are real, normal family which is happy that can live in Turia.

    Very interesting character is Yesilia and I hope we’ll know her better. Plus I can’t wait for relation between Jenna and Enzo.

    Oh, and Luc looks for me as an equivalent of Hafa but for Enzo.

    I’ll participate in photo challange. My Instagram is @motive_of_the_witch.

  8. I’m really loving this book so much! When we were introduced to Teren, I had a sneaky suspicion that he may be the prince and was happy to see that come to fruition.

    I’m quite interested to see how the story unfolds and definitely rooting for Jenna and Enzo.

    I have entered the photo challenge, my handle is @bookniffler9

  9. I loved Irena’s family, they seem so close ❤️
    It was definitely obvious that Teren was actually the prince – but that definitely have for some comic relief on the reader’s end – us knowing while Jenna does not ?
    I’m also curious as to why the blade was poisoned only for her ? maybe because the shadowmen were ‘created’ to hunt her?
    I’m curious to see how the relationships develop going forward – especially between Jenna and Yesilia – she seems like she could become a mother figure for Jenna. I hope it’s not being set up for a tragedy!

    Insta handle is oh_my_novel ?

    1. I’ll be posting the photo tomorrow though! 🙂

  10. I really enjoyed these chapters, they ended too soon!

    I love that Prince Enzo seems to be a decent guy – there’s definitely an attraction between him and Jenna, but how will he feel when he finds out the truth about who she is?

    I suspect that Yesilia knows exactly who Jenna is, though – she seems the type of woman that nothing gets past without her noticing.

    Excited for tomorrow’s chapters ?

    My Instagram for the competition is @tinasparkle04

  11. While Teren’s identity as the prince was pretty obvious to me, and the romance felt insta-lovely, I‘m still loving it?

    I was super disappointed when King Marko confirmed the deaths of Jenna’s family, but I still have hope! I’m hoping it’s all a big misunderstanding and they’re still alive somehow ?? (and not the bad guys??)

    Instagram handle for the challenge is @esquaredreads

  12. I KNEW HE WAS THE PRINCE YES!!!!!!! I’m slightly falling for him, but I do need some more personality from him. And I do sense that Yessilia knows who Jenna is and is helping her.

    I’m still very intrigued by the “interim” chapters. I understand that they are all mages, but who do they work for? And what do they want?

  13. Very good Chapters, I enjoyed them a lot =)
    It was quite obvious that Teren was the Prince, but it was done well enough. I really like him as a character. I like how Turia is written and the people in it.

    I’m going to post the picture later today, my instagram is:

  14. I’m @inkstains.and.dust

  15. O my, I think I actually did a little scream of happiness when we found out that Teren is Prince Enzo! wuhuuu!
    I do think it was pretty obvious (Luc was waaaay to attentive and concerned about Enzo to not raise my suspicion) but I‘m so happy! There’s definitely a lot of chemistry going on between these cuties and I can‘t wait to see how their relationship will develop! <3
    I don’t see at all why Ren spoke quite bad about Enzo in the beginning!

    But otherwise, I am so intrigued by the story about the three mages! I really hope we‘ll find out more about them (and that Jenna can destroy all of them of course, although I don’t doubt her abilities there!)

    I am also gladly participating in the photo challenge! My Instagram handle is @moonlessreader 😀

    1. I am soooo behind(blaming University for this) , but will leave a comment nonetheless.

      My Instagram handle is @bookswithjayjay

  16. Oh hello new bookboyfriend called Enzo! I like him… and Luc. But it was obvious to me that he is the prince and not just a soldier. Good that Jenna is allowed to stay at the castle. The king can’t go against his mother ?
    So what is happening next…

    1. Posted a picture. Instagram handle: lunas_book_page

  17. This is crazy lol
    Enzo. My dear Enzo lol
    I mean the name alone caught me ?
    It was obvious but I’m super happy it turned out that way too!

    Instagram handle @readingpirates! Will have it posted tomorrow ?

  18. I’m greatly enjoying this book so far! I’m probably not gonna wait until tomorrow for the last chapters cause I just wanna know how it ends!

    I posted a picture and my intagram handle is @naomi_the_book_owl 🙂

  19. Posted a photo! my Instagram is @alexabookish

  20. I posted my giveaway photo!!! @cruelfaerie

  21. I really like the book so far! I kind of saw the twist of the prince coming but I have no idea where the story is going next. Im excited to see! I like Enzo and I want to know how he’ll feel about the girl being the princess! ?

    I entered the giveaway instagram handle is @warnar.books

  22. I have posted my photo to my IG jenthebookishbakernz

    I was super worried that Irena’s family were going to be in danger because they helped Jennesara but thankfully I was wrong. Turia feels a lot like Italy to me. I wasn’t at all surprised that Teren was Prince Enzo & I really like how protective Luc is. I want to know more about him.

  23. I’M SO GLAD TEREN IS ENZO! 😀 I really like the dynamic between Jen and Enzo. <3
    I have a suspicion that at least some of the adults guess that she is the princess, but they not sure how to handle it so they just carry on.

    I'll post during the weekend, my IG is @serenity87hu

  24. I’ve entered ☺️ My Instagram is @journeythroughthechapters

  25. I’m loving this book so far, although I’m a bit behind on my readalong!

    I just posted my photo of this gorgeous cover and my instagram handle is @bookocraze <3

  26. I’ve entered! My insta is @megreads1

  27. Oh noes! I’ve posted my instagram picture, but forgot to post my handle here:

    Anyways, excited to read today 😀

    1. Okay so…it was obvious Teren was going to be the prince. It was a little insta lovey but I would say it was more they were physically attracted to each other rather than they’d die for each other after a first encounter (even though they did battle together) but there was mistrust so I think make it realistic in that way.

      Second I love that she went with a different name to protect Irene’s family. I really hope we see them again.

      Third my theory as to why she was poisoned and not Luc is because she had magic and he doesn’t (???? Maybe) just a theory.

      I like we are getting part of the villains POV so things are slowly being unveiled.

      While I like the story the writing it a little annoying at times. At the beginning there war repetition of the “white hair”, now it’s “not going to the dungeon”

      But overall enjoying this.

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