Shielded Readalong: Day 4

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Hello Fairy Friends!

I hope everyone has been enjoying the readalong so far! What have been our favourite parts?

Tomorrow is the last day of the readalong and I can’t believe it is almost over! But let’s not jump ahead as we’ve still got today’s chapters to read first!

Today we’re reading chapters 14-18!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Shielded Chapters 1-18! Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


I don’t think that Jenna thought she’d be spending her time in the palace cleaning pots with Yesilia but I guess it’ll help her gain her trust?

Ooo Enzo’s sisters have come to take a look at her as it seems she’s the talk of the palace! 

I’m so sad for Jenna having lost all of her family and now being in a place so unfamiliar to her but I’m glad Yesilia is being nice to her at least!

Jennesara, needing to see something other than the four walls or Yesilia’s rooms make her way out of the palace in the early morning and stumbles upon the practice ring. She must feel more like herself being able to practice stances and things that are so familiar to her! 

Ahh Enzo has arrived and wants to spar!

Whoops Jenna accidentally just let slip that her father had a guard! That could have definitely given her away!

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Whaaat Yesilia and others in Turia have magic!! Surely Jenna will be able to learn from them, figure out her tethers and what she can do!

It seems that helping Yesilia was the best thing for her as her task for today is to find books in the library, the exact place she wanted into the palace for! 

Oh wow! They weren’t wrong in saying that Turia had the best library for books on magic! There’s so much information for her here! Jenna learns that there were three original mages and an apprentice and I think we’ve already met them all in those in-between chapters! 

Ohhh so the shadow men are echoes of Graymere’s magic who can use some of his magic! Their poisoned swords only affect people with magic though which explains why Luc wasn’t effected but Jenna will need to hope nobody else finds that out! And anyone who touches the sword would become a shadow Mage ? that could’ve happened to Enzo!

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I feel like if things had been different, Jenna and Chiara would have been good friends. They both seem to have gone through the same things and both feel like they can’t be who they really want to be!

Omg they want Jenna to be Chiara’s guard at the ball, this should be good! I’m excited that she gets to go to the ball but is anyone else sad at the prospect of Enzo choosing someone else as his betrothed?

Well that was a very strange interaction with the ambassador! Something feels off here?!

Enzo seems mad that Jenna came to the ball but she was just doing as she was asked! 

She so obviously wants to be with him and the way he keeps looking at her I wouldn’t be surprised if he wants to be with her too! But they’re each the ruler of their own kingdom 🙁

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Ahh the man that Chiara had danced with wanted to get her alone to attack her! But what was his motive! I’m glad Jenna managed to get there in time but something seems off, she wasn’t her usual self and even forgot to hide her hair! Did Enzo see it?

Omg someone poisoned her water! It must be someone with easy access to her rooms and knows about her daily routine maybe? Could it be because she’s Halendian?

The King just officially made Jennesara Chiara’s personal guard but I wonder how they’d feel if they knew the ruler of Halendi was now in their guard! It’s kind of amazing that’s she’s managed to infiltrate so well!

Ohhh so are the mages trying to find their artefacts that Kai kept when he banished them all?

I’m glad they’re working together to try and figure this out but I so wish Jenna could tell Enzo who she really is ?

Omg the image of Luc and Enzo racing into Chiara’s room to see if they are okay has me in stitches!

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It’s such a good idea to teach Chiara some defence as well!

Jenna is such a qweeen being able to throw Enzo about like that! But ooft he distracted her and got one over on her! There are definitely some sparks flying here and I, for one, am loooving it!

Oh no Enzo and his parents are leaving! He said they’re taking most of the guard but will the girls be safe at home? Ahh I wish she would just tell him who she is!

Ahhhh her father’s medallion is one part of the key and the second part in somewhere in Turia! Do we think Enzo would know what and where it could be?

Woow so much happened today and I am loving it!
Tomorrow is the last day of the readalong so I want to hear what all of you think is going to happen! Let me know in the comments and I’ll see you tomorrow to find out!


22 thoughts on “Shielded Readalong: Day 4

  1. It’s so hard to stop reading now, but I need to do some other things today ??
    I LOVE Marietta!! “…. Chiara says the nobles want to throw their daughters at Enzo. He’s strong, but I don’t know how he’ll catch them all” ??

    I don’t think they should leave (Enzo and his parents with a lot of guards) en leave the palace vulnerable!?!!

    Can’t wait to go on reading, but I‘be to wait…. ?

    1. *.. but I have to wait

    2. Indeed it requires a lot of self control not to keep on reading ?

    3. The sisters are so sweet! The relationship between all the siblings is so heartwarming ❤️

    4. I think little Mari is my fave, she’s just adorable, and fierce, and vulnerable, all at the same time

  2. I’m shipping Enzo and Jen with the strength of a thousand suns. Everytime they are alone together I’m like “just kiss already!”, I literally can’t wait for this ship to set sail. Speaking of which: she’s about to reveal her identity?! Or something will get in the way? Oh boy, I hope she’ll be able to spill the beans because 1) it would stop the war between Turia and Hàlendi 2) she needs allies in order to defeat the mages 3) Enzo Enzo Enzo (louder for the people in the back)

  3. I really enjoyed these chapters! I’m liking the second half better than the first half. Seeing the mystery gradually coming together is great. I love seeing Jenn’s interactions with Chiara and Mari! (and Enzo ?)

    I have a really bad feeling about Enzo going away! Something bad is surely going to happen while he’s gone!

  4. I have a bad feeling about whatever comes next ? Also… it seems a little strange that Enzo and his parents are leaving the castle to pursue a POSSIBLE match. Maybe it’s a cover for something else? ?

  5. With Jenna almost constantly slipping information and throwing hints out there, I really think there‘s a good chance Enzo already believes her to be the princess, hmmm! I really hope he‘s smart enough to figure it out because I don’t want something going wrong, and Jenna ending up in the dungeon as a traitor when her identity gets out – I am very anxious towards the next chapters!

    Yet, I love how she is finding a second home in the palace – the place she probably expected it least! Chiara and Mari are so sweet and welcoming (I think even Luc is starting to be more warm and less suspicious towards her!) and I looooved the scene where the queen and Yesilias cared for her after she was poisoned! I really hope they won‘t resent her when they find out she‘s the dead princess! *anxiously waits for tomorrow*

  6. Today’s chapters were great and I really don’t want to stop reading now, but I’ll wait. XD

    I really like Yesilia and I think she knows who Jenna is. Especially that Jenna survived a really bad poison.

    Chemistry between Jenna and Enzo is cute, as well as her jealous. I think he postponed his decision after ball because her.

    I’m really curious what will be the 2nd part of the key. Will it be some jewellery or maybe something else.

    Mari is super cute and curious. I like the way how Author showed her as a child full of energy and ideas.

  7. Can I just say I love Mari! Her curiosity of her home has really helped them during this time!

    I have a feeling that Enzo has suspicions as to who Jenna really is but it is killing me, that she won’t just speak up and tell him!

    Also, very curious to see what the other part of the key is? Does Enzo have access to it, is it jewelry?!

    1. Also really love the relationship that exists between all the siblings and how close they are!

  8. Who would possibly think that leaving the Palace, amidst wars and poisonings, and attacks on the Princess, is a good idea???? WORST. IDEA. EVER.

    When they couldn’t find Mari, I thought something bad had happened to her (either that, or she’d hidden in a carriage and gone with her parents and brother ?) – love that child so much!!

    The chemistry between Jenna and Enzo is unreal, I’m living for the times they’re together ?
    But…..does anybody else think the “key” might be more than just two pieces of jewellery? Like maybe, the key is a royal from each land together? Like, the first time they fought together against the shadow men was so natural, and the instant connection between them…I think they’re the key….

    Anyways, I dont have much time to read on a Friday, so im going to try a couple more chapters tonight ?

    1. I agree with you! Bad idea to leavfor a week

  9. I was sorely tempted to grab two of my daughter’s dolls, pretend one was Enzo and the other Jenna and be like ‘NOW KISS AND SAY YOU LOVE EACH OTHER’ this book has really turned itself around, I wasn’t sure I’d like it after the first four chapters, and here I am ready to go down with the ship

  10. Just finally catching up and omg. It’s really starting to get interesting. I can’t wait to see where this goes. I love seeing the story developing, I think I know where it’s going but then again I’m like no! Very uneasy about Enzo leaving!

  11. OMG I love both sisters so much and I really like how close they’re getting to Jenna. I hope she doesn’t have to conceal her true nature for long! And I still think she has more magic than she thinks, so I can’t wait to figure out what happens with that.

  12. Really enjoyed these chapters. Again XD
    I really like the characters and their interactions so much and Jenna seems tonreally fit in there. I hope this books handles the big “I’m really the princess”-thing well…
    I’m curious about the key, I thought about it being about two peole, one from each land as well… we’ll see

  13. The sisters are adorable! But its so nervewrecking to watch Jenna and Enzo. Just tell him, kiss him and be happy please! He and his parents leaving the palace doesn’t sound good. I’ve got a feeling the gray mage is popping up really soon. Please don’t kill one of Enzo’s family. I already lost Ren ?

  14. I always love the descriptions of libraries in books. I just want to climb into the book & live in the library. I’m enjoying Enzo’s family especially the sisters but why are these people sooo dumb about security? Chiara never should have meet with what’s his face without Jennesara, especially after she had originally not wanted to meet with him alone & the King, Queen and Enzo going off to that estate in the middle of a war just after Chiara was attacked and Jennesara poisoned is just dumb ….clearly something bad will now happen

  15. I love Chiara and Jen’s relationship, plus Mari is cute too! I’m glad Jen could save Chiara and now she is her personal guard. I love how everyone is so kind to Jen. <3
    I have a very bad feeling about the trip, I'm sure Graymere will get to the castle while they are gone or they'll be attacked by him.
    (I still can't accept that Ren is gone, I'm still hoping it's just something wrong with Jen's tethers. :'( )

  16. Oehhhh it is getting soooo exciting now! I love it. So what do you think is going on with the tethers? Maybe her brother is still alive and the tether just broke but it is slowly regenerating. I really hope so! I like Enzo a lot!

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