Shielded Readalong: Day 5

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Hello everyone and welcome to the 5th and final day of the readalong! I’m sad it’s coming to an end already but I’m so excited to find out what is going to happen!

I have really loved this readalong and I hope you have all enjoyed reading this book with me!

Today we’re reading chapters 19 – the end!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Shielded by Kaylynn Flanders! Read only if you’ve finished the book!


Oh no no no they’re being attacked and there’s nowhere for Jenna, Chiara and Mari to hide! But OMG Jenna has managed to use magic to somehow hide the girls from sight!

It was Koranth with Riiga that attacked but it seems like on the orders of someone else?

How are they supposed to get out of the palace when everyone else on their side has been captured or killed ?

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Mari is a smart lil cookie! Keeping food and water in her hiding spaces just may have saved them!

Ooo a tunnel from the dungeon that leads out beyond the palace! There could be hope for them escaping after all but getting to the dungeon is going to be a hard task!

Ahhh Graymere is at the Hallen Estate looking for Enzo! But he’s not there? Where have they gone?

It was Koranth that poisoned her! You know I did have my suspicions about him! I really wanna know who he’s talking to!

Greymare’s apprentice! How did they discover that they’d killed the wrong girl? 

Ahh she managed to make her hand disappear! I hope she manages to hold her magic long enough to get them out!

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They make it to the dungeon with only one near miss with a servant! Ahh she should have known there would be a guard in there and now she’s gonna have to fight him!

Uh oh, a shade Mage! Does that mean Greymare is near? Chiara was so brave trying to distract the shade Mage to help Jenna and it works! 

The King is camping in the valley? Did they ever make it to the Hallen’s and how did Romo know where they were??

Chiara is a changed person from the scared girl who was attacked to this strong girl who will do anything to get her sister and friend to safety!

Yaaay they make it to the Kings tent and Enzo is there but Jenna is in a bad way! Ahhhh he knows who she is!!! How is this going to change things? 

Omg Luc thought she might be an assassin ?

So now the King knows everything and they realise if Greymare knows where Jenna is, they are vulnerable staying where they are. They need to take back the palace! I just really hope they’ll be able to do it without magic on their side!

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How on earth are they going to defeat him if Brownlok can cause so much destruction in an instant!

At least Enzo now knows she didn’t ignore his letters and knows she didn’t know anything about the betrothal!

Ahhhh he kissed her! Finallllly! But it makes me so sad that the can’t be together 🙁 

Has Jenna been carrying this thought with her? That the people won’t want her as queen as they’ll think she had something to do with the death of her father and brother? 

OMG Ren is alive!!!

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I honestly didn’t expect that! Also is it bad that my first thought was yaay he can rule and Jenna and Enzo can be together ?
I’m so happy the siblings are back together again! 

Leland is alive and leading the attacks! They must get to him and get him to stop! 

Ren still has the medallion, one part of the key but Brownlok found Turias part!
But before they can even think about trying to find the black library, they need to stop the war. And that’s exactly what Ren, Jenna and Enzo plan to do.

That was such a nice moment and I’m so glad Jenna and Enzo feel like they can be together now ? they both care for each other so much! If anything happens to either of them I’ll be so mad! 

No they’re not ready for Graymere to be here!

Oh wow so he’s been using the tether to find her an could manipulate it to make her think Ren had died?

Graymere and Jenna are such a good match for each other that neither of them manage to get the upper hand! But Jenna uses all her happy memories to get one up on him and manages to stab him in his heart!!

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I can’t believe the Halendians shot at someone waving a white flag! 

Okay I’m getting a bad feeling with them walking into the generals tent…something feels wrong.

Whaaaat Cris and Leland betrayed them!! Ahhhh he stabbed Enzo! No he has to be okay.

Oh thank the heavens they managed to heal him!

So they still need to figure out who summoned he mages, find the mages and the map and the black library! Easy right?!? 

But at least they got to choose to marry each other this time ?

So so much just happened that I wasn’t expecting and that was a rollercoaster of emotions at the end!
Let me know all of your thoughts!

I really hope you enjoyed this readalong and I hope you all have a lovely weekend planned!

We’ll see you soon for another readalong!


11 thoughts on “Shielded Readalong: Day 5

  1. I’m dead. I’m officially dead. Ren is alive, Jen and Enzo are finally together and you featured my pic…could this day get any better? Must I rush outside to buy a lottery ticket? ?

    However congratulations to those who guessed correctly the traitor identity! This ending was satisfying yet I crave for more, I can’t wait for unthetered to come out next summer.

    I enjoyed this book way more than I thought, it was a bit naive in some parts, but it could be because it’s a debut. It’s a 4.5 stars in my opinion.

    p.s. thank you for including this book in your box, I don’t think I would have picked it up otherwise because arranged marriages usually aren’t my thing ? can’t wait for the next readalong!

  2. Gahhh so much happened in this last section! When Ren turned out to be alive I was like ? That was a great twist! I enjoyed the second half of this book a lot more and ended up enjoying it much more than I thought. I was so happy that Jenna and Enzo can be together, yasss!

  3. Yesterday I didn’t want to stop reading but today I postponed reading because I didn’t want to finish the book ?

    I cried when Ren stepped in the room, more so than when she found out he was dead. I absolutely loved this book ❤️❤️
    Thank you for the readalong, see you next time ?

  4. Oh my holy moly?!?
    Sooo much happened in these last few chapters!

    I was completely shocked to see that Ren was still alive and confused as to why Chris was acting the way he was in the Palace and then BOOM we have a traitor on our hands! Very disappointing, really didn’t expect that from him.

    So happy that Enzo and Jenna can finally be honest with one another and have accepted their fate together! Yay!
    Can’t wait to read the sequel!

  5. Wow, it was intense! A lot of things happened. Ren alive was a little predictable for me and I even don’t know why…I was thinking that “hmmm…maybe he covered a bound with Jenna for some reason”.

    Cris and Leland…I don’t know how to comment this I smart way. It was quick but Jenna’s deduction was great. She is really smart.

    But finally Jenna and Enzo decided to be together and it was so cute. ❤️

    It was a really good book and I’m waiting for 2nd book. I’m curious how this Back Library will look.

  6. This last section had so much action. I love that they were able hide and escape because of Marietta’s sneaky hiding places. Glad that Ren is alive and wasn’t at all surprised that Leland and Cris were bad guys. I’m looking forward to seeing who has the POV in the companion novel… I’m guessing Ren and possibly Chiara.

  7. I really loved this last part of the book! Jenn protecting the princesses and escaping the castle was amazing! I’m interested on how difficult it’s going to be for them to defeat the Red Mage and Brown Mage in the next books since they have their items and Graymere didn’t.

    I was squealing when Enzo found out Jenn’s identity. I’m really glad their relationship is going strong and that they chose to continue to be betrothed. I knew Leland was the traitor and Cris was probably helping him, but I really wanted Cris to turn out different. Maybe he’ll have a change of heart and switch sides at the last minute when it most matters in the next few books. I really want a redemption for him and for him to be happy. I really liked him and Jenn as a pairing in the beginning, but all the scenes with Enzo are just perfect.

    It’ll be interesting to see where the story goes from here!

  8. OMG, my wish was granted and Ren *is* alive! That is great news! Now Ren can be the king and Jenn and Enzo can get happily married, yay! ❤️

    I really liked the fast paced last few chapters, and the whole book. And I’m really glad things worked out more or less for Jenn at the end. Leland was always suspicious, but haven’t expected Cris to be a bad guy, duh!

    Can’t wait to read the companion novel next summer! I hope FL will make a matching edition for that. <3 I also wonder whose POV will we get.

  9. Ren is alive ? so I’m happy.
    Finally Ren an Jenna are together and can fight again. I love it how Ren and Enzo interact. And Ciara fancies Ren ?
    The fight or more precisely the death of greymare was kind of rushed. I wouldn’t expect that he gets killed. But there are still 2 more mages on the run. So thesecond book wont be boring.
    I really enjoyed reading. At the beginning it was a bit difficult to figure out who the bad guy was and what Riga had to do with everything. But it was a great read and im looking forward to Book 2

  10. I love this book! The ending was so exciting and great and I can’t wait for the wedding in book two hopefully! Is this a duology or trilogy?

  11. Finished the book a tad later, because I had to work a lot, but I liked the book. I have to admit I found it predictable, but that’s not nessecarilly a bad thing.

    I did think she thought too many times that Enzo and her brother took after each other. Normally I’d expect someone does not want to compare your sibling to a love interest? But that might be me.

    Anyway, I’m guessing that in book 2, Ren will fall in love with Enzo’s sister. And then the’ll mutually be annoyed by each other for “dating” their sister xD.

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