Silver in the Bone Readalong: Day 2!

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Hi Fairy Friends!

Welcome back to day 2 of our readalong of Silver in the Bone. I hope you’re all loving the book so far! We left off on a bit of a cliffhanger yesterday, so I’m excited to see what will happen today!

Today we’re reading from chapter 8 to the end of chapter 17. Let’s go!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Silver in the Bone by Alexandra Bracken, from chapters 8 to 17. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


Tamsin wakes up to find Emrys has used ALL of his cooling salve on her. What a gem!

And guess what: She has the One Vision!

They search the ruins of the castle and find a coin and note in a leather pouch wrapped in Tamsin’s old rain coat. Tamsin sees a girl peek her head round the corner and then disappear again. It’s Neve, who we met a the Tarot Shop yesterday!

But Septimus is also here with some other Hollowers that are friends of Emrys’s dad and they’ve taken Cabell as their prisoner.

Tamsin and Emrys don’t do a great job of trying to rescue Cabell but then Neve whips out her wand – she’s a Sorceress! Neve says she can use her magic to locate Nash, meaning Tamsin can then use the ring on Cabell’s curse and Neve can then claim it for the Council of Sistren.

Tamsin and Cabell agree to “Prague it” – in other words, work with the Sorceress to get what they want and use the fact that she doesn’t know the ring has to be taken by deadly force against her.

Tamsin announces that she believes Nash went to Avalon but, unfortunately, the bad guys were all lurking and now they know where to go too.

They all go to Merlin’s Cave and summon the Hag of the Mist who demands a lock of Tamsin’s hair in exchange for passage to and from Avalon…weird.

When they arrive in Avalon, they are met with a rotting and decaying landscape and part 1 concludes with the group being attacked by zombie-like creatures.

As they are running away from the creatures, Septimus catches Tamsin and tries to use her as a human shield. Rude! Our girl stabs him above the knee and he’s torn apart by the creatures – did someone say ‘karma’?

We’re not sure how but Neve manages to part the clouds and bring down blinding light that incinerates the creatures. Five knights appear and it turns out they’re all young women and part of the Nine.

The group are thrown in dungeons until they are released by Olwen and Sir Bedivere. (But not before Emrys and Tamsin share a moment as he comforts her while she is feeling guilty about Septimus.)

They are taken to the infirmary where Emrys refuses to remove his tunic to be checked over…suspicious.

Caitriona reveals that they believe Avalon was cursed by the Sorceresses when they left the Druids and King Death behind.

She also tells us that the zombie-like creatures are their dead people. They call them ‘Children of the Night’ because they hunt in the dark hours. Then comes my favourite part – the novel’s title is mentioned!

We find out the curse “leaves one dark of heart and silver in the bone”. Neve agrees to help Olwen in her research of this affliction.

The section ends with the group being taken to the cave pools to bathe in the restorative, healing water of the springs.

Why do you think Emrys refused to remove his tunic?
Are you Team Sorceresses or Team Druids?
What do you think of Tamsin working with Emrys and Neve?
Do you have a favourite character so far?

I have so many questions and I can’t wait to see what happens next! See you tomorrow for day 3!


50 thoughts on “Silver in the Bone Readalong: Day 2!

  1. Well, that was *not* what I was expecting getting to Avalon. I guess they don’t have to worry about the other guild members now…?

    1) I think Tam didn’t imagine the scar at the sorceresse’s house. Plus, there’s the endpaper art. It’s probably worse than what we’re ‘seeing’ right now, though. And what is up with Emrys not having the signet ring?
    2) I’m definitely not team druids, but between the sorceresses and the priestesses… I can’t choose. I like both so far and I don’t have enough information. As much as I love Neve, it’s hard to beat warrior magic women riding horses.
    3) I think yes! Bring on the group dynamics and shenanigans! We love to see it!
    4) I like our main four. We’re closest to Tam, obviously, and then Cab, so while Tam keeps them at bay, we won’t see what’s beneath the surface for Neve and Emrys. But Neve pulling off that spell was *chef’s kiss*. What a legend.

    I am worried about the hair thing. In fantasy, it’s common for it to be used for tracking or rituals, and I don’t think poor Tam needs any of those right now (or ever). And I’m also worried about the favour she owes the Bonecutter. If not now, I bet it’ll come back to bite her in the sequel(s).

    1. Yes! The hair thing really stood out to me, I have a feeling it will come back to bite her too! 👀

  2. 1) There was mention on scars for Emrys and his desperation to get the ring says that maybe he also has a curse he needs to break or just really needs dad’s approval. It could be a curse tied to the scars or a separate deal entirely. He didn’t just refuse to take his shirt off either he cleverly got out of going to the baths as well.
    2) We haven’t met any druids (that we know of) yet so for me it’s easy to say the sorceresses are in the right. But just as they are hated by the priestesses for something that may be wrong we could also not have the full story of the druids. Though I do think they seem to be not the good guys at this point.
    3) I think at this point she doesn’t really have a choice. And also its wise to use all the resources you have when dealing with something that is bigger than all it’s individual parts.
    4) I don’t think I have a favorite yet, I need to see some more growth from the characters first. I am excited to see when Neve can learn from Olwen and Olwen from Neve.

    I know Emrys is likely a love interest but I don’t think they have enough between them yet to justify the bit of jealousy Tamsin felt when he stayed back with Olwen. Personally I need a little more time and development for me to find an attraction believable and they have really only had the one honest moment that Tam quickly put an end to.

    1. I’m also excited to see what Neve and Olwen can learn from each other! 🥰

    2. Ooh. I almost forgot about the not wanting to be shirtless bit by the time we got to him seizing the opportunity to get out of bathing with the rest, too.

  3. Why do you think Emrys refused to remove his tunic?

    I’m getting the horrible feeling that Emrys’ father is abusing him and maybe has even gone so far as disowning him, which would explain the missing signet ring. I think perhaps under his tunic he has graphic evidence of this abuse.

    Are you Team Sorceresses or Team Druids?

    Uhhhh seeing as how the druids killed almost every female on Avalon, not just the priestesses, I am firmly team Sorceresses.

    What do you think of Tamsin working with Emrys and Neve?

    I love it! I think the interactions are really fun to watch, especially Neve. Although to be honest, I’m a little annoyed Alexandra Bracken chose to use the phonetic spelling of Niamh instead of just using the Irish name itself. I get that it’s not easy to pronounce, but we all have google to look those things up these days.

    Do you have a favourite character so far?

    Despite the spelling of her name, I am loving Neve! The quirky, speaking-before-thinking, and the all around positive attitude is such a nice presence. And I adore how excited and open she is about the exchange of knowledge between her and Olwen, the sorceresses and the priestesses. We need more of that energy in this world.

  4. I think Emrys has hidden scars beneath his clothes that he wants to keep secret for some reason. Maybe connected to the reason he’s trying to find the ring.

    I think we haven’t got the full story on Druids/sorceresses yet.

    I think Tamsin, Emyrs, and Neve make a good team and if they keep working together it will be beneficial for all!

    Neve has been a fun and interesting character!

    1. I love Neve, I can’t wait to find out more about her! 😍

  5. Well, I wasn’t expecting Avalon to turn out like that! Excellent twist.

    I’m really not sure when it comes to Emrys what his motives are yet or why he’s being so secretive about what’s under the tunic! Normally, I feel I can figure something out but I’m at a loss with this boy! Time will tell.

    I’m Team Sorceress all the way. Neve has won me over in personality and fashion sense. She’s brilliant and definitely my favourite character so far. I love the dynamic of the main four all brought together for different reasons. Definitely a favourite trope of mine!

    1. Yesss I am loving this little found family! 💜

  6. I think Emrys isn’t taking his tunic off because he has scars and he’s self conscious about them. I’m on team they both suck at the moment. I like them all working together I think the three really have potential to have some pretty great back and fourths. I love Olwen, her response to the hand of glory was just to iconic.

    1. Yesss I can’t wait to see how the three of them interact in the second half of the book! 💜

  7. 1) Maybe for the same reason he’s separated from his father, and why Septimus thought it was impossible for him to be there, with Tamsin and friends? Probably a curse, given why he’s so hard after the ring, but then why not offer to let Tamsin have it after he fixes his own curse?
    2) I can’t decide that without more information about the druids! If I’m being honest, I haven’t heard much about druids, even in other stories, but I’ve never heard or read about them being depicted in a /bad/ light, so I’m wondering if that’ll play into it as well. So much changes with perception! Maybe, from the druids perspective, it was, “the only real choice”, etc.
    3) I think Neve is growing on her more than she’d like to admit [especially with her Team Optimist mindset], and I think Emrys is starting to, too. But I think, ultimately, she sees them as something useful to rely on [to an extent] to get what she ultimately needs – a way to save her brother.
    4) I’ve a tough call between Neve, Tamsin, and Olwen. I love so much about Neve and Owlen, between their general attitudes and likes [and the desire, so far, to exchange knowledge! I love it!], but I appreciate the tough, realistic mindset Tamsin has. Most MCs [and FLs, at that] are too trusting and optimistic. It’s nice to have a change from that.

    1. Tamsin’s such an interesting character, I can’t wait to find out more about her and see her develop! 💜

  8. I’m really appreciating all the humor and banter in this story so far. They’re all teenagers on this dangerous quest and some lightheartedness is rightly needed.
    I think Emrys might have some scars on his body because his father was probably not the nicest to him. There is definitely something up with his relationship to his father.
    So far, I’m not on either team. I also remember how Nash always said that nothing is at it seems, so I’m distrustful of everyone right now.
    I am loving our little found family so far! Let the love form!
    Honestly right now my favorite character is Emrys. It seems like he’s a really good guy under that nonchalant “Trust Fund” appearance. Plus his concern for Tamsin is heartwarming <3
    However, this whole curse mystery and Tamsin’s identity…I really can’t predict what will happen!

    1. I love the found family too! It might be my favourite aspect of the story so far 👀

  9. Why do you think Emrys refused to remove his tunic?
    I think he has scars on his body. Maybe from his father? Maybe from a curse?
    Are you Team Sorceresses or Team Druids?
    Sorceresses. I love Neve and her naïveté.
    What do you think of Tamsin working with Emrys and Neve?
    Is it really working together when everyone is using each other to get what they want. I think Neve knows more than she leads the group to believe. And I think Emrys does like Tamsin.
    Do you have a favourite character so far?
    Neve. She’s a hoot and breaks up some of the serious moments in the book. She reminds me of another character from a series I have read.

    1. I love Neve too, I can’t wait to find out more about her! 💜

  10. Ohhh well, that was intense !!!

    1) for Emrys, it’s sound abuse to me too. Maybe giving the ring to madrigal in exchange to have something for his scar ? To be able to hide.

    2) I absolutely love Neve ! I love her response. I think she is funny and I think that the nine sisters will be the ones to train her !! She seems to have great power so and its good to a sorceress like that on your team.

    3) i have a flash about the coin!!! Maybe this will be a cure for Avalon. It’s says to put it into the soil. It didn’t work in the human realm but I’m pretty sure they will have to come back to get it to bury it. !!!

    4) I also have a feeling about Tamsin. Why Nash adopted a mere human ?? And what the mistress of the mist says to Tamsin too … She’s not just a human. Maybe she’s from avalon at some point.
    Well see 😄

    1. Oooh I love that theory, there’s definitely more to Tamsin than meets the eye! 👀

  11. 1) I’m not sure but I think it has to do with more than him being shy. He also made that weird comment to Septimus as if he didn’t have a lot of time left. Maybe he has a curse too?
    2) I don’t know why anyone would be team druids at this point LOL
    3) I love Neve! Emrys seems like a decent guy in spite of Tamsin’s biased view of him but I don’t quite buy the budding attraction between them yet
    4) Definitely Neve.

    1. Ooh I wonder if he is cursed too, that’s a good theory! 👀

  12. “… I’ll tell you that. And even if we’re old & gray & I can barely remember my own name, I’ll remember /this/ & I’ll still tell you the same.” 🥰 Before, Nash wrote, “The ring will win the favor of her heart.” Now, Betrys says the springs they’re bathing in “is said to be tears of the Goddess… Flowing from her heart, which resides at the center of the Mother tree” which is what The Tower is built from/in/around. Significant, no? Also, there was that wall in the dungeon that said “he is the way… You shall know our pain.” That must be related to whatever curse is poisoning Avalon, & according to “the story unspoken,” it sounds like a druid wrote it.
    Daily Q&A:
    1.) Why do you think Emrys refused to remove his tunic?
    2.) Are you Team Sorceresses or Team Druids?
    3.) What do you think of Tamsin working with Emrys and Neve?
    4.) Do you have a favourite character so far?
    1.) Maybe he’s hiding markings of a curse inflicted on him. It would explain why he’s so hell bent on getting the ring, why he only has a limited time left to search for relics, even why he’s here without Daddy Dye knowing, why he’s no longer wearing his family’s signet ring, etc. Maybe that scar Tamsin didn’t remember seeing on him before Madrigal’s is related (to his motivation or even to the curse theory).
    2.) Well, Merlin was a druid pre-split, but we’ve only barely heard anything about him/them. We’ve heard much more about the sorceresses (including Neve, who’s thrown her lot in with our main characters) & how they’re, basically, the same as the priestess, so if I had to choose at the moment, I’d say Team Sorceresses.
    3.) I’m hoping they’ll teach her that she can trust people, that not everyone will abandon/betray you. Plus, they each have something she needs to reach her goal still.
    4.) Maybe Emrys with his front of smooth-talking charm & genuine concern for Tamsin. Maybe Neve because she’s quirky, spirited, & magical. Maybe Olwen because she’s quirky, calm, & magical. Lol.

    1. I love those three characters for the exact same reasons! 🤣

  13. I did not expect Zombies in this book.

    I feel like this book is going to have a lot of twists and that Tamsin and Cab are not going to be the only characters “Prague-ing it”

    Maybe Emrys has a really embarrassing tattoo bit most probably he has scars inflicted by his horrid father.

    I’m not on team Sorceress or team Druid at this stage.

    I like this team of Tasmin, Neve and Emrys. Not sure how I feel about the Priestesses as yet.

    1. It’s so difficult to know who we can trust! 👀

  14. This quickly took a turn, and I am here for it.

    I think Emrys definitely has some secrets hidden under that tunic – either scars from facing abuse at the hands of his dad, which would explain the fact that he no longer has his signet ring because his dad has disowned him or something similiar, or because there are scars or markings to do with a curse of his own.

    Definitely team Sorceresses here!

    I think Tamsin is still not really sure she can trust Emrys and Neve, but I don’t think she can really trust anyone, so it’s not a reflection on their character. That being said, Emrys could easily have thrown her to the wolves by now, and hasn’t, so I feel like maybe we can trust him. I love Neve, so I hope she doesn’t end up being the bad guy!

    So far, I think Emrys is actually my favourite character. I don’t know what it is about him, but I just love him. I think it’s probably the dark and mysterious vibe he seems to give off though.

    1. I’m a sucker for dark and mysterious. 🤣

  15. There’s something more to Emrys’ scars that we don’t know about and maybe the curse is on him? That’s what I’m starting to feel at this point even if that isn’t true.

    After what the druids did I’m team sorceress! I hope she’s able to help break the curse!

    So far I’m really liking the main four, a found family! I really want to see how Emrys develops in this book!

    1. I can’t wait to see how Emrys develops too. There’s definitely more to him than meets the eye! 👀

  16. Why do you think Emrys refused to remove his tunic?
    I think he refused to remove his tunic because of the scar and from previous chapters Tam thought she imagined the scar, it was there one minute and gone the next. Not to mention the character art on the end papers shows the scar goes half way up the front of his jaw so it would be hard to miss. Its got to be a curse right. Wouldn’t it be a plot twist if it was his dad who had him cursed because his powers are for nurturing plants and not something they can really using for hunting down relics. It would explain why he’s trying to get to the dispel ring first and he isn’t wearing his family signet ring.

    Are you Team Sorceresses or Team Druids?
    I am definitely team Sorceresses considering Druids hunted every female in Avalon to kill them. Doesn’t exactly sound like their the good guys to me.

    What do you think of Tamsin working with Emrys and Neve?
    I like the concept of Tamsin working with Emrys and Neve. I love Neve she’s just so interesting and I really wish I could see her outfit in real life! I’m really interested in seeing how much Neve’s power grows through out the book along with her character development. Now for Emrys I love that he’s mysterious and we don’t know much about him yet. I think there is a lot of sides to him that we haven’t seen yet. It also helps every time he calls Tamsin bird it makes me think of Death calling signa little bird from Belladonna.

    Do you have a favorite character so far?
    So far my favorite character is Emrys what can I say I’m a sucker for the dark and mysterious trope and I really want to find more out about that scar and his family’s past.

    1. I am also a sucker for the dark and mysterious! 🤣

  17. Emrys has scars on his body he does not want anyone to see. Maybe it has something to do with why he seems estranged from his father. A quest gone wrong, a nasty creature attack, or ritualistic abuse? 🙁

    Not enough information to be sure, but I am really digging the badass warrior women on horses. That was such a great scene when they appeared. I have a feeling both sides have been duped into thinking the other is the enemy while the true evil is causing all the destruction.

    I love Tamsin working with Emrys and Neve. She is learning to open up and trust more with her found family. I am hoping this does not lead to some sort of heartbreaking betrayal.

    My favorite is still Emrys. He is my baby 🙂

    1. Emrys is also my baby! 🥹

  18. I’m a slower reader since I find reading 90+ pages in a day a lot, but am so enjoying being part of this readalong!

    1) I think Emry’s dad has been abusing him for not being as good a Hollower as himself (that Emrys’ isn’t up to his father’s expectations and so his father takes out his frustration on his poor son) I’m sure we will know soon enough the reason though.
    2) 100% Team Sorceresses, Neve is so bad ass with her amazing protective spell she cast without finishing the sign on the stone. Something mysterious is happening in Avalon.
    3) I think each character compliments each other and they will learn to become friends and not “keep your enemies close”. I secretly hope that Cabell and Neve end up together. But maybe that’s just wishful thinking. It’s just the look at the Tarot shop made me wonder…
    4) Definitely Neve is my favorite character so far, she’s quirky and mysterious and I want to learn more about her backstory. Why she doesn’t have a mentor? Is she truly going to bring the ring back to her Council of Sistren or does she have a more sinister plan?

    1. We’re so happy you are joining in the readalong! There’s no pressure to keep up with the 90 pages, just read at your own pace and we will be here to chat when you’re ready! 🥰

  19. Oh my goodness… I was not expecting Avalon to be so intense so quick. To be honest I was half expecting them to get there and something would point them to Camelot (Tintagel?)

    1) I am so confused about the shirt thing… Maybe its to do with the scare mentioned earlier. I feel like its got something to do with a curse of his father.

    2)I am definitely team sorceress at the moment but it could be interesting to meet a druid character either later in the book or in the series; to get their side of the story coming from them.

    3)I am all for them all working together since Tamsin doesn’t actually want to keep the ring and instead she just wants to help her brother. <3 Realistically Neve and Emrys will have a conflict about the ring but I think working together is what's best for everyone.

    4) To be honest I really like Emrys so far and I believe Tamsin needs to cut him some slack. He is not his father and he seems to be an alright guy. I love how he could see she was not doing well in the dungeon and he really tried to help… Too bad Tamsin was rude for no reason :'(

    1. Tamsin really does have her guard up! I hope she can learn to trust others. 💜

  20. This section was so good and got super interesting! I think Emrys won’t remove his tunic because the scar from his neck probably gets bigger on his chest? So far I’m team Sorceresses because Neve seems pretty cool and the Druid’s wanted to destroy Avalon with Death. I think it’s definitely a really cool dynamic between Tamsin, Cabell, Emrys and Neve all working together. However they all seem to be keeping secrets from each other…….I see a problem presenting itself because of this. So far I really like Tamsin the most! I can’t wait to find out more about Avalon!

    1. Yesss they’re a great found family but they are definitely hiding things from each other! 👀

  21. I think Emrys has some scars from his daddy that he didn’t want anyone else to see.
    At this point I think I’m team Druid, because all the sorceresses other than Neve seem super sketchy. But it could just be because they were blamed for something that wasn’t their fault.
    I love all the little things Emrys does that show he actually cares for Tamsin, so I trust him. And Neve seems almost ditsy, and maybe too trusting of others. I just feel like she’s a bit naive.
    I don’t think I have a favorite character yet, but I’m excited for what we will learn about Emrys and his true reasons for being there

    1. The little things Emrys does for Tamsin get me every time! 🥹

  22. Well that was exciting and not at all what I was expecting.

    I really like the main four charcters. I don’t really like the people of Avalon (yet).

    I think the reason for Emrys not taking his shirt off has to do with his daddy. I wish he would open up even a little.

    I don’t know what to think about the situation with the druids and sorceresses. I’m almost leaning more towards the priestesses being at fault. Maybe it guilt why former head priestess was said to be very emotianal about the curse. If they are I would think it was an accident.

    1. I love our main characters so much! 💜

  23. I think his scar on his face may not be the only one that is why he wont remove his clothes.

    I cant choose betwen Sorceresses or Druids without more info and backstory! I hope we get more story on them later on!

    I believe Tamsin is slowing letting down her walls while working with Emrys and Neve but there is still way to go!

    I enjoy Neves character. She is fun and i am intrigued to learn more of her backstory

    1. Neve is such a fun character! 💖

  24. I think Emrys has scars on his back, probably his dad hurt him or it’s part of curse. So far I’m team Sorceresses, considering Druids hunted every female in Avalon to kill them. I love Tamsin working with Emrys and Neve. She is learning to open up and trust more with her found family. I think they’re going to make a good team, but probably there’s going to be some issues at the end because of the ring. I don’t think I have a favorite character at the moment but I’m liking Tamsin and Emrys 🙂

    1. I love seeing Tamsin develop throughout this book! 💜

  25. Loving the pacing of the plot so far. So far I don’t dislike any of the characters and find it hard to pick a favourite, although I’m softening towards Cabell’s brotherly aura.

    I really like the building of this new found family vibe. Although I still wish there was a lot more banter between Emrys and Tamsin, his declaration after she killed you know who just seemed so drastic in comparison to how they usually vibe. Unless they had some past life and are soulmates, which in fantasy I guess we can never rule out

    1. I really like the sibling dynamic in this one! 💜

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