Silver in the Bone Readalong: Day 3!

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Hello my fairy friends!

I hope that you’re all loving Silver in the Bone so far! It’s now day 3 and things are really getting interesting!

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Today we’ll be reading from Chapter 18 to the end of Chapter 26, let’s jump in!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Silver in the Bone by Alexandra Bracken, from chapters 18 to 26. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


This section begins with an intriguing reveal: Tamsin has a “death mark” (a blue-black star over her heart that means she’s been touched by a spirit). Most people don’t survive this but our girl Tamsin sure did!

After retiring to her room for the night, Tamsin realises she left Ignatius at the springs so she ventures out to retrieve him, despite being warned against wandering the halls. It’s at this point that we get to see the horrible scars covering Emrys’s skin. Poor baby!

Looks like we’re not getting any answers yet though. Emrys simply says he “made a mistake” before storming off.

The next morning, they follow Caitriona to find Nash. However, what they actually find are his skeletal remains. Big sad.

Unsurprisingly, this sight triggers quite an emotional reaction in Cabell, causing him to begin shifting. It’s not looking good as Tamsin struggles to stop it but then Bedivere steps in and manages to bring him back. They realise he has magic similar to a Cunningfolk coaxer, who are able to soothe and commune with beasts.

When they get back, Tamsin, Caitriona and Emrys head to the library where Mari reveals the truth about the Ring of Dispel, and how it can only be claimed through death, to everyone…including Neve.

Next thing we know, the castle is being surrounded by Children of the Night. The Nine will have to take turns keeping the moat lit with fire until daylight to hold them off.

Cabell makes Tamsin promise to do whatever it takes to stop him hurting anyone if he shifts again but she refuses to make a promise she can’t keep.

Cabell also mentions that Nash was their last means of finding out Tamsin’s birth parents’ names. Is this significant?

In the daylight, the Children still have not retreated, only sheltering from the sun in the trees. They’ve never done this before. That can’t be good, right?

Tamsin and Emrys have another moment in the garden but they are interrupted again by screams of excitement nearby. A white rose has grown through the stone!

Emrys shows Tamsin a hidden door that leads underground. He saw a hooded figure disappear through here previously so they decide to investigate.

They come to a storage room filled with items and think the hooded figure may have left through another door in this room into the forest. This leads them to question if someone in the tower set the curse and controls the Children.

They hear someone coming so they hide in the armoire. Through the crack between the doors, they see the hooded figure enter the room and leave through a hidden passage.

Once the figure has returned, they head through the hidden passage and up many flights of stairs. They use Ignatius to open the door at the top and enter a room lined with shelves of sculptures made from human bones. Creepy.

Further up, they find a cauldron baring Lord Death’s mark and filled with a silver substance.

The hooded figure returns and deposits some of their own blood into the liquid. Straight after, the Children screech outside so they must be being controlled?

As the figure leaves, Tamsin spots a silver braid of hair.

Do you think there’s a way to reverse the curse on Avalon and bring the Children back? Will the Children come back as the people they were before?
What are your thoughts on Tamsin and Cabell’s admission about her birth parents?
Who is the cloaked figure?

So much happened in that section and I don’t know if I’m ready for what’s to come! I guess we’ll find out tomorrow…


60 thoughts on “Silver in the Bone Readalong: Day 3!

  1. The plot thickens indeed. So much happened in this section, I’m still trying to collect my thoughts.

    1) I think there might be. Priestesses, like this book points out, are known for their healing magic. But ultimately, I think it’ll fail. The tone of this book makes me think that, at least.
    2) I think they’re heartbreaking. ? And that Nash loved them more than Tam believes. Gosh, the scene where they find his remains is so devastating. Cab just shrinking into himself, losing control, and Tam’s grief manifesting as rage. Poor babies.
    3) At this point, Cait is the only one with a silver braid, as far as I remember, but I don’t think she’s evil. Maybe she’s desperate enough to try some death magic, maybe there’s another explanation. I’m a lot more suspicious of Bedivere, though I hope I’m wrong. It’d be nice to have a decent father figure for once.

    There’s also Emrys’s scars… They had to be extensive for him to be always covered up, but I have a feeling my heart will get broken again soon when we found out what caused them. This book is attacking my feelings. ? As for Neve finding out… I hope Tam apologises and they become proper friends. Learning to rely on other people is clearly something Tam has to learn.

    My IG handle for the giveaway: @tired.tiger.tales

    1. My feelings have also been attacked! I’m so invested in these characters. ?

    2. I agree with you on all the points you elaborated .

      I also wonder who is the lady in her dream.
      Maybe Tamsin will be the next hight priestess. ? Maybe I’m seeing too big ?.

      I haven’t changed my minded about the coin. Why Nash would have hide it ?? Must be important.. otherwise why the part in the book about it ?
      And maybe Neve and emrys together will be able to fight the curse if its a curse?
      Awwrrr there are so many option for the next chapter It’s nice though, not knowing.

      Tamsin is from avalon. She has to be.

      And my new theory is the great Bedivere is the one to control the children of the night. He control beasts so it make sens !!!! Maybe Cait is with him with some dark magic with the cauldron. Omg I could go on and on and on ?.

      And guys , I’m sorry if my English is not on point, it’s my second language and I do not have the chance to practice a lot with my spelling ,writing and all ?.

  2. Oh my gosh, so much has happened today! I still don’t know if I can get my thoughts in order, but I’ll give it a go. IG handle for the photo challenge is @mrs_s_reads_

    Do I think there’s a way to reverse the curse? Absolutely, or there wouldn’t be a book 😉 But seriously, I hope there’s a way to reverse it, and without killing any of the Children. Seeing families reuinited would be a lovely thing after all the hell they’ve endured so far. I’d like to see the children come back as themselves. I think some of them would come back with a lot of guilt or feel like they’d abandoned their families etc so some of them would come back a bit darker than they had been before, if that makes sense, but overall I think they’d come back as themselves.

    Seeing Tamsin get so angry when they found Nash’s body says a lot about how she really feels about him. She loved him, whether she wants to admit it or not. I’m still not sure how I feel about the admission from Cabell, though.

    I think Cait could be the hooded figure. That being said, if Arthur and Bedivere are still alive, could it be that Gwenivere is too? Could she be the one in the hooded cloak? If they’re able to use magic, who is to say that the braid is really a giveaway at all? What if they had been able to smell Tamsin and Emrys, and used a glamour spell so if they were caught, they might point the finger in another direction?

    More questions than answers in these chapters, I can’t wait to carry on tomorrow!

    1. Oooh a glamour spell! What an interesting idea! ?

  3. I entered the giveaway, ty!

  4. I’m so intrigued and I love the readalong so far. Especially love reading the different theories you guys have.

    1) I think there has to be a way to reverse the curse but I doubt that the people come back like before…
    2) I just love that Tamsin and Cabell had each other and when they found Nash it was a bit heartbreaking to see how Cabell reacted.
    3) Cait is the only one we know with silver hair right? But what motive would she have to control the children? I don’t know if she is the one controlling or if we should just believe it… I’m curious to find out more.

    My Instagram name is @babsisbooklife

    1. It’s so interesting reading everyone’s different theories! There’s so many I didn’t think of myself. ?

  5. I think I the curse is reversible, but I firmly don’t believe that the cursed people will go back to normal. The story about tamsin’s and Cabell’s parents are both really great breaking the two of them honest deserved better than that and my heart breaks for both of them especially with the reveal about Nash. The cloaked figure seems to be Cait, but I really don’t think she’s evil, she’s austere but honestly I think with Cait it comes from a place of love, she’s also under so much pressure as the leader of the priestesses that I think it’s understandable she isn’t super warm and welcoming so I have I hard time believing she’s up to something nefarious.

    1. I completely agree! Cait is strong and can be blunt but I honestly believe it’s just the pressure of always trying to have the priestesses best interests at heart! ?

  6. It’s not a surprise to me that the children of the night is likely someone’s doing. Seems odd to me that it’s something that randomly happened 2 years ago and didn’t start when the Forsakening happened. If it’s someone’s doing, what on Earth could their reason be? What baffles me even more, is why Nash hasn’t turned into one of the children of the night? They admit it’s their dead. Why didn’t Nash’s dead body become one too?

    I feel like at this point I’m just brimming with questions, and I genuinely hope the rest of the book answers some of these questions and we are not left with a dreaded cliffhanger!! I’m hoping (or at least expecting) Tamsin finds it in her heart to help Avalon, seems like she’s pretty much the only one set on leaving instantly. I wonder if there’s any benefit to having the death mark. Anyone else also find it super intriguing they talk about the tale of the Excalibur and the Lady of the Lake. Why hasn’t the Isle elected a new one? I’m so intrigued and can’t wait to keep reading.

    1. That’s such a good question! Why didn’t Nash become one of the Children of the Night? I need to know! ?

  7. So I’m behind in the read along (Day 2) but had to jump in because how GOOD is this writing? I’m a mythology person, been obsessed for decades, and my mom has a MA in English to King Arthur was OG. I just love the elements she has borrowed from the mythology and brought to enhance her story.
    Also, I did enter! @gwenbookraver

    1. Yesss, I am obsessed with how she is adapting the legend and making it her own! ?

  8. I don’t feel like there’s a way to reverse the curse to save the children but I do feel the curse can be lifted. I hope that’s not the case and they can save the children!

    Also, that moment between Tamsin and Emrys has me wanting more!

    I wonder if they cast her out and got rid of her because of the mark? I was trying to focus on reading but my kids make it difficult so I may have missed that part!

    The only person I think with silver hair is Cait. I hope she’s not the one controlling the children!

    My IG handle is @miza.reads
    And posted 🙂

    1. I am loving these moments between Tamsin and Emrys! I want more too! ?

  9. And my instragam handle is

    1. I forgot to say I post on my Instagram for the giveaway ?

  10. Do you think there’s a way to reverse the curse on Avalon and bring the Children back? Will the Children come back as the people they were before?
    I think it can be reversed. My question is will they remember this time as children of the night or will they have no memories. I’m not sure which would be worse.

    What are your thoughts on Tamsin and Cabell’s admission about her birth parents?
    Maybe her parents are from Avalon.

    Who is the cloaked figure?
    What if it is the person who is bound to Arthur? I forget his name but maybe they are bringing the children of the night around and attacking to bring Arthur back so they can finally be at peace and “rest”.

    1. Ooh I didn’t think about Tamsin’s parents being from Avalon. That would be so interesting! ?

      1. Right! Also I forgot to say above I will be entering the photo contest. My username on insta is mangapenguin

  11. They may be able to stop the curse but I doubt that it will restore anyone who had already turned.

    I am still not convinced that the skeleton is Nash.

    I NEED to know more about Tamsin’s background.

    I know Tamsin thinks Caitriona is the villian but I am not convinced. I however suspect that Bedivere is not missing a hand so possibly isn’t really Bedivere at all…. maybe he is actually Arthur?

    I will be posting my photo to my IG Jenthebookishbakernz

    1. Oooh I am loving your theories! I can’t wait to find out if you’re right! ?

  12. 1) I’d like to say yes but that feels like such a Disney fix-it solution and this book in general does not seem big on happy endings thus far.
    2) Unsurprising? Basically what I’d assumed the story would be. Although Cabell’s reaction to Nash’s death makes me wonder if he cares more than Tamsin’s perspective shows us. She’s so bitter at the world and at least somewhat of an unreliable narrator, but how much exactly?
    3) I don’t know but this was a terrible point to stop LOL.

    I’ll be entering the giveaway as @sonata_ix

    1. It was very difficult to stop reading at this point! ?

  13. I still don’t think Nash is dead! It’s far too easy to dress a skeleton and leave a sweet wrapper lying about. Nash has been described as cunning and able to get through tricky situations. I’m holding on tight to this theory until proven otherwise! I think this will be key to Tasmin finding out who her parents are.

    I think Caitriona is bait here as the mysterious character. I have a feeling it’s more likely to be Bedivere (as Flea mentions he only turned up two years ago) or one of the other sisters.

    1. Yesss I’m struggling to believe Nash is really dead too! ?

  14. A little behind with my migraines yesterday and today, but hopefully I can catch up!

    1) I think there’s a way to bring them back, or at least give them a death that would allow them to be embraced by their Goddess/their belief system. Beyond that, I’m torn.
    2) They both seem to have somewhat mysterious backgrounds, so maybe they’re both from Avalon? There WAS that moment that Cabell seems to catch the tossed sword better than he should have. Also, we haven’t had a confirmation of the time slip difference between Avalon and our world, so it’s possible Tamsin’s birth or something else tied to her happened two years ago by Avalon standards. And maybe Sir Beddy is also somehow tied into that – either as Tamsin’s father or he’s secretly King Arthur [or both?] or something, but I think he’s somehow tied in, especially between Flea’s comments about him and the way he handled talking about amputated limbs and whatnot.
    3) I’m not sure who the cloaked figure is, but it’s either not Cait, or what she’s doing there isn’t controlling them, but maybe trying to appease them and stop them from attacking more or something? I just don’t think Cait is evil, though we’ve only seen her respond viciously to sorceresses, and druids/druid sympathizers would have every reason to hate them, too . . .

    I haven’t posted yet, but I plan to later today! Handle is @SeaFox.Adventures.

    1. I hope you feel better soon! ?

      1. Thank you! I forgot to add that perhaps Sir Beddy’s involvement is that he’s trying to find a way to die because he’s sick of living, but I don’t know . . .

  15. I entered the giveaway! My username is

    -I think the curse can be broken but I don’t think the children will all just go back to normal

    -I think there’s more about Tamsin’s parents that we don’t know yet. Maybe it will be revealed at the end of this book or next book but I don’t think Tamsin has the full information yet.

    -I think the cloaked figure is Caitriona but I don’t think she’s evil so it seems like has to be more explanation coming.

    1. I agree that there is a lot more to Tamsin than we (or even she) knows! I can’t wait to find out more. ?

  16. Goodness, had to catch up for this readalong but its been such a fun read so far. So many mysteries to figure out and ponder over.

    I feel like there is a way to break the curse on Avalon but I’m not sure it will bring the children back, only finally let them rest. Are they lucid and remember what they are doing or are they just monsters under this curse? Who knows how they will break the curse though! I’m kinda shocked Tamsin hasn’t hunkered down in the library yet. Surely it holds some information on this curse as well as Cabell’s.

    Who in the world were her parents?!? It feels like it will be a big part of the story eventually. Maybe one of them was a descendant of the last Lady of the Lake that stayed in the mortal realm Flea mentioned. Tamsin has something going on, with the death mark and visions!

    First off, that creepy room at the top of the tower was beyond creepy! I’m glad Tams didnt lose Ignatius to the cauldron. He is such a gem with his grump ways it would have been a crime if the silver cauldron of death claimed him.
    The cloaked figure has to be Caitriona right? Why would she be controlling the monsters though? She wants the curse broken, she is the longest living Priestess and so adamant about fighting back the curse. I don’t think she is pretending she wants to save Avalon, so why is she using the cauldron? So many questions!!

    Posted on instagram @ramble_reads

    1. So many questions! I need answers now! ?

  17. Do you think there’s a way to reverse the curse on Avalon and bring the Children back?

    I think so? But if there is a way I don’t think we’re going to see it happen in this book. Maybe the next?

    Will the Children come back as the people they were before?

    I don’t see how they could. I really don’t have a lot of hope there.

    What are your thoughts on Tamsin and Cabell’s admission about her birth parents?

    That really felt like a throwaway comment to me. I’m not sure if it was terribly significant in the scheme of things.

    Who is the cloaked figure?

    Catriona seems way too obvious. Could someone have dyed their hair or have some sort of shape shifting powers? If Emrys can talk to plants there’s no reason there shouldn’t be someone who can change their features at will.

    1. I also entered the giveaway! My instagram is @giggenbach.reads

    2. Ooh interesting, I like your point about someone possibly having the power to change their features! ?

  18. Wow ok so I have no idea what’s happening ?I feel like so much is happening and all I have are questions and no answers. Props to our little band of heroes for keeping calm and working under pressure because I would’ve had multiple panic attacks already if I was in their situation.

    I think there probably is a way to reverse the curse, but I’m not hopeful about the Children turning back to whoever they were. I just feel like it would be a very complicated situation. There would be lots of morally gray areas and trauma for everyone involved if the Children did turn back.

    Ok so it sounds as if Tams and Cabell have different birth parents. Now the question is, who are Tamsin’s parents? If our main character is supposed to be special, as it’s been hinting at, then perhaps Morgana?

    Lastly, Caitriona has silver hair doesn’t she? So could she be the cloaked figure? Maybe the whole room of skeletal sculptures isn’t as sinister as we think if it is her ?

    I’ve also entered the giveaway 🙂 IG: @vivis.readingpages

    1. Ooooh that’s a great theory! It would be so interesting if Morgana was her mother! ?

  19. So, I was right about Emrys’s scar. I wonder if Caitriona is hiding anything else? What’s changed with the Children of the Night that they aren’t running in fear from the light/fire now, & are in fact, even running into it? Prophetic dreams from Tamsin. Is this part of her accessing the One Vision, her Death Mark, or something else? So, Caitriona is to be the next High Priestess after the original, Viviane, died to the Children of the Night… which Caitriona is somehow controlling with this cauldron & stuff that’s all Druids & Lord Death. I knew she was hiding something else. It also explains why she has been overly cautious/watchful of Neve, a sorceress. Not just a sorceress, but a sorceress with the power to create enough light to keep those Children of the Night at bay.
    Daily Q&A:
    1.) Do you think there’s a way to reverse the curse on Avalon and bring the Children back? Will the Children come back as the people they were before?
    2.) What are your thoughts on Tamsin and Cabell’s admission about her birth parents?
    3.) Who is the cloaked figure?
    1.) If the Children of the Night are the Avalon’s dead, would it just make them regular dead people (not monsters) or “back” as in “alive”? There must be some rule of Magic we’re missing or I’ve overlooked.
    2.) I don’t recall Cabell saying anything about her parents during this section, but nothing was mentioned beyond them abandoning her in Boston either way.
    3.) Caitriona has been the only Avalonian character described as having silver hair. There was strange silver/braid (Caitriona), dark-haired/tight curls (Betrys), inky blue/naturally curled (Olwen), sunshine gold (Selen), raven black (Rhona), bark brown/close-cropped (Arianwen), strawberry-blonde (Lowri), & Flea (white-blonde/straggly) & Mari (dark + white streak/long) are noticeably smaller than the others – as are Mari’s Aunt Dilwyn & Uncle Aled (elfin/N/A & silky dark hair, respectively) – plus, Aled & Bedivere (blonde turned silver/gray) are males though Bedivere came to The Tower 2 years ago when the Children of the Night cropped up.
    *I’ve already posted my #FairySilverBone photo under @TupaKitty_Reads ????*

  20. I think there’s a way to reverse the curse on Avalon and bring the Children back, but I have no guess to how it will happen. Maybe destroying the cauldron or killing the person who’s blood controls them?
    I was so sad to find out about Tamsin’s parents, but I’m holding out hope that it was a lie she was told by Nash and she can find them one day.
    The cloaked figure is Cait and it explains why she has felt so threatened by the new arrivals. She’s also the one that is most anti sorceress, so maybe Neve is the only one that can undo the curse!

    My Instagram for the giveaway is @losingmyselfinbooks

    1. Ooh I like your theories! ?

  21. Do you think there’s a way to reverse the curse on Avalon and bring the Children back?
    1 +2) Sadly, I don’t think there is a way of reversing the curse (as in return the Children of the Night back to their original form), but at least put them to rest and prevent the curse from spreading, my theory is that if not stopped, it may spread to the mortal world (possibly Book 2 will have that happen before the curse can be broken).
    3) I think Tasmin has Avalonian decent, as in she is the daughter of the mortal and the last Lady of the Lake, which would make her the protector of Avalon and true owner by blood of Excalibur! And that is why the she survived the Death Mark (and touch of a spirit). So intrigued to find out if this is true 🙂 and to protect Tsmin from the forces of Lord Death, she was handed over to Nash for protection!
    4) The clocked figure is Cait without a doubt, she is in a position of power as High Priestess, but was greedy for more so was corrupted by Lord Death into doing his dirty work.
    I’m so behind in the readings, but am enjoying where reading what everyone has written so far!
    Who is the cloaked figure?

    1. Ooh I love your theory about Tamsin! Can’t wait to find out if you’re right! ?

  22. This book is very fast paced. I hope the hooded figure is Caitriona since I don’t like her and it would explain her attitude.

    At the moment I think Tamsin is decended from the last Lady of the lake. It was mentioned that she stayed in the mortal realm with her love. She could be immortal so she might be Tamsin mother. And the goddess seems to be communicating with Tamsin and the Hags intrest in her seem to point toward her being more then it seems.

    I really hope they can bring the people of the night back since those poor children but I’m not really optimistic about it.

    1. Ooh I love your theory about Tamsin! ?

  23. Forgot to include my insta handle for the giveaway. It is @aleinaaareads.

  24. Yes, there is a way to reverse the curse, but it will require Tamsin to find Excalibur. It may be too late to bring the Children back as they were, but it is possible to save what’s left of them.

    Tamsin’s birth parents are tied to Avalon. She dreams of the Lady of the Lake, so her mother could have been the last goddess who stayed in the mortal world with her love. Tamsin could be the long lost heiress with dormant magic waiting for her to find the sword.

    Caitriona has silver hair, but I am wondering if that’s too obvious. I don’t think she is evil, and things are not always what they seem.

    Instagram: @sophiaheartsbooks
    Photo posted with #FairySilverBone

    1. It would be so interesting if Tamsin is the daughter of the Lady of the Lake! ?

  25. ~~I posted my #FairySilverBone photo under @sammyiztrash~~

    Do you think there’s a way to reverse the curse on Avalon and bring the Children back? Will the Children come back as the people they were before?
    What are your thoughts on Tamsin and Cabell’s admission about her birth parents?
    Who is the cloaked figure?

    I was not hopeful for Avalon until the section with the person controlling the Children. I feel like there miiiiight be a way to restore Avalon to its former glory. However, I think the Children will just kind of die.

    Part of me feels like maybe Tamsin could be linked to Avalon like she could be related to the high priestess and she was sent through the portal when she was young and that is how she got to Boston. She wasn’t abandoned but rather was saved. When Nash found her and maybe realised her connection to Avalon.

    The cloaked figure is probably Caitriona since she is the only person described as having a silver braid but WHAT IS HER MOTIVATION I need to know!!

    1. I need to know more about Tamsin ASAP! ?

  26. Wow!! So much development in this section! First of all, I really hope there is a way to reverse the curse on Avalon, but I don’t believe the “Children” will be able to come back as they were unfortunately:( Second, Tamsin seems to be connected to Avalon some how?! Through her unknown lineage is a high possibility?! The fact the creepy woman in the snow spared her seems to suggest she has a higher purpose possibly!? It’s so intriguing! And last, my first guess is Cait being the hooded figure because of the braided silver hair, but it could also be someone we have been introduced to yet? I’m so interested to find out who and why!
    I have entered into the readalong free box giveaway and my handle for Instagram is jane_austen_obsession
    Thank you!:)

    1. I need to know more about Tamsin! ?

  27. I’ve entered the giveaway IG: @_bookishlovernicho

    I think there’s a way to reverse the curse but I don’t think it’s going to be posible to bring the Children back. If they can bring back the Children hopefully they don’t remember anything of their life as those creatures. The part when they found the body was heartbreaking. Tamsin get so angry when they found Nash’s body says a lot about how she really feels about him. She loved him, whether she wants to admit it or not. I’m still not sure how I feel about the admission from Cabell, though. At this point I don’t thinks is Catriona, it’s to obvious. It could be someone with dyed hair or someone who uses wigs.

    1. The scene where they found Nash really got me! ?

  28. I hope I’m not too late! I posted mine, and my IG username is @kaaty.reads ?

  29. Oof finally catching up to the last 3 readalongs!

    I have entered the giveaway my IG is @arisbooktopia.

    There has to be a way to break the curse. I mean curses are meant to be broken right?! But i do not think they will return to their previous selves if the ever find a way to break it.

    It really broke my heart about Tamsins family. We do not know a lot of backstory on her parents but i have to believe that there is a solid reason for what they did.

    I mean the only one we know that has silver braid its Cait but I mean it is the easiest answer

    1. I need more information about Tamsin and her parents ASAP! ?

  30. I’ve entered the giveaway and my handle is @finding.fiction_

    This is probably my favourite section so far. So many emotions. As much as I hate to admit it, I’m relating to Tamsin’s hostility and glass half full kind of outlook.

    I wonder if the “curse” ends if Nash will also return. I’m not sure why I kind of want there to be more to his character than an obsessed relic searching who just dies.

    1. I feel like there must be more to Nash too! ?

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