Sing Me To Sleep Readalong: Day 1!


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Hey there!

Happy Monday and welcome to day 1 of our readalong of Sing Me To Sleep by Gabi Burton. I’m so excited to be reading this one with you, I hope you all love it!

Before we start, how are you all doing? I hope you had a wonderful weekend, full of great books!

Since today is day 1, we’ll be reading from the beginning to the end of Chapter 9. Get comfy and let’s get started!

When you’ve finished today’s section, catch up with me in the comments down below so we can discuss the beginning of the book. Happy reading!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Sing Me To Sleep by Gabi Burton from the beginning to Chapter 9. Please only read on if you have finished this section!


The book opens with Saoirse making a kill before meeting with her Employer for payment. He uses a keil bead to disguise his voice but she knows he is an assassin for the Raze and so (unofficially) is she.

She returns home with the money for Rain (her little sister), saying it will keep her safe for a while longer… but safe from what?

Her parents argue with her about her work and she says she does it for Rain, but really she can’t resist the pull to kill. Sirens were made to kill men and the water sings to her, urging her to commit her next murder.

Rain begs her to stay and to be allowed to come to the Ranking but Saoirse rejects both requests. Both sisters use keil beads to hide their identities from the Royals. But WHY?

Saoirse returns to the barracks and speaks to Carrick. He was at the top of his year in the barracks but was demoted to nursemaid duty when they found out he is only half-fae and his mother was human. They hug goodbye because they are unlikely to see each other again after the Ranking.

Just before the Ranking starts, Saoirse sees Rain in the crowd with Carrick.

At the Ranking, Saoirse comes first and earns the most esteemed assignment as a guard for Prince Hayes but she declines because she cannot be that close to the Royals.

We discover that a note has been left in Rain’s backpack saying “I know what she is. Deliver 500 ranis to the Kivren Waterfront tomorrow at midnight or someone else will too”. The note bears the Royal insignia and there are only 2 in existence (belonging to the King and the Heir), meaning the blackmailer must have access to the palace. Interesting.

Back at home, Saoirse uses a lairic bracelet to enter the world of Dreamweaving and visit her Aunties Drina and Aiya. Saoirse tells her aunties about the task she was given and they are relieved to hear she declined it. But too relieved… Are they hiding something?

Saoirse decides she must work in the palace to find out who is blackmailing her sister so she goes to Anarin Arkin’s office to ask for the position. Anarin objects but the Prince interrupts and says he wants the best, allowing her to sign the contract. He then dismisses Anarin from her own office. Awks.

Once Anarin is gone, he drops the Prince act, asking Saoirse not to bow and to call him Hayes.

Saoirse goes home and finds out that her parents knew Rain was coming to her graduation, scaring them when she loses her temper. She tells Rain she’s going to find out who threatened her and retrieves money from beneath a floorboard to pay the blackmailer.

Saoirse arrives at the palace and meets the five members of the Palace Guard. She then goes to her room and uses a freya candle to receive a letter from Rain and proceeds to write back. Umm… can I get a freya candle please?

Later, she drops the gold at the beach for the blackmailer.

The next evening, she shows up for her shift guarding the Prince with Zenser. Hayes announces that he is having a party to celebrate the newest member of his Guard. He orders her to have fun but she remains alert.

Saoirse is overwhelmed by the call of the water so she leaves. Hayes comes after her and vows to figure her out, he says they are “kindred spirits” because they both have something to prove.

Saoirse hears rustling from her room and runs to investigate. She finds Devlin and Jeune inside, they were going to steal something of hers and have her follow clues to find it as a form of initiation to test her deductive skills. Saoirse throws them out but not before asking for her freya candle back.

I’m so invested in this book already. I can’t wait to see where it goes!

What are your initial feelings on the book so far?
Who is your favourite character?
What do you think Rain is?

I can’t wait to hear all your thoughts!





  • Tired Tiger

    1) I am definitely intrigued, but I wish we’d slowed down a little in the beginning so we had proper time with the characters and world a bit better. It’s always interesting when your greatest strength is also your greatest weakness.

    2) Too soon to say, but I like all the witches so far, both the aunties and Saoirse’s new teammate.

    3) That’s the million dollar question! It has to be a people hated by the Royals, so either a witch, a human, another banned being, or a siren herself. That last one’s less likely, since we never get the sense Rain struggles with the water, or that her parents fear her. Still, with a name like Rain… Well, I can’t wait to find out!

    • Kaitlin Kells

      What are your initial feelings on the book so far? It’s interesting! I’m not exactly hooked but intrigued.

      Who is your favourite character? Hard to choose just yet.

      What do you think Rain is? I want to say Siren like Saoirse. However, maybe she is half siren, half fae or half witch. Excited to learn just what exactly Rain is!

  • Emily Higgins

    I already read it so I can only really answer the second question but my favorite character ended being Jeune cause she actually connected with Saoirse from the beginning and wanted to be friends with her. Everyone else kind of kept Saoirse at a distance.

  • Annie @readbyannie_

    What are your initial feelings on the book so far?

    I’m enjoying it so far! It’s definitely an interesting concept and I’m enjoying having a morally grey main character. I can’t wait to get further into this one!

    Who is your favourite character?

    I’m intrigued by the Prince, he’s very confident and seems like quite a fun character, and I’m interested to learn more about why he has chosen such different guards to the norm in the palace.

    What do you think Rain is?

    I initially thought she was a Siren as well but I’m not sure anymore, there was something about needing extra money for her, and Saoirse imagined her eyes to be red behind her disguise, so maybe a species we haven’t been introduced to. I’m really not sure but looking forward to finding out more!

  • lulu.james2712

    I am really enjoying this book so far I’m excited too see where this book goes and if we get a good love interest fingers crossed I love rain she’s so cute and determined just like saoirse I also like Carrick he’s so funny I think rain is a witch maybe human its so lovely how saoirse protects her I love books like that reminds me of the hunger games with katnus and primrose so cute ?

  • SeaFox.Adventures

    1) I can’t explain why, but I’m invested, even though I’m not hooked, if that makes sense? Like, I’m not dying to not put it down, but I’m always happy to pick it back up, and I think about it between reading times? Saoirse is growing on me, though! She’s a unique kind of morally grey, imo.
    2) Oof, I don’t think I have one yet. I’m excited to learn who it is [hopefully soon], though!
    3) My first assumption was that she’s also a siren, but her parents don’t treat her the same as Saoirse, so idk, though “Rain” definitely implies some tie to water, but idk if she’s a witch, a human, . . . or if she’s an unrecognized/not-known-about royal bastard child?

  • Emma Wainwright

    This book definitely didnt lure us into the book slowly, it literally dropped us into the deep end in the first chapter. I cant tell whether i like the book or whether i love the book! My favourite character is currently rain, i just imagine her having big wide eyes letting her get away lighter when she gets in trouble with Saiorse. She also reminds me alot of my own sister. Honestly i have no idea what rain could be, i dont know much about mythical creatures but from her character description i dont think youd be able to work out what she is even if you did now alot about mythical creatures, i guess we will just have to wait and find out as the story continues.

  • Sof

    I really like the moon so far! I’m always down for a siren/ mermaid retelling! I like the main lead, Saoirse and am intrigued where her story will take us.

    I’m hiring her sister can’t also be a siren or else her parents would also be afraid of her, not can she be any of the other beings. So far, we haven’t really been given many hints on what she could be. Or she could be half fey and half witch or something like that? Im really looking forward to finding out!

    So far, I like the Prince Hayes and Saoirse the most. (And more than likely they’ll get together.) I wonder if the prince is putting on an act or if he is going to go through a lot of character development. I hope for the second, as the “I’m not who you think I am” trope is getting a little out of hand.

    Overall, I can’t wait for the next section!

  • Jacqueliene Everts

    My first thoughts about the book are mostly questions. Who is the employer, what are the intentions of the prince, what is Rain, why the hatred towards the royals. Makes me want to read more!

    My favorite character so far is the prince. Although I can’t say it very clearly yet because the characters are still minimally built in my opinion.

    What is Rain, I think some kind of hybrid. A hodgepodge of all kinds or something or someone who can knock down the barrier, something like that.

  • susanna

    I am enjoying the book so far and while I like that jumped start in with Saoirse out on an assassin job as this is does speak to her character she does not only take on the jobs for money but she has a deeper need too. I would have liked a bit more of an introduction to the world it’s magic etc but I am sure that will come. I haven’t really formed any favourite characters yet. I like Carrick and the witch l’aael seems interesting in this hierarchical kingdom with fae at the top then humans then witches it seems odd that she has such a prominent position . I am not sure what Rain is like Saoirse she has to use keil beads to disguise what she is but I don’t think she is a siren maybe she is some kind of nymph with a name like rain I am assuming she has some sort of magical affinity to waters nature and is something that needs to be hidden. Why do they have to be hidden and why if the Royal fae family knew what their are would that put them in danger.

  • Dakota Stoltzfus

    I am loving this book so far. I am especially enjoying the dynamic between her fellow guards and Prince Hayes. I am also enjoying the mystery aspect of this book in regards to trying to figure out who is black mailing her. My initial thoughts is that it is not one of her fellow guards. I’m assuming it has to be someone we wouldn’t expect or perhaps haven’t met yet, but maybe Carrick?

    My favorite characters thus far are Saoirse and her Aunties but I think I will really like Laa’el as well!

    As far as what Rain is… I have no idea! But hopefully we will get some more hints soon!

    Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  • ladymeg

    1) It’s a really interesting setup, the segregation of races, the rarity of sirens and how fearsome they are, and Saoirse being right in the middle of everything.

    2) So far all the witches are delightful.

    3) I’m guessing witch? I really want to know WHY Saoirse is so overprotective of her.


    What are your initial feelings on the book so far?
    I am definitely interested in it. This book caught my attention quickly.
    Who is your favourite character?
    Dali rose is my favorite so far. She is deadly and acknowledges it.
    What do you think Rain is?
    I think she is a mermaid since they use the same material to keep their affinity at bay.

  • agsing

    I love that we are in a world with magic Fae, Witches and more interesting creatures! All sectioned off by the ‘barrier’ which honestly sounds bad. I’m excited to see more of this world and all of the politics that order it.

    I adore Rain and Carrik so far. Both just want to cheer Saoirse on! Her aunties seem wonderful as well. Its too early for me to pick a clear fav though.

    I am thinking Rain is a Siren as well, but Saoirse hides her violent tendencies from her which if she was a Siren I would think she would share. Maybe she is a similar water creature or something just as rare that was not supposed to make it to the island when the barrier went up.

  • Hannah Fawcett

    It is definitely an interesting book and it is building and leading up to something. However, I am not quite hooked yet.
    I would like to see more of Carrick, he is my favourite so far. I hope he has more scenes later on in the book.
    I think Rain is something not really mentioned yet, I think it will be the focus of a twist in the story.

  • Sophia

    So far, the story is off to an interesting start.

    It is too early for me to tell who will be a favorite, but I am wondering what will develop between Saoirse and the Prince.

    I am not sure about Rain, but she is very special and needs to stay hidden.

  • Vivian Lu

    So far I really like the book and I’m very intrigued by all the mysteries. I’m interested in seeing how the author will juggle Saoirse’s siren nature with conventional morality.

    So far my favorite character is Saoirse herself. I honestly feel bad for her because she has to sacrifice so much and hasn’t been able to live her life out in peace.

    I think Rain might be a witch? It would make sense that the bead she takes hides the bright hair color and eyes of a witch. I don’t think she is a siren because the parents aren’t afraid of her. And if she was human then she wouldn’t use a bead at all because there is nothing special to hide. So unless there’s a species that we haven’t been introduced to yet….hmmm..

  • Stephanie Covell

    This is my first readalong so I was super excited to pick it up and start reading! Honestly, so far it hasn’t disappointed! There was a lot to get through and remember about the world but I feel like the concepts have been introduced in a way that are easy to understand, if not a little bit rushed. I’d say that mostly about her training/barracks part, although I’d admit it’s a relief we are skipping a whole school arc to get to the true action. Also, sometimes there are some weird similes – why is she “slicing through Rain’s protests like a scythe” ? (page 13) and they don’t really convey what seems to be the right mood for the action.

    Overall, though, I do really like the pacing, and the prose is easy to read and keeps my attention. I love the concept of the keil beads, I think that could be utilised in so many ways, and I’m intrigued by the way that they seemed to describe the Palace like it was alive and had feelings (what will become of that I wonder!) I’m also extremely curious as to Rain’s true identity. I have no idea yet what she could be – I remember there was one scene where we had a list of general magical races that lived in the wider world, but I can’t 100% remember.

    Overall, looking forward to continuing!

  • Keira Robertson

    I’m loving the book so far and I don’t think I’ll stop loving it at all! I also love the concept of elemental fae instead of the typical fae in books like ACOTAR. I also love that instead of trying to deny the fact Saoirse embraces that she loves killing people but also understands that she does need to control it because people don’t like sirens.

    I don’t know who my favourite character is at the moment but I do love Hayes and how he seems to hate his father and being a prince and just tries to be as normal as possible to the people he’s let closest to him which now includes Saoirse.

    I don’t have a clue who Rain could be right now but I do think it is water related as her name suggests.

  • mirliya

    Initial vibes: Very much giving off To Kill a Kingdom vibes, but the narrative so far reads nicely. Saoirse and her over-protectiveness is a tad frustrating, but I understand it comes from a good place. Curious to see where this book leads.
    Favourite character so far is definitely Hayes. He’s got layers (they always do!) I just hope that his character development goes the way I think it’s going to go.
    I suspect Rain is a species that isn’t supposed to belong within the barrier, but what that is, I’m not sure yet.

  • Kennedy G

    What are your initial feelings on the book so far? It’s ok so far, I kind of thought that the graduation day was going to be a bit longer than it was. I also can’t put my finger on it quite yet but something is pulling me out of the story a bit, I don’t know if it’s the names of things and how to pronounce them or just the world in general

    Who is your favourite character? Saoirse is ok so far but I’m also really liking Carrick’s scenes

    What do you think Rain is? I feel like she’s either a half species or something that we haven’t heard about yet. Maybe it’s a creature in the book that she reads stories from

  • Philana Chung

    1) I am invested in this story already, because I want to know all the motives for Saoirse and Rain. What is Rain? Because that is driving Saoirse’s motives to protect her little sister. Why do both her parents and aunties want her far away from royals? I want to know all these secrets! Most of all, Saoirse intrigues me. I want to know more about her in general.

    2) Rain and Prince Hayes. Rain’s love for her big sister melts my heart. And I think Prince Hayes will be more than meets the eye. He’s going to be quite the charmer.

    3) Well Rae can’t be fae since she is using keil beads and Saoirse is overprotective. I think she is another magical creature from the book she is reading at school that the kingdom hates, possibly an elf?

  • Judit Fontos Toth

    1) I loved the first kill but I hated how slowly everything was explained. There are so many questions left unanswered that are just mentioned by some other characters or the lead. For example what is Rain? I guess she is not a siren but something else… Why are the royals so bad, what happened in the past?

    2) I really like the main character, I like “antihero” characters. I love the way her abilities are depicted in the book and her struggle with water. I really felt for her when she lashed out and she could see her parents were afraid of her. 🙁
    She’s the kind of lead who would do everything for the people she loves and her love for her sister reminds me of me and my sister.

    3) I’m not sure what Rain is, but I don’t think she’s a siren. I think she might be a witch or something else we haven’t seen yet?

    I was kind of pulled in to this book (as if a siren pulled me in hahaha), at first I wasn’t interested but I feel like there are so many questions left unanswered and I just want to know more about this world:D

  • elenasofiaj

    1) So far I’m really interested! I always love to known a new world and how the characters work together!
    2) I really like Saoirse, she reminds me of a more bloodthirsty Katniss Everdeen, and as a older sister myself I can understand her strong desire to protect her sister. Also I really like her inner conflict about who she is, what she wants, and how all of this is perceived as wrong by people she loves most. I can’t wait to see what she will do!
    3) So far for me it’s hard to guess which creature Rain could be. We only know about witches, fae, humans and sirens, and of course Rain cannot be a fae because otherwise Saoirse woudn’t be so worried all the time. I would exclude also witches because more or less they are accepted in the kingdom, so by exclusion Rain could be human, and Saoirse’s fear would make sense considering they are basically slaves in the kingdom.

  • feedmefairytales

    I’m already so invested in the story! I think my fave characters so far are Hayes and Saoirse!

  • Amy Kosta

    I’m so far behind as I’ve been in a huge reading slump, so I’ve only just started reading this!

    What are your initial feelings on the book so far?

    I LOVE it!! I already know this is going to be a five star read, so this may very well overtake The Curse of Saints as my top read of 2023!

    Who is your favourite character?

    I like quite a few! But I love Rain and her relationship with Saoirse – its giving me Primrose Everdeen vibes! I also really like Prince Hayes!

    What do you think Rain is?

    I’m swaying towards human as the dislike towards them has been mentioned more than witches and I feel like if she was a siren we would know by now!

  • Jennifer

    I like that the book is fast paced. My brain is too tired right now for a slower read.

    I am not sure that I have a favourite character as yet. Prince Hayes is definitely entertaining. I thought he would be the love interest at first but now I am leaning more towards Zenser.

    I’m not sure what Rain is. There seems to be a lot of races the fae dislike but I am learning towards human.

    Very curious to learn who the blackmailer is.

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