Sing Me To Sleep Readalong: Day 2!


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Hi Fairy Friends!

Welcome back to day 2 of our readalong of Sing Me To Sleep. I hope you’re all loving the book so far! I’m so excited to see what we have in store today!

Today we’re reading from chapter 10 to the end of chapter 20. Grab a cuppa and let’s go!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Sing Me To Sleep by Gabi Burton, from chapters 10 to 20. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


Saoirse receives a letter from her Employer with her next kill. She dreamweaves for this one and leads the man down to the Greysn River where she “sings him to sleep”. Wink, wink.

Later she returns to her room to find another note from the blackmailer. They’re not done with her yet, this time they want her to find out about King Larster’s creature cullings and report back.

Saoirse trains with Hayes and he continues to probe her for more information about herself. They are interrupted when Hayes is requested at a meeting with the King and his investigators. They are investigating the disappearance of the Enforcer’s son… who might just be Saoirse’s most recent mark. That can’t be good!

Saoirse uses her power to tempt an investigator into a cupboard. Cheeky! He confirms that her mark, Felix Fleming, is the man whose disappearance they are investigating. He also knows about the King’s creature cullings so she tells him to meet her back there tomorrow at midnight.

To make the meeting Saoirse needs to swap her nightshift so she goes to see Carrick at the barracks for advice on how to make friends. Well, if that isn’t just adorable!

She invites Jeune out for a run, they talk about the night she broke into Saoirse’s room and Jeune says she wasn’t looking for anything in particular but Saoirse can taste her lies. Jeune reveals that all of the prince’s guards were at the Ranking so any of them could have left the note. Helpful… At least Jeune agreed to swap her shift!

While working Jeune’s day shift, Saoirse discovers that Felix Fleming was none other than the Prince’s best friend…

That night, she meets Grisham again in the cupboard. He takes her to a room displaying portraits of creatures as they used to be in Keirdre. It turns out there were other creatures in Keirdre when the barrier was created and King Larster had them all killed. Amongst the portraits is a siren and this one is biggest because the King hates sirens most of all.

Grisham brings her a letter with the King’s seal as requested. The letter in her room has a seal with a branch missing so it must be from Hayes’s stamp.

Saoirse Dreamweaves to visit her Aunt and demand answers about the creature cullings. Drina tells her that the creatures all joined the Resistance to find a way out of Keirdre so the King had them all killed. Her Aunts used to run a home for orphaned creatures and so did other witches, there are hundreds of hiding orphaned creatures.

Saoirse worries about how she will always be seen as a monster. She visits Rain to cheer herself up, forbidding her from going to a friend’s house. Bit harsh, maybe?

On night duty, Saoirse and Devlyn accompany Hayes to a local bar. Saoirse borrows a dress from Jeune and while Jeune searches her wardrobe, Saoirse snoops in her desk drawers. She finds letters but with different handwriting and some keil beads. Suspicious?

When she returns to Hayes he stares at her in her figure-hugging dress and she tastes his lust. She’s surprised, not used to tasting that emotion while wearing her disguised face.

Saoirse receives another letter asking her to ask Prince Hayes about Szeiryna and report to the sentencing at Haraya Hall in 11 days. This blackmailer is not giving up!

She’ll plots to get him alone to get the information.

Do you think we can trust Jeune?
Do you think Saoirse should give Rain some more freedom?
Any theories on who the blackmailer is?

I don’t want to put this book down! See you tomorrow for day 3.





  • Annie @readbyannie_

    Do you think we can trust Jeune?

    I think so! She seems to have her own secrets but she also seems like a good friend for Saoirse.

    Do you think Saoirse should give Rain some more freedom?

    She definitely came across as overprotective by not letting her visit a friends house, which probably stems from Saoirse closing herself of to friendships to keep her secret, so she’s pushing the same onto Rain. She must have a good reason for being so fiercely protective but I do think she should give her some freedom to make friends.

    Any theories on who the blackmailer is?

    I have no idea! I don’t think its Jeune, so currently thinking it must be one of the other guards, but no clue as to who. I can’t wait to keep reading and find out more!

  • Kaitlin Kells

    Do you think we can trust Jeune? I think so. She seems pretty genuine with her emotions towards Saoirse. Anybody can have keil beads, that doesn’t make them a bad person. She could have a very good reason as to why she has them.

    Do you think Saoirse should give Rain some more freedom? Yes, at least just a little. She is a kid and just wants to make friends.

    Any theories on who the blackmailer is? My guess is Erasmus. We don’t know much about him and he seems to be hidden in the background.

  • Emma Wainwright

    Jeune seems pretty genuine but we dont really know her all that well yet so i think it’s hard to tell. Its obvious saiorse doesnt trust her though. I think we will have to wait until she is tested before we can really trust her.

    Saiorse is clearly worried about Rain which is why she is so overprotective of her however when characters are like this it always leads to the other character going against the first. I think Saiorse will need to be careful with her relationship with rain, especially as it was clear that rain doesnt believe what she is saying half the time due to saiorse’s constant lying.

    I think the blackmailer may be the prince himself. Or i think the blackmailer is using saiorse to uncover the countries history so the king can be overthrown. The prince and the king have a strained relationship so it definitely could be him.

  • lulu.james2712

    Omg……… I didn’t want too put this book down today I. Really enjoying I think jeune can be trusted I think she is nice and just wants too be saoirse friend as for rain saoirse doesn’t mean too be hard on rain she’s just so protective it seems that rain is all she’s got in the world and she will protect her with everything she has its so sweet as for the blackmailer I dont have a clue maybe erasmus but u can’t wait for tomorrow I want too read it now spoiler did you see the letters at beginning of chapter 21 I didn’t read them promise but I wanted too but I’m not good at breaking the rules ???

  • Ava Bodogh

    I feel like Jeune has good intentions. And Saoirse should 100% give Rain more freedom. She needs to be able to do things for herself at some point. The Blackmailer could be Erasmus. He doesn’t show up often in the story and that makes me suspicious.

  • SeaFox.Adventures

    1) I think we probably can, though I totally understand not trusting her right off the bat because of the lying about the beads, but I think she has a good reason for it. Maybe it’s to help someone else out, or maybe she’s using them to hide her own secrets, something like that.
    2) Yeah, I think she’s being a bit harsh, but I do understand, given all the blackmailing about revealing Rain, that it has to mean she’s in danger of discovery, etc., so it’s at least understandable. But Rain will grow to resent and maybe even hate her if she keeps this tight of a leash on her.
    3) I want to say one of the guards, but I feel like Erasmus is too obvious. Maybe Laa’el or Devlyn? Laa’el for personal protection [being a witch] or Dev [who is trying to play it cool and unsuspecting when it’s really him]? But maybe it’s not a guard at all, just someone else close to the prince we haven’t met yet? That seems a bit far fetched, though . . .

  • Tired Tiger

    1) Eh, I’m not ready to trust anybody at this point, but I do like Jeune well enough, so I hope it isn’t her.

    2) I think Saoirse needs to teach Rain how to protect herself instead of tying her own self-worth to fulfilling that protector role for Rain. The truth is that she won’t always be there for Rain, and the best she can do is prepare her. With that being said, it’s now clear Rain isn’t a siren. Since Saoirse can taste her emotions, I’m guessing she’s not a witch either—at least, not a full one. So she’s either human, a mix of two beings, or a banned creature. Could she be a form of werecreature…? They keep mentioning “special needs”, and lycanthropy is sometimes treated as more of a condition in fiction.

    3) Erasmus feels like too much of an obvious red herring. He also seems too impulsive and not clever enough to pull this off. I’m guessing it’d have to be someone with limited contact/not a super close relationship with the prince if they can’t just outright ask him these questions. So Zensen, as leader, also doesn’t feel right. Jeune has her own agenda, that much is clear, but she also seems too genuine with Saoirse. L’aael fits all of these criteria as a witch. She could have infiltrated the prince’s guard as a spy for the Resistance, for example. And since Saoirse can’t taste her emotions, it’d be harder to spot… I’ll say that the Employer is clearly up to something too, maybe also tied to the Resistance. Killing an Enforcer’s son and the prince’s best friend? Suspish.

  • Keira Robertson

    I’m still a bit unsure as to wether we can trust Jeune or not because of the keil beads and her lying when asked about what she was looking for in Saoirse’s room but other than that she seems pretty genuine.

    Rain definitely deserves her own freedom and to be able to have sleepovers with her friends whenever she wants.

    I don’t know who the blackmailer could be but it kind of seems a bit obvious to be one of Hayes’s guards but we’ll just have to keep reading to find out!

  • ladymeg

    1) I think so. I really want her and Saoirse to be friends. They both seem like the need friends.

    2) ABSOLUTELY. I think her paranoia about being found out as a dreaded siren is making her overly cautious when it comes to Rain. Rain being so sheltered is going to cause more problems in the future than if she got to behave more like a normal person.

    3) Other than “not Jeune” no. I think we need to meet some more suspects. We haven’t spent much time with anyone except Jeune and Dev.

  • agsing

    I want to trust Jeune, if this is a triple play I will be impressed though. The only way I will accept if Jeune is the blackmailer is if she played Saoirse by acting like she didnt mean to be caught and plied for information. Saoirse thinking she has everyone figured out and fooled while she is actually being played herself.

    Saoirse needs to loosen up with Rain. I am still not sure exactly what she is but surely she can spend time with friends outside of school. Yes there currently is a blackmailer but Saoirse is fulfilling their requests so what is the harm of Rain going out a little.

    I honestly have no idea who the blackmailer could be other than Raze, her assassin employer. As to their actual identity…who knows. Why is the blackmailer using Hayes’ seal? It feels like a setup.

  • mirliya

    I’m a little bit behind but catching up, so haven’t quite got to the end of the section to answer the questions.
    I just came here to say I’m sorry, but Ch 14 “hair so black it’s almost blue” ?????????? That’s not how colours work!!

  • hbaileyw17

    I am a bit behind schedule, but I finally caught up to today’s readings. This book came out of nowhere, and I love it! I have enjoyed the world-building. It feels like a DnD game, with all the magical creatures running around. I don’t think I have ever read a book about a Siren before, and now I will have to find more. What a bada$$ power for a super awesome female lead. This story is breaking all the molds, stepping out, and being awesomely original. We need more female leads like Saoirse, and I hope she gets to keep being her self.

    As for the questions, I feel we can trust Jeune, I feel like she wants a friend. I am so curious to know what is going on with Rain, so I can’t say if Saoirse should trust her more. What if she is the rightful ruler in hiding or something!! We don’t know, and I am biting at the quick to learn. I am not even sure if I care who the blackmailer is, I think they might not actually be a foe, maybe a friend with strange methods.

    I think Prince Hayes has more going on that we don’t know about… I have this thought bouncing around my head that he could be a Siren too, but idk if men can even be Sirens so we will see.

  • susanna

    I am really interested as into why the king is so afraid of the other magical beings so much that he that he attempted to genocide to rid the kingdom off them and than erected a magical barrier to keep them out. And why is he particularly afraid of the sirens.

    I love that the Aunts and other witches took in the the orphaned magical beings but wish they hadn’t hid so much from them.
    Love the title tie ias Saoirse sing her victim to the final sleep.

    I think jeune is genuine she does have her own secrets as the Keri beads indicate but I think she really does want to be friends with Saoirse I hope they do become real friends Saoirse needs it she has closed herself off too much.

    Yes she needs to give Rain more freedom but I feel that it is not only because they are having to hid who she is she is so protective, but because friendship is not something that com s easily to Saoirse so she doesn’t understand Rain’s desire but if She isn’t give a bit more freedom no good will come of it and Rain my rebel against it and put herself in danger,

    I am not sure who the blackmailer but don’t think they will really hurt Rain they want the truth to be out and the regime chanced so all magical beings can have their place in the kingdom their motives are good even if they’re method is not. I think her mysterious employer is somehow involved but not directly. May guess is maybe l’aael the witches are only tolerated for what they can do for the Fae and the king tries to control that and keep them oppressed and the witches seem to be a strong part of the resistance

  • Philana Chung

    1) Jeune is a shifty character! I’m not so sure we can trust her. I think Saoirse is going to keep their relationship at arms length till she can figure it out. Why does she need keil beads? I’m yet again intrigued to find out why!

    2) Till we know what Rain is, I’m not so sure about more freedom. Though, Rain does seem mature and smart for her young age. But in a kingdom where the king does not care for anyone but the fae, I understand the harshness.

    3) The blackmailer is definitely part of the Resistance. No idea on WHO it is exactly. It seems their agenda is for a better kingdom and for the truth to come out.

    Agreed! I cannot put this book down. I’m so invested in this world and all the characters.


    Do you think we can trust Jeune?
    Not really. Honestly I don’t trust anyone in this book. I am just waiting for the shoes to drop for all the supporting characters.
    Do you think Saoirse should give Rain some more freedom?
    I don’t think so. Whatever Rain is makes Saoirse very protective of her. I’m curious why though.
    Any theories on who the blackmailer is?
    I think the blackmailer is the prince. I think he is testing her as a member of his guard in a way that keeps himself safe.

  • elenasofiaj

    1) Honestly I think Jeune is a red herring. Saoirse should keep her mind open and investigate more before drawing conclusion, because in focusing so hard on her she could be lead astray.
    2) I think Saoirse should definitely give Rain more freedom, otherwise in stifling her so much Rain could grow to resent her and do something rash. Also she should trust more her parents, they have raised and protected them so far, so I think if they decided that is safe for Rain to go to see a friend then she should trust their judgement, they love her too.
    3) Honestly I’m totally in the dark, I’m always terrible in guessing who the bad guys is. I am like Prince Hayes, I just want to trust and love everyone!

  • Alex Shaffer

    I’m a little behind in the reading, but I absolutely love this book so far!

    Do you think we can trust Jeune? Yes. I think so. I don’t think there’s evidence for her to be the blackmailer. I think Saoirse doesn’t trust anyone and will not take anyone off her suspect list.

    Do you think Saoirse should give Rain some more freedom? Absolutely. When someone suffocated you like that, it’s never going to end well. A kid needs friends. I cringed when she didn’t let her go to her friends house and went to the bakery instead.

    Any theories on who the blackmailer is? I have a theory. I think it’s Carrick. I think she’s looking in the wronged place for the blackmailer. And Carrick seems to be the one person who she doesn’t suspect. Usually the bad guy is someone you don’t expect. But I guess we’ll see.

  • feedmefairytales

    I think we can trust Jeune. Or at least, I hope we can. She seems like a nice enough person.

    Saoirse is a bit harah on Rain but obviously with good reason!

    And so far I really have no idea who the blackmailer could be…

  • Vivian Lu

    I don’t think Jeune is the blackmailer, and she probably has an innocent reason for snooping in Saoirse’s room. Perhaps the prince asked her to?

    I understand Saorise’s worry for Rain, however I think that over time she’ll buck under the control and do something without telling anyone. Similar to how she went to the graduation without telling Saorise.

    I thought that the blackmailer might be the prince, but after the most recent letter, I’m not sure anymore hmmm….

  • Kennedy G

    I’m super late but trying to catch up ?
    Do you think we can trust Jeune? I think so, she’s been a little sketchy but nothing that brings up any red flags

    Do you think Saoirse should give Rain some more freedom? Yes and no. I think depending on what her power is she should get a little bit more freedom but at the same time if she’s a human or one of the extinct creatures I think it’s probably safer for her to have less freedom at a young age

    Any theories on who the blackmailer is? Maybe the princes “dead” brother? I feel like why would the prince bring him up if he wasn’t relevant to the story at some point

  • Sophia

    I don’t trust anyone at this point ?

    Saoirse probably has a good reason for why she is so protective of Rain.

    No idea who the blackmailer is, but they want the truth to come out!

  • Amy Kosta

    Do you think we can trust Jeune?

    I’d like to think so but I’m not completely ruling her out yet. She seems quite genuine, and obviously does have some secrets because of the keil beads, but I don’t think she’s the blackmailer!

    Do you think Saoirse should give Rain some more freedom?

    As an older sister she should, but we have no idea what Rain is. I don’t think Saoirse is controlling, just concerned and protective. She could be isolating Rain for her own, or other people’s, good.

    Any theories on who the blackmailer is?

    No idea! I thought maybe it’s the king or the prince trying to test her to see how good of a spy she is but it could be one of the other guards – maybe Devlyn as its always the young, innocent-seeming ones who turn out to be a completely different person! It could really be anyone in the palace who has access to Prince Hayes’s rooms though!

  • Jennifer

    I think Jeune has secrets but I don’t think she is the blackmailer or a threat to Saoirse.

    I don’t know how much danger Rain is in because we still don’t know what kind of creature she is. I’m going to trust Saoirse’s instincts on this one.

    I suspect that the person who has hired Saoirse as an assassin is the king.

    I’m not sure who the blackmailer is or if they are a serious threat. Maybe it is Zenser? I had him pegged as the love interest at first but he’s hardly been in the book.

    Maybe the blackmailer is Anarin? She is in a position where she might know Saoirse’s secrets.

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