Six Crimson Cranes Readalong: Day 2!

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Hey Fairy Friends!

Welcome to day 2 of our Readalong of Six Crimson Cranes! I hope you all enjoyed yesterday’s chapters and can’t wait for more today!

Today we’re reading from Chapter 9 to the end of Chapter 17 and I cannot wait! Let’s do this!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Six Crimson Cranes by Elizabeth Lim, from chapters 9 to 17. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


Oh my goodness, Shiori has already been on the island for 2 months and is working as a cook! I feel so sorry for her, I’m not sure I could stop talking for 20 minutes let alone 2 months. What do we think her plan is?

Who’s this? A sentinel has turned up on the island! It seems like the Emperor, their dad, is looking for them! But Shiori or Lina as we now know her is unrecognisable to anyone. 🙁

Uh oh it’s getting very tense in here. Why does the sentinel have Shiori’s slipper and poison in his pockets? Who is the wolf and what does he want with the family? Ahhhh so many questions!

Wow, I am so glad he decided to help her, I just hope that silver coin can get her home again! But now she might not even get the chance! Takkan, Shiori’s betrothed has now shown up! How will she be able to prove to these them she is who she says she is, they don’t seem very kind!

Phew, the sentinel has taken pity on Shiori, I think we might be seeing him again soon! Why do we think he is helping her so much? Finally! Shiori and her brothers have been reunited. I’m so pleased to see them all back together, even if it is under some horrible circumstances. But what secret are they hiding from her?

Shiori’s dreams are real! She has to steal a dragon pearl from Raikima to break the curse! Where is Seryu when you need him? But there is more! A mission to get the starstroke net. Uh oh, here’s the big secret… but how will they break the curse if she cannot speak or make a sound? Kiata is at war too? I’m not sure we can take any more bad news…

Well that was risky! They finally have some starstroke and look who has turned up! I was beginning to wonder when we would see Seryu again! Ahhh that was a narrow escape from the Dragon King! How brave is Shiori! I don’t think the Dragon King is going to let them get away with that…

Wait! Was it really Takkan at the Inn? I was not expecting that! So it was him… why did he choose to protect her? Could he know who she is? I can’t wait to hear your theories!

Another cliffhanger at the end of our second day! What did everyone think of that? A lot of narrow escapes and where do we think they are taking Shiori?  

I’m loving this book and I’m so excited to see what else is to come!

What did we all think?

Let me know your thoughts and I’ll be back again tomorrow to talk more about it!



41 thoughts on “Six Crimson Cranes Readalong: Day 2!

  1. Such a page turner! I am sensing we may get a love triangle between Seryu and Takkan. I was so excited about Shiori being reunited with her brothers and we can see the secrets being unveiled now. The pacing of this book is excellent, and I feel so bad for our strong seven as Raikama has really made the curse almost unbeatable, I found the warning in the last chapter most interesting “There are events in motion you do not understand” – huge plot twist where Raikama isn’t evil and is actually acting for the greater good? SO MANY QUESTIONS, I am just way too excited to carry on with this book!

    1. Totally getting that love triangle vibe! I actually prefer enemies to lover tropes but this love triangle is going to be so fun! I can imagine Seryu getting super jealous!

      Definitely was happy they were able to reunite! Retrieving the starstroke was OMG so exciting and a painful experience! She could have been seriously injuried! And the crazy hassle into weaving it into a net!

  2. I’m afraid those who guessed the love triangle are correct, I totally see something like that happening soon…I just hope I’ll pick my side wisely, I always end up cheering for the guy who gets dumped ? but anyway I hope to see more of both potential love interests in the next section!

  3. It’s so hard putting this book down and stop reading!!
    Surely her brothers didn’t expect Shiori to stay in the cave!! One of them should’ve stay behind if only for company.

    I love the map in this book, especially the dragon ? ?❤️

    I’m gonna keep reading…. See you all tomorrow ???

    1. Right?! They should know their sister by now. She ain’t going to stay put just because they said so. She’s going do what she wants with or without their permission.

  4. This section was soooo good! I really liked the reunion between Shiori and her brothers 🙂 Hopefully they will find a way to get the curse broken without sacrificing one of them!! I do think this could be a cool twist for later, maybe someone secretly finds out a way to do this.
    Takkan is cute. I kinda guessed that he was the nicer one of the two, maybe for safety reasons they changed names? But Shiori did say that her teachers told her Takkan was a nice and kind person. Maybe he helped her because that is just his nature? Oh, and where is he now? Mysteries keep piling up!

  5. I’m really loving this book so far! I do wonder though: if outbursts like laughter or general sounds could kill one of her brothers, would snoring? Or crying out in her sleep? Maybe she’d have gotten so used to being silent by that point that she wouldn’t do that any more, but I feel like this spell wouldn’t be so cruel as to count unconscious noises, right?

    Weirdly I think I’d have liked to see a kind of montage showing Shiori hardening and getting more independent as opposed to a time skip but I do like that the book didn’t just have a sheltered princess suddenly also be great by herself against abusive and rude people out on her own. It would take anyone some time to adjust even without the curse trauma!

    I hope we get to see more of Seryu, I’d love to know more about this world’s dragons! 🙂

    1. Imagine that. Making sudden outburst when you sleep and one of your brother dies. It is really cruel but Raikima is cruel. Shelbyannm has a theory that she may be doing this for something good not evil and I’m not quite buying that theory.

  6. Right before I started todays section, I noticed there are only five cranes with her on the embossed cover, which already strengthened yesterday’s suspicion that one will die, and now with her having to say Raikima’s true name!!! :O

    From the moment that Takkan (the real one) called his cousin Takkan, I figured something’s wrong and the nice one is the one she is actually betrothed to, and I was so happy to discover I was right! But now he’s missing too! And Shiori’s been kidnapped! Luckily she has Kiki with her (I hope).

    Two of the elements of the starstroke have been revealed, only the third one hasn’t been, I can’t wait to find out what it is!

    I’m also really curious what her brothers are hiding, I feel like it’s more than what they told her.

    I can’t wait to continue!!

    1. I see six on the dust jacket! How odd that the embossed cover would pose something so ominous! I hadn’t even noticed before but now I’m nervous ;-;

      1. There are six on the embossed cover! The one I suspect you haven’t spotted (because it took me several looks lmao) is about mid way down on the right, with its beak pointing downwards. It looks like its the tail feather of the one above it but I’m pretty sure it’s a crane. <3

  7. This is my first book from this author, and I am already in love with how easy it is to read her writing style. The pages flow by as you read.

    I know what you mean by not talking for long, even not making a sound. It will be so hard!! I laugh like a manic most of the time. I don’t know how I will manage not being able to make a sound.

    I am so glad Shiori found her brothers, and I love the relationship they share. It is so lovely to read about these heartwarming relationships between siblings.

    Why, oh why did she show her pearl to the dragon king? I mean, come on, girl Seryu already told you that the dragon king disapproves of pearls been given to humans or others. I so wanted to shout at her now. ? I hope poor Seryu is not in trouble.

    I am so glad I was right about Takkan! ? Even though I am rooting for Shiori and Seryu, it will be a good twist, now that we know who Takkan is.

  8. I gotta say, I really like that this book isn’t very romantic – I’m finding it really refreshing! And I love that it’s so heavily about family.

    I’m still finding the characters a bit… I don’t want to say childish, because it sounds too negative. Child-like? The fact of it is growing on me though, and watching Shiori learn and come into her own, and face dangers has been really fun. Its also a really easy read which is good for my brain right now!

    All that said… I miss Seryu. Bring back dragon boy please. I quite like the idea of their relationship being platonic, but my experience was YA is that having platonic relationships when romantic ones are an option is kinda rare. ^^;

    Still keen to continue. I don’t think at this stage this is ever gonna be my favourite book in the world, but it does feel like the precise kind of book I fancy reading at the moment. I love all the imagery and the pace is quick, which is great by me.

  9. I feel sad for Shiori but it also feels like maybe its good for her in a way, since she was spoiled in the palace and now she’s learning to be more humble in a way… in a bowl over your head and can’t even speak way, but it could be good for her?!

    I’m so glad Shiori was able to reunite with her brothers!!! I love how much they all care for their little sister, I love the sibling bond they have even with 7 of them.

    And I’m happy to find out Takkan was the sentinel who was so nice to her, awww! My heart~

    This is definitely a great book and I’m loving it so much!! I haven’t read Elizabeth Lim’s previous series but now I think I have to, I love her writing!

  10. I’ve been so entranced as Shiori develops as a character after spending so long working as a cook.

    As for why Takkan chose to protect her? I don’t know, but carrying her slipper is suspect.

    And didn’t Seryu mention that giving a sliver of pearl to a mortal without his grandfather’s permission would result in problems? Maybe that’s why he didn’t make it to meet Shiori at the river. He might be in trouble with the Dragon King!

    Also, the fact that Shiori has to speak Raikama’s name to steal her magic and kill one of her brothers… it’s so heartwrenching!

    I wonder what’s going to happen now that the sentinels know she’s under Takkan’s protection? Especially after that nasty blow to the head at the end of chapter 17?

  11. Really really enjoying it! I actually read day 2 yesterday!

    I totally guessed that the two sentinels had pulled a switch and the nice on was Takkan – especially when he didn’t give his name! I think he genuinely is kind which is why he helped her.

    I think I might now be team Takkan since Seryu is awol.

    I can’t wait to see what happens in day 3s chapters!

  12. I’m curious who this “Master Tsring” guy is and why he wants the net after Shiori uses it? Totally going out on a limb here, but is he going to use it to capture dragons?? I’m so relieved that Takkan is the nice dude and not the mean one! 😀 I like him already! But I am wondering why he randomly trusted a girl who broke into his room and then gave her a bunch of his stuff.

  13. Okay so I’m starting to like the book more and more, but it’s still not great if you’d ask me.

    One of the things that annoys me at the moment is that the names annoy me SO much, couldn’t Lim have chosen something more authentic? Something that fit more in this Asian inspired world (FYI I’m Asian myself, so this is just one of my peeves atm).

    Anyway, I’m glad she found her brothers, even though the name Benkai annoys me SO MUCH.

    Also, I don’t like Takkan. This is definitely going to be a love triangle and I am team Seryu

  14. I’m really loving this book so far!! I’m at the edge of my seat and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Why did the kind man at the Inn call his cousin Takkan if he himself was Takkan? I actually flip back in the book to see what happened in that scene. I can’t see how Shipri and her brothers will be able to turn the curse around, and I’m starting to get a bit of a bad feeling about Seryu what if he is somehow connected to Raikama? I can’t wait to read on!

  15. I feel so sorry for Shiori being all alone it must be so sad for her, I hope they figure out it is her although I am in suspense as to what will happen

    Takkan seems like such a gent when he was at the inn! Let’s hope this plans out for her, even though they’ve not met before this I feel like there is chemistry between them

    So excited to see what happens next

  16. I am so invested in this book, and the chapters just FLY by (no crane puns intended). Idk who to root for Love Interest wise but I like both characters, however, I’m not prepared for any sadness ahead. TOTALLY UNPREPARED TO HANDLE IT

  17. It was so hard to read as Shiori was being beaten down by all she has to endure for two months! But to see how strong it made her and how she was starting to because brave in her own way to stand up to others even when she couldn’t speak.

    Okay, let us talk about when she found her bothers, can you say what amazing timing. Shiori was about to go over a waterfall to her death. Thank goodness that KiKi was able to screech to get her brothers’ attention and save her.

    Now that Shiori and her brothers are together again they have come up with one crazy and very dangerous plan to break the curse they are all under. I feel for Shiori because I feel like she is going to have a hard time speaking her stepmother’s true name knowing that a single sound that she makes one of her brothers will die. I am so hoping that they find a loophole for that!

    I am still broken up over the fact that seryu didn’t show up, what if his grandfather is really upset that he gave part of his peal to Shiori. I am hoping that they can work with the dragons once the curse is done to show that they were only trying to save their people, father, and break the cure that they are under.

    Okay, I was not expecting the guard that Shiori was communicating with at the inn was Takkan! That is very interesting, Maybe he is searching for her and came close to an answer when he was taken? I am so excited to continue reading!!!!!

  18. The Sentinel has me intrigued! I love how he handled her breaking and entering – seeing that she needed help to escape her current circumstances and not just focusing on the “thievery.” Can’t believe she’s been there for two months already and clearly being belittled and abused daily from the superstitious and cruel villagers.

    I knew the sentinel (and his companion) weren’t going to be gone for long! I’m so relieved there is a case of mistaken identity for Takkan because I was really hoping for him to be a misunderstood hero (from Shiori’s perspective). Thankfully, she has the starstroke and can begin her weaving (no matter how painful) into freeing her brothers and herself form the curse. But first she has to escape from her kidnappers…

  19. Really curious about the potential political intrigue going on here now that we’ve got a war, assassins, and a missing/potentially dead betrothed. I’m hoping there’s more of that as the book goes on and we don’t instead just have Shiori hanging around in kitchens and caves while everything else happens around her. Especially since her brothers’ plan sounds a bit dodgy. Yeah, it’s what the enchanter told them, but why trust the enchanter? Dude’s clearly got some ulterior motives if he’s hanging around talking to crane-men.

    I’m also hoping we skip the love triangle that looks like it’s being set up. Both guys seem perfectly fine (though I’m edging toward Team Takkan if it comes to that), but it’s just such a dull subplot. I’d rather we *get some more girls in here*. I mean, really, we’ve got six brothers and two potential love interests. The gender balance is flat out absurd. Give Shiori a girl friend. Preferably one who will her appreciate her complaining about her brothers treating her like a child rather than an equal.

  20. A lot happened in these chapters. She found her brothers and then lost them again. Pleased but not really surprised that her betrothed turned out to be the nicer cousin.

  21. I must admit, the exposition for this book is absolutely lovely. As a Chinese person myself, Lim does such an amazing job making me reminisce China and Chinese food. The scenes where Shiori cooks food give me so much melancholy and I really wish that I can visit China in the near future.

    When the siblings were initially cursed, I didn’t expect for the reunion to happen so early in the book! I thought it would be something we waited for until the rising action (or last 30% ish).

    I’m really pleasantly surprised and pleased by the face that Lim avoids cliche tropes, especially the fact that Shipri is able to sufficiently communicate with others. I worried that it might be an annoying plot point, but it certainly wasn’t!

    I’m also very intrigued by this potential love triangle? I’m definitely team Takkan at the moment, but my heart goes out to Seryu.

  22. I kind of think that these guys who have taken her haven’t resworn their allegiance to the emperor and that’s why the uniform is different.

    I enjoyed these chapters more than the initial ones. It kind of reminds me of a studio Ghibli film…where you just kind of have to go with the events, and it is reminiscent of a fairytale too, which makes sense as it’s based on an old story.

    I’m not keen on her not being able to speak… She’s literally had her voice taken away which is all kinds of messed up…

    I’m curious to see where we’re going. I don’t really have any guesses.

  23. Wow, the pace of this is really blowing me away…the action keeps rolling and the reveals keep coming! I have a feeling I’m going to speed through this to find out the ending, then go straight back to read it again to take in the detail and more about the characters…for now I just want to know what happens next!

  24. This book excites me!

    I feel like so much happens during each day’s chapters. The family reunion came quicker than I expected, but I’m so glad that it did. I enjoy reading about the siblings gathered and just acting like a family and having each other – especially as I feel sorry for the lot of them! Even if there is some plot twist involved with Stepmother (I mean, “There are events in motion you do not understand”?!) she’s already lost to me.

    I’m so happy to see Seryu again, however brief it was! I’m hoping that he will make another appearance soon – I want to know more about him! And for the love triangle that so many others have touched upon… I’m really enjoying the fact that the book is very (very) light on romance and right now I’m crossing my fingers for there not to be a love triangle.

    As I’m catching up I’m gonna continue with the chapters for day three (yay for not having to wait!)! I can’t tell what’s going to happen, and I’m just hooked!

  25. Awww Takken isn’t a jerk! And carrying her slipper, is he really devoted to rescuing his almost-betrothed?

    I loved Shiori reuniting with her brothers, but they seem to really flip back and forth between taking her seriously and dismissing her. One day they’re going off on this extremely dangerous quest to collect these nettles, the next day they’re telling her to just stay put and let them take care of things.

    My only complaint is that sometimes I have trouble figuring out how she’s communicating with them. Sometimes it’s obvious she’s writing or mouthing words, but other times it’s almost like they’re just reading her thoughts.

  26. Oh it’s soo good! And I definitely need more dragons
    Who is Takkan and where is he? And why is his cousin here then? So many questions

  27. I am suuuuuuuper behind still, so I’m just going to post a quick thought and get back to reading!

    I totally saw the kinder sentinel being Takkan. It made too much sense, imo. Buuuuuuut I’m loving this twist of not-Takkan finding her and taking her captive. I can’t wait to see what happens when Takkan comes back and finds out how she was mistreated. ?

  28. I’m glad Takkan was that gentle and kind sentinel who helped her and not Hasege. And when her brothers found her and Hasho said, “We spent weeks preparing this cave for you, Shiori” I wish I had an older brother, or any sibling for that matter, it’s lonely being the only child.

    Im sensing some love triangle going on. I’m sorry Takkan, but I’m team Seryu…maybe that’ll change

  29. I love how much the world has expanded in this section. We are learning about the other kingdoms, politics, a shady enchanter, and the dragon king! It’s really exciting and the book is moving fast.

    I also like the love triangle that seems to be forming. I can’t choose between the two so far! Shiryu is so cute and a literal dragon, but Takkan is so nice and I love that they are betrothed. Excited to see where the story goes from here as I try to catch up for this readalong. 🙂

  30. These chapters were more entertaining! I really enjoyed the scenes with Takkan and was so happy when Shiori was reunited with her brothers. Some people were saying that they think that theres going to be a love triangle but honestly I would love if Shiori and either Seryu or Takkan were just friends. I’d love some backstory on the stepmother and maybe KiKi can communicate with the other animals to find out something about her past? Can’t wait for Takkan to make a reappearance.

  31. The story just keeps getting better. I second that the imagery and the fast pace are some of the best things I’m enjoying in this book.

    As soon as the sentinel arrived at the Inn I was intrigued by him. Right through the start I’ve been wondering who her love interest would be. First I kept thinking it would be her betrothed, then I thought it might be Seryu, and finally I wondered if it might be the sentinel. And when the other cousin appeared, the whole exchange seemed suspicious to me, and I started thinking the kind sentinel might be the real betrothed in disguise. I was glad when by the end of chapter 17 my suspicious were confirmed.

    I don’t think there is going to be a love triangle. I think the relationship between Seryu and Shiori is a close one, but a platonic one.

    I also found the warning from the snake rather interesting. I also believe there might be a twist with the stepmother. I think there are some people that were conspiring against the king and were planning to kill his children. That’s why the message that the sentinel intercepted said that the princes had disappeared and further action was not necessary. I think the stepmother uncovered the plan, and was forced to use the curse to protect the princes and Shiori until she can do what she needs to do, whatever that it.

    I also don’t trust the enchanter Tsring. I don’t think it is a good idea if he gets hold of the net that could ensnare a dragon. I wonder if the enchanter might turn out to be Wolf.

    Definitely looking forward to reading the next chapters!

  32. I’m back, I’m catching up, I’m loving it! Great pace, fantastic range of characters, wicked setting. Everything you really want from a fantasy book!

  33. This book is amazing! Definitely a pageturner can’t wait to see what happens next!

  34. Imagine that. Making sudden outburst when you sleep and one of your brother dies. It is really cruel but Raikima is cruel. Shelbyannm has a theory that she may be doing this for something good not evil and I’m not quite buying that theory.

  35. My thoughts as I was reading.
    9 – Mrs. Dainan is awful but it is good Shoiri found her and is being semi taken care of and learning new skills.
    10 – Who is this kind and handsome sentinel. I hope he’s not bad.
    11 – Takkan is her betrothed. Gross. The one good thing to come from this curse, was dodging that bullet, at least for the time being. Now his cousin on the other hand. ???
    12 – I love that the fisherman’s family was good to her. It nice to know there is more than one good person left in her world. The cranes that saved her can’t really be her brothers, right? That was way too easy.
    13 – Turns out they are her brothers but things are not as easy as the seemed… Stealing the Pearl I like this idea. It’s a little fast for me but it’s getting so good.
    14 – I don’t understand why her brothers were all hush hush about her having to get the dragon pearl and saying Raikama’s real name since they didn’t know yet why she couldn’t speak.
    15 – Star-stroke sounds delightful. Also Seryu is back!!!
    16 – I know this bad and all but dragons are so f@#*king cool. And did anyone else get the feeling that Seryu’s grandfather was pissed he gave Shiori a piece of his pearl
    17 – I knew everything was going to smooth to last. Shiori use your big bowel and think! Also totally did not see the whole Takkan switcheroo coming. Like at all . Totally thought they were going to do the whole in love with the suitors brother thing, but was pleasantly surprised. Also kind of now thinking he totally knew who she was I don’t know why he would know. But at the very least I think he figured it out maybe that’s why he’s missing.

    Overall thoughts…
    The book is so emersive. Easy nto feel like you4 there. And the description of food is making me hungry

  36. Finally at the end of day 2 ?. But it’s getting very interesting, and do I smell a hint of romance? What if she actually falls in love eith her bethroted? That said: he seems to be missing. Also: the dragon also seems to have a crush on Shiori, so I’d be sad for him :(. I don’t trust the sorcerer that wants the net, because he probably needs it to overthrow the dragon king or something. And there’s a war going on? Whaaaaat? I need to keep on reading, things are getting veeeeeeery interesting ?

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