Six Crimson Cranes Readalong: Day 3!

Fabulous photo by @thelibrarylane

Hello Fairies!

Day 3 and half way through the week already! How is everyone feeling today? What do we think of the book so far?

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Now onto the Readalong, we will be reading Chapter 18 to the end of Chapter 25. Let’s get started shall we!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Six Crimson Cranes by Elizabeth Lim, from chapters 18 to 25. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


Oh dear, where have they taken Shiori? I’m so glad they believe her! But, where could Takkan be, I hope he’s ok! After all, he does keep saving her! Megari seems lovely though, I am so glad Shiori has someone looking out for her.

Ah, he’s back! But what stories has Takkan heard and why does he know one like Shiror’s? Do we think he knows more than he is letting on?

Wow, thank goodness Kiki and her great advice is back! What a great sidekick she is even if she can be a little harsh at times…  We all need a friend like Kiki, I think she is so funny!

Oh dear, they can’t seem to catch a break! The fortress is under attack and Lord Takkan has been injured, what is she going to do? She can’t escape now! Kiki to the rescue again! Do we think Takkan will be ok?

Seryu is back! About time, we haven’t seen him in ages! Someone finally tracked her down at the castle but it looks like the curse is stopping her brothers from finding her… She must be feeling so alone. 🙁
Looks like Takkan was specifically searching for Shiori on the island. Thank goodness he is feeling better and now he has made her a guest at the castle. Do we trust Takkan? Why do we think he is looking after Shiori, or should I say Lina!

Oh I was not expecting that! Zairena and the golden thread! What does Raikama need that for and what could she be planning? Do we trust Zairena since she is in contact with Raikama?

The letter was from Lord Yuji, what does he want? But there is still hope that Shrori and the Princes are alive! I hope everyone at home does not give up hope on finding them!

Was it me or was that all seeming a little romantic there? Takkan tells her the story of the moon lady and the daughter with the thimble on her head, that sounds familiar! 

Another dramatic end, thank goodness they got out of that one alive, they were having such a lovely time, I forgot all about the curse and it seems like Shiori almost did too! Whew, I can’t wait to see what day 4 of our readalong brings!

That’s it for day 3! I can’t believe we are over half way already!

I’m excited to see what you all think and I can’t wait to keep reading tomorrow!



48 thoughts on “Six Crimson Cranes Readalong: Day 3!

  1. Ok, the wolf was definitely not a wolf. I wonder if maybe it was Zairena? There’s for sure something going on with her. I’m even wondering if she is poisoning Takkan’s sister. It would explain why she’s often so ill.

    I’m a little annoyed by how everyone seems to understand Shiori perfectly even if she can’t talk…speaking of which (pun intended) did one of her brothers die??
    I need to find out!!

    P.s. oh my, Takkan is cute.

    P.p.s. I have posted my photo, my Instagram handle is @sputnik.books

  2. I would 100% read an entire spin off series about Megari. I’m serious. She’s hilarious and adorable, and has immediately rocketed to place of my favourite character.

    Now… what was up with those wolves? Mighty suspicious! I wonder who could have sent them; could it be Lord Yuji? And way to end us on a cliff hanger! Surely that breath of a laugh didn’t kill a brother… at least, I hope not! Arrrrgh its left me so stressed.

    1. I love Megari as well!!!! She’s reminding me of Shiori.

  3. SCREAMS. Shiori and Takkan are so cute together. I really enjoy their bond and the scenes that they get together in these chapters. It’s so fluffy! Takkan is a gem and a sweetheart.

    It definitely feels like Takkan knows that Lina is Shiori. At least, he definitely suspects something is up.

    Also, as you mentioned, SERYU IS BACK 😩!

    I love the pacing and the plot of this book. Elizabeth Lim is doing such an amazing job. This book is so much better than The Blood of the Stars (and even then, I love those books too).

    My instagram is: @novelishreads

    1. Ah!! I also entered the giveaway on Instagram.

    2. I just feel hungry whenever i read this book, the food described just seems so nice!!! I love Takkan. I went him with Shiori, but i do like the dragon aswell. Oh and Kiki!!!

  4. My heart was in my mouth this whole section! Takkan is so cute and I think really perceptive…really rooting for him now! And it was too long for Seryu was out of the picture, he is so cool…really hope there us some fan art of him at some point. And the wolves, hmm… wondering what part they will play in the next part unravelling? Posting my pic soon under @Xennmix

  5. I totally love Megari!! And i like the way Takkan trusts Sioir/Lina from the start.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if Shiori discovers her satchel is missing when she gets back to her room, and that Zairena has stolen it. I really don’t trust her!!
    I’m starting to miss her brothers, hope they will rejoin the story in the next chapters!
    See you tomorrow!! Love, Sandy

    I’ve entered the giveaway, my Instagram handle is beppie125

  6. I love megari! God, she is brilliant and kind; bless this girl for being kind to our broken princess.

    Okay, I can see the appeal for Takkan. I really wanted Shiori to be with Seryu. Our trusty dragon, I hope. But now I like Takkan more. Urg why is this book doing this to me?

    Wow, this Zairena character is giving me evil vibes. Didn’t Raikuma use some sort of gold thread to do magic before she cursed Shiori and her brothers? Now she wants more gold thread? What is Raikuma planning? Why do I feel like Zairena is part of it?

    Also, the wolf with gold around his leg, definitely Raikuma’s magic. But why does she want Takkan killed? What has this sweet boy done to her?

    My Instagram handle is

    Will post the photo on Friday. Hope that okay

  7. I love Megari! She needs her own book!

    I saw in a comment above that @sputnik.books thinks the wolves could have something to do with Zairena and whether she’s poisoning Megari, hence why she is always sick, and I can see that!

    Takkan knows something about Shiori! And I love all the stories he tells, especially the one about the moon goddess and the girl with the thimble on her head.

    And I’m glad that Seryu is back, sad that he’s confined to the water for now though.

    I will be posting a picture soon, my instagram handle is: @bookishly_crazy

  8. Zairena is creepy. As someone else in this readalong said, it’s strange that she is bringing Megari her medicine and that Megari is sick so often… Oh my. How will Shiori get to that spinning wheel?

    Today’s section was really sweet for the most part though! Shiori is finally somewhat safe and protected! Then the wolf-thing happened, and her mistake of laughing. I cannot imagine her shock, and I reallyreally hope her brothers are all right.

    All in all, this book is seriously making me fall in love with reading again. And it wasn’t as if I was in a slump before, I’m just enjoying this book a ton!

    I entered the giveaway, my Instagram handle is: @lady_5ofia

  9. I’m enjoying this book more and more with each day! Megari might be my favorite, I love her sass!

    I don’t trust Zairena at all, especially if she’s working for Raikama! Zairena has something up her sleeve… she’s a suspicious one for sure.

    I love Shiori and Takkan’s interactions, so sweet, it warm my heart! He’s such a good guy! And I love his stories!

    The pacing of this is great, I’m never bored and it never feels like its too slow or too fast!

    Will be posting on instagram shortly: @frayedbooks

  10. I’ve entered the giveaway on Instagram but you said to post by 6th August and today is the 8th… only just put about the giveaway today so hoping I’ll still be included! @mrsawesome44 is my handle.

    I though this section had great character development and I’m falling a little for Takkan – but is he too good to be true.

    And I’m throwing this out there:

    Zairena Isn’t actually Zairena who I think was killed with her parents, she is an imposter, probably Raikama’s daughter and they have some evil plan!

    Also, I hope no one minds if I follow them on Instagram

  11. I’ll admit it – I’m charmed by Takkan! So charmed that I didn’t even consider the likeness between Shiori’s situation and the girl with the thimble hat. So charmed that I don’t want to think about there being something other than a genuine soul behind it. Please?!

    Here I am pleading for Takkan’s sincerity when I’m not even sure what I want to happen. I want Seryu to get more page time so we can get to know him as well – then I’ll decide (and with decide I mean pin for both boys because that’s how it goes).

    My first thought when I read of Raikama ordering golden thread for a new ceremonial robe was “is that snake planning to become empress?!”. She better not! I honestly feel so bad for the pain she is putting Shiori and her brothers through, and for manipulating their father. I just want answers! (Wolf who obviously wasn’t a wolf? Wonderful Megari falling ill and Zairena brewing her a special tea?)

    Another thing that I have realised while reading today is that I am so engrossed in this book that whenever my partner speaks to me I sometimes forget I’m not the one who isn’t supposed to talk. If that’s not a good grade I don’t know what is!

    Ps! By this time tomorrow I’ll have entered the giveaway! (Instagram: @undecidedbooks)

    1. I want more Seryu too! And i thought of Raikama planning a strange ceremony as well

  12. Also I just realized it says “Do all of this by the 6th August.” ….obviously its September now LOL, so what is the date it must be done by? 🙂

  13. I wonder who the wolf was? Was it a wolf with a spell or perhaps someone disguised as one?

    I love Megari! And Takkan, they’re both such lovely characters, I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen tomorrow. It’s so hard to stop reading for the day with this book <3

  14. Follow up comment to say i entered the giveaway! My handle is @brinreadsbooks

  15. I’m really enjoying this book. The chapters today felt a little slower but I liked getting to know the place and people a bit more. Wolf definitely isn’t a wolf! I love kiki!
    I have posted on insta… @penguinograce

  16. I’ve entered the giveaway – I’m @onlybooksiveread on Instagram.

    I enjoyed this section a lot. I think the gold thread on the wolf was from Zairena and she’s able to control people with it somehow. That’s why Raikama was so worried about it in the opening section. Maybe they were going to hurt Shiori when she was wearing it?

    I like that Takkan has slightly more development here and continues to be a kind person to both Megari and Shiori.

    Also I really enjoy Megari – I think this is how Shiori would have seemed to others at the beginning of the book, which does feel like ages ago. This story is building nicely. Looking forward to continuing tomorrow 🙂

  17. Those wolves have got me awfully suspicious? Are they actually wolves?

    Shiori and takkan are such an amazing couple I really hope he figures out it’s her soon I’m screaming at the pages
    This book is getting better and better

    Ps entered the giveaway my Instagram is @betwe.enchapters

  18. Late to the party but omg loving this book! At this point, we’ve seen Shiori grow so much, which I feel is the right journey for her. But she’s not the same princess from the beginning of the book so what will happen when she confronts her stepmother. I do love Takkan’s doting on her, and her relationship with the people she likes. But it’s funny to me that she’s still wearing the bowl on her head so people can’t actually see her eyes. I wonder if they would recognize her without the bowl?

    1. entered giveaway under @blythe.reads

  19. I entered in the giveaway! @readersleafco. Also I would love to follow everyone on this thread so that we can virtually hang out! 😀

    Ok Zairena seems like a typical mean girl. Why does she immediately hate Shiori? When I read this section I was drawn to the umbrella – is Zairena just using it to keep her skin away from the sun or is there some other reason? I can’t help but think she’s a vampire hahahaha okay maybe not, but it seems weird to carry an umbrella everywhere. I sense foreshadowing!!!

    I am loving Takkan. Akkkk he is so sweet! I also love Megari. She’s the perfect little sassy sister. If anything happened to her I would die or at least be extremely upset. She’s adorable.

  20. Gotta admit, I’m getting a little fed up with Shiori’s refusal to accept that Takkan’s a decent person and she might actually have been happy with their betrothal. It just feels contrived, not to mention incredibly childish and petty in a section that emphasises how much Shiori’s grown since being cursed. There are more than enough situational reasons to keep them apart, why not let Shiori stop acting like such a brat? She’d never even met the boy before, let alone enough to dislike him.

    That’s about the only thing that’s bothering me though. Megari is a wonderful addition to the cast and the pacing is continuing to be spot on. I’m dying to know what’s going on with Zairena. Is she in on the curse? Is she working with Raikama? Is she poisoning Megari? Or is she just a snob who doesn’t like the look of a girl covered in rags and wearing a bowl on her head?

  21. Shiori’s story is just getting better and better! I love how she pushed through and never gave up when it came to sleeping in the cellar and working in the kitchen. To saving Takkan’s life by stitching his wind closed and getting him to eat by cooking and sneaking her soup in with the cook’s herbal soups.

    I think that Zairena is in league with Shiori’s step mother. She seems like she is trying really hard to get and keep Takkan’s mother’s approval, and to get Shiori kicked out or somehow get rid of her. I feel that every time Zairena leaves to pray at the temple she is doing something else. The is definitely more to her then what we have learned so far.

    I can not wait to see where this story goes next! I am absolutely in love with this book.

  22. I love that Takkan recognized her by the soup initially; a fun tie into their interactions at the village/inn. Can I just say that Megari and Kiki are my favorite? I absolutely adore Megari’s vivaciousness and ‘joie de vivre,’ and Kiki – keeping Shiori tied to reality and acting as her sounding-board.

    Could Lord Yuji be the wolf? If he goes by “The Wolf,” then maybe it means more? Or is it separate people? I feel like the lead wolf with the gold armband must be some type of shapeshifter/enchanter.

    Entered the giveaway on IG (@acourtofbookishfantasy)

  23. Loving this book so far! I loved all the stuff with Takkan in this part but I need more Seryu- I love that dragon boy so much.

    Entered the giveaway- my Instagram is @kararatesbooks

  24. Yay, I finally caught up with yesterday’s and today’s! What a good book! I am constantly on the edge of my seat and wondering who’s going to back-stab who next, lol.

  25. I’ve posted my photo at @Alwaysbookishbecca 😊

    That wolf was for sure not a wolf, and I love how genuine Takkan seems to be – it’s a shame we didn’t really get to know more of how Shiori saw him before she ran from the wedding, I’d have loved to see him through her old eyes and then through her fresh ones

    At this point I’m not sure who to trust! Is her step mother evil or not?? Or is it part of the curse to trust her and prevent her from hating her?

    I can’t wait to find out!

  26. This is one of the rare cases where I don’t know which love interest to root for!!

    My Instagram is: @carlmarl_

  27. Everything is going so fast and I must admit this is a nice refresher after reading a few books that were super slow.

    I’ve entered the giveaway. My username is @finding.fiction_

  28. Maybe I’ll be able to finish in time after all! Still behind, but catching up!

    I’m really loving Takkan and their friendship. They’d make good friends, if nothing else!

    I’m curious to see if we break the curse this book only to find out why the empress consort insists reversing it would cause trouble and then the next book is addressing this greater threat, or if we don’t see an end to the curse until book 2.

    Not me over here hoping it’s in this book because I want to see our heroine tell these rude ladies that, once she’s princess again, something like, “Oh, you don’t recognize me? Maybe because my name confuses you – you knew me as Lina.” And just watch the blood drain from their faces. 😂 That said, idk that Zairena would even flinch, being so full of herself. 🙄

    [Couple pictures featuring Six Crimson Cranes over on @SeaFox.Adventures!]

  29. Ok I was Team Seryu in the last section of the book but now idk!! I’m leaning more towards Team Takkan now, after all these interactions. But I do know MEgari is the captain of this ship haha

    Also, please don’t tell me Zairena is another demon omg. Bc what if her kind has been slowly inserting themselves into Kiata to cause chaos and over take the whole Lor’yan country. Hopefully theres no sort or uprising (why am I asking this bc every book needs it’s conflict and subplots LOL)

    1. also my insta is @chaseshawmila

  30. Love how the story is progressing! The dynamic in Takkan’s family is really interesting with the distrusting mother, mean (almost evil?) cousin Zairena, prejudiced & gruff cousin Hasege, kind & energetic Megari and patient & passionate Takkan. I love how different all the characters are and how they seem to have very distinct voices. I have no idea how the golden thread is connected to the plot, but I’m certain that it will be a significant part! I can’t wait to see what happens next – the writing is making me feel completely enchanted when reading this!

  31. Might have accidentally read ahead :/ woops 😛

    My instagrams are: @sammyria and @judging_a_book_by_its_cover

  32. Okay why am I fully on the Takkan train now? He is so sweet and adorable, I love that he is good at singing and writing stories, but too shy to perform them in front of people! He is also very perceptive of Lina, I think he suspects she is Shiori.

    Sorry Shiryu, you’ve been gone for too long! Although I can’t wait until spring when he comes back, hopefully as a fully sized dragon. That will be so cool.

    This book is really easy to read and it’s flying by! Loving it so far!

    Will be posting a pic for the giveaway. Instagram: @readwithjulez

  33. I love Takkan and Megari! They are so cute. But Zairena is not my favourite. And it looks like shes helping that snake queen. Since I’m a bit behing I will continue reading. It’s soo good!
    Enteres the giveaway: lunas_book_page

  34. Entered! @reemareads

  35. I was wondering how the betrothal was going to really impact this story, we’ve travelled so much and seen so much in such a short time in this book. The pacing is fantastic and I’m loving that we’re eventually going to see Takkan learn who she really is. I really want to learn about Raikama’s past at this point so hopefully the brothers have found some information!

  36. The story progresses quite well during these last chapters. It was interesting to see where Takkan lives and meet his family. I’m glad he came back alright and that Shiori was instrumental in his survival and recovery.

    I don’t know what’s the deal with Zairana. At first I just thought she was mean to Shiori out of spite, or jealous as she might be interested in Takkan herself now that princess Shiori is out of the picture. I don’t trust her. I don’t know what she’s doing when she says she’s going to the temple or what’s the real purpose of the golden thread. It caught my attention that Raikama was so interested in Shiori’s golden sash, and now has asked for golden thread to make ceremonial robes. I wonder what’s the significance of the golden thread. And I also wondered if Zairama might be poisoning Megari, but I’m not sure.

    The wolf with the gold cuff on one of his legs must be the one they call the Wolf, or the enchanter Tsuring?

    All in all, some really good chapters and looking forward to reading the next ones.

    I’ve also entered the Instagram giveaway and my handle is @eleanorofwinterdale

  37. This book is starting to become one of my favorites!
    My ig handle is: @Icelandicbookworm
    And I have entered

  38. This section of chapters was so good! I’m really starting to like Takkan and Megari is so sweet. I feel like the wolves might have been “the wolf” or maybe even Raimaka trying to kill Takkan in order to tempt Shiori to speak? I really hope that her laugh didn’t kill one of her brothers but time will tell.

    I entered the giveaway on Instagram. My handle is @mybookishbeing

  39. I have entered and here is my Instagram handle thebookwiccan found here:

    Also I am really enjoying this book so far! I am a bit behind but I am catching up. This edition that your team @fairyloot is beautiful!

  40. I’d like to enter 😁. @the_b00kish_elf.

    Still a bit behind on scedule, but I do love the book so far! 🤩

  41. I’m really enjoying pretty much everything Kiki says she is hilarious and usually the smartest character in the room. I really do not trust Zairena at all & think persimmons should be avoided….. do not trust the persimmons.
    I’m about to post my challenge photo.. hopefully its still the 13th somewhere in the world. My IG is Jenthebookishbakernz

  42. So…. Did one of her brothers die? D:

    Anyway, I love the story and I’m totally addicted now, so I’m going to read further.

    Love is in the air…. Also, I think the Wolf controlls wolves. They all controlle some kind of animal it seems.

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