Six Crimson Cranes Readalong: Day 4!

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Hello Fairy Friends!

I hope you all enjoyed yesterday’s readalong and can’t wait to get started today!

Today we are reading Chapter 26 to the end of chapter 32. Let’s go!!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Six Crimson Cranes by Elizabeth Lim, from chapters 26 to 32. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


Another very dramatic start! Oriyu has been found poisoned, do we think it was Lord Yuji’s doing? I’m starting to suspect everybody at this point? I hope Shirori is safe in the castle.

Uh oh! There’s a traitor in the fortress! Who do we think it could be? And who do we think they are really after?   

What hold has Raikama got over Shiori, what do we think of that dream she just had and why does she miss her? Is anyone else thinking she might not be so bad after all? I’m so conflicted!  
Dun dun dun… Zairena’s an imposter? It seems she can’t even keep track of her own lies. But who could she be and what could she be there for? Could she be the traitor they are searching for? I’m getting nervous for Shiori’s safety!

She has found a way to spin the starstroke! But I’m nervous she could get caught, it is getting very tense in here!  
Shiori doesn’t seem to worried about Zairena but I think I’m with Kiki on this one, she is a little scary and is definitely hiding something! 

Uh oh, and now it seems she has turned all of the kitchen staff against Shiori! I’m starting to wonder about this weak stomach of hers and why she always falls ill? What do we think, am I overthinking this? It seems very suspicious.

Takkan is telling Shiori his side of their marriage arrangement, I feel so sorry for them both now! Oh, a flashback to when they met! Oooo they are so cute!  

Chiruan has been accused of being the assassin, do we think he is being framed? I’m not so convinced it was them!

Finally the net is done and another flashback! It sounds like Raikama preempted what was going to happen between them long ago. I’m really not sure how I feel about her stepmother anymore, I think there is more to this curse!

Seryu is back, I’m not so sure I believe him when he says he’s not jealous of Takkan and Shiori…  
He has some important news to deliver, the dragon king is still out for Shiori and not only does she need the pearl to break the curse but the king wants it too!  

Why did Raikama put the curse on the princes and princess? What do we think about Shiori suggesting it may have actually been protecting them? Oh no and now Megari is Ill! Do we think she has also been poisoned?  

It’s the winter festival and time for the annual hunt, but it looks like the target this year is Cranes, how is she going to save this? At least she has finally been reunited with them. So Raikama’s real name is Vanna, which means golden… how fitting!  
But with her real name and the finished net, this means they have all they need to return to the palace. Oh dear, Gindara is in real danger of being seized!   
Shiori is off to the festival before her and her brothers finally make their way home, what do we think is going to happen in our final day tomorrow? And what do we think of Shiori’s theory that Raikama or Vanna, isn’t as evil as we first thought?  

Wow! The end of day 4!

So much just happened, what did we all think of that?

I’ll see you tomorrow for the final chapters to find out!



27 thoughts on “Six Crimson Cranes Readalong: Day 4!

  1. Oh, if there aren’t going to be LOTS of things happening in the last few chapters!

    Takkan is really growing on me, he is so sweet! But at times it makes him seem a bit naive? Like, where does his deep trust in Shiori come from? I do think he knows more than he is letting on, and I’m curious to find out why he’d keep that hidden.
    And I’m all here for Raikama not being evil! Please Shiori, trust in your instincs. I do doubt that Vanna is her real name somehow though.

    Oh, aaaand we still have to find out more about Zairena. I think her secret has something to do with the sun? She always has an umbrella with her, and she shrank back when Shiori opened the courtains! Is she someone else in disguise? So many mysteries left for so few pages!
    See you all soon, I think I’m going to finish this book today!

  2. Wow, today’s chapters were intense! And by how things are playing out I believe in the second book Shiori will be finally free from the bowl, aka she could talk again! Honestly I can’t wait for it to happen ?

    I also believe Seriyu will have a more relevant role in book two, because so far he basically only had little cameos.

    I can’t wait to keep reading, this book is living up to the hype!

  3. Why do I feel like raikuma is not evil and trying to save the Princess and the princes? I mean, kiki asked a good question why didn’t she kill them? And she rejected Shiro’s marriage with lord Yuiji’s son. She proposed to marry her to Takkan, and he is not so bad at all. Also, I think the enchanter that Shiori’s brother met, what’s the chance it’s not Lord Yuiji’s enchanter? Hmm, this got me thinking so much about Raikuma’s and her plan.

    Oh no, our girl is falling in love with takkan.

    I don’t want to say it, but I think the dragons are evil. ? I mean, why is he behaving so weird with her? I do hope he is just jealous, or he will be breaking my heart. I was rooting for you, boy!! Please don’t do this to me, Seryu.

    I can’t wait for the next few chapters, this book is getting better and better.

  4. Takkan – I love hearing his side of the marriage contract, and the letters he sent to her over the years. I don’t think I’ve wanted her to be able to communicate SO MUCH until this moment. I want them to clear the air, so he can understand her thought-process and why she made the decisions she did. I love them together!

    So glad that the siblings are reunited with everything lining up to vanquish the curse. Though I’m with Grace – is it truly a curse or a misguided attempt to protect them? If so, what is the greater threat and how is Raikama aka Vanna combating it?

    Can’t wait to see how it all ends!

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  5. Okay, so I am still enjoying this book, but I am having a hard time believing how much Shiori seems able to convey, and how specifically, with gestures (and no knowledge of sign language, as far as we know!). I mean, I will absolutely buy transformation magic, snake women and talking paper cranes, but apparently my suspension of disbelief has a breaking point and its that. ?

    That said, this book has been charming and pleasant and im looking forward to seeing how it ends. This idea that her stepmother may not be all evil is a game changer – I wonder if she is being controlled by Lord Yuji, like The Wolf? And got the royal children out of the picture to protect them from what she knows he is planning? And also! Shiori’s theory that Zairena has been replaced would be such a plot twist! It would hold ground but if its true i’m surprised that she thanked Shiori for helping with Megari’s illness.

    Anyway, I may sneak read the last bit tonight ; I just can’t resist!

  6. I still don’t trust Zairena, could she be an intruder, someone with magic who pretends to be here and uses the portrait in her room to make sure she looks like her?? I also don’t believe Chiruan killed Oriyu, I don’t know who did though…. I first thought Zairena might have done it, but she made me doubt it when she started acting nice to Shiori. Shiori makes me wonder about Raikama as well… I don’t know what to think anymore ???‍♀️
    Can’t wait to find out, see you tomorrow!
    Love, Sandy.

  7. This is getting so intense and complex…though I agree with Takkan’s trust seeming quite naïve at this point! Is Vanna/Raikama really evil, or just very clumsy with her protectiveness? And I am hoping there is more to Seryu than just plain jealousy…it feels like this whole story is on the cusp of a massive load of action and reveals, and I’m not sure I can wait until tomorrow!

  8. I feel that someone is poisoning Megari. I feel like someone is attacking that family to weaken it. When she doesn’t fall ill she is so bubbly, happy and so full of life.

    To hear Takkan’s side of the marriage story breaks my heart. Shioir was so determined that she didn’t want to marry him because it wasn’t her choice and she is obviously very stubborn. Now that she has had the time to get to know him you can tell that something is blooming there.

    When Shioir’s brothers showed up it was so dramatic and it didn’t go the way that I though I would. Her brothers definitely know her can tell that she has feelings for Takkan and sending her to spend with him before she leaves was such a good move. I pray that they end up together in the end her worked hard to try and find her and still hasn’t given up on the hopes she is still alive.

  9. Things are getting INTENSEEEE!! AHHHH!! Definitely didn’t see that coming about Raikama, that she wasn’t trying to hurt them after all?! Plot twist!

    Seryu is so jealous, he just doesn’t want to admit it haha! I really wish we saw more of Seryu – there’s so much going on in this book! I thought it was a standalone at first but I can see now why its a duology and I’m soooo glad it is, so much still has to happen!

    I’m really loving this book and I’m so glad for this readalong that I picked it up and didn’t just leave it sitting on my shelves for ages~

  10. Takkan and Shiori are so cute. I am really crushing on him. He seems so understanding too. I have a feeling he’s figured out who she is!

    Zairena – she must be the poisoner and I reckon she’s making Megari ill all the time just so she can “save her”/”make her better” and gain favour.

    I’m beginning to think Raikama might be a good person but it’s so hard!!! Maybe she did it to protect them in a twisted way??

    I’m going to go and read the end now (bites nails nervously!!)

  11. I think the ending isn’t going to tie everything up, but I hope it ties some things up after today’s pages.

    I’ve enjoyed this a lot more when I just go with the story rather than trying to figure things out.

    She shouldn’t trust Seryu I don’t think… But I’m not sure she should trust anyone but herself. We don’t know more to know about the motives of a lot of people.

    Oh, I think Hasege is the real murderer but I don’t know why….

  12. I can already tell that I am going to be counting the days to the release of the second book. There’s so much going on! With only a hundred-ish pages left, there’s no way to wrap up even one of the various plot threads.

    I am glad to see Shiori questioning things a bit. So much of what’s going on doesn’t make sense. It’s good to see her thinking for herself. Especially because, I’m sorry, but this net plan sounds super sketchy. It has since the beginning. Why trust some random enchanter you’ve never met? For that matter, why trust Granddaddy Dragon who’s already tried to kill you? Add in everything going on in Iro and it all just sounds like a disaster waiting to happen

  13. I knew there was something suspicious about Zairenas!! Is she the same as Raikama? What is she planning?
    I’m so worried that she’ll get caught spinning the starstroke in ziarenas room arrr it’s making me cringe

    Takkan seems like such a genuine guy I can’t wait to see what happens with him and shiori
    There’s so much going on in these chapters it’s amazing!

  14. Ok so I legitimately believe that Zairena has been trapped in that portrait of her and the imposter Zairena is taking some sort of magical drug to impersonate her. This is the twist I’ve been hung up on…. Also is she working with Raikama? Against Raikama? I can’t figure her out!!

  15. Hmm what are you up to Zairena and also it seems like the stepmom is maybe not up to exactly all the evil things we think? I’m totally invested, I can’t believe it’s ending tomorrow, I have a feeling we’re going to be smacked with a cliffhanger lol

  16. Hasege is SUS bc why does he want to search outside the fortress tho??? So that he can be send to search outside, then hide the poison out there? Or escape while he can??? SOUNDS SUS

    AND TAKKAN!! I think he is starting to piece the details together, he could know that is Shiori but not 100%? I felt bad for him when he told Shiori that he wrote letters hoping to get some reply but was met with nothing. He wanted to get to know her so badly, and Shiori just wanted her own freedom!

  17. Wait wait wait…Shiori remembers someone poisoning her dad and Raikama stopping it. Now it seems likely someone is poisoning Megari, and Zairena might be an imposter…but she also seems to truly care for Megari. So Zairena makes no sense to me, but maybe Raikama really IS trying to protect Shiori’s family? I wonder if she got the dragon pearl to give her the power to do so, but it’s corrupting her good intentions?

    Hmm very twisty…I can’t wait to find out what happens. Either way, I love that both of our “villains” have been given some depth and moral dimensions rather than just being evil or power hungry or mad or whatever cookie cutter bad thing that fits.

  18. First I’m gonna admit something: after finishing my reading for day three I closed the book… then I somehow went back to it and ended up finishing the book. It ensnarled me! But I have made notes between each day’s chapters so my thoughts aren’t muddled by the entirety.

    So, here are my notes from today’s reading:
    I’m starting to become more and more convinced there is something more to Raikama, and I’m entirely positive that Zairena is the impostor – my theory is that it is not Zairena at all, but a sorcerer who has taken her place as there has been some focus on her changing from the person who Takkan and Megari knew. Though I am confused about her part in the story – what is she trying to accomplish?

    Takkan, Takkan, Takkan. It’s Takkan! While I’m pleased it never turned into a love triangle (not according to me anyways), I’m a bit disappointed we didn’t get to see more of Saryu. Truly I have been a bit confused about his character, because of the lack of presence, and then I remembered that there are going to be more books. If Saryu doesn’t play a major part in tomorrow’s reading it must mean that he will play a bigger part in the second book – which I am all for (though I’m still dreading a love triangle).

    The winter festival is going to be a moment, I’m sure! (How could I have stopped reading?!)

  19. WOW! I am just in love with this story! There has been so many dragon-inspired things in the media (TV, Movies, Books, Games) lately and I am loving it! Dragons and werewolves are probably two of my fave mythological creatures! I am so confused about who’s the bad guy in these scenarios, just like Shiori! I am sooo sus of Raikama and Zairena. I am…in love with Takkan. Such a golden retriever boy (or maybe lab with the dark hair) I usually fall for the dark/morally grey love interest but there doesn’t seem to be one in this story.
    So excited to finish this book, reading the last day’s reading now!

    <3 Willow

  20. There was always something off to me about Zairena touching that mole all the time – almost like she was trying to confirm it was still there.

    Anyway, I can’t wait until everyone in Iro who knew her as Lina find out she’s Shiori. ?

    I can’t believe this book is about to end – I don’t want it to be over yet! Can I have book 2 now? ? But onto trying to finish before this readalong is over!

  21. I can’t stopp reading at this point. The stepmother is not evil? But what happened then? Is she beeing controled? Glad the cranes and Shiori met again

  22. The backstory behind Takkan and Shiori’s betrothal is so sad and sweet, wow. He wrote her all these letters and she never even opened them! I am loving this romance.
    I also realllly want Shiori to be able to speak again. I really hope she is able to in the 2nd book, and gets the bowl off her head LOL.
    I like the continued plot development and different forces at play in this world. I do wish Shiori was more a part of the politics and magic going on herself, but again I think we will get more of that in the next book.
    For now, really looking forward to the end of this book and hoping to get some questions answered!

  23. Zairena and Hasegan are together? Oh my, I really don’t trust those two. And did Zairena poison again Megari? Her illness is rather suspicious. And what’s with the reaction to the light when Shiori tried to open the window to get snow on the monkeycakes. Everything about Zairena is suspicious. I think Shiori is right when she thinks Zairena is an imposter. Maybe she is a shapeshifter or an enchanter.

    The part where Takkan told Shiori about the first time he met her when she didn’t even know it was him was so bittersweet. All those unopened letters full of stories he wrote to her that she never read, and the painting of her with the blue kite that he was planning to give her after the betrothal ceremony but never had a chance. All the missed opportunities, and how he has now been searching for her after regretting leaving in anger without giving her a chance to explain… it was too much. I had tears there just as much as Shiori!

    Shiori’s memories about Raikama keep coming back, and I think that they will eventually be a big clue about Raikama’d true purpose. When Shiori told her that not all poison is bad and sometimes it’s a medicine in disguise, after Raikama said one day she will despise her, and that she is a snake and vipers cannot help being poisonous, this makes me think we believe Raikama to be bad like a viper, but she might be the solution/medicine in disguise.

    I loved Shiori’s reunion with her brothers. Takkan has realised they are like the six paper cranes Shiori showed him, and that they know her. I think he is starting to realise there is something there. If only he could connect the dots. He’s almost there!

  24. This book is amazing! Definitely think something is going on with Zairena and Raikama. Both acting very weird comparing how they used to act

  25. So many things happened in these chapters ? firstly, I think the cook was framed maybe? It seems suspicious that he would need a legend of what different poisons do if he’s made them many times before. Zairean is acting super weird and I wonder if maybe she’s possessed by Reimama. Hasege seems to also be pretty suspicious and I’m wondering if maybe he’s working with Lord Yuji. I’m really enjoying how Shiori and Takkans relationship is going and I can’t wait to see how the book ends!

  26. A lot happened in that section. I’m interested to see if there is more to the curse and why Raikama set it, but also why the dragons want the pearl and how did Raikama get it? This is really good, I can’t wait to see what will happen

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