Skyward by Brandon Sanderson Readalong schedule

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Welcome, Dear FairyLooters!

So glad to have you here, whether you’re returning from our last Readalong or if this one will be your first!

Our November’s box has featured a new release, Skyward by Brandon Sanderson. This author is one of my all time favourites so needless to say, I am very excited to get into this. This is a slightly longer book than our October’s one and so to accommodate for everybody’s reading speed we thought it would be wise to let you know the schedule a bit earlier on.

As always, we really want to make this a true cozy reading experience where we share our thoughts as we go, get to know each other, and find new friends. Social media is a great tool to find fellow bookworms, and we’re here to try and make it a bit easier. We want everyone to feel truly and fully part of the FairyLoot community, where we can confide in each other and discuss books & life. So how does this Readalong work? It’s quite easy really.

Every day I, your Readalong host G, will post some discussion points or observations from the section of the book allocated for that day. The reading schedule is as follows:

10th of December: Chapters 1-9

11th of December: Chapters 10-16

12th of December: Chapters 17-23

13th of December: Chapters 23-29

14h of December: Chapters Interlude-36

15th of December: Chapters 37-46

16th of December: Chapters 47-55

To read this book in a week, the daily goal is to have around 70-80 pages read; but of course we are all so different so please feel free to adjust the goal to suit you! If you like, you can try and start earlier!

The daily posts will have spoilers for that allocated book section so we can freely share our thoughts for what just happened and predictions as to what will follow! Cannot wait to hear what you think!

Instagram will be a spoiler free zone! Make sure to tag us in your Readalong stories when you get ready for a reading session, we often repost these and we love seeing you all cozy and ready to smash the daily goals! It keeps us and others motivated! If you take Instagram photos of the book, you might also find your photo being featured in a post too (with due credit, of course!).

I will pop on the stories every day to remind you which chapters we are reading that day. We know some people like to set a handy phone reminder to get that reading done too!

Are you in?

We know Sci-Fi can be daunting, especially if you haven’t read this genre before, but we know Brandon Sanderson’s writing is considered really reader-friendly no matter the topic so if there was ever a good place to start, it’s with Skyward! Plus, we will be here for you every step of the way!

Let us know if you are joining in the comments below and if you have read anything from this author before or if this will be your first?

And remember, we are launching our ships skywards (hehe) on the 10th of December!



73 thoughts on “Skyward by Brandon Sanderson Readalong schedule

  1. Hey G!
    This is my second readalong with you guys now and I’m so excited! I love sci-fi books but don’t read them very often and this is my first Sanderson book – I’ve heard so many good things so far though.
    I’m @thebookishrose_ on IG!

    1. Yay, welcome back!! <3

      I'm beyond excited to speak with you all about this one! I've read 2 books of his so far and I lurve them!

  2. Yaaaay I’m so happy you’re hosting this again. I had so much fun last time and honestly it really helped me killing that book from my TBR asap haha I really appreciate the little push 🙂

    Hope you’re good!

    1. Aw I’m so glad you’re joining again! I had so much fun speaking to you all and reading your thoughts, to me at least – it really adds to the experience and I feel like I remember that book much more afterwards haha

  3. Looking forward to getting involved in the readalong – might get a bit of a head start just in case.

    1. Glad to have you here! Yes, definitely a good option if you’re worried about the pace, but don’t stress about it as the posts will always be there for you even at later dates! <3

  4. So looking forward to this! I really enjoyed participating in the last read along. I’m currently reading a Brandon Sanderson book (Mistborn) and loving it so I can’t wait to read Skyward! I might start early and get a head start though cuz it’s a beast compared to the last readalong book ?

    1. Hah yes, exactly, that’s why I thought it’s a good idea to publish this a bit earlier! I still have the 3rd book in the Mistborn series to finish but I loved the first 2 a lot!

  5. This is my second readalong but hopefully my first one caught up on every day! I finished the book in time but completely forgot when it started so I was very behind until the end. I’m so excited though, I’ve always wanted to read Brandon Sanderson but this will be my first novel of his!

    1. Perfect, I think it’s a great one of his to start with!

  6. This will be my first read along! I’m going to do this ? I’m super excited to be taking part with this months book. I’ve only read one book by Brandon Sanderson and have had The first Mistborn novel sat on my shelf for years, maybe reading this will motivate me to reading more of his books. I can’t wait to start this!

    1. Yay, welcome to the readalong! Hope you’ll have fun reading with us!

  7. Hello !

    I will definitely join this readalong. I’m French so I think it could be really interesting for me to read other people’s thought and talk with them to see if I’ve missed things or understand some other things that I did not understand while reading it. And It will also be my first book from this author. I can’t wait and I will actually start on Sunday if I want to keep up with the rest of you ?

    1. Hi Morgane!!

      Can’t wait to hear your thought on this book!

  8. I think i’m gonna try to keep up ? I’m Sandy, 45 years old, married and mother of three kids. I’m from the Netherlands.
    I never read one of his books and i’m hoping the language won’t be a problem. Looking forward to start ?

    1. Hi Sandy and welcome to the readalong!! I think his writing could be great, English is not my first language and I didn’t struggle much with his other books and since this is YA might be even better!

      1. I’m so sorry, i’m not gonna make it. I was looking forward to joining you but i need to read it another time… 🙁
        Maybe next month! (DRAGONS!!!!)

  9. Hi G,
    This is my first read along. Sci-Fi isn’t my genre but this book might change my mind. I am super excited to start reading this book ? x

    1. Hi Amy!!

      Ooooh will be so interesting to hear what you think since this is not a genre you gravitate towards. I absolutely love sci-fi so I’m secretly (or not so haha) hoping this will sway you to the “dark side” hehe x

  10. Hi G!

    I’m Friederike (or Freddy), 21 years old and from Germany!
    This will be ny first readalong with Fairyloot, as I finished last months book before the readalong had started ?
    I haven’t read anything yet by Brandon Sanderson because his work is a tad intimidating for me, but I’m super excited for Skyward!
    (My IG is @ofbooksandcosplay)
    Can’t wait to read Skyward with this amazing community x

    1. Hi Friederike, happy to have you join us!

  11. So I’m not suuuper exited for the book, but I will read along so that it doesn’t collect dust on my tbr 🙂 I don’t want to sell it without reading it, but I need some motivation to get to it 😀 This will be my first book by Brandon Sanderson and I like Sci-fi and space adventures but I fear that the talking space ship will be too silly.

    1. Aw, I hope it will be a nice surprise! 🙂

  12. Hi G,

    I am so excited for this book, Brandon Sanderson is one of my all time favorite authors, I have read most of his work, my absolute favorites beings The Mistborn Series, Stormlight Archives and Warbreaker! So when I saw that Skyward was going to be in a Fairyloot box, I literally screamed so thank you guys for including this book and doing such an awesome theme! Can’t wait for the read along. <3

  13. So looking forward for the second readalong! It will be the first book by Brandon Sanderson, but I am so exicted. I hope this will open my appetite and read his other works.

    1. Yay welcome back! And hope this one will be a winner!

  14. I couldn’t wait to read the book and already “accidentally” devoured the whole thing!
    It’s so, so good! You guys that haven’t read it yet are going to love it!
    I’m hoping to still join in with the readalong, but don’t worry, I’ll keep it spoiler free to the chapters you’re reading!
    I’ve never read anything by Sanderson before, but I’ll definitely be reading more of his stuff now.
    I look forward to the readalong beginning, and once again, thank you for hosting G!

    1. Oh that’s absolutely fine, there’s no “rule” you can’t join if you’ve already read it, the more the merrier!! I’m so happy you loved it!! Definitely check out his other stuff, it’s so good!

  15. I am so excited for this read along. I loved the first one last month and these will definitely help me read the books in a more timely fashion!

    I am one of those people who likes a lot of boxes so I use some of the Facebook groups to find out what the book is ahead of time so I don’t get duplicates. When I found out this was going to be Skyward, I decided to read some of Brandon Sanderson’s other books. So far the only one I read is The Rithmatist, which I loved (and am sad he hasn’t written the sequel yet). I also already read the first 14 chapters of Skyward because Brandon’s publisher put an excerpt of them up on their website before the book published. I really enjoyed what I read so far and am excited to find out what happens next!!!

  16. I’m excited for the read-a-long again. The last one was so much fun. I got the book at a book signing last month so I’ve already finished it. ? Now I’m excited to finally get to talk with someone about it.

  17. It’s my first time joining the readalong, I didn’t get to it last month. But i’m so excited to get started on this book. I usually don’t read Si-Fi and I havn’t read anything from Brandon Sanderson, but i’m very excited about reading this book! ?

    1. So excited to have you here, Maja 🙂

  18. Very excited to join in on this! I only had time to comment on one day at the last readathon, but I should have more time to do it now! ? Also a Brandon Sanderson book !!!!!! YEEEES

  19. Hi G, this is my second readalong with you and I’m impatient to begin.

    1. Yay, welcome back!! x

  20. This is my first Brandon Sanderson book so I am very excited! I’ve read some excellent sci-fi this year and I can’t wait to jump into another.
    I loved seeing everyone’s cosy reading pictures in stories last time 🙂
    Cora |

    1. Ooooh, what was the best Sci-fi for you this year?

  21. Hi everyone!!
    I’m going to join the read-a-long again but hopefully I can keep up with this reading schedule and not fall behind like the last one.
    This will be my first Brandon Sanderson novel, but I’ve wanted to read one of his books for years!!

    1. Aw this will hopefully be a good push to read it!

  22. I’m very happy you’re soing anothe read-along, I did try to participate in the last one, but due to my final exams being around that time I was way behind scedule and didn’t finish the book untill 2-3 days later. But it was super great reading all these different thoughts and opinions.

    I’m really looking forward to this book, I’ve read the first two Mistborn books from Brandon Sanderson (still have to get the third one though, fingers crossed for christmas). I have to say, I’m curious how many people will read more of his books after this one an how many people might read more sci-fi

  23. This is my first readalong and I cannot wait to join! This book captivated me as soon as I read what it was about!

  24. Hi~

    I’m joining again too. Not sure if I can keep up with reading 70 – 80 pages daily but I’ll try ^___^

    This is my first time reading a book by this author. I heard so many good things about his books. I’m so excited.

    Hope you all have a wonderful day


    1. Yay! Welcome back! Oh no worries, it is a lot of pages to read daily but if you fall behind you can always do it at your own pace as the posts will be available ! x

  25. Hey everyone … just marked the chapters in my book for my first readalong with you folks.

    My name is Jay (@jaylovesbooks) and I am from Germany. I never read anything from Brandon Sanderson before and except The Martian and Artemis by Andy Weir not any books of this genre. But Skyward sounded so interesting, that I really look forward to read and discuss the book and I am super excited.

    1. Hi Jay! Welcome! Oooh I really enjoyed both The Martian and Artemis, did you like them?

      1. Hi G 🙂 Yes, they were both great. I read The Martian and listened to Artemis in the german audio book version.

  26. I will read the readalong. But it will take longer to read this book. But I love this readalong project and I hope I can really participate in the future.

  27. I’m so excited for this!! I love Brandon Sanderson’s work! This is my first readalong 🙂

  28. Tried the last readalong but couldn’t catch up. However ended up r3ading it on my own afterwards in 3 days!
    I’ve never read Sci-fi before so I bought Zenith. Lots of bad reviews but I like it so far.
    I’m thinking of starting Skyward earlier so I have a standing chance with a book that bit. I’ll write my thoughts down as I go.

    1. Yes, it’s always available for those who want to read it later too!

  29. I totally am gonna join this readalong. I LOVED the last one even though I was too late to participate. I did the readalong on my own afterwards ?

    Also, G, I believe you made some mistakes. As I was marking the chapters I should read, I saw Chapter Interlude – Chapter 37. But Chapter Interlude is on page 450 after Chapter 40-something.

    1. Never too late! <3

      Oh there's actually a couple interludes throughout the book but that one just fell into the page count as to where we start, there should be one just after chapter 29 x

      1. ohhh I’m sorry. didn’t see that ???

  30. Omg I’m going to join you this time!! I can’t wait to start this book?

  31. Such a great idea, I will definitely be joining! I ‘missed’ the last readalong but saw the stories and posts on IG and it indeed looked like so much fun. I’ll definitely try to join this one and the ones in the future 😀 Very excited about the book as well!

  32. My first readalong and I am excited. I wanted to do the November too, but unfortunately reading slump came along and it hit me pretty hard so I am happy to joining this one.

  33. I’ve already started as I have a couple of busy days next week. I’m loving this so far. I’m hoping that I manage to finish it on time. I did with GOPAF so fingers crossed. And I love to be able to chat with fellow readers and have someone to chat about my favourite reads with.

  34. This will be my first readalong and my first Brandon Sanderson book too. I am excited to be joining and i hope that i will enjoy the theme. I haven’t read many sci fi books so i thought this would be a perfect chance to start.

  35. Hello,
    I definitely want to participate in this readalong. I couldn’t fully participate in the GOPAF readalong because I didn’t have the time but now I have time so I’m excited. Also it would be my first Brandon Sanderson book and it sounds super amazing. I really love a good sci-fi book.

  36. Super excited to join the readalong for the first time – I have a terrible habit of being behind on my subscription books (although ironically I had finished last month’s book before the first readalong). I am hoping this will help me keep up to date with my future Fairybox reads. This is my second attempt at a Brandon Sanderson book – I never really took off with my first but I think that was more real life than the book’s fault.

  37. Thank you for doing this, I might stand a chance of finishing a book before Christmas. Really looking forward to Skyward; I love scifi and was really excited about this book. Looking forward to reading everyone’s views.
    Happy reading!

  38. Looking forward to starting this in the morning. Wonder if I’ll be able to ration myself this time to the allocated chapters.
    I love sci-fi so may have trouble stopping.
    This is my second Brandon Sanderson – the first was Warbreaker which I loved.

  39. So excited for this readalong. I have managed to get the book on audible so this should help me get through it as I have lots of time at work to listen to it ? already started listening this morning and I’m 7 chapters in ?

  40. Hellooo G,
    yup, I’m participating again! Last time I was a silent readalong reader not able to contribute anything here (and finished the book early). We’ll see about this time. Still excited to start this book with everyone else. Thanks for doing this again!

  41. Hi G,

    This will be my first read along, the last book I had finished by the time the readalong happened, so I’m looking forward to joining in!

  42. Hi G, FairyLooters and readalong gang!! I adored the last readalong, it was seriously so much fun, and so I couldnt wait for this one!!
    The fact that it’s Brandon Sanderson too, I’ve read two of his books previously and ADORED them, he’s one of my favourite authors for sure!

    I was so eager I started two days ago and CANNOT PUT IT DOWN! I’m on page 285 and so will go back and talk about the previous chapters (no spoilers don’t worry) with everyone because this book is amazing!!!

    Thanks for hosting another readalong, it’s fantastic ?♥️

    Melissa @boookmarked

    1. Ah yay! So happy you’re enjoying it so much!

  43. Hi,
    This will be first read along, very much excited about this book since I’ve been meaning to give this author a go.
    Happy reading ?

    1. Hi Megane, yay! Welcome to the readalong!

  44. Hey G,
    I will be joining this read along. I couldn’t join the last one because I was reading a different book, but I’m all ready for this one and have already finished today’s 9 chapters. ?

  45. This is such a great idea. I honestly don’t think I would have chosen this book myself and had no plans to read it. I had a friend I was already planning on giving the book to. But after seeing the readalong and staring at my tbr for too long I decided to join in. Only done the first 9 chapters but totally hooked!

    1. Aw that’s brilliant, so glad to hear that!

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