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Skyward Readalong: Day 1

Team FairyLoot

Beautiful photo by @br.enda

Hello FairyLooters!

An official welcome to our very first day of Skyward Readalong. So pumped to have you back, and if this is your first Readalong with us, the warmest welcome – we hope you enjoy our company and have loads of fun reading this!

We shall be chatting with each other everyday for the next 7 days and I couldn’t be more excited to see what you all think about the daily sections.

I had quite a few people say already that they couldn’t put this down, remember – the daily sections will always be there! Do not anger the Reading Gods by stopping yourself if you want to continue on 🙂  You can still 100% participate in the Readalong, just make sure not to spoil future days for others! Same applies to those who have already read the it beforehand. Everybody’s welcome!

By the way, isn’t it an amazing sign that so many are already hooked and can’t stop???

Anyway enough chit chat!

Books at the ready!

Today we are reading chapters 1 to 9. Shall we?

Let’s go!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Skyward chapters 1-9 inclusively. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


We start off with a glimpse from the past, where our main character Spensa is still a kid. But a very cute kid, you know one of those that act all tough and grown up even if they’re clutching a toy. Pulling that off is an ultimate sign of badassery if you ask me. I don’t often relate to book characters, but damn my family still don’t let me live down this recording of me as a kid demanding I do things myself and saying “it’s time to LEARN!!” . That damn phrase still gets shouted back at me in a mocking manner whenever I ask for something now. So I feel ya, kid…I feel ya 🙂

Our Planet is called Detritus. And her father just seems like this genuinely amazing person, but of course we have to keep in mind that the story is told from Spensa’s perspective.

“The kids who make fun of you, they’re trapped on this rock. Their heads are heads of rock, their hearts set upon rock. Set your sights on something higher. Something more grand.”

Oh wow okay that escalated quickly! An enormous amount of enemy ships attack and the flight crew decide to fight. Later that day her father is accused of fleeing the scene and is marked as a coward; a word that will shape most of Spensa’s life.

If the father did flee, I wonder what the motivation was. We do have a very biased imagine of him but at least from her perspective, that was a very out-of-character thing to do.


Aw Gran-Gran is so sweet with all the stories that she tells of the old heroes, that apparently are 100% of the time Spensa’s “ancestors” 🙂 Seems legit, Gran-Gran. The grandmother being blind somehow adds a lot to her character. There’s something about characters being vulnerable in some way that makes them seem extra strong if they don’t let the lack of something (in this case sight) bother them.

Our characters’ main goal in life is to become a pilot and prove the accusations wrong. However soon we learn that there are orders to deny her at the flying test. So she has no way of getting into the school. The teacher saying she wishes someone was brave enough to disabuse her of the notion whilst sort of kind, is a big ouch. Savage.

After wondering and sulking, she decides to rush back and take the damn test because what if this was a test in itself?? I can totally relate to her constant paranoia. But before she rushes off, we get a glance of the ship! I’m assuming this isn’t going to be the last we see of it. 

Of course the test is rigged against her so she stays behind and finishes the one that wasn’t meant for her. I kind of love that in a character! Again, something I would absolutely do! And the wingmate of her father shows up, who she thinks is a janitor at first. We have a little talk, and he invites her to his lessons. I don’t know why that would be allowed after how the Ironsides said she will never let her in but hey we’re not going to question it! We’re in!

I actually like the way we are introduced to the rest of the cadets. Through them saying what their callsigns will be. It seems like a scene that would actually happen. 

I suppose it does help that I personally really like school/training setting. What about you?

The whole ‘Jerkface’ nickname situation is such an angsty youth thing but, even if annoying, is fairly accurate of the age, isn’t it?

On one hand, our girl sometimes has this false grandiose thing going on where I am like girl sit down!, but on the other hand I’m living for it! It’s so entertaining! 

I like that there was an actual reason (flight hours) for Jerkface to be assigned as flightleader other than his status. And I love that Spensa assumed otherwise.

Last chapter we get attacked and Ironsides tells us to go fly!!

Excuse me?

Didn’t 90% of our kids crashed upon ascent of the simulation? Well this is going to be fun.

Verdict: I’m invested. Bring this on! 

What did you guys think?? Any predictions? Let’s all chat down below! Did you think this was a strong start? Are you looking forward to tomorrow?






  • Warnar.books

    Hi! So I read the chapters already and I cant wait to go on with chapter 10. I mean, the point you chose to stop reading on day 1 is just an amazing cliffhanger. I think the beginning was very strong. All the explanations weren’t boring at all. Although I do have to admit that you really have to pay attention while reading or you won’t get where Spensa suddenly is. It all went so fast. So my predictions: her father didn’t really flee but there was something else going on and I suspect that Mongrel or Codd knows what’s going on and maybe out of guilt he tries to help Spensa. I don’t know if I like Jerkface, I’m just gonna keep calling him that, I kind of suspect that he and Spensa will become closer and she will find there’s more to him than just a rude Jerkface but who knows… And, I thought it was a little suspicious with Rig coming in late, maybe it’s just me being paranoid but we’ll see I guess. So these are all my random thoughts on these first nine chapters. I will see you again tomorrow and happy reading to everyone!

    • G

      Not gonna lie, a lot of days will start on semi cliffhangers hehe but that only makes us want to return more, ama right?

      Ooo very good predictions!

  • Melissa

    I thought it was an incredibly strong start, resulting in me not being able to put it down!! Haha!

    The flashback at the start was the perfect length, I sometimes struggle through long flashbacks of the past, but this was done brilliantly. I too loved gran-gran, very sweet and definitely a fighter! I can see she believes in Spensa 100%!!

    I love that she is still a strong hunter, with the rats, I feel this will come into play more later on. With the test, and her being given a different one entirely, I thought that was a shock! I didn’t see them doing something like that, but now that they have, I’m on the lookout for more brash unfairness on their part! But I believe our girl Spensa can handle it! ??

    Lastly, I’m sooooo excited that she found the ship!!! I think I may have squealed haha. I can’t wait to see how that part of the story moves along, so I’m going to continue reading right this second!!

    Happy reading everyone!

    Melissa @boookmarked

    • G

      Perfect! haha that’s what we want from a good book isn’t it?

      Absolutely agree about long flashbacks, I sometimes struggle with that too, really lowers my motivation. So this one was nice and brief and effective for sure!

  • Hanna (@bookishfairytale)

    Oooh, this book! It’s got me hooked right from the beginning. For a start, this is my first Brandon Sanderson book and I quite like the writing. And Spensa seems to be a very unique character, I absolutely love how overly dramatic she is! 😉 Jerkface has got my attention as well, I feel like he’s going to be important… and there‘s probably more to him than just an arrogant aristocrat.

    The story is very interesting so far and I‘m so glad that Spensa (or should I call her Spin? These callsigns are confusing ?) got into flight school after all! Thanks, Cobb!

    But Admiral Ironsides… I can’t stand her. And sending cadets into real battle after just a few hours of lessons??? What??? That‘s so weird. There must be something more behind it than just her being mean or desperate for fighters, cause that’s just insane. They don’t even now how to fire a gun or do ANYTHING, really. I’m freaking out!

    *rushing off to read on*

    • G

      I have a feeling Ironside will get worse and worse as we go further into the book ?

      • Hanna (@bookishfairytale)

        How could she be worse when she‘s already so awful? ? I‘m scared. She‘s the Umbridge of Skyward.

        • Sharon (@ravenreadsalot)

          Oh goodness, the Umbridge of Skyward? That would be indeed… disconcerting. I hope not!

  • Vivian

    I admit I wasnt going to read this anytime soon. But decided to join the readalong for the first time. So far, I am quite interested. Having some conspiracy theories already surging in my head!

    • G

      Oooh do share them! We love a good theory!

      • Vivian Garcia Rodriguez

        I think Ironside will be a pseudo-dictator. Or has something to do with how the planet is being currently ran.

        Mongrel said Ironside doesnt like those who defy, despite encouraging everyone to bw defiant. So I feel that detail will surface later on in something else. Like perhaps she wants everyone to follow HER rules for whatever reason.

        Maybe Spensa’s Father is involved in that and his supposed coward act was staged to be one.

  • Kittycool12

    I am loving it I am on chapter 24 already

  • Jessica Pagac

    There was so much going on in these opening chapters and yet it was exactly what we needed to read to get to know Spensa and her world. I like that she took the extra test just to prove to herself that she could pass if the Flight School gave her half a chance. It is awesome that her perseverance pays off and gets her into the school after all. I definitely think her fathers old wing mate will be tough but fair towards her. He wants to help her become a pilot but doesn’t want to show favoritism so that the higher ups can’t use it to remove him and her from the school.

    I don’t believe that her father deserted. I think he either died trying to save the civilization in a way that looked like desertion or I think that he may have been captured by the enemy and hasn’t been able to escape.

    It was interesting learning about all of the different Cadets. I don’t like Jerkface right now because he mostly seems exactly how Spensa saw him on first impression; spoiled and privileged. Although, I do have to agree that since he had the most experience he did deserve to be the Flight Leader.

    I am excited to see where the story goes from here!!

    • G

      I’m very excited for us all to get to know the rest of the class too! I’m sure there will be some depth to Jerkface that will be revealed!

  • Velvet Shock

    Young Spensa in the prologue reminds me of me when I was younger and I thought I could do anything an adult could do. I love that her dad gave her his pilot’s pin and that she held on to it all these years it’s so sweet. I love Rig as a best friend for Spensa, he is very supportive of her and I love how they both balance each other out Spensa hypes Rig up and he brings her back to reality. I hate Ironsides for not letting Spensa be a pilot because her dad is a “coward” especially because she does know so much about the ships and everything and then people like Jerkface get in because of their status. I also thought it was sneaky that they gave Spensa a paper all about lessons they knew that she missed, on purpose just so she wouldn’t pass. I like Cobb for giving Spensa a chance and to let her be in his class but I think he must know something about what happened to her father as his wingmate and it wouldn’t surprise me if Ironsides was spinning a lie. When they got told they could actually fly on their first day I was shocked. They pretty much all crashed the first time they tried taking off in their mockpits so in real cockpits?

    • G

      I know right?? How are they going to survive being actually in battle for even a second!

  • Morgane (ShadesOfBooks)

    Hello G !

    This is definitely a strong start ! I finished the goal this morning and I unfortunately had to stop but omg I can’t wait to read more after I post this comment !

    I really love Spensa, her character, her attitude… she’s already growing on me. And I like the way she met the others cadets in chapter 8 and i looooove chapter 9 with the training, it was amazing and the end omg ? I need to know more because According to the simulation, it’s not going to be pretty if they actually fly !

    I’m also curious about her father, i really want to learn more about him, if he is like everyone else think, why he did what he did ? I mean the fact that he gave Spenda his pin is kind of strange…

    Okay, time to read more chapters !

  • Steph

    I’m absolutely loving this book so far. I’m on chapter 19 (out of the office tomorrow so got to get tomorrow’s chapters in today) I have decided to listen to this on audible and i feel like it’s been a good choice. I’m loving where this story is taking us so far ?

    • Jade

      I’m listening to bits on audible too, and I think Sophie Aldred is doing a really good job. ?

      • Sabrina

        Sophie’s a great narrator to listen to. I didn’t know she was doing this book. I may have to go and borrow that one.

    • G

      Oooh exciting to hear that the audiobook is also well done!

  • Jade

    First of all you left us on a cliffhanger….. ?? Anyway I personally love the beginning of this, I can really see Spin growing on me and I’m really looking forward to seeing her getting to know they other cadets, she seemed so surprised by Quick’s interaction with her that I think it will be nice to see her gain some friendly relationships.

    Throughout the beginning my mind was constantly ask why did her father desert during the fight?? I doesnt make sense with his character in the prologue, I do agree the opinion on him right now is very bias, I think Mongrel has a story to tell about this. I can’t say much about the mother but I do think Gran-Gran is the perental figure that keeps Spin’s determination and dreams alive. And can I just ignore the testing system…. I just really didn’t seem fair or right, and I already don’t like Admiral Ironsides.

    All in all an amazing start to a book and it’s made me want to read more. A good sign to any book. ,???

  • Do

    I really enjoy reading this so far! I love the setting and the characters. I cannot wait to find out what is going to happen next!

  • brooke kingdon

    i am loving this book so far!!! i had planned to read the set chapters each day due to having exams soon and not wanting to get too distracted but i’m already too invested! i’m already on chapter 25!!! the first 9 chapters of this book were an incredible start and a great introduction to the characters. i love spin as a character even if i do roll my eyes at her constantly. i can’t wait to finish and talk more about this book with everyone!

  • Chelsi

    I had a hard time stopping at 10! I’m guessing Spensa’s father was trying to accomplish something when he broke ranks. Had to have been just from what we were told about him. I feel like Ironsides is going to be a very unlikable character and make some questionable decisions, I mean 1 day of flight school and she’s telling them to go out there? Yeah…

    Jerkface is definitely going to be the love interest if any romance is in this story. And something is up with Rig and being late and getting brought in by the big guys in charge. Suspicious for sure.

  • Friederike

    I always have troubles getting connected to Sci-Fi stories, I have to admit. I also can’t connect that much to our main character, Spensa.
    But the cliffhanger it ended on left me SUPER intrigued so that I might read on a bit further this evening xD
    I hope this story unravels well (I have little doubt about this) .
    And I really, really hope if there’s gonna be a romance happening that it won’t happen too fast – like abovementioned, my guesses are also in for Jerkface. It would be weird if not.

  • Charleyexoh (@booksandfunks)

    This is my first readalong yay! ?
    So, I’ve read Chapters 1-9 and I really wasn’t sure what to expect at first and already I have a line that really stands out to me.

    “Claim the Stars, Spensa.”

    Such a simple phrase but it caught my attention so much, already I am envisioning bookish Merch with this phrase on it and I need it all ?. Maybe it’s because it reminds me of the song “Rewrite The Stars” from The Greatest Showman or maybe it simply is just a powerful line about reaching for the impossible. Either way It is my favourite phrase so far.

    Spensa is obviously a little hot headed, she’s still quite a young girl despite how tough she acts, I was expecting her to being maybe 18 years of age once the prologue was over but instead she is 16. Definitely at that stage where she is still a teenager and not quite the adult. I’m hoping despite her little tantrums that I will grow to like her as a person more and that the events of the book will shape her personality and bring her back down to earth (ha!)

    I definitely think that there is something not right about the scenario with her father, I don’t think he simply abandoned them I just can’t really believe that after the first impression that we got in the Prologue. I suspect foul play! And I need to know if some crazy plot twist is going to hit me further down the line! For some reason I don’t know what the Krell look like but being an avid Mass Effect can I am imagining them looking like the Kett which I think will do nicely until we get a proper up close description later on. But for now I think angry green alien will suffice!

    The whole situation of her becoming a coward’s daughter and being judged by the “actions of her father” makes me really feel for Spensa in this moment. She obviously wants to be like her father and become a pilot and save the world. But the world she wants to save is against her from the start and no one has the heart to tell her until the day before what should be her breakthrough. The test that will make her dreams of becoming a pilot a reality.

    The Starship that she finds is obviously going to become a very important part of her story, I can totally sense that this is the talking, smart and witty companion that was described to us in the theme reveal! I can’t wait for Spensa to come back and fix the ship!

    I’m really glad that she gets a chance, but like yourself I agree that it seemed a little to easily swayed that she just magically got a place on the training despite the speech she got about her never becoming a pilot and getting a test for sanitation (which is just plain cruel) I expected a lot more outrage, perhaps a meeting to see if she could be placed on the pilot training with a very persistent Cobbs who eventually wins her a chance. I think seeing that argument being made to allow her to take a place would of made the situation a lot more realistic and would of been a more sensible event to happen in this case? Rather than a simple yes turn up tomorrow you’ll be fine.

    The meeting scenario of all the cadets is very teenager like. And angsty but I live for that kind of thing, I love getting a feel for the different characters and wondering who Spensa will be friends with first. And already it seems obvious to me that despite calling him jerk face. Callsign Jerkface (What Spensa would love to call him) is going to be her love interest in this book. He is going to be her special someone and I am all for the love hate relationship at the start of a book.

    The learning to fly part was a little confusing to me, I don’t understand much of all of that kind of thing but hopefully it will get a little better to remember further down the line. After all in the book these cadets all know what this stuff means so they aren’t going to elaborate on it. But I wish it was a little more simpler. Or perhaps it is just me?

    Also, I must say that the ending of this first day was such a hard thing to do because that cliffhanger had me wanting to turn the page so badly! But I persevered and I won’t continue until tomorrow I promise! I am expecting a few people to either die or drop out after the situation they are thrusted in to and Spensa is going to surprise a few people or it could go wrong for her, but I am going to have faith in her and hope that she takes her father’s words and “Claim The Stars.”

    A great start to the book, I can’t wait to see what happens next and what will happen in the next couple of days! So excited to take part in the rest of the read along!

    • Kirsty (@kirstyes)

      Ooh I’d forgotten about the witty companion thing. Well remembered.

    • G

      Thank you for all these thoughts, so interesting to see them! Well done on persevering, I’m hoping that the cliffhanger will make us want to pick it up on day 2 (today actually haha) even more!

  • Kirsty

    I’m not a big reader of sci-fi so it was a little slow going for me to begin with. Spensa has really grown on me though. Her first innteraction with Jerkface made me laugh out loud and the pace of the story picked up a lot after they met. I love how feisty and unafraid Spensa is. Do I sense a hate to love trope here? (I hope so cuz they’re my fave ?) I’m a little unsure about the reality of sending out cadets that just had a few hours training straight into battle, that seems a bit odd to me and I had to read on to find out what happened ? I like Cobb but I’m pretty sure he has some secrets that Spensa isn’t going to like hearing about at some point. Enjoying it so far and can’t put it down!

  • love.the.villain

    Jorgen certainly seems pretty uptight doesn’t he? I can see where he’s coming from though. He does come across kind of a jerk, but it’s really not the nicest thing to be saddled with a nickname like ‘Jerkface’.
    I like Cobb a lot, too. He’s definitely got that lifelong mentor vibe about him. I really think he’s the best teacher Spin (I really love this nickname) could possibly have!

    So, I’m curious, what flying names would you guys all choose? I think I’d like to be called something bookish.

    This book really sucks you in from the get go, doesn’t it? Every chapter makes you want to find out more and more!

    • Hannah

      I know!
      I immediately thought of callsigns and what mine would be.
      I was thinking maybe Hiccup for a number of reasons
      1) I can’t actually burp, never been able to, but I have these straaaaange hiccups, almost like acid reflux but not lol
      2) this book was premised as How to Train your Dragon but in space. And I love that and can totally see the resemblance. And I adore HTTYD with Hiccup and Toothless ?
      And 3) I’m pretty clutzy, so if I was a pilot, I could totally see myself getting in to a lot of “hiccups” like crashing my ship ?

    • Kirsty (@kirstyes)

      Ooh good question.

      I think my callsign would probably be:

      Sneezy or sleepy as both are things I do far too much of

  • Laura

    I didn’t actually like the fact that the book doesn’t even talk much about her family, only the stories her granny told her and the coward father… but once she enters the flight academy, it ends suddenly.
    I think her father is anywhere acting like a hero and he will return in the end and will save them all?
    About our little girl… I must say I like her a lot, but sometimes she acts like a child… well… that’s the point of her personality I think.

  • Katie

    Hey so I had a hard time relating with Spensa. I thought she was a bit too over the top. I’ve read Brandon’s work before so I didn’t worry too much about it and just tried to power though. I really loved Cobb’s character. He’s like the perfect crusty, old pilot mentor for Spensa.

    • Narra

      Cobb is such a nice character. I like him a lot too ^___^

  • Narra


    I started reading yesterday because a) the upcomming week will be though and b) becazse I wasn’t able to wait! Si-Fi is a genre I really like. Sadly I don’t read it as often as I’d like to. Therefore having this book in the bo and this readalong helps a lot.

    I really liked the begining. I really wasn’t able to put it down yesterday until I reached chapter 10 (and reality called). It was so hard to resist continuing reading but I stayed strong. Now I hurry home to read the next few chapters.

    I really like our main character. She truly is a fighter. A stuborn fighter but a fighter nevertheless. With everything what she had to go through after what her father did it’s very understandable too. The scenes about the test were slightly sad in a way. I mean she was set up to fail from the people on top. How unfair is that. I really admire her for not truly giving up after that. I mean she filled out another test. A great way to show herself that she’s good enough to be a pilot.

    I liked the drawings of the ships in the book. It sure helps me to immagine them properly ^___^’

    In anyway, I really enjoyed the first part and can’t wait to continue~

    What about you?

    Have a nice day and stay safe~


  • Vivian Garcia Rodriguez

    Conspiracy theory: I think Ironside will be a pseudo-dictator. Or has something to do with how the planet is being currently ran.

    Mongrel said Ironside doesnt like those who defy, despite encouraging everyone to bw defiant. So I feel that detail will surface later on in something else. Like perhaps she wants everyone to follow HER rules for whatever reason.

    Maybe Spensa’s Father is involved in that and his supposed coward act was staged to be one.


    So first of all I need to say that I’m not a fan of science fiction but the moment I started to read that book I couldn’t put it down anymore.

    I really love Spensas Character. And even more the relationship between her and her father was so sweet to read about. I thought about the times when I was a little girl and wanted to be able to do everything my dad does.

    That’s why I can’t believe that her father is traitor because why would his wingmate Mongrel still stick up for Spensa if he himself woukd believe in these rumours. I also found it amazing that he gave her permission to join his class. Sometimes when I read the scenes of him and Spensa I get reminded of Uncle Iroh from Avatar the last Airbender. I have the feeling I’m the only one thinking that way. I believe Cobb will be like a father to Spensa.

    And yeah I liked the way the other cadets were introduced, especially with their callsigns. And I have no problem with Jorgens callsign being jerkface because, if ,I like Spensa would meet such an arrogant person I would too, like her, want to punch him in the face. I know he got in because of his flight skills but still the way he behaves sometimes still makes him look arrogant to me and yes I just like you guys think that Spensa has at times to much pride and needs to calm down.

    I hope we see more of the spaceship soon and am I alone in finding the paradox of Spensa wanting to be up in the sky but spending most of her time exploring the underground caverns kind of funny.

    And I have this strange feeling that there might be a romance established between Spensa and Jorgen but I hope that this won’t happen because it would be a to obvious couple.

    About our cadets flying in a fight, I don’t want to say anything because I already read further.

    But it’s a really good book so far I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do and see you tomorrow. (^-^)/
    Sorry if my English isn’t that great, it’s not my mother tongue.

  • Hannah

    This is my first Brandon Sanderson book, and if this is any inclination to how his other books are written then I can’t believe I haven’t read any yet!
    I was hooked from the start. The flashback scene was the perfect way to begin this story because of the history of where they’re at and Spensa’s spunky attitude from a young age.

    Mmk. There is DEFINITELY more to the story behind her father’s “fleeing”. I can’t think of any predictions at the moment, but I will be surprised if it really was as simple as him fleeing. But my heart goes out to Spensa for having to bear the weight of shame for being related to Chaser. That is not fair in the least; I can see where apprehension may lie that she’d take the same action as her father, but at least give her a chance to prove her worth. I hate that immediate branding.

    The introductions to the team was fantastically written and I’m excited to see the relationships evolve and who will become closer and who might turn against each other.

    I also appreciated that Spensa struggled with learning to fly. I had expected her to be this amazing gold star pilot from takeoff. But her determination and drive is making me really root for her!

  • Lucie

    I wanted to read something by Brandon Sanderson for so long, I even bought one of his e-book like 6 months ago and I still not read it…:D
    So I was very curious if he and me will fit and I have to say we did so far. It was great start to a story, I was in the story and I felt for the main heroine.
    Speaking of, though…Spensa sometimes seems a little bit judgy which with her story is something that bothers me, because she knows how it feels to be judged because she is judged for what her father did and not for who SHE is. I was so sad when the teacher said that someone should told her because it shows how they all really think that she is just like her father or more likely their are judging her for whose daughter she is and from adult that just seems stupid, childesh and not-adulty. Ok, enough of this judging nonsense…:D
    Otherwise, I like her character, that she goes after what she want and that she is not some clueless Mary-Sue who has to wait for the Prince Charming to come and save her.
    Also we met the ship and I can’t wait for it to start speak as someone mention it on Fairloot’s Instagram. So, bring me my speaking ship.
    At the end of the first section we got to know the team which was nice and I am excited to see where the relationships between all of them will go. Also, I got the feeling while reading that Spensa might change her opinion about Jerkface…*wink wink* 😀
    And this book got me thinking that I might actually like sci-fi more than I thought I did.
    And that ending…I was like wow, ok. You want to put to a fight a bunch of kids when almost everyone of them crashed at the first run? Does Ironside do it just because of Spensa? Can’t wait to find out.

  • Carine @ Ceres Books World

    Hi, it’s my second read along with you and this time I’m not late ?
    I love these 9 chapters, Spenza is amazing, she has a strengh I envy and I’m so impatient to read the chapter 10 tomorrow.
    As for her father, I think there is something missing, I don’t know what but I have some doubt.
    Spenza’s best friend is a little weird, I don’t really trust him but I don’t find why.
    And why does sent this specifical team on their first day? I think some vengeance is in place.

  • Le.skye

    I read every comment, and I can’t believe I’m the only person already shipping Spensa and Jorgen. I’m pretty sure he is a secret cinnamon bun.

    I’m really loving it so far! Spensa is a little bit, um, intense… but manages not to be annoying with it. I have had a few chuckles at her expense, though.

    • Benjamin

      Omg i thought i also was the only one who ships them but apparently not iiih, can’t wait to find out more about their story

    • Lucie

      He did not very much to say or do yet, hope that change, but I would not mind them together. I would like to see how Spensa’s mind change about him because I think that there is more in him than it seems.

  • Sabrina

    Well that’s enjoyable. And yes I read past the cliffhanger.
    There’s defiantly some big lie at the heart of this world; things just don’t add up.
    Spin is very stubborn, hot headed and very much like me at that age. I think she’s going to annoy me. ?
    I love scifi, and this has the feel of a good ol’ proper sci-fi tale. A bit Star Wars: X Wing too. Nice.

  • Kirsty (@kirstyes)

    Excellent start. I’m sorry invested. Only reason I’m stopping at that cliffhanger is because I’m tired.

    Here’s my thoughts.

    Little Spensa is ballsy. I liked her a lot.
    Older Spensa is still ballsy but bitter from the years of having to stand up for herself and her father’s memory. She has a lot of confidence but is already starting to show some character development and courage in this first section.

    Frustrated with her at the fact that people aren’t treated on their own merit but by what their parents did or didn’t do.

    I wanted to scream when she was given that stupid algae test. And when her father’s pin was taken. So unfair.

    But her persistence and Mongrel’s fair treatment paid off and she’s a cadet – but for how long. How hard will Ironside try to get rid of her?

    Favourite line – Arrogant son of a supernova

    Liked the introduction to the class and learning that the first citizen boys actually have some skill in flying.
    Hurl is an amazing callsign.

    Oh my god actually sending them up at the end of their first lesson ?

    Questions at the end of this section

    Will she fix up the old starfighter at some point, and if so why?
    Does Mongrel have any idea what happened with her dad?
    Who will be her wingmate?
    Is Jordan going to be enemy to love interest?

  • Carmen

    Hi there!
    This is my very first Brandon Sanderson’s book but wow I was instantly hooked! Honestly, I’m sure the father is not dead because he fled during the attack. He probably ended up either in the ennemies’ hands or found a new planet that could save them in the future books. I mean we all know if we dont see the body, we don’t know if the person in a fantasy/scifi world is really dead.
    I love Spensa and Jorgen’s interaction ? they are probably the hate-to-love relationship trope but I’m living for it! They are so funny xD! Especially when Jorgen becomes speachless at some Spensa’s comeback ! I’m sure Jorgen is ‘the one who looks like he can kill you but actually a cinnamon roll’ type of person. Spensa is ‘the one who looks like she can kill you and actually does’ type. And Rodge is ‘the one who looks like a cinnamon roll but can actually kill you’ type. … SOMEONE NEEDS TO MAKE THAT POST! Though i dont know why I have a feeling something bad will happen after the event at the end of chapter 9…. I feel like someone will die because the Admiral sent the newbies to fly on their first day of school. Like wtf?

    *anyways back to continue reading!*

    • Kirsty (@kirstyes)

      Ooh if someone dies my guess would be Quick ?

      And oops spelled Jerkface’s name wrong in my own post.

    • Carmen

      Ohhh forgot to mention but I really like Cobb as a character! How he is a fair instructor. He gave Spensa a chance to flight school, didn’t make Jorgen as the leader because of his background but actual fact that Joegen aready has tons of flight experiences and it was shown through his first attempt at lift off during the stimulation scene, and how Cobb made fun of jorgen about the name during the call roll, and he can stop when others start to talk too much (ex: when Rig trying to explain why he is late xD). He seems like a cool instructor!

  • amylroberts15

    Hey! So this is my very first read along. I didn’t get a chance to join last month as I had already read the book when I first got the box lol ? so this month I really wanted to join. I have been excited to read this book, i’m not really a sci-fi reader so this genre is completely new to me. So how do I begin….

    When I first opened the book, I loved how you get to see what their base and home is like. It does help me imagine what they home sand workplace would be like. I found it really interesting to see what Spensa was like as a child, and seeing how her father was like just melted my heart. It reminds me of the reaction when a father teaches their child how to ride a bike for the first time, that they don’t want to let go but their child is saying that they are ready. Seeing the bond between father and daughter reminds me of my relationship with my dad ?, and seeing how he supports her when she wants to follow him up to the surface was so sweet. I was sad that there was an attack just as they were having a nice time seeing the stars, but it was also interesting to see the eagerness of the main character of wanting to be a pilot at such a young age.

    Throughout the present time, I felt sorry for her. She is now being branded as the daughter of a coward to which she now has to prove that she isn’t a coward, but will she be able to unbrand her father from being a coward?
    Reading through seeing how people have treated her and after all that learning on wanting to become a pilot that she NEARLY wasn’t able to fulfil her dream. There are already a few people I want to punch in the face lol ? but I thought it was sweet how her fathers wingman Gave her a pin and told her where she needed to be. I thought that was really sweet, for she is now able to fulfil her dream in becoming a pilot by attending flight school. But what really annoys me is that everyone is judging her by what her father has done, they should treat her like anyone else as she may not be like her father but a great pilot like she remembers her father to be.

    However, I was happy that she arrived at pilot training and met her classmates. For some reason I am picturing jerkface as Gaston from Beauty and the Beast lol and he has dweedle dum and dweedle dee in either side of him lol ?. I do really want to punch jerkface….is that normal? Lol ? but I do like the girl that Spensa met in the lift, I think she would be a cute friend to Spensa. I love it how Spensa feels so free to be herself that no one in her class knows her as a daughter of a coward. It’s like a fresh clean slate for her. I have my fingers crossed that she does become a pilot, and with the help of her fathers wingman (even though he said he won’t favour her) I am sure she would pass the class.

    I can’t wait to read more tomorrow, I tend to read in the evening just before bed which I think is the perfect time to read ?. Super excited to see what happens next and be able to post up what I think of the next chapters x

  • jen90mr

    So I finished the chapters and am completely shook (NY slang for shocked). I didn’t think I was gonna get so into this book and I’m loving it! I think I’m going to continue ahead cause I need to read what happens next! What a cliff hanger!!!! My prediciton is that the cadets will engage in a battle with the krell and Spin (love that call sign btw) is going to show what she can do, I think shes gonna become one with the ship and start flying and shooting like an expert! At least that’s what I would have her do if i was writing this book… BTw I thought It was so messed up how the DDF messed with her flight exam…. that really ticked me off, I wanted to cry for Spin at that moment.
    I also believe that Jerkface will become Spin’s love interest…. woot!!!!
    I’M SO READY!!!!

  • Reinhild

    One thing I have trouble wrapping my head around is the fact that Ironside is apparently a woman but they keep calling her “Sir” – it confused me so so much!
    Also, I have a theory that I thought of after Spensa meets Mongrel (or whatever her father’s wingman is called), namely that her dad didn’t actually flee from the enemy, but that he hung back and waited for back-up which was the correct procedure in his situation, yet everybody thought he was fleeing bc the pilots usually attack anyway (so they think that’s the right procedure now). And so her father was short down. And that’s why, when Spensa answers the question with “Attack”, he says “wrong, you hang back and wait for back-up”, and she’s confused bc she was taught “attack” – you know, it’s gotten kind of confused over the years, maybe on accident or on purpose to bury the fact that they wrongfully killed their own man…
    because i can’t see a reason why her dad would’ve fleed from the enemy – if he hadn’t wanted to fight, he totally could’ve been adamant about the fact that he was with his daughter and trying to protect her.

    But besides that, I’m really enjoying the book so far, it’s humorous and so far it feels like it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Also the fact that Spensa keeps calling the guy Jerkface even AFTER he has been introduced is totally giving me life right now 😀 The classroom scene is so fun and I kept staring at my book lovingly with a smile on my face, head resting on my arm, bc i was having such a good time (like that one photo from the old willy wonka film :D). I really hope we get to see more scenes like that in the future, some good old, clean wholesome family fun!

    I’m also super bummed that you made us stop at a cliffhanger like that, G! It’s 3 AM and I need sleep, man, I can’t afford to continue reading! (even tho i probably will anyways for a bit!)

    • Lucie

      Wau, that theory about her father is a good one! I think that there is something more behind her father’s dead (if he is actually dead, who know? :D) but this did not cross my mind although I noticed Cobb reaction to it when Spensa answered the question.

  • Rebecca

    Chapters 1-9
    I cannot believe how fast and hard I fell in love with this novel! Only 50 pages in and I was hooked! It’s been a long time since a novel did that to me.

    So we get a glimpse into Spin’s past in the opening chapter l, we get to learn a lot about her, her ambitions and why she has them and learn a lot about her family and how her father ended up a traitor. I like the young Spin, she is innocent and so pure, it’s like a breath of fresh air. But as you know from the end of the opening chapter she had to grow up fast. But she never loses her dream or her will or fight.

    From the beginning chapters I know Spin is going to be brave and strong and hard to break. If she had the heart, she will fight.

    The world is amazing, and the way it’s build is breathtaking. I want to learn more about their world and how it operates.

    I like all the characters so far, yeah there is some b**** of a character in here but I do understand them.

    Overall this book is going to keep me awake until I read some more. But for now it’s almost 3 in the morning so I better hit the hay.

  • Giorconi

    I started reading this book last night before going to bed in the hope of catching up with you guys even if it was 11 pm and today i had to got up early to go to uni. I couldn’t stop reading! I didn’t expect it, AT ALL! It’s my first brandon sanderson novel btw and now i belive what all the hype was about. In conclusion i finished reading at 2 am on chapter 17, so i can say i did catch up but now i need a loy of caffeine ahahaha

  • Verena

    I managed to do the first 9 chapters yesterday (well when I was done it was well after midnight and I had to get up at 6 this morning).
    I really love the book so far and Spin. She is a wierd one and I love it *hahaha
    For me it seems pretty obvious, that there is more to her fathers actions. Saying that I personally would find it refreshing, if there wasn’t and he really just ran. It would be so fascinating to see her come to terms with something like that and rise above it.
    I do have a feeling that there is more to the Krell as well…. Maybe they are not what they appear to be, maybe they are and there is something else… I’m curious.
    And of course there will be some story to Ironside. I like some of the theories here about being a dictator kind of person.

    I also really liked how the others were introduced and how Spin stood up to Jerkface (which for now will be his official name, untill he’ll probably get a new one). It found it really funny how he was kind of at a loss (I don’t know if that is the correct term….) trying to get them to fly and trying to prove himself and of course when Spin stood up to him. I laughed so hard at that.
    I think he wants to impress his superiors and that may come from his childhood, I really look forward seeing his charakter development.

    I can’t wait for my lunch break today when I can continue reading =)

    • Kirsty (@kirstyes)

      Wow. Her dad actually being a coward would be an excellent twist.

  • malaika.loveangel

    Hi, I just finished the chapter 9 and I’m already invested in the story. I’m really enjoying it so far and while I read it it feels more like I’m watching a movie, which is pretty awesome. In the beginning I was getting really annoyed with spensa’s charcater, not sure why, maybe because of her tantrums. But now I’m starting to like her character, especially after the scene where she sits to write someone else’s test. For some reason I’m getting a feeling that Cobb is the evil character, like he might turn out to be the villain because he was chaser’s wingmate and inside the ship there is a button that allows you to talk to just your wingmate. So chaser must have said something to Cobb before her ejected because it seems that they both were always in competition and maybe Chaser thought the competition was friendly but maybe it was more for Cobb. Either that or Cobb knows of some secret of Chaser as to the real reason that he ejected after being shot.

    • Kirsty (@kirstyes)

      Ooh. Another interesting theory. I hope he’s not a baddy tho.

  • Kate

    I am loving this novel!! So much so that I forgot to comment yesterday I had to keep reading. I am getting so many ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ vibes from it, I just need to keep reading.

    I felt the same as Spensa when Jerkface was announced as flightleader. Just because he comes from a very privileged family and has been able to have flight time, might not mean he will be the best leader or pilot. He just has an unfair advantage.

  • Jamie Rose

    Ok, so it took me a couple of chapters to get into it – I’m not a big fan of prologues or of scenes from very young kids’ POV so I had to force myself through that first bit. I love Older Spensa, though I hope she’s going to calm down on the overdramatic monologues a little! I can see those being fun if they’re thrown in now and then, but not so much if it’s a constant thing. Though I think that’s already been hinted at – the way she does go over-the-top to make up for the way everyone looks down on her and she maybe doesn’t need to with this flight made up of people who don’t know who she is.

    Seriously, though – who sends a bunch of first-day rookie pilots into an actual battle situation? WHO DOES THAT? I have a very bad feeling about this upcoming chapter – I don’t think all the cadets are going to make it through the battle. If anyone does go, I’m thinking maybe Kimmalyn or Rodge?

    There’s definitely more to this whole father being a coward story – even knowing we’ve only got Spensa’s view of him it doesn’t seem in character. Question is, do Ironsides etc. know what he was doing and kill him for it, or did he not tell them (maybe no time to explain?) so they genuinely did think he was turning coward? Shooting him down seems a bit of a harsh punishment – but then from the little glimpses we’ve seen of the world, a lot of their rules seem harsh. Maybe justified, but maybe taken to extreme. I know it’s billed as sci-fi but it does have a dystopian feel to it. Sanderson’s world-building has always been fantastic in other books of his, so I’m looking forward to seeing more of it!

  • Natasha Ní Mhiacháin

    I only got to read the Prologue last night before family came to visit.
    What a way to kick off a story, this is my first Sci-Fi read and I have to admit, Brandon hooked me immediately.
    I love Spensa, she’s got this stubborn attitude that I love in a female lead, she’ll try her best not to let anything get her down.
    I know we only get to see her father through her eyes but something about it feels off, I don’t know why but I don’t think he fled.
    The way she is being treated is pretty shoddy, but her attitude is incredible. Every time she holds her head up high it’s like she’s flipping them all off for thinking less of her without actually knowing her.
    I like Kimmalyn and Rig already, we’ve barely met the others and already we have a sense of what their characters are like which I love. Oh and Cobb, he clearly thinks Spensa is entitled to the right to prove herself.
    That chapter ending, what the fudge, they don’t even have a day of training under their belts.
    Skyward Flight, I love the name and I hope she proves herself.
    So far this book has made me laugh, gasp and pick up my heart rate. I cannot wait to read more.

  • Teresa

    I’m really loving this book so far! I actually read a couple chapters past the stopping point because it was so interesting! The book is humorous in the right places with an interesting cast of characters. I do love this school training setting and I’m really excited to see the interactions of the cadets as they move forward in their training.

    This is the first Brandon Sanderson book I’ve read, though I do own the Way of Kings & Mistborn. I’m definitely going to have to read more of his books!

  • Jodiesbookishposts

    Finally got chance to catch up on these chapters on lunch break. What a start! So excited to see where this goes from here – and I am totally shipping Spin/Jerkface right now (needs a catchier name).

    I like how her pride is her big flaw, like she is expecting everything to be pitted against her and almost uses that as an excuse. Interestkng character flaw.

    I totally feel like there is more to her dad’s story than that. Very odd.

    Can’t wait to carry on the rest of the chapters.

  • Ali

    This is my very first Brandon Sanderson book and I am already like “why haven’t I read his books sooner?”. I am really enjoying the quick pace of Skyward. I would have to agree that I really enjoyed the characters introducing them by what their call signs would be.

    I am really enjoying Spensa. She has that tough girl attitude that the world has kind of forced upon her but at the same time, I am enjoying the fact that she isn’t always right. I am really hoping we get to see her develop in this story.

  • Ylva

    So, day one. I read it yesterday evening but I didn’t have the time to comment on here. I really like the setting so far, however, I have a few questions that I hope will be adressed. The story is also nice, though that cliffhanger was weird. It seems like a very stupid idea to send the new cadets out there. Maybe this is some elaborate plot to get rid of Spensa with a little collateral damage? I hope not, that would be really stupid.

    Spensa seems to be a little arrogant and judgy. I hope that she changes. Not the worst protagonist, but also not a girl that I love.

    So I will now read on 🙂

  • Dita

    Started the boo on Saturday just in case work days get busy. Was done with Monday’s chapters on Sunday. First impressions – I am not that impressed. It is certainly interesting, but at times Spensa’s dramatic tirades are bit too much for me. And everybody’s issue with her dad being a coward, the ‘special’ test for Spensa. I mean, seriously, people? What did her dad do that was so bad? Now that is what I really want to know. Something’s definitely fishy about that business.
    But I do enjoy Kimmalyn for some reason. It seems kind of funny, as she is also a bit over-the-top, but somehow it is easier for me to stand her than Spensa. Maybe because we are not in her head?
    Just read the comment above (by Ylva) and I totally have to agree about Spensa being a little arrogant and judgy. But let’s see what happens next and how things and characters develop. Those were just the first chapters of the book.

  • Sharon (@ravenreadsalot)

    Okay, wow, this started better than I thought it would. It’s really good! I’m already fully invested! These first few chapters already hint at so many things I like, I cannot wait to see if I’m right.
    Maybe the dad did this because of Spensa (although I don’t know why he would know that she wasn’t back yet) or another non-coward reason. If so, I hope he’ll be redeemed.
    I like our heroines character… she’s kind of quirky.
    ALSO, I laughed out loud already so many times (especially during the cadets’ first meeting/lesson). I hope there are many more scenes like that because I’m living for it. xD
    But wow, Ironsides wants them to actual fly during an attack? That’s… I don’t know what to say. I guess I’ll just continue on reading (it’s the second day anyway ^^’). Great start!

  • alexandersj

    I really enjoyed that start!
    There is definitely more going on to the story with spensa’s dad. He definitely didn’t just retreat.

    Hmm a little bit of sci fi magic going on here with grandma? When they could hear the stars? Hmmm

    It’s weird to me that she never mentions which one of the first citizens shot down her father. Since she is son convinced that her father was innocent, I thought she’d be made at whoever shot him down, or if she doesn’t know, she’d want to know. That makes me think it was cobb who shot him down. I hope this isn’t true and he doesnt turn into a bad guy later on!

    I don’t mind Jorgen. I think he and Spensa are both very alike. They both seem to want to prove that they are the best and I don’t think what we’ve seen of him so far has been terrible, maybe a touch arrogant but not mean and horrible. I think he and Spensa will be rivals and butt heads because they both will be trying to be the best pilot on the team but eventually, when things start to get real, they will come to respect each other because of their skill and similarities and most likely fall in lurrrrrrrrve 😛

    I’m intrigued about the Krell. Who are they? Why are the humans at war with them?

    Also can’t believe they are sending cadets out who can barely take off haha. Is this a trick by cobb?

    I quite like Spensa, she is very headstrong and defensive yes, but I like how she just speaks her mind and if she wants to say something she will haha.

    Looking forward to reading more!!

  • Lia

    That ship appearance reminded me so much of scy-fy movies xD and with the government being so… judgy, I wonder how things will be in the future

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