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Skyward Readalong: Day 2

Team FairyLoot

Beautiful photo by @loweonbooks

Happy Tuesday!

Before we get into this, I got a question for you – what would your callsign be?? I’m dead curious so do let me know!

Hope you had a nice start to the Readalong yesterday and had a chance to read through your fellow FairyLooters comments. If not, all the posts can be found under the Community tab on the website! Today we’re reading chapters 10-16. Let’s get into it!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Skyward chapters 1-16 inclusively. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Okay so I might have thought this “let the cadets fly to battle” was possibly some test for newbies, but NOPE. 

One stray ship does go for the Alta base and Jerkface is allowed to engage. But then, of course, our girl goes too. Of course. This will be her thing, won’t it?

I love these naturally sticking names like Quirk instead of Quick, can you imagine? What if she also dreamt of that name for years like Spin did? 

Quirk takes a long range shot and saves the day. I also really like how Spensa acknowledged she’s rubbish and that they should NOT be flying. It’s nice to see she’s self aware even when her bravado will probably always drag her into situations she’s not qualified for. 

Okay, I am outraged. They have refused to spend resources on her and so other than attending her classes she is not allowed to sleep or eat there. Well, what a lovely grown-up way of handling this situation, Ironsides. More than anything I’m just upset we will not get a chance to get to know the characters outside the classes but I’m sure this will play a role further in the plot or some character development. I’m sure there are millions of valid reasons, but ya girl is still sad about it.

Her drama over bacon is hilarious. 

‘I will let my wrath burn within me’

We spent so much time talking about the eject option and the rumour that you are never permitted to fly again if you do. Then Cobb constantly drilling into them that you do eject if you find yourself in that situation –  I am confident we will find ourself in one with Spensa for sure.

Morningtide doesn’t speak English! It’s odd how I didn’t think about that possibility. I think I just assumed that everybody in the original ship that crashed on the planet spoke the same language. How interesting! I didn’t see that coming, I was with Spensa in thinking that she just has something against her! 

Oh my goodness, the slug talks. What? I know it just mimics but the SLUG TALKS! I hope Spensa is not hallucinating it. 

Spensa has this attitude where it’s not enough that she wins, others, especially Jerkface, must loose. He seems to have a serious confidence issue and so after she decides to crash into him during the game (not the smartest decision on her part, if we’re honest) he “lets it slip” of who’s daughter she is and that she sleeps in a cave. And just when she was getting along with people who didn’t put her into that neatly labelled box of  “daughter of the coward”. Sure, this would have been revealed later at some point but damn, still. What a crap move! 

Oh and Brim flirted. That was nice and awkward. Moving on.

I feel like I barely touched upon the ship we were sleeping in! I understand her decision not to get back to her family’s place, this seems like her thing to do, her experience, and we know her mother is not the most supportive of DDF, which of course is understandable, considering. Actually I’m surprised parents let the kids to even apply for flight school, but I understand in their culture it’s considered a duty and an honour.

Regardless,  we powered on the ship!! And tomorrow we get to meet it!


What was your favourite part of todays section? Any speculations? What do you think about her being shoved away from everyone else, having to sleep and eat separately, why do you think author went this way? How much are we disliking Jerkface just now?

Share your thoughts!

Hope you have a wonderful day guys!





  • Vivian Garcia Rodriguez

    Not sure if I am the minority, but I likr Jerkface and find him intriguing. He isnt just a rich boy who got easy way in. He legit knows what he talks about and how to lead a team. I am interested in seeing more interactions between him and Spensa (and lowkey shipping them).

    I hate Ironsides. I think she is petty and definitely a pseudo dictator. I sniff conspiracy going on with her. She is too hell bent in keeping everyone in a “safe and organized” hive. Even Jerkface asks valid questions about their orders that dont seem quite logic. I feel Ironsides purposely does this to make sure everyone stays in line. Spensa is a threat to that being her father’s daughter. Still think his coward act was staged by Ironsides.

    • Chelsi

      I definitely find Jerkface interesting. The whole actually knowing what he’s talking about and being intelligent is a nice change to the usual ‘jerk’ character profile. I still don’t like him though….

    • Ali Kiki (@love2dazzle – Dazzled by Books)

      I definitely think there is a lot more to Jerkface. I am interested in seeing where his story goes. I have a feeling he may end up being a love interest???

    • Vivian Garcia Rodriguez

      And my Callsign would be Shadowsinger. Because I love Azriel and that is my xbox gametag lol

    • Carine @Ceres Books World

      Not the minority I like him too.

    • Hanna (@bookishfairytale)

      I agree with you on Jerkface… he can be an idiot at times but overall I kind of like him. And I definitely do ship it! ??
      Ohhh and I wonder if he‘s gonna pick a callsign at some point soon or if Jerkface is actually going to stick haha!

    • Queen

      I haven’t even thought about that yet, but I definitely sensed there was something weird about this whole coward thing (I mean there always is) – I’m definitely getting some strong President Coin vibes here.

    • Teresa

      I agree about Jerkface too. I actually kind of think that Spensa has been unfair to him from the start because she has a preconceived notion of him based on who his parents are, his wealth, etc… I don’t like that he outted her as the daughter of “the coward” but at the same time she hasn’t been very nice either. I’m really interested to see where his part of the story goes.

    • G

      oh I also definitely find him intriguing, I can bet my arm he will have some more depth to his character later on!

  • Chelsi (Ke’lo?)

    My call sign would be Ke’lo don’t even have to think about it. My best friend since high school gave me this nickname! She says I’m a Ke’lonian- an alien from another planet?

    I. Love. Cobb. Pretty sure I’m him. Cranky and sarcastic… Kim is adorable, she reminds me of Luna Love good ?

    I love that Spensa isn’t automatically good at all the flying stuff. I hate when characters are automatically awesome at everything. Makes them seem less real. Jerkface really pissed me off. He’s being so petty (maybe he’s related to Ironsides????) I really hope that if there is a romantic Element it’s not with him because I don’t feel Spensa over looking what he did as plausiable….

    I think separating her from everyone was the best way for her to interact with the ship in a timely matter. Knowing BS though some other reason will make it’s way known and I’ll go “oooohhhhh” But I also think because this is YA it was a normal move to make plot wise. I read Steelheart his other YA books and you can tell plot and writing wise he thinks much simpler vs. his Stormlight and Mistborn stories.

    • alexandersj

      Yea, I’ve read steelheart too, you can definitely tell the difference between them and his adult series.

    • Kirsty (@kirstyes)

      I did wonder if Jeekface and Ironsides were related too – although I think he might have said about her father before if that was true. We will hopefully find out.

    • G

      Very good point, separating her from the group will allow her to explore the ship! Makes so much sense!

  • Carine @ Ceres Books World

    My Callsign would be Ceres, from the manga Ayashi No Ceres.

    I finished the chapter for today but I think I will continue because I can’t stop now. I’m intrigued by this ship.

    I alsp like Jerkface even if his name well find, because he is a jerk by telling everyone about Spenza’s father and her living in a cave.

    I’m so impatient to read everything.

    • Velvet Shock

      I can’t stop reading this either I’m already on chapter 25! I didn’t like Jerkface telling everyone about Spansa’s dad but I feel like there might be more to his character than first appears

    • G

      Oooh what a cool callsign!

  • Carmen

    Hi Fairyloot Readers!

    First of all I’m so bad with this type of readalong because this book is way too good! I’m already at ch 24 to start Day 4! I just couldn’t put it down yesterday when I started Day 1 with everyone! But Damn! So much things happened between Ch 10-16!

    #1: the “sending the newbies to battle on Day 1 of class” is definitely a good idea scene:
    I love how Brandon Sanderson didn’t follow the trope where Readers and other characters in the book find out that Spensa has some kind of special talents. But it was Quirk, who is a sweetheart btw, who saved the day! I love how Spensa also realized that she’s not good and needs more practices! This is also the part where Jorgen shows some moves and confirmed to Spensa that Cobb did choose him based on his capacity and not bias for who he is, And of course, all that callsigns conversation were too funny especially when we talk about Jerkface.
    “Right,” Jerkface said. “Everyone, two thousand and hover, and O want you to stop sharp this time, Quirk.”
    “Sure thing, Jerkface,” she replied.

    #2: the Admiral Ironsides:
    O-M-G! I HATE HER! She is so bias and awful (I’m sure that she probably has a reason for her action but damn! It’s so annoying!)!
    She denies Spensa’s access to housing and food!? Spensa is 17! And this helmet thing! I’m sure it’s about the father issues again! But Spensa is being treated so unfairly! I hate it!

    #3: the Skyward Flight
    Thank god, no one died on the first outing to the battlefield. But our cinnamon roll Rig is gone…. This makes the situation more realistic but still! The flirting part from Bim and Spensa was just too embarassing yet cute! And of course, Jerkface has to ruin everything for Spensa by telling everyone about her father and that she is living in a cave just to get revenge because he lost at a stupid simulation game in class. But good job Spensa to steal his car’s power matrix!

    Happy Reading everyone!

  • love.the.villain

    I am currently LIVING for that slug! What an incredibly unique little creature. I totally want one.

    I’m glad I’m not alone in thinking that Ironsides is acting like a complete child. I don’t see what would be wrong with just explaining her reasonings like an adult and giving Spensa the benefit of the doubt. Regardless of whatever happened with her father, Spensa is her own person and should be treated just like any other cadet!

    My callsign would be: Villain. Probably Vill for short. Can you imagine how awesome it would be if we all got to pick nicknames like these when we were at school?

    • Rebecca

      That’s little slug is by far one of my favourite companions. I hope to see more of him (I only managed to get to chapter 15- started reading late and it’s aleays 3 in the morning and I have to get up early).

  • Ali Kiki (@love2dazzle – Dazzled by Books)

    I think I would go with Kiki for my call sign. It has been my nickname since I was two years old. It isn’t your typical call sign name but that is what would make it unique. I really love that the call sign got changed from Quick to Quirk. I feel like it is a lot more fitting. From what I understand with call signs though is usually you don’t choose your own. Usually it is given to you by a comrade or an instructor. I did find it interesting that they were allowed to choose their own. It is the fun things like Jerkface and Quirk that wants you to see the kids come up with their own names for each other.

    I am wondering if the ship has something to do with her dad. We all know that she is going to discover what really happened eventually. I love how there was so much going on between these few chapters. I am really loving Spensa more and more. She is one of the most determined characters ever. I really enjoy that about her. I think Ironsides is being a bit ridiculous with everything. I almost think that maybe there really is more going on and we are going to discover what. I feel like Ironsides is going out of her way to make Spensa uncomfortable and my thought would be why? Doesn’t she have better things to do with her time?

  • Morgane (ShadesOfBooks)

    Hello G and everyone !

    I’m also very upset that Spensa is not allowed to stay with the rest of the team. I was hoping that they would fight for her at some point but after what Jerkface reveal, it’s going to be a bit complicated.

    Okay he knows how to fly but that doesn’t give him the right to be arrogant and yes maybe what Spensa did wasn’t necessary and nice but you don’t talk about being a team and then drop that kind of bomb two seconds later ?!

    I also really like the fact that Spensa isn’t good at everything and that she knows she have a lot to learn, it’s refreshing.

    And finally, I can’t wait to know more about the ship tomorrow, it’s going to be really interesting !

    • G

      Yes, all here for the main characters that aren’t automatically good at everything!

  • Chelsi

    Does anyone else picture the ship with a Britishy-Jarvisy (from Ironman)accent?

    • love.the.villain

      Jarvis was exactly who I was thinking of when I was reading this!

    • Ali Kiki (@love2dazzle – Dazzled by Books)
    • Linda

      Girl, that was my first thought!

    • Silje

      YEEES! I totally imagined this. I wonder why all robotic voices/AI’s are british sounding in my head. I also did this with Aidan from Illuminae.

    • Hanna (@bookishfairytale)

      Hahaha no, i didn‘t actually! But now that you said it I probably will from now on! ? It seems very fitting! 😉

    • G

      Yes, me too!

  • Velvet Shock

    I’m not happy that Jerkface outed her as “a cowards daughter” because she is not a coward and I don’t think her dad was either.

    I’m not happy that Ironsides won’t let Spin eat or live in Alta and I think that might cause problems down the line. But I think it is building Spensa’s character. At least she has the crashed ship to sleep in, a slug to keep her company and her rat hunting training is going to really help her for food. I still think Ironsides is being unreasonable with Spensa though.

    I’m disappointed that Rig left the flight school but I get that it must be scary after that first experience they had after only HOURS of training, he was almost killed. I’m glad that they all made it back alive but I don’t think it will always be that way.

    • Ali Kiki (@love2dazzle – Dazzled by Books)

      I was disappointed that Rig left as well. At the same time, Spensa needs to grow, so I could see why Sanderson decided to split them up in that way.

    • G

      I am also sad to see Rig leave but I’m sure he’ll be coming into the story later on with another purpose as we see in day 3 hehe 🙂 x

  • Kirsty

    Hey everyone!

    So I’m completely hooked on this book! I like the growing relationships. Love the ship that she’s discovered and the talking slug.

    I feel like Spensa takes the whole — she’s got weird node things in her helmet and others don’t — a bit too easily though. As well as Rig leaving. Considering they had planned to be pilots together for years she didn’t seem that bothered.
    I like that she beat Jerkface. She’s so tenacious which is awesome! I really felt for her when everyone discovered who her father was. Jerkface totally deserved what he got when she stole his power matrix in revenge, it was hilarious! He’s definitely not treating her very nice but I think he has some secrets and he’ll turn out to be not as bad as we think. (I can’t help but ship them even though he’s being a jerk ?)

    Was great to hear the ship talking at the end of that last chapter! Bring on the next chapters! (And I have no clue what my call sign would be ??)

    • Beth

      I totay agree about the helmet thing. It’s a little fishy. And Rig suddenly deciding he doesn’t want this after worrying so much about his test? Nope. Something is afoot.

    • G

      So glad you’re enjoying the book so much!

  • Charleyexoh (@booksandfunks)

    I’ve been spending a good ten minutes trying to think what my Callsign would be and after asking my best friend what she would think we both decided on Callsign Dreamer because well my head is always lost in books and other stories so I think it is kind of fitting ? that I sit day dreaming about stories and characters.

    I found that this portion of the book felt a lot shorter than the first day but at least there was a little more information when it came to flying and the whole learning process of it. I was really confused about it all yesterday but I feel I have more of an understanding. After the cliffhanger yesterday I wasn’t sure what would happen but I was right that it would cause someone to drop out I just didn’t expect it to be Rig! I actually expected it to be Kimmalyn but she surprised me!

    I too hated the fact she wasn’t allowed to eat or sleep with the rest of the cadets but I found it a little disturbing that despite not really being understood by her mother why she didn’t just go home and stay there or at least tell them what was happening. Perhaps it was pride? Or simply she just found it easier to be alone.

    I too agree that there is more to Jerkface and I am really intrigued by his character even though he really can be well…a Jerkface. Especially when he had discovered Spensa’s infamous title of being a coward’s daughter. I want to know what led him to find out what he did about her – Why she gets under his skin so much.

    Once again today’s read along has ended on another cliffhanger. Our trusty spaceship companion is now alive and ready to talk! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s read along! I will persevere!

  • Steph

    My callsign would probably be Daisy, it’s the nickname I’ve had since I was a kid given to me by my dad. Either that or ginge (what my brother calls me).

    I’m loving this book so far. Managed a couple more chapters on my commute to and from work today. So I’m up to chapter 28 I think.

    I’m listening to it and it makes me laugh so much. I actually cannot wait until we get into discussing the ship because I’ve been so excited about talking about this ?? it’s difficult keeping my lips sealed haha ?

  • Beth

    I feel Jerkface is going to have more to offer. He is obviously familiar with Cobb and sensitive about the others thinking he doesn’t deserve his place or are undermining him. I also hate the name Jerkface. It’s such a five year old thing to say.
    Doomslug will probably have more to her. Is she really just going to be a random slug no one has ever seen the likes of before? Are we going to have a kind of Enders Game thing here?
    I am happy her weird little ship has an AI. Hopefully it can tell us more about how they came to be there and the history of the planet and war. Because the history has me so intrigued.
    Just going to move onto tomorrow’s chapters straight away because I need to get to know this AI.

  • Lucie

    My callsign would be something like “not people person”…:D But it is probably to long, so maybe shortcut NPP..:D 😀

    This part was interesting. I seriously hate Ironside, like excuse me, but you are AN ADULT and you are acting worse that 2 years old child who just had a tantrum. Spin can’t eat there, can’t sleep there and she even got some special helmet, JUST HER. I am thinking that there is really something more behind Spin’s father death.

    The Jerkface’s move with telling who Spin is was stupid and I was like, yeah, this is why you are called Jerkface, on the other hand, Spin was not playing fair either (so for now, I am going to still ship them even though they both act like idiots) and actually killed him in that hologram thing, so I kind of understand why he did it.

    Excuse me, but “talking” SLUG? 😀 Ane Spin even gave him a name, I actually had to stop listening the audiobook and played it again, just in case I did not hear correctly, but yeah, she named the slug, which is cute.:D

    And I can not wait for more of that talking ship and if Jerkface will somehow revenge for her breaking his car.

    Spin is very well written, because when she learn to fly, it is really, that she is learning and she is not like, oh here, I got this from the first moment, which is great. I liked her moment with Morningtide. But than she does somethin stupid or she thinks judgy things and I am like, Spensa, you need to stop, ok.

    Excited for tomorrow chapters.

  • Silje

    “That was not a joke!” God, Cobb is honestly such a mood ? I never get tired of the “grumpy teacher that still supports me” trope!

    I’m pretty suspicious about the helmet thingy.. I don’t trust Ironside one bit! The way they treat her is just so horrible. I’m also really looking forward to figure out exactly what happened to her dad, since I don’t really think he was a coward.

    Loving the read so far! Might actually continue reading it tonight, I’m so excited to read more about the spaceship ?

  • Carry_On_Kate

    I think my Callsign would be Katty (pronounced cat-tee), as that’s my family’s nickname for me.

    The more I read the more I love Spensa! I feel like we share a mind (I know she I fictional), I think of what I would do in her situation and then in the next paragraph she does it. Especially when she kamikazed Jerkface during the ring competition, totally a Slytherin move.

    The hate for Ironsides is real. She is meant to be a grown woman not a petty teenager. What does she get by denying Spensa basic rations? She’s trying to get Spense to quit by make her life as miserable as possible. On a side note I like Cobb, he wants the cadets to survive when they’re pilots by teaching them properly.

    That slug is so weird the way it just appeares and repeats words back. I want one!!!

    The plane is talking!! Finally we have our Toothless. I think I’m going to read a little bit more before going asleep to get a heads start on tomorrow’s chapters. Not because I want to know more about the talking plane!

    • Kirsty (@kirstyes)

      Ooh. Hogwarts Houses for the characters.

      Spensa – Slytherin
      Rig – Ravenclaw
      Quirk – Hufflepuff
      Bim – Gryffindor
      Jerkface could be Ravenclaw too?! He seems to value knowledge?! But also winning. Maybe a Slytherin too.

      Hmmmm what other suggestions do people have?

      • Hannah

        I love when we resort characters from other books into Hogwarts Houses ?
        But always makes perfect sense and I agree with the houses you sorted them in!

      • G

        Ooooh I actually see Spensa as Gryffindor because she has barely any control over her temper haha But agree with all the other ones! I love how you guys had people sorted, you’re my kind of gang <3

        • Chelsi

          Spensais one of those people who the sorting hat would contemplate his decision forever. I could see her being a Slytherin OR a Gryffindor…

    • G

      Haha I want a slug too, which is not something I thought I’d be saying 😀

  • Le.skye

    I’m pretty suspicious of Cobb, and in fact about the whole set up of this society. I think the attack on their first day of training was a bit too convenient. When that one Krell fighter broke away and they radio’d in to warn Cobb, and he was just all “Command knows about it”… hmm…

    I’m getting the feeling that Spensa’s dad found out something he wasn’t supposed to and that’s why his team shot him down. And that’s why Ironsides is so hell-bent on making Spensa a pariah, just in case she knows soething. After all she has her dad’s pin and light line so it’s not too much of a stretch to think that he may have confided in his family.

    I think the ship, which was clearly on Detritus before the Defiants, might be able to give us a clue as to what happened before they crash-landed on the planet and why things are the way they are.

    • alexandersj

      Noooo don’t but them bad vibes on me! I dont want cobb to be evil haha.

  • alexandersj

    So they did actually said them out there! That’s crazy haha.
    I like that Spensa isnt automatically good at flying and is struggling a bit. And go kimmalyn! I’m not sure I said it last time but I like her haha, she is the offbeat luna lovegood of the group haha.

    Rig left? Hmmm I mean, I get being genuinely scared, I just can’t believe this is the last we’ll see of him.

    I like Morningstar not speaking the language! That must be rough trying to fit in.

    I like the slug!! I like Brandons non human characters. I can see this being a cute plushy teddy if this book ever becomes a film!

    So rough for Spensa to be pushed out and not allowed to bunk with her squad. Ironsides is really trying to force her out. I guess the author wanted to pile the misery on for Spensa and make it tough. She has never really fit in and training to be a pilot has always been her dream but the dream isnt all its cracked up to be. Having her push through regardless shows how much she really wants this!

    And they are monitoring her through the helmet? Hmmm I’m not sure. Maybe this is to do with the whole hearing the stars thing?

    Maybe this is an unpopular opinion but I’m still not hating Jerkface haha. Obviously he shouldn’t have called out Spensa like that, it was petty but it was retaliation on Spensa, even though she technically didn’t break any rules. She wants to fit in and have friends but she isn’t making it easy on herself by doing things like that. Those two need to chill out and stop competing! If they worked as a team they would be awesome.

  • alexandersj

    Also my callsign would probably be something silly like ‘pepperoni’ because I eat too much pizza haha.

    • G

      Hahah how did I even know it was you from the comment without looking at the name first, huh? 😀

  • Sabrina

    This society seems very keen on treating children as their parents have performed. Spensa is a coward because her dad ‘was’, Jorgen and his mates are treated as gold because of who their parents are. How much of this comes from Ironside herself?
    For me, the ship speaks like Peter Jones- the original book from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
    And my call sign is Biggles. I was teased when I was little because I had big glasses and read a lot. But he was a daredevil, literary hero, so I can go with it.

    • G

      Definitely an annoying sociaty trait, although I have to admit it’s very believable. Sadly.

      Oh yes, that’s the exact voice I had for the ship too! 🙂

  • Hanna (@bookishfairytale)

    I’m trying to think of a fitting callsign for me, but it’s so hard! I think I would be like Bim, wanting to get it perfectly right. ? Maybe my callsign should be ‘Indecisive’ then, oops.

    I’m enjoying this book sooo much! And Spensa is such a great character!
    But why on earth would you rather live in a cave and eat rats and mushrooms every day than go home to your family? Especially if your job is one that might get you killed every day. I would rather try to spend as much time with my family as possible… but tbh I would do EVERYTHING that she did so far completely differently! ? I am so absolutely unlike her, but that just makes reading more interesting!

  • Kirsty (@kirstyes)

    So Phewf no one died in the battle, but it was a close call. The rest of the chapter was training, helping us understand the threat of the enemy and how they can be defeated and Spensa being treated differently again. Although it shows her independence. Here are some of my thoughts.

    Yay Kimmalyn standing up for herself. Go girl. And then she got the first Krell hit. She’s also the sweetest thing.

    Jorgan and Spensa both know Sun Tzu – but then he called her little girl. How condescending. I like how Spensa can see past her hatred to acknowledging when he is good at something.

    No romance during school huh but Bim and his blue hair look fine. Bim vs Jorgen. Who are we going to ship? Bim’s flirting was cute but is he too gung-ho to survive training?

    Aaarrrgggh. The petty unfairness of not letting her live with everyone else and then single her out for monitoring.

    That’s a couple of times the book has said Cob not Cobb. Grr – errors annoy me.

    Yellow/ blue slug thing seems fun. That’s merchandising for the film release right there. I’ll name them Dippy although Spensa went for Doomslug the destroyer.

    Nooooo Rig – he left. He had the book smarts but not the battle smarts. Will we see him again in this book? What job will he end up doing?

    What’s Morningtide’s deal? Ah. Language barrier. Well done to Spensa for spotting it and helping.

    Love the ‘student feedback’ for Cobb – as a past lecturer that bit did make me smile. Although is it a ploy by Ironsides to get rid of him and therefore Spensa too. He seems to have a different and probably more thorough teaching technique than others. He also values life. He does sometimes remind me of the expert trainer in Dodgeball tho. ?

    Love the idea of light lances. Quite unique in space terms and would make a fun visual.

    Jerkface outed her. Typical. He’s going to have to do a lot of making up to her to become the love interest.

    Spensa is very impetuous but she does reflect afterwards and tries to learn. I love that she stole the power pack from the car to move the story forward rather than just bashing it up.

    The ship now talks and seems to have free thought – looking forward to this next section and finding out more about his personality and history

  • Queen

    So I started the book today and I love it!
    I’m with Jerkface when he says that she’s got an attitude problem – I’m sure it’ll get her into BIG TROUBLE later!
    I am also pretty disappointed in the way the adults are handling these situations. Not only with Spinsa but also with these rumours about ejecting. In “normal” military you’d be expected to eject before you die in your ship.

    I love Brandon Sanderson’writing style so far. It is witty and funny and she is just so dramatic. And Quirk with her Saint Stuff! I love it!

    My callsign would be Queen! Like the band, like in one of my favorite songs, like in “I’m gonna be the deadliest piece on the board.” Never underestimate a Queen. And maybe I’ve also got a little flair for the dramatic.

  • Queen

    I started the book today and I love it!
    I’m with Jerkface when he says that she’s got an attitude problem – I’m sure it’ll get her into BIG TROUBLE later!
    I am also pretty disappointed in the way the adults are handling these situations. Not only with Spinsa but also with these rumours about ejecting. In “normal” military you’d be expected to eject before you die in your ship.

    I love Brandon Sanderson’writing style so far. It is witty and funny and she is just so dramatic. And Quirk with her Saint Stuff! I love it!

    My callsign would be Queen! Like the band, like in one of my favorite songs, like in “I’m gonna be the deadliest piece on the board.” Never underestimate a Queen. And maybe I’ve also got a little flair for the dramatic.

  • Sharon (@ravenreadsalot)

    It talks! Finally! Also, my callsign would probably be Cat. 😀
    I loved this sentence especially “I was a world-class, highly trained, longtime expert rat girl.” Made me laugh.
    Her not getting to sleep or eat there? What are they (or just Ironsides) afraid of, really? She’s still only a kid! Or is she?
    I’m not really disliking Jerkface somehow… (he reminds me a little bit of Tsukasa from Hana Yori Dango… and I cannot really dislike those type of characters ^^’)
    Spensa’s slug friend… and this chipmunk story from one of the other cadets…. is there a connection since Spensa said she was reminded of a chipmunk (I think)?
    So many questions…

  • Jodiesbookishposts

    Think my call sign would be Ginge. I am loving the development in this book. Jerkface might actually be my fave – like he knows what he’s talking about and isnt reckless like Spensa.

    Anyone else think the helmet is a way for them to spy? Bring on tomorrow.

  • Natasha Ní Mhiacháin

    I must stop reading. I must go to bed.

    Okay my call sign for sure would be LOony, my best mate has called me LOony LOo for years, I’m not sure why, HA! ?

    Okay so Jerkface asked some pretty interesting questions about taking the fight to the Krell, what if that same idea struck Spensa’s father? I still don’t believe that he fled.

    I like Cobb but there’s something off about him.

    Spensa is so overdramatic in the best way, her outbursts of vengeance are hilarious. And her wee lines.

    “A skeleton who could turn really, really well.”

    Characters like this usually annoy me but she’s really well written, I’ve laughed out loud so many times already.

    She named the slug, like come on, how could you not love her? Doomslug ?

    I love Quirks wee sayings, she has one for everything.

    I like Jerkface, his info dump on Spensa was a d-bag move and quite petty but there’s something brewing.

    Bim trying to flirt was adorable, I just want to squish his little face.

    I HATE them for taking away food and a bed from her, heck she should be getting praised for living in a damn cave and feeding herself instead of mocked and being forced to wear a helmet that monitors her.

    I hope something really terrible happens and they need someone like her to save their asses. Grr! Jerks.

  • amylroberts15

    First of all I have no clue what my Callsign would be lol ?

    Today’s chapters were interesting. I thought it was a bit cruel for Ironsides to send them out as decoys in a way. However, seeing our girl going with her initiative was exciting. I am enjoying all the characters apart from the idiot Jerkface.

    It’s interesting to see the names play out, especially for Quick who then stuck with the name Quirk. And reading about her save Jerkface’s life with that long range shot was amazing!
    It’s nice to see that Spensa is self aware.

    I was so frustrated and annoyed how they excluded Spensa from the accommodation and food! Now that is just being childish, if her father was still alive he would be furious!
    I am said that you don’t get to see how the girls react outside the classroom, but maybe we get to read that later on in the book?

    I was so said when Rig decided that he didn’t want to be a Pilot. I know he said he was only going for the ride, but it is sad that she now doesn’t have anyone familiar in her class apart from her teacher Cobb.
    I was laughing so hard with the drama of the bacon that her classmates had that morning, it was making me hungry reading it.

    I thought it was strange how Cobb is saying to use your emergency eject, yet using it will cause you to never be able to fly again ?.
    It was interesting to find out that Morningtide doesn’t speak English. I thought she was just one of those characters that always have problems with everyone, but knowning that she doesn’t speak English does put a twist in the story.

    OMG! The slug is so cute! It talks well mimics but it’s like her personal pet! ?

    I am loving the friction between Jerkface and Spensa. To me I think Jerkface is just too confident possibly because of his parents.
    And then I was so angry that he let slip who Spensa is, she was just getting use to people not knowing that and now they do know! But how did he find out? And who told him? I think it was his parents or something. Still I am starting to hate him more and more.

    Awe Brim is so cute, it’s so sweet how he flirted and then Spensa compared him to one of the gods in her Gran Grans stories ?

    It’s interesting to see how Spensa is surviving in a ship, eating rats for her meals, talking to a slug and yet just going to class like normal. She is a brave girl, it just proves that she is stronger than anyone and is not giving up on her dream! I understand why she didn’t want to get back to her home like Cobb said, to be honest I think that Cobb is secretly rooting for Spensa as he probably sees his friend Chaser in her eyes.

    And OMG! The ship talks! I thought it was funny how it powered up and then asking her questions. I can’t wait to get to know the ship more! This will be exciting! ? x

  • Rebecca

    Chapters 10-14
    This book is… just…well… AMAZING!
    I’m loving every second of this book, and although I didn’t quite hit the target of chapter 17, I am still loving this novel. It’s packed with so much information, and storytelling and each page I read I feel like I’m learning something, I’m getting to know the characters more, or the build is built more, or the jets because real. It’s storytelling at its best.

  • Jess P.

    MI do like Spensa but sometimes she lets her pride get in her way. She definitely shouldn’t have “killed” Jerkface just win. It almost feels like she was sulking in a way and jealous that Jerkface was smart enough to wait and see what the others did before he attempted the course. She also shouldn’t have stolen his car’s matrix. Although, Jerkface is such a jerk for blabbing about who Spensa’s father is and where she sleeps.

    I love Doomslug! She is like a little pet for Spensa and keeps her company while in the cavern. I am also excited about the ship coming to life!

    I love Kimmalyn! She seems like she is still going to be a great friend and ally for Spensa. I was just as surprised about Morningtide not being able to speak English very well. I like that Spensa has kinda befriended her after their misunderstanding and tries to help her understand better. I wonder if Spensa’s identity will affect this relationship now?

    I liked that Bim and Spensa were starting to take an interest in eaxh other and flirt. But now it feels like Jerkface ruined that.

    Ironsides is so petty towards Spensa. I still don’t believe her father wqs actually a coward but even if he was, that doesn’t mean Spensa would be too. She has the right to prove her worth and loyalty just like anyone else. She is her own person and should be shown the same respect everyone else is given! I almost feel like Ironsides is trying to keep Spensa out so she doesn’t discover what really happened. Maybe Ironsides is involved in what really happened to Spensa’s father and lied about it to take power.

  • Hannah

    My callsign would probably be Hiccup/Hiccups

    *i can’t actually burp but I have these hiccups that make a weird squeaky sound
    *i love How To Train Your Dragon and I am totally seeing the comparison mentioned earlier on of this book to that…. but in space!
    *I’m a super clutzy person so I know if I was in flight school with them, I’d be doing a lot of “hiccups” like crashing my ship into things ?‍♀️

    I am loving this book so far and reading all y’all’s predictions and theories. I’m actually 2 days ahead of reading schedule so I don’t want to mention any spoilers. But Doomslug and M-Bot! Love them!!

  • Tessa

    Honestly loving this book so much already. It’s just so different and also my first Brandon Sanderson book! Instalove him 😛

    I thought the enemy ship was a test too! I was surprised about that part. I was bummed when they kind of banished her but excited to figure out this new ship!

    Also, I love doomslug.

  • Lia

    My callsign would either be Vamp, kid’s nickname, or Santchird, a name I inventei and which I use in all my social media xD
    Yeah, I don’t see her following “stick to your place” orders. Well, she does have a lot of quirks. And the resources part enfuriated me, couldn’t they just let it go?? But she was really badass when she decided to make her own place instead of going to her parents.
    Good premonition… If they’re considered cowards in ejecting, why is Cobb teaching a class?
    My favorite part was her evaluating the game and crashing against jerkface to win xD I mean… Really Spensa?
    Santchird, out.

  • Warnar.books

    I dont necessarily dislike Jerkface but I don’t like him either. Especially him outing Spensa like that in front of their own squad. He is the one who has to make sure the team works together, what the hell dude?
    I think by letting her stay in that cave the author made her more rebellious and stronger than the other cadets. She can take care of herself and she will fight her way in if she has to. And she would never have “fixed” the spaceship otherwise. I know she could get in trouble for stealing that stuff from Jerkface’s car but I thought it was amazing. She is so badass and I love the way she thinks and talks. Her obsession with Beowulf is just an amazing addition to this story. I can’t wait to see where her attitude will bring her!

  • Malaika

    My callsign might be sparkles, I’m way too girly. I hate ironsides, doing that to spensa was totally unfair but it does add a lot of things to the story. If that wouldn’t have happened then spensa would never have to had stayed at the cave and would never start up the ship. I don’t really have much of a problem with jerkface but he can definitely tone down the bossyness a bit. And sometimes spensa’s anger tantrums really gets on my nerves. I have a feeling that chasers death had something to do with him activating his IMP and maybe the krill shot at him before his wingmate Cobb could. Or maybe Cobb missed the krill and shot chaser by mistake.

  • Jamie Rose

    I’m another Bim, needing ages to come up with a callsign that’s just right!

    I’m not sure I want Ironsides to be the main villain/evil dictator type person. As much as I hate the way she’s treating Spin, it just feels too obvious and tropey. Especially for a Sanderson book! There’s got to be more to it.

    Sad to see Rig go. And actually, I quite like Jerkface. Yeah, he’s not behaving the best, but then it’s not entirely unprovoked, is it? I love Spensa’s ballsiness (that’s totally a word) but she took it too far with crashing into Jerkface in their game. Why’s he not ratting her out for stealing his power pack, though? He’s not even suspicious? Or complaining? There’s something going on there.

    Enjoyed meeting the ship! Can’t wait to see where we go from here.

  • Leslecturesajigoku78

    My callsign would actually be something like “Bookworm” or “Lazy” XD
    Not my fault but it’s too much me that i can’t find other callsign…

    @leslecturesajigoku78 in instagram

  • Nika

    I like Jerkface and I am looking forward for more interactions with Spencer and him.
    I was suprised that Rig droped out of flight school. Is he on a secret mission? Or will he do an important part in another job section later? There must be more!

    I am follow the readalong although I am totally behind. But I love the readalong and always happy when I have reached the next goal.

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