Skyward Readalong: Day 3

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Hello friends!

How are you today? How’s your week going so far?

I absolutely loved reading your thoughts yesterday! Especially all the lovely stories explaining your callsigns! Let’s dive into today’s section, we’re reading chapters 17-23. And things will get real.


Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Skyward 1-23 inclusively. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Wooo M-Bot! Now I know a talking ship AI might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but it’s one of my absolute favourite things in Sci-Fi so I’m one happy girl over here. Have you guys read Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, or seen the movie? It reminds me of the little robot there. Or have you read Illiuminae? You have to admit that AIDAN was one of the best parts in the series! (Boy, that book is a ride!) Might want to try these if you’re enjoying this book and haven’t read the other ones! 

I love how random M-Bot’s goal on the planet is. He’s here to collect fungi samples. Fungi samples! I know it’s most likely a consequence of the damage to its’ systems but I also hope it’s not and that’s actually his ambition. Hey, everybody needs a hobby! 

Spensa observes that the ship seems to be a fighter one, and when M-Bot denies this and is asked why would he had so many guns otherwise, he simply replies it’s so he can destroy anyone disrupting his gathering of fungi data. C’mon, Spensa, keep up girl haha 

Maybe with the help of this ship, that seems to pre-date their history on this planet, she can gather intel that, once she inevitably gets kicked out of the flight school, she can use to make sure they need her. Not that M-Bot is providing any useful information now but who knows, maybe he will recover something from his memory drives! 

We are bringing Rigs to the ship. Makes sense, he does seem to know much more on how to fix this than she does. And I am happy to see the main character not making a big deal of asking for help because I personally am over the whole idea of “you can’t be strong and kickass if you have to ask for help” nonsense, so points for that! Plus I’m happy she will not be the only one hiding this, although it does mean there’s possibly one person that can betray us now. Do you think Rigs would?

Then there’s our first battle. And there are casualties. 

Morningtide died. The girl we knew so little about yet felt almost like big sister to her, explaining words she didn’t know, always checking in if she’s okay. 

The flightcrew are already shaken up but there’s a suspicious bomber. Brim is his usual eager self, he tries to take the ship down, doesn’t listen to direct command to retreat, and get’s killed.

And it’s not like a lot of these kids were thinking of this as a game but seeing their friends being killed so quickly and easily was still a harsh reminder of their mortality and the actual risks of being a pilot on this base. There’s an undeniable shift in their perspectives going forward.

Well, damn.

Onto the Interlude!

Ironsides is using the brain scanning to check for some type of defect?? Also, can we just take a brief moment to note how incredibly intrusive it is to scan and monitor somebody’s brain??? So not okay with this. (But also 100% for it being in this book because it’s an interesting plot point and I’m very intrigued so it’s clearly working haha)

This will have some type of connection to her father. I really am starting to loath this woman quite a bit. Hello Umbridge No 2.

The next day in class is understandably hard. Cobb seems to be just as shaken up as they are, but it gives Spin a chance to show she’s more than just shouts and angry stares. I think that’s the first time Jerkface sees that in her too, during her brief but touching speech. 

Why the hell is her helmet hot now too. Urgh! Get out of our heads, Umbridge! 

We get the confirmation from Cobb that her father didn’t flee and the official version is fake! I am still suspicious, I have a feeling that the truth, whatever it will be, will not be as positive as Spensa hopes. That would be too clean. I also don’t think her father ran, but there’s gotta be something more sinister because none of her theories back at the ship with Rig make much sense. Plus there’s the fact that they are testing her brain for something, seemingly measurable. So there must be something! 

Poor M-Bot not remembering anything and being frightened. I realise he constantly says he is programmed to imitate human emotions but every time he says stuff like that I wonder if it’s for Spensa’s benefit or his own. Because it sure does seem like he feels these things on some level. 

She did the thing in the stimulation again when she’s a bit too keen and got everyone extra work and Jerkface cornered her when she got out for a minute to cool down. She wants to walk away because we clearly see her being unhinged and surely that’s the right thing to do – take yourself out of the situation before you do something dumb you’ll regret later. But then Jerkface says that of course she would flee; like father like daughter. 

That was an unfortunate phrasing, boy. 

She performs a very impressive manoeuvre to pin him down. However impressive, still assault. Damn girl. I don’t condone violence in any situation, but I’m also not saying he didn’t deserve that a little bit. 

This can possibly be a very bad situation for us.

What’s going to happen now? Do you think we’re in trouble? Is this where we get kicked out? I mean, could be! We do have that other secret ship going for us so it could be!

What do you think??



59 thoughts on “Skyward Readalong: Day 3

  1. These chapters were pakced with information and action. I still like Jerkface and find him refreshing haha

    My suspicions of Ironsides continue and become stronger. But I am also finding suspicious Rig’s placement. Maybe he is a genius, yea. But I think everything is being too laid out for him. I feel something is cooking in his environment. Maybe he is a pawn in someone’s foul play. Maybe Ironsides herself.

    I like Spensa. But I feel she is too rash and foolish. She needs to tone it down a notch or she will end up being the Flightcrew’s downfall.

    M-bot is an intetesting ship. I want to think he is connected to something maybe the DDF is trying to hide.

    1. Oh noooo I hope MBot isn’t connected to DDF!

  2. Oh man this book has got me hooked. I am loving the AI, such strong characterisation.

    There is so much mystery going on around the DDF. It sounds like maybe Spensa Dad was a – what did FM call it? Disputer? Don’t think Ironside would take kindly to that. I feel for Cobb.

    I am getting major Hunger Games vibes from this book. The reading experience feels very similar to me, a lot of similar things in characters.

    Can’t wait to see what happens next. Hoping that M- bot can uncover the truth with a bit of sleuthing.

    Also Jerkface was totally a Jerkface – I would have punched him by now so, well done Spensa.

    1. The AI is giving me life. He is quite funny for a spaceship and I am really enjoying his conversations.

  3. M-bot is funny – I hope he gets his mushroom ice-cream flavour at some point. It’s both creepy and cool that he managed to hack the comms systems and speak to Spin in training.

    Yay Rig to the repairs and engineering. Glad he seems happy. But don’t dare touch Doomslug.

    Morningtide and Bim ? – killed the future love triangle. I liked how we saw Cobb’s response to Ironsides.

    Jordan’s surname is not the same as Ironsides. She could still be his aunt?

    The defect??? Interesting. I want to know more.

    Quirk = total Hufflepuff- touch my pie ? and I’ll rip your fingers off ?

    Cobb did shoot down her dad – or did he? He’s clearly got something he’s trying to make up for.

    Jorgen reminded me of Cartman from Southpark – Respect my authority – I’m actively disliking him more now.

    But I like Nedd now – new ship?

    Spin is still learning but has a temper that Jerkface just manages to bring out. Glad some of the others thought he deserved it too.

    I think I’m going to read on because I need to know what happens.

    1. Hahah the pie thread was hilarious

  4. M-bot is awesome haha. I love AI’s in books, why are they always more fun than humans 😛
    I imagined him with a jarvis voice too but im switching between physical and audio and M-bot is actually Scottish!!

    Glad Rig is back. I hope he doesn’t betray her 🙁 it would be weird if he did.

    Damn I actually like morningtide 🙁
    I had a suspicion that bim would go but morningtide 🙁

    Damn Spensa kicks butt haha.
    I still don’t hate jerkface though haha.

    I wonder how they will get around the no weapons thing if spensa does have to fly the ship in a fight ?

    1. M-bot with a Scottish accent? I didn’t think of something like that! It sounds pretty cool, though. I’m imagining him sounding like David Tennant!

    2. I never pictured M-Bot as Scottish. He doesn’t sound like me in my head! ??

      1. You know, audiobooks always crush my book interpretations?? Like name pronunciations, I get them in my head a certain way and then comes the audiobook….

    3. Your audio book M bot is Scottish?

    4. You know I must agree, AIs just always seem better hah

  5. I’m really starting to hate Ironsides for claiming Spensa and her father have defects. Sounds like the biggest load of space junk I’ve ever heard. Spensa is really trying and it’s all she’s every wanted to do but all Ironsides can think about is not letting Spensa be a pilot. Clearly the DDF need all the pilots they can.

    I love Rigs’ reaction to seeing Spensa. I know that she might have pressured him a little bit about going to flight school but at least her not trying to pressure him to come back, it shows character development on her part. Then when she hypes up M-Bot “you’re going to flip your boots” and then he does! I find his internship is a tad convenient but then with all his knowledge of ships it helps.
    I love that M-Bot talks and he’s so funny. I also love how he denies that he is a fighter but he has 4 guns attached to him. Ok M-Bot whatever you say. I love his mushroom obsession it’s super cute. I can’t wait to see if they manage to fix him. I can’t believe it’s took so long for her to find out that M-Bot has a cleansing pod. Seems like something M-Bot would have told her that since she’s been living there for so long.

    1. I also really liked that she didn’t pressure him to come back, I would have hated that!

  6. I might be overreaching but no one has seen a Krell, ever, so what if the human’s are just part of some weird experiment or something? There’s too many holes, something fishy is going on!

    Rigs comment about Spensa being the sister he never had, but still got stuck with hit me right in the feels, even though his digs at getting swooped up in her dream annoyed me, it’s not her fault he doesn’t have his own life goals. Will he feel the same way when M-Bot is finished?

    The fact that the team were one person down during that attack is ridiculous. They need her on base. Morningtide and Bim – what the heck! The wee speech she made actually made me cry, unlike Jerkface who wrote his on his hand, really dude?

    I would like to say I hate Ironsides, what a bitch! I can’t believe it was Cobb who shot her father down, but why, and what exactly does she have that her father had? Genuine defiance?!

    M-Bot is so cute, he has this human like vulnerability about him. Question, if they manage to get him all repaired, then what? She’ll have to admit to keeping it a secret, stealing to repair him, and how the heck will they get him out of there? He’s meant to lay low, I can’t see him blasting his way out of her cave.

    I like Nedd, he’s funny. The way the other are treating her is a bit shoddy. Her attitude doesn’t help sometimes but they all get the same simulation aside from her, what’s that about?

    Jerkface how dare he!! She needs to learn how to take feedback, and fall in line because he is her leader but he took it too far. She showed him!

    Is it tomorrow yet? I need more ha.

    1. I agree. There’s something fishy with the Krell!!!

  7. Well wasn’t this days’ Chapters Jam packed with a bit of everything?

    I love M-Bot! I knew that I was going to love him before I even read this book and even more so that he is obsessed with mushrooms! My favourite pizza topping! ? he is very witty and blunt and I’m really curious as to how he got there. He reminds me of Baymax ? such an innocent little personality and is funny without his knowledge.

    Also. Chapter 19. Oh God! I was really sad that Morningtide and Bim both died. I wasn’t really sure who would go first in battle but was really sad about Morningtide due to her only just becoming someone Spensa could potentially be friends with. And Bim because he was crushing on Spensa and I felt sorry for him majorly and plus he had Blue hair. Bluuuuuue hair. It was such a sad chapter and I was living my inner Star Wars fan girl by saying Nooooooo! At the book

    I loved how we got to see a little bit of Cobbs and Ironsides confrontation after the battle and how he stood up to her, there is obviously some history there between them which we find out when Spensa confronts Cobb about her father. I knew something was wrong about her father being branded a coward it doesn’t sit right with me and there is obviously something very wrong here about the whole backstory of the DDR. I need to know more just like Spensa!

    I was expecting more from Jerkface, I felt like there was hardly any interaction at all between him and Spensa in these chapters but we certainly got a major situation at the end! I don’t know what is going to happen next but he kind of deserved a bit of a knock down after believing himself to be perfect. Even the other cadets think he deserves it. We shall have to see what will be in store next!

    Loved today’s reading! I became hooked on it and the pages flew on by! I can’t wait for tomorrow and find out what happens next!

  8. Yeah, the first thought I had is that I hope it isn’t insana like in Illuminae xD and he just wants mushrooms of all things… (also, cute fungi!!)
    I really like how Spensa is all about team effort, and how everyone has flaws and advantages that can be used together to make them stronger
    I couldn’t believe they have brain scans but still have som much trouble with shops and the city below. And her logic is just… hugh.
    We also see the differences between her and Jogen, they almost make the perfect team leaders the both of them, he’s lógica but too manual-restriced, while she’s all emotions and impulses.
    Yeeep. There she goês. I never understand why people can’t let other cool down before provoking them, couldn’t they see she wasn’t alright?

    ps: We still have boots to flip in this books. But just one. At each time xD

    1. Oh yeah I think if they put their prides aside they would both be such a good team together

  9. I can’t stop I love this book so much.
    M bot is fun, I like how he (or it) talked and he likes mushrooms lol.
    These chapters made me cry over the loss.
    I don’t understand the amiral and her policies with Spenza.

  10. I’ve just finished this book today.


    I would just like to share for those of you speculating what accent M-bot may have. In the audio book, it’s Scottish, and it’s absolutely fantastic.

    I love M-bot and I find his obsession with mushrooms so endearing. I know it’s his mission but still. Cute!

    I also really love that, like you said G, it’s nice to see a character be all “I’m a badass, I can do this” then when they realise they can’t, they ask for help, instead of doing it anyway and getting themselves into trouble. An important message to be learned, you can’t do everything yourself, sometimes you need to ask for help, and that’s okay.

    No spoilers from me, but I just wanted to say that I absolutely loved this book. And I’m definitely going to check out your recommendations as well G.

    Enjoy the rest of the book lovely readers ?

    1. Now I am just going to imagine that it is the actor of Outlander who plays Jaimie Fraiser is doing the voice of the AI. LOL

    2. I LOVE the fact that the accent is Scottish!! I didn’t know that but it makes it even better haha

  11. M-bot is just the best. I really am getting strong Aidan from Illuminae feels. I know his mushroom ramblings are fun and all, but I hope he’s not damaged too much. I can’t handle another crazy AI in my life!

    Ironsides needs a serious attitude adjustment. Just how did someone like her end up in charge of everything? She must have been a great pilot once, so what happened to make her so cruel and cynical?

    I kind of like Jorgen. He’s like the kid that turns up with an apple for teacher and can’t understand why he’s not cool. I think some of his pestering is kind of cute.

    1. She really just be a miserable being to act like that all the time

  12. Between M-Bot and Doomslug I dont know what else we need from this book. Those characters definitely carry the book. ? In all seriousness, here’s where I start to like Spensa more. Morningtide’s death makes her stop and think about all the bravado she’s been spouting. I really love a good scifi book that delves into the darker side of the military and warfare, hello Forever War and Ender’s Game. Also I’ve already finished the book but I love reading all of your guys theories about the characters and plot.

  13. Can we just appreciate the “Doomslug”? xD And M-bot is funny (Fungi? Really? There must be something grand behind it! xD). I always read his lines with a “robotic voice” in my head. [‘o’]
    And really, I was so shocked when Morningtide died. I thought “That early?” 😮 And then Bim followed. (;_;)
    Ironsides and her interest in Spensa…. (-_-) This woman…
    Also, I really want to know what happened at the Battle of Alta! What was going on with Spensa’s father?! I really hope we get answers in this book!
    And Spensa’s slick moves at the end of chapter 23… looked cool (although violence shouldn’t have been the solution). But hey, it was nice that the others, especially Jerkface’s former “croonies”, were not making a big deal out of it.

  14. Okay woooow, Chapter 22 was intense! So we already guessed that it might be a lie and now I get why Ironsides did all of this to Spensa. But what happened? Why did Cobb do it? Why does Ironsides hate Spensa so much? And what the fuck is this genetic defect?????

    I really liked the side we got to see of FM. Someone who is questioning the system is always very interesting.
    And Nedd seems pretty cool too. Especially with calling Jerkface out.
    My love for Kimmalyn only grows and poor Bim and Morningtide! I have to admit I wouldn’t have thought that people would die so soon.

    And the spaceship. “Clearly I am here to categorize fungi.”
    This is hilarious ? I can’t wait to read more chapters with her ship ???

  15. I can’t really say much because I got way too excited and couldn’t stop reading so I don’t know where you guys are at anymore! ??
    I will say I love M-Bot. He is sarcastic and funny and possibly more ‘real’ than we are seeing? I love it when AI’s have a personality and are not just computer programmes following rules. They make for great, to the point conversations.
    RIP Cadets. ?

  16. I feel like this section of the story was really intense. There was a lot of information thrown at us. I really want to know what is being covered up that it is better to brand Spin’s dad as a coward than admit the truth. What are they doing? Coming up with a made of defect? Since we already know that some fishy is going on with the story of what happened to Spin’s dad.

  17. My mouth fell open when Morningside died and them BAM there goes Bim. I knew people were going to drop out, I mean they had to, but their departure was a bit more permanent.

    I like that Rig is back and helping out, I get this itchy feeling about him being a double agent but I’m naturally cynical so expect the worst, ya know.?

    I wish I was good a developing theories because something funky is going on with what happened to Spensa’s dad and Ironsides.

    Oh I do have a theory about Krell though! That they’re actually humans too! But I seriously suck at theories guys so I’m not expecting to be right.

    I love M-bot. I mean he’ll probably end up being my favorite character. I always really like the AI characters. C3PO from star Wars, Data from Next Generation, Jarvis, Spok, ok I know Spok isn’t AI but he thinks like one. ?

    1. Ooooh that would be interesting if Krell were also human!

    2. I also think the Krell are humans. Something is very fishy with them.

      Ahhh…..this book keeps you on the edge. I love it!

  18. Omg I love MBot. What’s with the mushroom obsession — it’s weird but funny! I’m glad to see Rig again and that Spensa has roped him in to help. I think there may be some tension between him and Jerkface at a later date maybe? I still find the whole, Ironsides liking to send out cadets in real combat unrealistic. ?‍♀️

    Morningtide and Bim dying was really sad. Wasn’t expecting that. The drawing of the Krell interceptor made me laugh. They look like an alien from a kids colouring book. Not very scary.

    Cobb revealing he shot down her father was a surprise. I’d been expecting that he was involved somehow but not that it was actually him! I thought it would turn out to be Ironsides. Why are they only just learning advanced weapons techniques even though they’ve already been in battle? The timeline on the training and fighting makes zero sense to me.

    I was surprised when MBot came through on Spin’s helmet. Unexpected! Spensa is so hot headed but it makes for good reading. Jorgen calling her out and using her father against her was such a low blow — he really is a Jerkface. I can’t deny it was really satisfying when she beat him up! Woo! Go Spin!

    I need more stat!

  19. Maybe M-bot is a Krell ship and the Krell are human as well? Could be an experiment like in the Divergent series something like that. What do you think?
    Love the book so far, I hope I have time tomorrow to continue with day 4!

    1. I have been thinking the same things

  20. I did NOT see the deaths coming, I was genuinely shook.

    All this talk of a “defect” is kinda giving me Divergent vibes. Anyone else?

    I love M-Bot and I don’t think I’ve ever felt so protective about a ship. “If i were a human I’d be scared” !!!!! Precious baby!!!

    I keep going back and forth on Jorgen. Him writing out his speech on his hand was the cutest, but why does he keep trying to expose Spensa?

    1. I think the same with jerkface….
      But I feel like as the book progresses him and Spin’s relationship ship will get better just because they are so competitive and that comeptitivness will make them work harder to become better pilots…

    2. I love it when authors don’t make all the characters bullet proof. Actually adds suspense to the book!

  21. I knew that not all the cadets would survive but when Morningtide died I genuinely thought I had read it wrong and had to reread it 3 times to believe it!!

    I think everyone suspected that something was up with how Spensa’s dad died. And the whole testing for a ‘defect’ it’s like something out of ‘Divergent’!!

    I love M-Bot, in my head I hear Stephen Fry’s voice, he’s just so soft and precious. He just wants mushrooms. But you can tell he is just so important and his discovery will change everything for the Defiant.

    I was right with Spensa when she put down Jerkface, it felt worth it. I’m just worried what will happen to Spensa now, I don’t want her kicked out of flight school she still has much to learn and grow from.

  22. Have to get this down before I forget. The defect is the uncontrolled aggression in the community, created by the DDF’s glorifying of the war and training.
    I like MBot, he’s very droll.
    And nice to see Rig back, though I have a feeling his suggestions in engerineering is going to get him into big trouble.
    Enjoying the tale, but that fight is going to have major consequences. But why do I get the feeling there’s more to Jorgen than meets the eye?

    1. I was thinking something to do with aggression too.

  23. Hi guys, I loved reading all of your comments. I don’t have anything else to add 🙂 except for apparently there are two versions of the audiobook because my m bot is not Scottish ?

    1. Oh man. I feel like Scottish would be so cool haha

  24. I didn’t write my opinion yesterday… woops.
    Anyway M-Bot is amazing, he’s made me laugh a handful of times already and I know this is going to continue. I am so happy that Brandon didn’t let Rig just drift into the background and disappear, I am loving Spin’s and Rip’s friendship also Rip and M-Bot are going to be hilarious if they keep up this banter they have going on.

    I STILL HATE IRONSIDES! I mean come on she comments on the fact that Spin isn’t in the fight until near the end, ummm Ironsides… THAT’S YOUR FAULT IF YOU WOULD ONLY GIVE THE GIRL HER WELL DESEERVED BUNK SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN THERE AT THE BEGINNING WITH THE OTHERS!… I’m okay. Also How can you measure if someone’s going to be a coward? I mean Spensa is literally ready to face a lifebuster and somehow the helmet says she’ll be a coward and runaway? Okay…

    Do I have to talk about our two fatalities… Morningside… Now during the interlude I kept thinking what if Spin had a bunk and was with them at the beginning?? would Morningside still be alive I mean she knew how to protect her, she just couldn’t get there in time. And of course Bim… he didn’t even get to have a callsign, I knew this was going to happen though, the way he refused to back down and retreat even though he was still so inexperienced Also I’m not going to lie I loved Spin’s fight with Jerkface. I know she should have kept her cool and there will be consequences for her actions but, it it felt so good to see her finally show him that he can’t keep pushing her and expect her to put up with it. Also it was so nice to she a fellow short person (I’m 4 Foot 10 Inches) defend herself against a much taller person.

    So even though I got to today’s chapters late I still managed to read them relatively quickly and I loved them, I can’t wait for tomorrows chapters.

  25. So much is happening! So excitiiiing!
    Some of my thoughts on the today’s chapters:

    – Bim and Morningtide… I mean we all knew that people would die in this book and I bet Bim and Moriningtide were only the first ones to go… but it still is so sad! I liked them both so much! ? I’m scared of who’s going to die next…

    – Mbot is hilarious, especially his obsession with mushrooms! I can’t wait to find out more about him and if there’s some useful information to be found in his lost memories…

    – Even though I like Jorgen, I loved how Spensa kicked his butt! He kinda deserved it! 😉
    And also it seems like Spensa does have some aggression problems… Another interesting aspect added to her character.

    Loving this book so much!

  26. Oh also, I didn’t start reading until yesterday so I had to catch up and I’m not sure if anyone else has talked about it at all, but does anyone else thing that the Krell might be human as well? I can’t remembr if their shape was ever described.

    1. See I was thinking that as well….
      But then they started stating that they could never find bodies of the krell to examine them so now I’m on to this new theory that the krell ships are controlled using krell technology and that there were never pilots piloting them to begin with…. and that’s why they don’t fight in groups and usually fly off on their own….

  27. Today’s chapters were funny, interesting, sad and exciting. So many mixed emotions. We finally got to heard more of the ship speak and found out that his name is M-bot. It was exciting to see the personality show that we would normally see in a human. What made me smile though is how Spensa showed Rig M-bot. I thought it was really sweet that she showed him because he is the only person she trusts, but also she needed help fixing up M-bot. However, hearing M-bots masters last commands it was sad that M-big had now realised that his master had perished and is no longer with them.

    Going through the book we see more of M-bots personality and to me he is acting more of a human each time. Reading that he feels scared because he has no master and he isn’t sure if he trusts Rig was heartbreaking, it made me picture a little child who would hide behind their parents legs when a stranger would come round to visit for the first time. M-bot warning to Spensa about keeping his existence between them both was serious, he even mentioned how he thought telling Rig was a bad idea. I thought it was interesting how M-bit could detect krell ships when suddenly a battle was starting. It will be interesting to see what Spensa does when she starts using M-bot.

    OMG! I was literally having tears down my face, I mean a battle came out of nowhere and then Morningtide was getting chased. At first I thought that Spensa would get there in time but then Morningtide’s ship exploded! Reading how the other characters reacted broke my heart and I just wanted to hug everyone. Then suddenly it gets worse, the krell ships bought faster ships with them which were attached to a bomber ship. I knew something bad was going to happen but I wasn’t expecting Bim to die! ? and when I read he looked at Spensa before his ship exploded it was like she was the last face he saw. I am going to miss his comments and his cute, awkward flirting that happened between him and Spensa. And then after all that Ironside felt no remorse after the two deaths of the cadets, like what is going through her mind! And even saying that Spensa is a risk to the DDF! I think that women has lost her mind! I loved how Cobb was defending Spensa when he was arguing with Ironside.

    After the death of the comrades it was strange reading how it effected different people. Jerkface was still the same, he is just acting like a rich kid and everyone should bow down to him. Hurl has been acting strange since Jerkface mentioned about Spensa’s dad, I wanted to hug Kimmalyn so much as I felt these deaths affected her more, I love how Nedd is trying to befriend Spensa in a way by encouraging her and praising her which can sometimes be weird but interesting on what his intention is, FM is another character I love as I feel like she is the only friend Spensa has in the group and I liked how she squeezed Spensa’s shoulder as a way of comfort and Arturo I feel he is just Jerkface shadow. But all these characters all showed differently how they reacted to the deaths of their friends.
    The more shocking news is Spensa now has found out why she has those indicators in her helmet only. This is getting ridiculous, how are they going to know if she is going to run. Spensa is getting treated unfairly.

    OMG! Cobb was the one who shot down Spensa’s father! Talk about a twist in the story, and then straight after slowly finding out that they lied in the report and falsely accused her father of being a coward! I wonder what their reason is? And will she ever find out the truth?

    How interesting was it to read that M-bot was talking to Spensa through the radio cobb gave her, I thought it was sweet like a thought of a brother checking in with his little sister. I loved his comments on when he said to “Try not to die, I don’t want to be left alone with Rodge. He’s boring” lol ?
    Jerkface is getting worse! He has now pushed Spensa over the edge to which she started a fight. To be honest he deserved it after everything he has done, and I love how Nedd was backing Spensa, encouraging her and even asking for lessons of fighting lol ? However, the big question is what more trouble can Jerkface start now? Will he get her kicked out? Or will he try something else?

    I am starting to like this story more and more, I can’t wait to read more tomorrow night to see how it plays out after the fight with Jerkface ? x

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    I guess I’ll pick one now… Hmmmmmm…
    I think I would choose something like “Flare.”

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    I think that Spin and her father have something different about them biologically/emotionally/ mentally, and that is why that DDF lady wants to keep track of her.
    I think they are going to find out that because their ancestors could listen to stars so could her father and her as well which gives them an advantage and her father heard one of them telling him something which ended in him defying DDF ladies orders while he was trying to do something to save everyone and resulted in him getting shot down.

    AND I think Jerkface really deserved that butt whooping…. He knew he was pressing Spin’s button.
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    I am also glad that Rigs came back into the story. He is the only person who has never judged her for who her father supposedly is. It makes sense that he would be an engineer. He is certainly smart enough.

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    I said it before and I will say it again, I HATE Admiral Ironsides. G, you are definitly right, she is Umbridge 2.0. I wonder what her true agenda is? What exactly is it that they are testing Spensa for? If it was something her father had, it could mean she has it but is it as bad as Ironsides wants us to believe? Also, is it possible that there are other people on Alta and in the other clans who have it as well?

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    I really wish Bim would have survived so he could be a potential love interest for Spensa. I really don’t want her to end up in a romantic relationship with Jerkface. He is selfrighous and always goes for the low blow, calling out Spensa for being the daughter of a coward. While I do agree that Spensa takes too many risks during the simulations that could get her killed if she did that in a real battle and deserves to be called out for it, he needs to learn how to be more constructive with his critisisim instead of always falling back on what amounts to name calling.

    Spensa should not have assaulted Jerkface even though he did deserve it on some level. She could possibly be kicked out of flight school for that. I really hope that Jerkface just lets it go.

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    I do think that Jerface totally had it coming with that attitude towards Spensa (I mean, I totally understand that he’d keep asking her to just sign off and tell themt hat she’s not feeling good rather than just not say anything and do whatever she wants, but he shouldn’t have likened her to her father). I feel like there’s something more a-brewin’ between those two

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