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Skyward Readalong: Day 4

Team FairyLoot

Wonderful photo by @mayushiibooks

Hello Dear FairyLooters!

Just wanted to take a quick moment before we get into it to thank you so very much for joining. I can’t express how much joy it brings me (and the FairyLoot team!) seeing you read the book together and bond with each other. I really hope you have been enjoying the experience so far as well!

Just like last time, we are hosting a Readalong Exclusive Instagram photo competition because we think reading should be awarded! And we really want to make this exclusive to you so the chances of winning are very high, just ask our October’s lucky draw @honeybookz! Here are 4 super easy steps you need to follow:

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And that’s it! Your next box could be on us!

May the odds be ever in your favour, and let’s move onto our chapters! It’s 23-29 today! We’re heading to the second part of the book now!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Skyward chapters 1-29 inclusively. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Living for the Schrödinger’s cat reference in:

“Spensa are you dead?”, “I’m not sure. “, “Oh like a cat??”

Okay so they actually fly for debris based practice but of course there is an actual attack. Of course. Our AI got a visual now though, which is great because I can never have too much of M-Bot The Commentator content. There is this massive city-sized ship (station? factory?) falling down and the Krell seem to want to get us away from it. Our crew members get a command to retreat as it’s too risky staying nearby but Nedd just decides to go towards it and of course Spensa follows. However this decision is understandable somewhat, because you gotta be there for your crazy friends. Wonder what we will see there?

I also wonder why the Krell even attack? Maybe they just want their planet back? What’s their motivation? And why don’t they seem to learn and strategise, as we seem to just keep doing the same things over and over again. Surely if we learn from their patterns they could learn from ours? But we don’t know what they are, so maybe they don’t have the same cognitive functioning? I’m just very curious of what/who/how Krell are! Gimme the Krell info! Has anyone ever tried to communicate with them? May I suggest an interpretative dance as a means of introduction?

No but really, communication! It’s always the lack of communication in books, isn’t it? Although granted, it’s hard to spark up a convo when they’re actively, and very rudely I may add, are trying to shoot yo ass down.

Also when Cobb said to leave the strategy to the ‘grown ups’, you know it’ll come to bite them in the butt. It’s surely useful to hear people out, no? Especially those coming in this with fresh minds.

I was so confused as to why we flew in there but we know now it’s because of Nedd’s brothers. They died. Thank goodness for our M-Bot powered GPS or so would have we.

We learn a bit more about Krell even if we shouldn’t, thanks Cobb! You’re my favourite (and only) teacher hehe But he implies that Krell can read human minds up there and that some pilots are more susceptible to it! Maybe that’s what they’re measuring Spensa for with that helmet! What is this!?

Oh no, we learn a theory that Krell are machines that can think and now Spensa will think M-Bot is one of them?? But no because he’s from earth, right? He played the music. Hm but maybe… Damn it, Mr. Sanderson, why you play us like that? OH BUT WHAT IF KRELL ARE HUMAN? Too far? 🙂

Aw the girls lied to the others to sneak in some food and covers for Spensa so she can sleep over.

It’s heart breaking that she now knows the bonding she’s been missing out on, yet of course I’m so glad she got this night because she really deserved a breather. 

Ironsides asks to see her and offers to let her go and this is where we get the power. The only way she wins is if we flee. And we’re not going to flee. We’re badass like that.

You guys. What. A. Ride!

Thoughts? Feelings? Leave them all below!






  • Becca1573

    Bwahaha that CSI photo ? he’s my favorite to make fun of, he’s such a ridiculously try-hard badass…anyway! I’ve been thinking that the Krell might be human and maybe they think we are something else? But that doesn’t explain the mind-reading and monitoring or why they seem to only care about keeping everyone away from debris so I don’t know ??‍♀️ I love M bot so much and I hope he isn’t upset about what he will learn about himself (eventually, I’m assuming). Also can we talk about doom slug? ? so adorable in my mind. I was so glad that Spensa got to have a sleep-over. That made my heart happy. I am loving this book. Although there are a few things that are a bit silly or convenient, the writing and characters make up for it so I’m not mad at it lol. I don’t think I’m going to be able to wait to finish it but all I can think about now is how we might have a huge cliff-hanger at the end and we will have to wait so long to find out what happens!

    • Becca1573

      I just realized I wrote “we,” like I’m part of this flight crew ???

      • G

        haha I do the same thing in the post, but let’s be real, as readers we ARE part of the crew *insert the CSI gif again here* 😀

        • Hanna (@bookishfairytale)

          Gosh, you’re right, there’s probably going to be such a huge cliffhanger at the end of the book and then we’ll have to wait … nooo, I can’t take this! ?

          Your theory that the Krell are human is very interesting btw! ? I’m so confused honestly, I need an explanation soon! ?

      • jen90mr

        I feel like I’m part of this flight crew myself when I’m reading honestly! Lol
        Callsign- Flare at your service!

  • Jodiesbookishposts

    Ahhhh this book. Just so many theories I just have to know. I’d quite like M-bot to be Krell tech because that would be a great direction to take it.

    I really really really hate Ironside – she is up there with President Snow and Umbridge.

    Why do I feel like in the next section my heart is going to get torn out? I just feel major tension building.

    Great pick Fairyloot – what a book!

    • jodiesbookishposts

      Also posted my readlong picture. Handle is @jodiesbookishposts

  • Laura

    My theory about the Krell is that Ironsides and the DDF know everything about what’s happening out there, and they are trying to cover sth really scandalous…

  • Vivian (@mayushiibooks)

    That’s my photo!! Thank you!!

    The theory of Krell being humans was interesting. I had not thought of that one. But it does highlight many things that haven’t been explained. Like the Krell’s way of raiding, their formations, the way they us their weapons, or even the reason why they had defended that debris from before. Maybe the Krell are human. Or maybe are AI but have a human leader?

    How did the Krell even attack them? Why do they really attack them? Is humanity only just in that planet or are there humans elsewhere and the Krell want to isolate them? Still suspect something foul with the DDF.

    Jerkface has my heart out in this last part. He is a good leader albeit a bit hostile. Oh and I still suspect something going on with Rig. He doesn’t show up as much. But he has a very important position and job. Its wierd he isn’t getting a lot of spotlight recently.

  • Beth @bethreadsstuff

    I feel kind of bad cause I finished reading and now watching you guys theorise and struggle is kind of funny. Now though, I can’t get caught up in the excitement with you all. But I was so impatient I couldn’t stop, so it is my own fault. ?

    I love the fact that Spensa went after Nedd. Even though it was dangerous and reckless and she could have died she was a good friend.

    When the girls faked ill so they could sneak Spin in I was so happy. I love the sense of friendship and camaraderie in this book. Also none of the characters are romantically involved. There was no insta-love. Which is so refreshing for a YA. They are all just great friends and it’s fun to read!

    Photo is posted.

    Thanks for picking a great book to read!

    • love.the.villain

      I finished the book a while ago, too, but I kept a little notebook to write down my reactions to certain sections so I could still join in. I don’t know if it makes sense, but I can sort of see how excited I was when I was where the Readalong is now.

      • G

        That’s basically what I do! Because I need to plan in advance in case of emergencies I read the book, and write these posts as I go, so I have finished a while back too but half the fun is to then go back through it and see what people say! 🙂

    • G

      haha as long as it’s amusing!

  • Morgane (ShadesOfBooks)

    That part where the girls takes Spensa in their rooms really melt my fragile little her, I’m 100% here for that. That’s a start but I want more ! More bounding with the girls, with the others, I want them to fight for her to stay because she’s a part of the team and they should all stay together !

    I can’t wait to learn more about the Krell, my first through was that they’re humans.. but I didn’t think of them being some AI… really interesting !

    As usual, I love all the simulation scenes and the one where they actually training in the sky and well you know what happened..

    Also is it just me or Jerkface is starting to be likable ? Finally ! (Hum… let’s see if it last long…)

    Oh and one last think : who else think mister Sanderson is cleaning the team way to fast ? Please chill, there won’t be anyone left at the end of the first book… ?

    • jodiesbookishposts

      I was thinking that. Like at least let me get half way through the book before killing them all please ?

    • G

      I know, I’m so hungry for more bonding too, it feels so unfair!

  • Charleyexoh (@booksandfunks)

    Got love a photo challenge ? I’ve entered and my Instagram name is @booksandfunks. Good luck everyone! ♥️

    I think there are so many theories in this book but I just couldn’t honestly tell you what the outcome out of all this could be. Who are the Krell and what is their true purpose? It seems to me that there is something about them that we don’t really know and even the DDR don’t really have a clue either. There is definitely something fishy going on here and when the important questions are asked people are quick to change the subject. It leads me back to Spensa’s father and what really happened to him. I think he found out something really important about the Krell. Something that the DDR don’t like. Maybe it’s about their true nature and that the DDR are really the enemy and want people to constantly believe that the Krell are the bad people here so that they will always be in control. Who knows? It’s hard to say but I can’t wait to find out just what is the reason for this secrecy!

    I love M-Bot so much ? he just gets better and better and the lines and phrases he comes out with kill me. I also can’t wait to find out his true nature and just where he actually came from and what he used to be like before he couldn’t remember anything past his orders. And who his master was.

    There are so many burning questions in this book now. I need answers!!!!

    I felt sad about Nedder losing his brothers and of course that in turn meant losing him as part of the cadet squad and it was bad that we didn’t get to see a goodbye, he was simply gone as if he had died after all.

    I noticed that Spensa is falling Jerkface by his proper name more in this stage of the book now. I’m not sure what this means for her but I’m sensing there is definitely a side to Jorgen that we really don’t have a clue about especially after the whole being in his parents shadow comment and also with the frustration he was facing trying to save the perished members of his crew in the simulation again and again. I’m really starting to feel for him and I need moreeee.

    Lastly I loved how they let Spensa eat and sleep in their room too! I had a feeling that it may happen eventually once they became closer as a team and I’m glad that she has. Despite how tough Spensa claims to be she is a really lonely girl and it is nice to see her making friends and I was just really happy for her in that moment. And even more so when she told Ironsides that she wasn’t going to quit either. Loved today’s chapters! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  • love.the.villain

    There is seriously wrong with how the Krell are perceived and the reality of the situation. I mean, why hasn’t anyone ever seen one? What are they so afraid of? Why are we fighting them in the first place? I’m sure Ironsides knows a lot more than she’s letting on.

    I thought Nedd’s flying was really emotional. I mean, of course he wanted to save his brothers. Who wouldn’t? I know I’d be flying into danger to rescue the ones I love. That’s just human nature, right?
    It was also really emotional when the girls sneaked in Spensa for the night. It’s so good to see that they’re all bonding even though Ironsides has tried her best to isolate her. I really miss sleepovers with my friends when I was a kid!

    Oh, and I entered the Readalong Competition! Yay! My Instagram Callsign is love.the.villain
    Good luck, everyone!

  • Hanna (@bookishfairytale)

    I was laughing so hard at the Schrödinger‘s cat reference! And just all of M-Bots comments, really, this ship is so hilarious! And its technology is so useful! I hope it’ll help finding out more about the Krell, cause now that Cobb has told us what the DDF know about them I‘m very intrigued! Could they be AIs? Or drones? And why are they trying so hard to destroy humankind? It would at least make sense if they were machines and just endlessly trying to fulfill an order they were once given…. can’t wait to find out the truth!
    About the mind reading I was thinking the same as you, G, maybe it’s something to do with that brain measuring they do…

    And then there’s the sleepover – maybe one of my favourite parts so far… ❤️ It was so nice of the girls to do that for Spensa and at the same time so utterly heartbreaking to see what she is missing all the time because of stupid Admiral Umbridge Ironsides… I‘m so happy tho that Hurl and Spensa are friends again! I was so furious that Hurl was shutting her out!
    Talking of Hurl – does anyone remember her real name? ? I completely forgot!
    Anyway, I really love the depiction of (especially female) friendships in this book, it’s so heartwarming. And I also quite enjoy that there’s no romance yet, but rather that focus on friendship and camaraderie!

    And lastly, the realisation that Ironsides cannot actually kick Spin out just like that! Yay to that! I find that very last gif very fitting! ??

    P.S. I’ll probably take part in the photo challenge, though not today. I will reply on this comment if I do! ?

    • Hanna (@bookishfairytale)

      A bit late to the game, but I’ve finally to had time to take a photo for the photo challenge! It’s up on my Instagram now @bookishfairytale ☺️

  • Jade

    Finally she’s starting to feel like a part of her flight!! HORAY! I love that the girls snuck her into they’re room although I was waiting for this to happen, and gave her something other than rat and mushrooms, and that chocolate cake… to hell with being a warrior I would have sobbed. Even Jerkface was nicer in these chapters, not turning her in to Ironsides was honestly surprising and its not because he’s a “Jerk”, it’s because he sticks to the rules and not telling on Spin kind of went against them in my opinion, I did feel bad for him near the end, I’m with Spin I didn’t even think about how he must of taken it, if anything though the interactions in these chapters may actually help them because teammates properly instead of the rivalry they have right now. I’m really sad about and for Nedd, I kinda guessed that the two fighters were apart of his family, And I really don’t think Spin was a coward for wanting to retreat death and now he’s gone :(.

    Is M-Bot a krell?… Well if he is then he can be a reformed krell. I personally don’t know, it makes sense but at the same time like Spin has pointed out why is there English in the ship and a place for a human inside, I mean it even has a cleanser pod.

    Ironsides… you foolish woman, if you had left Spin alone then she might of actually quit on her own terms, but you’ve put fuel to her dying fire, your just proving that something fishy is going on, I mean Spin’s right if she really wanted her gone so badly to “save lives when she inevitably runs” she has the power to do that, but instead she has to make it look like Spin quits and runs away, I totally agree with you G she is Miss Umbridge 2.0.

  • Carine @Ceres Books World

    First of all I post my photos and my instagram is @ceresbooksworld

    I can’t comment much because I am at chapter 39. This book is so good.

    It’s nice to see that everyone is enjoying it.

  • Bre @tinybookempress

    This is my first time commenting on one of these, but I’m seeing a lot of people compare Ironside to President Snow and Umbridge, but I think she’s more like President Coin – she’s trying to do what’s best for her people (from what we can tell) and raising a sort of resistance. They’re in similar situations with tough shoes to fill and they’re doing their best (doesn’t make me like either of them, but I understand why they do what they do, for the most part.)
    I feel like the ‘defect’ (which has to be important, otherwise why would Sanderson include it, right?) is something her dad actually had. If the Krell can use mind control, and the defect makes people more susceptible to this (which is what I’m thinking based on all the information we have so far), then maybe they controlled her dad to make him desert and be labelled a coward. If they exposed this, people might panic, so that’s why they’re hiding it. I don’t think that’s the best course of action, but if this is the case then I understand why everything is happening like it is. I can’t see Ironside (based on that Interlude) disgracing someone, even if she hated them, without some reason. The fact that she was handwriting a letter seems to point to the idea that she really cares about the people and the pilots, and I don’t think she would deceive them without some form of reason.

    Basically, what I’m saying is, I feel like Ironside has more depth than people are giving her credit for right now (and I don’t love her, but I don’t /hate/ her)

    • Kirsty (@kirstyes)

      I agree with you. I don’t like her but I think she has altruistic reasons.

    • Sabrina

      Some great ideas here and I think you could be right.

  • Char

    Loving the book so far! Also super intrigued about the fact that Spin seemed to hear voices when chasing the Krell, I’m wondering if they were made up, Krell or human thoughts?? Could this be something to do with the defect? And could it be to do with the fact she keeps on imagining flying amoung the stars?
    Also my current thought on her fathers apparent cowardice is that during the flight he spotted a gap in the debris up to space and decided to try and fly for it (based on what he was saying during the prologue), can’t figure out what the problem would be with that however :/
    (Also loving M-bot, love it when a character can actually make me laugh!!)
    Sanderson is one of my fav authors and I’m so happy this book is living up to my expectations!

    • Bre @tinybookempress

      At first when I read that I thought maybe it was the scanning on her brain somehow getting into her brain?? But I thought maybe Krell after that. And that would be really interesting about her dad!! I’m excited to see where it all goes.

      Yess M-Bot is amazing! This is my first Sanderson book but I’m loving it so much!

  • Kirsty (@kirstyes)

    So I finished last night – 5 stars. But I made notes as I read each section so I could still take part without spoilers.

    Interesting that Cobb has got a group this year when he hasn’t for a few years and isn’t well liked. So he picks up again when Spensa comes of age. When she is going to need his help.

    Spensa going to own up is brave. G – I think maybe you are right with her being Gryffindor. But Jerkface stopped her. My initial thought was – Is it because he doesn’t want to be shown as weak – but then it might be because he actually cares about doing a good job as flightleader.

    Spensa’s funny ‘Defiant’ speeches make me laugh. She has a very elaborate turn of phrase.

    M-bot continues to amuse. Maybe someone snuck the guns on whilst I wasn’t looking ?

    Love the focus on the need to build and on art rather than defence and destruction. Lots of parallels to modern politics again.

    Spensa has a good tactical brain and the fact hers and Jorgen’s ideas keep getting dismissed are fishy. Plus every time they say – oh the Krell won’t attack. They do. ?‍♀️

    I guessed it was Nedd’s brothers because of the chase being out of character for him. I think being called coward by him hurt more because he had been being nice to her. And now he’s out too ?

    So Krell can read what humans are thinking. Does that mean defects can read Krell’s thoughts?

    Ooh is M-bot Krell tech? Oooh or is Krell tech human AI gone wrong? See M-bot proposed this too. Like the little snippets like this is a mystery novel too.

    Human squishiness quotient – another classic Mbot phrase. And talking of squishiness I wanted to hug Quirk and FM for sneaking her in to their dorm. Although it’s bittersweet to see what she’s been missing out on.

    Jorgen re-running the battle to try and save the others was heartbreaking. It’s a shame she didn’t speak to him about it. Maybe he isn’t as much of an arse as he’s made out to be.

    So Ironsides wants her to quit – but what does a Defiant do? Defy expectation. Suck it Judy

  • Verena

    Sadly I didn’t get any reading done yesterday (due to health issues) so I had to do the chapters from yesterday today as well.

    Well as I suspected from the beginning, there is something more to the Krell,just not sure what it is yet. I have a few theories though…
    I do have the feeling that Ironside does believe that what she does is right and she does it for the right reasons… I might be wrong though. Doesn’t mean I like her =/

    SO sad that we are now 3 people short T-T whyyy
    I am intrigued about the vioces… Maybe it has something to do with that “hearing the stars” and it’s a good thing, maybe the only way to communicate with the Krell? And her father could do it or heard the voices as well and found out something important.

    Last thing, I was so happy she got that sleepover and got to be with the girls and socialize, that was well deserved. Hope we get to see more of those things =)

  • Sabrina

    Really enjoy the twists in this. Thinking yesterday’s theory is wrong, but loving and agreeing with many of everyone else’s theories here. Certainly think Spin heard the Krell; does that mean the defect goes both ways?
    There’s so much history missing in this society; a classic way of getting people to blindly do what you want them to do. So does that mean Ironsides is part of it, or just keeping the secrets in the interest of all?
    And yep, have a feeling there’s a cliffhanger for the ending. Some big reveal.
    I’m doing the Instagram challenge. Find me at @WyrmbergSabrina.

  • Jay

    Hey Guys,

    I am so sorry. I wanted to join in when the readalong had started, but I got stuck in life and christmas preparings and my fulltime job in a bookstore.

    I hope to start next week and maybe there are others like me who are still at the beginning of this great book.

    I wish you all the best, merry christmas and fun with the rest of the Book.

    Hopefully I can join you all right in time for the December Book Readalong.

  • Kirsty @paperheartsink

    So Jerkface is finally starting to show that he has a conscience and isnt a complete douchebag. And Spin has started to call him by his actual name — I’ll miss Jerkface!

    Another battle is underway, Spin zips off to try and save Nedd (who I was super starting to like) and he calls her a coward! Whaaat! Turns out they’re both screwed, M-Bot to the rescue…
    ‘Would you like instructions on how to escape the flaming death trap that you’ve inconveniently found yourself—‘
    ?? he reminds me a lot of AIDAN from Illuminae.
    And then ‘You have slightly under two minutes until you die a fiery death and I’m left with only Rig and the slug. I haven’t been able to compute which of those two is the less engaging conversationalist.’
    Ahahahha oh my gosh he’s so funny!

    And it turns out poor Nedd lost his two brothers. I feel so bad for him ? and now he’s not coming back. And the Krell apparently have technology that lets them read what humans are thinking!! Um, say what now?! That’s awesome (I mean not for the humans obvs)

    Quirk and FM have made Spin a bed and got her soup — finally the girls are banding together — yes! Loving this! Still hating Ironsides, she’s the worst!

    And Rig likes FM, well there goes my love triangle theory with Spin and Jerkface. Oh well. Loving it and can’t wait to read more!

    I will be participating in the photo challenge tomorrow!

  • ekenstiernab

    I have HATED Jorgensen up until his and Spensas conversation outside of Ironsides office and now i actually have started to like him a tiiiny bit.

    The part when Quirk, FM and Hurl gave food and made a bed for Spensa to have a sleepover warmed my heart sooo much, i love the characters in this book so much

    And btw when Spensa found Jorgen in the classroom trying to figure out how he could have saved morningtide and Bim i’m that battle made me so happy and made me love Jorgen even more.

  • amylroberts15

    Today’s chapters have been interesting who knew that Jerkface was going to be all kind and not wanting to fight or turn Spensa in? It’s like he has turn into a completely different person, and Spensa was all prepared to hand herself in as well. I loved how Spensa just came out with that she was the one who stole his power matrix from his car, his reaction was so funny.

    So the group was all set to start sorting out the debris and it was all going to plan until a huge Krell ship decided to fall from the sky. I mean what could it be? And thanks to M-bot he said it was half of a orbital shipyard with added delver training facility and it could have been used for manufacturing starships. How interesting, but why was the Krell protecting it? Cobb calls everyone back but of course Nedd see’s two Nightstorm pilots flying right into the debris, which of course he goes after. Spensa being Spensa she goes after Nedd making sure he isn’t going in there alone.

    Now they are both in the debris trying to help these two Nightstorm pilots which we later find out that there Nedd’s brothers which explains everything! Of course Spensa trying to save her classmate knowing there is now way to the help the other pilots Nedd turns round and calls her a coward. I mean come on, she was just trying to save his life, how was she suppose to know they were his brothers. Thanks to M-bot they manage to find a way out before the debris crashed landed and sadly killing Nedd’s brothers.

    Spensa and the other pilots hadn’t seen or heard from Nedd since the passing of his brothers, it was later confirmed that Nedd was taken off the class due to grieving for his brothers. Cobb has now giving Spensa and the other pilots more information about the Krell, apparently they are considered to be talking machines! Does that mean M-bot is a Krell ship! Could M-bot be a Krell ship or something entirely different?

    Awe how sweet was it that the Kimmalyn and FM faked being sick and risked everything to invited Spensa round for a sleepover? They shared some proper food and some yummy cake, yeah she didn’t have a proper bed but she had blankets, the company and was bonding with Kimmalyn, FM and Hurl. She has no idea when she will be able to enjoy that again, but at least she got the chance to spend the night with the girls like she is suppose to. At least now Hurl and Spensa have become friends.

    After having a nice night and the best night of her time in flight school, Spensa decided that she knows M-bot isn’t a Krell ship. I wonder what made her think that? What happens if he is a Krell ship? Maybe we won’t find out until later on.
    And now we know why Ironsides is treating Spensa badly, she is trying to get Spensa to quit so it proves that Ironsides is right and she is a coward, she even bribed her into saying she can keep the pin! Well our girl isn’t going to back down!

    I can’t wait to see what happens, it has be intense seeing so many cadets either leaving or getting killed. But hopefully these last six cadets stick together and work together to take down the Krell together.
    But what keeps playing in my head is, what happens if the Krell are human? That the Krell think Spensa and her pilots are Krell to them and are just trying to fight off Spensa and everyone to make a new home on this planet? Whereas Spensa and the pilots are trying to defend their home from the Krell who they think are a threat? ? x

    • amylroberts15

      I have posted my photo ? x @themagicalbookworm

    • Amy (@themagicalbookworm)

      I thought of my callsign finally lol after 3 days haha!
      Callsign: Dream

      I chose the callsign dream because I am a HUGE Disney fan, also that in tangled (my favourite Disney movie) she dreamed to see the lights and it came true and also people always say to dream big and not let anything step in the way of your dreams ? x

  • jen90mr

    Firstly I post my read a long photo. My handle is @jbookhaven

    Secondly- I love M-Bot’s personality. Even though he says that he is a machine and feels nothing I beg to differ cause he is hilarious… lol

    Thirdly- i dont trust this “Ironside” one bit….


    Fifthly- I feel soooooo sad for Nedd because I have 2 older brothers myself and I would be devastated if anything happened to either one of them, but I can’t imagine anything happening to both of them!

    Sixthly- I think that Spensa and her father are biologically different from everyone else.
    I think that the testing they are doing on her to find out if she is genetically a coward is actually testing her courage… they just believe it’s cowardess their detecting….

    “Pilot Callsign- Flare
    over and out!
    May the force be with us”

  • Reinhild

    Oh man, I’m such a doofus. When it was revealed that M-Bot might be a Krell, I was super shocked but then I was like “Wait, I’ve debated this already!”, you know, like that Barbie gif that says “Wait, why am I gasping? I knew that already!” Turns out I’d abandoned the thought of M-Bot=Krell because the ship looks differently in the schematics. But it might totally be possible after all, that the Krell have an outer layer/skin layer that has decayed in the team M-Bot was in the cave or it’s a disguise that the Krell can put on.

    I’m honestly surprised that Jorgen still hasn’t said anything to anyone about Spensa assaulting him – I feel like there’s more behind that. (I’m just praying really hard to make Jorsa happen, guys, I can’t help it).
    The little sleepover that the girls had was fantastic, and I also loved that Hurl thawed a bit towards Spensa, even if we only got to know her superficially.

    I’m becoming less and less of a fan of Ironside (still freaking curious as to why the keep calling her “Sir”, though, since she’s a woman), but I really want to know what this next Interlude will give us in terms of insight into her plans!

    • G

      haha the Barbie gif, I must say I do find myself in these situations a bit too often too 😀

  • Jess P.

    I am so glad that Jerkface didn’t tell Ironsides that Spensa assaulted him.

    I am also glad he stopped Spensa from getting herself expelled. M-bot’s commentary is the best. We keep learning more and more about him the farther in we get. I do still feel like the Krell might be interested in finding him too. I definitely don’t think he is a Krell/Krell ship though.

    It was so brave of Spensa to follow Nedd into that falling building. I understand why he went in and why he retaliated against Spensa by calling her a cowaed when she made him leave. Thank goodness for M-bot or they would be dead now too. I am sorry that he basically dropped out. I was just starting to like him. It is interesting what Cobb told them about the Krell. How curious that he should mention the thing about them hearing people’s thoughts and that Spensa sort of heard something too when she was coming out of that building.

    It was so sweet of the girls to lie about bewsick so they could include Spensa in some much needed bonding time. I wish she was able to stay with them all the time. It would definitely help boost her morale.

    Ironsides finally showed her hand a little. Spensa now knows that she has the upper hand as long as she doesn’t quit. I still worry about what will happen when flight school is over. Will she be allowed to be a full ranking pilot?

    I hop eventually Rigs and Soensa will be able to get M-bot’s full memory back. I get the feeling we will learn a lot of interesting things from him if he does.

    I posted a photo on instagram firbthe contest under @bookwyrmbella.

  • Queen

    I still hate Ironsides ? And I’m so sorry about Nedd’s Brothers and heartbroken to see him go… I really liked him :/
    And I want more Mushroom references from M-bot ?

  • Kamila (@kamilareads)

    I’m so in love in M Bot. He’s my personal favourite in this book. <3
    But I also absolutely love Quirk. She’s so funny. And when she confessed that she’s come up with all her quotes of Saint I was crying from laughter.
    The Krells… hmm… that’s a big question. Maybe they are rebel drones that was created by humans?? or are commanded by some other human fraction? So many questions. I bet Mr Sanderson will give us a real bomb at the end ?

  • Maria

    I’m sorry I have to finish this book in one go, but I really like this book so much ??
    Joining the readalong at @madhatterisreading! Going to post probably today for full review ?

  • Kamila (@kamilareads)

    And I’ve Enter my photo for competiton! My Instagram handle is @kamilareads

  • Natasha Ní Mhiacháin

    Migraine be gone! I can read again *happy dances*

    Spensa thought she was hearing voices in her head, what the actual heck is going on? Ahh!

    The info dump we got about the Krell has my mind boggled. I have this sinking feeling that the DDF knows exactly what they are, and perhaps Spensa’s father figured it out before he was blown out of the sky!

    I still refuse to believe he was a coward. I do not trust Ironsides. Cobb is holding back information too. I’m still on the experiment train you guys!

    I can’t believe Nedd is gone, his brothers, gosh that hurt my heart.

    The girls sneaking Spensa in for the night made me cry, I’m not even ashamed! So did the scene where Jorgen was trying to see if there was anything he could have done to save the others, oh gosh! ?

    During M-Bots wee tantrum do you know who I thought of? Sheldon Cooper!!

    My handle is @obsessive_bibliomaniac

  • Velvet Shock

    I loved that the girls had been so kind to let Spensa stay with them even if it meant that they could get into trouble if they had gotten caught. It broke my heart that she missed out on so much but at least even for one night, she was accepted and one of them.

    I was also heartbroken for Nedd and the fact his brothers both died. It made total sense that he wanted to go in after them but if it wasn’t for Spensa Nedd too would have died. I thought it was very rude for Nedd to call Spin a coward though, she was only trying to save his life. I’m kinda mad at M-Bot because he could have saved Nedd’s brothers.

    I think that Jorgen not wanting to tell Ironsides about Spin hitting him was nice but he shouldn’t have made Spensa that upset in the first place and he deserved it but you can tell that since then, especially these last few chapters that he is not being as horrible to Spensa and neither is anyone else and I’m especially surprised that Hurl has warmed up to Spin now too.

    M-Bot being a Krell is an interesting idea but I don’t think we know enough about the Krell to make that judgement other than, compared to the drawings of a Krell ship from earlier on in the book, looks nothing like M-Bot’s design.

    (I’ve entered the instagram challenge @velvetshock)

  • Oana

    Hope I’m not too late for this. My instagram handle is @cozybookishclub.

  • Anke

    I absolutely love these readalongs! I enjoy reading your daily posts and everyone’s comments. Thank you for doing this!
    I also entered the photo challenge (@ankereads).

  • J.a.z.mcgowan

    I have finished Skyward and have loved it. I love the readalongs – they are a great reason to get reading.
    I have entered the photo challenge (

  • Joana

    I have finished the book and I loved it. I really didn’t expect the ending but I was really interesting and now I really want to read the next book and see more of the world that Brandon Sanderson created
    Also I have enterd the photo challenge (@joyful.books)

  • Kirsty

    Just posted my photo for the challenge. Really enjoyed the readalong and looking forward to next months! My insta handle is @paperheartsink

  • Leslecturesajigoku78

    I’m 31 minutes late but hope it works anyway!
    The pic is on my handle @leslecturesajigoku78 on instagram !

  • Bre @tinybookempress

    I already posted on this but I did the photo challenge thing (wow sometimes I am GREAT with words)
    Instagram: @tinybookempress

  • Ali Kiki (@love2dazzle – Dazzled by Books)

    I entered! My Instagram is @love2dazzle

    These characters are my absolute favorite.

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