Skyward Readalong: Day 7

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Hey guys!


Time does fly when you’re having loads of fun. I hope you also have had a lovely Saturday yesterday, however I do personally love a good Sunday as that’s a day where I usually get a bit more time to do some reading. Go figure I would rate my days by how much time I can dedicate to reading.

This Sunday is extra special because I get to discuss the very end of our read with you!

Let’s see what happens.

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for the entirety of Skyward. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Oh no, a life buster!!?

Her ship has been hit but thankfully she ejected. Not for herself but for others. Because she knew what it would do to them. That’s my girl. That’s the real warrior. To sacrifice your beliefs and ambition to save others. That’s not cowardice, far from it.

Buuuuut DDF have their own beliefs aaaaand she’s out.

We at least get to see the couple of our classmates graduate. Although we know they will go straight into battle, it’s interesting how this is almost a secret operation as the public doesn’t seem to be aware at all.

To be fair, I almost felt a pang of pity for Ironsides. She seems the most aware of just how bad the situation at Alta is, although it seems like she almost accepted their inevitable defeat. Which is not an ideal mindset for a leader, really. Maybe that’s why they never change strategies.

Okay the big daddy battle starts now!  

Oh and looksy, Krell DID notice their strategies and went around them. Their plan of distraction (isn’t that the oldest trick in strategy books?) with shiny shiny ship part loot has lured all of the forces away from the home base and they target it. Everyone is too far out. GOOD PLAN Y’ALL. 

So now it’s up to Spensa to stop a fleet of Krell ships dropping a bomb on Alta.

She doesn’t have a shield and uses Arthur’s broken ship instead. Great great great great, that’s great *bites nails*.

She can sense the orders that the Krell have.

I like the shifts between her and Judy (who is also Judy now instead of her callsign too, have you noticed?). 

She’s the only one in range to do anything about the bomber and she decides to ram it, however her ship just gives up and breaks down entirely. We crash but are okay. Phew.

And in come two of my favourite characters together – my heart! Cobb is flying M-Bot!! This is not a drill! But my happiness is short lived as he just passes the ship to Spensa as he’s in no mental condition to fly again.

Oooh M-Bot must have gone back online on the radio, good boy.

I’m thinking that when she survives this, and Alta survives too of course, even if they’ll be mad at her they’ll need her as M-Bot will only listen to it’s new pilot. P.S. smart move with the whole pilot change! Could have done that earlier but better late than never! 

The bomb dropped and she went after it! Absolute Gryffindor hehe. 

Cytonic hyperdrive online. Means she is the teleporter. I suspected this! She jumps with the ship after dropping the bomb away from the death zone and teleports them away from the blast. 

This is where things get revealed! Spensa goes a bit nuts and basically is done with their BS and decides to go for a little trip above the debris. And dun dun duuuuun – the Krell are prison guards for humans because humans were their greedy selves a while back and decided to conquer the world.

But why don’t they try to communicate at all? Wouldn’t that be better? I know they haven’t tried to kill the humans off entirely before because it was against their philosophy but killing some is still pretty bad, no?

Anyway now they rely on her ability to space jump and listen in to win the battle.

But…but why does she have this ability? I need more answers! She also mentions feeling too cold after she came back and boy I can guarantee this will be some type of side effect from space jumping! Thankfully it seems she didn’t get overwhelmed by the false images because she had the shields form the ship. But also who has sent that wave of fake visions? And who are the ones watching? WHAT IS HAPPENING??

Guess we will have to wait for the next one and see! I rushed to check if this is not a standalone. I think because this didn’t really show any signs of actual magic, the “defect” should be explained in some science fiction terms or devices that would explain her abilities, at least I hope it will!

What are your theories about what comes next?? I am dying to read them, so don’t hold back!

I really really hope you guys had as much of a fun ride as I had, thank you again for participating! Let me know if you have enjoyed the book and if you’ll be trying more of Brandon Sanderson’s writing anytime soon?

Keep an eye on Instagram for the winner announcement of our photo challenge soon!

I will be hosting another Readalong for our December’s book, hope you will consider joining in again.

Thank you once again for being part of this lovely community.

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54 thoughts on “Skyward Readalong: Day 7

  1. Spensa is so brave, she must fly, the amiral cannot stop her and I like her with the skyward fleet.
    M bot is fun, I love the way he or it talked and I hope it will be in the next book and maybe Rig will have a bigger role.
    I’m so impatient but I know I will have to wait at least a year.
    This read along was fun even if I couldn’t stop myself reading.
    I can’t wait to do the next one with december book.
    Thank you for holding this readalong.

    1. It’s my pleasure, glad you enjoyed it! x

  2. I love the ending! It was really unexpected, the whole turn with the prison guards. Also we get to see a new side of Ironsides. The worrying one. I like that one more. But I wonder if she’ll still be in charge in the next book xD
    I still ship Spensa and Jorgensen, even though I shipped her with Nedd first.
    And can we talk about M-Bots fight slang? It cracked me up ?
    I’m glad she was able to find out what her defect actually is doing and that she could clear her father’s name. A really sad fate…

    1. I have always shipped Spensa with Jordan, to be honest they always say you hate someone first before you love them lol ? x

  3. Thank you so much for hosting a great read along! I’ve loved every minute and already I’m sad that this month’s has come to an end! I’ve enjoyed leaving a comment every day about my thoughts, questions and theories! I will definitely continue to take part in future!

    So many things went wrong here! And I was filled with even more questions. I hated that because she got ejected she was dismissed when she reached the final hurdle but so think it was evident that some event would cause her to not reach her final goal.

    M-Bot was back in a dormant state which made me sad but I was glad that he came to Spensa’s rescue when the time came. At first when Cobb was flying him I was like Woahhh he can’t be his master! ? this is still a question I’d like answering in the next book!

    The whole scenario of Spensa coming to the rescue and doing what her father did by taking his advice and aim for something higher by going up in to the stars revealed a lot of things but also gave us many more questions at the same time! Finally though we get a bit of closure when it comes to the truth about Spensa’s father and that he turned on his comarades because of a false image that made him believe they were all dead and that he was shooting the Krell. This makes everything about the situation that more sad to know but also was a little nerve wracking that Spensa could have the same thing happen to her! But luckily with M-Bot he protected her from this and some truth about the Krell was revealed.

    I loved reading this book, in true pilot style there were many twists and turns and I couldn’t wait to read the chapters each day. I loved the characters, I took the deaths to heart and I just can’t wait to read the next book when it is out and hopefully get some more answers!

    Until the next read along!
    Hope everyone enjoyed the book just as much as I did!

    1. With Cobb and M-bot I thought the same thing lol but then I realised that he powers down 170 years ago lol ? it just makes me wonder though, if M-bot contacted Cobb how did Cobb find M-bot to fly to rescue Spensa? ? x

    2. so glad you enjoyed the readalong! Yes, we definitely need more answers, thank goodness the next book should be out in 2019!

      1. Really? I didn’t know that! Mr Sanderson I such a busy man! I’m waiting for all his books ??

  4. This was my first Brandon Sanderson book and it was mind blowing. Scifi is my least liked genre and this book hooked me since page 1. This was an amazingly written story.

    I loved this lasr chapters. It was so action packed. The development of Spensa as a character was very well written. She was so much more level headed and mature. Reasoning and analyzing things better instead of just letting her emotions run loose.

    The plot twist of her dad being a traitor was twisted again as we discover he was tricked by the Krell. I am glad it was that way. I have so many questions about Spensa’s power. Where does it come from? Why can only few hear it? The whole revelation of who the Krell are and their purpose was so interesting!! I did guess that hearing the stars was more hearing someone.

    And I love Jorgen. I liked him since the start and now I love him. I cant wait to see more of him and Spensa in book 2. In fact, I need book 2 in my hands now!! This was an amazing read. Thank you for choosing this for us Fairyloot. And for making me read a book I would have otherwise missed out on.

    1. This was my first Brandon Sanderson book and I too aren’t a sci-fi fan, but I really enjoyed this book so much!

      And I really would like book 2 in my hands too! I want to see if Spensa and Jordan’s relationship blossoms, if Rig gets FM and all the unanswered questions to be answered hehe x

    2. So glad you enjoyed his writing. Do you think you will seek out his other books??

  5. What an ending?! I was absolutely breathless. This was tense, pacy and wonderful.

    I am totally invested in these characters and did not see some of those twists coking. I need the sequel now.

    It will be interesting to see Spensa in a new role, she has spent her whole life fighting to be noticed and accepted. I bet she will find it hard to adjust to a world that now sees her as brave, heroic but also ‘different’

    I’m still sailing on ship Spensa/Jerkface.

    Loved being part of the readalong and look forward to joining in the next one too!

    1. I have always shipped Spensa and Jordan! ? x

    2. I cannot wait for the book 2, also very invested now! 🙂

  6. First thing I did this morning after getting up was to grab this book and read all the remaining chapters in one go.
    This. Was. So. Good.
    Honestly, this definitely added itself to the list of my favourite books!

    And these last chapters, oh boy, so much was happening!
    I was soooo glad when Spensa ejected – and then Ironsides kicked her out! I was shouting at my book out of fury, not gonna lie. Gaaahhhh, Ironsides! Even though her side was explained quite well in the end and I don’t hate her as much anymore, I still don’t like her…

    But on to the big battle. Spensa went up in a broken ship without a shield! Alone! Against fifteen ships and a bomber! Whaaaaaaat??? But the best part was after she crashed and COBB showed up flying MBOT. Yeeey! I was hoping very much that Mbot wasn’t actually shut down completely! So glad my hopes turned out to be true!

    And then there’s the epic battle and the teleporting – whut?! – and Spensa going outside the debris field and the Krell as prison guards and that’s just too much information and my brain is shutting down like Mbot what is happening!? ? So exciting!

    And Spensa comes back a hero! ? ✨

    There’s just one little thing that I am not quite happy with…. and that‘s: I DON‘T WANT TO WAIT A WHOLE YEAR FOR BOOK 2!!!! Don’t do this to me! ?

    But honestly, I really enjoyed this book so much. The world, the story and the characters were just great and it was such an exciting ride!
    And as last month, I really enjoyed sharing my thoughts with everyone. Thanks a lot for hosting this fun readalong, G! I can’t wait for next month!

    – Callsign: Fallingstar, over and out.

    1. I haven’t thought of a callsign ? but maybe Destiny or something? I haven’t A clue haha ? x

    2. aw you know the boo is good when you grab it just after waking up! 😀 Love it when that happens!

  7. Oh my gosh G, I rate my days by the amount of reading too ? Sunday’s are the best!

    Okay so I was expecting that Spensa would have to eject at some point but it was still sad to see it happen. On the bright side, now she has no choice but to get M-Bot to fly!
    Such a shame that Spensa didn’t get to graduate but I enjoyed the last fight scenes. Making the ship disappear is a pretty cool trick! I would have liked more answers though and I still feel like Rigs was wasted. We just didn’t see enough of him.

    Overall I enjoyed this book and chatting about it with you all. Thanks again G for hosting! Looking forward to the next one!

    My review is up on my insta feed if anyone is interested. (Also, G, I posted my photo for the giveaway.)

  8. So who else was screaming eject???
    She did. Phewf. And then Ironsides got rid of her like she’s been trying to. Grr. At least she let her keep her pin.

    A second battle of Alta on graduation day. Gulp. Pity Ironsides didn’t actually speak her thoughts about stealing the best pilots. But also pity that she doesn’t realise that her don’t eject message isn’t helping them either.

    Will M-bot power up for Spin? Will he enter the fight?

    I was too invested to make notes for the rest of it. Fast paced, thrilling. No more major casualties (amongst Skyward Flight at least).

    Cobb flew. M-bot flew and chose her as his pilot. Hurrah.

    We clarified the defect and she was strong enough to overcome it. Her father was possessed by a hallucination.

    She saved Ironsides – lucky our girl is a good’un Judy!

    Loved that she waited for Cobb to get his coffee before starting the meeting. Glad he wasn’t evil and that Doomslug wasn’t a Krell – although I pretty much dismissed that as soon as I’d thought of it.

    No major smooching or romance but we’ve got more books for our ships to sail.

    This is such a strong character driven book and I loved the humour in it. Totally 5 stars and I will be Pre-ordering book 2.

    Anyone know who designed the U.K. cover because acknowledgements only refer to Charlie Bowater’s Cover.

    1. I definitely screamed “eeeeeeject”, several times ?

      1. Hahaha yes, I was screaming ‚Eject!‘ as well! ? Actually, I found myself screaming at this book quite a lot for some reason…….??

    2. I screamed eject too! Hadn’t she learned from Hurls sad death ?? x

    3. Was totally also screaming “eject!” 😀

  9. Finally leaving a comment as I got really far ahead and didn’t want to spoiler earlier. Firstly, I’m so glad she had the sense to eject. Second that final battle was epic, no shield was ridiculous but then M-Bot saves the day and shouts war cries through the radio and it’s amazing ? I was really hoping she’d be able to engage the hyperdrive ever since story time with her grandmother but I totally didn’t see the whole this world is a prison and the Krell are our guards. Next year is definitely too far away! Thanks for hosting the readalong, reading everyone’s thoughts was really fun.

  10. Btw G if you didn’t see in the group people are hankering for Skyward merch in future boxes. Someone suggested a cuddly Doomslug ?

    Plus you were def right with Spensa being Gryffindor.

    1. I would die if we got a cuddly Doomslug!!! Fairyloot, please, please make this a thing!!!

      1. I need one of these! Cuddly Doomslug would never leave my side!

    2. OMG! I want a cuddly Doomslug! ? x

    3. Oh my GAHD! Hahah will definitely bring that forward to the team!!! 😀

    4. Cuddly Doomslug!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. Yes to the cuddly DoomSlug!
    I really didn’t want to finish this tonight; I’ve really loved it. Actually punched the air at the end of chapter 53 – how awesome!
    Some answers and certainly a nice leap forward for the next step in the plot. Really looking forward to the next book.
    Thanks for doing the readalong, it really helped me stay on target and finish a book this month. I’ve enjoyed reading others opinions and thoughts. Thanks everyone.
    Biggles signing off, for now.

    1. So glad you enjoyed it!!

  12. The strong start, the middle, THE END !!! What an amazing book it was ! Thank you to the Fairyloot team because to be honest, I would have missed this wonder.

    Of course Spensa got kicked out for ejecting herself ? and of course course she saved the day with M-Bot !!

    Also super happy that Nedd, Quick and Arturo came back, give us the Skyward Flight team back for book 2 (and don’t kill any of them, please and thank you).

    There was so much tension I don’t know how I survived today’s chapters ?. I do think I will try some others books from this author in the near future !

    Thanks G for being an awesome host, it was a pleasure and I loved doing this readalong (and it’s usually not something I like) you can 100% count on me for the next one ! ?

    Ps : We’re waiting for some goodies now, give me a “Claim the stars”-something please ?

    1. Ps *2* : I also posted my photo for the giveaway ! (Insta : ShadesOfBooks) ?

  13. Okay I will try and keep this comment short lol ? but wow! The ending of this book was AMAZING! It makes you wonder if he does do another book, what will happen next ? okay on to today’s posts!

    Bloody hell! Is Spensa trying to make our hearts jump up our throats? Yes they started a battle but deciding if to eject or not eject? I thought that would be a simple answer after everything with Hurl! But of course our girl ejects.
    However, Ironsides being Ironside she has her way and dismisses Spensa from flight school so close to graduation. I was so glad she changed her mind and gave the pin back to Spensa, if she didn’t I would of thrown this book lol ?

    Now with Ironsides I have a love/hate relationship with her. I sort of felt bad for her since everything is going on and she knows how bad things have gotten. But also I hated her for how she treated Spensa after everything with Spensers dad.

    I thought it was sweet how she was at the graduation, but I felt Spensa’s pain. She wasn’t going to fly again but at least FM and Jordan graduated.

    Seeing Cobb and telling him about the voices and the eyes that would of been painful to admit. I thought for a moment that he was going to tell her to go with the rest of them to fly, and it wa nice of him to try and get her a full pilots badge.

    The little celebration with Kimmalyn, Nedd, & Arturo was sweet it was nice to see what they have been planning. However, I thought it was very brave of Spensa to get Nedd and Arturo to take Kimmalyn with them for the spare ships to help.

    Poor Cloak she was the next casualty to die in this huge battle.

    For a moment I thought Spensa was going to head to M-bot to fly into the battle but being brave and using Arturo’s damaged ship was a huge risk!

    At this point I was literally at the edge of my bed, Spensa has started to hear orders that were passed to the Krell ships I wonder if this is what her father heard? ? after getting distracted when Jordan said he was in his way she lost her weapons ?
    Being Spensa of course she wanted to sacrifice herself by ramming herself into the bomber to save everyone (even though when she was shot down she chose to eject because of what her death would do to others, make you mid yo Spensa) of course it is a brave thing to do, but she was that lucky and her ship broke down cause her to skid to the ground.

    At this point I was worried, there was a battle going on and she had survived her crash landing. She is stuck in her seat and here comes a Krell ship read to fire at her broken show ship ?
    Hearing Jordan saying he was on his way was ? I thought that this was it or something ?

    But….. unexpectedly Cobb comes flying in M-BOT!!!!! ? YAY!!!!

    According to M-bot he had written a new program which edited the one entry in his database ‘I must follow the commands of my pilot’ and he chose his knew pilot! It was SPENSA! Who knew? ??

    Spensa now can hear more commands but this time she heard they set the bomb to detonate in 100secs ? they managed to IMP the ships and to start shooting before they scatted and the bomb was released. Everyone left but Spensa dived! I mean is that logical? There is a bomb going off and you choose to go to it instead of away from it ?

    Of course Spensa had a plan, she used her light lancer and dragged it away from Alta to save everyone! Our girl is brave ? however that means sacrifing herself and M-bot who just didn’t want to die…..I feel you M-bot I feel you ?
    However! Talk about a twist in the situation, Spensa somehow teleported herself and M-bot 100 Kilometres away from where the bomb exploded! How did she do that?! Even she didn’t know.

    Now this part crushed me, Spensa was saying goodbye to the admiral. I loved how Ironsides said about Spensa’s dad and how she EVENTUALLY told Spensa about them lying even though it was too late. However, Spensa wanted to see what her father saw that day to see why he turned on his flight members.

    OMG! So these Krell scrabbled with her head , thank god! M-bot had shields to block that out. But now Spensa understands why her father attacked his own people! ? he thought his people where Krell and that everyone had died! ? I mean that is so sad! I just want to give her dad a hug, those Krell are going to pay for what they did!

    So now we are left with Spensa letting everyone know that she can here the Krell communicate, that the Krell are guards not warriors, that years ago there was a battle between humankind and aliens and the humankind lost, that they had to surrender but we being human decided to fight, Spensa’s great grandma died to get them to this abandoned planet demtritus.
    All the time they had been battling the Krell they thought they were defending Alta (which part of it was) the the Krell was distracting them from any escape plans.

    Talk about a twist in the story! Now that Spensa knows the truth about what really happened with her father (I wonder if she would tell them that?) and now they have some answers, what will happen now? Apart from that I would like to know more about the defect, and probably other things I hope he would brand up in the next book.

    I have really enjoyed this book so much! I never though I would because i’m not really a sci-fi person, however after reading this book I may consider others and of course read more from Brandon Sanderson. I hope everyone enjoyed the read along as much as I have ? (Again I am truely sorry for the long reply again haha ? I had too much to say lol)
    And thank you Fairyloot for this amazing book in the November box ? x

  14. I loved loved loved this book!!! I’m so surprised because I don’t usually read sci-fi but this is my fave book I’ve read this year! Thank you so much FairyLoot team for choosing Skyward and thank you G for hosting this readalong!! I had so much fun!

  15. M-bot is totally my hero! After everything he went through—all the philosophical stuff—I can’t believe it was something as simple as rewriting his programming that got him back online. I just love that ship. But, with the cyberdrive turning on that means everything turned out good!
    I’m so happy!
    I mean, technically we’re a prison colony and we still need to escape, but we’re all still alive and that’s a bonus, right?
    I was starting to wonder if anyone would survive. It seems Sanderson kills off just as many characters as George R.R. Martin!

    Oh, but Doomslug wasn’t there for the final skirmish! Where is my baby slug? I hope she’s okay and not lonely in that cave. Maybe the next book with have more of her in?

    Speaking of the next book, I think it’ll probably be set more in deep space. It would be cool if Ironsides could get a massive ship made up for everyone to evacuate the planet and, of course, Spensa will be in charge of jumping through space.
    Then we could see why the rest of the galaxy wanted to imprison us so much, do you think the Krell will call in backup if we escape the surface? I mean, they did seem pretty scared of Spensa when they saw her…

    I’ve really loved reading everybody’s comment on this book. I absolutely loved Skyward. Great pick, FairyLoot!
    Thanks again to G, hosting this Readalong.
    Merry Christmas, everyone! See you all in the New Year for the next readalong!

    1. That would be very interesting if they built a huge ship for everyone to join and to try and escape. It would be Spensa taking her great grandma’s place. It would interesting to see what happens in book 2 I hope it will be soon that we hear the news for book 2 I can’t wait any longer lol ? x

  16. And breathe! Boy that was intense, I managed to get through that without crying or tossing my book across the room *pats self on the back*

    The battle. M-Bot showing up. Cobb flying. Spensa being brave enough to fly out despite what happened to her father, to face what’s out there. So much happened. I’m so proud of Quirk, just thought I’d throw that in there.

    I think with M-Bot’s help they will build a ship big enough to get them all out of there and they’ll need Spensa to do it.

    I cannot wait to read what happens next.

    First Sci-Fi read for the win, thanks Fairyloot!

    I’ll be joining the next readalong for sure, this has been so much fun. Thanks for hosting.

  17. She was kicked out of the DDF?! Well I’m glad she ejected, and it always was possibly/likely that she’d be kicked out of the DDF for any reason they could find., I’d just have thought that they were so in need of pilots that they’d ignore that rule now… or maybe they ignored it for others and it’s just coz it the defect that they kicked her out.

    Now I think people may disagree with me on this, but I think that she is a true hero, (more so than those she used to idolise in her grans stories) simply because she was willing to sacrifice her own and dream of flying because she had seen warning signs that she could be dangerous (though we know she won’t be in the end!… right?). Personally I don’t see that at all as cowardly, and then she didn’t even care for greater reward – she declined the full flight pin and all the benefits that Cobb offered her. Because as she said, it was never about the pin for her, but the fact she wasn’t interested even when it was right in front of her I think makes her quite incredible.

    However! When it matters in that final fight she still chooses to fight rather than to let the Defect define her! And I loved every bit of that final fight! It was so courageous when she made the descicion to ram the bomber, and (whilst I’m glad it didn’t work and her craft fell) I hope that it redeems her for stealing a ship, hiding M-bot, and gets rid of any talk of her being a coward (especially after she stayed and fought whilst all those first citizen families fled…)… I wonder how the others (her friends in particular) will feel though once they know she can hear the krel – will the see it that she has her own kind of advantage over them? I don’t see them being scared of her as a monster or anything.

    And M-bot to the rescue! When I saw that I knew some good flight-fighting scenes were coming! And also poor Cobb, the strength it must have taken for him to fly, but I did slightly suspect he’d need to fly before the book ended.

    A few of my predictions proved true >~< The krils armour being king of a part of their body, the hive mind, and Spin being a component to make the ship capable of hyperdrive! Wooo!

    Also we learn more about the Kril, what they want and how they work and that humans are like a disease they want to keep under control – too much prevolence I’d the diesease and it’s an epidemic, but remove it completely and the ability to combat the disease is lost no makes you susceptible. I doubt that the humans will be able to fight of the united forces of the universe for eternity…. so at some point (it seems to me) they’ll have to sit down and talk with the alien species to get taken off the naughty list ?. I also predict that Rig and FM might have a shot together, that Spin and Jordan will potentially become a thing, and then of course that they’ll leave the planet…. I also feel like book two will start after a time skip.

    I really liked Ironsides POVs, but I also felt that last chapter was a tad bit rushed or awkward. Though seeing as she was retelling all of the information she’d onlt just learned then I suppose it’s understandable.

    This story was an amazing ride, and I loved it so much! I really can’t wait for the next book (I hope it is continued, and not one of those books that leave you with an optimistic and hopeful book-end and you have to make up the real ending). Okay! Seen the sequel will be released March 2019 or something… phew! But I didn’t notice that in my book, so I’m worndering if only the American book has that page.

    1. Olso forgot to mention two things-
      1) many parts of this book reminded me of Anne McCaffrey – the invasion from the skies, taking ships, the teleporting and the between place… she’s an amazing SciFi writer and I’d recommend her to anyone who enjoyed this book, but also enjoys reading some challenging material. As her writing stile takes a bit of getting used to and you’ll constantly be reaching for a dictionary ?

      2) I meant to comment that I’ll be entering the Instagram readalong competition and my instagram is #MazaDaBunny, but haven’t had a change to take the photo just yet…. will do so tomorrow before the end of the 17th ?

    2. I have the US version and it says at the end of the book that the sequel, Starsight, will be out in Fall 2019.

  18. That book was sooo good. I loved it very much and can’t wait for the sequel.

    One of the best moments was, when Spensa was in space and some Krell aliens were in a ship watching her. And one of the Krell was scared and thought she would eat them. Then she made a ridiculous face and they ran away screaming. I had to laugh out loud at that part. ?

    Totally ship Spensa and Jorgan.

    Thank you for that wonderful readalong and for hosting. 🙂

  19. WOW I really enjoyed this book.
    Way more than I thought I would.

    This was the very first Brandon Sanderaon book I have ever read and I am officially hooked! I need to quench my thirst now and pick up more of his books! ?
    I really loved everything qbout this book, from the plot to the characters….

    Spin is definitely my favorite character though. I feel like I can relate to her so much… I feel like she was overthinking about ALL her issues towards the end of the book which was really giving her some serious anxiety which I tend to do all the time… (that’s why I’m in therapy)
    Also, I kind of figured that her father was being brainwashed/ controlled by the Krell when he shot all his friends down.

    Also, now Ironsides HAS to respect Spin! YAY!!!

    I think that Spin and Jorgen are really going to start working together more in the 2nd book and this will cause more tension in their relationship. I think they will definitly end up together because even though they are similar with the way they have been raised in their father’s shadow, they have completely opposite personalities but the same type of respect for each other and honor.

    I also believe that Spin will have to start training herself to listen to the Krell and to control M-Bot and other machines in the second book.

    I also believe they are going to have to build huge ships and come up with an escape plan in the second book as well.

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    Does anyone else think that for obvious reasons G’s Callsing should be “G-Force”? Or is that just me?

    Anyway I loved loved loved the book, thanks fairyloot for that gem. I truly enjoyed reading it with all of you and I second the idea about a doomslug in a future box or something skyward themed.

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    See you on our next mission Sykward flight.
    Callsing: Firefly – over and out

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    I knew M-Bot would show up, he just had too! I got a bit emotional, not going to lie…

    I’m writing this in the middle of the night and everything I wanted to say is escaping me. I loved doing areadalong and now I want to participate in more! Oh and someone up above mentioned cuddly Doom slug, this needs to happen!!

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    And this suicidal taking bomb away!
    Wow, I was literary ther with Spin. I love what Sanderson can do to his readers!
    So many exclamation marks, I’m so emotional right now!?
    I can’t wait for the next book. But I can’t wait for all Sanderson books, so whichever will come first I’ll be happy!❤️❤️❤️
    I think they will find a way to escape the Detritus. They will find more people like Spensa with the defect (thanks to those medical survey they take from her brain) and they pack everyone and leave the planet right from Krells noses!?

  24. Little bit late for the party, but I was just too busy. But what an ending.
    Those last chapters were amazing.. I was affraid who else from the Skyward Flight will die, but luckily, all survived, so yaaay.
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    We also can see some other side of Ironsides, and a little bit funny that the coward’s daughter who she was trying to get rid off is the one who is trying to save them all. And I think/hope that now after what Spin did Ironside will not hold the grudge for so long and let Spensa become a real pilot like the others, and also Nedd and Quirk because they came too and try to save the day!♥ I just love the dynamics inside the team, it is a really great one.
    Also I hope that I was not the only one, who started to cry about page 450 and went with it till the end, cause I was crying like a baby.

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