Sorcery of Thorns Readalong: Day 1

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Hi all!

Welcome to day 1 of our Sorcery of Thorns readalong! It’s really nice to see so many people who have participated before and to any of you who are joining for the first time, its okay, it’s my first time hosting and I really hope you enjoy this readalong with your fellow fairy friends!

I’ve only heard good things about this book, it’s said to have whymsical, strong and hilarious characters which should be thoroughly entertaining and I’m so excited to dive straight in to the magic!

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We’re starting the readalong with chapters 1-6 inclusive.

Are you ready? Let’s do this!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for chapters 1-6 of Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!



We meet Elisabeth, an apprentice librarian who is helping the Director of the library transport the Book of Eyes to the vault as part of a training exercise. I would definitely not be a fan of so many eyes watching me. Anyone else feel like we might be seeing the Book of Eyes again?

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Usually, orphans are sent to the orphanage but something about Elisabeth made the Director keep her at the library. Do we think there’s something more to Elisabeth than what we or even she knows? She can open passages that only she can open and seems to have a connection to the grimoires? Feel a bit attacked when they say it’s bad that the grimoires (i.e. books) are her only friends… it me.

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A magister, who seems to be fairly important, has come to visit which seems like something that doesn’t happen so often and everyone seems a bit on edge which makes sense since they’ve all been taught that sorcery is evil! Elisabeth obviously doesn’t trust the magister because of this but he seems so normal and actually really nice?? Could this be her nemesis Nathaniel or someone else? What do you think? He’s so witty and sarcastic, I kinda love him already!

Elisabeth wakes up in the middle of the night and just somehow knows something is wrong and soon enough finds the Director has been killed! Even though untrained and unqualified, she goes after whatever has done it and finds the book of eyes… Ah, I knew it would be back!

While fighting it and before she manages to destroy it, The Book of Eyes tells her that someone released it and wanted this to happen! I really hope it wasn’t the Magister cos then I really am I bad judge of character! Who do you think it could have been?

Elisabeth must have passed out as she wakes up in a cell and overhears warden Finch accusing her of releasing the grimoire and killing the director and he then tells her she is being sent to the Magisterium for questioning by the sorcerers. Everything should be okay though, right? She’s innocent!

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On the day Elisabeth is to be moved to the Magisterium, the magister from before shows up and we learn that he is, in fact, Nathaniel and that he is to escort her to the sorcerers. He’s so witty that I can’t help but laugh at some of the things he comes out with! He reminds me a bit of Will Herondale from The Infernal Devices!

And that’s it for day 1 – well done everyone!

What are we thinking so far? What are your predictions? Do we think the Sorcerers will believe she’s innocent or will they believe the new Director?

Let me know!


See you tomorrow!



73 thoughts on “Sorcery of Thorns Readalong: Day 1

  1. I’ve actually already finished the book. Sorry, couldn’t wait for the readathon ? . I’m going to really enjoy reliving it through these posts though ?

    1. I hope you enjoyed the book! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on each section!

  2. I think they are going to believe she is guilty. She is going to have to prove her innocence. I also feel like the Book of Eyes still has a role to play.

    1. Yeah, I definitely feel like we’ve not seen the last of the book of eyes!

  3. What a great start! I love the grimoires so far. It feels like they have diffrent personalities and I really enjoyed that one chewed on her robe so she got caught by the magister: Nathaniel is very intresting and I can’t wait to get to know him.

    I think that Elisabeth might have blood of a sorcerer running throught her vains and thats why she has a diffrent connections to the grimoires.

    1. I think she has some sorcerer in her too!

    2. I love Nathaniel already! I’m so excited to learn more about him! There’s definitely something different about Elisabeth but I just don’t know what! That’s a good theory though!

    3. I had this theory too. Maybe later she will be revealed as the Chosen
      One to fight against the ‘ancient evil’ the book blurb mentions.

  4. I’m already engrossed, replying to this before I go onto tomorrow’s pages ?

    I’m thinking that’s she’s something different or unusual even to sorcerers because Nathaniel seemed confused by her a little bit too ?

    I’m wondering if something will happen on the 3 day journey meaning she might not make it to the trial, if she does go through the trial I’m thinking it’ll be something like the silent brothers from the Mortal Instruments where they can read thoughts or something…

    Finally is anyone else a little confused why sorcerers are seen as evil but welcomed into the libraries almost like royalty ? (sorry for the essay)

    1. I think they treat the sorcerers so respectfully because they are so powerful! A sorcerer can wield extremely powerful magic, and if they wanted to disobey the laws, could most likely cause a lot of havoc and destruction if they wanted to. Seems like you certainly wouldn’t want to offend them by treating them badly!

      1. I’m sorry I meant to press like & it did dislike, won’t let me undo, stupid phone buttons so small ??‍♀️

    2. Yeah, Nathaniel didn’t really know what to make of her either! Do you think they treat them like royalty because they’re scared of them and are aware of the power they hold?

    3. I am ready to stay up all night and read this, I feel you. I came to see everyone’s thoughts, but then back to reading!!

      I think Nathaniel is going to tell her something on their journey about herself, why she can open passageways that none else can, and why she doesn’t shy away from sorcery.

      I am confused about that as well, everyone basically bows down to the Sorcerers soooo something isn’t adding up!

    4. I completely agree. Elizabeth has to be something different, special, which might be what the director saw in her and why she wanted to keep her rather than send her to the orphanage.
      Plus she she was awake when no one else was, she can smell magic and all the rest of the signs.

    5. Sorry, I didn’t mean to dislike your comment! I just clicked on the wrong button and can’t change it now ?
      I totally agree with you, they treat the sorcerers with respect but teach everyone that they are evil and demonic.
      Maybe she is a demonic halfbreed or something like that, but she has magical powers for sure! That could also be the reason why her parents left her at the library ?

  5. I love hate the books. Like I love that they are each unique and talk but at the same time they freak me out. The Book of Eyes is honestly terrifying.

    I think Nathaniel is going to help Elisabeth to prove her innocence.

    1. I can’t stop thinking about the book of eyes just staring at me…definitely wouldn’t want to face it!
      I hope Nathaniel helps Elisabeth!

  6. I think we are going to have to count on Nathaniel as a proxy for the sorcerers and they trust him to help her find out what really happens. So he will vouch for her for some reason. Maybe because he wants to know who actually did it? It started with a too slow to fit writing style in chapter one but it picked up soon enough. I am really truly intrigued

  7. This was such an amazing start, I need to read more now!

    I really hope the sorcerers believe Elizabeth, but I think she will have to prove she didn’t do it with the help of Nathaniel.

    I think Silas is going to be a demon and he is the sorce of Nathaniel’s power. Who else thinks that Nathaniel is going to be the most powerful sorcerer?

    Finally, I loved all the little bits about the grimoires like the one that needs compliments. And especially when Elizabeth said the first time she saw a normal book and she thought it was dead, I really liked that.

    1. Yeah I think she’s definitely going to have to work to prove her innocence! The grimoires have their own wee personalities and I love it!

    2. Loving absolutely everything about this book, the snark is so very funny.
      Also totally here for that romance if Nathaniel and Elizabeth hook up.

  8. I was surprised to get to Chapter Seven so quickly, and disappointed that I ‘had’ to stop, though I could have kept reading! It’s definitely drawn me in so far. I wish we could have spent some more time in the library learning more about it and the grimmoires, they are certainly interesting books! I think from the synopsis it is clear where the story is headed so no surprise yet really, I am interested in the coach driver though, with the yellow eyes, is he a demon? I hope Finch gets what he deserves at the end of the story, he gives me Filch vibes, and who appointed him Director??? I think not all sorcerers are evil, I think Elisabeth has been given a one sided view of sorcerers, if they were all evil they would not be given access to the tomes, I think.

    1. Oooo he might be a demon! Thats a good theory!
      Yeah I love that Finch just made himself Director without discussion…

    2. His name is even similar!

  9. Anyone else reminded of Lyra in Northern Lights? I think Elisabeth has sorcerer’s blood and will become one herself. I don’t think she’ll make it to her trial.

  10. I loved the first 6 chapters! I didn’t want to stop reading! Thorn really reminds me of Loki- it may just be the black hair though!

  11. I’m really enjoying this book so far. I especially Love the idea of the books being alive with personalities. Wouldn’t that be fun…? Lol

    I think Elisabeth definitely is something special, but not a sorcerer. IF* the sorcerers can look into minds, they’ll see she’s innocent… But who released The Book of Eyes? I’m kind of thinking Finch may have taken matters into his own hands if he felt rejected.

    Speaking of looking into minds, I think Silas is getting into Elisabeth’s head and manipulating her thoughts somehow or the way she sees him. Kind of creepy…

    Can’t wait to read more!

  12. The book is a page turner. I have to slow myself down 🙂

    a) can we read the book of eyes next week? I think it hope it will return later in the story.
    b) My favorite quote so far: “She was no hero, just a girl in a nightgown who happened to be holding a sword.”
    c) There is an eye on the dustcover of the book. Maybe that has a meaning!?

    Thank you for reading the book with us!!

  13. Hello fairylooters

    It’s a very intresting concept. I am still not sold on the characters and think everyone will believe she’s guity… But I look forward to the next chapters.??

  14. I actually started reading on Saturday and intended to only read today’s chapters, but I ended up reading ahead a little because I liked it so much!

    I think Elisabeth and Nathaniel will have a hate-to-love relationship, because they both have prejudice against each other, but fate keeps throwing them together.

    The concept of the ‘living’ books is really cool. I love the observation that Elisabeth used to think ‘normal’ (non-sentient) books were dead, because she was unfamiliar with them ?

  15. Oh my Merlin. What did I just read. I mean isn’t the book, super interesting? Lately I have been reading books where books have life. And even though I believe it is so damn true but you know, it is a bit terrifying.?
    I mean what if my books started to scream that I have been staking them and not reading them? Jokes apart, I am hooked to this book.

    The dedication .??

    I mean the first chapter itself took me with them. Every character, every detail is so defined. And the writing style? I mean a hint is given and then suddenly bamm.

    The relation between Elizabeth and the Director.

    It was not direct but somehow it was evident that The Director cared a lot about Elizabeth. And I would have loved loved to know more about them. It would be so interesting. But then death is one friend that meets me in every damn book. ?

    Somehow I think, The Director knew about Elizabeth in the reading room. Can you imagine that maybe the Director, herself would have done something like that?

    I love her attachment to grimoire is not a secret. I mean both the Director and Master know about it. And then comes the master phrase :

    ” I fear it is because she sees grimoires as her friends in place of people.”

    It is so damn true. For so many people around.

    “She did try not to greak the rules, but her efforts had a curious way of never working out.”

    I loved this line.???
    So damn much.

    And the worst part is, it is so relatable. I can see so many characters going through this same dilemma. ???

    The mystery of the door opening only by Elizabeth.?

    It is so interesting. I think it definitely has something to do with why she was awake and all that becoming a big picture ahead.

    I laughed out loud in my lecture when I read bathing in the blood of virgins.???
    Explaining my laugh was another story but seriously????

    “She had grown up on tales of sorcery: armies raised from mass graves to fight on the behalf of kings, innocents sacrificed in gory rituals, children flayed as offerings to demons. And now she had been to the vault, and seen for herself the work of a sorcerer’s hands.”

    The truth is spoken. ?

    Magic, she thought. That is what magic looks like. And then, before she could stop herself, It’s beautiful.

    I could feel her soft voice as she would have said it’s beautiful. The softness in the eyes, the awe. It is truly magical.

    And then…

    The moment where things changed. The Director died. I mean so soon?

    Elizabeth got the Dragonslayer.

    The fight???

    Those voice.? I mean I don’t know what would I do if I could hear voice like that. The chapter was beautifully written.

    It was somewhere expected that Nathaniel would come into picture. Silas is an interesting add.

    I adore Katrien.

    At this point, I honestly don’t know whom to point at.?

    Who knows Master was defending her so that he can’t be in suspicions?

    Who know what Warden did?

    Who knows why Nathaniel is here?

    A side effect of reading books for me is I start doubting so many people around.??

    I really cannot wait for tomorrow and continue reading this. I want to know more about Elizabeth’ connection.

    This book is going to be a total rollercoaster ride for me.

    1. I definitely hope we learn more about the relationship between the Director and Elisabeth! She definitely cared about Elisabeth! I don’t know who to trust either! There are so many potential suspects!

  16. I’m calling it: turns out sorcerer’s are the bad guys all along and Elisabeth will find a natural talent for magic, fall in love with Nathaniel and become a sorcerer herself. At least that’s what I would want to see haha! It’s so early in to really tell but there’s definitely something funky going on especially with the new Director. Maybe he was just pretending he was in love and was actually the betrayer? We will never know! Or we will, just not yet

    1. I was just thinking that, I think Elisabeth mist be a Sorceress which is why she wasn’t affected by the spell, I think Warden Finch has always suspected and that is why he hates her, I somehow think that not all Sorceres are really bad and that the belief that they are is some conspiracy for reasons not uncovered yet, oh Nthaniel seems like a really fun character maybe hes evil maybe hes not, I’m not sure just yet.

    2. Oooo that’s a good theory! And it would be really interesting if that actually happened! I definitely don’t trust the new Director!

  17. Massively skipped ahead and read the whole book because I simply couldn’t wait!
    Definitely agree that Nathaniel gives off Will Herondale vibes – he’s just so dreamy and witty and sarcastic and I love him!
    Can’t wait to see what everyone else thinks of this amazing book!

    1. I love Nathaniel’s sarcasm! He makes me laugh so much already! I can’t blame you for wanting to read ahead! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

  18. The chapters went by quite fast. As someone already noted, the first one was a bit slow, but things picked up. The grimoires are quite intriguing. Nathaniel’s evil sorcerer sarcasm is to live for. The Book of Eyes reappearing was not unexpected – maybe was not expecting it so soon, but now we also got a murder mystery on our hands. Currently, my main suspect is the new Director, despite his supposed love for the previous one. No other specific predictions yet on what is to come. Elizabeth and Nathaniel are definitely gonna get friendlier, Elizabeth is going to see a different side of sorcerers – but I think we all got that from the synopsis, at least those of us who’ve read it.

    Gotta go read more, I guess. 🙂

  19. First, I absolutely love that the grimoires all have fairly distinct, and odd, personalities. These little quotes made me crack a smile:

    “Elisabeth was assigned to care for a Class Two called The Decrees of Batholomew Trout, which developed a habit of wiggling provocatively every time it saw her coming” (Pg. 31).

    “In a glass case nearby, a Class Four named Lord Fustian’s Florilegium cleared its throat self-importantly, trying to get her attention. It needed to be complimented out loud at least once per day, or it would snap shut like a clam and refuse to open again for years
    (Pg. 33).

    Having the books be actual characters adds so much to the atmosphere and the story!

    The beginning was a bit slow, which was too reminiscent of Rogerson’s previous book, An Enchantment of Ravens (which I wasn’t all that fond of.) However, it picked up a bit and I have a feeling Nathaniel’s sarcasm and banter will help keep it interesting, which is where An Enchantment of Ravens failed for me.

    So far I enjoy the characters, and I hope that Elisabeth is a sorcerer, or at least part! We know that she has an odd connection with the grimoires, so I hope we get to see more of that later on. It’s been a quick, enjoyable read, and I had trouble stopping at the end of these chapters!

  20. Loving this book so far. Sentient books with their own individual personalities – what’s not to love!

    Nathaniel seems to have a very dry sense of humour – I’m definitely not believing that all of his comments of evil doings are serious!

    “We have a long journey ahead of us. The sooner we get started, the faster I can get back to tormenting widows and scandalising the elderly with my nefarious black arts” ?

    But my favourite exchange between Elisabeth and Nathaniel was this one:

    E: “You used a demonic incantation to pack my stockings!”
    N: “You’re right, that doesnt sound like something a proper evil sorcerer would do. Next time, I wont fold them.”

    Absolutely rolling at that ???

    I would have liked to have seen more of Elisabeth’s relationship with the Director. And Finch clearly has some issue with our MC Librarian, I look forward to finding out if theres some reason why he hates her so much, other than her having had the Director’s favour.

    Going to get a head start on tomorrow’s chapters now…?

  21. Anyone else constantly distracted by the glittering of the pages? These are sooo beautiful!

    Anyways.. I am a bit unsatisfied bc of Warden Finch. Maybe bc his motives are discovered that early his character seems flat – so I think he won’t appear again (?). Want to see Elisabeths friends and the library again, it’s always nice to see a character come home. But the other way round I am curious to see what will happen between Nathaniel and Elisabeth. He has Dracula vibes and his comments are sassy – I don’t know how to sort it YET.
    He’s playing constantly with the fears he definitely knows she is been taught.. let’s see what they will do about it.

    I am sure, he plotted the whole thing bc he had seen her and then planned the Grimoire to become a Malefice to test her.

    1. I don’t know I was getting the vibes of Malachiasz from Wicked Saints

  22. Ahhh, such an amazing start!! I really want to just flip the next page already! … and WHY did I not grow up in a library full of living books, like seriously!?

    I am soooo excited to get to know Nathaniel (HE HAS TO HELP MY DEAR ELISABETH!!!!) And seriously, Elisabeth is starting to seem like an exceptional main character (as expected by Margaret Rogerson, ofc)!

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s chapters!

  23. The author seems to get into the action of the story pretty early not trying to drag it out which I appreciate.

    I think think the new director is in some way involved with the book of eyes being released. He may have had feelings for the previous director but I find him to be a person who takes advantages of a situation to make himself look good.

    Now as far as Elisabeth and Nathaniel go. I believe she has magic in her blood and what better way to hide a sorcerer than a library with grimores to get a step ahead without being heavily monitored. Nathaniel will probably figure it out first and help her showing that not all sorcerers are evil.

    Looking forward to next checkpoint!

  24. I love that the book started with so much action!
    I’m already loving Nathaniel as well and can’t wait to keep reading!

  25. Wow, I loved the atmosphere of those first few pages. And Nathaniel seems so… Normal. Nice, even, if you don’t mind a bit of sass (spoiler: I don’t mind at all!) I’m intrigued to see what happens to make him into Elisabeth’s nemesis!

  26. I loved Margaret Rogerson’s writing style and unique imagination in An Enchantment of Ravens. Both are present in this book, and I find myself liking the characters a lot more! I’m really worried for Elisabeth and Nathaniel.

  27. Is it just me, or does anyone else think there will be a romantic connection between Elisabeth and Nathaniel? I just have that vibe!! Hmmmmm!

    1. For sure! I felt a tension there right from the beginning!

  28. Loving this book so far. With the things that Elisabeth has been taught (like sorcerers being evil), I wonder if being told the voices from the grimoires being lies could also be false and that they speak the truth to only her. Totally loving Nathaniel’s sassy, witty comments.

  29. Hi everybody Hi Amy

    I must say that I was a little disappointed with the beginning of the book It did not draw me in but as soon as Nathaniel came in the story it become interesting so I cant wait what will happen next

    I like that the grimoIres have different personalities its funny and scary at the same time

    I really hate Finch he had it for Elisabeth from the beginning and with the director gone she had no one to protect her anymore so he finally got rid of her. But most of all I have a feeling he is somehow involved in the release of the grimoire

    Nathaniel does not seem bad to me at all he is a little sassy and probably full of him self but he doesn’t give me negative vibes and I have a feeling hes gonna be crucial in uncovering these scheme with the grimoire of eyes

    And I just love Elisabeth soo innocent but jet super wicked I just cant wait to find out why she is special and and I cant wait to see how she will prove her innocence and uncover the scheme

  30. First time in the readalong! Woohoo!

    I’m surprised how quickly the first 60 pages went! I would love to grow up in a library full of sentient books. Though the fact that the Great Libraries take on apprentices solely because no one would miss them is mildly concerning. Imagine a building full of books the Monster Book of Monsters would have nightmares about.

    My biggest questions after these first 6 chapters are:
    -Did the Director know what makes Elisabeth different all along? Is that why she was adamant that Elisabeth be allowed to stay at such a young age? And why she left the Demonslayer sword to her in her will?
    -Who (or what?!?) is the yellow-eyed servant? I’m also reading Nevernight so the relationship between the servant & Nathaniel is reminding me of Mia & Mr. Kindly. Almost like a sorcerer and his familiar. I wonder if there are dragons in this world– the servant’s true form should totally be a dragon!

  31. Hi everyone!

    I’m enjoying this book alot. I loved the grimoires and their different personalities. I think the Master is up to something. I’m not sure about Finch either. I think Elizabeth might be a sorcerer.

  32. I love that the beginning has a bit of a noir vibe with the dark tone, shadowy scenes and Gothic settings. The talking grimoires add something unique to the book. Didn’t expect the Director to be dead especially that early in the story. Elisabeth may team up with Nathaniel and maybe a grimoire too. I get a sense it’s going to turn into a detective story as they figure out who really went after the Director.

  33. I loved the beginning of this book! Omg the hot sorcerer and the scary book coming to life so much mystery too! Literally a page before it happened I was like the Director has to die for something big to happen and then it did! I love her sword and I hope she can keep it and I think Thorn’s (Sorcery of Thorns lol) serpent might be the cat in the art print and that would be so cool. An amazing start so far and I’m excited to see more expansion of the world

    1. Oh I also can’t wait to see how she is special to be able to resist some spells! So interesting!

  34. I love this book! No predictions, because I’m on chapter 25.

  35. Hello everybody,

    I really like it so far! It has something mysterious and I can’t wait to discover what will happen. I am also intrigued by the world Rogerson has created, we have only seen pieces of it but it sounds super interesting. There are so many question to be answered and I hope that I will be surprised.

    Rogerson writing style is really easy and I am flying through it. Even reading it during work(but don’t tell my boss 😛 )

    1. I totally agree! Her writing style is so easy to fly through and becomes super addictive!

  36. Very much loving this book so far! (though no surprises really…)

    I am getting “Enchantment of Ravens” vibes with the plot – girl does a thing, has to be taken away for trial….
    but to be honest, I’m not complaining, because I loved Enchantment of Ravens, and the setting and world of this book feels different enough to keep things interesting!

    I simply ADORE Nathaniel so far – he’s so sassy, and really leans into the bad reputation surrounding sorcerers. This alone makes me thing that sorcerers aren’t nearly as bad as they are made out to be, but perhaps use that fear for some reason to their advantage?
    I think I also have a lot of trust for Rogerson to write him well as a potential love interest, because Rook was simply lovely too (though they are very different to one another!)

    I reckon Elisabeth might well end up a sorcerer by the end of the book. But perhaps the Director might not be so innocent as she seems? I think she was up to something, for better or worse.

    Finally, definitely think Silas is a demon, and like the one who has the contract with Nathaniel.

  37. I’m legit rereading this book with the readalong– only weeks after finishing it because I loved it so much. The mystery surrounding Silas in the beginning is so fantastic and the characterisation of the Book of Eyes is terrifying. There’s something weirdly horrifying about a monster emerging from a book!!

  38. Grimoires seem like very interesting creatures. I love how they all have personalities. The Decrees of Batholomew Trout and its provocative wiggle had me stifling a laugh (I’m reading in the reception of my son’s school).
    Elisabeth is clearly a very strong girl, knows her mind, and who she wants to be. A little reckless, but curiosity only makes her path to become warden grow even more.
    The Director seems strict but motherly. I think she was one of the good ones, but now we’ll never know.
    Magister – I’m not sure how to take him yet. He should be scary, but feel he’s nicer than he is inclined to be.
    Finch – clearly has it out for everyone. I think he has an agenda, just can’t figure out what yet.

  39. I really love the book so far, I mean how could I not with all those book with their own characters and different behaviors. I want more of those.
    I also think that Elisabeth is something special, if a sorcerer or something else entirely I’m not sure about, but something.
    And I think Silas is a demon and is messing with her head. Something is not right there and so far that is the only thing that would make sense.

    I love Nathaniel, I think he is my favorite character so far. Can’t wait to read the next chapters. She will not make it to her trial without something happening (If she makes it at all).

  40. Hey ! I’m really glad to join into this readalong, it’s my second and I was so hyped when I saw this book in the box that I actually screamed ahah ! When I opened the book to read the first chapters I had to put it down because the first sentence was like OMG ahaha I don’t know why but I had to have a moment because I thought Oh shit this could be my favourite book ! I think the Director and Elisabeth are linked, maybe relatives or maybe the Director feels really linked to Elisabeth and sees her as a sort of daughter ? I don’t know why but I have a funny feeling that Nathaniel is going to be her knight in shining armour and that Warden Finch is the one who let the Book of Eyes out of the vault. She saved the Library and the whole of Summershall and she is being sent away for questioning, that is really fishy, there is definitely something wrong with that ! I can’t wait for the next chapters !!!

  41. I agree that the creepy Book of Eyes will come back in the foreSEEable future. Also, the Sword that the Director left Elisabeth. I hope she finds a way to sneak it out with her.
    I am loving Silas’s character. He is the perfect combination of sass and efficiency.
    Magistar Thorne, so far, is just too cloying perfect. He is handsome, charismatic, chivalrous and also just a tad bit dangerous and devilish (pun so intended). I hope his character becomes more nuanced going forward. Considering he is almost the titular character (Sorcery of Thorns = Sorcerer Thorne? Am I overthinking this?)
    I really like the book’s protagonist, Elisabeth though. She is brave and adorable. So far she hasn’t been described as ‘pretty’ but has been shown to be smart, loyal, and courageous. Kudos to the author for penning down the character so well.
    The entire Director and Warden Finch love angle strongly reminded me of Lily and Snape; especially after Warden Finch was unjust to Elsabeth because he was jealous of her. I don’t like him, but let’s see how the story progresses.

  42. I’m really interested in the first six chapters, the whole Librarians vs Sorcerers thing is something I haven’t really seen before and Elisabeth is an intriguing main character. I wish we had gotten more time to see her relationship with the Director though, it would be have been good to see more of that guardian/ward, parent/child relationship rather than just being told about it.

    I’m okay with Silas and Thorne so far but they have a bit more to go before they grow on me.

  43. I definitely think this will be the case of her trying to prove her innocence because everyone will think that she is guilty. It sounds like the typical trope.

  44. It took me a little bit to get fully into it but I really liked Elisabeth’s interaction with Nathaniel in the Library. It’s seems from the blurb and artwork I have seen for this book that they are going to become allies at some point so I am curious how that will happen.

    I like that Elisabeth has these unusual abilities. What is her connection to the grimiore’s? Why can she create passageways through the library? Why didn’t the sleeping spell work on her? Also, who are her parents and do they have these abilities too?

    I am also curious about the relationship between Nathaniel and his “servant”. Is the servant the demon like the stories say or is he something else entirely? Why does Nathaniel let his servant talk to him the way he does? There is definitely more of a mystery with this as well. Does this servant turn into the Cat that is on the artwork with Nathaniel?

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    I like Elisabeth, she’s easy to identify with, and I like how she’s smart, dedicated and not always sure of herself. I was hooked the moment Nathaniel appeared ;). I have a very weak spot for sassy characters and I have the feeling he’s gonna be exactly what I want and I can’t wait to get to know him (and Elisabeth and Silas, obviously) better in the next days!

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    I liked the Book of Eyes, it was super creepy but had a connection or somehow knew Elisabeth was different!

    Nathaniel is very interesting so far and again, he also senses something about Elisabeth in particular. I don’t think he is the one who killed the Director. Who knows who it may be?

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    I want to know why Finch hates Elisabeth so much, but I think that everyone will believe him about her being guilty.

    I want Nathaniel to help her to, hopefully, uncover her magic, if she has it, which I think she does, and see what Silas is. I can’t wait for tomorrow!

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    I love her writing style by just reading a few pages of this book. And I also love Elisabeth and her love for books.

    I think there’s something special about her and somehow the director knows it. I can’t wait to read this book and catch up with you guys! ?☺

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