Sorcery of Thorns Readalong: Day 3


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Hello Fairy Friends!

Its day 3 and we’re halfway through the readalong already! I hope you all are enjoying it so far!

There have been some really good theories about why Elisabeth has a special connection to the grimoires and quite a few of us have the feeling Ashcroft is being a bit sketchy! Lets see if we get any answers today!

Today we’re reading chapters 13-18! Lets go!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for chapters 1-18 of Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Elisabeth is glamoured by Lorelei and is lead to Ashcroft’s study but luckily is able to resist some of the glamour so she can still hear what they are saying! There’s definitely something different about Elisabeth…surely she’s not supposed to be able to do that! She learns that it was Ashcroft that killed the Director and had sent the fiends after her and Nathaniel, he had orchestrated it all! I knew we couldn’t trust him!

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A physician comes to inspect Elisabeth and diagnoses her with a swollen brain from reading too many books…if that was a real thing, I think we’d all have it! He doesn’t believe her when she tells him that Ashcroft is dangerous and leaves her as a prisoner of Ashcroft where she now knows almost all of the servants are lesser demons!

Elisabeth goes in for her meeting with Ashcroft which we find out is a daily occurrence which he uses to glamour her and interrogate her about what she knows about the night the Director died but as she’s able to defy the glamour, she doesn’t give anything away.

Left in the room alone, Elisabeth takes her chance to look at the grimoire Ashcroft is trying to get information from, The Codex Daemonics. It must be a part of whatever he is planning but I can’t figure out what he’s doing! Anyone have any guesses?

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Eventually losing his patience he decides to just go into her memories himself. Not finding what he is looking for he tries to destroy her mind but unbeknownst to him, she manages to stay sane.

He sends her to the hospital to live out her days there but she manages to escape the matron and Mr Hobs who had followed her there!

Elisabeth, ill with a fever after spending a few nights on the street, is contemplating who she can turn to for help when she spots Silas ahead of her. While trying to catch up with him she is followed by some men who try and attack her but Silas manages to save the day and kills them. Do we think it was just a coincidence that Silas was there?

Elisabeth then passes out again and wakes up in Nathaniel’s house for a second time with no memory of how she got there.

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After spending days reading countless books, Elisabeth finds a mirror that lets her communicate with whomever she wants…I feel like this could come in handy later!

Through the mirror Katrien tells her that the only other copy of the codex is in the Royal Library and she has to steal it…

And that’s it for day 3!

So do we think she’ll manage to steal the codex? I kinda want Nathaniel to get on board so they can team up for a mission! Anyone have any ideas about what Ashcroft is planning?

Hope you enjoyed todays chapters!

See you tomorrow!





  • Johanna

    It was no surprise that Ashcroft is the bad guy. It was really frustrating that Elisabeth told the doctor everything. She was really naive. But atleast she finally escaped and run into Silas again. I like Silas more and more. And Nathaniel. I have a feeling that he isn’t interested in marriage because he don’t want to make an heir. That he don’t like the magic his family is famous for and he want that magic to be forgotten… And thats why he keeps his distance to Elisabeth.

    And about Elisabeth, I first thought that she might have sorcery blood in her veins, but now I’m thinking that it might be demons blood? Maybe thats why the magic doesn’t affect her like it should. Or maybe I’m just thinking to much.

    And Aschcroft, I think that he want more power. Maybe he wants to rule or claim the magic other families have. Maybe he wants Nathaniels magic so he can raise an army…

    • Amy Garvie

      Oooo it would be super interesting is she had demon blood!
      I’m not sure what Ashcroft is up to but its definitely not good!

    • Darlene (@Darlene_Saw)

      I totally agree with you! Had the same thoughts while reading this part.
      I really adore the scenes with Nathaniel, Elisabeth and Silas together ?

    • Jona

      This is an interesting theory. ☺

  • Hannah

    I am also really liking Silas and Nathaniel. I thought it was very cute how Silas remembered she liked sausages and made them for her for breakfast!

    • Mikayla

      I absolutely LOVE the fact that the author used a “real affliction” of the past (particularly for women) that had such horrific consequences for so many and turned it into something here. I thought this was possibly one of the cleverest moments in the whole book and I loved being able to see Elisabeth a bit more on her own– away from the confines of the Library but also away from Nathaniel. I feel like we get a bit more access to her as a character here!!

    • Mikayla

      Silas is absolutely the cutest EVER. (The Fairyloot artwork of him as a kitten did nothing to dissuade me of this conviction ?)

  • Ella

    Hi fairylooters ??

    I am glad Nathaniel is back, he and Silas are more intresting to me than Elisabth. Maybe because she grew up a little diffrent she seems to be very naiv and at times she’s a bit frustrating for me to read.
    I hope we get some action between the characters and more demons in the next chapters.

    Hope everyone enjoys reading!

    • Amy Garvie

      Her life has definitely been a bit guarded! Really excited for some more action!

  • Chronically_bookish

    Hmmmmm well the books love her so maybe they will help her? Or maybe she will find more secret passageways? Probably world domination. Sounds exhausting tbh.

  • L Riley

    I can’t help but trust Silas. What do you think Nathaniel’s family legacy is that he doesn’t want to marry, or maybe he just wants his necromancy bloodline to stop?
    I hope we find out what happened to his father soon.
    I’m convinced that Elisabeth is a sorcerer of some type.

  • Mikayla

    I absolutely LOVE the fact that the author used a “real affliction” of the past (particularly for women) that had such horrific consequences for so many and turned it into something here. I thought this was possibly one of the cleverest moments in the whole book and I loved being able to see Elisabeth a bit more on her own– away from the confines of the Library but also away from Nathaniel. I feel like we get a bit more access to her as a character here!!

  • Natasha (@nashart11)

    I’m wondering about her affinity with the grimoires & libraries, maybe somehow she’s linked to Ashcroft as his ancestor made them or maybe it’s to do with the people who create grimoires, it seems that’s when she’s the strongest ?

    I’m wondering if Ashcroft is looking for a demon name maybe so he can have it under his control ?

    Also intrigued by the legacy, maybe he’s supposed to meet Elisabeth….either way I’m so glad both him & Silas are back ??

    • Amy Garvie

      Oooo those are all really good theories and it would be so interesting if they were true! I can’t wait to find out!

  • Anne

    So, I can’t help but read a bit more than chapter 19.
    At first I thought this would be a nice read but now I feel home every day a bit more. Even it presented a lot of the plot promptly by itself – it’s just saying what happend: I mean a merciful gesture by Mercy? Well, ok. I am curious if we will see her again. Characters don’t get names, when you won’t see them again. I bet Mercy will be one victim of the Chancellor somehow, when he discoveres Elisabeth isn’t insane.

    I really enjoy how her madness is being built up and how it touches real matters, it kind of ties the fantasy part to reality of that time.

  • Joon

    I’m just really excited for the “or he could be like Katrien, who possessed no interest in romantic matters whatsoever”. It’s such a great way to casually mention that a character is aro, without making it a big deal!

    I’m not sure I can wait for tomorrow read the next, I’m really enjoying this book!

  • Jennifer

    I’m unsure what I feel about this book. I’m not sure I like Elisabeth, she’s a bit annoying. And it seems quite predictable so far. Undecided.

  • Kristin (@bookskies)

    Only me that wanted Elisabeth to drag Mercy out of that hospital?? (Will we see her again?)

    Ahhh, I’m so happy Elisabeth is back with Silas and Nathaniel again!! ??

    My eyes got teary when Elisabeth realized how f-ed up everything was, and how she was so lost when in Ashcroft’s mansion (or should we say prison?)!!! And when that physician declared her mad with “hysteria”???? OOOOOHHHH, I’d kick him 7 times in the balls if I’d have the chance!!!!!! (The Ashcroft-idiot too btw)

    And I get why some think Elisabeth seems naive, especially when she told the physician everything… but I think that’s really realistic. I mean, Elisabeth has grown up in a library, and a special one at that! Everything (almost) she knows about the outer world is what she has learned from books and other people in the very same library! How can one not be naive when growing up like that!? Welp, that’s what I think!

    Btw, loving how Margaret writes and puts in funny (and cool/feminist) elements here and there!

    Can we just get to tomorrow so I can read more?? ? (I’m really trying to follow the read-along schedule this time!)

    • Amy Garvie

      Yesss I wish Mercy had gone with her! She’s definitely a bit naive but you’re right, she’s lived her whole life in a library bubble and doesn’t know any better!

  • C.G. from @paperfury

    I adore every scene with Silas and Nathaniel basically! And I’m waiting for Nathaniel to get onboard with helping out too, or maybe he gets dragged into her stealing quest?! I also love the theory sometime wrote here that Elisabeth might have demon blood? ?She has to have something special about her with her mysterious past and the way the grimoires love her.

    (I also suspect Silas killed Nathaniel’s father to protect Nathaniel from him or something?! I love their friendship ??)

    • Amy Garvie

      Silas and Nathaniel are the best! Can definitely imagine Elisabeth dragging Nathaniel into her quest! There’s definitely something different about her and I can’t wait to find out what!

  • Connie

    Wow, I feel like we don’t have to wait long to get answers in this book! So Ashcroft is the bad guy after all. He is creating chaos and bad things happen amongst chaos. I wonder what his plans are..?? I like that the story is not so predictable.

    Anyone else have a big reaction when the doctor said Elisabeth had inflammation in her brain from reading books?? That part kind of made my blood boil lol! Poor Elisabeth being claimed as insane. Thankfully she got away, but I really wish she had taken Mercy with her. Leadgate sounds like an awful place.

    I have to say, I am glad we are back with Nathaniel and Silas. I just like them more and more. Silas is SO sweet, especially for a demon! I think whatever happened to Nathaniel’s family has caused him to build up walls. I’m really looking forward to seeing Elisabeth try to break through them. She is certainly special.

    I’m on board with the theory that Elisabeth may have Demon blood. That would explain a lot!

    I’m excited for tomorrow’s chapters!

    • Amy Garvie

      I agree, I love the fact that I have no idea what is going to happen! I wish she had taken Mercy with her too, they would have made a good pairing and it would be good for Mercy to get out of there.
      Nathaniel and Silas are just the best!

  • Michellerae6

    I agree Elizabeth may have demons blood or possibly a mix?

    I just love the grimoires so much. They remind me of the Monster Book of Monsters from Harry Potter 🙂

    • Amy Garvie

      Yess I definitely get Monster Book of Monster vibes!

  • Bookish_princess

    It was terribly obvious that Ashcroft would be the villain I hope that there will be more twists behind that than what we have seen so far. I LOVE how she can resist all of these spells! I loved Mercy’s character I hope she comes back and the girl trio of Elizabeth, K friend (lol can’t remember her name rn) and Mercy that’s would be a well balanced girl squad I think ? When Thorn makes the room dark listening to her story! ?omg the Forrest room so dreamy! (Giving me greenhouse kiss vibes from City of Bones tbh) also a BALL! Yay! I love balls ? I love how he tries to ignore her and the intrigue of having to steal from the royal library! Tbh I think Thorn will have to save her.

  • Tiffy

    I’m really interested to find out more about the bargain between Nathaniel and Silas. Lorelei mentioned that he was notorious but I’m beginning to think it might be because he is quite different from all the other demons.

    I totally think Elizabeth will be able to steal the Codex but I think Nathaniel will end up helping her somehow along the way

  • Hannah

    I’m kind of starting to wonder if maybe she is part Grimoire. I mean I don’t believe that we have actually seen her bleed and the books react to her in very special ways so maybe it is possible or it could just be me stretching lol!

  • Emily

    I am still not feeling a huge connection to these characters but I am enjoying them more, if that makes sense.

    Elisabeth has spent her entire life with books and historians so it is understandable that she started out a bit one-dimensional. I hope she gains some depth as the story progresses. As much as I like the interaction between Nathaniel and Silas, I don’t feel like we know enough about them to connect with either yet.

    New questions after today’s chapters:
    -I was very surprised that Ashcroft was revealed to be the mastermind behind the Great Library attacks so early in the book. It makes me wonder if he is not actually the “Big Bad” of the story. Is he unknowingly a pawn in someone else’s (possibly Lorelai’s) scheme?
    -Is anyone else feeling Beauty and the Beast vibes? Nathaniel has sequestered himself as much as possible in his big house with only Silas for company. Now in comes Elisabeth– a naive girl with a strong moral compass and a love of books. The scene where Nathaniel’s study is revealed very much rang a Beauty & the Beast bell for me.

  • Tina

    Absolutely LOVING this book! My favourite thing in the world is when Nathaniel calls Elisabeth a menace – he just can’t resist her clutziness!

  • Marjolein

    This book has really drawn me in, I really like it! I think it makes sense for Elisabeth to be somewhat naive, growing up in a library among books instead of in the real world. Even when I was kind of shouting at her not to trust the physician… I loved how the writer brought in the actual views from the past on women who read books! Poor Elisabeth though… I loved Mercy who helped her out again, I hope we’ll see her again!
    And Silas is quickly becoming my favourite character, I think?

  • CarolineJ

    Still really loving this book!
    I think Nathaniel might just be my newest book crush…
    I also love Elisabeth’s propensity to use anything she can get as a makeshift weapon!

  • Verena

    Of couse he was the bad guy. Maybe just a bad guy (hoping for a Twist here), because it was way to obvious that he was.
    I do think that there was something wrong with Nathaniels father and that’s why Silas killed him (or maybe I’m just hoping that’s the case). Maybe the father went insane and tried to kill his family (that would be interesting). Something had to be, because of the way people talk about it and him… but maybe I’m overthinking.
    I really like the characters, I want to know more. I don’t really mind Elisabeth being as naive as she is. For me ut’s believeable and not to annoying. Can’t wait foe the next chapters.

  • Ali Kiki (@love2dazzle – Dazzled by Books)

    I was not surprised that Ashcroft is the bad guy. I mean he was so off in the beginning that you just knew. I think he is either wanting all power for himself or is wanting a big private army of demons. I wish Nathaniel would just get over himself and team up. I definitely think that would create quite the adventure.

  • Jess (bookwyrmbella)

    I really love Silas and Nathaniel!! I didn’t guess about Ashcroft but I can’t say I am surprised either. His niceness was too good to be true.

    I am so glad that Mercy came along and helped Elisabeth. She wouldn’t have made it out without her.

    I am also glad that she stumbled upon Silas again. It is awesome that he was able to hear her and helped her so quickly.

    I definitely think Nathaniel is trying to keep his distance from Elisabeth because he doesn’t want to end up like his father. Although, we still don’t know what his father did. I am also curious how he got that scar on his arm. It has been mentioned a couple times now which makes it seem like it will be important.

    I love the grimoires in this story and how they all have their own personalities and quirks. I am curious if others can hear them the way Elisabeth can.

    It is awesome that she found that mirror and can talk to Katrien but I wonder if it is as harmless as it seems. Also, the new Director is awful!

    I think Ashcroft really wants power. It’s possible he is going to try to take the throne so he can rule over everyone. Maybe he feels entitled to it because of his family.

    I am still not sure how Elisabeth has her gifts. She is definitely special. I can’t wait to find out why/how she is this way.

  • Lucy

    I’m behind but I really liked how Ashcroft was revealed to be the bad guy, as well as how Elisabeth escaped from him. We’re really getting to explore her character, which I love, though I do like how she has Nathaniel and Silas as a safe haven.

    I’m sure when Nathaniel sees she is determined to steal from the Great Library, he’ll come along, although reluctantly.

  • Danica

    Oooh Ashcroft you self obsessed asshole
    I love the scense between Nathaniel and Elizabeth those too should be together but he is holding back why
    Silas is ok I think he does care about Nathaniel

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