Sorcery of Thorns Readalong: Day 5


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Hello Friends! How is it already day 5 of the readalong?

So much happened yesterday but I think today’s chapters will hold even more excitement!

Elisabeth and Nathaniel have a pretty good plan to expose the saboteur but do you think it’s going to work out?

Let’s get reading and find out!

Today we’re reading chapters 25-31

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for chapters 1-31 of Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Elisabeth and Nathaniel arrive at the ball together, causing a bit of a stir since he’s never brought a companion before! I love that Nathaniel is finally opening up to Elisabeth, telling her he used to fancy the Prince…do I sense some flirting??

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It seems their plan is working! Ashcroft seems quite shaken by the fact that Elisabeth is okay and can remember everything! He leaves quite abruptly with no explanation so surely the other guests will find him a bit suspicious…

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Woah okay, even I, who have been shouting about wanting them to get together for the whole book, think there might be some more pressing issues than going for a romantic stroll in the gardens! That literally came out of nowhere as well…Nathaniel is acting a bit weird.

Ah that will be why! Ashcroft has influenced Nathaniel 🙁 and I thought they were falling in love

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Oh nooo Ashcroft’s been watching them through the mirrors!! Can’t believe I just accepted that they had defeated him!

A duel to the death! This can’t end well!

No no no Nathaniel has not been stabbed he has to be okay!

So much just happened! Elisabeth managed to kill Lorelai and Silas just sacrificed his life for Nathaniel cos he really did care about him! Can Silas really be dead? Now I’m going to need Elisabeth to save Nathaniel quickly!

The physician gets to work on Nathaniel while his assistant cares for Elisabeth and goes to get them tea. When Nathaniel awakens and realises it’s not Silas bringing the tea he demands they both leave and he turns to Elisabeth and tells her simply, they’re going to bring Silas back!

I wonder how many times Nathaniel has brought him back? He doesn’t seem that fazed by it. I don’t even know how I feel about Silas now! He knew when he sacrificed himself that Nathaniel would bring him back and that he’d get a better bargain, which he did with the extra of 10 years of Elisabeth’s life, so does he really care? But he is also kind to them and I just don’t know. What do you think?

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Ahhh yay!! Finally, they kissed! I’m so happy! They’re so cute I can’t handle it.

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It’s such a shame that Nathaniel thinks he can’t offer her what she needs but you know Elisabeth will be able to persuade him.

Aaaand the moment is ruined. Ashcroft made it inside the codex and Prendergast told him his secret but Elisabeth managed to figure it out herself. The libraries weren’t built to protect the grimoires but in fact to be a large pentagram and summoning circle! With a circle that large, it must be a pretty big demon.


With the help of Prendergast, they make it to the Harrows, the location of the last sacrifice. However, nobody at the Hallows has heard about Ashcroft and how he was outed as a traitor and so he doesn’t believe them.

After finding out Elisabeth has used sorcery and is linked to a demon, Director Hyde throws them both in the dungeon… How are they going to get out of this one before Ashcroft shows up?!?

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That’s a wrap on day 5 and woah so much just happened!

With only one day left of the readalong, what are everyone’s predictions? I just need Nathaniel and Elisabeth to be alive and together and I’ll be happy! Oh and they could maybe save the world as well?

Let me know what you’re thinking and I’ll see you tomorrow for the final day of the readalong!






  • Hannah

    I think that Ashcroft is going to summon the demon. I feel like this is going to happen so that there will be the big boss battle especially when I look at how many pages are left in the book.

    I really want Elisabeth and Nathaniel to have a happy ending and get the cute happily ever after they deserve.

    I also wonder if maybe they will work together to build a world where Elisabeth is still able to work at the Great Library even though she is demon marked and in love with a Magister.

  • Chronically_bookish

    Since it’s not a series but a stand alone, I assume they save the world. I love how complex a character Silas is.

  • Johanna

    I don’t know what to say. It’s so exciting right now. It’s hard to stop reading. Silas sacrificed himself and that was such a great scene, and then they summoned him back and of course Elisabeth gave 10 years. That wasn’t a surprise at all. And then Nathaniel and her finally kiss. And gets interrupted, of course… And now they know Ashcrofts plan and are trying to stop him, but ends up in a dungeon. I have a strong feeling that the Director will regret his decision.

    And also how wonderful wasn’t the scene where Silas the cat slept by Nathaniels feet?

  • Ella

    Hi fairylooters ??

    Oh we got some action today! I bet ashcroft knows Silas real name as well and will use it against Elisabeth.

    I am getting really into this world of Demons. Also, I hope we get some Katrien and Elisabeth action, too.

    Can’t quite believe this readalong will be over soon… Enjoy the last chapters!

  • Marjolein van den Berg

    I never believed it was as easy as outing Ashcroft ;), even though it worked better than I expected. I loved these chapters, I raced through them, so much happened!
    I think Ashcroft will manage in summing Archon and Elisabeth will set Silas free to fight him or something like that (the whole thing with his real name and the consequences of setting him free would be too much useless information otherwise). I’m really curious how everything is going to wrap up!

  • Connie

    Omg SO much has happened in today’s chapters! I knew it wouldn’t be that easy for them to stop Ashcroft.

    I cannot help but love Silas, even knowing what he is and his nature. I just can’t not like him. Here’s my theory though…. I think Ashcroft will succeed in releasing the demon Archon and the only way to stop this demon will be to free Silas. Why else would he mention it?

    It’s really hard to control myself and not read tomorrow’s chapters! ?

  • Mikayla

    So so much happened in today’s section!!! It’s so hard to put this book down!! Their kiss was so perfect– the amount of tension leading up to it was so epic and I ship them so so hard. The archon magic circle thing is a terrifyingly long term plan and was such a good plot device! I’m really in awe of this book.

  • Natasha

    Have to admit I didn’t see this happening but love that they’re all working as a team now….even if they’re trapped….will her affinity with the books help her out of this sticky situation??

    I think that Archon will be summoned & at a similar point Elisabeth will trust Silas & release him, there’ll be a massive battle but they’ll stop the full summoning

    What I can’t work out is where they’ll end up, maybe afterwards Sorcerers will be more welcome in libraries so they can stay together & Elisabeth won’t have to make a decision between the two ???

    Either way I’m likely wrong as this book keeps surprising me in a good way of course can’t wait to finish it ??

  • Tina

    Wow wow wow – just when I think this whole book can’t get any better… does! There is literally nothing I don’t like.

    As for when the story is going next – no clue!! So far I’ve been wrong at every turn of the page ?‍♀️ so looking forward to finishing this tomorrow

  • Rachel

    Silas is a total babe and it makes me so happy that Nathaniel is bisexual. Representation matters ?

  • Emily

    This was my favorite section of the readalong so far! Although some tragic events happen, I finally feel like all the loose ends may actually come together. It was very hard to stop at the end of today’s pages and I may just go ahead and continue after I post this. ;D

    Possible Unpopular Opinion Alert. I hadn’t really felt any chemistry between Elisabeth and Nathaniel until now. Now that Nathaniel has stopped leaving any room she enters or ignoring her presence, he is sharing so much more of himself. I loved that his home’s wards recognized her as the only human he’s trusted in a very long time. They can laugh together– something I don’t think either had much of in their recent lives.

    Very Popular Opinion Alert. I LOVE Silas. I agree with Marjolein’s post above that Elisabeth may release him from his servitude to face Archon with his full powers. He has tried to convince Elisabeth throughout the entire book that he is untrustworthy and it may all be leading to a final showdown.

    Questions after today’s pages:
    -If Nathaniel can re-summon Silas, has Ashcroft re-summoned Lorelai? Or is it possible he would have killed her himself so he could bind Archon?
    -Which grimoire is Ashcroft planning to use as his last sacrifice? My money is on the Chronicles of the Dead so Nathaniel can confront his family’s past as well.

  • Bookish_Princess

    Omg that spell on Nathaniel! Gasp! When he is about to die! Gasp again! But then saved by thorns YAAAASSS BOIIIII GET ITTTTTTT! Silas dead?! Omg I hope he comes back! what a great complicated character. Ashcroft no longer being a sorcerer is a great twist though, I wonder if will bargan with an even more powerful demon later… I love how the house comes alive! Epic! Omg she traded her life sweat for Nathaniel to have powers? Interesting… His house trusts her and he trust her too because of the name and she has silver hair too?! AWESOME! I love how is powerful like Elsa making the whole place snow! Theory here maybe the attacks makes a circle with Brassbridge at the center some sort of pentagram and gate way to the Otherworld?! BAM! Lol then the next chapter it happens ???

  • Darlene (@Darlene_Saw)

    I don’t think that they’ll make it out in time, Ashcroft will summon the demon and they’ll have an epic fight scene!

    I’m so thrilled that Nathaniel and Elisabeth kissed ? They were so far so sweet together!

    Oh, and what kind of asshole is this old Director? Too stupid to see what’s right in front of him and throwing his only hope away ? Oh boy.. you will regret this so so soon!

  • Nicole

    From the beginning, Silas I find to be a very interesting character, I was sad when he sacrificed himself. Then it broke my heart when they brought him back and he bargained for more years. When Elizabeth offered him 10 years I was like ‘uh, she loves Nathaniel so much’

    Nathaniel and Elizabeth just make my heart flutter I love them. I really want to see them go ice skating together. Then the kiss ❤️

    I hate that Elizabeth is back in the dungeon again, but she’s not alone. I can’t wait to see them fight there way out. I love this book, Margaret’s writing is wonderful.

    Nicole @heirofbooksandroses

  • Anne

    So I finished the pages too… The time, it flies.
    Well, I think Nathaniel may end up with Elisabeth – if we get a great final love scene I doubt it.
    And I think Silas won’t be there. It is more the story of Nathaniel and Silas clinging together but Elisabeth and the Grimoires, which is kind of sad – the author tries to get all in one book and for me it’s sometimes a bit to fast. I don’t like to be outsmarted by a book like “Oh you think that could happen? This is much easier and faster as solution, take it!”.
    Anyway.. I think in the last pages there will Silas save them from the dungeon, so Nathaniel will try to summon a Grimoire 10 back into it’s book form and uses all of Silas power (why would we learn magic comes from the demons when not), so Silas needs to go back to the Otherworld. Maybe also as new king? And Nathaniel needs to get along without him, but still is with Elisabeth.


  • CarolineJ

    I was so made that Elizabeth didn’t immediately stab Lorelai as dismiss her! Though at least she did mange it in the fight eventually~ And seeing Ashcroft flee!

    Glad to have finally received the romantic pay-off, and totally called that Elizabeth was going to give a part of her own life to Silas at some point? (though had hoped that she’d be able to reduce his 20 years and split the burden rather than Silas demanding more!).
    Somehow, I still find myself wanting to trust Silas! Though am I being like Elisabeth and being too naive? Or are we both onto something!?

  • Jess (bookwyrmbella)

    So. much happened in these chapters. I’m not gonna lie, I cried. when Silas sacraficed himself. for Nathaniel.??. I am. not sure what to believe about Silas. HIs words say one thing but his actions say so much more. He doesn’t have to warn Elisabeth about freeing him as it’s to his advantage not to tell her and yet he does! He also sleeps by Nathaiels feet as a cat. That has to mean he cares!!

    I hate Ashcroft and the archaic library beliefs. If the Director wasn’t so predujiced against sorcerers maybe he would have listened to them. Whatever happens next. his going to be partially his fault for not listening to them.

    I am so happy that Nathaniel finally admited his feelings for Elisabeth. I do hope they get thier happily ever after. I also hope that they save the world and that Elisabeth gets to work at the Great Library, maybe as Director, and start making changes to the system and the Librarians thoughts about sorcerers.

  • Lucy

    The Ball went differently than I was expecting, since I thought it would a verbal battle rather than an actual physical battle. I’m really enjoying Elisabeth learning to use the sword and growing into herself.

    I’m impressed by Ashcroft’s plan. That’s evil, no going about it, but it’s also something that really paid off for me. And now Elisabeth’s stuck in a dungeon because of the same fear she had for so long, the Libraries finding out she used sorcery.

  • Ali Kiki (@love2dazzle – Dazzled by Books)

    I was really interested in why Nathaniel brought Silas back. Is the magic really worth losing years off your life? Now Elisabeth is losing years off her life as well. She doesn’t get anything in return.

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