Spice Road Readalong: Day 3!

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Hello fairies!

I hope that you’re all loving Spice Road so far! It’s now day 3 and things are really getting interesting!

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Today we’ll be reading from Chapter 17 to the end of Chapter 23, let’s jump in!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Spice Road by Maiya Ibrahim, from chapters 17 to 23. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


Interestingly, Taha seems the most shook about Hubaal and Imani has to convince him he can fight, they can fight, Hubaal. 

In the end, Imani has no choice but to find privacy and command Qayn’s presence once more… he suggests talking to the murderous giant. This will not go well…

The jig is up, and it’s time for Imani to admit she’s bound herself to a djinni. Taha puts his anger aside long enough for them to let Qayn help them out of this situation. As soon as they’re out of it though, Taha turns on them, telling Imani he’ll slay Qayn and getting a little bit jealous when Imani defends the djinni.

For now though, they make a truce, since it seems Qayn has a lot of useful information regarding Atheer.

As the days go on, Taha makes more comments about Imani’s privilege, but he also shows signs of caring for Imani, like having Sinan perform tricks that he thinks she would like. I really can’t gauge his feelings! Imani seems to be thinking the same, as she wonders which version the real Taha is, does he resent Imani, is she just entertainment for him, or does he actually like her?

It’s time for them to cross the Sands, and it’s intense. One wrong move, one distraction and things could be very bad. No pressure!

Imani is led off the path and Amira stubbornly follows, adamant she won’t leave her sister to die alone in the Swallowing Sands even though it’s likely she’ll perish too. Before they succumb to the Sands, Imani has an idea, her Auntie created undying light, and this is the perfect situation for them to use it. Slowly, it guides them out of the Sands.

When Taha finds them, he seems really relieved – and in disbelief – that Imani and Amira made it out. 

Qayn explains their plan and it’s not long before they’re readying themselves to move once more. Imani, however, gets distracted by Taha’s bare torso… and then she’s caught staring! Taha doesn’t seem to mind though, whispering in her ear next time she desires a look, she should just ask first. Is it getting hot in here?

With the arrival at the next town comes some realisations for Imani, that not everyone lives as comfortably or as safely as she does and also that the things she assumed about Amira are not entirely true. Although it’s true that Amira stole, Imani finds out that she was stealing food for people who couldn’t afford to feed themselves. Imani, stubborn as ever, gets the team into trouble when they pass a soldier abusing a Bashtali woman. When Imani ignores the soldier, he charges toward her and Taha steps between them, accidentally knocking the soldier and causing a fight. To save Taha, Imani uses magic, but he’s furious and before the soldiers can catch them, they run. 

Do you think Imani was right to protect Taha?
If it were you in that situation, would you have followed Taha’s lead to avoid conflict, or defied like Imani?
Do you have a favourite character so far?

So much drama in today’s section, and I have a feeling tomorrow’s will bring only more!

See you then!


20 thoughts on “Spice Road Readalong: Day 3!

  1. This book continues to be very action packed! I’m glad the jig is up and Quayn is now a more active part of the group, as he is one of my favourite characters.

    Like Imani, I feel it is hard to figure out the real feelings of Taha. I think there was a mention of scars on his back. It’s making me think they are related to a harsh/brainwashing/abusive upbringing by his father. I do think deep inside (very deep inside) he has feelings for Imani, had he been a different person in different circumstances. But those feelings are not enough, and he seems to have a chip on his shoulder regarding Imani’s family and position of privilege. I can’t see a relationship working for those too in the long run, sobU don’t like him for Imani.

    I’m starting to like Amira more and more, and I am seeing her in a different light now the same way as Imani. She is brave and I am so glad she was there for Imani in the Swallowing Sands. Amira is also full of hope, which is a good complement to the stark nature of Imani.

    Quayn continues being my favourite character, and although we’re given glimpses or hints here and there about his past, I have a feeling there’s much more to him than meets the eye. If not by the end of this book, maybe in the next book we’ll get to know his story properly.

    I don’t know what I would have done in that situation. Probably avoid conflict as I’m not as brave as Imani. But if I was in their situation and in that world, I would have opted for something in between: less impulsive than Imani and less indifferent than Taha. I would have asked Fey to create a distraction from afar (bursting the soldier’s clothe in fire) or Renza to case a tremor so that the soldier would have run thinking it was an earthquake. Maybe something could have landed in top of him as part of the earthquake. That way they could have saved the
    Bashtali woman without attracting attention to them.

    I’ve entered the giveaway and my Instagram handle mis @eleanorofwinterdale

  2. Imani is a bit annoying from time to time, but I’m also glad that she’s starting to see more of her privileges and understand more about it. I do think that she did the only thing she thought was right in the heat of the moment, but it will probably stir more challenges. I do like that she tried to protect Taha, and it will be interesting to see how things between them evolves. I really like Amira she’s such a good Character.

    I am also entering the giveaway, my instagram handle is @juliesboble

  3. Imani acted rashly and while she was right to help him, she did it in the wrong manner. She shouldn’t have interfered in the first place…I still don’t like Imani. I can see her character growth (it’s being waved in front of our faces), but she still makes very poor decisions and that doesn’t look like it’ll change any time soon.
    I am a conflict avoider, so wouldn’t have got involved!
    Amira is so much smarter and worldly than Imani, it bothers me how naive Imani is. My favourite so far is split between Amira and Taha – Taha mostly for his affinity for animals.

    I will be joining the giveaway – my instagram is @mirlyah.

  4. I’d like to think that I would’ve reacted similarly to Imani in that situation, and I agree with her thinking. Ideally, she wouldn’t have revealed her magic, but nobody’s in full control of themselves when their emotions are heightened. Taha’s giving me whiplash, but nobody deserves to be treated that way. And Imani’s already beginning to understand why her brother left.
    So far, I’d have to say that Amira is my favourite. I’d like to see more pronounced flaws, however. Imani’s and Taha’s are clear, Qayn’s somewhat, but the other three haven’t been as developed as I would’ve liked at this point. It feels a bit as though Fey and Reza are only there to either be useful for the plot or to bully Imani.
    What I found strange was the scene with the baker. Are we supposed to assume that Amira suddenly speaks his language? Or that he speaks hers? Maybe I’m missing something, but language has been such a big deal up to this point that it just felt strange. It can’t be just Harrowtongue that’s different, surely? After one thousand years of separation… Not to mention that accents and whatnot should be taken into account. Oh well. Maybe we’ll get more clarity further on.

    Here’s the IG handle: @tired.tiger.tales.

  5. I am in love with Taha and Imani but I know it isn’t going to go well, I think Taha isn’t letting himself get too close to her for a reason.

    At first I didn’t like Amira but now I do ? I love that she doesn’t listen and does what she wants in terms of running after Imani in the sands ♥️ I also love Qayn, he is a king! But my favourite characters are Taha and Imani together, I can’t get enough of them and I want to be positive but it’s probably going to end badly.

    I still think Atheer is alive! He has to be.

  6. I really like Imani and I feel bad kind of bad for her. She has been very sheltered but she can see she has been lied to and seems to be mad about it.
    I still don’t like Taha. There is going be drama.
    My favourite character is Qayn. I can’t wait to read more about him!

    I joined the giveaway. Insta handle is @aleinaaareads

  7. I am really glad that Amira followed along because her character contrasts really well with Imani. She might be my favorite character so far! It is interesting to me that Amira and Taha both see the issues with society that Imani is slowly realizing, but while Taha feels duty to uphold the system and respect the council, Amira fights against it by using her privilege to quietly rebel for those who cannot. I hope we get to meet Atheer and see how he is different from his siblings.

    I am also entering the (secret) giveaway and my handle is @minnieandpearlsbooks

  8. Amira my darling is the heart the Beya clan needs! Recognizing her privilege and helping others back home. A++ darling girl! Also leaving the path to save her sister! She deserves everything. I’m glad Imani is beginning to see her sister for who she has become and not just the sweet ideal she has held onto for so long. Hopefully this will help her be able to accept Atheer’s choices once she sees him again.

    Man oh man the city. While Imani was uncomfortable to be faced with the reality that the outside world is not very different from her own, I am glad she is not keeping herself blind to everything around her. I wish she would have just thrown the dagger and not used her magic on the guard but alas where is the tension in that.

    I am excited for some action in these next chapters, specifically from Imani since she has been put a bit to the side in favor of Reza, Fey and Taha’s magic on the journey here.

    Ive entered the giveaway, my instagram handle is @ramble_reads

  9. Amira has really grown on me as a character. Where before her actions seemed almost childish, now I understand the heart and compassion behind them. Imani still needs a lot of work to unlearn her prejudices and hesitations, but I’m hopeful she’ll become more understand as time progresses!

    I want to trust Tags, but something keeps holding me back. I wish he would let his guard down more around the whoke group instead of just Imani, because he shouldn’t only treat her well in private. Curious to see how their relationship develops!

    I am participating in the photo challenge! My Instagram username is lennylovesbooks3 !

  10. 1. I think protecting others is always right, even if they have done wrong.
    2. I like to think I would stand up and not let such a situation unfold while doing nothing, but I would probably be to cowardly to step in like Imani did if the person in the situation was a complete stranger.
    3. I really like Imani and the growth she’s had until now! The changing views she has on the world, understanding why her brother left, that really shines on her. I’m also really charmed by her devotion, loyalty and love.

    I’ve entered the giveaway and my Instagram handle is @lisashelves

  11. 1) “Right” is a complicated question but I think with who she is, she couldn’t have done anything else.

    2) As I am right now? Followed Taha’s lead. If I had Imani’s training? I don’t know, I hope I would be brave enough to do something.

    3) I’m really fascinated by Qayn. I feel like we’ve learned a lot about him while also learning very little.

    I’ll be entering the giveaway as @sonata_ix.

  12. I entered the giveaway and my instagram handle is @because.my.mother.read

    I think I would have chickened out and followed Taha’s command which is why I wouldn’t make a very good fantasy heroine ;).

    I am really curious about Qayn and want to learn more about him!

  13. I like how Qayn calls Taha “boy” & asks if Imani preferring his company makes Taha jealous. The tender moments between Taha & Imani when they’re alone make me think “yes,” but they also will make the devastation that much more if/when the betrayal happens. Is Qayn the Desert’s Bane himself, betrayed by the Desert’s Bane, or connected to the Desert’s Bane by some other means? I’ve also wondered if he was originally a/the Great Spirit that provided these humans with magic to begin with. There seems to be something hinted at there, but I guess I’ll have to read on to find out. This whole trip has been 1 disaster after the other, but I actually really liked the whole Hubaal disaster in the First City with a peek into Qayn’s history & seeing the Scouts’ magical affinities working together. I wonder at the Al-Baz clan Scouts’ ability to turn a blind eye where Atheer & Imani are clearly affected Eggnog to take action. Is it really the difference in class or something else?
    Daily Q&A:
    1.) Do you think Imani was right to protect Taha?
    2.) If it were you in that situation, would you have followed Taha’s lead to avoid conflict, or defied like Imani?
    3.) Do you have a favourite character so far?
    1.) She put the mission & all of them in danger, but if not him, protecting the woman & everyone else from that soldier was right. It would’ve been more prudent to NOT have used magic to shape-shift her blade, especially in front of someone without magic she intended to set free though.
    2.) Personally, I try to avoid conflict, but if I was trained, had magic, & found myself in her position, I’d interfere (see above for what I’d do differently).
    3.) I like Qayn. He’s dangerous. He’s chaos. He’s immensely amusing. I like that Imani is experiencing character growth. I kinda like Taha, but I’m still reserving judgement (unlike Qayn, who is some ancient mythical creature that everyone EXPECTS to be devilish, he’s human & should behave humanely, & I’m not 100% sure yet that he’ll lead with his heart instead of his head – integrity of humanity over orders/rules). Amira has also in my opinion.
    *I’ve already posted my #FairySpiceRoad photo under @TupaKitty_Reads ????*

  14. Do you think Imani was right to protect Taha?
    My answer is so off because I am doing this after I finished the book. However, I did think it was the right choice. You may not like your traveling companions and they maybe asses but keeping them alive is just being a good teammate.

    If it were you in that situation, would you have followed Taha’s lead to avoid conflict, or defied like Imani?
    Personally, I avoid all conflict if possible. It makes me feel weird so I would have gone with Taha.

    Do you have a favourite character so far?
    I really like the Djinni. I think there is a lot to him and I’m curious about his end game. (Thoughts I had at this point in time in the book).

    My username is @mangapenguin

    1. And I entered.

  15. Finished it today posted review on instagram with photo @tweetybugshouse

  16. I have posted my readalong photo yo my IG Jenthebookishbakernz

    1. Yes, I think Imani was right to come to Taha’s rescue but definitely think she could have done it a lot more subtly.

      I’m definitely not a brave warrior but I also can’t keep my mouth shut when I have am opinion about something and I find it hard to resist getting involved.

      I’m not sure that I have a favourite character but Amira is definitely growing on me.

  17. I’ve joined the giveaway and my handle is @Kratist0

    I definitely think Imani did the right thing, just picked the wrong way to do it. As for who my favorite character is, it’s ✨?Taha?✨

  18. I posted my read along entry, my IG is read.ingbee

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