Star Daughter Readalong: Day 4

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Hello, my reading buddies. How are we all today? ?

I hope you all have been enjoying the readalong so far. Only today and tomorrow left ?

But we have much left to discuss with Star Daughter, shall we?

Today we are reading Chapters 20-26.

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Star Daughter by Shveta Thakrar Chapters 1-26! Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Finally, Sheetal is being taught to hide her emotions from the astral melody! Also, hello yummy food. Ooop Sheetal let loose her emotions into the sidereal melody in class… Bless Kaushal.

More lessons for Sheetal I need the competition to start already! Sheetal’s lesson is with the dilruba, time for her to sing. Aaaaah the classic Lata Mangeshkar song. Ouch Sheetal chose this song for a very specific reason. ?

*gasp* Nani’s plan is to close the gates between the worlds forever?! Nani’s reason for hating mortals is out and seems Sheetal, Dev and Jeet’s family are more connected than we thought….

That dream Sheetal and Dev shared, the star was Nani’s sister?! Holy crap.

Charumati intends to bridge the houses! Oh a plan to reunite the divided nakshatra houses, to inspire and enlighten mortals and prevent them from causing harm… woah!!!

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Oooop, it’s Minal and Padmini, bearing bad news.

Oh nooooo, the classic she stole it *Dun Dun Dun* They think she stole Priyanka’s marionettes. And they’re all ganging up on her and what’s up with Jeet?

Ughh Rati is bacckkk, and this is intense. Rati and Charumati were besties!!!! And both planned to sneak into the mortal world but only Charumati escaped. Rati got caught and was stripped of her rank as princess. Brutal….

Oooooo Minal and Padmini aww! Sheetal has a plan to prove she’s innocent and it involves … sneaking into the other champions room, ha classic.

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Shout out to Padmini for helping them!

On to Jeet’s room and uh oh someone opened the door as Sheetal unlocked it and it’s Dev! Can they make up already?!

Oh no, Jeet’s timing is just perfect and he’s with Priyanka. JEET IS DRINKING STAR BLOOD OMG!

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Sheetal’s 17th birthday is here, and would you look at that the missing marionettes are under her bed.

Oh no Padmini is giving them the cold shoulder, damn Nani gave her warning and things are not looking great with Kaushal.

At the Hall of Mirrors and Charumati comes with Kausal. Wooow! Sheetal is going to be a full Star… what?! That’s why the competition is today before she’s no longer mortal. ?

T-minus 3 hours before the competition! Minal and Sheetal are off on a walk and conveniently bump into Dev and Jeet, damn Jeet is not happy about something!

Rati is the one who gave Jeet the blood, but why?

Oh my God Dev wrote her a song!

Wow, who’s excited for the Competition. Any guesses on how the book is going to end?

Comment down below and I will see you all tomorrow. ?



25 thoughts on “Star Daughter Readalong: Day 4

  1. wow wow wow.. the book started slow but this is exactly why you dont judge a book by how it starts.

    what is going on .. Rati is evil ( btu we all knew that).. Minal gets the cold shoulder.. ( you can feel he heart break a little) Priyanka is being typical bully Priyanka!! Jeet and the blood.. it is all happening so fast.. where will it end

    Now that Dev has stopped sulking I have kinda warmed to him again ( what is wrong with me ) I dont think he is toxic i just think he was hurt and he threw a hissy fit and lashed out.

    I want Minal and padmini to be together and for Nani and Nana to realise not all humans are bad and that leaving the gates open isnt a bad idea.. Sheetal should be allowed to go between the mortals and the stars. She should be allowed to be her full self.. show both halves of herself.. but will they let her? So excited to see what happens..

    time to curl up on the sofa and read the last bit

    1. It really is happening all too fast right?! and yes Sheetal should be allowed to embrace her mortal and star self.

  2. Nope, I don’t know how it’s gonna end…. You never know what Sheetal’s thinking.
    I’m wondering if Sheetal will let Priyanka win… I don’t think she wants to win the competition herself.
    She should be able to get the blood she needs from Dev/Jeet. I hoped the story would be more exciting, more about starhunters…

    1. It’s hard to predict the ending ?

  3. Now I have zero idea who could/should win this competition, but I’m more inclined to think it shouldn’t be Sheetal, because of how her celestial family would use that win.

    I hope Minal and Padmini can reconcile and will be able to be happily together!

    I wonder what else will change with Sheetal becoming a full star. Can she live among the mortals and in the heavens switching places time to time? Because we already know a full star cannot live far from the heavens for too long.

    Excited to read the final chapters and get to know how things will go down! 🙂

    1. I’m kinda hoping she doesn’t win, but as she is becoming a full star that means her blood should be able to heal her dad, even without a win? ??

      1. Yes, that’s definitely a win!

    2. Super excited to see how how it ends! There’s so much left to see

  4. I was mesmerized with the ball! I am hating that Rati and her devious plans. She can’t blame Charumati forever for escaping alone, and what is with giving Jeet her blood! Specially the guy who’s ancestor was so so cruel to a star. She should think of that at least before being blinded by hatred… Also what is wrong with this Priyanka? Just because Sheetal is half-star, why the hatred woman!? I was hoping since she’s Sheetal’s age she’ll be friends with her. Ugh! Politics…

    I am warming up towards Dev again, now that he’s stopped acting like a kid and being mature (even though he is a kid).

    I understand nani being against humans for what was done to her sister. I also get her hatred. I would want vengeance against people who hurt my sister too. But Sheetal’s feelings should be taken into account.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow and the ending of the book!

    1. The ball was truly insane right? Love it

  5. I’m thinking that Rati hidden the marionettes in Sheetal’s room…
    It feels a little obvious perhaps, but is the only theory to really make sense?
    Unless with was Jeet with Rati’s help perhaps?

    I feel like I’m still expecting some twist. Like, I feel there must be some reason why Charumati’s plan might not work? As it seems a little too perfect.
    But I could be overthinking it…

    1. Ooo Rati does seem like a top suspect to hid the marionettes. hmmm

  6. I think mine of us are surprised that I’m happy with where today’s pages ended ??? I’m shopping her a Dev and really hope he isn’t manipulating her!
    I feel a bit sorry for Jeet, yes he was ambitious but Rati seems to have turned that ambition into something all consuming and rotten ? a appreciate seeing Dev stand against him though!

    I don’t think her moms plan is a good idea. Yes, it all sounds lovely, but that would be similar to destroying free will. Plus, she may be a Star but that gives them no right to play God/gods. I feel like I’m waiting for something big to happen….

    1. haha it was indeed a nice ending for once! And yes Charumati’s plan doesn’t seem well thought out despite the good intentions

  7. Such a sweet end for today’s part. I’m glad Sheetal and Dev are finally talking and reconciling. He needed to see the dark in Jeet first, but well.

    It was interesting to learn something about the backstories of the characters. In some way I feel sorry for Rati. But she turned so bitter. And Nani is a manipulative old hag. She doesn’t really love Sheetal, just the star part of her. I bet, when the transformation is done, Nani will try to stop her to talk about her mortal past. Nana seems sweeter, but he is Nani’s husband and companion, so not completely trustworthy.

    I hope, Padmini and Minal can get back together. Padmini is a good sister, but I’d say, she and Minal are meant for each other.

    Charumati’s plan for humanity clearly is ambitious. I’d love to see how it works out. Really wish it could come true.

    For me, Jeet is the shadiest of all the characters. He is just ruthless. His ambition makes him cheat. And I bet he tried to get Priyanka drunk and wasted, so she couldn’t do her best during the competition. Because he sure expected her puppets to be found. Most likely exactly where he hid them. His ambition really makes him a disgusting person. And no need to be especially sorry for Piyanka. She’s almost as bad as Jeet.

    Somehow I see Sheetal winning the competition. Although if she didn’t, the gates would be kept open. By winning she traps herself in heaven. Anyway, I can imagine she wins, but asks the prize of eternal fame to be given to Priyanka.

  8. Sealing marionettes was so classic motive. Always somebody tries to steal or destroy another competitors things. Priyanka is really irritating character and I think her story isn’t happy because of her actions as well.

    Jeet drinks star blood…I think it can go well. Why is Rati doing that?

    Dev…well he finally received his brain back. I’m still not sure about him and that Sheetel can trust him, but I think, he starts to understand that Stars doesn’t care for mortals and they use them as a tools.

    He wrote song for Sheetal…oh good! But what does it change? He still spied her for Jeet.

    1. I kind of get Dev. Jeet is like a brother for him and asked for his help with a girl he didn’t know. It’s natural to agree to that. It’s a complete stranger vs. family. And I believe him that he stopped the plan when he got to know her and really liked her. But he should have told her he knew her secret.

    2. When there’s a competition there just has to be someone sabotaging right? ?

  9. Hello everyone!

    I don’t really have time to make a in deep review today as I did the last days! My time managing is getting tricky with all my university stuff…

    I was glad Sheetal and her mother had a moment. I also feel warmer about her grandmother because of her sister, but I still don’t like her. Nor do I like Charumati’s plan either though… sounds so perfect to be even possible.

    I don’t have a clue who stole the marionettes, but Jeet or Rati are my top 2 guesses. Minal and Padmini are so meant for each other and I hope they can work out their situation.

    The blood thing going on with Jeet is terrifying… as it is the fact that Sheetal is going full star. I’m glad she and Dev could made things work though!

    I’ll see you tomorrow for the last post and the last part of this book!

  10. All right so we’re on day four and she’s finally taught how to control her thoughts on the grapevine essentially. And she does it like super easily. Like she’ll consistently forget about keeping herself in check but it comes super easily to her. I honestly don’t think that she should have such an easy time controlling the power that she’s never used before.

    So we’re on page 260 and we haven’t really seen her prep for her “competition” aka terrible talent show.

    We got a tragic backstory and the truth of what Nani will do and I simply don’t care. I don’t care how she’s going to shut the heavens off again and keep stars and humans apart. There’s nothing in the story that draws me in so that I enjoy any part of it. It’s truly so one dimensional.

    She also ended up killing a human being because her sister was bled. Like really? That’s not badass! That’s just plain old revenge. There is no justice done with that. She is essentially an all powerful being and she executes her power upon a human being like it was nothing. Like this is something that I truly do not enjoy in books. Is when we have someone who has true power and they use it because they can. I fully comprehend that a human being has hurting a star however you don’t use your powers to get back at someone. Ain’t right.

    And of course our main character is accused of stealing and cheating. Because without having drama what else would this book be.

    We also get the best friend is finally interested in a girl. It’s not entirely bad representation however it also just falls flat. Like everything else in this book.

    This whole breaking and entering is extremely juvenile. But Jeet is drinking star blood. And he’s just an extremely rude character. The guy seemed weird at first and now he’s worse. She should honestly turn jeet in but she loves dev for no reason so she can’t do.

    The grandparents are officially toxic AF. Clearly there is no freedom in the heavens. Also when she becomes a full star, she can just heal her father herself and doesn’t need her grandparents doing it. Also the grandparents are entirely fake and manipulative.

    On last note dev and her talk outside and I don’t even care because for most of the book they weren’t even talking to each other. So I have no reason whatsoever to like any of these characters and their “love story”.

    I already finished the book and I can’t wait to never look at it.

  11. I love Dev more and more each time and I love when he sings for her! I don’t like Jeet at all, but I like getting into the competition some more! My favorite part of this section was learning more about family history and why there are certain prejudices and rules in place at the moment. Excited to see what happens next!

  12. So Sheetal doesn’t need to win the competition anymore, she’s full star so her blood can heal her father.
    At this point I don’t know if she will win the competition, I imagine something like Sheetal will sing and be about to win but then give a speech and let Priyanka win?
    And if before her being a champion was borderline out of the rules, being half star and all, doesn’t it mean that now that she’s full star she can’t even partecipate the competition?

  13. I truly dont know how this will end – who will win? Where will Sheetal end up? I’m happy Charumati had her time to fully explain her side of the story, I like her a lot.

  14. Yaay finally they really talked and listened to each other. Soo happy that they might reconcile.

    Ok I get that her grandmother is angry with humans because of her sister but still you cant close the gates what about Sheetals father it is cold and jut plan one sided on her part. I hope Sheetal makes her see the wrongs of her ways

    Charumati’s plan for humanity is super cool but a bit unrealistic bu it would be nice is human beings would help each other instead of hurting each other

    I cant wait to see what happens next

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