Sun of Blood and Ruin Readalong: Day 3!

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Hello fairies!

I hope that you’re all loving Sun of Blood and Ruin by Mariely Lares so far! It’s now day 3, I trust no one and I’m having a great time!

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Good luck!

Today we’ll be reading from Chapter 19 to the end of Chapter 27, let’s jump in!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Sun of Blood and Ruin, from chapters 19 to 27. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


Dun dun dunnnnnnnn… An interesting revelation to begin todays section on. Vicereine Carlota sank La Capitana and she’s out here POISONING people too.

The only upside is Jerónimo wasn’t in on this and has a naturally furious response to the news.

She’ll be sent to Don Martín’s household to keep watch and will be placed under house arrest.

Jerónimo wants Leonara to take over as viceregent. She tells him of her curse and the day she went missing. He wants to know why she didn’t just come back but she’s not prepared to explain why. She doesn’t seem entirely happy with her new position, but she’ll do it.

I am so relieved that Inés is ok! I think she’s my favourite.

Andrés is really playing for each team isn’t he?! A spy and a traitor, and also tells Leonara that he has his own agenda?

He coaxes her into asking him to stay and even gives her the Sword of Integrity back, but something’s not right. It’s not glowing. She’s no longer worthy of the sword. Guess who it DOES glow for though? Did you guess Andrés? 👀

Even though she has her sword back now, things aren’t great. Somehow the counsel already knows that Pantera has teamed up with La Justicia. Someone here is a grass!

Captain Nabarres has been successful in reaching new and impressive levels of patronising and unfortunately for, well… everyone, young Jerónimo has taken the bait and declares they’ll march to war in two weeks.

Leonara is not happy. Turns out everyone underestimated Jerónimo. He wanted to get rid of his mother to hold more power.

Inés is absolutely right. Pantera would fight. I do feel for Leonara though. She’s tired, defeated. The loss of her medallion has hit her hard… interested to understand why!

Inés has even made Pantera a new outfit. I’m sobbing that’s so cute. It all comes down to the sword though. She’s no longer worthy etc etc. She seems scared without the sword and Inés speaks wise words:

“Fear isn’t a bad thing. It’s how we find out what we’re made of.”

She got through to her, Pantera will fight.

Andrés is on my hitlist. He’s sold her out. She’s under arrest and Nabarres knows Leonara and Pantera are one and the same… but Jerónimo isn’t buying into it. Has Nabarres just discredited himself???

Omg. Inés came THROUGH! She’s getting her revenge and protecting Leonara at the same time!

Valiente deserved more I will not stand for this! Another loss for Leonara has her telling Inés off, but she needs to realise she can’t put herself in harms way and expect no one else to do the same!

Just when I thought they’d escaped Nabarres, another earthquake is about to hit. Inés and Leonara split up to help evacuate. Andrés anticipated it too and urges her to leave. Omg. He’s a nagual too? He’s a jaguar!

Leonara is safe, Martín and Andrés too. Jerónimo is safe… but there’s no news of Inés.

After Leonara and Jerónimo return from helping civilian’s, Andrés is waiting for her and she knows straight away it’s bad news. Inés didn’t make it.

I’m very far from ok. SHE WAS MY FAVOURITE. 😭😭😭😭😭

The wedding comes around far too quickly but it doesn’t go how it’s expected. Leonara tells Martín of the attack on snake mountain and to get away he has no choice but to admit he’s an imposter and get arrested. Pantera arrives to free him… in the form of giving him a shovel to dig his own way out.

Martín lets her rest but we have an interesting revelation when she wakes… she snores (girl same) but also talks in her sleep (girl SAME). It’s not the talking that’s the funny part… but that she was muttering Andrés. She’s in deep!

Martín seems to know something about her father but he’s hesitant to elaborate. She shifts into the Panther to show him what she can do but she’s swiftly forced to shift back when it turns out they’re not alone. Chipahua escorts them to Neza, who is a KING, did not see that coming! And remember that guy that was talking about his own agenda etc etc and seemed to be double crossing everyone and everything? He’s here too. Andrés is not only La Justicia but he’s a lord. A leader.

She wants to fight with them. She shows them the panther but they accuse her of witchcraft and murder… they’re kinda not wrong but like, she’s a panther. You need her.

Andrés backs her up and he’s not alone, Miguel backs her up too. Stop that’ll get me emotional. Inés was right about Eréndira – she lives and she’s thankful that Pantera is choosing to stand with them.

Andrés brings her food but she’s hesitant to remove her mask. Eventually when she starts to remove it Andrés – or Tezca – helps her with it.

He doesn’t seem surprised at all and I KNEW HE KNEW!!! Even if there was a part of him that was unsure.

His father is Tezcatlipoca but he says he’s not a god. It’s not entirely clear what he is. I think he is interested in her though. I think he’s being honest when he says he won’t kiss her because she’s drunk. It’s not the curse or anything else. Or maybe he is just scared that if he lets her close he’ll lose her.

Either way… it’s time for battle.

So much just happened. So much bad. Inés, I’m not ok. 😭

What do you think will happen in tomorrow’s section, any theories?
Do we think Leonara and Tezca will get together?
Do you believe in curses?

I’m nervouuuuus for tomorrow’s section, fairies! See you then.


14 thoughts on “Sun of Blood and Ruin Readalong: Day 3!

  1. I was so sad about Inés, I really really liked her.

    What do you think will happen in tomorrow’s section, any theories?
    No idea really, the battle will take place and there will be a lot of casualties on both sides, but hopefully La Justicia gets the upper hand and wins the battle.

    Do we think Leonara and Tezca will get together?
    Yes, I’m quite sure of that. But Leonora must be sober then I guess. 😀

    Do you believe in curses?
    I would like to but I have never witnessed anything that proves curses exist. It’s a cool concept but I have no reason to believe so far that they are real or exist in any way in real life.

    I have also entered the giveaway, my instagram handle is @theadventuresofgerda

  2. I am really enjoying this female version of a zorro it quite interesting to see how she handles loosing her sword and weather or not she really is cursed.

    I entered the giveaway my instagram handle is @tweetybugshouse

  3. I am not really sure on what’s going to happen next, there is going to be the battle of snake mountain but there is still a lot of book left so judging from the book so far something worse will come along.

    I think Leonara and Andrés/Tezca??will get together, they seem to have had some romantic tension from the start.

    I don’t believe in curses and to be honest I find Leonara’s certainty and obsession with her ‘curse’ irritating. It feels like she uses it as an excuse for her poor behaviour and decisions.

    I have entered the giveaway. My instagram handle is tinasurch

  4. One day I’ll read a book where the only nice character without a love interest isn’t ceremoniously, predictably killed off. One day… 🙄

    Sadly, that has really soured my opinion of the book and I was enjoying it before then! Especially given that Leonara seemed upset for all of a paragraph about it. Like geez, some bestie you were Leonara…

    What do you think will happen in tomorrow’s section, any theories?
    I’m not really sure, but I’m going to try to catch up now.

    Do we think Leonara and Tezca will get together?
    Yeah, they will, though I’m not sure if I think Leonara deserves it given her inability to take accountability for the effect of her words. Like, essentially judging Tezca for being a slut because he had sex *checks notes* one time. Okay, Judged mc Judgerson. I’ll bite that she’a drunk and scared but that explains her words, it doesnt liberate her of her need to apologise for that.

    Do you believe in curses?
    Oooh fun question! I think I’m kind of open to the idea of it, but I don’t actively believe in them

  5. Oh also, posted my photo yesterday @brincollects!

  6. *I’ve already posted my #FairySun photo under @TupaKitty_Reads 🤞🏼🤞🏼*

  7. I have entered with my post! My instagram is

  8. 1. What do you think will happen in tomorrow’s section, any theories?
    I think Leonora will be revealed as the Pantera to her brother at least and the battle at Snake Mountain will happen. I also really hope that she’ll somehow be reunited with her master!

    2. Do we think Leonara and Tezca will get together?
    I hope so!!

    3. Do you believe in curses?
    It wouldn’t surprise me if they were real in this book/world. I don’t know about in the real world, I do believe in fate and karma, so I’m open to curses being real but I don’t actively believe I them

    Entered via my account @lisashelves 😊

  9. Somehow I’m behind again but doing my best to catch up.

    I’ll be posting my photo tonight or tomorrow and my Instagram handle is @onlybooksiveread

    I think they will get together but that’s got to be complicated for them to have any real relationship because the politics is so intertwined with their lives.

    I don’t think I believe in curses in real life but I definitely do in fiction.

    I am not sure where any of it is going perhaps because I am not familiar enough with the history the author is using as a jumping off point, or perhaps because it’s just not super predictable.

  10. What do you think will happen in tomorrow’s section, any theories?

    Well it seems like everyone will find out that Pantera is Leonora! I think there will be a confrontation between her and Nabarres!

    Do we think Leonara and Tezca will get together?

    Eventually yes but maybe not fully in this book!

    Do you believe in curses?

    No but I love them in books!

    Gutted about Ines, she was my favourite character! 😢

  11. What do you think will happen in tomorrow’s section, any theories?
    – I’m not sure 🤔 I think maybe they won’t win as we are only 60% through the book. I think something bad will happen and then be resolved later on in the book. Perhaps she will be injured and die fulfilling the curse but come back to life?

    Do we think Leonara and Tezca will get together?
    – I think they will but I hope we see some more relationship building as I feel they haven’t spent enough time together yet. If not I just feel like they have been forced together for the sake of a romance plot point.

    Do you believe in curses?
    – no, I think to believe would be the same as to think of our futures are already mapped out and free will doesn’t exist. I like to think out choices and actions lead us not some pre determined fate.

  12. I posted picture today handle @michi_outandabout

    I totally believe in curses… at least as far as this book goes. I do hope fot a loophole though as I obviously don’t want her to die (at least permanently).
    I can’t wait to see what’s next in store for Leonard and I wouldn’t mind a bit of romance hahaha. So fingers crossed!!!

  13. What do you think will happen in tomorrow’s section, any theories?
    My guess is the battle is going to happen and someone is going to get injured, whether it is Leonora or someone else. I hope Pantera kicks some serious butt though. I liked Ines and wish she didn’t have to go. I end up enjoying secondary characters more often and this hurt.

    Do we think Leonara and Tezca will get together?
    I am not quite sure about this one.

    Do you believe in curses?
    I think to some degree I do. I usually say not to mess with dark magics because I’ve read books where people who it did not have a good time. I think real-life there is something like that. Karma is totally a thing so is that a curse maybe?

    I entered the giveaway on Instagram under @ronansnextchapter

  14. I have entered @_aly_sun


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