Sword Catcher Readalong: Day 4!

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Hey fairies!

Welcome to day 4 of our readalong for our November Adult featured book: Sword Catcher by Cassandra Clare.

I hope you’re all enjoying the book so far! I am so excited to see what happens in todays chapters!

Today we’re reading from chapter 12 to the end of chapter 15. Let’s dive right in!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Sword Catcher by Cassandra Clare from chapters 12 to the end of 15. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


We have learnt from Tales of the Sorcerer- Kings that in the past people can transform into animals and that Suleman is just a bad guy.

Kel has gone to the Black Mansion to meet with the Ragpicker King but has shocked both Merren and Ji-An with mentioning Artal Gremont I wonder what they know. Merren mentions it has to do with his sister and father.

I can’t believe the Ragpicker King is kind of untouchable as he has a deal with the actual king, that is smart for both of them.

The King and Conor are in danger along with the city, I wonder who the threat is and what the Ragpicker King can do about it.

Kel is no longer just a Sword Catcher but the messenger between both Kings.

Lin is truly a temper, she snapped at The Maharam for being sexist I love it.

Conor and Kel have the best relationship it is very banter filled but I know they can be serious aswell.

The way that Conor talks about Lin, it has me kicking my feet up. Like sir you like her lets not be oblivious.

Lin is now on a mission to find Petrov’s sold books as they might have the information about the Source-Stone.

I can’t believe Mayesh said he choose everyone else over Lin and her brother.

Kel has snuck out to talk to the King but he seems to be talking about another debt. I don’t trust or like Fausten, especially since he has just threatened Kel.

Merren became a poisoner just so he could kill Artal Gremont, I want to know what he did.

I can’t believe that they poisoned Jerrod just so they could get to talk to Beck, I love this blackmail vibe from Kel.

Wait Kel and Merren kissed!! But only to make himself less on edge from his near death experience, I want romance!

The way all the boys talk about Antonetta is very gross and why are they doing indoor archery.

Finding out what Artal did to Merren’s sister is so disgusting I hope he does get punished.

I wonder what Lin wants with Kel at the Sault, are they becoming allies?

Not Mariam waiting with Lin to only be scared off by a Malgasy carriage, it makes my heart hurt.

Lin asking Kel to take her to The Maze and also dropping the bomb that Antonetta fancies Kel but he denies it! Why does he not see the truth.

I find it interesting that Lin is sharing that she is looking for a book about magic, but I guess you’ve got ti trust to build trust.

Lin getting embarrassed watching the solider in the alley, is so funny as she is fine with treating mostly naked patients.

I can’t believe Oren is in the Maze I feel like he is definitely following her or Kel.

I love the when hiding from someone trope leads to people kissing! But I don’t ship Kel and Lin but maybe I should.

Lin thought about kissing Conor!!! I knew it

Why does Prosper Beck have to see Kel now, I want more Lin and Kel bonding time.

Lin is right everything does seem to lead back to the Ragpicker King.

Kel seems to have liked kissing Lin but he wants more passion!

He has now seen one Prosper Becks headquarters, but he has them all over the city which means tracking him will be hard.

Conor has paid off of all of his debt, I wonder how he did it.

Beck will betray his backer if Kel gets Antonetta’s gold locket but I don’t trust him as what information could possibly be in there?

Mayesh is offering that he would train Lin to be the Counselor of the Ashkar, then the gang could always be together.

I wonder what Kel will do, will he confront Conor and betray Antonetta?

This section gave us a lot of information, which has answered some questions but also given me more questions.

Do you actually think the Ragpicker King is the bad guy?
Do you think Lin will be able to use the Source-Stone properly?
What do you think Kel will do about stealing Antonetta’s locket?

I can’t wait to keep reading! See you tomorrow for day 5. 👋


13 thoughts on “Sword Catcher Readalong: Day 4!

  1. Nah I don’t think the Ragpicker King is a bad guy. I’m not sure if he’s a good guy though haha.

    I don’t think so.. at least not right now? She seems a bit too sensible to go stuffing around with it if she doesn’t know how to use it but I guess we’ll see!

    I think Kel is too kind to steal it from her.. maybe he’ll do a sneaky night time check of the inside of it or something!

  2. What’s up with Kel and kissing people? At least he’s self aware.
    I was confused with the Kel/Lin kiss. I was not expecting it and I don’t think I would be into that ship. I think they could be great allies/friends though.

    I did like the Merren/Kel kiss (of course) and also how Merren was like nope if you act like that I’m not interested.
    Kel poisoning himself and Jerrod was so badass and unexpected!

    I think Fausten is poisoning the king and making him mad.

    Also I want to help Merren kill Artal Gremont.

    I don’t trust Beck at all and I’m afraid of what Kel will do.

    I also wonder if Conor really paid his debt, and if he did how? Why do I feel like he messed up badly again?

    What’s in Antonetta’s locket and why do I feel like it will be very important?

    Do you actually think the Ragpicker King is the bad guy? No, I don’t
    Do you think Lin will be able to use the Source-Stone properly? Yes and I can’t wait for it
    What do you think Kel will do about stealing Antonetta’s locket? Honestly I’m not sure.

    1. Kel is just out here kissing everyone!

  3. The Ragpicker King is not the big bad and I don’t think Kel will steal the locket unless he has no other choice. So many more questions here.

  4. I’m still loving this book, so much information is unfolding constantly and it keeps going in directions I couldn’t have foreseen so that’s cool!

    I still don’t think that the Ragpicker King is the bad guy, he’s never given me those vibes. He just does what he needs to do, being his criminal self but we haven’t seen any evidence or indication that he is truly cruel or does not care at all so there’s hope for him. I think he will end up doing the right thing anyhow, whatever that may be!

    I think that Lin will be able to use the Source-Stone eventually but it may be a long time before she is able. Even if she finds the book (or some other information) she needs I don’t think this will be easy to actually learn how to use it.

    I think Kel will steal Antonetta’s locket and risk her disappointment or anger. Kel has proven over and over again that his loyalties lie with Conor so there’s no other choice for him to get the locket somehow. Prosper Beck is definitely suspicious and I would not trust him at all but he has a point there that he has no point in withholding the information about who is backing him so it may very well be worth it to bring him the locket. It is a fairly simple task in general. I do wonder what is inside the locket though that he is after… I hope Kel will look inside before giving it to Beck.

    1. I agree Kel seems like he will always chose Conor over anyone else!

  5. I’ve been resigned to the fact that there’ll be no Kel/Lin relationship and then they KISS!? Talk about salt to the wound. 💔

  6. 1. Do you actually think the Ragpicker King is the bad guy?
    I don’t think he is bad but also not necessarily good. He is needed and what he does is needed, that I do believe. He’s morally grey.

    2. Do you think Lin will be able to use the Source-Stone properly?
    Eventually, yes she will

    3. What do you think Kel will do about stealing Antonetta’s locket?
    If he’s smart he’ll try to find out the information for himself first and won’t try to steal it and just give it to Beck.

    Beck is sus, I wouldn’t be surprised if he uses an illusion of sort to hide his true identity as Kel does when he plays Conor.
    Also wasn’t the biggest fan of the Kel/Lin kiss, it was predictable but I still didn’t really like it
    Merren is by far my most favourite character at the moment!

  7. I don’t think the Ragpicker King is a bad guy. I think he deals in bad things (i.e. the criminal underworld of Castellane), but he isn’t a bad guy. He has his morals and sticks to them. That doesn’t seem bad to me.
    Properly? I think she will eventually, but not in this book. Her use of the source stone is going to be accidental till she fully understands the magic, which means she will find those books! I love when books are the answers within the book haha.
    I think Kel will steal Antonetta’s locket out of shear curiosity. Beforehand, it was just her locket, but now Prosper Beck has made it more interesting. And Kel is the type of guy that needs to know the why behind it all. Plus, this means more page time with Kel and Antonetta, and I am here for it!

  8. Me when Kel and Merren kissed: YES! FINALLY!

    Me when Kel and Lin kissed: Nope, nope, nopety-nope

    I desperatley need a Kel and Lin friendship, together they’d drive Conor crazy (and I might be waay to invested in Conor and Lin alredy, after that scene in the gardens).

    It’s fun that Kel just goes around kissing everybody but my heart breaks thinking he does so only to feel something, and the only true connection he has with another person is Conor, which may be a bit of an unhealthy relationship in itself. I think the fact that Conor relies so heavily on him, not just as his Sword Catcher, but as his constant companion, has left a mark on Kel and his ability to form meaningful relationships with other people(he couldn’t even believe Antonetta would ever fancy him).

    Speaking of connections, I love how this section centered around them. The contract between the King on the Hill and the Ragpicker King, how Conor’s loyalty is protecting Kel just as much as Kel protects Conor by being his Sword Catcher, how Lin and Mayesh might have more in common than Lin wants to admit, everything’s woven so nicely together! These are the kind of stories I love.

    I think the Ragpicker King is not the bad guy as much as he’s a necessary evil. He’s the other side of the coin, the foil to the King on the Hill, that keeps the illegal affairs of Castellane in order. After that scene with King Markus, I thought perhaps Fausten might be the one pulling the strings, but now I’m inclined to believe both him and Beck are just Red Herrings, scrambling for a bit of power.

    I really hope Lin will learn how to use the Source Stone to heal Mariam (and because Lin bringing back the old magic would open a whole new can of worms to explore in the sequels).

    I’m unsure if Kel would try and steal Antonetta’s locket. I think he’ll try and he may turn it over or not to Beck based on how much the evidence inside affects Antonetta (I’m suspicious that it’s actually her mother behind the debt Conor had to pay to Beck).

  9. Not sure about the whole kel kissing everyone deal. I’m still rooting for Kel and Antonetta tbh. And I hopeeeee Connor ends up liking Lin.

    I don’t think the Ragpicker King is the bad guy. He’s one of my fave characters in the book so far and I think he just does what he needs to do, like he basically inherited the title right?

    I think Lin will be able to use the Source-Stone properly but hopefully it won’t turn bad for her because of the forbidden magic aspect. I hope she can heal Miriam but I think she needs to heal someone important first so that they allow the old magic… maybe the king?

    I don’t think Kel will steal the locket, I think he thinks too much of Antonetta to steal from her. I think he is smart and will try to figure out the information inside himself.

  10. Do you actually think the Ragpicker King is the bad guy?
    No, I don’t think he’s the bad guy. I think he’s the guy that looks out for the little guy. I think he’s the person who does things that are hard, but need to be done.

    Do you think Lin will be able to use the Source-Stone properly?
    Yes, but it’ll be an adventure in itself to figure it out.

    What do you think Kel will do about stealing Antonetta’s locket?
    I think Kel will take a locket. If Conor is in danger, Kel will do whatever it takes.

  11. Wow! The connection between the two “kings “ was pretty cool. And no, the Ragpicker king does not sound like the bad guy. Fausten is very shady and his behaviour is very suspicious. He is to much influence on the king.
    The way Kel got a meeting with Beck was just really crazy, but he did it xD
    Now how in the world did Connor pay his debt? And what is the blood dept his father believes in?
    I was really surprised that Mayesh hinted at making Lin his replacement at the palace, did not expect that.
    I guess finding the book won’t be easy but I believe in the end Lin will use the power stone.
    Really curious about the information in Antonetta’s locket. Kel will definitely get it, just not sure how.

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