The Adventures of Amina al-Sirafi Readalong: Day 3!

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Hello fairies!

I hope that you’re all loving The Adventures of Amina al-Sirafi so far! It’s now day 3 and things are… stressful. I need Payasam.

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Today we’ll be reading from Chapter 14 to the end of Chapter 19, let’s jump in!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for The Adventures of Amina al-Sirafi by Shannon Chakraborty, from chapters 14 to 19. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


They reach Socotra and Amina, Tinbu and Dalila disembark, Majed staying on the Marawati.

Well… if there was one thing I didn’t expect, it was Amina’s husband to be a smoky monster beast like thing, and if there was one thing I didn’t expect MORE than that, it was for him to show up on Socotra. You know how to pick them, Amina!

Wait… is this Marjana’s father? What do we think?

Ignore me thinking ahead, Amina’s delving into the past and giving us a look at how she ended up marrying a demon. It involved wine and a lot of lies. He took a normal looking form, it was only when they woke up that Raksh had accidentally disposed of his disguise and Amina learned her now husband was a demon.

Oh dear. Raksh killed Asif? That would be an awkward thing to explain to Salima. 

Raksh thinks Amina has some hold over him, he still feels their connection and being close to her now makes him feel stronger. Ok hear me out, I know he’s a demon but that’s kind of romantic, no?

In other news, they found out who sold them all out to the Frank. Bingo! It was Raksh. 

And… though she doesn’t say it out loud, as readers WE get to learn that there is something that connects the two of them after all. Marjana. Raksh, a demon, is the father of Amina’s child. I love a bit of dramatic irony.

The only upside to them finding Raksh, is that he actually seems to know a lot about Falco and what he’s up to, so at least that gives our crew a little bit of a head start, they’re not going in totally blind.

Raksh leads them into a cave, where he last saw Dunya. She’s gone though. Worse? What’s left are slaughtered people. The person left behind says it was Falco, he went into a rage when he discovered Dunya was gone and ordered his entire village killed. For reasons… unknown, Amina tells Raksh, Tinbu and Dalila to leave and declares that she is Captain Amina al-Sirafi, the nakhudha Falco is looking for. I reeeeeeally hope she has a plan.

Just as Falco and his supernatural crew were about to drag Amina into a pit filled with sea scorpions, an explosive arrow splits through the air, giving Amina an opportunity to flee. Things aren’t well yet though. Something is inside Amina’s chest. Raksh seems to know what might have happened. Raksh pulls a stinger from her chest, ick.

When they get back to the Marawati, Raksh in tow, Majed is not so happy to see him. I mean, he’s a demon so… relatable. Amina is keeping him close for now though, since he’s the only chance they might have of defeating Falco and his supernatural army.

What do you think about the revelation that Marjana’s father is a demon? Do you think maybe that’s why Amina is hesitant for her to go to school and things?Where do you think Dalila is going? Do you think she has a location in mind?
Would you have let Raksh stay?

I hope they find Dunya, more than that I hope they find her and she’s ok… she’s been through a lot!

Excited and nervous to see what tomorrow’s section brings. Let me know all of your thoughts and theories in the comments!


20 thoughts on “The Adventures of Amina al-Sirafi Readalong: Day 3!

  1. I loved the dramatic reveal of Raksh but honestly each characters introduction has been so iconic. I was determined not to like him but I already do after that chaotic story of them getting married! I just know it will be absolute chaos when he finds out how he is connected to Amina!

    1. oh I also posted on my IG @thetsundokuchronicles

  2. Since the book description mentions a demon shows up, and then how he didn’t appear until halfway through, I had kinda figured he was Marjana’s father and was unsurprised. I would be worried about letting my kid out of my sight if she had a supernatural father and no powers had manifested yet. Those kinds of things tend to manifest at the worst times.

    Where do you think Dalila is going? Well, I’m going to assume this meant to say Dunya since Dalila is with Amina, but I think since she left from the north coast Dunya is probably trying to make a break for home in Aden. I’m terrified that Falco’s marid friend is going to go after and the Marawati.

    I’d definitely let Raksh come. If he can bring enough luck to be able to find Dunya and get them safely back to Aden, I think it would be worth it.

    1. I forgot to say I also entered the giveaway! My instagram handle is @giggenbach.reads

  3. This section was a lot. I’m not that surprised that Marjanas father ended up being a Demon, I did think that he might be related to magic or something not normal. I do think that’s why Amina is hesitant to let her go to school, and that she’s afraid that Marjana will have inherited something from his father that could maybe could put her in danger. I hope they find Dunya and I would have loved to hear her thoughts through all of this.

    I have also entered the giveaway. My instagram handle is @juliesboble

  4. Wow snakes, a marriage to a demon and some crazy frank wanting to control sea monsters. I hooe they rescue danya soon and I wouldn’t want to tell my kid her dad a demon.

    Picture up on instagram @tweetybugshouse

  5. What do you think about the revelation that Marjana’s father is a demon?
    I think having Marjana’s father gives her some depth but also makes the reader wonder if she has gained any of her fathers abilities. It has been mentioned she is her parents child so how is she like her father.

    Do you think maybe that’s why Amina is hesitant for her to go to school and things?
    I do. I think there is some connection that she has to her father that Amina is trying to hide. I’m not sure if that’s from her or those around her.

    Where do you think Dalila is going?
    Honestly I am not sure at all!

    Do you think she has a location in mind?
    I think she knows exactly where to go but we won’t be privy until we arrive. There will be history with wherever we go.

    Would you have let Raksh stay?
    Yes! Omg I love reading him and Amina argue it’s golden!

    I did enter the photo challenge on ig. My username is @mangapenguin

    Thank you!

  6. 1. I wasn’t really shocked by it, I thought that was already known haha. Especially since Amina named him to be a demon multiple times and I took that as literal.
    2. I don’t think that is the reason she won’t let her go to school though. I think that Amina is used to controlling most aspects in her life and keeping her daughter save is very important to her. She knows she made enemies so I think she is afraid something will happen to her, which she can’t control because she isn’t there, and thus won’t let her go to school.
    3. I’ve got no clue at all haha. Dalila is a very free spirit who could go anywhere in my eyes.
    4. I think she has a location in mind, or maybe a general feeling of which direction to go.
    5. I think so. He kinda proved his worth when saving Amina so I understand letting him stay because he is a force and could help the fight. Especially if he brings luck and good fortune, it would be handy to have him aboard against a foe such as the Frank.

    I also entered the giveaway on my bookstagram account @lisashelves

  7. I definitely had a feeling that Marjana’s father was a demon, and I think that does speak a lot to Amina’s fears of her going to school and being out in public. It’ll be super interesting to see how (if?) Raksh reacts when he finds out he has a daughter.

    I also entered the photo challenge on Instagram, and my handle is @lennylovesbooks3 !

  8. I did not expect Marjana father to be a demon at all ! But that does explain why Amina didn’t want her to go to school. I think she is afraid her daughter might manifest powers while away from her. I won’t answer the next question because I didn’t stop at chapter 19 but after so 🙊 Knowing what Falco can do, I would have let Raksh stay.

    Also, can I require your help ? I can’t picture what this passage means. I don’t understand if this is supposed to mean that Raksh has fur instead of hair or the hair is made of flesh ? It’s really confusing me…
    “The lengthy hair I had admired last night now lay as tiger-black stripes of flesh, wild patches of leopard spots falling amongst them as though two great cats had clashed together and been imprinted on his limbs.”

    I won’t be able to post today on Instagram for the giveaway but I will do it before April 20th and my username is @headinbooksandcolors.

    Thank you !

  9. What do you think about the revelation that Marjana’s father is a demon? I was kind of expecting that he would have some magical abilities but not that he would be a demon. I wonder what it means for Marjana and what powers she’ll have, if any!

    Do you think maybe that’s why Amina is hesitant for her to go to school and things? Possibly yeah, or maybe she was worried she would get discovered/targeted for being her daughter. She was in hiding almost after all.

    Where do you think Dalila is going? No clue, hopefully to do/get something that’ll help

    Do you think she has a location in mind? Not that I can think of

    Would you have let Raksh stay? Hmm I’m not sure I would have, Amina did leave him stranded and buried in a box in the ocean. He might have some negative feelings/revenge on his mind

    I posted and my Instagram handle is @echotheeleopardgecko

  10. What do you think about the revelation that Marjana’s father is a demon? — I had a feeling, that Raksh would turn up in this story. And as he said, he ain’t no demon. We simply have no word for his kind. But as most religious people believe dark magic must be demonic, therefore he’s a demon.

    Do you think maybe that’s why Amina is hesitant for her to go to school and things? — As Amina says at the end of this part, she’s hesitant to let Marjana go out and about as other kids do because of her “demonic” descent. Because she doesn’t know if this heritage will one day show.

    Where do you think Dalila is going? Do you think she has a location in mind? — Dalila is going somewhere? I haven’t read anything about that in this part. Did I miss a chapter? Or are you asking about Dunya? Yeah, I think Dunya knows exactly what she’s doing. But even though she might need help with her undertaking.

    Would you have let Raksh stay? — Honestly, I like Raksh. His sarcastic wit is refreshing, and I have a feeling that he will be very helpful for the rest of this adventure.

  11. Well, I’m not sure what kind of “more than human” entity I thought Amina’s ex-husband was, but that wasn’t it! 😂 He’s also growing on me – charming, for sure, but I know he could quickly turn a “true” bad guy, depending on how he handles the inevitable revealing of their daughter. I’m trying to stay positive though. 🤞🏼 Plus, at least now I know the other 3 crew members didn’t betray anyone. 👍🏼 Wow. Supernaturally enhanced mercenaries under the thumb of a crazed amateur sorcerer. Awesome. I guess we finally learn how the Sea Monster from the sprayed edges & maps of this edition comes into play. 😬
    Daily Q&A:
    1.) What do you think about the revelation that Marjana’s father is a demon?
    2.) Do you think maybe that’s why Amina is hesitant for her to go to school and things?3.) Where do you think Dalila is going?
    4.) Do you think she has a location in mind?
    5.) Would you have let Raksh stay?
    1.) I knew from early on that he was something more than human (God, demon, spirit of something, etc), but I couldn’t’ve guessed his true form. That was a surprise description.
    2.) Absolutely. Is she also concerned about those other reasons (fear of her own enemies finding Marjana/her family)? I believe so, but I also believe this to be her greatest motivation (she hinted to as much while Majed’s family was visiting the Marawati).
    3.) Dalila was on the boat next to Amina at the end of Ch.19, but if this was meant to say “Dunya,” then I would say “as far from Socotra as she could, 1st, then trying to get a close to Aden as possible, maybe.”
    4.) It would make sense for her to try to put space between herself & the crazy sorcerer & monsters, but if she’s really so ambitious, she might try to find her own way to the next step of her “research” (it was mentioned she might’ve absconded with something from the treasure cave) or possibly back to her research at home in Aden (what her grandma didn’t burn, that is).
    5.) Originally, after initially finding out what he was, no. 🤷🏽‍♀️ I’m not so ambitious that it would’ve tempted me like it did Amina. In their current situation, that’s harder. I have to agree with her reasons for the argument, but if be weighing heavily the consequences of making it harder to be rid of him (as she’s concerned for the safety & welfare of her child).
    *I’ve already posted my #FLAmina photo under @TupaKitty_Reads 🤞🏼🤞🏼*

  12. I have been loving this book, the side conversations with our side scholar. But I’m excited about Raksh, he feels very morally ambiguous and I like him! I posted and my handle is @read.ingbee!

  13. – honestly, i wasn’t very surprised that marjana’s father is a demon (or whatever he is) since amina has always been evasive on that subject. i think it could also be why amina is hesitant to let her go out, maybe she’s nervous people will be able to tell
    – i’m honestly not sure where she’s headed
    – i don’t think i would. i couldn’t really trust him

    posted on insta: @huntresszafira

  14. I wonder with Marjana (now that we think her father is Amina’s demon husband) if she may have an ability or something to make her special? She does seem to sense her mom no matter how quiet she comes in the room earlier in the book.

    Posted the #FLAmina with the tag @miza.reads

  15. What a crazy chunk of chapters, so much is happening! Raksh is horrible and I adore him. He seems like a child, his emotions changing like the winds. I’m interested to see what will happen once he learns about Marjana. There is no way he stays on this boat and does not learn about his daughter. I am so proud of Amina for ticketing him with the divorce ritual!
    He was beyond helpful getting to Falco and saving Amina! Hopefully he can lead them to a safe but thirsty Dunya.

    Falco is nuts! Him and his crew are terrifying. I am super excited to see more of this ‘Lady’ they are receiving their power from.

    Posted on instagram @ramble_reads

  16. I was a bit surprised Raksh was an actual demon and doesn’t even look human is his natural state. But I did expect Marjana’s father to be supernatural, so I figured it was Raksh when he was introduced. I thought the sea monster on the edges (kraken?) would show up in these chapters, but maybe it’ll turn up at the very end.

    I would definitely let Raksh join to keep an eye on him and to use his luck and supernatural abilities.

    I’m curious when they’ll find Dunya. Hopefully soon!

    I posted my photo on my Instagram @anouk_marie_92.

  17. Definitely saw it coming that Marjana was half something magical. I understand Anima’s hesitation of exposing Marjana not knowing if or when her demon side will come into okay, the stress of living with those conditions must be emotionally exhausting. I am not sure where Dunys meant to go or if it was just a means of getting away from Falco.
    a softie for the misunderstood and chaotically lovable characters, I would not have let Raksh stay. I do find his and Anima’s smack talk amusing.

    Posted #flamina on IG: @inkdrinkerhetty

  18. I sort of saw it coming that Marjana’s father was supernatural of some kind (I suspected perhaps djinn but demon with tusks is interesting!), just because there were hints throughout. I do think Marjana’s heritage is one of many reasons why Amina won’t send her to school and allow her to socialise, and I suspected she had concerns about her being magical from when Dalila asked about her and also that she was present at her birth “just in case”. I have no clue where they’re off to but Raksh is supposed to bring Amina good luck so hopefully it’s in the direction of where Dunya is! I would have let him join them if I was Amina not only for the extra help in finding Dunya and protection from Falco, but also because he saved her life.

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