The Beautiful Readalong: Day 2

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Hello everyone!

Its day 2 of our Readalong! Yesterday really set the scene for this book and I’m excited for more action today now that they’ve found themselves in The Court of Lions!

Today we’re tackling pages 81-165! Are you ready?


Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for The Beautiful by Renée Ahdieh pages 0-165! Read only if you’ve finished those pages!


The restaurant was a front for something else! A casino/gambling den of sorts, and not only that but a place where students of the occult, illusionists and mentalists can meet and practice their craft! What’s better than some magic! I would love to hang out here!

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There’s something very interesting about Celine…why can she sense that there is something otherworldly about the place and what did Odette see when she held her hand! Odette is definitely not telling her everything and I need to know why!

Sébastien’s uncle owns the building but I think we’d already guessed Bastien had some link to why Celine was there…what is his plan with her? Or is someone else using him? Or her?? So many questions!

Omg whaat! He has a snake! And they just let it slither about??? I think I would scream alongside Pippa if I thought there was a snake.

Oh yay, now the snake really is here! Would you freak out? I think I definitely would!

Celine and Bastien are finally officially introduced and you can literally feel the energy between them. I feel like they’re both going to very stubborn characters that are constantly challenging each other. They’re going to have such a fun dynamic!

I love that Bastien is described as Lucifer, makes me think he’s going to be a bit of trickster. The Lucifer/Devil descriptions might be an occurring theme as he’s also described as devilishly attractive.

Image result for devilishly gif 

Bold of Celine to assume Bastien would fall in love with her… 

They’re very good at provoking each other even though they’ve only just met!

Omg no! How did Anabel get out of the convent and find her way to Jaques? I’m so sad she’s dead cos it was fun having a Scottish character. And what about the symbol that was left behind? Anyone have any guesses on what it could mean?

Ohhh so Anabel was sent to spy on them! I guess that explains why the Mother Superior gave up so easily!

I love that Celine has gone straight into detective mode, trying to figure out who the suspects could be.

The police arrive but have to wait a while for the head detective to arrive. Nobody is permitted to leave and Pippa and Celine are worried about what the mother superior may say when they return. 

There seems to be some history between Detective Grimaldi and Sébastien as they really seem to hate each other…and Grimaldi had to ask his cousin for help last time? Wonder what happened then?

Ahh so that’s where Odette disappeared to, to get the Mother Superior! I wonder if the Mother Superior will be a help or hindrance to the girls. From what we know of her she could just scold them for not returning to the convent at an appropriate time…

Okay so now it seems the person talking in 1st person is not Sébastien but an enemy of his? Does anyone have any ideas?

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Celine dreams of the night she killed the man and we learn more about what happened that night, not only about the actual actions but also how it changed her as a person and how she thinks it allowed evil to settle in her…do you think someone can be both evil and good? 

Ahh so now Celine thinks Sébastien might have murdered Anabel…I am really so conflicted and I can’t decide who I think it is…could it be Sébastien or someone trying to make it look like it was him? And who was outside her window?

The next day, Celine is sent to teach a class of children, one of the tasks she really hoped she wouldn’t have to do. Before long, she is summoned to meet a gentlemen who she assumes is the detective but soon discovers it is Arjun, there to offer his services as barrister for the girls. 

They accept his help and go to meet the detective to discuss what happened the night Anabel was killed. 

I honestly just have so many questions! There are so many mini mysteries that I need answers to!

Does anyone have any solid theories on where this is going to go?

I’m hoping we’re going to get some answers tomorrow!

See you then!



31 thoughts on “The Beautiful Readalong: Day 2

  1. I aree soo many mysteries especially the vampire who is he and why does he hate Sebastian so much and now Celine will be his revenge not good
    Sebastian to me is such a sassy and devilishly sexy character and his pet is a sneke can he be even more sinister
    And the scene between jim and Celine so intriguing they are both strong characters its going to be fun reading about them together
    Oh that scene with Pipa when she screamed soo funny ok I mean I sort of like snakes but would probably freek out it I tought it crawled around me
    Poor Anabele that she became the victim so sad and I am a little mad that Mother Superior sent her to spy am I the only one that gets the wibe that she is not a good person mabye I am wrong will see

    1. Its definitely going to be fun reading the interactions between Celine and Pippa! Interesting thoughts on the Mother Superior though!

  2. Okay I am so intrigued by this darkness inside Celine!! Bastien hesitated when he took her hand and she seems so aware of the powers around her and I have a feeling she has some sort of power herself. Kind of like Arjun’s ability to put someone to sleep through touch? Or maybe some sort of witch? Oh I do hope so! So far I’m really enjoying this book and all the different characters (apart from the detective lol). And my theory is that the 1st person vampire is someone we haven’t met yet, but Bastien knows who it is! It must be a family feud, so it’s personal. This book is quite hard to put down!

    1. Oooo it would be so cool if she is a witch! I hope thats true!! I’m so glad you are enjoying it!

  3. I have so many questions, but I’m not mad about it, I’m enjoying the mystery.
    For now, I do think our vampire is maybe trying to frame Bastien since he’s seemingly got some bad blood with him. I’m very intrigued by Celine, there’s something there, I think Odette possibly saw whatever it is and that’s why she’d keeping tight lipped about what she saw. And I don’t know why but I’m side-eyeing Mother Superior, I can’t help but be suspicious of her

    1. I feel like I’m just suspicious of everyone at this point! I really want to know what Odette saw, it must be something strange if she isn’t saying anything about it!

  4. This could be completely random, but what if the detective is the one speaking in first person and Bastien’s enemy?
    He clearly hates Bastien, and also in the latest first person part the narrator states clearly he has observed the behavior of both Celine and Pippa, something only the people in the room could have done.
    However I probably share Odette’s foretelling abilities: I foresee I’ll be finishing this book well before Friday ?

    1. Ooooo thats a good theory!! It could be! Ahaha I don’t blame you! Enjoooy 🙂

  5. I love that this book combines vampires with a murder mystery! I wasn’t expecting that when I started so that was a pleasant surprise. I do love a good murder mystery! The sudden murder of Anabel was super mysterious, could someone in the room with Celine have done it?

    1. Always love a good murder mystery and its even more interesting with mysterious vampires involved! I’m glad you are enjoying it!

  6. I would have totally screamed if I had been in the same room with a snake. I really want to know what happened between Sebastian and the yet unknown person seeking revenge. I thought the mark looked like v but what it would mean then? Vengeance? So many things need answers. Can’t wait to read more tomorrow

    1. I would have definitely screamed too! It would definitely help us figure out who it is if we knew what happened! I’m glad you are enjoying it!

  7. Okay so we don’t actually know that the Mother superiour sent Anabel to spy, althought that does seem likely. Loving the chemistry between Celine and Sébastien, I just hope their romance doesn’t get rushed. There is definitely something ‘other worldly’ about Celine. Why can she sense those things? I think I’m going to really enjoy Odette’s character, I can’t wait to see more of her! Also did anyone else get Nangi vibes from the snake? A big python that just has free rein, a little too HP for me. I was worried about this book as it has very mixed reviews, but so far I am loving it! I may start day 3’s reading when I get the kids to bed as I have to work tomorrow

    1. Definitely Nagini vibes which makes it even more sinister to me! I am loving Odette’s character as well! I’m so happy to hear you are loving it!

  8. My very first question is: how did I miss the start of this readalog? – but it’s all good, the writig style is so flowy it was super easy to read and chatch up.
    I am not the biggest fan of vampire stories but this seems to be a diffrent case. Love the first person chapters.
    And how amazing that this is set in New Orleans, feels like the city is it’s own character – I love it.
    On to the next chaprers!?

    1. Its a very different kind of Vampire book and I’m loving that about it! I’m so happy you are joining us now! I hope you enjoy!

  9. Just finished all the pages for day and I must admit I have been officially sucked in. I just couldn’t put the book down last night making it so I only had 20 pages to read today. I have to confess though that yesterday after getting descriptions of Arjun and Bastian I spent a good 20 minutes looking at the cover art questioning who is who (I STILL don’t know who is who…help?!). After reading today’s pages my theory is that the boys are Bastian on the left and Boone on the right… the eyes and the item in the pocket is throwing me off. Anyone have the answer?

    1. I think it’s Bastian on the left and the detective on the right, cos he’s described as having really light blue, almost colorless eyes. Xx

  10. I think maybe that Michael or Arjun could be the vampire killer. But i think Ahdeih could totally prank us with the obvious choice. Both Bastien and Arjun are so mysterious. Gotta say I really hope Bastien is good cuz I want Celine to be with him. I’m super impatient but I really want to know what’s going on with Pippa and her past. And if the end of the covenant hasn’t sent Anabel to spy maybe she would still be alive.

    1. Oooo it could be one of them! I really need to know who it is now! Its so hard to decided who it could be though!

  11. More questions than answers at this point. No solid thoughts on anything at this point except that’s it not bastion.

  12. All these little mysteries like why do they let a snake run around a restaurant…. why not a alligator it is New Orleans lol. Who is this mystery narrator…. a theory I have is Celine’s mother became a vampire. She is never talked about beyond not talking about. It is also emphasized Celine has a dark side. I am wondering why voodoo has not been mentioned yet, it is such a part of New Orleans cult scene or did I miss it? I am still hungry from the food too lol

  13. I think Grimaldi is the vampire POV. It seems like he has a vendetta against Bastien in the chapters, and we know Grimaldi does. He also mentioned being at school with Bastien, and although I’m not sure how the vampires age in this book, but if Bastien is old, wouldn’t it make sense Grimaldi is too?

  14. I currently have ZERO theories!! No idea where this book is going, who is good and who is bad, or what is going to happen!

    It took me a little time to get into the feel of the book, I’m not sure why, maybe it was just that I was being interrupted…..a lot……by a tap dancing 13 year old…!

    I enjoyed these chapters more, and feel like I’m getting to know the characters a little more. Looking forward to the next section

  15. Ok, so… I know I’m saying this to almost everyone, but this is one of the BEST books I’ve read so far in 2019!
    For some reason I think that they’re all vamps. The detective and Bastien and Odette… All of them! Also I think Odette is responsible for Anabel’s death. I mean, what’s with all those red stains on her clothes and hands, if she’s just a plain girl, like Celine?
    And speaking of Celine, what she did was brave, in my humble opinion! Yup, she killed the man (which is wrong), but she almost saved herself! I mean, that dude (RIP by the way) was trying to rape her!
    I’m sure we’ll get some answers soon enough! I can’t wait to see how this story is going to unfold!

  16. I honestly don’t know but I like the flashes to the killer cause it adds more mystery.

  17. I really wasn’t expecting this to be a murder mystery and I’m loving it!!! It kind of reminds me of stalking Jack the Ripper in a sense! I love how Strong willed and headstrong Celine is but I also think that will be her undoing.

    My theory is that the vampire or killer is Bastien’s uncle, Le Comte de Saint Germain. Maybe that’s why when Celine kept wondering if he’d show up after the murder and he never did. And there’s just too much mystery and secrets between the detective and Bastien and their families to not be suspicious!!! Ahhh so much to find out! I’m a day behind on the read along but I’m sure I’ll catch up soon enough!! 🙂

  18. Ahh loving this book so much! My theory is that the person killing the people is the police guy that Bastien seems to have a past history with, since they seem to have to it out for Bastiens family. Cant wait to see where the story goes.

  19. I am very interested in Celine’s past and what’s going on inside her head but I feel like I’m really interested in Pippa. She’s becoming more of a character in her own right, rather than just someone who follows Celine and gives warnings which the main character ignores. And I’m not sure whether I like Arjun or not but he’s definitely interesting. Unfortunately, Sebastien isn’t striking me quite as much, though I did enjoy the conversation between him and Celine. Poor Anabel!

    The book definitely caught my attention in this part and I want to continue.

  20. I’m so far behind with the read along, but I’m loving it so far. The intros to the characters have been great I’m already swooning over Bastien ?

  21. I had so many questions at this point and just wanted to find out more.

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