The Beautiful Readalong: Day 3

Beautiful photo by @thebookishgurl

Hello Fairy friends!

It’s day 3 of our readalong! So much happens in todays section and I can’t wait to talk about it with you all!

But before that, we have our semi hush-hush giveaway to cover before that! What’s that? Oh just a chance to get your next FairyLoot for free as a reward for reading! Doesn’t really get better than that! And your chances are so good too! We don’t really announce this anywhere else as we truly want the person from the readalong to win! If you’d like to try your luck, all you need to do is follow these steps!

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Now that that’s done, lets get reading! Today we’re tackling pages 166-259.

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for The Beautiful by Renée Ahdieh pages 0-259! Read only if you’ve finished those pages!


Celine, Pippa and Arjan meet with Detective Grimaldi and he begins his interrogation although, it soon becomes clear to Celine that he is not trying to catch them out but is instead hoping to find some evidence that would implicate Bastien in the murder and Celine has the information that could potentially do that. However, Celine doesn’t necessarily like the Detective either and so does not offer up the evidence easily, only hints towards it. 

Celine is now questioning everyone that was there that night, even Odette. I’m glad she’s as conflicted as I am about who might have done it! 

Grimaldi tells us that he and Sébastien were friends when they were children but doesn’t indulge as to what stopped their friendship. 

He does, however, offer the information that everyone around Sébastien- parents, sister, roommates- had all died in mysterious circumstances and warns Celine of this. Very peculiar…but could it just be a coincidence and very bad luck? Grimaldi also admits that he would like to see Celine again, outside of the investigation. Do you think it was a good idea of her to say the same or is Grimaldi only playing her to try and get information?

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Odette has finally found some fabric she likes for her masquerade dress and, after attending mass, invites Celine to Jaques that evening to discuss it further…I’m not sure how smoothly that’ll go after last time…

Celine tries to convince herself that she won’t go to Jaques, but even she knows she is lying to herself.

Bastien meets with some men to discuss a business deal but when it turns sour, his associates appear as if from the shadows to surround the men. 

And we finally meet our first vampires! I wasn’t sure it was going to be all of them, but it seems all 7 of Bastien’s closest associates are vampires and they begin feasting on the men whom Bastien was meeting. All but Phoebus who decides he would like to forget what happened. If you were in that situation, what would you choose? 

The food at Jaques sounds marvellous and I really wish I could visit! I could read the conversations between Celine and Odette forever as it has the same feel as conversations I would have with friends and feels so familiar! Just some gals, hanging out in a restaurant that is a front for a Vampire den…very normal! 

Ahhh Sébastien heard what she said…this should be interesting! I feel like he might be very smug about it!

Image result for uh oh gif

Oh I thought Bastien would gloat about it a bit more but it seemed like he wasn’t sure how to react either! I don’t think I would have been able to hold myself together as well as Celine if I was her!

While walking home, Celine senses that she is being followed, but whatever it is has the ability to render itself invisible but just as its gaining on her, Bastien swoops in to save the day and for the first time, Celine isn’t quick to keep her distance and instead leans into him for support. That is until a couple spots them and Celine is forced to act in a proper way again 🙁 

The parade sounds magical and I’m so happy Celine has finally managed to experience one and actually have some fun! I feel like she definitely deserves it! Nothing has gone very well for her since she has arrived in New Orleans! And Bastien is acting less serious and having more fun which is nice! 

“Knowing who you are is necessary in order to determine who you want to be.” I love this quote and its so true!

While sharing truths, it’s interesting that Bastien managed to share about his past without actually giving anything away…we have no more information about what happened to his family than we already knew and I’m intrigued to find out what really happened!

Image result for what a mystery gif

Ahh I can’t believe she asked him if he’s human but I’m also confused as to what he is? Could he be something inhuman? But has a heartbeat (that he constantly checks?) so what the heck is going on?

As someone who enjoys fashion, I’m loving hearing about Celine designing the dress! 

And Pippa saying she forgives Celine for whatever she may have done must be so nice to hear! But I wonder if she would still feel the same if she actually knew what Celine had done?

A shadow like the one that had tried to attack Celine in the street is in her cell when she returns and it doesn’t take long for Celine to discover that it has attacked something/someone in her room! The shadow says that she has evaded it again…did it think the person in the room was her before it attacked them? Who is the person in the room and what were they doing there?? Why does the shadow want her so bad specifically??? Ahhh soo many questions.

Okay so we got some answers, but I also have even more questions! I am loving how much mystery is in this book and how much it is making me questions everyone and everything! There’s only 2 days left of the readalong and so much left to happen!

I’ll see you tomorrow!


47 thoughts on “The Beautiful Readalong: Day 3

  1. I love the chemistry between Celine and Bastien in this section! Especially the scenes where she is attacked by the shadow and then they go to the parade. I was super surprised when it then attacked at the convent! Is it some kind of vampire, or some other mysterious being? I entered the giveaway with a photo on my Instagram handle @m.t.wilsonwrites1891 🙂

    1. I’m loving the chemistry between them as well!! I really want to know what it is!

  2. I am loving the intrige in this book, I think Sébastien is surrounded by the supernatural but I’m not sure what he is and why can Celine feel them? I am getting slightly irritated with Celine going on about being a murderess – it’s mentioned in some way or another in every one of her scenes, I get it! Move it along please! The murder mystery and the wondering about who is after Celine is keeping me entralled though – I’ve already started day 4’s reading

    1. Ahh I’m glad you are enjoying it and I can’t blame you for reading on!

  3. So I have learned to read the pages for the day a day in advance that way I am finished with the pages by the time the post is up. That being said I ended up reading the convent murder scene at midnight and boy did that make it interesting to fall asleep after. I loved Bastien and Celine’s interactions in these pages. They are both so confident with themselves that they can admit they are attracted yet both think they wouldn’t do well together (COME ON YOURE PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER). I have a theory though since now we know all of Bastien’s friends are vampires I believe he is not a full vamp or a mix of a few things. The way he checks his pulse made me think that maybe his rage and blood lust has a mind of its own and could be the murderer. OR it could be someone from Bastien’s past we haven’t met yet which explains why Celine can’t recognize his voice. Michael seem like the kind of guy who doesn’t want Bastien to be happy so he wants to take Celine from him out of childhood spite. I’ll be starting day 4s pages now! Fingers crossed more answers than questions.

    1. Oooo thats a good theory about why he is checking his pulse! I hadn’t thought about that!

  4. Yep. Still amazing.
    Really surprised that I actually enjoy a book with vampires. I truly love Renée Ahdiehs take on this topic.
    As for todays chapters, the mystery is good and the chemistry between Celine and Bastien ist growing on me as well. Really looking forward to tze next chapters (might have to keep reading today ?)

    My insta to enter: @ellas_world_of_books

    1. Its definitely very different for a vampire book which I love! Glad you are enjoying it!

  5. First off I too entered the giveaway with a special photo. It may not seem like much. But the quilt in the photo was my dads comforter he had my whole life. When he was passing someone must have washed it and put it on the porch to dry. The wind must have blown it way… it’s not the right colors to match the book but it is special to me. I found it a year later in the weeds, and it smelled just like my dad… I had it taken apart and made into 2 quilts one for my sister and one for me. My instagram handle is @bulletproof_vixen.

    This story is amazing… I can’t wait until we get to know why the mysterious killer is killing and what the symbols mean… < o ???? I think there is something special about Celine since she was first noticed when she can to New Orleans and since she senses things before they happen. Plus all the mystery around who her mom really was makes me wonder… I can’t wait to start day 4 but it will have to wait until I get done with work tonight / tomorrow

    1. Wow thats such an amazing story about the quilt! Its so special! I really hope you enjoy the rest of the book!

  6. The mystering is killing me but I’m loving it all at the same time. I loved Celine and Bastien’s interactions this section, I’m so glad they both admited their attraction to each other finally!
    The scene with the vampire? Creature? in Celine’s room was so creepy, it fully creeped me out. I really want to know why it’s so obsessed with her.

    1. Ahaha I have a love/hate relationship with mystery as its all so intriguing but I just wanna know all the answers already! OMG I know, it was soooo creepy!!

  7. This book is in such an exciting part now. So many questions need answers. Why was the creature and the strange man in Celine’s cell? Is it the same that followed her and is that the mystery guy from the other chapters? I would so like to eat at Jacques’.

    1. So many questions! Hopefully we get answers soon! Jacques sounds like the most amazing restaurant!

    2. I entered the competition and my handle is @ninahilden

    3. I enter the competition and my insta is @ninahilden

  8. I’m loving this book. My insta is @better.among.books.

  9. Omg I cant stopped reading this book, yes I have read half of tomorrow im sorry I couldn’t help it… I just love it

    1. Ahaha I don’t blame you! I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying it!

  10. OMG!!! TODAY’S READING WAS AMAZING!!!! I might need to read ahead, it’s so good! It makes my heart happy that Sebastien is part Taino like me!!! AHHHH I’M ALL GIDDY ABOUT IT!!!
    Celiene reminds me of myself regarding her work ethics. Once I get sucked in and concentrating on something then nothing else exists.
    I think that Celine’s mother’s identity is going to play a huge role in this book.
    And I can’t believe Sebastien and the whole court heard Celine confess that she thinks he’s beautoful!!! **SQUEAL**
    I also love how the author threw in a little mention on today’s slang. Is it me or did anyone else catch that Odette told Celiene that she’s “Thirsty” for Bastien?!!! HAHAHAHA LOVE IT!!!

    1. Ahhh I’m so happy that you’re loving it!! Looove all your thoughts!

  11. Omg, this book is just so good. Why do people have to keep dying,its just building the suspense and it is so so good. My Instagram is @katesbookstagrams

  12. I’m loving this book so much! The atmosphere and vibes are perfect ?
    Also slightly in love with Bastien and their dynamics are just ??
    Cant wait to read more!
    IG: @arisbookcourt

    1. Its so good right?! I too, am slightly in love with Bastien!

  13. I’m loving this book so far! Love Bastian and Celine, I wonder if the vampire hunting Celine is trying to get even with Bastian? Did it kill all his family?
    Entered photo comp @jenny.readss

    1. Oooo thats a good idea!! Its possible!

  14. I totally forgot to add my insta handle for the competition- it is @midnightreview

  15. Chronically_bookish will enter with the giveaway. Since the last 2 boxes sold out too quickly (I have been buying for years on single purchase because there is no payment method suited for most of the Netherlands on debitcard option (which is Maestro and not much else) and I don’t have a creditcard) for me to grab one (I’m glad you are groing though since I recommended you all to people it is nice to see people see you’re all awesome), this might be my last readalong this year, unless I can at least buy the book online somewhere else to participate along (I won’t be able to win the giveaways then but that is fine, I am enjoying the experience of the readalong as is). I hope that is at least possible.

    Standard rules of cliche would make me think this is the detective but I feel that is not rather it, and Ahdieh does not hold to cliche all that must. Besides he feels more like a human antagonist than an inhuman one I think. But what then? Is it about Bastien, because first he talks about him dismissively as if he doesn’t know him and then he changes its tune so I don’t know. In almost all vampire things the best friend to the girl suffers, so they better leave Pippa alone.

    1. Ahh if anything happens to Pippa I’ll be so sad!

  16. Oh the steamy chemistry between Bastian and Celine but come on when will they kiss this is tortute
    Oh Jauqes sounds amazing and I agree it is nice to shre some good time with friends

    Oh that sneaky Odette made her say it right when Bestian got there hmmm what would I do probably die of shame or maybe just turn around and look at him and be sort of happy that he knows
    Oh poor Celine not another potential murder and so creapy how the creature says he wanrmts her gives me chills
    Oooh and I cant wait to read about the final dress for Odette its probably going to be gorgeous

    1. Odette is so sneaky!! But maybe also a good friend if it turns out for the best? I can’t wait to hear what the dress is like!

    2. Oh I totaly forgot I will be participating in the competition my intagram id is danica.brnot

  17. Loving the chemistry between Celine and Bastien! Is it bad that I kinda want a Bastien for myself? ??
    Plus that food sounds delicious and makes me very hungry!
    I’m really loving this book though! Good murder mystery with vampires ❤️

    Insta entry – @emmaarosaliine

  18. Some of the vampire scancomeoutduringthe day and some can’t. I need to know more about this feud between the brotherhood and the fallen. Bastion can make people forget or did he kill the sun god guy?
    The author needs to write a cookbook all this great sounding food

  19. Instagram

  20. Flying through this book now that I’m “in it”!! I have this intense need to know what happens next immediately!!! Luckily for me I’m a day behind so I have an excuse to just keep binge reading! Lol onto day four’s pages!!

    I also posted on my Instagram

  21. Celine has come face to face with the demon and wow, I really want to know who it is. If it even is a who.

    Getting a chapter from Sebastien’s POV really helped him to grow on me, I definitely like him a lot more than I did before. As well as how he helped Celine to calm down after she was attacked, it was that more than the rescue which I found so sweet. It especially made up for the whole embarrassing scene Celine had earlier, my heart went out to her then (though she handled it very well).

    And Celine feels safe and seen with Pippa! I will not be happy if anything bad happens to Pippa, she came running back with a poker to help Celine!

    My Instagram handle is @redlulu18

  22. Got to admit, it took it’s time, but I’m slowly starting to love this book!

    Celine is being held back so much by the constraints of the time. She’s definitely not a meek and mild woman to be controlled by a man, and I really don’t think she has it in her to ever be that way, no matter how much she tries.

    My thoughts about Bastien and the pulse checking – I mean it’s confusing, is he a vampire like the others? But then, why would he have a pulse? Although most vampire stories tell us that vampires DO have a heartbeat, albeit a very very very slow one – so maybe he checks his pulse during times of excitement, when his heartbeat is increased, to feel that he’s truly alive? Just an idea, although honestly – I have no clue!!!!

    The scene between the two of them at the parade was really lovely, they both know they should stay away from each other, but we all know that that won’t happen!

    I love Celine’s new friendship with Pippa, they seem to balance each other quite well, and I really hope nothing bad happens to Pippa. (especially considering the coincidence that she’s to meet Phoebus as a potential match, and he’s the brother that Bastien seems to like)

    My Instagram is @tinasparkle04

  23. Despite my crazy shifts at work I managed to get a picture done, I’m on Instagram ?

  24. I’m really behind the schedule but I finally took a photo

  25. I don’t want to put it down, work keeps getting in the way of my reading. ?
    I’ve entered the comp: books0507

  26. I know I’m a few days behind! College essays are consuming my life, but now I’m wondering if Odette could be the murderer. I entered the giveaway (@Duchessbookworm).

  27. I’m very behind schedule and just started the readalong (I dropped everything for Queen of Nothing) but have started it today and will be doing the daily amount of pages on the blog if I don’t read ahead of myself!

    @eldritchfae is my insta for my entry ?

  28. I love this book so much!!! I really don’t want it to end!! ???? The characters are all so amazing, and the chemistry between Celine and Bastien is my everything! ???? I posted via my IG handle @athenagreysonauthor

  29. I loved the mystery and the suspense of this book so so much!! Can’t believe it’s already over. I entered via my instagram @words_and_spines 😀

  30. I really loved the chemistry between Bastien and Celine and the constant mystery surrounding everything, I feel like just as I get some answers I have more questions. I entered via my instagram which is @thebooknerd90

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