The Beautiful Readalong: Day 4


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Hello again and welcome to day 4!

How are we all enjoying the book so far? Any favourite bits or quotes?

Today we are reading pages 260-353! Lets get reading!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for The Beautiful by Renée Ahdieh pages 0-353! Read only if you’ve finished those pages!


We find out that it was William the gardener that was killed in Celines cell and it seems everyone now thinks Celine is cursed as death seems to be following her…sounds familiar *Bastien*

Celine basically accuses The Mother Superior of causing Anabels death and we would expect her to be angry at her for that but The Mother Superior surprised me and actually felt sorry for Celine, understanding that she is in pain and isn’t being entirely rational and the Mother Superior even admitted she had made a mistake in sending Anabel there alone.

That still didn’t stop them from telling Celine she was going to have to find different lodgings as it is no longer safe for her to stay at the convent.

Where will she go?

Celine decides she can’t wait until the morning to leave, she believes she must get as far away from her friends as possible to keep them from danger and so runs away. She doesn’t get very far before bumping into Detective Grimaldi. I don’t know how I feel about him! One minute he’s all nice to Celine and the next he’s being very aggressive! Thankfully Odette shows up (word really does travel fast!) and offers to take her wherever she would like to go. 

Image result for should i stay or should i go gif

She’s obviously going to stay! She can’t leave with the killer still on the hunt for her, potentially putting her friends in even more danger!

Celine’s plan involves using her as bait, which, even though it may be dangerous, is not a bad plan! This way they’ll have some control over the situation! While discussing what to do with the creature, Celine suspects that Odette, and the Court of Lions, knows more about the creature than she is letting on.

Even though Grimaldi did not agree to the plan, they are going ahead with it anyway and plan for it to take place the night of the masquerade ball!!! I’m so excited for that! 

The suite at the Dumaine sounds incredible and I would definitely like to stay there!

Oooo so the suite belongs to Sébastien’s uncle and this is all mysterious-vampire-man’s (which he will now on be referred to as) master plan to get Sébastien’s uncle to return to New York? I’m intrigued as to what has happened in the past to cause all this!

So the vampires kill their own if they don’t follow their rules and this is what happened to Marin, a vampire that mysterious-vampire-man loved.

Omg no way did Bastien just point blank refuse to meet Celine! He definitely knows how much that would annoy her and that it will in no way stop her from going to see him if she wants! But now we get to go to a party!!

Image result for partyyyy gif

The entire Court of the Lions is in attendance at the party! Some more appropriately dressed for the party than others…I love that many people have simply not even bothered to read the play before choosing an outfit and so are not resembling any of the characters at all! Shows that the people are there not for the theme but just for an excuse for debauchery.

Oh nooo! It’s such a shame that Celine can’t just tell Pippa what is going! This is really going to hurt their friendship but it’s the only way to keep her safe! 

Bastien follows Celine as she runs towards the maze and Celine finally confronts him about the court of the lions! He manages to tell her of their abilities without really revealing much and he admits he is fully human…

Oh no! Who is approaching them??

Ah it’s just some young ladies looking for the beautiful Sébastien, of course.

What is Sébastien going to do? Whatever it is can’t be good for Celine!

Wow, I can’t believe how much magic is surrounding Celine at the Dumaine and keeping her safe without her even knowing.

I love that Bastien is trying to warn Celine and potentially scare her into staying away and she still gives him into trouble for interrupting her! She’s a force to be reckoned with and its great.

They’re both so bad for each other but you just knew they were gonna get together!

Just as things were getting steamy the moment is ruined but omg what! I did not expect one of Bastien’s people to be killed and I don’t think Bastien expected it either! How did it happen in such a secure place?! We had literally just learned about all the magic protections to stop intruders but somehow, someone got past them!

Image result for so much is happening gif

Does anyone have any idea what the letters might mean? It must be some sort of message but I have no idea what it could be.

Michael got his wish and Celine has been locked in his office for her protection but Bastien is going to try and break her out.

Omg I love Michaels Nonna! She’s so wholesome and definitely trying to set up Celine and Michael! I do feel for Michael though as Celine is kind of giving him false hope but I also don’t know if I 100% trust him so I’m not sure what to feel! 

Tomorrow is the last day of the readalong and I’m so excited to find out if the big plan at the masquerade ball works out and we’ll finally know who the killer is…hopefully!! But before we find out, I want to hear all your theories! Lets chat in the comments!






  • Ella

    So sad the book is almost over! Might have to keep reading. Cause the story really evolved today. So muh new information! And I love Michaels Nonna!
    We have so many questions still unaswerd… on top of what I wanna know is, what do these letters mean? I’ve been trying to figure it out since the first one but haven’t come up with something good… I worry we are gonna get a cliff hanger with this book. I cant wrap my head around how all this is gonna be wrapped up in just a few more chapters!

    • Amy

      I really need to know what the letters mean but I just can’t figure it out! So much is going to happen in the next chapters and I can’t wait!

  • midnightreviewblog

    Love the steamy scenes between Celine and Sébastien, the fact she finally confessed to killing someone and have it confirmed she did the only thing she could have done in that situation. I get the horrid sinking feeling this isn’t going to be a happily ever after for them though. And I for one will be gutted. They would be great together but it feels as if too much is against them. He may be human but the court certainly isn’t and there are obviously rules there – what did the other vampires girlfriend do that got her killed?

    Nonna is fabulous! Is this a stand alone? If not I hope to see more of her in the future. Celine was very sure that Michael was interested in her though.

    Can’t wait to see how this will all play out

    • Amy

      I’ll be sad if they don’t get a happy ending 🙁 I’m pretty sure this is part of a trilogy/series and I would love more of Nonna!

  • jv8

    I got the feeling Michael wasn’t talking about Celine but about Pippa…

  • Mel

    So far all I’ve gathered is:
    -Bastien and Michael hate each other because of a girl
    -Bastien’s sister “died because of him”
    -vampy’s henchman did all the killing which explains why Celine doesn’t know him
    -vampy has been planning this for a while (can you say grudge)
    -vampy was in Uncle Nico’s room before

    I want to know who the henchman is! He can’t be someone from the “dream team” aka Bastien’s friends because they would have known the smell of Nigels blood. I’m going to say the Vampy is the guy from the restaurant with the earring. He is done with children telling him what to do and wants Nico back ?

    • Amy

      Ooooo that is an interesting theory!! Who knows, you could be right!

  • Megan

    Love the scene with Michael’s family! That made for a nice change of pace. The twist of one of the Court of Lions being killed I didn’t see coming, especially in a place that was supposed to be secure.

    • Amy

      It was such a nice scene! Yeah I definitely did not see that coming!!

  • Mathilde

    I love the mystery of it all! Who is the killer!? Bastien being fully human is something I did not see coming, and I’m a tad disappointed lol. I have a feeling Michael is a shady dude in some way and I hate that Celine is pretending to be into him or actually is into him? Who knows lol. His Nonna is adorable though!! I don’t have any theories but I am dyying to find out all the answers! I’ll be finishing it tonight, there’s no way I can wait!

    • Amy

      The mystery of it all is amazing!! Ahh I can’t blame you for reading on! I hope you enjoyed it!

  • Emma

    I’m definitely going to have a book hangover after this!
    And Nonna just sounds so cute ❤️
    Also why can’t i stay in a fancy suite like that?
    I have a theory that the letters may end up spelling L O Y A L or loyalty or something like that. (I was always good at word games ??)

    • Amy

      Oooo thats a good theory! Very possible! I would looove to stay in that suite tbh!

  • jen90mr

    Wow! I might end up finishing this book today, it’s so good!

  • Nina Hilden

    This has been such amazing book. The body in the bedroom was total twist. Didn’t expect it. Was it done by the same creature than the other murders? Or was it the mysterious vampire who seeks revenge? I love Nonna. Such a darling character! Can’t wait for the masquerade ball

    • Amy

      I’m so excited for the masquerade ball! Need to know what is going to happen!

  • Rae Rousseau

    Ahhh sweet Nonna!!! I love when we get to see the softer side of a stern character and I do believe that Nonna is Michaels soft spot. It almost made me wish that Celine really did like him. A little bit. Because I can’t stop swooning over that steamy scene with Bastien!! Ahh! And what a way to kill the mood!! (Haha get it?)

    I will most likely be devouring the rest of this book tonight because I can’t resist finding out what might happen next!! It’s so good!!!

    • Amy

      Nonna is for sure Michael’s soft spot! He acts all tough usually but she can still put him in his place and I love it! I’m so happy you are enjoying it!

  • Lucy

    I am very glad it wasn’t Pippa who was killed, but I think Nigel was even more shocking. I wish we could have seen more of the reactions of the Court of Lions to his death, though I did like Celine’s plans barrelling ahead. And Michael’s Nonna is lovely. It definitely makes Michael more well rounded now we’ve seen his family.

    I wasn’t as enthusiastic about this part as I was about the last one, mostly because I just want to get to the end and find out who is behind everything. Unless we don’t find out in this book of the series, which I would not enjoy.

    • Amy

      Yeah it was definitely very shocking that Nigel was the next to be killed! I really need to find out who is doing it now!

  • Ariana S.

    This book is just so atmospheric and amazing! Michael gives me really odd vibes… I keep wondering if hes the odd vampire guy… he just seems so aggressive at times and the fact that he has her locked in his office??? Like, I get that he’s protecting her but it just made me feel weird.

    Also, more Bastien please ??

    • Amy

      Oooo I have also wondered if it could be Michael! I definitely thought it was weird she was locked in his office! I’m so excited to find out who it is!

  • Danielle

    I’ve already finished it and dont want to spoil anything but OMG WHAT!!!!! When you know you know ?

  • Chronically_Bookish

    To summon up: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh Nigel!

  • Danica

    Yeees they finally kiseed and almost did it but yet again another murder demit it was so steamy the for a moment

    I felt sorry for Celine when she had to leave the covenant but it seems that life is far vetter an more interesting now that she dies not live there any more

    It is a sad thing with Pipa and their friendship but that is the only way Celine kbows how to protect her but if it was me I would have tell her that it is not save to be around me at the monent and hopefully Pipa would understand

    Michaels nona is such a lovable character it is true wisdom comes with age and the moment she slaps Michael for cursing God was so funny
    I cant belive its going to be the and of the book soon I have been quite enjoing the book so far but I have to know who the bloody vampire is

  • Duchessbookworm

    I love Celine and Bastien. But there are still so many mysteries and what is with the letters?

  • Tina

    Hmmmm – I can’t help but feel that there’s something not quite right with Michael. But, I also can’t see him going after Celine to kill her either, so I’m a bit stuck with this one! I do love his Nonna though, she’s so warm and welcoming, just the kind of family that Celine needs – if only she wasn’t falling for Bastien!

    And despite Bastien’s protests, he clearly feels the same about Celine. He just can’t keep away from her.

    Right, time for the last few chapters, and find out exactly what’s going on in New Orleans

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