The Beholder Readalong: Day 3

Stunning picture by @cherrieleinreads

Day 3 y’all!

Our mid point of the readalong! We shall step into the second half after today! Hope you are enjoying the experience so far.

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But let’s get on with the book! We’re onto chapters 25-35 today! Get ready for a bit of a rollercoaster!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for chapters 1-35 of The Beholder by Anna Bright . Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


The tournament day arrives and I’m relieved we didn’t go into too much detail about it, as Selah seemed to have also think it was quite a boring event.

Do I sense something brewing between our girl Selah and Bear? How would you feel about that?

*literally a chapter later*

Okay there’s for sure something between them, the good old tie scene!

Aw they have made walnut (pecan) pie! Because of her baker visit. That’s so cute. I thought the whole “let’s go see the town and the locals” was adorable, even though also entirely nerve wrecking? Why didn’t Perrault tell her about the local customs and what’s acceptable, and what the etiquette is? He’s a bit of a rubbish advisor, wouldn’t you say?

Where does Lang keep disappearing and what are they up to? I feel as though Selah is kept in the dark about something important. If I were her I’d march into one of their rooms and demand to be told what’s going on. This is going to nip us in the butt at some point!

We finally learn a bit more about Bear, especially through his friends. I find that a lot can be said about a character when they are around their usual group.

They share a dance, aw. But here comes in Perrault! The forever-third wheel. I’m not sure why Selah dreads him knowing she feels something for Bear so badly, surely she’s not done anything incriminating yet!

As annoying as he is, you have to admit he has a point. If she does offend the first suitor, I’m sure that information would spread and technically it’s political suicide. I hate it when he has a point haha.

Bear and Selah do not speak for four days while she is avoiding him however she gets left behind during a fox hunt and they get a chance to chat. She really opens up, when I think about it I’m surprised she hasn’t already, it’s not like she has anyone else to vent to! Where is Lang? (How many times will I ask this? Any bets? haha I’M SUSPICIOUS!). I felt there was trust between her and Lang, but he has completely abandoned her?  Shame, I did like him!

Also Bear being a bit secretive about his parents, no? What if it’s actually the prince himself?? Probably not but plot twist if it is!

A library date! Yay! Smart boi.

Although I keep having a bad feeling about this. Is it just me?

Ooooh a kiss! Damn, why does nobody ever knock!? Always getting interrupted during the good bits!

Bear is acting very English-like, and as chivalrous as it gets,  going undercover to be a mysterious knight and wining her favour. But Bertalik is Not. Happy.

Chapter 34 is a RIDE!

Bear is actually the prince she was courting! They pretended he is not because they suspected her stepmother of a scheme and took precautions. Even though it seemed like a perfect repercussion, understandably Selah just feels embarrassed and tricked. I think it’s mainly because the whole family knew all along and it can be so humiliating! However, she is acting a bit holier than thou here, as she did technically cheat on the person she thought she was there to court. What do you think?

Should she have left? She did raise a good point of being labelled as that girl. We all know how it tends to be.

Well, whatever we think she should have or shouldn’t have done, off to Norge we go!

Very interested in hearing your thoughts on this part!

What would you have done? Do you think the deceit was justified, should they have reveal it sooner? Should it have been revealed in private? Did you find their approval of her secret affair is a bit odd? Are you team Selah or team Bear, or are you swimming in the … *tries to think of a couple name thingie*… Selear? That doesn’t have a good ring to it haha

Hope you enjoyed day 3!

See ya tomorrow!


59 thoughts on “The Beholder Readalong: Day 3

  1. I am actually disappoint in what happened with Bear and the whole thing. Although the reason behind it makes strategic sense, its understandable, but I found it so humiliating for Selah. They basically play around with her, mock her, and expect her to he completely fine with it. Hell no. That was a low blow to her dignity. To anyone’s dignity. And I agree with her and feeling untrusting. How can you trust what started as a lie? Nope. Not buying it, regardless of motives.

    To be fair, Selah is young and her heart has a lot to say. I wouldnt be attracted to someone twice my age if someone who is my age is near me and has more chemistry. Let’s be frank that Bertilak had the charisma of a paper towel. I wouldn’t be too interested either in spendint time with someone so dull.

    Can I also voice how I don’t like Lang at all? He is never around! He is up to something I fear. I feel he has too much to opinion about, but hardly any room to talk. Selah needs to be more assertive and get more spine. I love how her crew stood by her when she was humiliated. Even so, I think Selah at this point in the story feels flat to me. Not enough personality to make her interesting, I haven’t really connected with anyone.

    Still liking the quick pace and how fast I am reading this. Its an enjoyable and entertaining story!

  2. Just saying- CALLED IT!
    I feel like Selah is overreacting, yes it wasn’t fair to trick her in front of the whole court, but she also doesn’t trust her step mother, surely she can understand why they felt they had to test her! I feel like its too late for her to play the ‘no one will like me because I fell for the guard’ card, she should have thought of that before her tongue was down his throat!
    I’m not sure how I feel about this book so far. We’re halfway through and we still have 3 prospective courtships to go through as well as overthrow Aleksandra and rescue Dad. I hope that this is a duelogy because if that’s all rushed into the second half then its just too much. However, I can’t forsee a satisfying ending of this book. I’m wanting to keep reading, but I don’t think its a new fave. I’m also completely confused with who all the characters are!
    I hope that the next prince is less complicated, I feel like he’s the other one on the character art so will be a love interest and she’s caught between two boys… Maybe I’ve been watching too much Love Island, but I’m done with love triangles!
    @jenny.books.adventures on Insta 🙂

  3. Omg the scene where everyone is eating dinner and the kids crawl up on Bear and Selah’s laps is absolutely adorable!! I was rooting for them:((

  4. I haven’t decided if I secretly want her and Lang to end up together or her and Bear! I see so many good signs that Lang might be the one she falls truly in love with. But Selah I feel doesn’t even know who she truly is and what she wants. She was going to marry a guy that she never even had a deep conversation with. Talk about commitment!
    I am nervous about the other suitors though…what if I like them just as much as Bear? I also feel like there is something brewing beneath the surface with Lang and his crew. (Rebels/activists)? Am I the only one who thinks they might be working with the tsarytsya???

  5. Aww cute little Bear! See the pun with his real name. The author really likes her name and her mythology. Between Anderson, Homer and Grimm we now have Arthur from the legend.
    Should I said that I was waiting for that big reveal? I don’t know why but the moment they said that his profile did not have a picture I knew there was a reason.
    I like Selah and I think I would have reacted the same way she did. I mean her relationship was mostly based on a lie.
    I still think the characters lack consistency. I wish we knew a bit more about them, their stories… But the romance makes for it. It’s been a while I have read a book with so much romance in it. Luckily it is quite well written here and so fluffy!
    I am excited to see how it is going to end. And I am sure hopping that Selah is going to grow a backbone.
    Thank you fairyloot team for providing such content!

  6. So it was pretty obvious bear was the prince I thought- which was fine, I was just glad we finally got the reveal. I hate that they did it though and expected her to be ok with it. Like why would she stay when the entire court had humiliated her?
    I’m definitely enjoying the book more now – kinda just letting the million different characters wash over me rather than trying to remember them all ??
    I’m getting very curious about lang. I wonder where he keeps disappearing off too? I have a terrible feeling he’s really working for her stepmother.
    If he isn’t though I can see Selah ending up with him.
    Will be entering tomorrow @thelondonfaerie

  7. Also, am I the only one who has issues picturing the World Anna has created? They have to travel by boat and carriages/horses, have medieval tournaments, people go to universities…and now there is a radio? My mind is so confused! I’m picturing the late 19th century but with a more medieval feel?

    Also my Instagram is @toatesbooks

    1. I was thinking the same but, with the radio and batteries it makes me think alternative universe.

  8. Hi fellow fairylooters ?

    I feel like I enjoy the readalong a lot more than the actual book.

    Really like Lang, this whole Bear thing wasn’t for me.

    But I hope the book wins me over in the next chapters!

    Hope everyone has a great time reading ???

    Also, I entered, my Instagram is @ellas_world_of_books

  9. Instagram @jlz_at_the_library

    I’ve been in a reading slump this month so I’m pleased with the pacing of this book. It’s pulling me along that’s for sure. I’m cringing right alongside Selah at her public humiliations. If I were in her shoes I don’t know if I’d ever leave the boat again.

    I did pick up on the twist with Bear but I wasn’t sure how Selah would react. Poor girl. This was only the first suitor! I can’t imagine how the rest of her visits are going to go.

  10. Hmm i was all for Lang at first, but where is he?! He’s never around ??‍♀️ I hope there’s some reason for that.

    Omg, i loved all the scenes with Bear. ( with the kids on their lap, the library. SO romantic) They seem really perfect for eachother! But boy is he stupid.. he should have revealed his true identity to Selah in private, not in front of the whole court. Maybe then she would have reacted better… i’m sad that she’s leaving.

    On to the next one i guess. Maybe she’ll come back for him at the end.

    I will be entering tomorrow, my instagram is @elamyr

  11. So Bear is the prince after all! It is what I suspected but I really didn’t like the way it was handled. He should have said something earlier rather than humiliate her like that.

    I still prefer Selah and Lang but what is Lang up to? Is he working with the rebels to help Selah??

    I really hope Selah doesn’t fall for this next suitor otherwise it doesn’t really say much about her character – moments with Lang, kissing Bear and now another one. Let’s hope not.

    I’m interested to see what the next few chapters bring!

    I’ll be entering tomorrow ?

  12. I’m still not 100% on this book and Selah, but finding it really easy to read and am enjoying my time.

    The world is still very much throwing me? And the added Radio doesn’t help that, because now I can’t place the time period the book might be set in?

    I can kinda see why Bear and his family fibbed – and actually, this plot twist made sense in hindsight? I felt it would be too much to have the Prince Bertilak as a non-Prince standing in, so having him still be very much the Prince, just not the prince she was their to court made sense. The chemistry between Selah and Bear was on point, so very sad to see that fall apart, but I can see both sides so well?
    I think ideally, Bear should have told Selah before they kissed. Like, leave it long enough to quell his and his family’s potential suspicions, but not lead her on quite so much as they did?

    Really looking forward to continuing and seeing Norge!

    Though I’m also intrigued by the Imperiya. I feel like Selah might be letting her own fear get the better of her, and maybe it’s not too bad?

    1. forgot my instagram handle like I did last readalong I did xD
      it’s @grexcarolinii 🙂

  13. I knew Bear would end up being a Prince! But what’s they did to her was so wrong, she should have been told in private after the library date when they knew she wasn’t apart of her stepmother’s schemes.

    Land is getting on my nerves a little bit he was being so secretive in England and now that they are back on the boat he is acting like he is courting Selah.

    I love the mix of technology in this world that Selah thinks is magic. And now there is now a way for Selah to communicate with her godmother.

    I am so looking forward to Norge as I am a sucker for Norse mythology!! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s chapters!

    (I’ve entered the competition and my instagram is Carry_On_Kate)

  14. First off hats off to Fairyloot for another amazing read, I anticipate anotherfive star read. I just finished today’s pages and my heart is broken for both Bear and Selah. It’s true that they were deceitful but what a big romantic gesture and he just got rejected kind of like she did. However, I completely followed her thoughts and love it all! Because even if she wants to stay with Bear, what about her dad and her country? There’s a lot more to be discussed here and I wish she wouldnt have ran away. I just can’t imagine a more perfect match than this. On to the Nordic one now!

  15. I knew Bear would end up being the prince and I understand why they hid his identity but that was so humiliating for Selah nothing justifies insulting a person and their dignity , to begin a relationship like that not cool. He could have told her in private especially after that amazing library date , even though it’s like she “cheated” on the person she was actually there to court offcourse she’s going to have feelings for him and not Bertalik who firstly is much older and who she hardly spends time with when compared to Bear and with Lang gone most of the time she doesn’t have anyone but Bear or Arthur to speak to. I’m really looking forward to Norge and the Imperiya which I think will be so much more adventurous and not as scary as Selah believes it to be.

  16. I was hoping things would have gone a little different with Bear. Such as revealing in private, in public was kind of humiliating for Selah especially since his whole family knew. Maybe things will get better. I hope her Dad is okay. I entered, my handle is dhyani.goddess_of_fire

  17. I think I never read a book with quite so many potential love interests xD First the maybe threatened Peter, than Captain Lang and now Bear/ Prince Arthur! And I kind of liked them all a bit ?… I think it’s understandable that she feels humiliated. The whole castle new what was giong on and they even laughed at the end about it =( Of course they had reasons to act like this, so I understand both points.
    Whooop glad to finally know about Bear’s true identity for sure. The whole court acted so weird in front of him and him being in places a guard or knight is not supposed to be was also kind of suspicious. But I thought he was the youngest son of the king, not the son of the crown prince ?.
    To be honest, nothing has changed for Selah: Yes, Bear was the prince she was supposed to court, but once his father becomes king Bear will be the new crown prince ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ He obviously can’t leave England and she is not willing to stay.
    I’m very excited about tomorrows chapters and what Selah has to go through next.

  18. Hi Fellow FairyLooters!!
    This book!! It stomped on my heart!! There was such a great build up and I was so excited for Bear to reveal himself and for there to be some happiness for Selah but the way they revealed it was just so horrible!!

    I was crushed because I was totally shipping Selear!! But I just keep thinking about a line from one of my favorite songs: What good is love without the trust?

    Anyway, I’m excited to see what happens at our next destination!!

    Oh, and there was a dream that Selah had during yesterday’s reading that makes me think that Lang is working with the Godmother. Hopefully, to undermine the Step Monster.

    I love that the GodMother and Selah’s mother are Southern!!

    I entered!! I’m @CrimsonRoseReads!!

  19. Help me I’m feeling! I was kinda rooting for Bear and Selah especially after the library ? but I do feel that the revelation of him being the prince should have been a little more private; she was kinda put on the spot there and expected to accept it all quickly.

    I’m not sure how I feel about Lang yet. Kinda rooting for him and selah too ? but he’s definitely up to something. Especially when they mentioned he met someone with the cowslip symbol! But it was cute the way he looked after her back on the beholder

    I entered!! And I’m super proud of myself for being able to keep up with the readalong this month! I normally fall so far beind! @emmaarosaliine

  20. Hey everyone,
    it’s the first time I join a readalong.
    I’m really enjoying the story so far, even if it’s a little bit predictable.
    I really feel for Selah: I understand the reasons behind the deception, but Bear should have said the truth after the first week, in private, and court her during the second and not in public, laughing and joking, shaming her in front of the court. I really shipped them, much more than Lang (too shady).
    I agrees with some of the comments above: this book really needs a map.
    I hope I’ll enjoy the rest (I’m sure I’m going to fall in love with every prince:-D)

  21. I KNEW IT! (and from reading the discussion I can see we all did ?) that Bear was the actual prince. ? A LOT of sh** went down in these chapters and I’m not mad (okay maybe a little mad with the royal family but still…) I feel (just like almost everyone here?) he could have told Selah the truth after their library date to see how she reacted and they could keep pretending in front of everyone else. The whole library part was my favorite!?

    I feel Selah’s humiliation and I totally agree with her but I shipped them so bad! (and still do) ? Hopefully we get to see more of these two together ?

    There’s a lot of characters that my brain’s like “what?” but like someone mentioned above I just kind of skip through them ?

    And yeah a lot of romance here! (which I’m a sucker for) but I get it, because Selah is barely 18 and I had a lot of crushes when I was that age so we good here ?? I’m excited to meet Torden ?

    AND LANG! Oh no baby what is u doin?! Stop being so secretive ? I like you ?‍✈️

    Can’t wait to read what happens next!

    My IG is @e.herondald I will upload the photo soon!

    1. ??‍♀️? My IG is @e.herondale I messed up in my other comment ?

  22. I will be joining the photo challenge, my handle is @explorerofbooks!

    Am I the only one thinking something’s going to happen between Cobie and Perrault? And Lang is hiding so many things, I don’t get why he can just tell her what’s going on. Hanging around with ladies from a ‘reckless group’ could endanger her after all. And I really don’t like how Lang was a love interest, but now disappears completely so her feelings are focused on Bear? Although, this means they’ll really be slowburn and likely be endgame in Book 2.

    I do get why Selah left. I get Bear’s plan, but he could have told her the truth the moment he realized she was tricked by Alessandra? What was the point in waiting? She was constantly fearing for her reputation and what the king could do to her, while he was being cheerful and he really could have reassured her? But Bright obviously did that to give a Lancelot & Guinevere vs. Arthur (Bertilak) vibe. Still…he made a whole court lie to her? The crew standing up for her was so adorable!

  23. Hi Fairy fellows!!
    So nice to meet you today!
    I love today’s chapters!
    At the begging I like to get to know more about Bear and the bond that was beginning to emerge between him and Selah. Even though, when it was mentioned that there was no picture of the prince in the folder, I imagined that something like this was going to happen. But I agree with some of your comments, when they started to get along and there was something between them, Bear could just tell Selah the truth, also no need to tell her in such a public way. I feel sorry for her, all this situation, leaving her sick father, knowing that her stepmother is plotting against her and she is counting with her not coming back. But let’s see what happen next.
    I want to see what will happen with Land, I am not totally in love with him, but I think he is hiding something, I just hope he is on Selah’s side.
    I cannot wait to read tomorrow’s chapters!
    I entered! I am happy I am part of the readalong! @sabri.sassone

  24. So, I’ve been following along with the read along and I feel harsh in saying this but this is not my favourite book, far from. I straight up do not like the main character, Selah is thoughtless and a complete brat.
    There’s been a couple of things that have stuck with me:
    -Every time someone said or implied she should present herself better and she got in a snit. She is a visiting dignitary, for goodness sake clean up and wear clean clothes for goodness sake, what an absolute insult to expect people to receive her in her dirty dress, make an effort.
    -When she complained about her portion on the boat. Ok, you may have received less than the other passengers but here’s the thing, you’re on a boat for a month, the food will be being rationed out, get what you’re given and be thankful for it.
    -Complaining that no one tells her anything, she literally had a month on a boat where someone would have spent the entire time teaching her about the worlds they were visiting but she refused out of spite – that complete refusal of learning about other cultures is absolutely disgusting, girl, grow up.
    – The complaint about needing time to herself when she got her itinerary in England. On some days it was literally just dinner, she was allegedly always hard at work before this, should have considered a nice change of pace.
    -The lack of enthusiasm about this trip. Right so her dad is sick at home, I get that but she isn’t going home until she makes the first four visits, let’s look at it this way, the girl got a free trip around the world, amazing outfits provided, where kingdoms are basically showing her the best they have to offer and all she can do is bitch and moan about not being at home plowing fields.
    -Her temper tantrum after finding out who Bear really was. She had known the boy two weeks and they had their own country to protect, what did she expect? The insult was completely in her head.
    Sorry for the rant but ugh. Had such high hopes for this book cause fairy tales, but this is not for me, going to finish it cause I’m buddy (rage) reading and of course, the read-along but man I hope it gets better.
    Insta: linda.k.kodachromes

  25. I’m starting to wonder if maybe Lang is actually a spy or part of the baba yaga group and that’s why hes been promising to keep her safe and all that when they go. It would explain why hes NEVER AROUND. I’m so happy she called him out on that. I really love Lang and Selah but oh my god Bear. Bear and her had such cute moments! Why did he have to lie??? (Like it totally makes sense as a precaution and I would do the same thing she did with walking out but still!)

  26. Ok, I seriously love this book so much! Also, CALLED IT! Bear is the prince!
    I’m now suuuuper torn! I was for sure I was going to be set on Lang with Selah. But now I’m ALL ABOUT Selah and Bear! They’re so cute together and perfect!
    I agree, Bear should have told her privately and I get that Selah is embarrassed and now thinks everyone will think of her as being one of those girls. But I think she should cut him some slack! I don’t think his family or Court was trying to make her feel badly at all. They really like her and want her with Bear.
    What she should be wondering is how she can make it work with Bear while also helping her home and father.
    Ok, onto Lang. What is his secret?!?! Someone said he might be with rebels of some sort and I think that could be it! I still really like Lang, I just want to know where he is all the time!
    Ok back to Bear. Can I just say, swoon! Oh my goodness! He is so precious and really cares about Selah and they were so cute together!

    I’m going to do my Beholder and art print tomorrow!

  27. I am so torn.

    I have been very much team SeLang up until this bit of reading. With Lang disappearing and out of the picture for a questionable amount of time, I found myself really falling for the idea of Bealah? Selear? I agree… this is difficult.

    Anyway, I guess Bear was just making all the right moves the whole time because when the truth came out (though I had suspected it) I was more upset than I thought I would be.

    On the one hand, I completely understand their fears about Smother. It’s reasonable to be concerned with how pushy she probably was and seemingly out of nowhere. I can’t blame them for being worried.

    However, I have to say I am more on Selah’s side. I think it’s so much more than just being that girl—the one who broke the rules and fell for the “wrong guy”. To me, the biggest problem is like she said, everything was based on this one gigantic lie. Myrddin popping in and saying “Ah. I told you the study was a good idea. The melee too. You worry over him so—but I knew she’d appreciate it.” That to me destroyed everything. That FOR me was a punch even in my gut. At that point, I didn’t even know how much of Bear we had actually see and how much of it was Myrddin advising him and suggesting things. That killed it for me. I think it’s also the fact that he really should have told her before hand and not in front of a crowd. In private they could have worked it out but to reveal the truth to her in front of the whole court is awful. “Oh yes, we’ve all been tricking you this whole time, you naive child!” That’s almost what it felt like.

    But I’m still worried about Lang too. He’s also hiding secrets from her and quite frankly, I don’t want Selah to continue getting hurt. I want her to find happiness and to be able to return home to her father and where she belongs.

    And that’s my thoughts. Excitement. Heart pounding moments. Heart eyes. Knife to the heart. Fist to the gut. Back at sea. That’s pretty much the summary of these chapters for me.

    I will be entering the giveaway tomorrow:

  28. Omg! The library date! And the KISS! The running in the rain Bear is so romantic and winning the tournament for her! I knew I waS the prince as soon as she got that note with the tiara! I loved the twist where she didn’t see it as romantic though I had never thought of it from that perspective and I love how she was just like “we are leaving. Now.” SO BADASS!! When she gave back the tiara it was PERFECT! Sliver of hope for them but also an understanding. I definitely think it’s weird that they approved of her being unfaithful and it should have been done in private. I’m excited to see the drama with the next suitor even though I adored Bear! I’m entering the photo challenge through my bookstagram @bookish_princess 🙂

    1. I also thought her reaction was so badass, especially after so much swoony stuff happening with Bear! I really liked the trajectory!

  29. Love this book so far! It’s really giving me the joy of reading back after having gone years struggling to find books I enjoyed!
    I entered! I’m @hannemelum_

  30. That. Betrayal. I really felt it.

    I love the subversion of what is usually a romantic trope, that despite the deception she fell in love with the right person. I love how Selah pushes back against it even as everyone else expects her to accept it. And I also love how it wasn’t quite final, that there’s still a chance. Because Selah and Bear made a great couple.

    My instagram handle is TeaPartyPrincess 🙂

    Cora |

  31. I think what I absolutely love about this part of the story is the fact that it is atypical. I expected Bear would be the prince and it was an elaborate lie for his safety. (I wanted to find out more about that– darn those cowslips!) But the thing I truly appreciate is the fact that she didn’t fall into the lie and swoon over it and forgive him, as is so often the case with this kind of “fake prince” story. I never believed it– that someone could just forgive another such a massive lie– and I think that Selah’s reaction was heartbreaking but so real and so accurate to what I would think about in that situation. This book has been a wild ride so far and I absolutely love it!

    I’m so excited to meet more people along the way and to learn more about the structure of the world. The rareness of radios and its sudden presence was really intriguing and makes me think this is some kind of distant fantasy future rather than a reimagining of the past. Eeeek! So excited to start chapter 36!

    I posted a photo a few days ago for the Fairyloot challenge but it also has the character art and the book in it, so I’m going to add the hashtag to that photo– I hope that’s alright.

  32. I just posted my #FairyBeholder picture for the challenge!

    I’m really loving this book!


  33. I posted my competition entry today ?

  34. Of course Bear was the prince… it was not that hard to guess….
    I do understand why they did it, it was a smart move on their end, somehow. But the way they and more importatnly Bear handled the reveal. That was just dumb. I mean what did they expect to happen when they revealed it in front of so many people…. He couldn’t have told her in private? Before?
    Curious to see the next prince and interested to see what happens with Bear, because they were very cute together.
    I’m going to post the picture for the challenge tomorrow, my handle is @books_and_artsy_things

  35. I entered the contest. My IG handle is @enchantedbyfiction

  36. This book is really interesting. The way the worldbuilding is done is quite unique with it having several different aspects of history, folklore, and fairytales mixed in.
    I am most intrigued by the character of Lang so hopefully well see more of him on the last day of the readalong!
    I did the photo challange my Instagram is @wearyhobo_

  37. I started readalong a bit late but this book is such a quick read.
    I posted a photo @better.among.books

  38. Started late, and only just got to this point in the book! I’m liking it, not loving it, at this point.

    I was really into Lang and was hoping for something with him and Selah, until they got to England, then he just…..disappeared! Now, I don’t trust him to have her best interests at heart.

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    I liked the little romance between them but I really felt that they were going to be caught, and the did. when she found out the tricked her I think she did the right ting by leaving and I think I would have reacted exactly the same way.
    Even though it’s a little sad that she had to leave him when she liked him, but I kind of felt that there became a little less feelings for him when she found out and I liked him a little less.
    I really think he should have told her in private about one week in.

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