The Beholder Readalong: Day 4


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Hi Fairies!

Are you ready to embark on our journey to Norge? Only 2 days left! What do you reckon will happen? Will this be our last stop or will we travel quite a few places still?

Well, ready or not, here we go! Grab a cup of tea, a biscuit and your book, let’s go through chapters 36-44

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for chapters 1-44 of The Beholder by Anna Bright . Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Aaaand we are here! I do love it when we skip the trip! It’s like fast travel in a video game.

(P.S. how excited are you about Witcher TV adaptation??)

I can’t tell what this vibe is the first time her and Torden lock eyes? Did he hear of what happened? Is he excited or terrified? Does he maybe already have someone in his life he’d rather pair with? oh hope it’s not the latter, that would be a bummer!

What a place! The chaos between the siblings gives me anxiety just reading about it! The guys seem to be very friendly though. In a teasing way. Which, honestly, is how my group friend rolls either way so I think I’d be fine there after all.  And there’s so many of them! I can’t really tell them apart yet but if you can, which one do you find most intriguing?

I like Anya. She seems instantly friend-like. Wait, now I don’t trust her haha books, ama right? Teaches you to always go against your first instinct.

They are not big on privacy here though. Yikes!

It’s nifty that she has a little radio so we get to hear some glimpses of what’s happening at home but at the same time we all know something terrible will happen and we shall hear about it through it, no? Currently, all is relatively well, however her fathers health seems to be deteriorating and a wheelchair has been brought “just in case”. You can tell her godmother just tried not to make her worry too much but I appreciate that she at least mentions it!

Perrault has left her to her own devices! It’s odd how she didn’t want his help before and got it (and ignored it), yet now she needs it and can’t get it. If that’s not life I don’t know what is.

“Only children drink milk in their coffee.”
“You let children drink coffee?”

Um running 12km every morning? Yeah, that’s a no from me.

There’s a training session where Selah, as the stereotypical book nerd gal, really did not exceed any expectations ?. Relatable.

Interesting how she struggles to understand his character. What do you think he’s like? Does he have any hidden motivations?

At least Skop is having a jolly old time, jumping into freezing water after a girl he instantly had a massive crush on!

Some trust issue damage control seemed to have happened, I’m glad to see that. It can really mess one up, being lied to like Bear did. But on the other hand, nobody likes a naive character. So all in all, it’s a good thing it happened. Maybe not for her, but for us readers hehe.

You know what strikes me a bit odd? How her feelings seem to have a value here in this decision. It’s good of course! But it seems unusual for those type of arranged unions. Love is sadly the lowest of priorities and is not really sought out that much. It’s more of an added bonus if the pair end up loving each other. Maybe she is still a bit naive. If you wanted to help your country that much, maybe you’d agree to be with those who can aid you in that. Of course, where is the line between looking after yourself and duty to your country. That has been a major question for centuries so really, who knows. What do you think? What would you do? I can’t imagine spending my life married off to someone I do not love or get along with, but I don’t know what I would do if the stakes were higher than my own happiness. If a whole country depended on me I think my priorities might shift quite a bit. But you never know until you’re in that situation! Maybe she want to kill 2 birds with one stone!

“I think the powerful would love less the fruits of violence if they had to deal it out by hand” a wise man, this Torden. Wonder what he actually thinks of Selah, it’s hard to read him.

Just as I took the above note she hears Torden speak to Aleksei, eavesdropping scenes make me so uneasy!

It’s hard to listen to him not being sure about her, imagine standing there and hearing this about you. How’s nerve wrecking. But honestly would you be able to walk away? Being sent away to find a partner is already so bizarre, you need all the insight you can get. At least he defended her!

Skop and Anya have been spotted kissing and because Anya is to be married off somewhere this could not stand. Skop is in his cups now and Selah is being a good friend. He did have her back when she needed him most after all.

Not gonna lie, the last sentence made me chuckle.

That’s a wrap on day 4! I feel like lots has happened today! What was your favourite scene?

Only one day to go now!






  • Shannon @wildflowerbookshelf

    I’m really enjoying this story, but now I’m just so confused!
    In the beginning, I was sure I wanted Selah with Lang. Then it was Bear. Now I’m liking Torden, if maybe still a little bit of Lang? I just really don’t know! But I’m thinking Bear is my favorite and who I want Selah to end up with!
    I really want to know what’s going on with Aleksei! I just feel like there’s a lot hidden about him and we’re not getting the full picture!
    I really have no idea what’s going to happen next, but I’m really excited to find out!

  • CarolineJ

    I really like Torden

    But don’t think him and Selah are a good match at all
    As Long pointed out, there’s no real chemistry there even if he is super sweet!

    I also don’t think he would like to leave his country and more than Selah is willing to leave hers forever. And really hoping that she doesn’t expect him to have to leave. I can help but feel he would be so miserable away from his family

    In a weird way, I am still routing for Bear
    He made a mistake for sure, but him and Selah did have a spark!

  • purpleabby

    I loved this while time at Norge! I love Tordan way better than Bear I love how authentic he is, and how much he loves his family, and his athleticism (HOT)! They seem like friends and I like that aspect of their relationship rather than forbidden hidden moments like with Bear. Still very interested in what the sneaky part of what Lang is doing can’t wait to find out! Favorite scene might be the eavesdropping scene. I also have to say well done to the author Anna Bright I got an immediate feel for every one of these siblings character personalities in such a short time love the organized or not so organized chaos of the place!

  • Rie

    Aaaand here I am, torn once again. Let me just start this by saying I have NEVER been split with ships. EVER! And yet this is the 2nd time I’ve been split this book.

    I like Torden. He feels honest and real. I think he could take great care of Selah and I think he could be good for her.

    What worries me is how Anya said “if Asgard’s sons are it’s walls, its daughters are its bridges.” Smother isn’t stupid. She picked out the suitors she did for a reason. England slid one over on her with false information, but Asgard didn’t. I don’t think Torden would like the idea of leaving his family and home. I don’t know that his father would even let him. I think Selah is mistaken in thinking he’s her chance to return home and I think Smother knows this. It just seems too good to be true.

    In other news… LAKE SCENE!!! Was I the only one getting excited because scenes in water generally lead to deep connections due to the close proximity and all that. It made me happy that Torden kept his word and looked out for her and was suuuuper close to her. I liked it.

    Speaking of trust, I’m glad they were able to be honest with each other. I think it really helped Selah in closing the previous chapter of her story a little more.

    Did anyone else sense some jealousy from Lang, though? GET IN THERE IF YOU THAT INTO HER DUDE! Ahem.

    To end all of this, I draw my attention to Aleksei who seems very… suspicious? I have to wonder if he still has ties to Imperiya. I also can’t fully believe his insistence about the bonfire is just for Torden’s sake, especially if he’s pushing it so much even after something seemed to have come of it the year before.

    Must keep reading. .

  • Mikayla

    This book has been so strange for me on so many levels, because I didn’t real feel a close sense of ship other than with Bear… And I’m kinda wondering if this is gonna end up being a recurring thing (through this book but also through the next one) where she falls in love a bit with each prince and there’s something she seems to learn from them? I don’t know. Whatever fishy stuff is happening in the background with Lang and co (and Perrault being a tooootal jerk) is making me nervous because I feel like it’s either gonna be a 1) whomp whomp disappointing reveal or 2) cliffhanger city where the major action is launched into the sequel. (….and I read the FL interview with Anna Bright, so I have my suspicions).


  • Erika

    Do you think we’re gonna meet all the suitors? Cuz if that’s the case I feel like I’m gonna like all of them!??

    And yeah that is a lot of of people living together, it reminded me of the Weasley family from the HP series ? but I feel I’m getting to know them more because I read more chapters… ??

    Also I can’t help it at times and I picture Prince Harry when reading about Torden ????
    I like Anya a lot, I hope we get to see more of her (pretty sure Skop is hoping for the same).

    I think I’m just gonna keep reading ?? until I finish it ?
    Enjoying this book a lot! ✌?

    • Carry_On_Kate

      I picture Prince Harry too!

      I think it’s because the art image of Torden on the back of the author’s letter really, really looks like a realistic painting of Prince Harry.

      • Darlene (@Darlene_Saw)

        Me too xD
        Yes, my first thought after seeing the art print was “Oh, a story about Kate and Prince Harry with another dude” 😀

  • Darcy

    I really liked Bear but Torden is just it (like I said on day 1 or 2 his physical resemblance is very close to my hubby) this is the book I didnt know I needed and love it. The only reason i havent finished it is because I am really sad for it to end.

  • Tammy

    So, whereas the Winchester chapters were “like calls to like”, the Norge chapters are a case of opposites attracting.

    I really like Torden but I really liked Bear, too, and I don’t think Bear is just one to let the girl he loves get away. I’m expecting more on the Bear front but probably not in this book.

    I love the Thor and Loki characters and the bit about the hammer.

    I have no idea what is going to happen next and that is the fun of this book! I’m really sad to finish tomorrow because I’ve really enjoyed this readalong!!


  • Elamyr

    Damnit! First i loved Lang, then i loved Bear, and now i love Torden!
    (Still love Bear more tho ;))
    He’s so honorable and honest and just wants to take care of her it seems. I really liked the eavesdropping scene, he seemed very into Selah, like ‘he doesn’t know what to do with himself she’s so precious’. But i don’t think he will be able to leave his home.. don’t think stepmonster would be that stupid to put someone in the main 4 where Selah wouldn’t have to stay with them. This Aleksei dude seems very sketchy, but maybe also just broken and sad? We’ll find out probably. He’s insisting on this bonfire way too much!

    Looking forward to the last chapters but also not because i know there won’t be an ‘ending’.

  • Ella

    This readalong is what keeps me from DNFing. This story is just not for me.

    Like the fairytale aspects but thats about it.

    Hope everyone else has a better time. ???

  • Cora @ Tea Party Princess

    Selah wears her heart on her sleeve, and as much as I love how freely she gives her love I hate seeing her hurt!

    I am absolutely loving The Beholder, it’s so soft and sweet and romantic, and I love all of the political intrigue. I get that some people won’t like the lack of action, but for me it’s pretty perfect and now I want to read all of Selah’s journey and her stays with each and every suitor haha.

    Cora |

  • Donna @yorkshirebooknerd

    Well damn! Are we just destined to like ever suitor but for a different reason.

    Torden was so sweet and lovely to Selah and I really liked his honesty. I definitely don’t think he’s going to want to leave his family though so not necessarily the saviour Selah was hoping for.

    I like the fact that the author has emphasised the “too soon” aspect as I didn’t want Selah to be flaky or fickle. She does seem to genuinely like Torden though so we’ll see what happens.

    I’m definitely suspicious of Aleksei something’s not quite right there ?

    Anya and Skop ?

    I really want to know what Lang’s up to too!

    Looking forward to finishing the book but not looking forward to a potentially huge cliffhanger.

  • Kitty (@explorerofbooks)

    I was already happy about the Thor-version, but a Loki-version? Who’s as easy to symphatize with as the Marvel version? Yes, please!
    I still ship Lang and Selah, but I don’t like how he says he’s going to help her, then disappears every time she’s in another kingdom. As if we’re only focusing on one love interest at a time. Does make me believe more and more their gigantic slow-burn will be endgame 🙂

    I have a theory where maybe the smother is not the one poisoning him? Yeah, she’s mean to Selah, but what if it’s someone else on the Council or one of his doctors that’s half Yotne and wants to take over? Would be a good plot twist, and would make her less Disney-evil.

  • Carry_On_Kate

    I love Torden!! He seems so sensitive and he loves his family.

    I think Selah is getting to know him really well with the relaxed style the courtship has taken. The whole situation seems a lot more honest than in England.

    I’m really curious why it is Torden and not an older brother as none of them seems to be married.

    I can’t believe there is only one day left, this read along has flown by!

  • Nina Hilden

    I really love that in this book there is prinsessa from Varsinais-Suomi, Finlyandiya. I love books that mention my home country Finland or have Finnish words in them ❤️

  • Darlene (@Darlene_Saw)

    I don’t quite know what to think about this part… I got really confused with all the siblings and relatives that were introduced and how they interacted.
    And there are way to many love interests in this book, it’s almost as riding a carrousel ? Peter, Lang, Bear, Torden… I have a feeling that she will even get attached to the next guy ?
    Right now I think although she had to travel, court and stuff… nothing really happened?And we only have one part left! I think this book will end with a cliffhanger and no choice on Selah’s side. I mean, we still don’t know what anyone is really up to.. Lang and his secret mission, Alessandra’s main reason to pick Torden, Selah’s favoured guy…

  • Michellerae6

    I’m really struggling with keeping track of the secondary characters now. When I started this section and we’re told J.J. would be joining the group, I was like, who is J.J.???

    I really like Torden. I value his honestly and for that reason I hope he and Selah get together.

  • Aurora Sofie

    So I am really liking the description of Norge but I am little disappointed in the translation but mostly the inflection of the Norwegian words and I think she should have done a little more research on that.
    I am liking Torden a lot more than I thought I would, and his name is kind of cool too and I really think he fits his name in a way.
    I think she is thinking too much about her time in England and I really hope she doesn’t go back and chooses Bear.
    Also I think there should be a translation to English the times it is written something in other languages, and sometimes it feels a little weird with the mix of languages in the same sentence.
    I liked these chapters the more I read and am kind of hoping that they will fall in love but I would also be sad if one of them had to leave their family so I don’t know what I want but I can’t wait to find out what actually happens in the end, there is just too little left of the book for her to manage visiting all her suitors.

  • Sabrina

    I am so in love with Torden! I hope he will be the one!!! He is so honest and he seems to truly care about Selah. Also he encourages her to try new and different things! I love him!
    I feel so sad for poor Anya and Skop! The fact that she will be married with someone that will help Asgard to get an alliance, it makes me very sad.
    I don’t trust Aleksei, I fear he might be plotting something!! I hope I am wrong!
    Right now I have mixed feelings, I want to know what will happen but I do not want this story to end. I am loving this book!!! ??

  • Jess (bookwyrmbella)

    I generally don’t care for love triangles are those kinds of complicated romances but this book has me all over the place. At first I really liked Delay with Lang and then Bear and now Torden. I like them all and think they each bring out something different in Selah.

    I agree with others that if she does end up choosing Torden, it’s not going to be as straight forward as she thinks. He probably can’t leave his country as it sounds like they depend on him. I also don’t think he would like living in Potomac as much based on the environment he grew up in.

    I worry for Skop and Anya. If they both really have feelings for each other it’s not going to end well since she doesn’t have the freedom to choose.

    I think Lang is jealous of Torden and Selah. I think he has feelings for her but won’t act on them because of the position he is in. Also, I still want to know everything he is really up to

    I don’t trust Alexei. He is sneaky and too antagonistic. It definitely seems like he has nefarious plans for the bonfire.

  • Nelim

    This book has my feelings in a mess… First Lang (and still… Kinda(?)),then they make you fall for Bear, and and Torden…
    I gotta say that I’m already in love with him! He’s that honest, good, kind of brute but with a soft side that in the end can be cute…
    I don’t know anymore… I feel like I’ve for anyone so far

  • Lucy

    I like Torden far more than I ever liked Bear. Maybe because Bear always felt like he was hiding something (which he was) and I don’t get that sense with Torden. However, I do think there’s something going on below the surface and Selah isn’t as free as she would like to be to make her decision. If marrying Torden won’t lead to her going home, what would she do then?

    Lang is right that there’s no chemistry but Selah is gradually trusting Torden and I think that’s far more important, especially when her choices are very limited.

    But I’m quite scared about the last part of the book.

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