The Beholder Readalong: Day 5

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Hi FairyLooters!

Welcome to the very last day of our Beholder readalong! Can’t you believe it? That went by so fast!

We have so many questions, I’m sure we will get all (or most) answered today, and that excites me!

Hope you had a lovely week in general, let me know in the comments what was one of your favourite moments this week? Even if you had a rough one, sometimes focusing on the positives can make all the difference!

But let’s get this party going!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for  The Beholder by Anna Bright . Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Do I smell like barf? hahah All I could think about was the beef vine 😀

The prince says his father needs Anya to be available to one day be a bridge to another kingdom beyond their walls. And Selah thinks a very wise thought “the words were noble. But all they meant was that Anya was a resource, not a person”. I think that pretty much sums up them all, doesn’t it. We can’t deny they are privileged  but they are treated as a political tools more often than a normal citizen would.

The pair of them have a secret morning trip where they open up fully and basically proclaim their love to one another. Selah is head over heels. And I’m just sat here waiting for something to ruin it because surely it can’t be that good.

When Skol got drunk he blurted something about a mission, I reckon the Beholder crew have other motives that will be the reason why things will go south.

Oh wow, when Skol is found she stands up for him and wowza does she not hold back!

That was some nerve! Good for her but possibly not the most tactful and thought out response haha What do you think?

Uh oh, here it is! Torden did not know females can inherit thrones. He can’t leave. I don’t think even because he wouldn’t want to but he makes it sound like it’s not even an option. We do know the father is strict!

Of course Alwssandra would promise that Selah would resign her title!! Of course she would say that.

I do like that Selah stands up for herself now. She basically attacks Aleksei but it all turns to heat when he mumbles something rude back in a language only locals understand and Torden, as we know he’s quick to attack, pounced him. We do learn that Aleksei was the one who was supposed to look after the kids. But Selah is right. It was an accident. It seems it’s a formality the king does not care about. I’m afraid that something terrible will happen due to Aleksei being so singled out.

Aw the godmother gave her blessing. And Torden was about to propose when the king has declared her unsuitable!

He says it’s due to her bringing spies and that she should get to know her crew better. Did I not say that!?? I did!! It was all too suspicious, the crew being so absent and constantly whispering to one another. On top of that now he’s threatening to ruin her if she doesn’t find Anya. What a nice polite man. How is it her fault that Anya ran away?? Ugh!

Everyone, including Alexei, is making them run! Apparently no matter what happens if they stay the outcome from the king is not going to be pleasant. But I wonder if running is not going to make them look even more guilty? So damn sad to leave Torden behind. That goodbye!

Finally we learn the motives of the crew. They are carrying ammunition for resistance against the Imperyia. Selah is not blind to the horrors that are happening under their rule and although she is terrified of that territory, even if she knows there is a chance she cannot get back in time to see her own father since the guess now is that he is indeed being poisoned, she chooses a very selfless act – to continue on and to help the resistance.

So the course is set! We leave 2 possible suitors behind, with 2 different stories. Which one did you root for more?

And that’s the end of the book!

What do you guys think? Do you believe the lovers will be together again? Would you have been able to make the same decision? How would you feel about Anya running away with you too?

Thank you so so much for reading with us! Hope the posts added a bit more excitement to the experience! Will you be participating in the next one?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead of you!


35 thoughts on “The Beholder Readalong: Day 5

  1. This readalong was so much more fun than the book. I enjoyed reading about everyones thoughts and I look forward to the next readalong.

    Unfortunately this book wasn’t for me. Loved the Fairytale touches.

    Have a great weekend fellow fairylooters ?????

    1. Agreed! I love readalongs but this book really wasn’t for me. I think if Selah knew what the crew were up to the whole time then she’d be able to help them sneak around.

  2. I really enjoyed this book and I’m sad it’s over

  3. What an ending! I think we all knew the crew was up to something but who knew it was all going to blow up like it did??

    I’m so glad Selah decided to stand up for herself and her friends – she was spot on when she said they are tools in this game.

    So sad she had to leave Torden behind, it definitely felt like their connection was more genuine. I also liked that although Torden knew he couldn’t leave, he wasn’t giving up. He was still looking for ways to make it work. What a sweetheart ?

    Thoroughly enjoyed this read along and the book was great. I particularly enjoyed the time in Norge and getting to meet all the family. Hopefully we’ll get to see more of them in book 2!

    Thanks for hosting G – it’s been fun ?

  4. OH MY LANG!

    Before I go off and flip some more tables over this bit of reading, I had to 100% agree that I LOLed at the “do I smell like barf” line. Trying so hard to impress. Bless.


    OH MY LANG!!!

    This is essentially how I felt he last 20 or so pages of the. Book. I table flipped then I just sat there thinking WTF just happened?

    I have really really loved the brothers and seeing them together, but it KILLED me how much they guard their feelings and secrets, even from each other. For as close as they are, in that moment it felt like they were a million miles apart. It was painful.

    Aleksei’s admission was even more painful. As if he didn’t think it was bad enough that he wasn’t actually one of them (was it ever mentioned or did anyone else ever feel like he was just adopted so he couldn’t run off and tell Norge’s secrets? That would have only added to his pain of not belonging I’m sure because he’s not an idiot) he’s had the added ache of his brothers death, even though Selah was right about it being an accident. It made me wonder what other weights he and his brothers were carrying. Watching how they stood by while Selah stepped up and defended Skop and Anya had me legit worried about how those kids are treated at home (beyond what we’ve been told of course).

    Speaking of that scene, I was very proud of Selah for speaking up. I think it was great growth in the leadership department for her. I was a bit disappointed at the missed opportunity or Torden and Lang stepping in to back her, but it’s not the end of the world.

    I enjoyed most of this reading until the end and then I was furious. I can’t believe Lang sent the ship off for their rebel mission like that. They should have been prepared for something to happen after the whole Bear debacle. Send the ship off, sure, but return sooner than just 2 days before their departure. Can’t believe they did that.

    I also couldn’t believe that Aleksei was the one to look out for the crew by telling them to leave, followed by Fredrik (the two adopted kids). It makes me feel as if they’re treated less equally than their brothers and I have to continue to wonder what other trouble Aleksei has gotten into. Gotta be honest. He bothered me at first but he’s really grown on me and now I quite love him.

    I have to say, I am not really feeling the end. I’m a little disappointed because we spent majority of the book with Selah’s mission being find a suitor, return home. Finding out her father’s being poisoned I would have thought that would be even more reason for her to go back. Her choice to push on and help the rebellion felt very sudden for me. I know emotions were high and I definitely saw her development and growth, but I would have thought she’d have given it more thought and slept on it or something. Maybe next book we’ll see more of her back and forth thoughts, but for me, it just felt like a very sudden change that caught me off guard.

    Regardless, I’m excited for the rest of the story. I can’t wait to see who she ends up with (btw, my heart eyes for Lang have dimmed just a bit after his stupidity), and I’m curious to see if her suitors will end up coming to her aid later (since they’ve all been fighters so far). It would be pretty entertaining I think to get them all in one room.

    Thanks for the chance to read this marvelous adventure and for the readalong. It may have taken me months to get through this (because I’ve been bad about reading lately) if not for this discussion. LOVED IT!

  5. Feel really bad saying this… but was actually a bit disappointed with this book?
    After Bear, I really couldn’t see the chemistry between Selah and Torden, despite really loving Torden as a character.

    I think cause I didn’t care much for Selah? She felt too naive and childish, and was still; a little hung up on Bear so really felt like Torden deserved so much more.
    Plus felt it was so firmly unfair to expect him to leave his family nd life, but felt like to get past that, his father was more demonised.

    I also couldn’t get behind the romance between Anya and Skop?
    I think everything was just too fast with the two week timescales, so throwing around declarations of love just came across as naive to me and made the characters feel really young and foolish?

    That said, have enjoyed the readalong, and it definitely made reading the book and seeing theories and such more exciting 🙂

    1. I know! We see this girl declare undying love to three boys within about 3 weeks. She just seems naive, childish and, for me, not relatable

  6. Omg! When they almost kiss and she says “I don’t have any brothers” and lol Lang steps in SO funny! Omg LOVE Tordan even more after hearing he saved her from his older brother! So PERFECT! Romantic sweet I can’t even! “The things we love are the same” SO TRUE! Why the surface stuff doesn’t fit but they are still perfect for one another! I loved all the ribbing going on between the siblings it was fantastic and funny mixed with the mystery of the overheard conversation on the radio. SO MANY SWOONY MOMENTS! Especially the mistletoe picking 🙂 I knew he wouldn’t want to leave but it made me so sad ;( the tatoos and her thinking that he could be her home! Dying in sweetness! Ugh I knew Lang was the spy as soon as she fell for torden! Right at the proposal too! What rotten timing! When she has to run but he tells her to keep the ring! My heart! I knew her dad was being poisoned ;( wow! Queen of the resistance I never saw coming! So exciting! Can’t wait for the next book ? She better come back for Torden or he comes to save her next bc they belong together!

  7. Ok, lots of feelings, but not really sure how to get them all out.
    First and foremost, I am so proud of Selah and how she’s grown on this journey. She’s become more confident and outspoken, which I know can be hard to do.
    I’m just even more confused now as to who she is going to end up with! I loved Bear, but now I really really love Torden! I feel like it’s not the last we’ve seen of either of them, I just don’t know what’s going to happen!
    I really loved reading about the brothers and their relationship with each other. I’m glad we finally know what’s going on with Lang and his crew.
    I’m ready for book 2 because I need answers!
    Thanks for a great readalong and discussion everybody, I’ve really enjoyed it!

  8. I didn’t enjoy the ending at all. I feel like we focused the entire book on her getting her suitor to end because a new dilemma arrived before a solution was resolved for any of the other ones! Left on a cliffhanger but certainly not a good one. I still enjoyed the book but the crew’s dilemma should have been WAY before the last three chapters of the book. It lowered my enjoyment of the book personally.

  9. I absolutely love this book and cant wait for book 2! I think the relationship between Selah and Tormend is genuine and can’t wait to see how these two fight to get back to each other. Maybe dual perspectives? And the brothers they are great and I always love families like that and to be honest that’s what gets me sometimes (like the Weasley’s). I loved the fairytale touches and the bigger overarching story we get told at the end. I just loved this book:) and as always the read along was fun too! Thanks for hosting G!

  10. How things ended with Torden was a kick in the heart. I could feel the sadness, but at the same time I’m worried the next book will be Selah falling for all her upcoming suitors all over again. I don’t know if that aspect of the story worked for me. Selah was like Tina Belcher when it came to all the boys. Plus I feel like she’s just going to end up with Lang somehow. I’ll probably pick up the next book but I hope it isn’t just a repeat of Selah falling for each guy and then being publicly humiliated and they can’t be together because reasons.

  11. I loved Torden and that side of things and would love to see him stand up to his father! I am routing for Torden the whole way and feel that yes Selah is too quick to fall in love but we have to remember she’s been very sheltered and lived a naive life. I think Bear was her introduction to the possibility of a good live but I genuinely felt there was a connection with Torden and hope they find a way to be together.

    I want to read the next one mostly to see who she does choose, see her confront the stepmother, and to see if she does grow into herself more

    My major complaint with this book was the ended as the sudden change in pace it felt extremely rushed and I found it difficult to understand what was actually going on. I think I may just need to read it again tomorrow when it ISNT past midnight to make sure I did get everything right.

    All in all I would say this is a 3.5/5 for me. There’s enough for me to want to read the next one, but I’m concerned it’s not got enough meat to carry it forward and I’m sons seed that the next book will just be Selah pining and whining a bit too much!

    We shall see!

    This was my first readalong and first fairyloot, thank you G for hosting and to all the people I’ve had an amazing time getting to know on Instagram through this- see you on the next one if I can resist the book until then ?

  12. Oh wow I can’t spell! That was meant to say I’m so scared of the next book haha

  13. I totally forgot all my feelings and what I was going to discuss right now ?

    I liked this book but I feel it would have taken me way longer if not for this read along ?

    I like Torden but I’m still rooting for Bear ? And I was also waiting for something to ef sh** up cuz they were too happy and all ?

    Glad Selah finally knows about what the crew is up to (now I understand the ? part at the beginning of the book)

    I still want Lang to have something ? with Selah ?
    AND I KNEW this book was gonna end on a cliffhanger ? Can’t wait for the next book!
    Thank You Fairyloot.

  14. I feel like so many of you. It was an easy read, kept me hooked, but I didn’t really connect with anything. I totally thought, and still do, that her and Lang should end up together. (Possibly the next book on their adventure!) but Selah felt a little childish, I could understand having chemistry with suitors, but in love with 3 with in 2 months seems a bit unreal. ??‍♀️ But what I enjoyed the most was the family and friends of the suitors! ?? I completely enjoy family banter and never could get enough of it!

  15. Oh my, this book… I really liked the idea of using all those famous characters like Homer, Grimm, Anansi, etc. to create a new Odyssey-like story, but the book was so boring ? Nothing really happened, besides Selah thinking about all the boys she loved before and being totally clueless and uninteressed in the actions her crew is making while they are in a new country. I know she has a mission to find a husband, but really? Without that little drama between Skop and Anya she wouldn’t even have noticed that the whole crew is (again!) elsewhere.
    There was finally a little action in the end when the boys helped Selah and everyone else to escape, but that wasn’t enough for me. We got no real update on her father (“He is not well” Well, duh?! That’s not surprising), Potomac or her stepmother and her evil plans. There has to be more than just killing the husband and getting rid of his daughter, sounds to easy and cliché for me.
    I think that I would have DNFed it, maybe in the beginning of part 4, if it wasn’t for this readalong.
    I agree that it was much more fun to read all the thoughts and text here than it was reading this book. That was my only motivator to read the parts, so that I could chat with everyone about it and see if I was the only one with this opinion. ?

  16. So happy I was finally able to follow a read-along whilst it was ‘live’ – usually RL gets in the way and I fall too far behind.
    I didn’t think I’d love this book at first since Selah is *so* naive but she really grows into herself (and on me as a result). Excited for the next book! That ending! Going to be exciting to see what follows – waiting for release not so much though!!! Loved all the storyteller names dropped in too. Great pick Fairyloot

  17. I really enjoyed this book, found it an easy read and enjoyed this readalong and seeing everyone’s thoughts on it. I loved the family banter between the brothers. I’m such a romantic at heart and can’t help but root for any relationship and really liked Bear, Lang and Torden, I’m curious to see who she ends up with, that’s if she does even end up with anyone at all. Can’t wait to read the next book!

  18. I really, really love Torden. He made me cry when he was talking to Selah’s godmother, he’s such an amazing character! But I felt that the chemistry between them was a little lacking on Selah’s part.

    It was so heartbreaking that they could have been happy together but have been forced apart. Torden helped Selah grow more confident and stronger. The sequel looks like it’s going to be headed in an interesting direction, I’m looking forward to it.

    I have a feeling that Alessandra is working for the Imperiya to take over that part of the world. Another prediction I have is that’s Selah will end up with Lang (but I think everyone probably knows that).

  19. This readalong was super fun for me due to all you guys and G! I loved the experience. The book fell flat for me towards the end. The suspense was all predictable and I knew what’s going to come. I even believed that Anya would run away. I hate she didn’t think of Torden and his brothers or her own brother and Selah. But noone can fault her. I for some weird reason kept expecting some magic or paranormal aspect.

    Thank you all for lovely experience.

  20. This was the book that I needed. I had so much action packed books and this one was more romance focused! This story feels realistic and like fantasy at the same time. An amazing combination if you ask me. I love how ordinary Selah is for someone with such a high status. First it starts like a simple story but it becomes more complex the deeper you’re in the book. Bear was apparently a liar and the prince I expected him to be. Torden was genuine but unfortunately not everyone turned out as it should’ve been because Anya had to ruin everything for them by running away. She ruined my ship… please tell me that Torden comes back in the second book?

  21. This was the book that I needed. I had so much action packed books and this one was more romance focused! This story feels realistic and like fantasy at the same time. An amazing combination if you ask me. I love how ordinary Selah is for someone with such a high status. First it starts like a simple story but it becomes more complex the deeper you’re in the book. Bear was apparently a liar and the prince I expected him to be. Torden was genuine but unfortunately not everyone turned out as it should’ve been because Anya had to ruin everything for them by running away. She ruined my ship… please tell me that Torden comes back in the second book

  22. That ending! I just want to dive right into the second book………………
    I must say I love read alongs, getting me to read everyday and damn it has such a good effect on me.
    Thank you for this amazing book!!

  23. I have such mixed feeling about this book.
    On the plus side, the romances were completely swoony. I mean between Bear / Arthur & Torden it was just amazing; It made me 18 again… XD I was so rooting for Lang at the beginning of the book (I still kinda am by the way, is that weird?).
    On the minus side, I did not really understand the world they live in. It our world but at the same time completely different. It’s seems like the 19s century but at the same time not… I don’t know it was not clear, not talked about, Zip, nada. Was it intentional from the author? I don’t know but it takes away a great part of the book. The plot (is there one?) is all around the romance but I wished it was so much more. The end makes me hope that it is going to be better and that events will stop falling from nowhere. Too many characters! Some were very detailed (which was great) others… Lang / Perrault started as super present and then they dissipated. Other should not have been cited since they had literally no purpose.
    Even though it had its flaws, it was a gripping story and I keep reading far faster than I should have (except maybe the end).
    Thank you Fairyloot and thank you G. for offering the chance to discover new stories!

  24. OMG! I loved this book!! And I loved to read it with you all! I truly enjoyed reading your comments and thoughts and to share mine! I will try to participate in the upcoming readalongs!
    What an ending!!! Torden is my favourite suitor! When he asked godmother Althea for her blessing, my heart was melting! I really want this relationship to work out! ?
    I hope we will see Torden in the following book!!
    I am happy that Anya and Skop can be together, let’s see if her ran away would not bring consequences in the future!
    As regards Selah, I feel like thanks to this voyage, she has been able to grow and to learn more about herself. I want to see what will be waiting for her and her crew in the next book!

  25. I loved the book
    Yes it is dissaponting that we did not get the ending that we wanted of her choosing someone all thoe she did she chose Torden
    I think they would have been great together. While she had grat lust with Bear he just didnt treat her the way she deserved yes they had chmestry well more lust than love but laying to her to protect your own ass is not ok
    What she had and hopefully will have in the second book was so much diffrent and i get why a lot of you think it lack passion but what they fount was a deeper connection with i hope will continue somehow in the next book
    Hehe it does sound funny how she can love 3 boys in such a short time but she didnt not really she got swept in the moment once it was over she saw what wasn’t right but with Thorden she felt diffrent aftwrwards because she found the one she was looking for
    As far as Lang goes for me I don’t know if i want them together becaue for me love should be like Torden and Selah head honest, sweet but just enought heat to make it last well in their case nither of them wanted to leve their families such a shame but understandable
    Oh but that end ok so they want to stop that evil bitch from Imperya but I kind of hoped she would go home and kick Alessandras ass now that she got her grove on
    I get that she is doing the right thing to seve many including Tordons family but stil I wanted a showdown with Alessandra
    Can’t wait for the next book I need it now ?

  26. The Alfoder is a real jerk and I don’t think he actually cares about any of his children as people; just as pawns.

    I loved that Torden was able to find a tower so Selah could talk to her Godmother (and she got her blessing! ). The longer Selah and Tordenwere together, the more I started to ship them. They just seemed to help bring out the best in each other and he definitely helped her find her courage. I cried when she had to leave him?.

    I thought it was great how his brothers banded together to help The Beholder crew escape; no matter what they have each others backs.

    I am happy that Anya and Skop get to be together but it’s unfortunate that it was at the expense of Torden and Selah’s happiness.

    Finally we find out Lang’s secret. It makes perfect sense! I knew You suspected Poison. I hope in the next book Selah can help the resistance, make it back to save her father and get Torden back.

    Can’t wait for the next readalong!

  27. Ok so this read along went by a little too fast, it was a little more to read every day than I could manage but I finally finished, yay!
    I just knew her father was being poisoned, I really hope she will get the message to her godmother so she can help him.
    I feel like there was too many questions left unanswered which is kind of annoying but I guess a few of them will be answered in the sequel.
    I think I had a little too high expectations for this book although it was good but not one of my new favorites.
    I am really hoping to receive the June box in time for my vacation so I can join the next read along<3

  28. I’m see I’m not the only one with mixed feelings over this book…
    I LOVED Torden and I wanted them to end up together… ( I hope Fredrik wasn’t lying and that it’s not over for Torden)
    I am also still rooting for Lang(?)
    Finally I’m glad that she has grown during the journey… But for me it took too long for her to react to what was happening around her with the crew and I’m general… I mean, she’s supposed to be the next seneschal but she didn’t have much leadership skills…
    Lastly as some have said… The timing and locations of the story were not clear and it was very confusing…
    Overall I enjoyed reading it and I’ll wait for a second book!

  29. I enjoyed this book a lot up to a point… And I think that point was her falling in love (again) and also all of a sudden becoming a revolutionary. I think she had it in her all along and while I’ll likely read the sequel and see how it develops, I’m not sure I bought all of the stuff that happened at the end. Selah was SO accepting of her place and she grew a lot but all of a sudden yelling that Anya wasn’t a commodity was kinda a dissonant moment for me. I feel like I didn’t quite know who Selah was by 75% through the book… And while it’s a story about growth and development (and I do look forward to seeing where it goes!) it kinda lost me towards the end.

    Also…Torden is kinda… Bland to me. *Hides*

    1. Totally bland! Bear and her had more chemistry, but I’m hoping we are going in the direction of a Lang romance. Or that the new suitor is more interesting. Selah falls in infatuation pretty quickly, so it would be nice to see her fall for someone after a longer time…..cough cough Lang.

  30. I loved this book! I also didn’t know it was part of a series so the closer I got to the end, the more anxious I got because so much needed to be resolved but there were so few pages left! I need the second book right now!

  31. Sooooo – like a lot of others, I’m torn with this book. Some bits I loved, some not so much.

    Selah being “in love” 3 times by the end of the book had me eye-rolling quite a lot, although I do think Torden was very good for her.

    Initially I liked Lang, but his character didn’t grow or go anywhere, as he virtually disappeared when they got to England, and didn’t make much more of a dent in the story until the end, so he’s just a bit bleh for me now.

    What I would LOVE to see in the second book is Selah doing what she has to do to help the resistance, then returning to Potomac, kicking Smother’s butt, and ruling ALONE, without a husband or fiancé, until SHE decides she wants one.

  32. Other than the fact that most of the locations are confusing and I can’t keep up with all of these secondary characters to save my life, I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

    I loved Selah and Torden. I hope they find a way to be together. I can’t wait for book 2!

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