The City of Stardust Readalong: Day 3!


Splendid photo by @aaliyahsbookshelf._

Hello fairies!

I hope that you’re all loving The City of Stardust by Georgia Summers so far! I’m really enjoying this world and magic system, I can’t wait to learn more about it.

Before we start reading, we have our secret giveaway! What’s that? Oh, just a chance to get your next FairyLoot Adult Book-Only box for free as a reward for reading! Doesn’t really get better than that! And your chances are so good too! We don’t really announce this anywhere else as we truly want the person from the readalong to win! If you’d like to try your luck, all you need to do is follow these steps!

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Good luck!

Today we’ll be reading from chapter 22 to the end of chapter 34, let’s dive back in!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for The City of Stardust by Georgia Summers from Chapter 22 to the end of Chapter 34. Please only read on if you have finished this section!


Finding out what happened to Yury is awful, he is ingesting the god metal just to see if he could become a key himself? Penelope is wrong for this.

Marianne is looking into travelling the worlds without keys and stole all of his work on the subject.

Not Aleksander still choosing Penelope, why does he do this.

Every time Violet is about to get an answer something happens, she was so close to getting the map.

Johannes come through he has told her where to go but why is it so dangerous?

Penelope is dangling the scholar title in front of him but I know he won’t get it.

I am in shock Penelope/Astriade has children with the dreamer talent killed for their blood then blesses her scholars with long life?

I feel like this is the house that keeps the other astral Tamriel.

Oh no it was that house, I don’t want her to free him as he will harm her.

He refers to Violet as a star-child is that all scholars or just the family line?

Tamriel is still powerful enough to command Violet, even if he is just a shell of his former self.

Penelope is somehow always one step ahead of Violet. Especially now she has killed Tamriel.

WAIT Yury was not supposed to kill him? He is not in control.

I wonder if the fairytale at the beginning of part 3 was in fact the truth?

The positive is that Violet has seen the world however not as good is that she has been lonely for it all.

This side of Prague seems so interesting but Aleksander clearly only likes being around scholars.

Violet hopefully will find out information from Caspian and Aleksander sees the truth of the path he is on.

Caspian gives her a valid warning about Aleksander and the other scholars but I hope Violet does find her mum as she has been searching for too long.

Aleksander got very angry at her but they both don’t know the truth about each other and it hurts like please talk.

I can’t believe she? pulled away from the kiss with him, but why is he so mean after?

Penelope kills the children to regain her strength as she has been too far away from her home world, she should have found another way.

Something is coming and will happen in Prague another astral or something worse?

This party seemed way too easy to get into, I feel like something will go wrong.

It annoys me so much that Violet and Aleksander don’t talk about things properly.

Who is this astral? Please tell me it’s not Penelope.

Not Yury here to ruin everything.

Erriel is the astral but why are they guarding that door?

Her mother left her? That was so mean of her. She would abandon her daughter to her fate.


That ending was intense, the stakes are so high now and I am stressed!

What do you think of the astral’s dying?
Do you think Violet’s mum has left her?
How are you feeling about the kiss?

So excited to keep reading this one with you, fairies!





  • Kaitlyn

    I finished the book last night! I just couldn’t wait to see how it was going to end. I would like to be entered in the giveaway and my Instagram is @FigtheCav

  • Adriana Casaburi

    I think the astral are dying because are weak due to the distance from the “motherworld” and need the talent in the blood of scholar or possible scholar to have strength. Probably penelope is stronger because she kills children… I don’t understand why the two astral use the “we” but penelope doesn’t (is we really an astral?)
    I think Marienne want to save her daughter and all her family. She cut her hand, I don’t think that she did it just to save herself.
    In these chapters I really don’t like Aleksander he is weak, I am sorry if it is due to penelope’s abuse but is going to hurt violet with his action. So I didn’t like the kiss. I prefer Caspian!

    • Emily

      I agree Caspian seems all charming and morally grey!

    • Adriana Casaburi

      I forgot to mention that I would like to enter the giveaway, is it still possible?
      My istagram is @a_court_of_fucsia_flames

  • Gerda | @theadventuresofgerda

    I’m not sure what I think about the astral’s dying, Tamriel was not the nicest as it seems and in the end it was for the best I believe. But at the same time he could’ve given more information and now he never has the chance.

    I don’t want to think that Violet’s mum has left her but it certainly seems that way. She has been so far quite elusive and annoying in my opinion, leaving Violet in her brother’s care. Maybe there is a reason – trying to break the curse or whatever, but she could’ve included Violet when she was older, also asked for help from her brothers so it’s not really forgivable.

    The kiss, like yes, finally, it happened, but at the same time Aleksander is still working for Penelope and trying to get information to her even though she has been so horrible to him. So that was not the right place and time. Hopefully he’ll get out of Penelope’s clutches soon and can have the life he deserves.

    I will also be entering the giveaway, my instagram handle is @theadventuresofgerda

    • Emily

      Hopefully next time they kiss he won’t be working for Penelope.

  • Jessica Heckert

    Ugh, I really can’t stand her mom… Did she really just peace out?
    Also, I don’t knooooow about Aleksander. Why do I like mysterious Caspian more? Hahaha
    My handle is @bookish.trinkets!

  • AllicynA

    I don’t know how I felt about the kiss. I think Aleksander needs to have a good think about what he really wants with his life. He’s been striving to become a scholar for as long as he can remember, and that is all he knows. Now Violet is here and now I think he needs to take a step back and really think about whether he actually wants a part of that life or not.
    They’re drawn to each other, but are they right for each other? I’m not sure. From what the cards where saying, it sounds like it might be a bad idea.
    I want to know more about the astrals, I want some more lore.
    And I’m still trying to work out what exactly has happened with Violet’s mother. I’m sure we will learn it by the end, but at the moment I’m at a loss. I feel like if she was still around, Violet would have crossed paths with her already.

    Anyway, I’m going to stop rambling. I’m loving this book!
    I’ve made my post about the book, my instagram handle is @allicyn.a

  • Holly Groves

    What do you think of the astral’s dying? Not sure what think, I don’t like Tamriel though

    Do you think Violet’s mum has left her? I hope not, but maybe if she did she has a good reason for it. maybe trying to break the curse

    How are you feeling about the kiss? not becoming a fan of Aleksander so I don’t feel good about it yet.

    I will post on @echotheeleopardgecko

  • Tasha

    What do you think of the astral’s dying? – I’m not sure it seems especially Tamirel, that he knew his time was up and that this was what his fate was. It makes me wonder if there is a bigger plot in which all the astrals are fated to die?

    Do you think Violet’s mum has left her?
    – I’m hoping she hasn’t and it’s something do with breaking the curse. I think the chapter “fairy tale” was the start of the curse and the women was Penelope. It does make me wonder even though harsh why the Everlys let their line continue and not die out rather than sacrificing a child every so often.

    How are you feeling about the kiss?
    – conflicted – I actually think Caspian is a better match for Violet after this section. Aleksander needs to prove himself before I can root for him.

    • Emily

      I agree maybe it took a while for the Everlys to realise the curse?

  • Isabel Rodgers

    Really enjoying where this is headed!

    I feel like the astrals are trying to help Violet, but not sure what their endgame is – is it just to stop Penelope from winning?

    Honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Marianne has left, it’s actually what I was hoping for. I think it makes the story more interesting than if she’s just chasing after her mother, and happens to catch-up with her randomly one day. Her mum, and what she’s doing has been such a mystery her whole life that I feel there needs to be something more to the story.

    Aleksander just needs to stop, make a choice please (he probably has no choice but still). I want to say I like Caspian more but he clearly chose not to go with her to the party, he’s keeping himself out of it. As much as it annoys me Aleksander does show up for her, but then he’s probably doing that so he can report it all to Penelope (I hope he stops doing this, and grows a backbone, even if it leads to his demise).

    • Emily

      I agree Aleksander is there for her but I wonder how much of it is Penelope’s involvement?

    • Isabel Rodgers

      Forgot to include my instagram handle: bizs_bookshelf

  • jan

    Amazing story, love the cover i have entered the giveaway on instagram.

    Handle @tweetybugshouse

  • Emily

    I finished reading this book and wow I really enjoyed it. I wasn’t sure based on the description if it would be my cup of tea, but I’m so happy I tried it. I loved how unique the world and the magic system was. I love when you aren’t sure of a book and then it just blows you away!!

    I’d love to be considered for the read along photo challenge my instagram is @elfs_bookshelf

  • Cheyenne Aguirre

    Well that certainly got a little wild! It’s crazy that Penelope is following Violet so closely to kill everyone that helps her. And yet Marianne seems to have completely eluded her for ten years, that had to have been hard. I feel like there HAS to be more to her mom leaving, right? She seems to have started putting plans in motion when she was pregnant so she definitely cared for her daughter. So I’m holding out hope for her not being a totally selfish jerk 🤞🏼
    Aleksander really REALLY needs to get himself together. He seems to genuinely care for Violet despite his loyalty to Penelope and I’m just over here yelling at him to SEE THE LIGHT!! It’s got to be soon right? Please be soon. I also do not know how she can still trust him enough to tell him what she is searching for in Prague. My heart was beating fast reading that, waiting for him to betray her again. And with the card she got about lovers betraying one another? I hoped she would be on her guard.
    I’m also kinda hopeful that this whole situation with Erriel and her being attacked will result in Aleksander facing whatever fears kept him upstairs and coming to help her and maybe then seeing some truths. One can hope anyway!

    My insta handle for the photo is @cnclibrary 🫶

  • Bec @Booktineus

    What an ending to a chapter!!

    1) What do you think of the astral’s dying?

    It’s kind of sad, but not unexpected.

    2) Do you think Violet’s mum has left her?

    Not willingly, I don’t think.

    3) How are you feeling about the kiss?

    Honestly? Indifferent. They still barely know each other, have barely interacted.

    • Emily

      I think there must be more to the relationship that we don’t know!

  • Lisa Spanu

    1. What do you think of the astral’s dying?
    It was rather unexpected, but at the same time I didn’t think they were invincible

    2. Do you think Violet’s mum has left her?
    Yes, I think she found out the cost of returning which would’ve been to high, so she just left in hopes of “burrying” that secret with her.

    3. How are you feeling about the kiss?
    It was not that unexpected for them to kiss, but I’m not fully feeling the chemistry/romance between the two. I’m also still not trusting Aleksander, since he still wants to be a scholar to badly and won’t go for Violet

  • dnjreads

    I think it’s interesting that they can be killed and hopefully maybe Penelope will be in the end.

    I think her mom is trying to protect the other world from Penelope finding it. I feel like Penelope would ruin it if she got there first.

    I am unhappy about the kiss even though I saw it coming because I don’t really like him and he’s conspiring against her with Penelope.

  • Julia Ventura

    This was my favourite seciton so far!

    1/ good riddance to the Astrals!

    2/ no, i think violet’s mum either died or got trapped in another world

    3/ conflicted!! Aleksander was kind of being a a dick because of his own guilt about secret keeping…

    I’ve also made my book post! @jewlya__

  • j.iris

    Joined the IG giveaway! MY IG handle is

    Late to the party but wow what a wild ride. I didn’t expect that fron Yuri and I feel we barely got to know Erriel’s involvement in the plot. I was honestly a bit sad about Tamriel’s death, I was hoping he’d be more integral to the plot, helping Violet some more. I wonder what so bad to earn the other Astral’s wrath. Are all the Astrals trying to stop Astriade/Penelope, and that’s why they’re helping Violet?

    I’m not sure what to believe about Marianne. I feel we don’t know her at all as a character, only from Violet’s memories and random mentions by strangers. I hope we get to see a meeting between her and Violet, so that we find out why Marianne left in the first place.

    Aleksander’s conflicting nature is starting to become really annoying. I feel like Caspian helped Violet more than him (tho both probably have ulterior motives), and his loyalty to Penelope is shadowing any kind of ineraction he has with Violet. I need to see more character development for him.

  • karen.holmes.w

    Catching up! Will try to take picture this weekend! In these chapters I really preffer Caspian, yes he is morally grey but he doesn’t hide behind apparent friendship like Aleksander and then betrays Violet once and another time. He just seems so calculating, just wanting to be a scholar no matter what.

  • claire.ramson87

    What an ending to the chapter. This book so far hasn’t disappointed with all the secrets, deaths/violence and hints of romance.
    What do you think of the astral’s dying?
    I am really surprised that the astral was killed off so easily. I found it strange that Penelope ended up killing Tamlin when she did as she could have easily prevented him from giving Violet information if she killed him the first time he was introduced in the book.
    Yury killing the astral at the end of the chapter was not expected as I thought he was going to go in a straight off harm Violet and end up being killed off by the astral.

    Do you think Violet’s mum has left her?

    No, I think that she is off trying to find a way to break the curse. It might be that she is stuck in another world as is unable to travel back with the key that she has.

    How are you feeling about the kiss?

    The kiss was inevitable, there has been so much going on between the characters. I think that the kiss was written with a lot of lust and passion and then perhaps regret on Aleksanders side as he is still working with Penelope.

    I am looking forward to seeing what will happen with both of these characters.

    My instagram handle for the photo is @cramson_

  • Jennifer Whiting

    First of all I KNEW IT, can’t trust Aleksander. I don’t know why Violet so readily does. She even makes a comment about how he’s changed when really the issue is that he hasn’t and is still beholden to Penelope. Seems like she’s blinded by her crush (or lack of interactive with humans most her life), because connecting him to Johannes being murdered is pretty obvious. Might be just me, but I kinda like Capsian for her better.

    Yikes, you were right Penelope is eating children.

    I was originally thinking Erriel would kill Yury and that would be the sacrifice, but I wonder if she can go through the door without one if Yury killed Erriel.

  • Nymphie

    1) It’s…interesting, I suppose. I’m not quite sure what’s going on, but I look forward to continuing the story and maybe finding out. Hopefully this is a pattern that will end with Penelope sharing their fate…

    2) This whole mother character is infuriating to me. If she left, good riddance. She’s a horrible mother. I hope Violet learns her fate, but doesn’t have to come face to face with her.

    3) Not feeling great about Aleksander as a character right now. I really don’t like him and I am not impressed by his actions thus far. I am also really not feeling the romance spark. As readers, we are told they feel attraction to each other, but we aren’t shown. They like each other because the author says so. But I am not feeling it, so I’m not yet rooting for them as a couple. I don’t understand why Violet continues to trust him so blindly when he has betrayed her on multiple occasions. It’s not like she doesn’t see that! She just chooses to ignore it? It feels wrong for her character when she turned against her uncles so easily. It feels like the author is going against her own story to put them together. It feels forced and I don’t like it.

    I entered the giveaway. My handle is @nymphie_reads.

  • karen.holmes.w

    Finally I manged to post a kind of review and love letter to this book with the #StardustFairy My handle on insta is @karenholmeswriter I tagged you because I feel invisible lately, as if hashtags are no longer viewed or something. I only get likes and comments from people who follow me.
    Thank you for the opportunity ♥

  • Doe

    OKAY, i’m slowly catching up but i’m sure i’m gonna make it in the enxt days!

    But boy, these chapters… uff i’m having my troubles with Aleksander, can’t really like him because he’s using Violet so hard and treating her badly. Obviously i understand he wants to keep his scholar thing but… uff, you shouldn’t go literally over corpses my boy.
    Love Caspian though, wish he would be the love interest, he’s my fave!
    Also what is up with her mum like… it’s so weird having that picture of her in Violet’s head and then how she acted with all the other people, especially the scene with the astral. That whole chapter was pretty horrifying but also cool, love especially the interaction with Penelope and Tamiel.
    Also Yury is an unstable boy and the end of chapter 34 was something, like did he kill the astral and will he be also a god now?? Stuff is moving so fast since Violet left her home, it’s scary, am super excited what else she will discover and what she will do.

    Honestly i’m not sure why the astral was dying, like apparently as far as i understood he was banished and chained up by the other astrals? At least it sounded like that from erriel. Seems like they are lacking the power of gifted kids, at leats it feels like they are consuming them to stay alive.

    at this point… i’m really not sure about Marianne, it feels like she’s just leaving at the moment, honestly i hate if they go for the ‘oh she wanted to save you all along’ trope when she left Violet in the dark like that.

    Ugh i hated the kiss because Aleksander is just using Violet and prob knows what effect he has on her and this way he can make sure she is under his control enough. Violet, go for someone better please 🙁

    I entered the giveaway and posted on instagram @nightinsparrow <3

  • birch_library

    Im a little late to the part but Im catching up on last weeks readalong whilst taking part in this weeks Fragile Enchantment🥹

    Just entered my photo birch_library

  • Jarett Schumann

    So are Violent and Penelope (aka Astriade) related? Tamriel calls them both star child. Maybe that’s why Penelope needs Everly blood. Maybe the fairytale is about her and her lover who was an Everly. Also, when an Astral dies are they dead dead? orrrrr…. Freaking Aleksander!!! I want him to be happy, but he keeps making stupid decisions, so I just still can’t trust him. His asteria reading was interesting; I wonder what will happen.

    I am entering the giveaway from @baskins_bookshelf

  • JulsReadingJourney

    Hello, I entered the giveaway with my account @julsreadingjourney


    I will be entering the photo competition. My ig username is @mangapenguin

    What do you think of the astral’s dying?
    I was shocked by it. Honestly, this book has some fun twists in it so I’m along for the ride.

    Do you think Violet’s mum has left her?
    I do. I think her mom wanted to find any way of surviving and I think she planned to leave in order to save herself.

    How are you feeling about the kiss?
    I love it but I’m also careful. I’m not putting all my eggs in this basket.

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