The Crimson Moth Readalong: Day 1!

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Hi fairy friends!

Happy Monday to you all and welcome to day 1 of our readalong of The Crimson Moth by Kristen CiccarelliI’m so excited to be reading this one with you, I hope you all love it!

Before we get into the book, how are you all doing? I hope you had a wonderful weekend and got lots of reading done!

Since today is day 1, we’ll be reading from the beginning to the end of Chapter 10. Grab your copy and let’s jump in!

When you’ve finished today’s section, catch up with me in the comments down below so we can discuss the beginning of the book. Happy reading!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for The Crimson Moth by Kristen Ciccarelli from the beginning to the end of Chapter 10. Please only read on if you have finished reading this section!

Witches are forbidden and hunted in this world and it’s been two years since Rune witnessed the witch queen’s get murdered.

Buttttt, fairies… Rune is a witch!

She’s searching for someone called Seraphine, who’s also a witch. Rune has her doubts as to whether Seraphine will turn out to be a friend or foe. This could be interesting!

Rune is a witch… but also a witch informant? She taddled on her own grandmother on the advice of her best friend, Alex, pretty brutal. Her last words to her before her execution were to find Seraphine.

So far, it’s not going well. There’s an X on her door and that means the Blood Guard have gotten to her. The witch hunters!

With no sign of Seraphine, Rune promises herself that she’ll find her and heads back into town to catch the tail end of the opera. Maybe someone there will know something!

She joins Verity, another of her friends, along with a bunch of people who seem like friends, but Rune knows they’re not. They even joke that her late arrival must mean she’s The Crimson Moth – the vigilante sneaking witches out from under the Blood Guard’s noses.

Amongst the gossip (love a bit of gossip!) Rune overhears that Gideon Sharpe brought in a witch earlier this evening. That has to be Seraphine, right?

There’s a few things standing in Rune’s way though, namely the witch hunter… who happens to be Alex’s older brother… who Rune also happens to hate.

It’s no wonder Gideon is a witch hunter though, sounds like he has some history with one of the sister Queen’s.

Tell me if I’m imagining it… but do we think Alex has a little crush on our witch? He warns her away from trying to get information from Gideon, says he’s dangerous.

And then, he literally watches her walk directly into Gideon Sharpe. Not only that, as he walks away she follows him and asks to join him. This is risky Rune. I don’t like it!

She puts on an act and invites him to her party. I’m not surprised in the least that Gideon is rude to her. He thinks her a shallow woman, empty headed. Oh Gideon, how wrong could you be?!

He does, interestingly, also think she’s beautiful. Could Alex be the only one crushing on her in secret?

Later, Gideon’s friend Harrow informs him of a possible lead to The Crimson Moth who just so happens to be *dun dun dunnnnnn* RUNE WINTERS. The cargo ship taking witches away belongs to her. Gideon’s quick to write it off as her staff or someone else using the ship under her nose, but Harrow urges him to get closer to Rune to look into it in more detail. Harrow urges him to WOO her. Oh, I’m going to enjoy this!

Oooh, we learn through Gideon that Alex does indeed have a crush on Rune. He has for a while, in fact, but that won’t stop him *ahem* wooing her.

Rune is veeeery clever, I have to say! She’s found a way around making casting scars that could get her caught that still allows her to perform blood magic. She’s more limited, but it’s better than nothing!

The party seems to be going fine, but it’s missing something…

Gideon Sharpe!

He’s in a vintage, smart suit and he kind of apologises? Is he ok? Someone check his temperature, this doesn’t seem like him!

Rune says she’ll accept the apology if he’ll dance with her, but the patreons around them begin to laugh and titter when it becomes obvious Gideon doesn’t know this kind of dancing. Rune offers him a private tour instead.

Me and Alex are on the same wavelength right now. When they bump into Alex he’s very concerned and doesn’t want Gideon and Rune left alone. He is in fact, a witch killer and she… a witch.

They leave Alex behind and in private, Gideon is really defensive. He almost just assumes the worst of Rune, that she might be belittling him or making fun. Instead, she says his suit is special and he’s a living legend – that’s why people are staring.

He tells her a bit about his family and makes a comment about how Alex was the only one who escaped what the rest of them could now. What happened here? What happened to the rest of his family?

“Would you like to see a witch’s bedroom, Citizen Sharpe?”

That’s giving flirty, mysterious and teasing all rolled into one. I hope Rune knows what she’s doing!

How are things SO tense SO quickly???? I’m desperate to know what happens next!

Do you think it’s a good idea for Rune to get close to Gideon?
Any theories about what happened to his family?
I know it’s early on but… team Gideon or Team Alex?

See you tomorrow to see a witch’s bedroom!! 😉


68 thoughts on “The Crimson Moth Readalong: Day 1!

  1. I wasn’t sure about this one going in but I was pleasantly surprised by today’s reading. While I do think it’s very trope heavy, I’m not annoyed about how they’re being used.

    In real life I think men like Alex are nice, but in fiction they always seem very boring compared to the dark, dangerous one. I think for me, I’m only into the danger on paper though – I have a very sweet, caring husband. So, Team Gideon all the way.

    I think it’s a great idea for Rune to get close to Gideon lol for the Drama!

    1. For the drama 😂 I love it!

    2. I totally know what you mean about the tropes! Though I can see it, I’m not mad! Haha

      When Gideon was induced as the dark older brother I was “well helllloooooo! Move aside Alex!” 😂😂😂

  2. This book had me hooked from the first pages! <3

    1. I felt the same way! 😍

  3. Oh my goodness, I am already obsessed with this book!!! I love Rune, I love Gideon and I love the setting!! I just wanna know more!! I had to force myself to stop for now but I seriously could’ve binged the whole book!

    I don’t really have theories yet but I feel like the witch Queens were definitely BAD and there are things in this world that are not so black and white!!

    I love the tension between Gideon and Rune already so I’m definitely team Gideon, I love Alex a lot too but not for Rune

    1. That encapsulates it perfectly I think, I really like Alex too but Gideon does feel like a better fit since Rune seems to love danger! 🦋

  4. I was instantly hooked on the book! I really like the early plotting and how they kind of both know from the beginning that the other one isn’t fully to be trusted.
    I’m always on team “dark and dangerous” but Alex is so sweet and unlike many other friends (looking at you Dain🙄) he doesn’t want her to stop rescuing witches but supports her. Just not with his brother..
    I’m really going to enjoy their drama!

    1. Yasssss, we love a bit of bookish drama! Can’t wait to watch it unfold! 🖤

  5. Between Rune and Gideon guessing what each other are up to and Alex in the middle, it’s giving me that spiderman meme where they’re all pointing at each other!

    I kept trying to find a good place to pause for a minute so I could put the book down but I ended up reading straight through to chapter 10’s end – really drawing me in so far!

    1. That’s a perfect way to describe it 😂

  6. This book was absolutely took me by surprise. I didn’t know that I was gonna be hooked on just the first few chapters. I’m rooting for our girl Rune Winters. As much as I love the drama that comes with Gideon, I wish Alex, the good guy, be the end game.

    1. Right?! I’m so obsessed already! 🖤

  7. Do you think it’s a good idea for Rune to get close to Gideon?
    – its very risky – but I think its obvious that they are going to fall for each other as they continue to fake date each other and Gideon will have a choice to make if he learns of Runes secret.

    Any theories about what happened to his family?
    – not sure yet but something to do with Cressida and Gideon – maybe they dated and it ended badly leading to the other deaths.

    I know it’s early on but… team Gideon or Team Alex?
    – Alex seems nice and supportive and if Rune found him attractive and not just a friend then by all means but she doesn’t. There’s initial tension with Gideon yet he is all wrong for her but if he falls in love with Rune and keeps her secret then ok but could Rune really forgive his witch killing past?

    Really enjoying this one so far – was tempted to read on but I stopped myself – giving serpent and dove vibes but more likeable characters. Interested to find our more about Seraphine – could she have answers about Runes birth parents?.

    1. Completely agree with you! 💜

    2. That’s what I thought. I really like Alex but they’re friends for so long, surly there would have been some tension between them and some action?!
      I really got a bad vibe from the ruling witches..depends on how dark this book is going to be I was thinking about abuse from Cressida?

  8. I’m really liking this so far! But also, makes me so sad every time we read about Rune and her Nan – I was raised by my Nan and I see my relationship with her in these pages.

    Good lord I’m already obsessed with Gideon, Ruhn and I don’t stand a chance

    1. Aw, I’m sorry it’s making you sad! I’m obsessed with Gideon too! 💜

  9. I love a good enemies to lovers romance so I’m of course Team Gideon! I am flying through this I wanna know what happened to the witches in the past and more about the major blood spells 🩸🖤

    1. It’s such an easy read! 🖤

  10. I’m so happy to be back for another Readalong!

    First of all, I love all these names! Rune, Gideon, Verity! So pretty and feels correct for the time and atmosphere.
    While I am all for saving the witches, I do believe Gideon might have his motives especially with all those Sharpe family members’ deaths 💀 still being a mystery. And he is not in it for the fun of torture.

    Also, Guideon is giving me Julian from Bonesmith 🥰

    Loving it so far!

    1. So happy you’re joining us! Hope you enjoy it – also agree, the names are brilliant! 💜

  11. I’m really into this book so far!! My brain says it’s not a good idea for Rune to get close to Gideon but my heart says YES 😂 I’m thinking one of the sister queens had to give Gideon and/or his family some sort of trauma to make him hate witches so vehemently! I’m looking forward to the drama. And as for teams, definitely team Gideon even though he’s a walking red flag for Rune 🤭 I love the tension that hunter x hunted gives!! In fiction of course 😭😅

    1. Right?! I’m so conflicted, they’re so bad for each other but also… it’s entertaining 👀

  12. I too was hooked from the start and I really like the writing.

    The drama is almost too much but I’m here for it! Rune and Gideon is a terrible idea and I have no idea why Rune kind of thinks it might work out. Absolutely not, at least in the why they are thinking. I’m probably going to have a heart attact before the end from the tension. 😂

    Gideon was probably Cressida’s mentioned lover and the Queens did something to his family.

    1. Oh, that’s a good theory! 🖤

  13. We really just jump into it and I love these kinds of books! The world building is also subtle and doesn’t make me feel lost even tho things are happening FAST.

    “Someone check his temperature” hahahha he seemed so out of his element!

    I am team Gideon all the way but maybe bc the tension between the two of them makes me want it more??

    1. Totally get that, the tension is SO good! 😍

  14. This is so engrossing and it’s not even that far in! Love that in a book!

    1.)Do you think it’s a good idea for Rune to get close to Gideon?

    God, no! Buttt I’m I already shipping this enemies to lovers-so Hell Yeah! I feel like we are going to see their closeness really grate on Alex and I think that could be quite sad. Will Gideon’s “betrayal” spark betrayal from Alex- would he be pretty…? We don’t know enough of Alex’s story to make a the moment. Alex absolutely been supportive so far and protected Rune… I hope he doesn’t snap and let information slip to the ring person.

    If Rune and Gideon go down the route of fake dating and falling for eachother then I suspect we’ll seen a heartbreaking reveal of Rune’s true witch nature.

    2.) Any theories about what happened to his family?

    I think maybe Gideon and Cressida had a thing… I’m guessing it was a Romeo and Juliet “stay away, not good enough” scenario. Pauper Vs. royalty. I can’t make the connection what may have trigger the chain of events for the witch slaughter. Although, I think it’s all accidental and misconstrued chain of events. Whatever it was made people agree with the slaughter.

    There is a part that Gideon mentions how the nobility and wealthy families will go along with the majority and who is likely to benefit them or keep their wealthy lifestyle going. I thought that if they are protecting their status then who looking out for poor… I wondered if looking out to the lower society will creep in….

    -I know it’s early on but… team Gideon or Team Alex?
    I mean Alex should be the winner right butttttt Gideon has my vote at the moment. 😂

    It’s an addictive read for sure!

    1. So glad you’re liking it so far! 🥰

  15. I think it is risky for Rune to get close to Gideon but she’s smart and I think they’re both going to be good at playing each other😉
    I think either the queens were really bad and went against the other witches or it was a misunderstanding and it wasn’t really a witch that killed them – Gideon just thinks it was.
    Team Gideon for sure! 😍

  16. It’s incredible how fast I fell in love with this book, but here we are!
    I find Rune an amazing character, I love how she lives two lives and her cunning in finding a way around casting scars!
    Alex has such golden retriever energy and he has already stolen my heart! I bet that in the end Rune will fall in love with Gideon and not Alex, but I still cannot help in rooting for him!
    Verity seems like such a sweet girl, and I love how the trio works together to help witchkind!
    Gideon seems like a guy with lots of trauma and emotional baggage, I don’t think that he is a bad guy, but so far to me he looks a little bit narrow minded. I guess we will see how his character will evolve!
    Honestly I don’t think that it’s a good idea for Rune to get close to Gideon, he’s literally ready to break his little brother’s heart to catch a witch, and I don’t think he got so powerful by being naive and malleable.
    I’m pretty sure that witches killed his family and that’s why he’s obsessed with his vendetta, and that they died in a very gruesome way.
    Finally I can just say Team Alex till the end!

    1. Ooooh, team Alex, interesting! 🖤

  17. Omg I wasn’t sure if this pick was for me but everything got intense so quickly and now I need to know what happens next!

    Honestly Rune is probably playing with fire in getting close to Gideon lets just hope that he catches feelings for her before figuring out she is a witch. Like obviously he has some sort of witch related trauma to his sisters death even saying it was their fault so the gossip Rune has heard hasn’t been the most accurate.
    I kind of wish that for once a character fell for the best friend. I know everyone loves a good enemies to lovers but I feel like it is maybe in too many books now. I’ll five Gideon a chance but so far I am team Alex.

  18. I’m enjoying this book a lot so far.

    I think Gideon makes sense tactically but it’s all going to get very complicated and messy when the feelings start to become real and the truth starts coming out.

    I don’t really have any theories about his family other than the mention of Cressida dating a commoner, I think this was probably Gideon, and something happened there that lead to Gideon and Alex killing the queens.

    I don’t love a love triangle especially between brothers to be honest (that being said I was always Team Damon, so probs Team Gideon) but I’m kind of hoping Alex doesn’t actually like Rune romantically and they just have a solid friendship.

    1. Ohh me too, I dislike triangles. Hopefully Alex loves Verity 😂

  19. Oh, I don’t even know where to begin, I love love love it already! The detailss! I love all the little nods to The Scarlet Pimpernel. And all the little details about everyone’s clothing, the way Rune picks on them, and Gideon’s parents being dressmakers. It really gives depth to the characters beyond the main plot.

    I find Alex a bit boring so far, I hope we get to see more of his drama about his family and Gideon rather than his crush on Rune. And more Harrow and Verity, they’re amazing characters. I wanna find out what happened to Harrow to make her hate witches so.

    The interactions betwen Gideon and Rune are immaculate. This might quickly become my favourite enemies to lovers of the year!

    1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! 🖤

  20. So far so good, I’ve loved the first 10 chapters and I can’t wait to see where this is heading. I was surprised that Rune was hinted at being the moth right away, so both parties are going in trying to woo each other to get information. I am definitely excited for that relationship to start getting heated for real. The witch queens are definitely evil or bad and had something to do with Alex and Gideons family dying.

    1. Knowing she’s the moth, and that she’s suspected, definitely adds to the drama of it all though! 🖤

  21. 1) A good idea? Nope. Am I here for the angst when it inevitably goes pear shaped? Ayup.

    2) So far both of them are giving us very slanted views of their perspectives I think. From Rune it sounds like the witches weren’t bad people, but from Gideon they sound like monsters. What’s the truth? Were his parents innocent victims or failed assassins?

    3) Sounds like Alex has had plenty of time to make his move. Team Gideon all the way.

    1. I feel that, also aware it’s a bad idea but rooting for it anyways! 😂

  22. Do you think it’s a good idea for Rune to get close to Gideon?
    It’s a horrible idea and yet a good one. Both are trying to use the other or catch so I wonder who will find out first. I think Gideon will give Rune fake information now the question is will she act on it or know it’s a hoax.

    Any theories about what happened to his family?
    I think they betrayed the queens and the queens murdered his parents. With that I think Gideon acted with vengeance and attacked them.

    I know it’s early on but… team Gideon or Team Alex?
    Gideon will have the spark Alex is the safe bet. So I go GIDEON!

    1. I love that so far we’re all in agreement it’s a terrible idea but want it to happen anyway! 😂😂

  23. I love how this book started off with action and is so fast paced, while still managing to be descriptive and build an intriguing world. I was immediately hooked.
    Since three members of Gideon and Alex’s family were killed so quickly together, I wonder if the witch queens had something to do with them and that’s why Gideon killed them. Maybe Rune will learn this and something else to shake her faith in the queens?
    Team Gideon. I love the chaotic dangerous element to their pairing.

  24. My very first readalong and I’m loving it so far!

    I don’t think it’s good for Rune to get close to Gideon but it’s definitely good for me! I love a good enemies to lovers romantasy! Sooo much tension already! My heart breaks for Gideon when he felt humiliated for not knowing how to dance.

    I’m curious if Cressida’s lover was Gideon or Alex. Gideon just seems like a very protective brother and I’m wondering if Alex may have actually been the one to kill the queens (maybe accidentally?) or at least played a larger part than originally thought and is now helping witches escape due to guilt. Maybe a future betrayal will happen!? My imagination is running wild.

    Clearly I’m Team Gideon all the way! Alex gives me brother rather than lover vibes which Rune so far agrees with.

    1. Yay!! So happy to hear you’re enjoying your first readalong! 🖤

  25. 1. Do you think it’s a good idea for Rune to get close to Gideon?
    No, because they will slip up at some point hahaha. It is risky, but that makes it so exciting at the same time!

    2. Any theories about what happened to his family?
    I think it ties to his parents and little sister dying, maybe because of the sibling witch queens? Gideon was probably the peasant lover of Cressida and was somehow betrayed or that led to his family dying at her hands

    3. I know it’s early on but… team Gideon or Team Alex?
    I’m leaning towards Gideon, since the tension and chemistry seems more there than with Alex. Alex would be more of best friend than a lover I feel. I also would think that more would’ve happened between Alex and Rune if they both had feelings for each other.

  26. Oh wooow this started to progress so fast. Feeling nervous about what will happen already 😅

    I don’t think it’s a good idea for Rune to get close to Gideon as she will be discovered for sure. But if she doesn’t, then we would not have a story probably, at least not the nerve wrecking one 🙈

    I think it was blood magic and that is the reason Gideon hates witches. I’m just not sure what they did to them. I’m curious to learn about his story.

    Hmmmm it’s hard to say. I didn’t pick the team yet, I need to know more about them first. ❤️

    1. That’s understandable, we don’t know them well yet! 💜

  27. Loving the book so far, I’m enjoying the banter and the volley of wit between the characters.
    My hubby asked what was the book about and I explained and he said “Oh a gender swap Scarlet Pimpernel?”
    And it is! I didnt realise until then, When I got to the part where Gideon picks up Runes favourite book and describes the same book. Hehe – I do love a good easter egg 🙂

  28. Do you think it’s a good idea for Rune to get close to Gideon? Not at all but I can’t wait to see how it ends up

    Any theories about what happened to his family? I want to say that the witches cursed them or killed them and that he trusted the wrong people

    I know it’s early on but… team Gideon or Team Alex? I’d say team Gideon, I was excited to see that there was a strong friendship between a female and male character that didn’t end in romance but now I’m not so sure that will happen

    Can’t wait to see how the next section goes as I really enjoyed the first bit

    1. So happy you liked this section! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the rest 🥰

  29. Oooh, I really love the vibes of this one!! I was a bit tired of the “classical” interpretation of enemies-to-lovers with nobody being enemies and just two randos turning to lovers, but THIS!!
    This!! I’m so gonna enjoy this.
    Apart from the interesting character dynamics (at least those, we saw until now), I’m really curious about the hidden backstories – AND – I adore books with FMCs having female friends who they are actually FRIENDS with (and not just have a random cheerleader or a mean girl turned friend…), so! I’m curious and ready to continue.

  30. I’m enjoying this book and it has hooked me right from the start.

    I also think Rune was quite ingenious at figuring out how to cast spells without leaving marks in her body.

    I think something quite bad and tragic must have happened to Gordon’s family and because of that he’s become a witch hunter.

    I also noticed that Alex has a crush on Rune. He seems nice, but I’m team Gideon so far!

    1. I’m team Gideon too I think! 💜

  31. I am behind again! But excited to start reading. I loved the Iksari trilogy so have been looking forward to this for months.

    My notes so far:

    – I didn’t realise there would be a murder mystery incorporated into this! I’m looking forward to learning more about that.

    – Absolutely random guess based on nothing but “what would be the least expected betrayal”: Verity is the murderer. Although, I’m not so sure about that after learning the thing in my next note.

    – The Queens bodies are lost/ were never seen? I bet Cressida is still alive.

    Now for questions.

    1) Do you think it’s a good idea for Rune to get close to Gideon?

    It’s a terrible idea, but she doesn’t know she’s a strong suspect in Gideon’s investigations. Also side note: I kind of love that they both decided to seduce/ court each other for their own selfish reasons independently.

    2) Any theories about what happened to his family?

    I think Gideon’s family was definitely used or tortured by the queens, possibly as a source of blood for magic. I’m keen to know more about his history (even though I’m sure it’s going to hurt me emotionally)

    3) I know it’s early on but… team Gideon or Team Alex?

    Leaning toward Gideon just because of the tension his job creates. It’s more interesting. And I’m also not really getting love triangle vibes, just unrequited crush vibes. Alex is going to make me feel things though (I hope he meets a side character that will become his love interest).

  32. I am immediately and intensely invested in this story. From the blurb, I had NO IDEA this was going to be THIS good! Holy shit I am feral for this story.
    Do you think it’s a good idea for Rune to get close to Gideon?
    Any theories about what happened to his family?
    I know it’s early on but… team Gideon or Team Alex?
    TEAM GIDEOOOOON!!!♥♥♥♥♥ (I don’t usually like the friends to lovers trope)

    1. Right?! It’s SO good, I’m screaming! 😍😍😍

  33. It’s definitely giving me Serpent and Dove vibes! I’m not sure how I feel about Alex v Gideon because I’m not a live triangle fan and also prefer enemies to lovers 👀 I just want all Gideon 😂 I love having the different POVs and I can’t wait for Gideon to see the real Rune

  34. Color me intrigued. Meeting all the players & seeing all the twists already introduced, I’m barely stopping to answer these questions before diving back in.
    Daily Q&A:
    1.) Do you think it’s a good idea for Rune to get close to Gideon?
    2.) Any theories about what happened to his family?
    3.) I know it’s early on but… team Gideon or Team Alex?
    1.) It’ll probably be the best & worst decision simultaneously.
    2.) Gideon seems to convey that the Witch Queens (Cressida, at the very least) played a part in their deaths while having a more intimate relationship with him (he would be the “lowborn lover” in that case).
    3.) Alex is the childhood best friend who is always there for her while Gideon is the picture of everything she hates, but I just have this feeling that Alex will betray her. (She’s already stated he would NEVER betray her & wouldn’t that be the most devastating twist, especially if Gideon turns out to be truly “good” brother?) I feel like, whatever divide between the brothers topped by Rune choosing Gideon of all people over Alex (who’s had a crush on her for years), despite knowing her intentions behind finding a suitor, could lead to him lashing out.

  35. Oooh, this book has started off really strong, I absolutely can’t wait to continue reading! I was expecting this to be good but THAT good? I already love it.
    I immediately thought of Rune (Jackson’s cousin) from Gilmore Girls when I read the name Rune though 😀

    I think it’s simultaneously a good and a bad idea for Rune to get close to Gideon. She could learn so much necessary information from him but at the same time she’ll be in more danger. But still she is super clever and she has fooled everybody so far so it should go well. And it is for a greater cause anyway, to save witches. Her daily life is very dull so she needs to do whatever she can to save as many witches and that means taking a lot of risks.

    I don’t have any theories what happened to Alex and Gideon’s family, but it seemed sketchy… Probably something to do with the witches I think, but nothing else that came to mind.

    Alex gives me a puppy vibe so definitely team Gideon. Alex is the best friend that will always be there for Rune but there was nothing romantic so it’s definitely Gideon. Even though it may not be the smartest idea.

    1. I can already see that poor loyal Alex is going to be left behind while his older brother and the love of his life/BFF play their suduction game.

      Veritiy is suspicious and so is Harrow.

      To be honest I’m team Alex. He has been there for her for 7 years and his brother rejected her the 1st time they met. He sees her as nothing more than air headed socialite.
      No a big fan of Rune at the moment either – she’s coming off a bit shallow and single minded.

      What ever happened to Alex’s and Gideons family, I think it has something to with Gideon and Cressidas relationship. They were found out by his parents and they tried to stop him and it went wrong and they were killed by the other two witch queen sisters. Hence why he has such a hatred for witches. Or his relationship with Cressida wasn’t so innocent and she used him for her magic – then his parents found out and tried to rescue him or confronted the witch queen’s about it and unfortunately ended up dead.

  36. One of the things I really like about this book is how tense things seem from the beginning. I’m constantly intrigued to know more. Not to mention, I appreciate that we have an idea for both Rune and Gideon as to why they act the way they do and don’t trust each other.

    No, I don’t think it’s a good idea for Rune’s safety to get close to Gideon. On the other hand, it surely seems like we won’t get bored with this “whose gonna trick/seduce the other first” game they seem to have started.

    The deaths of Gideon’s parents and sister most likely involve witches, specifically the sister queens. I’d be surprised to read that they died without some sort of “interference.”

    So far, Alex seems to be the safest and most suitable choice for Rune. Her involvement with Gideon, though, would certainly be more eventful, to say the least. There’s definitely more tension with Gideon!

  37. Late to the party. I started this yesterday. And it’s so good so far! great start to the book!

    Do you think it’s a good idea for Rune to get close to Gideon? hmm maybe..

    Any theories about what happened to his family? no I don’t. betrayal?

    I know it’s early on but… team Gideon or Team Alex? I ship her with Gideon already!! But I see Alex has feelings for her!

  38. The thing is she can’t use what Gideon tell her because he will easily know that she is the crimson moth. Honestly is I were Gideon I would do exactly this!
    I believed Gideon is the lowborn lover and the other queens didn’t like that.
    I don’t know yet it depends which of my theory regarding the murder of the guard proof true!

  39. Do I see an enemies to lovers acr forming??!? I love the way this book is written so far. It’s so easy to read and follow. I’m really liking it so far!
    1. Do you think it’s a good idea for Rune to get close to Gideon?
    Probably not, but it also seems like the perfect setup for that enemies to lovers arc I’m just dying to have.
    2. Any theories about what happened to his family? Maybe a curse. I also sense some kind of history between Gideon and Cressida.
    3. I know it’s early on but… team Gideon or Team Alex? Gideon right now, but I feel so bad for Alex.

  40. This book has me in a chokehold!
    I like Alex, but I’m team Gideon XD

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