The Crimson Moth Readalong: Day 2!

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Hey fairies!

Happy Tuesday and welcome to day 2 of our readalong of The Crimson Moth by Kristen Ciccarelli!

I hope you’re all enjoying the book so far, I’m nervous and excited to see what’ll happen today!

Today we’re reading from chapter 11 to the end of chapter 23. Let’s do this!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for The Crimson Moth by Kristen Ciccarelli from Chapter 11 to Chapter 23. Please only read on if you have finished this section!

Enchanting Gideon is not going great so far, not in the magical sense anyway. In the romantic sense? I don’t know fairies, my senses are tingling. I’m very rarely wrong about these things… except when I’m wrong!

Gideon’s onto Rune, when he refuses the wine and she puts it down and picks up the other one, he suspects something. So, what else can Rune do except drink the truth spelled wine? This should be fun!

She receives news whilst he’s with her that she’s been chosen to be Guest of Honour at the Luminaries Dinner. It would mean Rune has to tarnish her nan’s memory again and the dismay on her face is obvious. To cover her tracks she blurts out that she doesn’t have a dress to wear… and also that they’ll want her to talk about her nan.

Rune’s a good liar though, I’ll give her that. She tells him she struggles with what happened to her nan, her being taken, because “evil lurks where we least expect it”. I do love a bit of dramatic irony! Little does Gideon know she’s talking about his kind!

Gideon doesn’t think she’s cute anymore. I think that means he thinks she’s more than cute… I think he likes her. More so, I think she likes him too. What a turn of events!

Before they get close enough to kiss, Rune panics and dumps wine down his front, a good cue for him to leave!

I don’t know fairies, do we agree with Verity? She seems to think Rune’s in over her head. Alex arrives too and now Rune has him warning her away from Gideon again. He tells her that witch hunting is Gideon’s obsession. It’d be wise for Rune to stay away but you know what they say, keep your friends close…

We’re backtracking to two years ago, when Rune first discovered she was a witch. Living in this world, that must have been such a scary situation! Alex helped her hide. 🥺 She thought he would turn her over and get the guard, but he offers to run her a bath and kept her secret all this time, even though that puts him in danger. I can’t!

And now Gideon’s making her a dress?! Where can I find these brothers?!

Things aren’t looking too good for Rune on the magic front. She can’t get fresh blood, and with old blood being her conductor it doesn’t seem to be handling her spells anymore. Alex volunteers to let her take some of his blood. Boy is head over heels! Do I like Alex… or Gideon???? I don’t know anymore!

Alex cares for her a lot, that much is obvious. He tells her he’s going away for a month, and once she’s found Seraphine he wants her to go with him.

Ok Gideon Sharpe, I see you. Originally I thought him making her a dress was really sweet BUT it’s a hidden motive to get closer to see if she has casting scars. Sly, but also clever.

This close proximity is a lil bit tense though, isn’t it? He’s only ever taken Cressida’s measurements before. It seems like he was in a relationship with one of the witch queen’s and she sounds pretty horrible. I’m conflicted. I can understand why Gideon feels so strongly about witches now but, are they all guilty?

This GUY! As love interests go (if he even is one) he is not to be underestimated. He gives Rune some details, but it’s all a ploy to test if she’s the Crimson Moth… and Rune’s about to fall for it.

He’s got her. Even if she gets away, what if he recognises her? Surely this isn’t it for Rune!

Rune ends up hiding in a pool of water, just as she’s about to run out of air, the light from his flare disappears and it’s safe for her to come out… except it’s not. 👀

The DRAMA! Firm hands grab her. She won’t talk. She’s smart, she knows her voice will give her away! They tousle, knives and blood are involved and she JUST about manages to get away after using Gideon’s fresh blood to cast a deadbolt spell!

Ok, what a TENSE few chapters?! I’m sweating. I’m nervous.

Do you think Gideon recognised her?
Do we think there’s anything between them romantically or are they just doing anything to further their own gains?
If you were Rune, what would you do? Abandon Seraphine and run away with Alex or stick around and fight?

I’m so scared to see how tomorrow’s section will go down after that, see you there!


53 thoughts on “The Crimson Moth Readalong: Day 2!

  1. I have no freaking clue how you guys have the restraint to stop reading after that!! I had so little that I finished the whole thing in three days😰 and I’m very glad I did because the less then 24 hour wait would have been too much!!! *goes back to hyperventilating over something that thay already finished*

    1. The books that you physically can’t put down are always the best though! 🤭 Hope you enjoyed it 💜

      1. i did it was sooo good!! You guys always pick such grate books 💜

  2. I really liked those chapters! Rune isn’t perfect and not all plans work out and I love that. It gets boring when it always works out for the heroine, but this book? Nope! Rune gets herself in so many tricky situations and only escapes in time.
    But I was confused with Truth Teller. She really struggled with the effects during her talk with Gideon but it all seems forgotten when she talks to Alex and Verity ☹️ I think she should have struggled with them too as she wasn’t entirely honest to Alex.

  3. The. Tension. Oh my GOSH!!!!!!!

    I am absolutely obsessed with this book, I love how it’s developing!!! The scene with the wine had me swooning and the dress measurement scene too!!! Oh my GOSH! It was so good!!!

    I did LOVE the flashback with Alex but yrghh he just seems like her brother to me 😭😭Gideon and her have such tension!!!

    I am DESPERATE to know more about gideons backstory and witches in general!! I get the feeling there are a lot of dark things coming!

    I’m screaming about this cliffhanger ending too!! Honestly if I wasn’t forcing myself to go to bed I would’ve kept going

    1. The dress measuring scene was the BEST, I was swooning! 💜

  4. I’ve read ahead of schedule because I’m just so addicted. The tension in this section is so well done. Also I love that this is an enemies-to-lovers where they really are enemies.

    If I were Rune I’d want to save Seraphine too – I am really curious about her backstory!

    1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! 🖤

  5. The tension 😩
    The ploy 😫
    The near miss 😳
    I was giggling when she had to drink the spiked wine as now she had to ‘try’ to manoeuvre her brain and also her heart while also holding my breath…
    Gideon… As much as I understand that he had a really bad history with a witch, please don’t destroy our girl 😔 He nearly got me in the dress measurements scene… I mean who doesn’t fall in love with a man who makes them a dress, right?
    How can I ever put this book down?

    1. I need a man that makes me dresses! 😭😭😭

  6. Alex is fine but Gideon is the one that she’s sweating over. Alex is also lying to his brother so he isn’t exactly the goodest boy everyone seems to think he is…

    I loved the trap, love that she fell for it and it did feel like the Scarlett Pimpernel in terms of adventure and escape in that scene.

    I’m into it. I also feel like we haven’t seen Rune be super clever but she did well in escaping this trip and thinking on her feet…

    1. 100% agree, there’s some shadiness to Alex for sure! 🖤

  7. I love how fast paced this book is! Things are getting so good!!

    I don’t think Gideon recognized her but I think he’s going to put two and two together eventually….

    There is definitely some romantic tension between the two!

    I’d love to say I’d stick around but I’m also a big scaredy cat in real life so running away with Alex would start looking really good😅

    1. I feel you, I’m also a scaredy cat! 😂

  8. Do you think Gideon recognised her?
    I think Gideon is convinced that it must be her due to leaving the false trail. In his mind how could it be anyone else. I don’t think he’s considered how cunning Rune is.

    Do we think there’s anything between them romantically or are they just doing anything to further their own gains?
    I think it’s inevitable that feelings will be formed with how close they are having to be. Love/hate romantic attachment 😂 I think it will be for their own gains and that’s what they will tell themselves. Ultimately it’s going to be one of thier downfalls…

    If you were Rune, what would you do? Abandon Seraphine and run away with Alex or stick around and fight?

    It’s easy to run away and forget. Rune has come along way and risked so much, not sure that’s something you just walk away from…
    Alex with his “deal” is channelling Dain from Fourth Wing- I really hope he doesn’t back peddle on his support for Rune’s cause.

  9. I haven’t been that tense while reading a book in a looong time. I don’t think that Gideon recognized Rune and thank goodness she escaped! I kept encouraging her out loud at every turn! 🤣

    I think it’s too early for Rune to cut out and escape with Alex. There’s definitely chemistry between Gideon and Rune especially since Rune had a crush on him so long ago. But then her relationship with Alex is so sweet. Decisions decisions!

    1. It’s SO tense – I’m screaming! 💜

  10. Can we all give a round of applause to Alex!?

    I mean, a bath, a tea, fresh clothes and a warm bed after it all DURING HIS PARTY? Dude just needed to bring a book for her to read in the tub and maybe a glass of wine.

    Alex so far is Perfection!

    I knew Gideon had witchy trauma!

    Very clever miss Rune but I wonder if the Arcana spell will corrupt her??

    Happy reading everyone! 📖

    1. She definitely needs to be careful casting those spells! 🖤

  11. Ahhhh these chapters were so good and it was so hard to put the book down. I love that Gideon is just as tricky as Rune but I think I held my breath the whole scene with them in the mine. I don’t think he knows it was her but he definitely will think she told someone. She has proven herself to be a gossip so maybe she can get herself out of it.

    I am however already cringing at the “love triangle” seeming to happen with two of the brothers. Not a fan of triangles but also scared the author will kill one of them off to make it wrap up nice at the end. 🫢 I love both the boys!

    Also, interested to see how Rune is after using the blood without permission.

  12. Oooh this was an exciting few chapters!!
    I think Gideon will be pretty convinced it was her but I think she’ll do a good job of covering it up making him question himself.
    Neither will want to admit it to themselves yet but I see the spark😉
    If it was me I’d be out of there😂 but I hope she stays, she’s a much stronger person than I could be.

    1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! 🖤

  13. Absolutely loved this section 😊

    Do you think Gideon recognised her?
    – if he didn’t then he will definitely suspect her of at least knowing and telling the crimson moth about the location.

    Do we think there’s anything between them romantically or are they just doing anything to further their own gains?
    – I think they believe there is nothing but there is definitely something brewing – I was so giddy at this section from the truth potion mix up and the designing of the dress 🥰

    If you were Rune, what would you do? Abandon Seraphine and run away with Alex or stick around and fight?
    – Both I would rescue seraphine then take a break to lay low before returning whilst getting Verity to act as the moth to not raise suspicions 😏

    1. So glad you’re enjoying it! 🥰

  14. As always Alex is the best, he’s so incredibly sweet and caring, and honestly I don’t know how Rune hasn’t fallen in love with him yet!
    I feel sorry for all the suffering Gideon has gone through, but honestly it seems to me the classic situation where the victim becomes the oppressor. I understand where he comes from, but you cannot condemn a whole kind just for what happened to you.
    Regarding Gideon and Rune’s fight, I don’t think Gideon recognised her, it’s to early in the plot and I bet that it will happen when they have declared their love for each other, so that it will be extra dramatic.
    Like I said before I prefer Alex over Gideon, but I have to say that I thing I like about Rune and Gideon is that they have really strong personality and beliefs, so I think that even if they fall in love with each other they will still strive to reach their goals.
    Honestly if I was Rune I would run away with Alex. You cannot live your life anchored in the past, she has the right to be free and happy, to finally be her true self without having to wait for the other shoe to drop all the time.

  15. These chapters were really tense! It was interesting to see what happened when Rune discovered that she was a witch the first time she had her period and how nice Alex was with her and how much he helped her so she wouldn’t be discovered. But I can see Rune just sees him as his best friend or like a brother. It’s nothing like the tension and attraction between her and Gideon.

    The trap and the chase were very nerve wracking. I just couldn’t see how she was going to get out of that sticky situation.

    I also couldn’t help myself and read ahead!

    1. Excited to hear what you think about the next section! 👀

  16. Oh my goodness what a crazy rollercoaster of chapters. The tension in this book is everything.
    I feel like Gideon is only going to suspect her more after the events in the mine but also maybe he is starting to catch feelings for her…
    I definitely feel like they are both mostly flirting for their own gains but I get the feeling Gideon is starting to find it hard to resist Rune.
    I definitely feel like running away with Alex is the safer choice but Rune isn’t about to give up saving Seraphine when she still needs answers from her. Also finding another witch will definitely help with Rune’s spell casting.

  17. I’m struggling to stay with the schedule and I think I may just read the rest!!
    I don’t think Gideon knows Rune well enough to have recognized her? Also I feel like it’s way to early for that reveal haha!
    I think they definitely have budding romantic feelings AND they’re trying to further their own gains! We love versatility.
    If I were in Rune’s place, I feel I would definitely stick with what I know is right and continue to free Seaphine and as many witches as possible! I think it’s really unfair of Alex to ask that she to run away if he knows she truly wants to save the witches, even if it is out of fear/concern for her.
    Honestly, I feel kind of bad for Alex! I think Rune completely sees him like a brother, but he’s been in love with her for years. Seeing his brother court her has to hurt, but I think he should’ve told Rune how he feels a long time ago.

  18. The only reason I’m stopping here for now is because I’ve got another readalong happening and I wish to read that one too! THOUGH, this book makes it super hard to do so!! *sweat*
    Do you think Gideon recognised her?
    Honestly, I hope not. I think he was too consumed in his conquest/victory to realize. The adrenaline was pumping so his brain was probably not picking up on subtle things but it might come into play later if they ever tussle in the bedroom.
    Do we think there’s anything between them romantically or are they just doing anything to further their own gains?
    Oh they are using each other and the CHEMISTRY IS ON FIRE. The building is burning this is so INTENSE.
    If you were Rune, what would you do? Abandon Seraphine and run away with Alex or stick around and fight?
    I don’t want to die for a cause. I will do what I’m willing to give but I’m not willing to become a martyr. She’s done plenty for her kind and if continuing means to die I personally wouldn’t.

  19. I have to say that I’m really enjoying the book so far and I don’t want to put it down!

    Do you think Gideon recognised her? I think he’ll recognize her later on if he touches her again

    Do we think there’s anything between them romantically or are they just doing anything to further their own gains? I think right now it’s for their own benefits but somethings going to happen and it’ll turn romantic

    If you were Rune, what would you do? Abandon Seraphine and run away with Alex or stick around and fight? I don’t know what I would do to be honest

    1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! 🖤

  20. I cannot believe Rune fell for the false info! She’s not nearly as clever at this game as she thinks she is.

    1) Maybe? Guys in these types of stories get weird about smells sometimes and he was definitely close enough to her twice that day to catch her scent. Did he see her though? Not enough to be conclusive I don’t think.

    2) He’s making her a *dress*. He could have just faked the idea and then abandoned it but he sounds like he’s really going to do it!

    3) I can’t even. I’m not a fighter, I’d be dead long past in this story LOL.

    1. Right?! I was shook too! I can’t decide if she’s just not as good as the game as she thinks she is, or just fully believes she has Gideon in her thralls! 🖤

    2. The fact he spent all night sldrawing up the perfect dress as well!

  21. Do you think Gideon recognised her?
    I don’t think he did. But he will remember that she is in suspected cahoots with the red moth. This was a good trap.

    Do we think there’s anything between them romantically or are they just doing anything to further their own gains?
    I think they are interested in one another. The question is will they ignore their own gain and fall into temptation.

    If you were Rune, what would you do? Abandon Seraphine and run away with Alex or stick around and fight?
    Part of me wants to think leave but I know Rune as a character is too tenacious for that and she will not give up.

    I am loving this book so far! And funny side note in the U.S. this book is the heartless hunter. I had bought it earlier this month not knowing it was the same book! 😂😅

  22. Ahhh that was so intense!!

    1) Do you think Gideon recognised her?

    No, but he did lay that trap so he knows she’s involved with the Moth somehow. Thanks to his POV, we know what his suspicions are.

    2) Do we think there’s anything between them romantically or are they just doing anything to further their own gains?

    there is some romantic tension there. It’ll start as furthering their own gains, but turn into something more.

    3) If you were Rune, what would you do? Abandon Seraphine and run away with Alex or stick around and fight?

    Idk what I’d do, but the smart thing that would save Rune’s skin would be running away completely and severing all attachments, even with Alex. They’re both going to get caught eventually and it’s not going to end well (or at least, it’s going to be scary until they get out of it… hopefully)

  23. This was such an exciting part of the book!

    I don’t think Gideon or Laila recognized her so hopefully things will work out in Rune’s favor. As of now I believe both Gideon and Rune are both using each other for their own gains but there is so much tension between the two that something romantic is slowly forming. If I was Rune I would continue to stick around and fight. Rune feels so much guilt towards turning in her grandmother that I believe she’d do whatever it takes to get Seraphine to safety. I just want things to go well for everyone so I’m hoping for the best!

    1. Me too! I just need everyone to have a happily ever after! 😂

  24. 1. Do you think Gideon recognised her?
    I don’t think he did, but he might suspect it is Rune, with how suspicious he is of her. It wouldn’t really make sense for him to ‘already’ unmask her this early. I would expect that to happen towards the end when he truly caught feelings for her or something

    2. Do we think there’s anything between them romantically or are they just doing anything to further their own gains?
    For now, for their own gains, but I suspect they will truly develop feelings for each other and it will become romantic between the two. Which would make the “duty or feelings” dilemma for both very hard

    3. If you were Rune, what would you do? Abandon Seraphine and run away with Alex or stick around and fight?
    I don’t really know. I would like to think that in this situation I would’ve stayed. Especially if it was the dying wish of my last family member to speak to this person. It that wouldn’t be the case, I don’t think I would risk as much.

  25. So Gideon only told Rune of the fake site he’s holding The witch… she’s in a pickle now even though she escaped, how is she going to get out of this?

    1. I’m very eager to find out, I can’t see it being an easy escape! 👀

  26. I think he might now as he took her measurements, but if he doesn’t know it’s her, he still knows it might be her 🙈

    I don’t think there’s anything more than attraction right now. It will develop more as they will try to outsmart each other somehow.

    Oh I’m already scared what will happen with her. It doesn’t look good for her. She’s very brave 😅

    1. Agreed, I love how brave she is! 🖤

  27. I said on monday that this book is going to give me a heart attact and almost had one while reading tuesday’s chaptets. That was so tense! But this addicting for sure!

    But I can’t believe Rune fell for that and didn’t stop to think. She knew Gideon was suspecting her. She seems so clever that this seemed out of character.

    I think it would be in her best intrest to abandon the witch but I don’t hold Rune’s decision making abbilities in very high regard right now. 😅

  28. So, maybe Alex doesn’t know her intentions behind finding a suitor. Gideon is designing Rune a dress?! He immediately thought “not possible” at the idea of Rune being genuinely interested in him (she had a crush on him when she was younger & is still attracted to him, even if they both are approaching each other this time with ulterior motives). Who hurt you? 🥺 I don’t like the idea of Alex trying to take her away for a month (or even weeks). It feels like they maybe don’t share a much with each other as they (she, at least) think which has my guard up. I know he’s supposed to be the threat to guard against, but the written correspondence between Rune & Gideon makes me all giggly/giddy. 😍 Alex said “people like YOU” not “people like us” which sounds like he views his big brother as beneath him. I need to know what happened between them because I’m definitely thinking less & less of Alex. He’s going to be so suspicious of her now, whether she manages to create a successful alibi for tonight or not. Plus, she has a gunshot wound (however shallow) & probably bruises/scrapes as well. 😬
    Daily Q&A:
    1.) Do you think Gideon recognised her?
    2.) Do we think there’s anything between them romantically or are they just doing anything to further their own gains?
    3.) If you were Rune, what would you do? Abandon Seraphine and run away with Alex or stick around and fight?
    1.) His plan was pretty smart. He may be able to discern that she’s the same size/build between studying her body while taking measurements that morning & having his hands on her so much in the mine.
    2.) There’s definitely a physical attraction between them, but I think it’s already more than that because they both have to snap themselves back into thinking “right, they’re the enemy, so I need to fix my mindset.”
    3.) If she’s willing to walk into a known (or highly suspected) trap, I don’t see why she would waste her last chance(s) to run off with Alex. Plus, a sudden disappearance could make her look guilty.

  29. Okay I take it back! Alex has grown on me 😅 that scene in the bathroom where she thought she would be turned in made my heart melt. But how can I choose 😭

  30. I really really like this book!
    I don’t think Gideon recognised her from her frame but obviously he must be suspicious because he was the one who told the lie to Rune. So he must be suspicious, I know I would be. I don’t get it though why she fell for Gideon’s trap. It obviously seemed too easy in my opinion…

    Obviously Rune and Gideon both are trying to further their own gains, but there is definitely something between those two. The tension, the flirting, they are both feeling something and I can’t wait for something to actually happen between them!

    If I would be Rune, I’d like to think I would stick around and fight. I mean, she obviously needs a rest too so it would be nice to stay way for a bit with Alex, but considering what’s at stake it would make more sense to try and save Seraphine. Especially because Rune had to find her for some reason to get information or something.

  31. I cannot express how much I love Alex after reading how he helped Rune with her first bleeding, and it made me so distraught when she assumed he would be bringing in the Blood Guard to send her away! And my goodness what a chapter to finish on! I was sweating through those last few chapters, but Rune comes off as an extremely capable and fast thinker, I have no doubt she is going to have five seperate plans to explain how she wasn’t involved with anything that went on in that mine.

    Q) Do you think Gideon recognised her?
    I still think he suspects her, but I don’t believe he knows her ‘personally’ that well yet 😉

    Do we think there’s anything between them romantically or are they just doing anything to further their own gains?
    Oh the attraction between them is off the charts, don’t even get me started on the measurements! AND HOW GIDEON DESIGNED HER A BLOODY DRESS. It actually broke my heart when he was talking about Cress, I really hope we find out more about this!

    If you were Rune, what would you do? Abandon Seraphine and run away with Alex or stick around and fight?
    I would stick around and fight.

  32. Liking this book so far!
    Do you think Gideon recognized her?
    No, But I feel like he will be very suspicions go her..
    Do we think there’s anything between them romantically or are they just doing anything to further their own gains?
    I feel like Rune has never thought of Gideon in a romantic way because he’s the villain and he gets rid of her people. So I don’t think Rune thought of him that way.

    If you were Rune, what would you do? Abandon Seraphine and run away with Alex or stick around and fight.
    hmm good question, I would stick around and fight.

  33. Gideon designing a dress for Rune, and the whole scene with the measurements had me even more invested! Also, the sequence at the mine was quite nerve-wracking. Just when I thought about how she could act so recklessly and fall for Gideon’s trap, she showed her resourcefulness in getting away without giving away her identity (extra props for throwing both of them in the icy water as an escape attempt).

    I don’t think Gideon recognized her, but since he only gave her the false information, she must have become his number one suspect. She’ll definitely need some clever manoeuvring to get around this one.

    The romantic tension is there, and I believe they won’t be able to tell the difference between pretending for their own gains and giving in to their desires as we go on. At this point, I feel a bit bad for Alex. He’s been nothing but supportive of Rune, and he clearly doesn’t see her as just a friend.

    I’d be extremely tempted to abandon everything and run away with Alex if it were me. However, given Rune’s experiences, it seems impossible for her to let go of Seraphine without trying her best to free her, not only to save a witch from being purged but also to keep her word to Nan (otherwise, it’d feel like a second betrayal).

  34. The tension is literally killing me!
    When I read the blurb I thought that Gideon would play the part of the stoic, righteous, golden-boy-type witch hunter… understanding that he’s more broken than I firstly assumed is making me like him even more…
    I’d probably be tempted to run away with Alex if I were in Rune’s shoes, but I appreciate that she can be braver than me XD

  35. There is for sure something between them!
    I don’t think Gideon knows that the girl was Rune.
    I don’t know a part of me thinks that a would have already been on the mainland and another part of me thinks that a would have stay and fight!

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