The Crimson Moth Readalong: Day 3!

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Hi fairy friends!

I hope that you’re all loving The Crimson Moth so far! It’s now day 3 and things are really getting interesting!

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Today we’ll be reading from chapter 24 to the end of chapter 34, let’s jump in!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for The Crimson Moth by Kristen Ciccarelli, from chapter 24 to chapter 34. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!

We rejoin Gideon, he and Laila are locked in by a spell, he’s injured and he’s also confused.

If it was Rune they nearly caught, he has some conflicting feelings over the thought of her being injured. In fact, JUST IN CASE it was Rune, he avoided bringing the hounds. That’s… romantic in an unsettling way?

Alex is angry with Rune once she appears at the ball. At this point, Alex has been nothing but angry. Rune tells him to promise he’ll tell Verity if she starts acting strange. Oh, is this because she used dark magic? Define strange Rune, quirky strange or like… bad strange?

She catches Alex up on all the details of the evening and tells him he needs her to cover and tell people he brought her to the ball. He’ll do it, but not without some blackmailing! He tells Rune he’ll lie IF she agrees to go away with him. Dirty game, Alex, dirty game!

Suddenly, Rune realises Alex isn’t leaving for a holiday, but for good. Understandably, a lot of bickering ensues and it ends with Rune yelling that death is what she deserves. Oh Rune. This girl is holding so much guilt for what happened with her nan, it makes me sad.

Rune manages to cover for herself with Gideon, she asks how the raid went, as she’ll need to update her girlies. So clever! She’s very apologetic over spilling the secrets and tells him she didn’t realise she wasn’t supposed to.

It’s starting to look like this might be Rune’s last chance to save Seraphine. Alex and Verity have a plan to see what they can get out of Laila’s brother, Noah, but Rune vetoes it. She’s going straight for Gideon. Yanno, Rune, this is starting to feel a tiny bit self-sabotagey? You’re telling me there’s a safer option but you’re still going to go after the man that not only almost caught you recently, but that quite literally hunts and kills your kind? Someone check her temperature, she is NOT ok!!!

With that, Rune invites Gideon to the Luminaries Dinner, as her date.

Then, before we know it, he’s showing up unannounced at her house for a walk??? I don’t trust it. Does he know something?

His anger all comes out and it’s all directed at Rune. My guy, this is so displaced! He doesn’t seem to think much of himself and basically tells Rune what she must think, that she would never go for someone like him etc etc. Rune quite rightfully hits back “One of us thinks ourself too good for the other. But it’s not me.” You tell him! With that, she’s walking away from him. Not only does he follow, but he also opens up.

His anger is still displaced, but a lot easier to understand now. Cressida and the sister queens tortured his mother. Cressida manipulated him into staying with him by threatening his little sister and even when he did stay, she killed Tess anyway. Oh Gideon. 😭😭😭 Not long after Tess was taken from them, he lost his parents too. Cressida branded him with a curse to make sure he couldn’t escape but he wouldn’t anyway, the only way to protect Alex was to stay. It took Alex murdering Cressida for Gideon to be able to get away.

What a horrible woman. Rune’s right though, he’s not the things that happened to him. That being said, I think this changed my view on Gideon. I don’t see him as the warped witch hunter anymore but more a product of the trauma he went through.

I mean, if there was a way to diffuse the weight of that conversation, it’s randomly getting undressed? Like ok, Gideon, go off! Oh, I see… it’s not genuine. He wants her to undress and follow him into the sea to get another look at her, see if he can catch some scars.

She sees his brand, but Gideon doesn’t seem to notice. It gives Rune a moment to think about who she’d want to be if she didn’t have to hide, and with that she’s undressing and following him into the cold!

Despite it being staged on his part, they both seem to be letting each other in. Rune keeps telling herself it’s just a game, and leans into KISS GIDEON!!!

I’m screaming!!! Gideon pulls away all too quickly, not thinking about how she could be a witch, but more that he can’t do this to Alex. Rune runs from him and as he gets up to chase her, he ponders the fact that, again, he found no scars…

They’ve been misunderstanding each other from the very beginning. They recall the day they met, Rune thinking on how excited she was to meet him and he wouldn’t even shake her hand. He apologises though, and thinks about how she was beautiful… but off limits. Does he still think of her that way?

Gideon declines her invitation to come inside, seemingly more because of his willpower than anything else? And they’re both left questioning how real this is.

Harrow and Gideon catch up, while it doesn’t seem like the moth is involved, Harrow tells him of uprisings and rebellions increasing throughout their area. Witches are gathering… an exciting thing to progress the story, but not so good for Gideon and his cronies, oh dear!

You know what else is not good? Harrow still being adamant Gideon needs to sleep with Rune if they really want to know if she has no casting scars. Don’t do it Gideon, keep your integrity!!

I’ve never experienced so much whiplash and tension in one section of a book! Is it real? I don’t know anymore! Do I love it? SO MUCH! 👏👏👏

Do we think Gideon will follow Harrow’s commands?
What’s your view on the Alex/Gideon situation? I understand it’s “bro code” but like Rune said, she’s not Alex’s property!
What do you think the next steps are for Rune in her game to find Seraphine?

I have a feeling tomorrow’s section will be equally tense, and equally packed! See you then!


51 thoughts on “The Crimson Moth Readalong: Day 3!

  1. I can’t stop screaming over how much I loveeeee this book!!!!

    The ENTIRE scene on the beach OHHH MY GOSH!!! The tension and the kissing and GUH!!! I love that we got more emotional depth from both of them, gosh it was so good!!! Amazing amazing section!!!

    I do love Alex and feel bad for him for him though cause he’s a good guy, but Gideon and Rune just have so much good chemistry!!

    I’m so nervous she’s gonna get caught ahhh!!! Can’t wait for tomorrow

    1. I absolutely LOVED reading your reactions!! 😍😍

  2. I have just completed the novel (it was definitely a page turner). I’ll wait until the last day to give my thoughts on the ending, but I definitely can’t wait for the next book to come out.

    1. Ahhh, so excited to hear your thoughts!! 💜

  3. My Instagram is @flowerr5311. I will be posting a picture for the readalong later today

  4. 1. Do we think Gideon will follow Harrow’s commands
    I don’t know. I think he’ll try, but his moral compass will prevent him from doing it just to check for the scars. I think that when they do fall in bed together, it would rather be because they both want to since they are catching feelings and not because of another motive

    2. What’s your view on the Alex/Gideon situation? I understand it’s “bro code” but like Rune said, she’s not Alex’s property!
    I think Gideon is right somehow and that Alex should’ve made a move if he truly wanted more. I think Alex is comfortable with Alex and he loves her, but I don’t think he actually love loves her, just like Rune doesn’t love love Alex. I think they will always be special to another, but that they won’t work romantically for the long haul. I actually think that if she did go with Alex for forever, she would learn/start to resent him from taking her away somehow

    3. What do you think the next steps are for Rune in her game to find Seraphine?
    I think she would need to get into the prison to get to Seraphine and speak to her/learn what her nan wanted her to learn. But I also wonder if it would be smart to maybe search Seraphine’s house for clues or something. The hardest things is that Rune only knows she needed to find Seraphine, but doesn’t know why. I personally think it might have to do with her lineage and who her parents were, since that isn’t known.

    Entered via my Bookstagram account @lisashelves

  5. When I got to this section I swear I hardly even blinked I was so glued to the page!! And the way Harrow is just completely ordering him around, I’m not sure weather to scream and shake her or what!?

    1. Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of Harrow! 💜

  6. Those chapters!! I really was so tense to know how Rune will escape the situation with the wound on her arm and the fact that she was the only one to know about the mine! Great thinking there Rune! If I didn’t love her before (which I did) I definitely loved her for “oh I told the girls, weren’t I supposed to?” I giggled, literally!

    And then the water heart felt so heavy for Gideon and I could understand how he hates witches, but please just love Rune!😭
    I’m torn between: oh yes please follow Harrow’s command and don’t do this to Rune AND Alex. But I hope Gideon is keeping his morals.
    I didn’t like the possessiveness of Alex. I get that he wants her but please just admit your feelings.

    I entered the giveaway😊 @julie_in_love

  7. Entered @blessedbythecauldron

  8. Omg I’m absolutely loving this book😍 This is the earliest time of day I’ve finished the readalong pages – I’m hooked!
    I’m not sure if Gideon will be able to go through with it. I think what might happen is he’ll sleep with her because he actually likes her but she’ll find out what was said with Harrow which is not going to go well.
    Alex was really starting to annoy me at the start of these chapters, he’s becoming a bit possessive and I’m not sure if I fully trust him.
    The next steps for Rune surely must be getting in to the prison to try and find Seraphine. I don’t know if she’ll try and get some more info from Gideon first but it’s very risky.

    1. Entered on Instagram with @minnie_reads_

  9. The swimming scene was tense!

    Gideon holds so much hostility for the wealthy and powerful. It’s such a shame that the ‘new world’ has fallen short of everyone’s expectations. The power change was sold as something bright and shiny but ended up being dull and worthless.

    Harrow is really fueling the Rune line of integration. Starting to be a little Sus of her….

    Bro code- get it but if Rune doesn’t have the same feelings as Alex then should it matter. I dunno- though one!

    I’m desperate to know the connection to Seraphine. I think the rescue mission is not a good idea- think it will backfire!

    Entered the giveaway on @literaryreadit

  10. I love how cunning Rune is! Gideon arrived all confident at the party but our favorite girl showed him that she will not go down without a fight!
    Honestly I understand why Alex is being so adamant with her, she’s literally trying to kill herself for something that happened when she was a child and was completely out of her control, and it cannot be easy to see someone you love being unable to find happiness and peace.
    Like I expected Gideon is the product of trauma which, even if it makes easier to understand why he does what he does, still doesn’t justify in my opinion his behavior. Pain can make you kinder or crueler, and he chose to be cruel and hunt and kill 13 years old girls for the crime of being different.
    Despite his blatant racism Gideon has a moral code, so I don’t think he will follow Harrow’s commands. He will definitely sleep with Rune but it will be because he’s in love.
    About the Alex/Gideon situation, Rune is totally right. I can understand not flirting with the girl your brother has feelings for, but if she likes you then you should respect her decision either way. So, even if I prefer Alex, everyone should respect what Rune wants.
    Honestly the plan to find Seraphine is just a completely mess! She’s going nowhere with Gideon, while he’s coming closer, and closer, in discovering her! I haven’t the faintest idea of what Rune will do next!

  11. I’ve entered! My IG handle is @booktok_corner 🤞🏻

  12. I’ve posted my pic @onlybooksiveread

    The tensionnnnnn has me turning those pages.

    I feel like something is up with Harrow – why does she want to push Gideon to do the dirty with Rune so bad? It doesn’t make sense to me. Also, it’s very vague who she actually is etc. I’m expecting a reveal that she’s not what she seems to be.

    Alex shmalex. That’s my vibes on him.

  13. Ahhh I didn’t read ahead as I thought I would yesterday, but boy oh boy was this section packed!!! It had me giggling and kicking my feet!
    I think that Gideon will intend to follow Harrow’s commands, but I don’t think he’ll be able to follow through! He seems to talk himself out of getting *too* intimate with Rune.
    Honestly, I still think Rune sees Alex as a brother! I think she even said that she did? But clearly his feelings are not returned and I don’t see Rune allowing him to court her to either spare his feelings or on a hope she’ll feel the same someday… she fully expects to get caught and purged, so I honestly don’t think she’s even thinking about long-term relationships!
    I’m really hoping for a fun heist coming up to break Seraphine out of prison! I’m suspecting it’ll be a turning point and reveal for our main characters…
    I’m so looking forward to the next sections!! Hopefully I will have time to finish the book tonight!! <3

  14. Do we think Gideon will follow Harrow’s commands?
    – I think he will but not just because of harrow – who seems very sketchy btw – I think if Gideon went with Rune into the house after the beach then it might of already happened!

    What’s your view on the Alex/Gideon situation? I understand it’s “bro code” but like Rune said, she’s not Alex’s property!
    – I think if Alex and Rune had dated in the past it might be too much but they haven’t. I feel sorry for Alex but Rune only sees him as a friend and it doesn’t seem like Alex has ever told Rune about his feelings for her so how could she know. I only hope Alex doesn’t turn against Rune when it all comes out.

    What do you think the next steps are for Rune in her game to find Seraphine?
    – I’m not sure I hope she is able to free her without endangering herself but then I guess we wouldn’t have much of a story 😬. I only hope Seraphine has some juicy gossip to make it all worth it 😂

  15. So right now I think Harlow is the corrupt witch killing the soldiers and trying to put blame on Rune. I also found it really disgusting for her to tell Gideon to sleep with Rune and Gideon saying yes make think Harlow is using magic on him. I wonder who Harlow is.

  16. Entering the giveaway. IG handle is @aleinaaareads

  17. This book is so amazing!! I love Gideon and Rune together❤️ Entered @fatallyinlovewithbooks

  18. Loved these chapters but wasn’t a fan of Alex in them but also Gideon was thinking badly. He thinks that he needs to do this with Rune to protect Alex and that if he finds out for sure it isn’t her, he will just break it off with her to let his brother have her. One, if Rune has feelings for you she’s not just going to run to your brother but also is Alex going to want her still after she was with his brother? Seems like a jerky brother move to me overall.

  19. I knew there was going to be a reason for Gideon’s extreme hatred of witches that would also humanize him to Rune.
    I was so tense when they were in the water! I’m sure Gideon will attempt to follow Harrow’s direction, but ultimately pull back due to ‘bro code.’

    I will enter the giveaway! @rygurl

  20. Loving Rune and Gideon as a couple, poor Alex, forever in the friend zone.
    Hoping as it comes to ahead Gideon realises being a witch doesn’t make you evil, being evil makes you evil!

  21. Oh my gosh my heart was breaking for Rune when she thought she was behaving as bad as Cressida, trying to take something Gideon didn’t want to give. And he’s all just scoping her out for witch marks. 😐 I guess they’re both in denial about their feelings but Gideon seems more determined to stick to his narrow minded views.

    1) Oh we all know it was headed there anyway. Now he just has an excuse. And a reason to angst about it. Bring on the pain!

    2) I stand by my previous comments. Alex had his chance. Maybe he’s sort of trying now, what with asking Rune to come away with him, but he needs to be MORE obvious if he has romantic intentions over platonic.

    3) I’m going to laugh if they seduce each other due to their mutual attraction while both telling themselves it’s for their causes.

    I’ll be entering the giveaway as @sonata_ix

  22. Hello!

    I will be entering into the photo contest. My username on ig is mangapenguin.

    Do we think Gideon will follow Harrow’s commands?
    Yes but I don’t think he will do it to complete the command I think it will happen naturally. And that will create a rift because was he with her for her or to complete his duty.

    What’s your view on the Alex/Gideon situation? I understand it’s “bro code” but like Rune said, she’s not Alex’s property!
    I think this is a slippery slope. I think she loves Alex like a brother and he has deeper feelings. I’m worried jealousy will come out and he may betray her when he realizes she wants Gideon and not him. Especially since he is pushing her to leave. At that point Gideon would be retuning the favor to Alex in unaliving a prior love.

    What do you think the next steps are for Rune in her game to find Seraphine?
    I think she will break into the jail with Alex’s help however she will not go with him for a month. The ultimatum will not work well.

  23. Ha! What a good cover: gossip queen! Of course it makes you feel worse, Gideon, you dolt! You’re falling for her. Rune’s in denial about Alex, of course, as he’s showing his true colors/feelings. Enemies-to-lovers is my favorite, & these enemies are too darn cute with their correspondence & shy awkwardness. Rune’s showing her true self to Gideon a bit much for someone who needs the mask of being a vapid, vacuous, socialite gossip queen. Meanwhile, Gideon is really shining a light on the inferiority complex he came into with his last ‘relationship,’ for lack of a better term. Hearing Gideon’s past makes a lot more sense of the present, not that I condone his Witch Hunting, but he appears to not be unnecessarily cruel about it (like the Taskers). Rune knowing his past, seeing the brand, & baring a part of herself to him before sharing a kiss (while completely nude)? Yeah, sure, this is just a game. To both of you. She’s concerned she took advantage of him like Cressida. I like her. This slow burn is killing me. Lol. I like that they shared both sides to their 1st meeting though. When do we find out who is leaving the mutilated Blood Guard bodies around town? Is it Cressida because Alex didn’t actually kill her? These meetings of witches, are they behind them or borne from them?
    Daily Q&A:
    1.) Do we think Gideon will follow Harrow’s commands?
    2.) What’s your view on the Alex/Gideon situation? I understand it’s “bro code” but like Rune said, she’s not Alex’s property!
    3.) What do you think the next steps are for Rune in her game to find Seraphine?
    1.) I think he’ll get there eventually, but I doubt it’ll be because he’s thinking about Harrow at the time. 😏
    2.) Rune had a crush on Gideon. She has never had romantic feelings for Alex. Alex has never told her that his feelings are anything but platonic. She does not belong to him (whether she’s involved with his brother or any other suitor). I can understand Gideon not wanting to hurt his little brother’s feelings, but mutually consenting adults & all that. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Little bro had 7 years to pluck up the courage.
    3.) Well, she clearly plans on storming the palace prison, so working through the list Verity wrote in the carriage is all she can do. I’m sure Gideon’s enchanted jacket will be among the 1st steps to finding those answers. (I do feel bad for both of them that she’s using magic on him.)
    *I’ve already posted my #CrimsonFairy photo under @TupaKitty_Reads 🤞🏼🤞🏼*

  24. Our girl has been very buuussssy. Trying to do a rescue and pretending to be in a ball to keep up the ruse. Jeez. Mad respect 🫡
    Alex FINALLY making a move on Rune…
    That scene on the beach…
    And why is Gideon has to listen to Harrow’s? I mean where’s the line? As much as I understand that Gideon HATES witches… But, at what point he has enough proof on Rune’s body at this point 😤 Give the girl some respect and a break. He’s very sus.
    Bro code… What about what Rune wants? If both brothers make a move on her then it’s up to her what she decides 😉
    There’s soo much going on just in this section. I love it 💖💖💖
    I’ve also posted on my instagram @bookdragon_au

  25. Omg I love this book so much, so many things are happening and I need to know where it goes!

    I think Gideon will follow Harrow’s commands… I hope he won’t for the reason Harrow wants him to, but I think he will anyway because he has had so horrible encounters with witches before. But Harrow is so annoying, I dislike her so much.

    I don’t think Gideon is exactly wrong to actually want to court Rune if it was for the right reasons. Alex has never told Rune how he feels and it seems like Rune is quite clueless in that department. But indeed, Rune is not Alex’s property, but they should talk about it anyhow. Alex should come clear about his feelings and Gideon should also talk to Alex if it would become a real thing.

    Rune is probably going into the prison to save Seraphine and she’ll probably have to use some fresh blood to get the information she needs before breaching the prison. As they said it seemed impossible so she needs a lot of preparing and luck as well. Maybe she’ll use the truth teller spell somehow on a guard or manages to get the information from Gideon after all.

    I’m also entering the giveaway, my handle is @theadventuresofgerda

  26. Do we think Gideon will follow Harrow’s commands? I think so- I mean he’s already followed them as of now

    What’s your view on the Alex/Gideon situation? I understand it’s “bro code” but like Rune said, she’s not Alex’s property! I feel like they should let rune decide who she likes as a romantic partner better and I feel like with Alex forcing her to go with him she’ll end up resenting him for it

    What do you think the next steps are for Rune in her game to find Seraphine? I think the gang is going to hit up the palace prison and something bad is going to happen while they’re there.

    I also entered the contest on Instagram. My handle is @mybookishbeing

  27. Entered with my bookstagram @tomi.library

    I think they almost followed through it even without Harrow’s commands. So it might happen soon.

    I think it all comes down to Rune, it’s her decision to make. Alex had plenty of time to tell her about his feelings, plus you can’t stop your heart. I hope he will understand at the end.

    She needs to figure out where Seraphine is held and how she can escape unnoticed.

  28. I’ve had to post my review in full on my instagram because I couldn’t put this book down and I already read tomorrow’s section.

    I was definitely sus of Harrow, but I did think Gideon would follow their commands, even if he was just following it to justify his wants. Alex just annoyed me by this point with his supposed “claim” on Rune, especially when she was fairly clear she wasn’t into him that way.

    I’ve also entered the giveaway – my account is @a_pixie_bookshelf

  29. Do we think Gideon will follow Harrow’s commands?
    YES, I think so. The man is kinda dumb about those things.
    What’s your view on the Alex/Gideon situation? I understand it’s “bro code” but like Rune said, she’s not Alex’s property!
    It’s typical men behavior to think they can decide who is or isn’t good enough for women. It’s exhausting.
    What do you think the next steps are for Rune in her game to find Seraphine?
    Use truth teller again??? Break into the prison???

    1. I entered! My instagram handle is @brynna.reads

  30. I entered the contest. IG handle is @for_graceful_books

    As for this section of the book. I knew Gideon had witchy trauma but it was much much much worse than I expected. Poor dude!

    Things are getting heated and in the good way with Rune. I just feel bad for lovely Alex that of course is head over heels for her.

    Happy readying everyone! 📖

  31. I already finished this book but forgot to check in! It was just so good I couldn’t put it down 😆

    My entry to the giveaway is posted on @nymphie_reads

  32. Entered! 🙂

  33. Entered the giveaway @sofies_books

  34. I read this book SO FAST. Usually I pace myself over the days but I just devoured this haha

    Harrow is awful and Gideon should never listen to her.

    I love both Alex and Gideon!!

    I posted on Instagram and my handle is @brittneywithabook

  35. I am LOVING this book so far and it’s killing me I don’t have time to read it everyday along with the read-along!!! I will say, I am REALLY suspicious about Rune’s best friend, I have a feeling she is also a witch in secret!!! And possibly the witch behind all the murders!

    Do we think Gideon will follow Harrow’s commands?
    I don’t think he will! And if he does I think it will be because he wants to, not because of Harrow.

    What’s your view on the Alex/Gideon situation? I understand it’s “bro code” but like Rune said, she’s not Alex’s property!
    If Rune doesn’t see Alex as more than a friend, I don’t think that’s going to change! However, them being brothers is always going to complicate things – I just hope it doesn’t ruin the brothers relationship!

    What do you think the next steps are for Rune in her game to find Seraphine?
    I think she’s going to try and break into the prison using fresh blood and more intense spells.

    I’ve posted my photos for the read along challenge too! My IG handle is _spiritbound_ !

  36. I finished this book ahead of the readalong and I absolutely adored it. I couldn’t put it down!! This is my first readalong and I can’t wait to join more. Such a fun experience.

    I entered the giveaway, my account is @kensbookshelves ❤️

  37. Posted my pic on my page (@prettylostinthelibrary) ❤️

    Harrow is my least favourite character, I know she’s been through stuff but that’s not okay.

    I was on the edge of my seat while Rune was led to a trap then had to make her way to the ball 😅

  38. Do we think Gideon will follow Harrow’s commands?
    -I feel like he will want to follow Harrow, but his heart is probably falling for Rune.

    What’s your view on the Alex/Gideon situation? I understand it’s “bro code” but like Rune said, she’s not Alex’s property!
    -It’s Giving me a bit of Will/Jem vibes, but like not like those vibes. I fell like Gideon will make his brother/ let his brother push for him to be with Rune. Meanwhile Gideon will probably be secretly hurting that he let Rune get away.

    What do you think the next steps are for Rune in her game to find Seraphine?
    -Probably spend more time with Gideon and chatting to him, so see if he lets something slips. Also Rune has never been in his house, maybe she will actually go into his house with Gideon, and she sneaks away to do some snooping.

    And I entered the giveaway. @seaofworlds

  39. I entered the giveaway😊 @old.enough.for.fairy.tales

    It seems like Gideon is starting to see Rune in a different light and is developing real feelings for her. He’s been getting glimpses that she’s not the shallow person he once thought she was and he’s even started to fear/hope that she could be the Moth as her cleverness would definitely intrigue him.

    I think Gideon is a noble guy and will try to do the right thing, so if his feelings become too strong, he might try to step aside to avoid hurting Alex.

    On the other hand, Rune might be trying to spend more time with Gideon to gather intel about Seraphine. The game they’re playing is getting more and more dangerous, and it has me on the edge of my seat!

  40. I honestly forgot about the readalong because I couldn’t put it down! Such a good book overall!
    Harrow is such an interesting character I really wanna know their backstory.
    The misunderstandings between Rune and Gideon made my heart hurt for both of them. Alex and Gideon are such good brothers during this part. I wish both would speak their minds and follow their hearts even if it may hurt the other.

    Also, I entered the giveaway! @kamaile.reads

  41. Thanks for the great readalong! I joined the giveaway with my account@julsreadingjourney

  42. Gideon is reluctant to follow Harrow’s commands (why is she insisting so much? She’s being annoying and a bit sus), though I think he’ll end up doing it one way or another. The question is, at that time, would the driving force behind it be his desire for Rune or his duty to catch the crimson moth? I think that when it happens, the reason behind it would be because they have feelings for each other.

    When it comes to Rune, her feelings are clear. She deeply cares about Alex, one of her closest friends, but she has no romantic feelings for him. With Gideon, she feels things… and at this point, I don’t know who they’re trying to fool more: each other or themselves. On the other hand, Gideon is in a more tricky spot because he’s aware of his brother’s attraction to her.

    Since she couldn’t get to Seraphine before they transferred her to the prison, I think she’ll try to break in and get her out. However, that plan seems destined for failure.

    I’ll be entering the giveaway (@enchanting_wisdom)

  43. There was a lot of great tension in these chapters.

    I think Rune is not Alex’s property, and Gideon and Rune definitely have more chemistry. But I still think he should have let his brother know that he’s planning to pursue Rune, out of courtesy. Although on the other hand, the problem is that he’s not really trying to pursue her with honest intentions. I don’t think Gideon should follow Harrow’s advice. I don’t understand her insistence on it! I’m actually very suspicious of her and all that information she conveniently gets from her sources.

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  44. This is a fantastic book 5 stars I am entering the readalong competition my instergram is @relax_with_a_good_book

  45. I’ve posted my picture: @sammyizbookish

    I feel like Gideon will be apprehensive to hand Rune over if he figures out that she is the moth because he is definitely catching feelings at this point.
    Im starting to have some issues with Alex.. I feel like he could be more direct with Rune without being a jerk. Whereas I feel like Gideon is still partially using her for information.
    I am a bit scared for the Seraphine plan because breaking into prison is such a bad idea. I feel like she is going to have to cast with fresh blood to pull it off.

  46. If it were an adult book, I would have same doubt but it is a YA so I don’t think he will! 😂
    It is very dangerous territory Gideon is well aware of Alex feeling, so it can easily been seen as a treason. Also his idea is or he found out she is a witch and arrests her (and so kills her) or he discovers she is not and leaves her (that can be seen us playing with her feeling), in both case he will hurt Rune and so Alex (even if for the second time it is not that horrible). It is also true that Alex is lying to him, so their relationship is on thin ice.
    Rune want to interrogate Gideon under the spell, but I think that or Gideon will not arrive at the party or he will lose the jacket so Rune will not be able to do so.

    I just posted my photo, I hope I am not late but unfortunately this mouth was full of things.
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