The Crimson Moth Readalong: Day 5!

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Hey fairy family!

It’s the final section, are you ready to find out how The Crimson Moth by Kristen Ciccarelli ends? I’m very nervous!

Today we’re reading from chapter 47 to the end of the book.

Grab a snack, get comfy and let’s read!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for The Crimson Moth by Kristen Ciccarelli, from chapter 47 to the end of the book. Please only read on if you’ve finished The Crimson Moth!

Rune follows him in, and there’s no stopping them now!

I’m worried though, are they doing this because they want to? Or for their own gains?

They both seem to think they have other reasons for being together other than just, wanting to be together, but… I don’t know it’s starting to feel a lot like denial!

Omg. She’s in LOVE WITH HIM – and he does want this!!! They’re finally admitting it all!

Gideon tells Rune of a fantasy where they cook together when he returns from work, they take walks, he’ll pick her flowers, he’ll attend her parties. Is this finally it for them? 🥺

All too soon, their fantasy is over and it all comes crashing down. Laila and Harrow come to get him. They interrogated the print shop owner and the description he gave of the woman who was involved sounds a lot like Verity, and if Verity was involved they’re sure Rune was too.

Gideon tries to talk them down in all the wrong ways. He tells them Rune isn’t a witch – he slept with her. Oh, Gideon.

I know what he’s trying to do but I want to shake some sense into him. Don’t do this with Rune so close! He tells Harrow and Laila he’s had better. He doesn’t plan to repeat the ordeal anytime soon, she is after all, nothing more than a pretty face.

Rune runs from him, understandably so. I would run too if the guy I’d only just opened up to said all that thinking I was out of earshot. Gideon tells her he didn’t mean any of it, he just had to convince them he didn’t feel anything for her. She hits back at him and tells him all the things he said were sickening… even someone like him. Welp. Hit him where it hurts.

The drama. I can’t. Now Alex is professing his love. He’s caught her at a less than stellar time. I feel like any other time Rune would have shut him down, put him firmly in 🖤the friend zone🖤 but when she’s just been hurt by his brother? She goes and tells Alex that she’ll marry him. How did this go so wrong, SO quickly?

Gideon writes Rune a letter to explain it all, along with handmade silk buttercups. I’m totally not crying. Whatever.

It’s ALL COMING OUT now! I knew we had reason to be suspicious about Verity! Her home was an illusion??? Rune quickly works out she’s a witch, but I need to know her motives, stat!

Rune’s returning the flowers… I don’t know how I expected it to go, but I didn’t expect him to know she’s the Crimson Moth. He hand delivered the flowers and heard Rune, Verity and Alex discussing their last ditch efforts to save Seraphine, he found vials of her blood. He knows it all.

I could deal with Gideon being angry, but he sounds so hurt. 😭😭😭

When he finds the ring, Alex’s ring, he tells her not to touch him ever again. Honestly he seems more hurt that she picked Alex than her being the moth. Hope for them yet, maybe? Or is that wishful thinking on my part? 👀

Well, Alex doesn’t half pick his moments. He gets himself arrested alongside her and Gideon’s dealing with both of their betrayals, now he knows Alex always chose her, a witch, over his own brother. Gideon’s heart is breaking, I think mine is too.

As Gideon guides Rune to her inevitable death, she apologises, I don’t think it’ll do much now but it does sound genuine.

Blood and roses. No. No, no, no. Surely not!! Verity is CRESSIDA? All along Rune’s best friend and confidant has been Cressida? This has gone from bad to worse.

Verity, or Cressida I guess, frees Rune, Seraphine and Alex. From there, it’s a blur. Laila’s screaming, Nicolas, her father and Gideon’s mentor, is dead… and then Cress points her gun at Gideon.

Alex has made a habit of choosing others over his brother, but not himself. As the bullet heads for Gideon, Alex takes the hit.

It’s a fatal shot. Rune holds Alex whilst he bleeds out. Alex makes her promise to live a full life… then gives her permission to use his blood.

With Alex gone and Rune finally experiencing the full potential of her power, she manages to escape. As she leaves, Gideon makes a promise: he’ll never stop hunting her.

This could very well be a first for me, fairies. I’m… speechless? I have no words for what just happened.

Now that the story reached an end, Team Alex or Team Gideon?
Did The Crimson Moth end how you expected it to?
What would you rate it out of 5 stars?
Any theories for book two?

I’m going to need all of your thoughts and theories on this book, can’t wait to hear them!

As always, thank you all so much for joining us on another FairyLoot readalong and to those who joined in for the first time – I hope you enjoyed it! We’ll see you again very soon for another one!


24 thoughts on “The Crimson Moth Readalong: Day 5!

  1. I am gooped, gagged and going gaga!

    Aleeeeeeex nooooooooo!
    What a twist and I am so heartbroken! Verity had us all fooled! The happy ever after with Alex was too good to be true and while Gideon discovered Rune was the Crimson Moth, you’d think that if he was in fact in love with her, he would have thought twice about turning her over. But no! 👎🏼

    Rune once again is working for the enemy but on the other side now. 💔🥀

    So when is book 2 coming out? I need it now!

    What a trip! Thank you for a great ride. The readalong has been great!

    Happy reading everyone! 📖

  2. I was shocked! I never expected this ending! Would have been totally fine with Rune and Alex sailing away and the second book to be how Gideon wins her over again. Now I was, as you said it, speechless!
    I expected Verity to be a witch for a while but not that she’ll be Cressida.

    That was definitely a 5 star 🌟 read! I hope Fairyloot gives us the second book as a special edition as well. Fingers crossed 🤞🏼
    I think Rune will train to be a powerful witch with the help of Seraphine. Well and I hope the enemies become lovers for real. Thank you for this amazing book. I don’t think I would have chosen it on my own but I’m so happy for this read!

  3. They mentioned a spell to bring someone back from the dead so I think they might do this with Alex in book two which I think would be so lame. When people start coming back from the dead it’s hard for things to still feel like there are real stakes…

    Anyway, I wasn’t sad that Alex died at all.

    The sudden switch from Rune really pissed me off. I’m sorry, I know you’re hurt but hours ago you had sex with this man’s brother – you never fancied Alex but now you’re agreeing to marry him? These events are ludicrous and you’re coming across like an unhinged girly, Rune. I hated this plotting immensely.

    I had such a fun time with this book in general though. Like, I have seen some people criticising certain things and I kind of agree but I also just don’t care because it was such fun.

    Really looking forward to book two.

  4. OMG! This is one of the best books I’ve read this year!

    I’m still Team Gideon because he had so much chemistry with Rune but I was so sad about Alex. Alex loved Rune until the very end and was there for her whenever she needed him.

    The Crimson Moth did not end at all how I expected it to, even though I’m not even sure what I was expecting. I thought maybe Rune would get captured and then the next book would start straight off how she tries to escape or something. After yesterday’s comments and suspicions about Verity I started to think that she had two sisters who had been killed and then thought that she was probably Cressida. But before yesterday’s section I did not suspect Verity at all to be honest so I was surprised by that fact and enjoyed it.

    For me it was a 5 star read, I enjoyed this book very much and I couldn’t put it down at all.

    Even though the witches want to live freely I think the witches don’t actually want to follow Cressida when they find out who she really is (evil!) and the story leads to her demise hopefully. In the end I hope that Gideon and Rune could overcome their differences and end up together, but I have no idea what needs to happen for that to even be a possibility. I’m definitely waiting for the sequel.

  5. Finally breaking the tension. It would seem, if Verity isn’t Cressida in disguise, she’s working with her. Gideon is an idiot. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Rune lashed out in anger making things worse, & we’re so near the end of this book. I don’t want to wait for Book 2 for them to reconcile. 😮‍💨 Goddammit, Rune, you did NOT just agree to be *Alex’s* wife – not even 12hrs after sleeping with his brother, no less! I don’t think Verity should go with Rune to rescue Seraphine. Gideon’s apology & hand-sewn bouquet? 🥹 So, the Blood Guard murders were to sustain complex illusions sustained over long periods after bringing back the dead. In which case, if Cressida brought back her sisters, it’s possible Verity & Harrow & another suspicious female are really the Sister Queens in disguise.🤔 Something else amiss within her secret casting room only known to Alex, Verity, & Lizbeth. Verity never even had a room at that school, so no scholarship, nowhere to be, nothing to study for, & Rune finally reached the conclusion I came to before about Verity looking through her spell books & reeking of floral perfume. Didn’t see Gideon finding her casting room like that. That was a harsh breakup. The fucked up events keep coming. So many of my theories are proving true. Alex taking the bullet for Gideon surprised me. Maybe my dark romances have biased me against guys that seem too good to be true. 😅 Alex. 🥺 Gideon will give chase. Rune will need to train with Seraphine & evade Cressida.
    Daily Q&A:
    1.) Now that the story reached an end, Team Alex or Team Gideon?
    2.) Did The Crimson Moth end how you expected it to?
    3.) What would you rate it out of 5 stars?
    4.) Any theories for book two?
    1.) Still Team Gideon 💯 I mean, with Alex dead, it seems pretty open & shut, but even with the possibility of raising the dead, I’m still Team Gideon because he’s a good, albeit misguided, person, & I need to see the Redemption Arc that gets my enemies-to-lovers past this 3rd act breakup/conflict. Lol.
    2.) No, but I like when books can still surprise me.
    3.) 4.5 stars – I’d probably give it 5 stars, but with it ending on such an unresolved cliffhanger & having to wait at least a year for the next, I’m dying inside. 😅 I might bump it up after completing the series.
    4.) I’m not sure I have any theories left for Book 2, but I’m still curious who/where the older 2 Sister Queens are, how Rune escapes from Cressida, what knowledge Seraphine imparts on Rune, & am looking forward to Gideon’s chase (& how these enemies reach lovers… again).

  6. Verity I didn’t see coming until it smacked me in the face!

    Now that the story reached an end, Team Alex or Team Gideon?
    I’m disappointed by Gideon and his reaction but I suppose it was to be expected. I still don’t see Alex as end game. Marrying him would have been a friendship still and not ring fully honest.

    Did The Crimson Moth end how you expected it to?
    No! Not really sure what I expected… Maybe for Gideon to change sides? I look forward to the next book!

    What would you rate it out of 5 stars?
    I personally gave it 5, I found it really engaging and was the read I needed this month.

    Any theories for book two?
    -big battles
    -love hate scenes with Rune and Gideon( please!)
    -truth of the lies
    -more info on Cress!

  7. Now that the story reached an end, Team Alex or Team Gideon?
    – I’m still team Gideon buts sobs for Alex he didn’t deserve to die 🥺.

    Did The Crimson Moth end how you expected it to?
    – no, not at all I’m still in shock. I thought it was going to be Harrow that was Cressida and had a wild thought it might be Verity but didn’t really believe it. Slightly disappointed with Seraphine as I thought she would have some big secret to tell Rune.

    What would you rate it out of 5 stars?
    – 5 stars – I loved it 😍 but I need book 2!

    Any theories for book two?
    – I’ve read it’s a duology so I think Gideon and Rune will become allies to take down Cressida and rekindle their romance along the way.

  8. 1) I mean, is there a point in being Team Alex when he’s dead? I’m glad he went out by defending Gideon though. I thought he might go out by defending Rune, but this way it will be impossible for Gideon to think Alex didn’t love him and was merely playing him this whole time.

    2) Only a little. I expected one of the guys to die, though I didn’t want it. I couldn’t see how else the love triangle would be resolved with how far they’d both taken their affections. I thought Rune’s awesome power play would be to destroy Cressida so I’m super disappointed she’s actually on Cressida’s side for now ugh.

    3) I gave it 4 out of 5 stars. Minus one star for the ending because it was such a downer. I hate book 1 cliffhangers, but especially this one because it left me feeling so down. Alex is dead, Verity was fake, Cressida is in charge of the witches, what even is there to be hopeful for. I still plan to read book 2, I’ll just feel sad in the meantime instead of anticipating it with excitement.

    3) I don’t know if Rune and Gideon’s relationship is believably salvageable with Alex’s death between them. They were a bit toxic before but now? Ugh. I’ll give it a chance. But it’s going to be hard to make me believe it.

  9. I’m disapointed that they didn’t reveal who Harlow is. 😂 I was suspecting her but yesterday my suspicion turned to Verity. Harlow is horrible and suspicious but I have no clue what does that mean. I’m still confused why Seraphine looks young. I guess I will find out in book two.

    I’m team Rune. There really doesn’t seem to be anything more then chemistry between Gideon and Rune so right now I’m not rooting for him. Much. At first Alex was way too nice for my liking but it turned out he wasn’t quite so good after all. He had to know that Verity was Cressida. I think they might resurect him in the next book.

    With what we know of Verity, I’m finding hard to connect that with what Gideon told. We know she is murder but I can kind of understand murdering the guards. Everything else we know is what Gideon told. Not that I think he was lying. I really need book two to know!

    I wasn’t terribly suprised by the ending but it was delightful. 5 stars.

  10. Wow what an ending. I am devastated about Alex 😭😭😭
    Love the twists and turns of this section and can’t wait for book two
    I think Cressida will continue to try and build her witch army and Rune is going to end up working with Gideon to defeat the witch army and get rid of Cressida for good
    5 star read for me 😀

  11. Ahh so much happened in these chapters! I was so shocked about Alex😭😭 it made me cry
    Definitely a 4.5 or 5⭐️ I loved it!
    And I’m dying to read the 2nd book!
    I’m thinking it might involve rune and Seraphine teaming up to secretly go against Cressida. Also of course Gideon will have to come back and declare his love for Rune❤️

  12. Team Gideon, but noooo Alex 😭, it wasn’t surprising but still hurt. It ended exactly how I thought it would and 4 stars. It was a great book and I can’t wait for the next one. I think Rune will go back to Gideon to help him take down Cressida and then they will defeat her and they will live HEA.

  13. Oh my gosh what a ride!!! This was definitely a five star read for me!! I loved every minute!! I need book 2 IMMEDIATELY!!

    Okay… I am so sad about Alex!
    Tbh I still really hope Run and Gideon can be together! Their chemistry is just too good! However, I didn’t want Alex to die 🙁 he was such a good boy and friend and I feel so bad for both Rune and Gideon 🙁

    I started to figure out the twist with Verity but I still found it so good and enjoyable!

    I feel like Gideon and Rune will have to team up to take down Cressida cause she’s obviously evil hahah

    I can’t wait for book 2!!!

  14. 1. Now that the story reached an end, Team Alex or Team Gideon?

    2. Did The Crimson Moth end how you expected it to?
    I did expect there to be a cliffhanger and for Gideon to find out Rune was a witch and the moth!

    3. What would you rate it out of 5 stars?

    4. Any theories for book two?
    Not really, I enjoyed this book so much I really wanna go into the sequel without any expectations or theories for what could happen. I just hope that Gideon and Rune reunite sooner rather than later since their dynamic is amazing and I wanna see the enemies-to-lovers more!

  15. I’m team Gideon but what happened to Alex broke my heart 🥺 I did NOT expect Verity to be Cressida!!!! I thought she was doing dark magic but how could Runes best friend all this time be such an evil person 😭 although it makes sense why she yried so hard to get her away from Gideon because she so possesive and now Rune is in such a horrible position and lost so many people! I need the next book right now!!! Easy 4.5🌟

    This is HUUUGEEEE….. That’s how we know that he actually liked her.

    This section made me gasped… Rolling on the floor… Punching the air…
    OH. MY. GOD.😫

    Verity is Cressida. All this time, Rune has been confiding with THE Cressida. I don’t know what and how to feel about that…😩

    Gideon… while holding the handmade flowers… for Rune… At the same time knowing that Alex also chose Rune over him… After everything he went through… The heart break of it all…😔

    Rune’s true power finally being awakened. She is POWERFUL. Now I want to know more about her bloodline. Can’t wait for the sequel 🫠

    Ok… BRB… Sobbing for Alex… 😣

  17. I guessed Verity was Cressida. Yay happy I sussed it out but also Noooooo Verity was Cressida, booo!
    Poor Alex, poor Gideon poor Rune and poor Lady, you are a good girl!
    I really need the next installment. An easy 5 stars from me.

  18. I can’t believe Alex died. I’m still in shock!! I want Gideon and Rune to work so bad so I can’t wait for book 2!!!! This book took me completely by surprise and I had so much fun reading it. Definitely 5 stars from me!

  19. Now that the story reached an end, Team Alex or Team Gideon?
    Gahhhh the passion the death!! The ending! Idk I know Alex is the safe choice but the flame is missing.

    Did The Crimson Moth end how you expected it to?
    It didn’t. But it was a fun twist. There were a few things I predicted but overall a good read.

    What would you rate it out of 5 stars?
    I gave it five stars. It was a great read.

    Any theories for book two?
    I think Gideon is going to go head to head with all the witches. I also think that Rune is going to have issues with Cress and the other witches.

  20. Now that the story reached an end, Team Alex or Team Gideon? I’m still team Gideon, however I’m sad that Rune lost her best friend when Alex died.

    Did The Crimson Moth end how you expected it to? I had an idea that Verity was Cressida but I didn’t anticipate the people who died and I didn’t think Rune would get caught

    What would you rate it out of 5 stars? I’m rating this one 4.5 stars, I really enjoyed it

    Any theories for book two? I think my only theory is that the resurrect Alex from the dead other than that waiting impatiently for book 2

  21. I’m a little late to the party, but I’ve just finished the book and caught up with all posts and wow what a ride! Definitely my fav book of the year so far! I absolutely loved the enemies to lovers to enemies trope!

    I must say I was expecting for Alex to die, so I wasn’t very surprised about that. But I still loved the book so much and can’t wait to read the next one! Will fairyloot make an SE of the next one?

  22. I think I’m team Alex, that was true love. Gideon didn’t even let her explain or work it out. There was potential for Rune with Alex.

    I was expecting to end it with Gideon hating Rune, but didn’t expect this. I was shocked and I need second book now 😭

    I rated it 5 stars, I enjoyed it and it was great.

    Thinking if Gideon will go to continent to hunt Rune and maybe Cressida. Maybe he will capture Rune and try to bring her back to island and they will work it out between them on the ship? Or Rune will learn magic and fight Cressida because she’s corrupted with dark magic and Gideon will join her and will see not all witches are bad?

  23. I really enjoyed this book. It was a 4.5 ⭐️ for me.
    I was shocked about Alex😭 I really liked him… but his death was probably the only way to have him out of the equation and leave room for Rune+Gideon without making Alex the bad guy.
    I suspected Verity teaming up with Cressida… I’d never have imagined they were actually the same person!
    I can’t wait to read book 2!

  24. I’m still on team Gideon because they have more chemistry, and Rune obviously has stronger feelings for him. However, I can’t get past how selfless (and reckless) Alex acted when Rune was arrested and his last moments with her. He didn’t deserve to die like this!

    I only expected that Gideon would learn that Rune is the crimson moth, that she would be arrested and that the book would end on a cliffhanger. The rest took me by surprise! I didn’t see Alex’s death coming and was heartbroken in that part. Also, the revelation that Verity (and how ironic to go by that name…) is Cressida made me feel sick for how close she was to Rune all that time…

    I rated it 4 out of 5 stars. It was a very enjoyable read!

    Perhaps Rune will turn against Cressda and will need to side with Gideon to take her down while simultaneously exploring their complicated feelings for one another after the events of book one. The rift between Gideon and Rune seems unbridgable, so I’m curious and eager to see how the author will handle their relationship in the second book.

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