The Curse of Saints Readalong: Day 4!


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Hey fairies!

Welcome back to day 4 of our readalong of The Curse of Saints by Kate Dramis! Things are getting tense, and with two sections to go I have a feeling these chapters will be full of drama!

Today we’re reading from Chapter 49 to the end of Chapter 65.

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for The Curse of Saints by Kate Dramis, from chapters 49 to 65. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


We open with Aya on Will’s balcony while he rests, and discover that Aya healed Will to stop the bleeding until they got him to a healer.

Will gives Aya a present – a whittling knife and block of wood since she left her carving supplies at home. I’m literally crying.

While attending a festival at Pysar, King Dominic approaches Aya and reveals that Gianna suggested she and Aidon be matched in exchange for an alliance. Aya does not believe him as it is a known fact that Visya cannot rule but Aidon pulls her away before she can infuriate Dominic too much. Aya fills Aidon in on Dominic’s revelation and before we know it, they’re KISSING!

Will walks in on the moment (eek!) and tells them that Viviane is missing.

While searching, Aya, Will and Aidon find a blood trail, leading to an alleyway where they hit a dead end. They turn to find two Visya blocking their way, holding a slumped but alive Viviane and a knife. The Visya incapacitate Will and Aidon, and head towards Will with the knife but, before they can get to him, Aya kills one man with a shard of ice and Aidon kills the other with fire. He’s an Incend!

They approach the dead woman and find it’s not Viviane but Helen Lavigne.

Since Aidon saw Aya use another affinity, she ends up explaining everything to him and Josie. Will and Aidon argue and Will is set off again by Aidon referring to Aya as a “weapon”, using his affinity to make Aidon feel like he’s suffocating.

Aidon explains that they found out about his affinity as a child. It was killing him because he wasn’t using it but no one can know as the gods forbid a Visya being on the throne.

Later Will goes to Aya’s room and finds her on her balcony. He leads her to the bathroom and gently washes the dirt and blood from her. Will admits that watching Aidon fall in love with Aya is making him jealous. They nearly kiss but he bids her goodnight and leaves. Just kiss already!

Will goes to speak to Ryker and he confirms that Avis Lavigne is a member of the Bellare. This means the Bellare could not have killed Helene and someone is framing them.

Will and Aya search Dominic’s study and find the letter from Gianna suggesting a match between Aya and Aidon. Josie catches them leaving the study.

Aya decides to tell Will about the tonic. While waiting for him in his room, she finds letters from Lena demanding an update that Will has not responded to. She then finds a letter addressed to her from Tova saying that it was Will’s idea to take her to Trahir.

When he returns, Aya once again accuses him of working with Kakos but Will reveals that Tala know about her power and it is them who wanted to use her. Will has been trying to protect her for years!

Part 2 ends with Aya bursting into Natali’s room and demanding they tell her where the Vaguer are.

When Aya reaches the Vaguer’s oasis, she is tied up in a hut until someone comes to speak to her. The Vaguer recognises her as a “dark saint” and tells her that, in order to survive the Decachiré, you have to fully submit to the darkness.

They have Evie’s sword and it is said to hold her parents’ raw power. Aya wonders if this could transfer to her, feeding her power and healing the darkness.

Aya and the Vaguer perform a trial of the soul. We finally find out what Aya believes has tainted her with darkness – she believes that her mother died by her hand. Aya used Persi to make her leave and she then drowned at sea.

Aya is caught up in her power when she realises Will is kneeling before her, bound. She has a knife to kill him and she doesn’t realise she has done it but WILL IS DEAD!

Aya’s anger, grief and guilt build in her and she is furious at the gods for allowing this to happen. She is drawn towards the veil… but wait! Will’s voice brings her back from the precipice and section four ends with her plunging the knife into her own chest.

Do you think Will is really dead?
Are you Team Will or Team Aidon?
Do you have any theories about how this book will end?

I am not ok. I may never be ok again. I guess we’ll find out when we read the conclusion tomorrow!





  • Amy Kosta

    I think Will is still alive and it was just the darkness playing mind tricks on her!

    I am definitely team Will! I was team Aidon but I love Will now! I also think Aya is better suited for Will.

    I’ve read ahead and I’m nearly finished so I’m not answering this one! But I will say I am so excited for the sequel!

  • Victoria Todd

    1. I think Will is definitely still alive. I think he was a phantom just like her mother was.

    2. I could go either way, Will’s got this great dark, powerful bad boy energy but just think of the glorious ruling power couple Aidon and Aya could be. But if Aidon and Aya end up together I want it to be their choice, not the scheming of Dominic and Gianna.

    3. I genuinely thought this book was a standalone novel, but I can’t see anything getting resolved in full by the end so that’s fairly frustrating. (FairyLoot, please warn us when something is a series). If I had to guess, Aya killing herself will complete that transformation to immortality that Evie’s parents were attempting (or maybe Will is gonna show up in time, grab the whittling knife, and HE’LL end up as the Second Saint. Actually I really want that to happen.) Then the book will end with the presence of whoever is the Second Saint being revealed and leave us with the first attacks of the religious war beginning.

  • Gerda Salusoo

    Not for one second do I think that Will is dead. This would be such an unjust ending for him, it probably must have been in Aya’s mind or something, but he must still be alive.

    Even though I have nothing against Aidon, he seems like a genuine person and would probably be a good match for Aya, but I am still Team Will. He has protected Aya for years and I feel way more chemistry between Will and Aya than I do between Aidon and Aya.

    The book will either end in a cliffhanger or just has this ending where nothing gets resolved yet which will be tackled in the sequel. I honestly have no idea in which direction the book could go, but maybe it ends when Will and Aya get back to Tala to their queen or something.

  • claudsoz512

    1. I don’t think that Will is really dead. I think it was part of the hallucination Aura’s dark side showed her. Like with her mom.

    2. I am Team Will because he has done so much and sacrificed so much for Aya over the years. Also, I don’t think we were given enough scenes with Aidon to want it to be him.

    3. I do not trust Dominic or Gianna. So I figure something will occur with one or both of them.

  • Lisa Spanu

    1. Do you think Will is really dead?
    No, I think it was just a hallucination to get her over the edge. With her feeling him and thinking it’s real since it was different with her mother. If sight and sound can be manipulated, I believe also touch can, so a fake Will died

    2. Are you Team Will or Team Aidon?
    At first I was team Aidon! But I’m starting to lean more and more towards Will haha. I believe both pairings would be very different and good, but I think Will has a better understanding of Aya and can be more of a pillar and a lover and Aidon will remain more of a best friend in the end.

    3. Do you have any theories about how this book will end?
    I feel like it’ll end on a cliffhanger! The book is very addicting so I’ll probably finish it tonight and know Hehe. I think they will reunite, return to Rinnia, where something major will happen that kick starts the war. I believe in the end Aidon will aid Aya and Will

  • Vivian Lu

    Wow so much happened in this section!

    With what Will revealed about Tala knowing about her powers, it just makes me even more suspicious of Gianna now. Isn’t siphoning someone’s powers a thing? If so, perhaps Gianna is trying to strengthen Aya, just to take her power and make herself immortal.

    I don’t think Will is dead. Although, was he really there during the trial or was he just in Aya’s imagination? Perhaps he arrived at the end and is the one that brought her back from the approaching the Veil?

    Honestly, I’m team Aidon right now because I sense more chemistry there. Or maybe I just personally like Aidon more lol. Will seems like a tortured soul and it made me frustrated that he wouldn’t just TALK TO HER, and tell her what’s going on. I don’t think keeping Aya in the dark has been helping her. However, I do think Will and Aya are a good match for each other.

    Maybe the book will end with Aya opening the Veil, and Visya becoming more powerful? Like a reverse of what Evie did.

  • Bec @Booktineus

    I can’t/ won’t answer questions 1 and 3 because I already finished the book.

    But as for Will or Aidan? Will all the way.

  • Ronan55

    I believe Will is alive. The Will she “killed” was likely an illusion to make test her if she had the power to do such a thing

    I am team Aidon because at this point I cannot enjoy Will as a character. I don’t know if it is his broody bad boy personality or his shady actions or what. The power couple Aidon and Aya could become if they get together. Rather it be their own terms or someone else’s is an entirely other situation though.

    My guess is it’ll be resolved in a sequel so this will end in a cliffhanger because I don’t see this wrapping up everything in 100 pages. I have a feeling some familiar faces will become enemies and be the next book’s antagonist. Aya will go on to become incredibly powerful through some ritual I think.

  • desigirl0786

    I don’t think Will actually died, I feel like it’s a trick of her mind. He’s supposedly 4 days behind her anyways.
    I’m team Will alllll the way. I do like the tension from Aidon being a possible contender, only because it infuriates Will. I want them to drop the slow burn and get together.
    I’m not sure how the book will end, I’m hoping she’ll get a hold of her powers and figure out what they have to do next.

  • nathalie.nicholle

    Will is definitely alive, it may be a trick, his would be such an unjust ending for him, it probably must have been in Aya’s mind or something, but he must still be alive .I am definitely team Will, I love Will now! I also think Aya is better suited for Will. It’ll end on a cliffhanger! I think they will reunite and return to Rinnia.

  • Nymphie

    Will is definitely not dead! At least not for good. And of course, I’m on team Will! Aidon is a good man and will make a fine king, but he will not make our Aya happy. He thoughtlessly refers to her as a weapon. Will would never have done that, and even punishes Aidon for doing so. Good job standing up for your girl! I have zero theories about how the book will end and I’m getting antsy that we’re going to get a nasty cliffhanger. I’m so nervous to finish!

  • Natasha Pedersen

    Do you think Will is really dead?
    Let’s just say I will be very surprised if he is.

    Are you Team Will or Team Aidon? I’ve not really connected with any of the characters, so I’m not really invested enough to care. But I get a sense that she’ll end up with Will, hence why I doubt that he’s really dead

    Do you have any theories about how this book will end?
    I’m not sure, but I’m expecting a cliffhanger for build up to the sequel

  • akacya23

    Do you think Will is really dead?
    —definitely not!!
    Are you Team Will or Team Aidon?
    Do you have any theories about how this book will end?
    —nope! i think even if i did, i’d be surprised anyway lol

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