The Foxglove King Readalong: Day 1!

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Hi Fairies!

Happy Monday and welcome to day 1 of our Adult readalong! We’ll be reading The Foxglove King by Hannah Whitten. I’m so excited to be reading this one with you, I hope you all love it!

Before we start, how are you all doing? I hope you had a wonderful weekend and got some reading and relaxing done.

Since today is day 1, we’ll be reading from the beginning to the end of Chapter 8. Get comfy and let’s get started!

When you’ve finished today’s section, catch up with me in the comments down below so we can discuss the beginning of the book. Happy reading!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for The Foxglove King by Hannah Whitten from the beginning to Chapter 8. Please only read on if you have finished this section!


First impressions are important and I won’t lie, Lore has made a great one. She seems like she can hold her own. She’s ushered away the landlord’s son by realising he’s been visiting deathdealers. She can smell the foxglove on him. They part ways with a warning from Lore that the real deathdealers have morgues in the back. This world seems dark already! I like.

Her boyfriend’s sister doesn’t seem to like her… turns out that doesn’t really matter too much though, since Lore is a spy!

We’re in Dellaire, and Lore’s boss Val declares she’s pulling her out of her current job. She’s done spying on Michal. She has a new job for her, she’s in charge of watching some boxes until the client arrives. Sounds simple enough! Val’s parting words seem a little odd though? Why is she suddenly telling Lore her and Mari love her like a daughter and whatever they do it’s because they have to? I feel like something’s about to go wrong, and Mari and Val know it.

It’s bad luck for Lore that bumping into a very creepy revenant makes her late. Jean-Paul’s boxes are already being searched. Lore tries to jump in and pretend it’s her father who ordered empty boxes… When they try to make a run for it, poor Horse ends up dead. Lore though, well, she’s got a secret. Mortem. She channels it and directs it into Horse, and then he’s up.

This isn’t the first time Lore has used Mortem, when she was 13 she raised her friend Cedric after he was trampled by a horse during a raid. It was then that she realised that bringing someone back from the dead didn’t mean they were alive. While she had to give Cedric orders, Horse seems to act of his own accord.

Amidst all the chaos, someone grabs Lore’s arm. It’s Michal, and he clearly didn’t anticipate Lore is the one who channelled Mortem and brought Horse back. As she runs from Michal, someone else steps into her path. The Presque Mort. She can’t escape though, suddenly she’s inhaling chloroform and she’s out for the count!

She wakes, bound and confused. Gabriel is adamantly telling another Presque Mort that he didn’t use that much chloroform. She was out for an entire day! Whoever Gabriel is, he seems to understand the impact of channelling Mortem. He gives her tips and tricks on how to block it out. Even though Gabriel essentially kidnapped her, he seems nice.

We learn The Presque Mort attained their power to channel Mortem by dying for a moment and coming back.

When the informant comes, along with the Priest, it’s Val. Is this what Val was talking about? What she had to do? This is a funny way of showing love…

Val thinks this is an opportunity to keep Lore safe. I don’t see how. It’s then that Anton declares they need Lore’s help? Better than being executed for necromancy I suppose.

They want Lore to reanimate corpses from the villages that have been wiped out to find out what happened, who did it. They threaten Lore, essentially letting her know her options are death, or to help. 

That isn’t all though, Lore is wanted as a spy they want her to spy on the Prince. The Priest Exalted sure doesn’t have a lot of faith in his nephew…

Ok, I like Lore! ? The way she teases Gabriel already has me loving this vibe. I wonder if Gabriel is a potential love interest? What do we think?

Turns out, Lore isn’t quite going to be spying alone. Gabriel, the crow, Presque Mort, is a former DUKE, would you believe? Lore will pose as his cousin and enter the court with Gabriel Remaut.

Gabriel is reluctant, which results in the King essentially blackmailing him and guilt tripping him into doing this. This King gives me bad vibes already!

The Prince’s consecration goes off without a hitch and Gabriel and Lore return to their room to drown their sorrows, literally. The alcohol seems to make Gabriel a bit more chatty, and he asks for her story, what led to her dying and coming back and being able to channel Mortem. She tells him she drowned for a minute and came back… It’s all lies though. They’re interrupted by a letter sliding under the door, an invitation to a masquerade hosted by the Sun Prince himself, and not long after that, their wardrobe for said masquerade arrives!

What are your initial feelings on the book and its characters so far?
Is there anyone you’re getting particularly good or bad vibes from?
If you had the power to bring people back from the dead, even temporarily, would you use it?

This book is off to an interesting start! I can’t wait to see where tomorrow will take us, see you then!


23 thoughts on “The Foxglove King Readalong: Day 1!

  1. Thanks for the summary because honestly how Mortem works in this world confuses me a bit. Gabriel is definitely a potential love interest as will be the prince I assume as Lore tries to get close. I’m getting bad vibes from Anton and good vibes from Gabriel.

    I don’t think I’d bring back anyone from the dead unless there was something I needed from them that there was no other way to get.

  2. So far I’ve really enjoyed the book! The atmosphere is brilliant. However the world building, especially the magic, feels a little confusing. Hoping it’s more established later on. Can’t wait to see where it goes!

  3. I feel like it’s just starting to get interesting at chapter 8 ?

  4. Interesting starts i like the magic concept it different i also like how we don’t know a lot about lore but we know she valuable. It be interesting to too see how the love interest works out.

    Thanks for hosting the read alongs

  5. I like it a lot! Lore is a great female MC I think, not annoying/super angsty and she’s quite funny!
    Definitely good vibes from Gabriel. But bad vibes from Anton… he is too manipulative and I’m pretty sure he’s gunning for the throne. Bastian/the Sun Prince is giving me mixed vibes so he’ll probably play a larger role later, likely a love triangle between Lore, Gabriel, and Bastian.

  6. I am actually hoping Gabe is not a love interest and more like a brother, but I am sure he will be along with the Prince.

    I love Lore. I can’t wait to find out how/why she can raise the dead and what makes her so different. Gabe seems alright as does the Prince. The Price will probably end up being smarter than people think or knows more than people think. I just think it is interesting he is already paying so much attention to Lore.

    I am not fond of the brothers – August and Anton. I do not think they care about people. They seem to use people to get what they want and then toss them away – like with the soldiers who brought Lore to August and then he manipulated Gabe into spying. I also think Anton has some weird hold on Gabe. I don’t know…I just get a bad vibe from the brothers. I actually think they are wrong the Prince is not leaking information.

    I don’t think I would bring someone back from the dead…I don’t know though. Maybe if I really needed answers…but what is dead should stay dead and at peace.

  7. What are your initial feelings on the book and its characters so far? — I am still a bit confused, or at least I was for the first 6 chapters. But that’s fine, it just takes a bit longer sometimes to get into a plot and all its essential details.
    Lore seems a very strong female protagonist, which I definitely like. Her wit and sarcasm is also very refreshing. Gabriel could be a love interest. Not sure, if I would like to read a love triangle, because I have a feeling Lore will get very close to the Sun Prince.

    Is there anyone you’re getting particularly good or bad vibes from? — The two brothers, Anton and August, are playing a dirty game, and I am sure they are not playing with open cards nor fair. So they definitely give me damn bad vibes.

    If you had the power to bring people back from the dead, even temporarily, would you use it? — Yeah, I would use it. But only to find out how they died. So I would probably work with the police and solve cold cases and murders in general to find out who is the killer.

  8. This is my first adult Fairyloot book that I started to read, and think it’s really neat to have this read along. So thank you! I’ll try to keep on track with the reading schedule, but we’ll see! I am liking the book although I am confused about some of the plot details. So far I find Lore and Gabriel’s characters the most interesting. I initially got good vibes from Gabriel and could see him being the primary love interest. I don’t know if I would want to bring back any people from the dead if I could. Well, maybe my dogs that have passed away so I could see them again. Looking forward in continuing this read along!

  9. Such a fun start to a book! Gotta love death magic and rent collectors! I am so intrigued with Lore’s childhood in the catacombs. What in the world happened down there to her?! The Blood and Death gods are a fun religion that I’m interested to see more of.
    I am liking Gabe’s sarcastic under the breath comments when Anton isnt listening. I wonder how long he will be able to keep to his vows. Speaking of vows and not keeping them! Anton and August are awful. Nothing but bad vibes for them both.

    If I could bring people back from the dead, exactly as they were when they died I want to say I would never do it. I mean who knows what sort of situations can come down the road when a distraction or grief would tempt but the visual of Horse and Cedric’s broken empty bodies is too horrid. So nope nope nope. No thank you!

  10. What are your initial feelings on the book and its characters so far?
    I am super intrigued by everyone and want to learn more about Lore and Gabriel for sure.

    Is there anyone you’re getting particularly good or bad vibes from?
    Other than Val none at the moment but I’m keeping my eyes out and not trusting anyone. ? the preface to the book did say that everyone had moments where we dislike them sooo I’m ready for the BETRAYLS.
    If you had the power to bring people back from the dead, even temporarily, would you use it?
    I think it depends. I want to say I would be strong enough not to do it for personal gain but I’m not sure I would be. I do think having that ability and solving murders could be handy but you are defying the balance of power between life and death.

  11. I read the first 20% of the Netgalley to double-check that I wanted your edition, and I knew without a doubt that I did. I love the dark vibes so far, and how intense things are! Obviously Gabriel is the love interest, and also possibly the prince?

    The ability to use the power would depend. I think if it’s a long-term illness I wouldn’t, but if it was a sudden death I would. And only temporarily

  12. I feel like this book is gonna be a favourite! I just love the start, with just enough worldbuilding done to understand what’s going on, but without it becoming too boring to read and quite a quick start to the action. Can’t wait to continue! Also interested to know is there gonna be a love triangle situation happening, since both Gabriel and Bastien seem like potential love interests?

  13. This book is definitely off to a good start! Yes, it did take a while to establish the details & at chapter 8 I can feel myself starting to be pulled into the story!

    I love how fierce Lore is & how she instantly feels a connection with Gabriel. Maybe it’s some sort of previous life connection? I’m also excited to learn more about the prince & curious how their relationship will develop. But also will her boyfriend pop back in at some point? Hmmm….

    I am intrigued by the Mortem ability & can’t wait to see how Lore can harness her power since she hasn’t had much training with it.

  14. It’s more interesting and a bit easier to get into than I thought it would be. Plus the magic system is novel. I like learning about the pantheon of gods and the religion.

    Definitely bad vibes from August and Anton. Side note- I’m also simultaneously listening to this and the narrator pronounces August “Aw-goost” and it’s annoying the heck out of me.

    And I would absolutely not use that power. Especially if it was like how the power manifests in Lore. Nope, as much as I’d love to see/talk to my mom, grandparents, aunts, etc., I refuse to bring them back like that. It’s a dangerous thing to start living in the past and not look to the future.

  15. What are your initial feelings on the book and its characters so far? It’s definitely got me intrigued. Not read a book like this before so I’m looking forward too it.

    Is there anyone you’re getting particularly good or bad vibes from? Good vibes from Lore, not sure about anyone else yet.

    If you had the power to bring people back from the dead, even temporarily, would you use it? I think it would depend on the situation tbh, but hopefully not a situation I’ll ever be in!

  16. Had an enjoyable weekend traveling to London with my best friend and buying loads of books!!

    1. I really enjoyed the fish part of the book. I’m mostly curious to see where the story will go and learn more about the death magic and about Lore’s past!
    2. I’m getting a not good vibe from Anton and I feel like there is more to the king as well. He says the prince isn’t ready for the weight but it comes across as if he isn’t ready to lose it instead.
    3. No, I don’t believe I would

  17. It feels both familiar [as in I’ve read a book similar to it], but also new? Which is good!
    I think we’re suppose to get bad vibes from Anton and August [though more Anton than August], and good vibes from Gabriel, with mixed vibes from Bastian. How those will hold up, though, idk. If this was a YA book, I would definitely think they’d hold, at least for the most part, but this book is technically Adult, so I’m excited to see how they all shake out!
    I think, if the power allowed the souls/personality/*person* could come back alive, too, and only temporarily, I might. But, like most necromancy, you usually only reanimate the body until you stop animating it, and I don’t think I’d find a use for that, ever. It would defeat the purpose for me. And, as much as I know there will be cases I’ll want otherwise, I don’t think it’s a good idea for them to come back for very long, so I think there would need to be a known “timer” on their return time.

  18. Death magic. Adopted family betrayal. Crooked politics (is there any other kind). A Duke who seems to be a little too kind-hearted for his current place/role. Also, why do I feel like they’re worshipping the last god standing, this “Bleeding God,” but it makes me think of that old adage “history is written by the victor.” (When everyone else is dead, who’s to say otherwise?) Bad intuition from the Prince? I wonder if she would’ve had similar reactions to the King & Priest, if they’d walked up behind her rather than being introduced face-to-face 1st.
    Daily Q&A:
    1.) What are your initial feelings on the book and its characters so far?
    2.) Is there anyone you’re getting particularly good or bad vibes from?
    3.) If you had the power to bring people back from the dead, even temporarily, would you use it?
    1.) Interesting concept of these gods, their relationships/histories, & the obvious corruption of politics & church set a good stage for drama & action to come. The magic system still needs some fleshing out to better understand, but it’s early & has a promising lead already.
    2.) Most people in this book have been portrayed with varying degrees of “asshole” about them. Probably the least of which is Gabriel, at the moment. (He’ll either betray her due to his brainwashing or be her love interest is my guess. If he’s not, then I could see the Prince trying to fill that role, but as we know so little about him, I can’t say how much stock I put into that yet.)
    3.) Nope. Especially not like this where they wouldn’t be themselves, wouldn’t be healed or whole, & would only be lost all over again – soon.

  19. It was a slow start, and it was difficult to understand how Mortem works at first. That part with Val, I thought as well that it may lead to Lore’s capture.
    I so have the bad vibes with Anton.
    I think Bastian is interesting, but I don’t think he is the spy/informant.

  20. I’m really loving the story so far! You know how some books just grab your interest from the start? Well, that’s this one! I’m very intrigued!

    So far, I’m really appreciating Lore’s sassy personality, and I am curious about her backstory. I wonder if we will see more of her deeper emotions as we get through the book, because right now Lore suppresses most things, which makes my emotions suppressed too.

    The author’s imagery is very impressive. The descriptions were so vivid and I could imagine everything that was going on. I kept thinking that this story would make an amazing TV show, because I could literally picture everything that was happening.

    As for Gabriel, he is giving me best friend vibes. But I also wouldn’t be surprised if it grew into a romantic relationship. However, Bastian is giving playboy energy and potential main love interest. I can’t wait to meet him in the upcoming chapters. It’s clear that he’s smarter than he seems. Everything actually seems to be more complex than meets the eye.

    Personally, if I had the power to bring people back from the dead, I don’t think I would use that power for myself. Except in cases where it would be to my benefit, financially or otherwise. I would also want to keep the ability a secret, just like Lore has.

    So excited to continue reading!

  21. I’m a few days late to get started with this one, but I went in a little bit blind, so not really sure what to expect so far. I like the world building, but there are still a number of holes in my understanding of how/why a buried goddess could be leaking Mortem, and what exactly Mortem is. The characters we’ve been introduced to are shaping up to be an interesting cast. I hope Gabe will be a big player in the story because so far he’s intrigued me the most.
    I don’t think the Sun Prince is necessarily giving me bad vibes, his father and uncle feel like they’re further down that path. Bastian just seems like a playboy prince. I’m wondering if Val and Mari will come back into play, but also Michal at some stage…though he did witness her necromantic power so maybe that was enough to keep him away.
    If I had the power to raise the dead, I don’t know that I would use it. There’s something deeply dissatisfying about bringing dead people back to life in my opinion. There’s enough dead people living as it is, without bringing back actual dead people!

  22. I am enjoying this book so far, I find the magic system really unique not sure how I feel about it yet. I am a fan of Lore; she is the kind of female read I get a kick out of reading, strong, independent, and looking out for her secrets. I am curious to learn what happened to her as a child. I wonder is she is somehow connected to the buried goddess? I also think that might tie into the strong familiarity that she feels with Gabriel and now the crowned prince as well, what is going on there? Finally, I wonder if we have really seen the end of Michal or not, very odd that he just happened to be there when she was arrested.

  23. What are your initial feelings on the book and its characters so far?
    I’m really loving the vibes of this. The characters a enjoyable and funny even, the writing is vivid and almost lyrical and the atmosphere is spot on.

    Is there anyone you’re getting particularly good or bad vibes from?
    Honestly I don’t trust anyone as far as I can throw them. Which isn’t very far. But I think that’s part of the charm honestly.

    If you had the power to bring people back from the dead, even temporarily, would you use it?
    No. Absolutely not. It would definitely backfire.

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