The Girl Who Fell Beneath The Sea Readalong: Day 2!

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Hi Fairy Friends!

Welcome to day 2 of our readalong of The Girl Who Fell Beneath The Sea by Axie Oh.

I’m so excited to see where today’s chapters will take us!

Today we’re reading from chapter 7 to the end of chapter 13. Get cosy and let’s dive in!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for The Girl Who Fell Beneath The Sea by Axie Oh, from chapters 7 to 13. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


We’re beginning today’s section by finding out the Nari that greeted Mina at Lotus House is a girl Mina knew, she was good friends with her brother Joon. A year ago Nari jumped into a river to retrieve boats that had floated away from the dock during a storm and she never came back. 

She’s happy to see Mina until she mistakenly thinks if Mina is in the spirit realm, she must be dead. Dai interrupts to say Mina is the Sea God’s bride. Nari is understandably confused since it was supposed to be Shim Cheong who was sacrificed this year, and even more confused that Mina isn’t speaking.

Nari sneaks Mina into Lotus House to pose as a servant so that she can retrieve her soul. She hides Mina’s lower face in a scarf so no one recognises her and retrieves a servant’s apron. There are a LOT of people around and it turns out every year the great houses of the spirit realm gather to make sure the Red String of Fate between the Sea God and his bride has been broken so that the Sea God can remain protected. 

As Mina starts toward the pavilion that houses her soul, someone stops her. A voice she regonises… Namgi!

Ahhhh, I really thought Mina had been caught! Nari’s disguise worked and Namgi merely thinks Mina is another servant, tasking her with getting more wine. Then he questions why she’s heading a certain way, since there’s nothing there (other than, yanno, her soul) and Mina obviously can’t reply… Oh I’m on edge.

Nari saves the day, calling for Lord Namgi to leave her alone since she has tasks to complete and Namgi laughs and walks away. After another close (but false) call with Kirin, Mina makes it to the pavilion, but she’s not alone. There are two figures in the pavilion, clad in black. Mina thinks they’re thieves, are they trying to steal her soul?

Mina can’t find her soul without passing the thieves. This doesn’t look good.

It looks even bleaker when someone ELSE comes in. Jeez, cut Mina a break!

When another figure enters the room Mina is in, it’s Shin, AND he has her soul. He feigns hiding and when Mina thinks he’s gone, she steps out and he catches her. Mina tells him of the thieves below and he tells Mina to hide. Mina thinks what I’m sure we’re ALL thinking at this point – why do they want her soul?

When Mina runs to intercept an arrow aimed at Shin, they knock into each other subsequently knocking over the cage, scaring off the remaining thief and releasing the magpie. Damn, Mina, stop being so brave! You don’t know Shin well enough to take an arrow for him.

So… in a wild turn of events, Mina got her soul back BUT ended up with a new Red String of Fate to Shin, that can’t be severed… uh oh.

I am not laughing at their misfortune, I promise. I AM however, laughing at poor Mina suggesting if they hold hands maybe the Red String of Fate will come full circle and disappear.

Weirdly, no one else can see it? Everyone could see it when Mina was fated to the Sea God but now only Mina and Shin can see their fate…

They go to prove the tie between Mina and the Sea God has been severed, but since Mina has her soul, no one believes them. Shin has a plan – albeit not a good one – and tells them all HE is marrying the Sea God’s bride, Mina. He can’t have feelings for Mina already surely, so why is he so eager to keep her close?

They head to Fox House to get some much needed answers from a demon, Kirin and Namgi are obviously concerned to learn Shin and Mina are connected in a way they can’t see, and the fox tells them the only way to end this fate is if one of the bearer’s should die. Well, that is… bad. Worse still is that she says there’s a chance if one dies, they both will. Is this why Shin said they’re marrying? Because he could keep her close and safe to protect her, which then protects himself?

The fox tells them the real purpose of the Red String of Fate is to tie soul mates together. Wit-wooo are they soul mates then?

Damn. Shin drops some heavy news, telling Mina they can’t be soul mates… because he doesn’t have a soul. 

When they return to Lotus House, Mina is whisked away to be pampered. Mina reminisces about another story her grandmother told her about how the first Sea God’s bride came to be.

Later, Mina begs Nari to take her to the Sea God’s palace. Lord Shin promised Mina he wouldn’t keep her from her task, but he’s also instructed people to make sure she does not leave Lotus House. Namgi overhears and says he will take Mina. Interesting?

Namgi tells Mina the palace won’t actually be open. That the gates will be closed for the year when the next Sea God bride is due to arrive. Namgi also tells Mina he’s not a spirit or a demon but an Imugi, a beast of myth.

Mina eventually realises Namgi isn’t taking her to the Sea God’s palace and that maybe Shin will take her – somehow I don’t believe that.

Mask and Dai are here! They help Mina trick Namgi so she can make an escape. Mask takes Mina to the palace, Miki on her back, and the gate is OPEN. Namgi lied! Mask mysteriously tells Mina she has her reasons for helping her and pushes Mina through the gate.

So Mina is fated to Lord Shin, apparently engaged and now she’s heading into the Sea God’s palace on her own! I’m so intrigued to see where this will go!

Make sure you let me know alllll your thoughts in the comments and I’ll catch up with you tomorrow for day 3!


33 thoughts on “The Girl Who Fell Beneath The Sea Readalong: Day 2!

  1. I knew there was going to be more to Shin than first met the eye. I’m now intrigued by Mask, Dai and Miki…who are they and what do they want??
    The world that is being built in this book is so vivid, I love the writing style and intrigue that has been introduced straight away!

    1. I know, right! Mask is creating all kinds of questions. I’m also noticing that the descriptions are not so flowery that I skim over them, I am able to get a visual without having to re-read it a few times!

  2. Mina got her voice back much quicker than expected. And I can’t wait for more details on why the gods need protecting from humans. That’s an interesting situation.

    Shin has no soul? Could her soul have split when it returned to her? And Mask is definitely becoming a more and more interesting character. Who is she?

  3. Im wondering who the goddess of Moon and Memory is and if there is something important there, we do keep referring to memories?
    There are also a lot of reference to forests and fears.
    I also echo Minas question “How can Shin not have a soul”? yet have a “soul-mate”.

  4. I’m loving this book so much. I keep wondering who Mask really is and so far I have two theories:

    1. Mask is Mina’s grandmothers grandmother. The one that Mina was always compared to and has her dagger. That would explain why Mask keeps helping Mina and the grandmother mask she wears.
    2. Other theory is that Mask is the first Sea Gods Bride and also wants to stop the curse but is a part of it too so has to help the new brides to save the Sea God. That could explain why the gate to the palace was open and why Mask keeps helping Mina. Also the Sea Gods Brides are always the most beautiful women every year so the mask of an old woman could be part of the curse disguising Mask as the opposite of what she is.

    I don’t know for sure if either theory really holds up but I am so excited to keep reading!

    1. Those are really great theories!

  5. This section was good. I thought she wouldn’t get her voice back so soon and didn’t expect that to happen with the read string

  6. My opinion of Shin has changed drastically. I think he’s a good guy. Actually, I believe he will be the love interest. He’s protecting the sea God and fighting against everyone and everything to do it, much like Mina. I like the potential.

    I also really like the theory above that the soul split in two as it was returned to Mina!

    I am enjoying this book a lot! What a lush, interesting world to play in!

    1. I realized I stopped at chapter 10! Now I understand the soul mates thing! That it’s a rare and intimate thing and she and Shin have only just met is particularly interesting to me. I wonder what it’ll mean for the Sea God if they fall in love and choose each other.

      Namgi is a really interesting character. An Imugi? I want to know more about them! I love lore!

      I love these kids! They are loyal and seem to really care for Mina. 🙂

  7. Just as 1 question seems to get answered, I get a lot more to ask.

    1. Why is Mask, Dai and Miki helping Mina so much? Is there a connection we don’t know yet? Is it in their best interests to help her or is a ruse amd they’re really trying to prevent her from succeeding?

    2. How can Shin have a soul-mate and mo soul? How did he lose his soul? And did the Red String of Fate connect them because he was the closest person to her? Or were they always soul mates but hadn’t met before she was the Sea God’s bride?

    The intrigue in this book is amazing, ot just keeps you wanting to read on. The imaginary is beautiful and so in depth. And all the stories and myths mentioned so far really give the overall story more character and meaning.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s section!

  8. Okay so I was not expecting Mina and Shin to be tied together and to be apparent soul mates. I feel like their dynamic will be really great as the book goes on. Could it be possible that with both Mina and Shin in the same room together when the soul was freed that it was split and went into the both of them, therefor linking their fates?

    Namgi and Kirin seem like really interesting side characters and I’m loving the little peeks we’re getting into their history and origin.

    I’m also wondering who Mask, Dai and Kiki are? Could they have something to do with Mina? Maybe they’re relatives from the mortal world who have passed on? At this point I feel like I’ve got so many more questions than I have answers ? But…. I seriously can’t wait to read more and see what’s going to happen next ?

    Emily (@emmies_booksta) xxx

  9. This is getting better and better! I’ve got to admit, Mina got her voice pretty quickly, I didn’t expect that! On the other hand, I’ve always loved the idea of a Red String of Fate that ties soulmates together… so romantic! I’m very curious as to why Mina and Shin are now tied together by the Red String of Fate: I might start to see the chemistry between the two of them.
    Also, I’m now intrigued by Mask, Dai and Miki: who are they and what do they want? I’m even questioning if they are truly helping Mina…

  10. Loving this one so so much!

    I’m definitely thinking that Mask is Mina’s grandmother

    And… I’m wondering if there’s a connection between the Sea God and Lord Shin
    If Lord Shin is soulless, but… we’ve heard that souls, when out of bodies, take on other forms that look like living beings… hmmm

  11. Ahhh the tension between Shin and Mina has me swooning! I did not expect that they would be fated together or that Shin would drop that marriage bomb on Mina. I’m loving it so far. It’s also really hard to predict where this story is going to go. What kind of spirits or non-spirits are Kirin and Shin? We learned about Namgi in this section but there are truly mysteries abound. I have a hunch that Mask is Mina’s grandmother or a previous bride. And maybe Shin is somehow related to the good king that the Sea God had a friendship with? And if Kirin’s kind has been killed by the water snakes, then Kirin must be a rival animal for the snakes!

  12. Really the main question I have right now is how does Shin have a soulmate without a soul? I am absolutely loving this book so far!

  13. Ooooh! Really really feeling like Mask is definitely Mina’s great great grandmother…why we can’t see her face. She doesn’t want Mina to know for some reason.

    I like how Mina got her soul back and find it really fascinating that she’s now fated to Shin and supposedly his soul mate but yet, he doesn’t have a soul. That has me really curious!

  14. I’m really enjoying the book so far. The expanded world in this section was beautiful and the characters are all intriguing. I love the mystery and that I don’t really have an idea of what the twists and turns will be.

  15. Wow these chapters were a lot. This world feels so rich, like all of these characters have their own legends and myths surrounding them. I feel like Mina, like I should know all of the stories and yet don’t know the right ones for these characters. I also love that none of the characters seem really evil…they have their own agendas, but they’re not straight up villains.


    (How did they know where exactly – in which part of the Lotus House would be Mina’s soul? Didn’t expect her to get her soul back so early!) I assumed the thieves wanted her soul to harm the sea god / take his powers or something along those lines. Who do they serve?

    I liked the twist with the new red thread of fate that formed between Mina and Shin (it made me happy because I was attracted to his character). Maybe it had to do with her saving him? And remember when there was something like a pull / spark between Mina and the dragon? I am thinking what if the dragon is Shin’s soul??? (Namghi said something about the pearl in his possession so what if Shin wanted also be a god? Thousand years or thousand battles… So intriguing!) Or is he somehow connected to the sleeping sea god and the god himself is his soul? (He had a strong opinion about gods not being obligated to help humans that had me thinking that there is more…) Far-fetched, I know, so probably not. Anyway, this brings me… Shin has no soul! WOW. There are rumours about his weakening powers. Don’t let him be dying!!! (He has no soul and didn’t they say that a being (I think they said human) without a soul can’t survive in the realm? Maybe Mina gave him a piece of her soul when they connected so he will live longer?)

    I adore Namghi’s easy-going nature! He and Nari… Do I smell a potential romance? (Side note, a little off topic… When these two had a wager to distract him from Mina and mentioned the play of cards… The deck of cards in the March box might be my favourite item now besides the book. Great pick, Fairyloot!). His family killed everyone in Kirin’s house. OH MY. I don’t know if I should be suspicious of Kirin (or even Namghi). Will he try to avenge his loved ones? I need to find out more about this. If he is a traitor, then it’s too obvious (he has a motive and expressed annoyance at one point when Shin was talking). So idk.

    How did Mask know Mina wanted to the sea god’s palace? So they’ve been following them.. And she has reasons? Honestly, what Emily Fisette came up with didn’t cross my mind until I read her comment, but I LOVE both theories and I think she might be onto something!!! I lean to the second one because of her mask (hiding her identity) and the sea god’s bride’s were all pretty. Maybe Mask was in love with the Sea God somehow and wants to help her… I feel like I am missing something here. The grandma theory is solid and I don’t rule the possibility out just yet.

    There is bad blood among the houses… Incoming battle?


    1. ETA: To Emily’s grandma theory… Why I don’t rule that one out…. At some point it’s mentioned how Mina and Mask could get confused for sisters because they look similar from behind. So there’s a chance they are really related. Or later on someone will confuse the girls – like wanted to kidnap / harm one and takes the other. Or Mask will pretend to be Mina etc.

  17. I’m so curious about who Mask is, maybe her grandmother’s grandmother or the first sea bride??
    I am really liking Namgi, maybe they could be friends?

  18. Oooh I’m enjoying this. I think all of my theories were incorrect though so far so I might just enjoy the story now lol

  19. Ahhhh….. The soulmate reveal early on is making this more exciting. I knew there is more to Lord Shin and Mina’s meeting. But the no soul claim by Lord Shin is troubling.

    Also, with Mask’s (and Dai and Miki) reappearance, and her helping Mina, I have a theory of whom she might be and wearing a mask disguises her so Mina can not know her yet until her task is fulfilled.

    I’m also liking Namgi, I think he and Mina will become good friends

  20. My biggest “what??” in this section is about Mask, Dai, and Miki. Why are they always around. Who are they? I had my suspicions at this point but I’ve finished so I’ll save them!

  21. I was a day late in reading this day’s chapters but I really love Mina and Shin interacting so I cannot wait for more of that since they’re now *GASP* engaged!

    I also really like Miki, Dai, and Mask but I think there’s more to them than meet’s the eye.

    1. Yes!!! Love that Shin and Mina are soul-mates. I smell angst and tragedy ahead and I cannot wait!

      Seems like many of you have the same idea I do. I think Mask is Mina’s mom.

  22. Alright! So maybe I just wasn’t in a reading head space yesterday when I said it was off to a slow start. Today has been the opposite! I blew through chapter 7-13 and am so excited to get back into it.

    Shin intrigues me and I’m curious if she is actually soulmates with him or if her true fate does indeed lie with the Sea God. Also, I kinda love our misfit side characters of Mask, Dai, & Mikki so I’m curious to see either their true identities or their true goals.

  23. I’m liking these chapters! Mina and Shin are growing on me more. I think the supporting characters are all really great, though I’m suspicious of Mask, Dai, and Miki. I’m excited to read more about Mina and Shin!!

  24. I currently have a lot of theories…

    I suspect that Shin is a family member of the Emperor who was friends with the Sea God. We are told that the Emperor’s whole family was killed but not exactly who the family members were.

    Based on the character art of Mina and the dragon I’m guessing that there is some connection between Shin and the dragon… is he the dragon? I can’t remember if we’ve ever seen them in the same place at the same time? I like this theory that the dragon’s pearl is Shin’s soul.

    I really want to know what happened to Mina in the forest. Something traumatic? For some reason I am imagining that Mina had a twin who died in the forest but that Mina does not remember them… possibly Dai is her twin?

    I have so many theories on who Mask really is… I basically think she could be pretty much any female character mentioned… Mina’s grandmother’s grandmother, Mina’s mother, any of the recent brides not already accounted for or the first bride, daughter of the Conqueror.

    For some reason I keep picturing Namgi as Cassian from ACoTaR.

    1. I also had the theory about shin and the dragon being the same! And I like your other theories!

  25. I’m loving this book!

    I knew Shin wasn’t so bad, which should, in turn, mean that his 2 closest men should be likewise. I’m liking Namgi’s character more. The bit through the Fox Demon’s forest, particularly, but also that he’s playfully mischievous to keep the mood light. Kirin seems serious & loyal & maybe a little sad. Meanwhile, Nari turns out to be a close friend of Mina’s brother – loyal, confident, brave. Yay! Dai & Mask (with Miki with them) seem to be the best friends Mina could’ve met by chance encounter, but was it just by chance? Someone above mentioned 2 theories about Mask’s possible identity, & I was definitely thinking Mask could be a relative or past bride helping Mina on her mission, too. It’ll be interesting to see if either is correct because I’m very curious as to who she is (they don’t even give her a name).

    The scenes with Shin & Mina make me feel like squealing. Lol. Whether it’s him pulling her to the ground, catching her head, & pressing their hands more firmly together to tease her about her theory, or coming back to her in the Fox Demon’s forest after spotting her arm linked with Namgi’s to distract her through conversation himself, or even telling her that the Red String of Fate being for soulmates is impossible because HE DOESN’T HAVE A SOUL… it always seems to be sweet, caring (even when they’re verbally sparing). I saw a theory above about her soul possibly splitting between them. I like that thought. Although, I’m worried about what happens to them because she’s human & will die if she stays in the Spirit Realm for a month which might mean they both die. ? From their 1st meeting, I felt like he must be her love interest, but then I thought that must be wrong because how could he be when she needed to be the Sea God’s Bride to break the curse & save her people? I have hope for them though.

    I’m fairly certain Mask is helping her, while Namgi’s admitting to not helping her (with a possibility for her to have another chance with Shin) doesn’t seem malicious either, but the gate being slightly open seems suspicious if not outright ominous. ?

  26. So far these chapters have been very intriguing! I am really enjoying the new side characters, Namji especially. I hope we get to see more of him.

    I was very surprised that Mina had gotten her voice back so soon but I’m glad she did. I was also surprised that Mina and Shins souls are connected, especially after finding out that he doesn’t have a soul but it does cement my idea that shin is a love interest for sure.

    I can’t wait to see more of them together though because I’m really liking their dynamics together.

    I also need to find out more about Mask! I loved reading all of your guys’s theories and it made me even more excited to find out just who she is.

  27. So far, I’m loving the writing. I did not expect that to happen when Mina made it her mission to go and recover her soul. Now she and Shin are the ones tied by the red string of fate, and no one else can see it!

    I still have so many questions! Got to get on with reading the next chapters!

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