The Girl Who Fell Beneath The Sea Readalong: Day 3!

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Hello Fairy Family!

I hope that you’re all loving The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea so far! It’s now day 3 and things are really getting interesting!

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Today we’ll be reading from Chapter 14 to the end of Chapter 20, let’s jump in!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for The Girl Who Fell Beneath The Sea by Axie Oh, from chapters 14 to 20. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


We’re joining Mina in the Sea God’s hall, but he’s nowhere to be seen! Where he sat asleep yesterday is empty and Mina’s hopes of waking him have disappeared with him.

Suddenly, her Red String of Fate is moving… Shin is on his way. He won’t be happy with Mina for leaving!

Luckily, Mina manages to find a hidden door, if the Sea God’s anywhere, surely he’s behind a hidden door? Beyond the door, Mina finds a pavilion, no Sea god though. Then, a chime sounds and she looks to find hundreds of paper boats.

When she unfolds one of the paper boats it seems to transport her. She’s still in the garden by the pavilion, but it’s dusk now and ash is falling from the sky. To make it even more unusual, a muffled cough comes from behind Mina. My first guess is Shin found her, but it’s a young woman. She’s begging someone to save her unborn child. When she tries to stand Mina rushes over to help her but the woman passes right through Mina…

Mina realises it must be a memory, a memory of the moment this woman wrote her wish on a paper boat to send to the gods. Then Mina’s choking on ashes and someone’s calling her name. This is INTENSE. Who’s shouting her?!

Whoever it is is telling her it’s not real. How would they know what she’s seeing?

It’s Shin, a very sweaty Shin. He tells Mina this is the Sea God’s Garden and Mina guesses the boats are prayers that went unanswered. Shin has the nerve to tell Mina they’re just prayers. Surely he knows by now how Mina feels the gods don’t care, he isn’t exactly making a stand to disagree!

He says he doesn’t care about the wishes of humans. Damn, Shin.

Shin’s really making it sound like the only reason he wants Mina safe is because his life is tied to hers and I’m doing a big eye roll at the audacity.

Mina gives Shin somewhat of an ultimatum. She tells him she’ll do as he asks and keep herself safe and within his constraints and boundaries if he helps Mina grant the wish of the young woman she saw.

Shin, somewhat reluctantly, agrees and Mina describes the vision to him. He doesn’t look too pleased at the outcome, they’re heading to the Goddess of Women and Children to deliver the wish!

As they walk to Moon House, Mina asks Shin about the gods and goddesses. Sun House is dedicated to men and the Emperor and since there’s no emperor, it’s empty… what about men though? Surely they still need a god?

Mina gives the goddess the paper boat, but she wants payment and Mina doesn’t have much. This goddess is MEAN. No wonder Mina’s world is in disarray when gods and goddesses like this one are so uncaring!

When it’s clear the goddess won’t help without payment, Shin throws down some coins. Is he doing this because he cares for?

When the goddess sees the prayer, her response is to laugh, because it’s an old wish and the girl and the child are already dead, their prayers unanswered, and throws the boat into the fire. Uncalled for!

Mina sticks her hand in the flame to catch the boat and Shin ushers her out of the room, quickly covering her hand and getting her back to Lotus House. Poor Mina!

She opens up to Shin and tells him her people love the gods and trust in them no matter what. The gods give them hope. It’s heartbreaking to know that and know the gods don’t care.

In her anger, she tells Shin he’s worse than the gods because he gives her false promises and hope as well as despair. Don’t believe it Shin she’s just sad! When Mina says only the Sea God can help her now, Shin says there’s no curse on him and he chose to abandon everyone. Shin seems to know a lot about the Sea God?

Dun dun dunnnnn, he’s a god! He says you have to believe in something to be the god of it but he hasn’t denied it. The plot thickens, fairies!

At Lotus House, Shin calls on Kirin and he heals Mina’s hand by cutting his on palm and covering Mina’s wound with his blood. Freaky!

Drumroll, we have the “ONLY ONE BED” trope! The tension is strong in this one. Are any of you sensing any romance between Shin and Mina? I definitely think there’s something brewing!

The next morning when Mina wakes, Shin is gone, but the paper boat that Mina tried so hard to receive is on the shelf by the window. Shin must have retrieved it?

Mask, Dai and Miki are back! I love these freaky spirits. Mask and Mina have a rather deep conversation about Mina’s fate and tells Mina not to chase fate, but to let fate chase her… whilst staring at Shin.

So Shin is back from his hunt. He tells Mina he couldn’t stop himself from thinking about what Mina was doing whenever he saw the Red String of Fate. Mina in return tells him she’s glad he’s back because – wait for it – with him back there’s more for her heart to do than mope. How romantic!

Shin takes Mina back to the Sea God’s palace in the hopes of finding him. When they get there, Mina skips rocks to pass the time, but sneakily hangs onto a pebble with a lotus mark on it that reminds her of Shin. Then she notices a paper boat that’s drifted away from the rest. HER paper boat, with her prayer but she never set it upon the river. When she wades into the water to get it, everything suddenly changes and the dragon and Sea God are sat upon the grass and Shin is facedown as the end of the pond.

The Sea God talks! He says his soul tells him she’s his bride and she’s ‘suitable’. What a compliment.

Mina tells the Sea God and an unconscious Shin a story about two brothers… weird choice of stories. Are Shin and the Sea God brothers?

The story is meant to teach people that there is no place you can go so far away from forgiveness. Is she telling the Sea God it’s not too late for him to be forgiven? Then he suddenly says he’ll never be forgiven for what he’s done and tells Mina he has a headache and with a breath of cool air from the dragon, Mina’s gone, back with Shin.

When they return to Lotus House, a missive has been sent from Crane House, so they’re off on a trip to see Lord Yu and Mina is going with them!

Kirin has been trusted with watching Mina and after their conversation gets… awkward, Mina slowly delves deeper into the bookshelves until she’s alone. Spotting a door, she heads in, thinking Crane House, home of scholars, would be safe. Lord Yu is inside, it seems like he was waiting for her? Sketchy.

It’s a trap!!! Get out Mina! He’s trying to kill Shin and intends to use Mina’s tie to Shin to do it. Mina, ever the feisty one, slashes out, cutting his cheek and managing to make a run for it just as Shin barrels into the room.

After they leave Crane House, they pass a river that Shin calls the River of Souls. A girl struggles, trying to swim and live, but the River of Souls is only for the dead, she can’t be saved. Then Shiki, the death god, appears and swipes her up and silently calls for Shin to meet with him. Hmm what can he want?

We learn that when Shiki and Shin fought, Shiki told Shin that he hasn’t got a soul. Mina pulls the pebble with the lotus on out and tells him she found his soul. It’s a lovely sentiment and I love that Mina is trying to show Shin rather than just tell him that she believes him to have a soul. Mina asks if he’ll accept and he says if he takes it, he won’t ever let go. I feel like there’s more to this conversation than Shin’s soul. This is a moment. A moment interrupted by the death god. Cracking timing, Shiki.

Ok, the interruption is worth it since Shiki essentially apologises to Shin for how unfair he’s been.

They leave Shiki and rejoin Kirin and Namgi, heading into the city, but no one’s around. There’s no people, no merchants… just a very scary sounding sea snake above them!

That was INTENSE!

I can’t believe we’re over halfway through! Drop all your thoughts in the comments and I’ll see you tomorrow, fairies!



52 thoughts on “The Girl Who Fell Beneath The Sea Readalong: Day 3!

  1. I started to love Shin (but just the moments when he is so sweet with Mina, in the beginning of the story I just wanted to slapp him). I’m started to have a strange feeling about the connection between Shin, Mina, The Sea God and the dragon. I have a theory but I don’t want to tell it here (it could spoil the story if I’m right).

    I’ve posted for the giveaway, my instagram is : mathilde_heirs

  2. Wow. This book is getting better and better. My thoughts are:

    Who is Shin? What god is he? Wa Mina hearing the Sea Gods voice in her dream?
    Why are the Gods abandoning the mortals, what has happened to cause this?
    I love the slow burn we are seeing between Shin and Mina.
    And what could be so unforgivable?
    Will Mina try to form a connection with the sea god and dismiss the connection that she has with Shin? ( is Shin the Sea gods soul some how?)
    I notice how there is always a similar “thread” to legends about the after life, from different parts of the world
    Is Shins soul related to the pearl and dragon?

    Also entered the above giveaway, thank you for the chance. @mini_bouwmee

  3. I have entered the giveaway! My Instagram is mellas.reading.habits!

    Gosh I love this book! And it’s fun to hear your thoughts.

  4. So I’m absolutely loving this one

    The slow-burn between Mina and Shin is just right – and I’m still utterly convinced there is a connection of sorts between Shin and the Sea God.
    Shin has confirmed now he’s a god, but can’t remember anything
    And when the Sea God appeared to Mina, Shin was asleep…. hmm

    But maybe it’s my own wishful thinking, hoping that Shin and Mina continue to develop?

    also been really loving Mina’s slow friendship with Namgi, and hopefully she can wear down Kirin also
    I’m wondering if Kirin is in fact a kirin, or if that’s too on the nose?

  5. I loved this book so much. I couldn’t help but read ahead and already finished it! It might be my favorite read of 2022.

    I love coming back and reading these readalong recaps. The gifs are everything! Especially the ghostbusters one.

    I entered the giveaway my insta is @elfs_bookshelf

  6. Was it just me, or is there some tension between Namgi and Kirin, u wonder what that’s about…
    I love how you can just feel how hopeful Mina is and her despair everytime she discovers that the gods are different than she always believed, especially with how uncaring they seem so far.
    We now have confirmation that the dragon is the soul of the sea god ?, he seems so sad, I’m not really sensing any romantic vibes between them, maybe they could get a close friendship but I don’t see a romance brewing between them right now.

    1. I’ve entered the readalong secret giveaway and my Instagram handle is @reading_is_joyce

  7. I’m loving this book so much that it’s so hard to put it down! I really like the vivid and colorful descriptions, and I’m a sucker for the “only one bed” trope. I’m shopping Shin and Mina so much at this point, whereas I don’t like very much the Sea God. I also have a theory: the fact that Shin is a God and the fact that he protects the sea gods make me
    think that Shin may have a hidden identity. Moreover, I love the idea of the paper boat/wishes!

  8. Also, I’ve entered the secret giveaway and my IG handle is @fu_reads

  9. These were heavy hitting chapters. Mina grappling with the revelation that the gods that she, her family, and world revered, worshiped and loved don’t actually care about humans and their prayers. This really opens an interesting philosophical can of worms. Why should they care? Why should honor and love and sacrifices be enough to gain a god/goddess’s favor and protection? It seems like some have really embraced a capitalist mindset, no blessings without payment. It’s interesting to see where Shin’s opinions fall into this.

    Mina’s interactions with the Sea God definitely bolster my thoughts on an impending love triangle! And what are Mask and Kirin?? Could Mask be one of her ancestors? I need to find out!

    1. Also I’ve entered the instagram secret giveaway! My instagram handle is giggenbach.reads

  10. This section seemed a little bit calmer than the pervious ones in my opinion, but still so intriguing.

    I dont know how she expects to sever the Red String of Fate with Shin so she can save the Sea God, when it’s obvious they’re meant to be together (the Red Dtring couldn’t be severed, so a sign of true soul mates).

    Also, its good to know that it’s the Crane and Tiger Houses trying to kill Mina to get to Shin, but I still want to know why?

    I entered the competition, my Instagram handle is @lita_toria

  11. I was bad & accidently kept reading last night wayyy past Chapter 20. I couldn’t help it! It’s just so good! The writing is incredible.

    My IG is marissaann26, & I posted a picture for the contest. 🙂

  12. I’m intrigued and enjoying the dreamlike quality of the prose in this one.

    Mina and Shin are meant to be. My new theory is that Shin was the emperor! I don’t know why but that’s what I’m going with.

    I’ve entered the comp – my Instagram handle is @onlybooksiveread


  13. Ugh I want to ship Mina and Shin but then she has this dream about the Sea God and I’m like dawww he just needs someone to love him MINA.

    ALSO I would love to read Hyeri and Shiki’s story…I love me some melancholy death god romance mmm yes please.

    I’m @sonata_ix on IG and I entered the contest!

  14. I entered! @Jesicas.cozycorner
    Thanks for the opportunity!

    The pond scene with the dragon, sea God and Shin. Be still my heart. Mina is already falling for Shin and the way he is protective of her, I think he’s falling too.

    The sea God showed himself to Mina, which he’s never done before, and told her she was a suitable bride for him, noting the features he liked. Is this going to be a love triangle? A fight over the girl? I was still convinced that perhaps Shin was the sea God. Now I just want to understand their relationship!

    The imagery in this book is so vivid! I love it! I am anxious about these snakes and traitorous houses!

  15. Prediction based on common themes and things revealed in this section: Shin is the soul of the Sea God. He doesn’t have a soul because he IS a soul.
    I’m hoping to see more interaction between Shin and Mina because at the moment Shin’s responses to Mina have been mostly thoughtful and that doesn’t feel to me like enough to build a relationship on.
    If my Fairyloot book arrives before the 29th I’ll enter the giveaway! Yay for slow shipping ?. My insta is @mirlyah

  16. hi everyone! i am finding it more difficult every day to not read ahead! I am thrilled to see Mina and Shin have more meaningful interactions, although I am questioning things due to the Sea God’s fleeting appearance. I would also like them to spend more time together before any feelings are mentioned because I don’t want it to be rushed.

    I’m a bit confused regarding the River of Souls, but everything else makes perfect sense.
    When are Hyeri and Mina going to meet?! I feel like they could be very strategic together!

    The end of the chapter: a monstrous sea snake… no thank you lol. I’m excited to see what happens and talk about it tomorrow!

    I have also entered the giveaway on my insta: novel.norah

  17. I feel like some things are starting to finally come to pass here….

    I like how the Sea God has FINALLY revealed himself to Mina and he is interested in her but I am also curious because the story she told hints there’s a deeper connection between he and Shin. Are Shin and the Sea God brothers? That would help explain why Shin is SUPER protective of the Sea God…and why he seems very hurt by what the Sea God has done.

    I like how Shin and Mina are getting closer. That pebble she held in her hand and told him that was his soul. That was lovely. And I like that he allowed himself to be vulnerable with her in that moment. That he essentially told her he could fall for her.

    There’s a lot of political turmoil in the spirit world and I wonder why Mina’s soul is wanted so badly.

    Can’t wait to have more of this mystery unravel and learn more about the Sea King and why he feels he can’t be “forgiven”. What exactly did he do?

  18. After Mina told that story of 2 brothers, I have a feeling who might Lord Shin be.

    Also Lord Shin being protective of Mina and Mina giving him his ‘soul’. That was a really sweet moment, only to be interrupted.

    Already halfway, I can’t wait for more.

    Will join the giveaway, handle @books.over_

  19. I entered on insta. My handle is @thecabinetofcuriosity

    Okay so I NEED more of Mina and Shin! I adore them. My heart is full. I loved the beautiful world building in this book and that romance was just chefs kiss?

  20. Before I forget, I’m @mary_berry13 on Instagram. ?


    For a minute, I was worried that the story would go in the direction where Mina takes off on a journey fulfilling the paper boat wishes. But the book surprised me again. I like how Mina started to question the deity and her deep rooted idea of them. At first, I thought it was mega reckless of her to put her hand into the fire, but then, her answer to Shin afterwards, that at that time it was easier than… Well, let’s just say the book made me think about a lot of things. Like when her and Kirin had that little talk during their visit at the Crane House. And he said something like because he’s unlikable, doesn’t necessary mean he’s disloyal. I have a soft spot for Kirin. I’d like to get to know him and his backstory better. (Who is he? What mythological creature were his kinds? How did he and Shin become friends/met?…) He warned to not trust Imugi. What is Namgi’s deal? He deflected when Mina asked him if he would protect Shin at all costs. Morally grey character or…? All characters are well written and have my heart. I don’t think I’ll do well if something happens to them or a betrayal in the inner circle.

    How Shin saved the burned paper boat. ? (I hope it was him and not for example Mask trying to bring them together or idk. ?)
    Mina decorating his room and giving him the lotus pebble as his “soul”. ?

    A lot of info was given to us and my brain is still processing. I’m taking back my “far-fetched” when I voiced my theory about Shin being the Sea God (or/and the dragon). It’s definitely possible!!! So he is a god and lost his memories, hmm. And then we have the tale about two brothers and forgiveness. Should we interpret it word for word? Is Shin the younger or older brother ((who was “punished”))? Is he the dragon or the sea god or both? I revisited the first chapters when one of the guys told the story (mockingly) about the dragon and the magpie that saves him. What I noticed also (and didn’t put much thought into the first time) was that at one point Mina sees a dragon reflected in Shin’s eyes. Not to speak about the “lotus pebble” that she found in the Sea God’s garden and Shin being unconscious when the Sea God and the dragon showed up AND the pearl that the dragon has. I won’t write my conclusion here just yet, but wow, the plot is getting thicker and thicker.

    Lord Yu. ? And the crane and tiger house… ?? But at least he shared some valuable insight with Mina. Will she still try to create a new red thread of fate with the “sea god” at the cost of destroying the one she has with “Shin” with the blooming feelings for him? (these two being related or not, them being a manifestation of one person or not)

    Shiki was an unexpected bus stop. Future ally? (Or foe?) And then, the attack!

    I literally couldn’t put the book down. I didn’t realize I reached the end of chapter 20 and kept reading until I went to look how many pages I had left before the next chapter, and couldn’t find chapter 21. I even thought there was a print mistake. ?? Then it hit me that I was currently reading said chapter. Talk about being obsessed. I am off to read more. Can’t wait to hear what everyone else thought of today’s section.

    1. The book left me speechless. Literally. I didn’t know how to put into words how much I loved it. ? But I finally shared my post. ?

  21. The Sea snake was definitely a terrifying cliffhanger to this day lol

    I think Namgi and Kirin are totally gonna be a thing, and I look forward to it lol.

    I also feel like there’s some bigger connection of Shin and the Sea God, I NEED ANSWERS. (Especially about Dai, Mask, and Miki again, like I’m super curious about them)

  22. So excited to find out how the story ends!! I’ve entered on insta: @readbooksandmore

  23. This was a good book! I managed to finish it today! I entered the giveaway. My instagram is stardancer2014

  24. posted the picture yesterday under my insta handle @ nightinsparrow <3

    Okay, i wasn't at home so i'm still up to date tho but didn't write anything to the past date buuut i read it and day 3 also so i'm gonna sum my emotions up:


    okay, so so much is happening and i'm so so intrigued, the while vision thing with the girl and then when Mina went to seek out the goddess… i was so damn angry at her too, how dare she, do most of the gods behave like this? this is just horrible ugh.

    also Shin was a god before? gosh i have so many theories, i'm so excited to find out;;;

    the whole crane house thing was terrifying, i really wonder what makes this year so different that someone is out there to hunt Mina and finally damage the sea god.

    loved the scene with shiki, i dunno what to think of him yet but he seems nicer than i would have expected and definitely an ally for later chapters.

    also can namgi and kirin be a thing? thank you.

    ALSO THAT CLUFFHANGER FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER, now i'm back home and have time to read on. oh boy.

  25. Ok so part of me is wondering if Shin is actually the Sea God or at least part of the sea god. Especially after the dream where the Sea God was chatting with Mina while Shin was asleep.

    The dark to light comparison to Namgi and Kirin is super cool and I’m curious if it’ll stand to mean anything more later on.

    Also, you cannot leave me on a monstrous sea snake cliffhanger ? ?

    I’m entering the contest! My Instagram is @little_red_cover ?

  26. I love the spirit realm so far! It is atmospheric!

    I can’t wait to learn more if the Sea god and how Shin and Mina plays in all of this.

    I’ve posted a pic of this gorgeous book! – my Instagram handle is @ Beau.teafully.bookish.

  27. I loved reading these few chapters!! Seeing Mina and Shin build there relationship a bit more is also starting to feel a little intense ?

    I seriously cried with the paper boat and the moon Godess, honestly that but was so raw and emotional! And HE HELPED HER!! I’m also wondering what Shin is the God of??

    There’s more to the Sea God and Shin than meets the eye, maybe their brothers, linking back to the story?

    I adore this book so much!! ?

    I’ve entered the giveaway and posted on my insta which is @emmies_booksta ?

  28. I have entered the giveaway! My Instagram is serenas_bookshelf.

  29. I really liked this section! My favorite part was when Mina opened up about what the gods meant to humans and how horrifying it is that the gods are so heartless. I love the slowly blossoming relationship between Mina and Shin. The other characters are awesome as well. I have so many questions and im excited to continue reading tomorrow!

  30. Ok, what the heck is going on.

    Love that we are getting everything but also absolutely nothing at the same time. I have so many unanswered questions. While I’ll have my theories about Shin, I do think my theories are wrong. It would just be too obvious.

    So Mask must be Mina’s mom, Mimi being her brothers baby. But then who is Dai?

    Looking forward to what may be ahead.

    I’ve entered the giveaway @finding.fiction_

    1. Also does anyone know how I change my comment icon ?

  31. I love how Mina’s soul was the magpie because she’s a storyteller and throughout the book, she told stories.

    I have entered the give away and my Instagram handle is @shez_is

  32. I really enjoyed this section. The world building and the characters are amazing
    Have entered @icelandicbookworm

  33. He’s a god, but the god of what? Why do I feel like he’s tied to this “cursed” Sea God in more ways than just protecting his sleeping form?

    Ugh. That whole encounter with Lord Yu (Crane) had me shouting “it’s a trap!” Suddenly appearing without Shin who should’ve been with him, having her drink so much knowing she was unused to alcohol while alone with a strange man, the hypnotic voice, the fact that he was lumped in with Lord Bom (Tiger) as being unscrupulously ambitious in trying to usurp the Sea God… Thankfully, Shin rushes to save her. Another *squeal* moment: Shin being so upset by Lord Yu harming Mina that he instantly draws his sword against him. ?

    I’m happy about how things go with Shiki, the Death God, too. I hope she can see Hyeri soon. I’m losing sleep already though (having binged ⅗ of this book already tonight), but some Imugi have suddenly appeared over them, & I have to know how it goes! I won’t make it even 24hrs before I finish this book!

    PS: My entry for this giveaway is under @TupaKitty_Reads

  34. Sigh rereading this has been a joy. I love the slow burning romance ? Shiiiin
    I kinda wanna know Shiki story ?
    Will enter the giveaway once post review since done with read along ! @musingofasagittarius

  35. I have entered the giveaway! My Instagram @_bookishlovers

    I’m really enjoying this book, I just want to keep reading ?

  36. I have too many theories about Shin all at once…

    Is Shin the dead Emperor? Is he the lost Sun God? The God of men and the Emperor?

    Is Shin the Sea God’s brother? Or are Shin, the Sea God and the dragon all aspects of the same person?

    Are Kirin and Namgi in love? Kirin is definitely trying a little too hard to show that he dislikes Namgi.

    Big scary snake in the sky sounds ominous….

    I have just posed my photo to my IG Jenthebookishbakernz

  37. I am a little late but it’s always nice to follow the readalong, even a few days later!
    I am @leeloosophie on Instagram

  38. I have entered the giveaway ? @adayinmybooknerdlife

  39. My entry for this giveaway is under @rita_and_books

  40. Gosh I have so many theories, been enjoying this book so much and it’s constantly in my thoughts even when I’m not reading it. I have entered the giveaway my IG handle is @thebooknerd90

  41. I’m really enjoying this book so far and am hoping to finish it tonight!

    I’ve entered the giveaway @pages_uponpages

  42. I still have so many questions… what’s the connection between the dragon, the Seagod, Shin and Mina.

    Also, I don’t know what to think of Mask and Dai. What are their true motives to help Mina?

    I’ve entered the giveaway. My Instagram handle is @eleanorofwinterdale

  43. So this is the first book I received from FairyLoot and I’m really enjoying it so far!?

    I also entered the giveaway ?

  44. I loved all the moments between Mina and Shin, both the cute ones and the frustrating ones. I feel like their relationship is developing so well. The Spirit Realm is such an interesting space. I really enjoyed learning about the different gods and goddesses! Always a wild ride with this story!

    I have entered the giveaway and my ig is @vivis.readingpages

  45. We definitely learned a lot in this chapter but it also left me with a lot more questions! I love that we finally got a glimpse of the sea god but I would decline to know more about him and what he did that is “unforgivable”. With the story that Mina told it made me wonder if shin and the sea god could maybe be brothers.

    Also I’m really loving the fact that we are getting more scenes with shin and Mina. I really like how he is seeming to show a softness towards her and I adored the scene were Mina gave him his soul!

    I also need to know more about Kirin. He is so mysterious and stand-offish.

    I can’t wait to read on!

    Also I have entered the giveaway and my Instagram is @breemarie_3

  46. I feel like Sheldon – “I don’t need sleep, I need answers!” I’m heading back to reading!

    I entered the giveaway and my handle is @offwithdragons.

  47. This was one of the best readalongs I’ve done so far! (I read along in real time, just late to the comments woops haha) Thanks everyone for making this such a fun experience.

    I also entered the giveaway, my instagram is justines.reads !

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