The Girl Who Fell Beneath The Sea Readalong: Day 4!

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Hey fairies!

Welcome back to day 4 of our readalong of The Girl Who Fell Beneath The Sea by Axie Oh! I hope you’re all enjoying it so far. Yesterday’s section left us at an intense point and I’m desperate to see where the story goes!

Today we’re reading from Chapter 21 to the end of Chapter 28. Get comfy and let’s get reading!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for The Girl Who Fell Beneath The Sea by Axie Oh, from chapters 21 to 28. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


So, recap: Everyone has disappeared and a monstrous sea snake is looming above Mina and Co.

Namgi pushes Mina out of the way but ends up getting hit by the snake’s tail! I hope he’s ok.

Suddenly Namgi is changing, shouting at Mina to stay back, and transforming into his own snake.

Mask has ushered Mina away from the onslaught of the Imugi and they hide in a store, armed with knives. The thieves aiming to steal Mina’s soul away arrive but Mask is more clever and quicker to act, jumping out and attacking the thief. Go Mask!

They make a run for it, but a sea snake whips Mina, Dai and Miki and Mina hears a cry of pain. Please not baby Miki, please not baby Miki!

Mina realises they’re trapped and Dai, poor Dai, takes Miki off his back and shelters her in his arms safe from the sea snake and bears the brunt of its tail.

The Goddess of Moon and Memory is here, hoping to steal Mina away but Shin tells her again that Mina is his bride. She leaves and they’re all safe again for now, but Dai is badly hurt. I really hope he’ll be ok!

Back at Lotus house, Kirin is healing Dai the way he once healed Mina. He says Dai is strong and he’ll pull through.

Mask and Dai haven’t realised Mina has entered the room, and Mina overhears Dai asking Mask if he did good and saying he protected them both just like they said they would. Dai and Mask seem to care an awful lot for Mina. I’m not entirely sure why, but I’m very glad she has them. When they realise Mina heard it all, Dai gives Mina – and us – a little insight on the spirit world. You can choose what type of body you want when you enter the spirit world. Dai chose to be a little boy to better understand Miki, since she’s little too. He says he loves Miki so much that he came down from heaven, where he was waiting for his wife, to be with Miki who is his great granddaughter… I’m not welling up, promise…

As Mina sleeps later on, she’s woken by the sound of a cry of pain. It’s Shin, he’s asleep but crying and tossing and turning in his sleep. Mina wakes him and immediately checks him over to see if he’s unwell. He’s ok, it was a nightmare. There’s definitely feelings here for Mina to panic so much! When Mina tries to leave to get Kirin, Shin holds onto Mina and she stays, encircled in his arms. Cute!

The next time Mina wakes, it’s to thunder. She wakes Shin immediately and says she needs to go to the Sea God’s palace. She has more willpower than me, I’d definitely ask for five more minutes in bed!

The Sea God is awake, and Mina tells Shin and the Sea God another story. The Sea God reacts badly though, saying there’s a tugging on his soul and running from the pavilion into the rain. Mina follows after him but the mist is so bad she’s lost and then suddenly The Goddess of Moon and Memory is before her. She’s not empty handed either, she has Mina’s wish. She wants to trade mina for the memory. Mina doesn’t answer and the goddess pulls another boat out, one that belonged to Shim Cheong, the very same Shim Cheong that’s currently walking through the downpour!

She’s wearing a bridal gown! Mina is this year’s Sea God bride, there shouldn’t have been another! Shim Cheong should have been free! Mina learns there had been terrible storms in her homeland and so she was sacrificed in the hopes of placating the Sea God and stopping the storms. Poor Cheong, poor Joon!

Mina finds the Sea God, and he lets out a cry… what’s happening to him? When Mina reaches for him she’s transported to a cliff facing the sea. The Sea God sits at the edge of the cliff and he says something very cryptic about how he’s failed them all. Does he mean the humans above? Like Mina and her family? Suddenly she’s back in the Sea God’s hall. Mina interrogates him on where they were and why he was bleeding but he instead asks Mina why she tells such sad stories and tells her his heart is broken and has been for a long time.

Instead of being angry, Mina hugs the Sea God and tells him how she used to pray to him, believe in him and still does.

Back at Lotus House, Mina mentions something Lord Yu told her about the bride needing to form a true fate with the Sea God should she wish to break the curse. Kirin notes how it’s a possibility since no other bride has ever spoken to the Sea God. Namgi comments on how Shim Cheong, the latest Sea God’s bride, didn’t come with a Red String of Fate. Shin says it doesn’t matter because Mina doesn’t love the Sea God. He’s right, she doesn’t. I think we all know who she DOES love.

Damn, I take that back, Shin says Mina would be a fool to think the Sea God would ever love her.

Mina runs away, I would too. That was so harsh.

Oh no!! Mina’s been caught by an assassin and hit in the shoulder with a bow!!! I’m so scared for her. 

Next thing we know, Mina is in bed and Kirin is saying he can do no more for her, she’s lost a lot of blood and her pulse is weak. Oh poor Mina.

Mina’s having an outer body experience, allowing her to see and hear everything. This includes seeing that the Red String of Fate is gone. I have the same immediate thought as Mina, is she dead? Suddenly Dai is there telling Mina not to stray too far. Time’s moving a lot differently for Mina. I wonder how long she’s been out?

Now Namgi is with her, telling her she’s enriched their lives and hoping she’ll wake soon. Kirin visits too and then Shin is at the door. He killed the assassin that made the attempt on Mina’s life. I feel so bad for Shin… but another part of me thinks if he hadn’t said such a nasty thing in his anger, Mina wouldn’t have run away and been caught by the assassin.

Someone is singing, Mina thinks it sounds like her voice but it can’t be. But only the women in Mina’s family know the song. Strange!

It worked though! Mina is awake and everyone is relieved (including me) that she’s ok.

Cheong visits Mina too and they have a LOVELY heart to heart. She also brings her a dress from Hyeri, another former Sea God’s bride. Sea God’s brides sticking together, we love to see it!

Cheong helps her dress in the new garment and they’re off to a festival to celebrate the passing of the horrendous storms they’ve been having. Cheong says there are rumours they stopped because of Mina. 

Later on, at the festival, Mina sees Shin, he asks if she wants to return to the human realm, Mina doesn’t really answer. It turns out Shin attempted to consult Mina’s ancestors but was unsuccessful. He promises to take her to speak to them. I hope that’s something we get to see!

Shin opens up a bit (finally) and tells Mina he’s been upset that for Mina to get what she wants (to go home) it would mean he loses the only thing he’s ever wanted. Nonetheless, he promises he’ll return her home but it might take longer than she has. He tells her if she ties her life to his she could remain human for long enough for him to find a way to send her home. Before Mina has a chance to answer… The Imugi have arrived.

I’m so scared to see where tomorrow’s final section will take us!

What are you all thinking after today’s section? I don’t want this book to end.

See you tomorrow for our last (cries) section!



26 thoughts on “The Girl Who Fell Beneath The Sea Readalong: Day 4!

  1. Feelings are caching. Also that revelation about Dai and Miki. (now I think Dai is Mina great Grandfather ( maybe inlaw) but I’m almost positive Miki is Mina niece.
    Mina is realizing that she love shin. ( I hope this had a HEA and not a bitersweet ending )What happened with the red string of Fate when Mina was shot? And wha is going on with the storms.

    1. I agree. I also think that Miki is Mina’s niece. That all three (Mask, Dai, Miki) are her relatives’ spirits which would explain why they helped her and tried to keep her safe since the beginning.
      Yes, Mina and Shin MUST have a HEA. Love them together. I don’t know what I would do if they didn’t.

    2. The agree with your theory 100%!

  2. First of all, the artwork in the back endpapers!!! It’s completely STUNNING and how I imagined the scene during the festival.

    Secondly, you guys pick monthly books that end at the *worst* moment possible. I’ll jot down my thoughts for Day 4’s section and then run to finish off the book. Not waiting for tomorrow. haha


    Mask smiled at- that Mina’s grandmother taught her how to use a knife. Add when our girl heard a song that only women in her family know and then she woke up (after almost dying) and Mask was in the room. Could it be her who sang it? I’m jumping ahead but Shin mentioned that it’s possible to talk to the spirits of ancestors. Could Mask be one of Mina’s?

    Silver one. Kirin’s healing powers are so cool. I always forget to say this. When will we find out more about them? My heart was doing summersaults and it squeezed tight for Namgi at his “not finding family in blood but elsewhere”. Both guys might be more similar then I thought. I would be so down for a future bromance or more (Namgi flirting with a boy at the festival 👀). Also, Dai is such a hero. I am glad he recovered and everyone is okay. All the characters are so amazing. Including the goddess of the moon and memory who I am not entirely sure is the real bad guy here. Yes, she tried to kill Mina, sent the Imugi but that “deep longing” that we caught? Is there more than the eye meets? What is her end goal? Btw. Something I forgot to ask in the previous section… Mina’s “paper boat wish”. I need to know what it was! Any ideas?

    THEY SHARED A BED AGAIN. SCREAMING!!! How Shin was like “I do have a fever afterall” (even though gods can’t be sick) after his nightmare (what did he dream about?) so Mina stayed. He can be cute. I would ask for 5 more minutes in bed, too! LOL
    But then the story about the woodworker that Mina started telling to the Sea God in Shin’s presence, how he let his love go to return where she belonged. I felt bad for Shin. He does have feelings for Mina. However, I winced when Shin said that the Sea God would never love Mina. We know you are hurt and want her to herself, mate, but ouch.

    It’s interesting how both the Sea God (who confessed that his heart was already broken – how? By what or who?) and Shin talked about messing up in the past… We one person? How exactly are the storms connected to the sea god (if they are)? Something that the death god said comes to my mind – about the balance… Next thing… I’m thinking about the rumour that the god might have cursed himself which someone brought up earlier in the book. I am desperate for answers!

    (This is the first heroine in a while that is injured and almost dies. It’s usually several deadly wounds but the character appears like nothing happened to them and carries in the fight. So this was refreshing.)

    The dragon’s pearl that can grant a wish… That’s how Mina will get home? I feel like someone will use the pearl. The question is who and for what. For Cheong maybe? Or is it just a myth?

    THE END OF CHAPTER 28. My heart. 😭😭 Shin is so selfless when it comes to Mina. Willing to help her even if it means not seeing her anymore. My heart broke a little when the invisible thread of fate was severed, but yes, he doesn’t need it because he knows who he loves. 🤧 I am curious how the whole tying a human to an immortal’s life works. But is going home really what Mina wants? And then the arrival of Imugi! They are relentless.

    I don’t want this book to end either. So so good.

  3. oh what if Dai is her grandfather, Miki is her niece, and Mask her grandmother’s grandmother 😯.
    I can’t wait to continue reading about why the storm stopped, what is on that wish boat that Mina wants to forget and especially what will happen between Mina and Shin, he is so earnest and she seems to have developed some feelings as well 😍

  4. I thought maybe the Sea God and Shin were like somehow parts of a whole, Idk like the sea god was his soul form but that makes no sense since the dragon is the Sea God’s soul form, but I am so happy to see Shin’s feelings coming out and I hope Mina feels the same. Of course there’s no proper confessions if there’s no crazy interruptions

    I can’t wait to read more tomorrow

  5. The feels are real man.

    As a person of faith, it really hit me when Mina felt like she had lost her faith in the gods, finding that most of them don’t care about humans at all. But then when she embraces the Sea God and tells him that people still love him, I felt like it tipped how we think of religion on its head. People worship gods, gods give people blessings. But Mina made it feel more like people and gods love each other, people provide for the gods, gods provide for the people, more like a family.

    BUT ANYWAY all those deep thoughts aside, I love how Mina is learning about Namgi and Kirin, growing her relationship with them, not to mention Shin OMG SHIN you’re breaking my heart. I can’t wait to see how this ends.

  6. I really don’t know what’s going to happen next! I’m still just going with the *vibes* lol

  7. I’m fully convinced that Mask is Mina’s grandmother, and Dai is her Grandfather who she doesn’t recognise as he’s younger – which makes Miki her niece, who was mentioned to die young…

    Been absolutely loving the slow-burn between Mina and Shin, and now it’s starting to pay off. I’m so intrigued as to what’s happened to her Red Thread though (wonder if it’s to do with my Shin/Sea God loose theory perhaps?)

    Either way – I’m so intrigued as to what’s going to happen, and definitely finishing this one tonight!!

  8. Mina’s interaction with the sea God seems to be just what he needs. To be seen. To be heard. I loved it so much. He’s so lonely and has been for so long. I think he needed that support to chill out the storms a bit.

    Miki, Dai, Mask – they are the heroes of this story! Dai and Miki’s story. 😭😭😭 I thought for a minute Shin married Shim Cheong while Mina was unconscious in order to save everyone. I was about to flip out. Then he basically proposes and I’m smitten. I don’t know what to hope for – her family really loves her and misses her. She’s found a family in the spirit world too though.

    There is so much to unpack. A whole world and hierarchy in a spirit world that both parallels and continues ours. It’s a concept in familiar with but the way it was done is really cool. Mind blown! I don’t want it to end!

  9. I keep getting so teary eyed reading this!

    I still believe that Mask is Mina’s great great grandma and Miki is the niece that passed away as an infant. And Dai must be another relative of her’s as well. I find it so beautiful that they’re looking out for her and helping her. I hope she gets to figure this out somehow and see them for who they really are before this is all over.

    And what is going on with the Sea God? One minute he’s asleep and then, he’s awake and wanting stories. I want to know what’s really going on with him….

    I am really liking Shin and want Mina to end up with him. But I am worried about what her real fate is going to end up being in this story. Will she have to be with the Sea God or can she be with Shin (because she loves Shin)? I do hope there’s a happy ending.

  10. So I got waaaaay into this book and read through the end of 29 😂 I couldn’t help it!! I’m so in love with this book and the characters. Ugh. I want to finish it, but I’m glad I caught up with the readalong. I suppose I can wait till tomorrow to read more.

  11. I still think Shin and the Sea God could be one and the same and have done since day 1. When the shin is in his presence the Sea God is asleep and Shen he is awake either Sin isn’t there or hadn’t collapsed in a slumber. Shin definitely is in love with Mina and I think it is their love that will break the curse. Dai is Mina’s grandad as he said he is waiting for his wife to come down the river, so still alive, and that he was an old man when he died. Mikki is Mina’s older brother’s baby that died which would make her Dai’s great granddaughter as he said.

    1. Also the dragon pearl that Namgi wants is in the mural in the sea gods palace. I think she will have to choose whether to use it to go home or give it to Namgi to become a dragon.

  12. okay, i had the suspicion before that Dai is Mina’s grandfather and Miki is the baby from her sister that died and that Mask might be her mother who died while giving birth to her ;; and now i feel stronger confirmed but let’s see how this will turn out in the end.

    also Cheong being there now is such a twist, i wouldn’t have expected this and i feel so so sorry for her that after all she was sent here too, i hope there’s a way for her to return and finally live her life.

    also my boy Namgi flirting with boys <3 i really hope we will get a little scene with Kirin at some point.

    oh no i'm not ready for it to end 🙁

  13. I really hope Shim Cheong can return to the human realm and reunite with Joon. If Mina and Shin don’t end up together at least let them! Mina’s definitely going to find a way out of being the Sea God’s bride, right? She’s already helped end the storms. Maybe she just had to be the bride at one point and it’s not a for life thing.

    I really like the way Mina’s been grappling with how her beliefs in the gods has been altered. “But how much of myth is true? And what do you do when your belief in it is breaking?”

    Awww, sweet Dai coming down to be with his great-granddaughter. Could he be related to Mina? Her brother had lost a child, maybe that’s Miki.

  14. things are heating up! i’m at the point where i can’t wait until tomorrow to finish! but, i will wait to talk about it 🙂 see you all in the chat tomorrow!

  15. I am curious about the connection between Mask and Mina, but I don’t know how Dai and Miki factor in there. I’m still convinced Shin is the Sea Gid’s soul, but I’m not convinced on the development of the relationship between Shin and Mina. I feel like it has been rushed and I haven’t felt much of a development of a connection between them.

  16. I loved this section! I loved the story about Dai and Miki, and I’m almost certain that they’re related to Mina. I’m loving the relationship between Shin and Mina, especially at the end of the chapter!! I still have questions about the Sea God but I’m excited to finish this book and see! I can’t wait for tomorrow lol.

  17. I loved the fact that Miki and Dai are really Mina’s niece and grandfather. It was so emotional! Also, Shin truly is so precious, willing to help her even if it means not seeing her anymore. I really need them to end up together!!

  18. Those Imugi are really getting on my nerves! They have the worst timing.

    I am itching to find out what happens next. I’m only left with more questions.

    If Shin is left in this despair, I won’t be able to handle the heartbreak.

  19. I’ve had a feeling since the beginning that Miki could be Mina’s niece. After Dai revealed spirits can take on whatever age they want, I think he’s Mina’s grandfather. Would that make Mask Mina’s… mother? Great-great-grandmother?

    I wonder if the storms went away because Mina DOES love the Sea God – not in the way of lovers, but as a human loves a god or even as one loves a family member? If he felt moved enough to love humans (or is it himself he needed to love again), would that not fit the myth in a way?

    I hope her ancestors can help restore Shim Cheong to Joon, even if Mina stays with Shin as a spirit.

    Shin proposed! 🥰 Damn Imugi interrupting!

  20. So the section both started and finished with an attack of giant snakes….

    Pretty sure Dai is Mina’s grandfather and Miki is her niece just can’t decide if Mask is her mother or her great grandmother?

    Still have lots of questions about Shin and the Sea God…

    I don’t even know if this book is a standalone or the start of a series so I’m not sure if I’m expecting a resolution or a cliff hanger?

  21. I am convinced Mask is Mina’s great grandmother, Dai is her grandfather and Miki is her niece. I am just wondering about Shin and the sea god as feel like there is something I’m missing and all will be revealed soon.

  22. Wow, honestly that Dai and Miki moment was so heartbreaking. And then we head into the sleep in one bed while comforting the love interest trope ahhhhh 🫠 this section contained so much mystery though, the whole deal with the Sea God was hard to figure out, and the politics of power in the Spirit Realm were also dynamic, the sea god brides and the red thread of fate….all of it should be connected!

  23. This next section of the book was really intense. I had been wondering about the connection between Mask, Dai and Miki to Mina, and some of your theories that they could be Mina’s relatives and that Miki could be her niece, make totally sense.

    I was sad to see the Red String of Fate disappeared after the assassin almost killed Mina. But even without the string, Mina and Shin seem to be connected to each other by love. Their moments together are so sweet, and I loved the boat scene when he proposed to her. Shame it all had to be disrupted by the Inugis!

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