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The Honey Witch Readalong: Day 3!


Gorgeous photo by @lonely_reader!

Hello fairies!

I hope that you’re all loving The Honey Witch by Sydney J. Shields so far! I’m dying to know what will happen in this section!!

Before we start reading, we have our secret giveaway! What’s that? Oh, just a chance to get your next FairyLoot Adult Book-Only box for free as a reward for reading! Doesn’t really get better than that! And your chances are so good too! We don’t really announce this anywhere else as we truly want the person from the readalong to win! If you’d like to try your luck, all you need to do is follow these steps!

  1. Take a photo of our edition of The Honey Witch
  2. Include the hashtag #HoneyFairy (very important!)
  3. Do all of this by the end of July 18th.
  4. Mention down below in your comment that you have entered and include your Instagram handle (also super important!)

Good luck!

Today we’ll be reading from Chapter 15 to the end of Chapter 21, let’s jump in!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for The Honey Witch, from chapters 15 to 21. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!

Marigold, Lottie and August have some heart to hearts. Lottie doesn’t mention a lot about her past, but we do know that she’s a part of Augusts family now. She goes off to bed and leaves Mari and August alone.

Marigold can’t help herself! She asks August if he and Lottie have ever been involved. He says they’ve always been destined to have a much more sibling-like relationship. That’s sweet! Also means she’s available… just saying, Mari! 👀

Can we all agree that for someone who’s adamant magic isn’t real… it’s a bit strange that Lottie can hear Chesha? How’s that happening!

Marigold finally receives word from home, and it includes a letter from her mother. She seems so conflicted. She speaks of truths that Mari doesn’t know and it seems very sort of scatter-brained and unfinished. I don’t think her mother ever meant to send it!

Slowly, we start to see more of Lottie. Mari and August throw her a birthday picnic and it’s looking like she might be softening a little? 👀 That is, until she disappears abruptly. We see snippets of her life and it’s perfectly understandable that she might be a little closed off. She was lonely, an orphan, until August’s family invited her in.

Mari decides to introduce August and Lottie to her bees. There’s DEFINITELY a lot of tension here as Mari watched Lottie tasting the honey! 😅 It evaporates speedily though, when Lottie makes another mythcraft comment. Marigold has a fleeting thought about the bees stinging Lottie, but doesn’t quite realise the bees will follow her orders. I do understand Mari’s frustration but that poor bee!

When they go to the moon pool (which sounds SO dreamy), we see Lottie opening up a tiny bit more! Her parents died in a fire, she has scars and burns but that’s not what she’s giving Mari a heads up on as she begins to undress to go in the pool. She’s warning her about the illegal tattoos she has covering said scars and burns! Mari is absolutely mesmerised. They swim, they touch and Lottie is finally showing her true self! 🥺🥺

After telling Lottie and August of her curse, Mari lays awake, unable to sleep. Then, suddenly, she sees smoke. It’s Versa – an Ash Witch. The isle is set ablaze by her. It looks like Mari was asleep after all though, it was only a dream… I hope?

Lottie’s awake too, she also had a nightmare. What’s a bit sus though, is that her hands are covered in honey? Do you have something to tell the class, Lottie?

Something is DEFINITELY going on with the island. The landvættir aren’t well. Their colour has darkened and they seem almost… demonic? Mari gives them honey and it does help but this paired with Mari’s dream? And the light in the forest? It’s unsettling!

August’s spell is finally finished! Lottie’s still her sceptical self when it comes to magic and Mari bites back. You go girl!!! She tells her Lottie’s just jealous, she doesn’t WANT it to work and then gives her her own love spell vial. Um, Mari? Is that wise? You’re cursed not to love… but you have a crush on Lottie… who you just gave a vial to her that’ll help her find her soulmate?

Mr O’Connell comes to seek some help from Mari. He’s had a wildfire. Everything is destroyed. Was that dream Mari had real then?

It’s… odd… to say the least, when Mari goes to his home and everything seems fairly normal? Mari knows deep down though that Versa is here. Oh dear!!!

Mr Benny delivers some good (kinda?) news! Mari’s sister is getting married. Oh I do love a wedding! The downside is, Mari needs to leave ASAP and for a multitude of reasons, she doesn’t want to. Good news is… August and Lottie are coming with! ROAAAAAD TRIIIIIIIIIP!

What do you think is going on with Lottie?
Do you think Marigold can overcome the curse?
Any theories on what’s happening with the island?

I can’t wait to hear all of your thoughts, fairies!

See you tomorrow for a wedding! 💃





  • karen.holmes.w

    As always, thank you for the opportunity. My picture is on Ig and my handle is @karenholmeswriter
    I’m loving the idea of the book the movement from Regency Romance to Cozy Cottagecore though I fear there will still be another change with the thread of the ash witch. The world is enchanting but I fear Lottie has a lot more to do with the magic that she lets know, because she can see Chesha and the night of the nightmare with her hands dripping of honey… it doesn’t look good for them! I have a feeling Lottie is related to what is happening to the island.
    I hope Marigold can overcome the curse, but I’m not sure as Althea probably tried before her and she was a lot wiser than her granddaughter.
    Though I love the found family aspect and how August’s family took Lottie in, and how they are letting Marigold in their friendship.

  • Andy Calladine

    Loving the world building, the descriptions really put me in the middle of it all. Loving Mari, rooting for her all the way.
    My photo to enter the competition is on istagram my handle is @emowyn

  • Alysha Sherratt

    Still thinking she is a witch and leaning on her being an Ash witch. I think every time she gets close to Mari it is harming her. With the cosy vibes I feel like it lends to Mari overcoming the curse eventually and a happy ending with Lottie. I think Versa is coming back which is causing the island to ‘rot. Enjoyed these chapters as showing character relationships and felt fairly cosy and peaceful before the story continues with her return home.
    My picture is on instagram and my handle is @alysha.sherratt

  • Kaaty

    I have been loving this book! I just finished up through chapter 6, and I cannot wait to see more about how this magic system works, and I’m excited to see more of Lottie and August. Also, Althea seems like such an interesting character, I can’t wait to get to know her better.
    My post is up! @kaaty.reads 🐝🍯

    • jan

      I playing catch up tomorrow but am entry my photo on instagram @tweetybugshouse

  • Alex Shaffer

    What do you think is going on with Lottie?
    I think Lottie is experiencing the side effects of that curse that is on Mari. However, I also think she has magic in her blood since we are getting hints at her being able to see and hear things.

    Do you think Marigold can overcome the curse?
    I hope so! Everyone deserves to find love. And I do not think Mari will be able to be alone.

    Any theories on what’s happening with the island?
    Maybe this is the stuff that Althea hasn’t shared with Mari yet. Her mom mentioned that there’s more to than what Althea has shared. This is the curse working because Lottie and Mari are falling in love.

  • Kyanna Jackson

    Lottie can see and hear the guardian spirits which is very intriguing to me. But I got quite suspicious when she was found outside with honey all over her. Is she maybe being controlled by an ash witch? Something is definitely going on. I have a feeling that Mari will somehow overcome the curse but only time will tell. I do worry about Mari leaving the island so soon after the fire and the incident with the guardians. I posted a picture of this beautiful edition on my instagram. My handle is @pepperjacks9.

  • Marilag Angway

    I definitely think Lottie is on her way to falling in love with Marigold, which probably explains why she gets interrupted with massive headaches and stomach pains. BUT! I also think with how the spirits are reacting to Lottie’s presence in the isle, that Lottie might be descended from an Ash Witch. Wasn’t Versa described as a redhead as well? Since both Lottie and Versa have been the only ones described similarly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Lottie is related to her. (Or maybe she IS a manifestation of Versa…in which case…oops?)

    I’ve posted my photo on IG and my handle is @marimoosereads

  • dnjreads

    What do you think is going on with Lottie?
    I think Lottie might actually be an Ash Witch. Maybe her mom was one and she didn’t actually die.

    Do you think Marigold can overcome the curse?
    I’m wondering that if maybe my above answer is correct because Lottie would be a witch she could break the curse since they would both be witches.

    Any theories on what’s happening with the island?
    I think the island has not been properly warded and this unknown evil Ash Witch has been trying to break in.

    I’ll be posting mine photo on the 16th on my Instagram @dnjreads

  • Licia Carlesi

    Poor bee 🙁
    I have a sneaky suspicion that Lottie is Versa’s granddaughter and she’s an ash witch, but doesn’t know it. The fire, her burns, scars, the arrow tattoo, she can see the landvaetter (spelling, sorry) … it all adds up. Also, I noticed that Lottie flinches or gets a headache every time she gets close to Marigold – is it the curse? It means they caught feelings (obviously!)
    I predict a ship between August and Frankie (the soulmate spell pointing to Bardshire…)
    I worry about Marigold leaving Innisfree, considering the omens with the ash, landvaetter being sick etc. Is it going to be ok?
    I posted the photo and my handle is @Licia27 :)))

  • Tiffany Salangsang

    I also think Lottie might be a witch, maybe an ash witch? She doesn’t know where biological family, right?
    I think the curse has a loophole – so Lottie and Marigold can get together 😉
    Excited for the roadtrip and hoping to see what shenanigans this trio gets into at court.

  • Morgan Blake

    I had an epiphany today while reading! Every time Lottie starts being romantic towards Marigold she gets a splitting headache or starts feeling sick. I don’t think the curse stops someone from falling in love with her, I think it hurts them! Maybe that’s what Mr. Benny remembered after Althea died.
    Also I think Lottie is linked to the ash witches. Her mom said their family was bad and then their house burned down AND she can see spirits? I think she’s related to the ash witches and maybe even is one herself without knowing.
    Excited for the road trip, but I’m scared something bad will happen to the island while they’re gone!

  • Ally Christine

    What do you think is going on with Lottie? I think shes an Ash witch but has absolutely no idea.
    Do you think Marigold can overcome the curse? I mean true love always wins right?? Lol. I’m so hoping she is!
    Any theories on what’s happening with the island? I’m still forming my thoughts on this. I think it has to do with and ash witch and a Honey witch inhabiting the island together. 😊

  • Stephanie Rittenhouse

    Thank you so much for the giveaway contest. My post is up and my username is @rittanie

    Now on to more serious matters, I’m rather terrified for Innisfree! Should Marigold really be leaving right now? The ending of Ch. 21 was so ominous. But maybe Innisfree will be healthier without Lottie.. because I feel like she is an Ash Witch, unbeknownst to herself. But maybe Innisfree will be less safe because what happens if Marigold can’t fight her feelings for Lottie, and vise versa?!
    I’ve really liked learning more of Lottie’s history. I don’t yet think it warrants her being as rude as she is, but I can understand why she keeps her circle small. And August just seems like the sweetest and most loyal friend to both Lottie and Marigold. I feel like I know who his soul mate is already… feeling the bite to go to Bardshire, eh? Hehe.
    Ultimately I want to keep reading on. I hope the family reunion is sweet and happy, but I’m nervous for Innisfree in the meantime!

  • Rebecca Kust

    I think Lottie is an Ash witch but, like Mari, she cannot fully remember her traumatic childhood. Even though they both grew up clueless about magic, Mari was able to learn about being a witch from her grandmother for a short time. So unlike Mari, Lottie’s more in the dark about magic without her family to guide her and her negative feelings towards magic. Unbeknownst to her, I think the unusual and magical events happening on the island could be because of Lottie.

    Photo entered on instagram @bexxmf

  • fatima

    I think we’ve hit an interesting stride. The atmosphere is so lovely and cozy, and Mari is really coming into her own as a witch. Love that for her!

    Also, I reallyy hope there’s a loophole for this curse! Lottie might be an Ash Witch and she’s related to what’s happening to the island? I honestly don’t know 😂

    I can’t wait to keep reading and to see August and Lottie meet Mari’s family!

    (My photo is on @infinitenovels! 💗)

  • Lisa Spanu (@lisashelves)

    1. What do you think is going on with Lottie?
    I think Lottie is an Ash Witch who’s getting slowly overwhelmed by the magic she is surrounded by on the island and slowly awakening her own. I also don’t think it is a coincidence her parents died in a fire

    2. Do you think Marigold can overcome the curse?
    Yes and no. I don’t think she’ll truly overcome the curse but I think since Lottie is a witch and possibly her soulmate, her being a witch overrules the curse

    3. Any theories on what’s happening with the island?
    I think it is due Lottie’s powers awakening slowly and since she is an Ash Witch, her staying for a prolonged time is weakening the protection from the inside.

    Also a theory I have; I don’t really know how old Marigold’s brother is, but it seems as if he has had his debut so how fun would it be if he was August’s soulmate!!

    Entered via my bookstagram account @lisashelves 🥰

  • Alex Shaffer

    Sorry- I also forgot to post my instagram for the giveaway. My instagram is stardancer2014

  • Nymphie

    My post is up on Instagram! My handle is @nymphie_reads 🎉
    (1) Ever since I learned that Lottie could see the landvættir, I have suspected her of being a witch herself, specifically the next ash witch. The story about her parents dying in a fire and leaving her inexplicably alive only cemented my theory. This pairs with another current theory of mine that the honey witch and the ash witch are meant to live and work together (perhaps as each other’s soulmate), which would explain why the two women as so drawn to each other. I’m suspecting that Althea and Versa were much, much more to each other than Althea let on. A curse to make it impossible for anyone to fall in love with you, but not to make it impossible for YOU to fall in love with THEM, is the most personal curse I can ever imagine someone casting. To me, it feels like something casted out of heartbreak. Obviously, Lottie’s sudden headaches are caused by her beginning to have feelings for Marigold. The pain prevents him from acting on those feelings, which seems to be how the curse is working. I can only imagine she would be afflicted by more than just a mere headache if she were to grow closer to Marigold.
    (2) I think Marigold can overcome the curse, but only with the help of the ash witch. And since I suspect Lottie of being an ash witch, I think it will take the two of them working together for their mutual happily ever after (as soulmates).
    (3) Clearly Versa is affecting the island in some way, trying to take away the honey witch’s power by taking away the nature surrounding her. I think Versa is somehow using Lottie’s help (unbeknownst to Lottie) and that it was Lottie herself who unknowingly poisoned the landvættir, since it seems Versa cannot cross the border into Innisfree due to the protection runes. Either way, I’m hoping Marigold’s mother has some answers to share when we arrive for the wedding!

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