The Hurricane Wars Readalong: Day 2!


Hey fairies!

Welcome back to day 2 of our readalong for our October Adult featured book: The Hurricane Wars by Thea Guanzon!

I hope you’re all enjoying the book so far! I am so excited to see what happens today!

Today we’re reading from chapter 9 to the end of chapter 15. Let’s go!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for The Hurricane Wars by Thea Guanzon from chapters 9 to 15. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


Alaric returns to the Night Empire, Talasyn returns to Sardovia… but somehow I don’t think these two have seen the last of each other.

Coxswain Darius was her betrayer! Should have known from how he was panicking before Talasyn set off.

Talasyn also tells Khaede that she is a princess, as friends do, Khaede is quick to tease her! Love that.

No one knows why Alaric and Talasyn’s magic reacted the way it did together… but what they do know is that despite Talasyn’s argument it’s not looking likely that they’ll receive help from the Nenavar Dominion, despite Talasyn’s new found rank.

Things for Sardovia and the Amirante are not looking good, their only option now is to flee. Talasyn stays back to buy enough time for Vela to get to some kind of safety and – of course – Alaric Ossinast arrives for one more battle. It doesn’t go exactly as I anticipated this time though. They bicker = standard. They fight = standard. But he also kind of protects her? And then he’s asking her to return to the Night Empire with him so they can explore the merging of their powers further. Alaric are you ok?

What makes it even weirder is that Talasyn doesn’t really say no? Just that his father wouldn’t allow it. And then… he lets her go.

What’s left of the Sardovian soliders (Khaede hasn’t made contact) head to Nenavar in the hopes of seeking refuge. Oh I do love a book with dragons!

Urduja of House Silim, the Dragon Queen, Zahiya-lachis and Talasyns grandmother seems like a force to be reckoned with. I’m not sure I’d want to be on her bad side.

Eventually after some back and forth she agrees to let them seek refuge on an uninhabited island of hers, BUT Alunsina, aka Talasyn must take up her rightful place and stay in the capital, taking on her role of Lachis’ka of the Nenavar Dominion. This will go down well I’m sure.

Talasyn agrees, but she’s maaaad! She feels coerced into it, while Elagbi tells her she can say no and leave, she can’t really can she? Too many peoples safety is riding on that. Something tells me Talasyn is going to do everything she can to make the Zahiya-lachis regret this.

Meanwhile, Nenavar is not the only place where change is being brought forth. In the Night Empire… Alaric is given the title of Emperor. They’re both rising in ranks!

We’re jumping forward four months, Talasyn is still in Nenavar playing Lachis’ka. Urduja won’t give her access to the Belian Sever though, claiming although Talasyn wants to learn more about her power… it wasn’t part of the terms. I feel there’ll be more coercion coming somewhere! Elagbi interrupts with news though, it sounds like an attack on Nenavar might be imminent?

It doesn’t take long for the Night Empire’s flagship to appear and for them to threaten to invade should Nenavar not send an envoy to discuss the Dominions surrender. Bold of them.

Oh… this is not what I thought would happen, but what an interesting turn of events. 👀 A marriage of convenience is offered to Alaric… but he doesn’t know the heir is Talasyn which is very fun for us. Gaheris tells Alaric he’ll do it. I am VERY excited to see what’ll happen here!

Talasyn, on the other hand, knows exactly who she’s being forced to marry and says she won’t do it. This is a lot of pressure to put on her.

Considering Elgabi spouted a big spiel about making sure Talasyn married someone of her stature and would fight to tell them they’re not good enough for her, he seems overly lax about this. He’s managed to have Talasyn involved in the negotiations but nothing more.

Oh this is TOO GOOD. She reminds him of Talasyn… I WONDER WHY. It takes him a while, but he slowly starts to realise that the Lachis’ka, who reminds him of the girl who plagues his mind… is ACTUALLY, physically the girl who plagues his mind, and she makes it very clear they’ll have no amicable relationship!

OMG this section was SO GOOD! Screaming at the end!

Now that we know a little more about the magic, would you rather be a Lightweaver or Shadowforger?
Do you think they’ll actually get married?
What do you think Alaric will do now that he knows he’s being forced to marry Talasyn?

I can’t wait to keep reading! See you tomorrow for section three. 👋





  • Selina

    Things really start to pick up now 🫣
    This section had me in a chokehold and I really didn’t want to stop reading here, I need to know what happens next!

    I can’t decide whether I’d like to be a Lightweaver or a Shadowforger just yet. I need to see more action and their individual potentials before deciding.

    I really really hope they get married as I believe that their marriage will set lose some new interesting plot points 👀

    We’ve seen in Alaric’s POV that he seems to have (unknowingly) developed a soft spot for Talasyn, so I hope he’s happier to marry her instead of some other random woman. Since their marriage might also entail them getting closer to one another, I hope that now they investigate the merging of their powers.

    I can’t wait for the next section! 🧚‍♀️

  • birch_library

    WOH!!!! What a section that was!

    Firstly who is Urdujas stylist she sounds insane 🤌🏻

    * Did anyone else did goosebumps with Tasasyns when we first met the dragons?! I love them and their seaweedy barnacly beauty already…I NEED more of them!!

    I think there is something fishy going on Darius and dont believe he is the traitor… Khaede is SUSPECT?! Maybe I just have trust issues 🥲Or has she gone to get help??

    Ooo Lightweaver or Shadowforger? I liked to be a Shadowforger…I can hide behind my shadows and read! Hehe.

    Not fxcking likely. I LOVED THAT and Im not convinced it will go ahead.. but can they really go to war?! It will be devastating!

    Cant wait for tomorrows section 😍

  • Katie

    Ok, ok I’m being won over bit by bit. I did really enjoy Alaric not knowing it was Talasyn he’d be marrying and Talasyn knowing it was him. I feel like this is a he falls first situation, although she is also into it she just doesn’t know it yet.

    Where is Khaede? My girl my fave. I’m thinking she might come in hot at the end for a big cliff hanger that will have me screaming.

  • AllicynA

    I’m just here for a good time, and that’s exactly what I’m having.
    I’m enjoying this book so much so far! The magic is really interesting, the characters are entertaining, the world seems so lush. I can’t wait to continue!
    While we’ve learned some things about shadowforgers, we don’t really know much about lightweavers yet. I’m hoping we dive deeper into their abilities as the story progresses. And I hope we get more with the dragons! And I can’t wait for a wedding!

  • Joana Neves Pereira

    I loved all these chapters. It was upsetting they lost the war and I hope Kaedhe is safe as well as the baby. There’s a character introduced as well by Talasyn’s father than I’m sure will make a massive appearance. Also I’m happy to have been confirmed I was right who the Traitor was. And the ending on chapter 15, it was sooo good I squealed, can’t wait to pick it up back tomorrow.

  • sparks2much

    Ok. Does anyone else find Khaede’s disappearance strange? I feel like she’s up to something.
    All the tropes are coming out! Enemies to lovers, arranged marriage!

    I also love the addition of dragons and how all the buildings and costumes are described so colorfully!

  • Bookcrazykim

    Im a skipping a bit of the text up here, i Am at chapter 14 so far. Still not really enjoying it. Although the dragons are a nice fantasy touch to the story. I feel like this book is very heavy on the predictable sides of way to many tropes. And I am afraid that if it doesnt get better soon, I might not be willing to finish it

  • Bryony

    Lol I accidentally sent the questions without answering them. Please delete that! 🥲

    Now that we know a little more about the magic, would you rather be a Lightweaver or Shadowforger? Mmm, we’ve been told a bit more but honestly I still don’t think I’ve seen them in action enough yet to call it.

    Do you think they’ll actually get married?
    Yep! I dont think that’s the thing that the book will pull the rug out over.

    What do you think Alaric will do now that he knows he’s being forced to marry Talasyn?
    Depends…. I cant remember if this is the adult or ya pick for the month. 👀

    Also when they said there was a traitor on day one my instinct was Khaede, and now I believe it even more

  • DeeAnna

    Well now this is what I like to see. I’m thinking there is definitely going to be a marriage soon. I like where this is going. Why do I think that he may become excited by this proposal?!? I think he’ll be the one to try and convince her. Also I would be a lightweaver. Seems cool to me.

  • Lisa Spanu

    1. Now that we know a little more about the magic, would you rather be a Lightweaver or Shadowforger?
    I feel like both are similar but just the element (light or shadow) is different. I do love day and sunlight more than night haha so I’d chose being a Lightweaver.

    2. Do you think they’ll actually get married?
    I think they will stay engaged, but that marriage won’t happen in the end. Although I hope it will haha

    3. What do you think Alaric will do now that he knows he’s being forced to marry Talasyn?
    He won’t object. I think he knows he finds her interesting, that was also why he oppererd for her to come with him. I think he relishish in the fact that they would marry and he can get to know her better

  • Tehillah Otu

    I’d definitely like to be a lightweaver!

    Just reading some of the comments above and i’m really hoping Khaede is not the traitor! I’d rather she be lost somewhere and found later on.

  • Roxanne

    I am currently at chapter 14 so almost there for this day. I am still not loving it but not hating it either…

    There is quite the time jump of a couple months, and all i’m thi king of how is it truly enemies to lovers when Talasyn and Alrik didn’t even see eachother in those months? Like how?
    I am not giving up though so we will see

  • susy34633

    I really don’t know what magic I would prefer, I think I need more information to decide xD
    I think there might be a plot twist about the traitor, it felt a bit obvious and I’m not sure if we got it right… I agree with the other comments that Khaede being lost in action is suspicious and there might be some heartbreak coming out way.
    Really liking Alaric’s point of view, let’s see how this continues…

  • j.iris

    This section got me intrigued!

    I was a little taken aback by the time jumps, but I like that the plot is fast paced.

    Between Lightweaver and Shadowforger, I’d definitely choose Lightweaver, only cause I think fire and light-based powers are cooler 😄

    I really hope they do get married, marriage of convenience is one of my favourite tropes. Talasyn definitely seems more against it than Alaric does, that “come with me to research our powers” scene convinced me he’s clearly interested in her.


    Now that we know a little more about the magic, would you rather be a Lightweaver or Shadowforger?
    I think I would rather be a Lightweaver. The shadow forger magic seemed darker which I love but knowing me and my personality it makes sense that I would be a light weaver.

    Do you think they’ll actually get married?
    YASSS! And they are going to hate every minute of it until they don’t.

    What do you think Alaric will do now that he knows he’s being forced to marry Talasyn?
    I think he’s going to throw a HISSY FIT. He seems like the type of character to do that. He knows she’s going to wreck him and he won’t handle it well.

  • Amelia Jayne

    Unfortunately, I’m really struggling to get into it! There’s so much to process I’m struggling to get through to the actual story which is so sad because I love Star Wars so much!

    I really hope they do get married and form an alliance, hopefully, that picks up the story in the direction I want it to go!

  • Julie N

    By the end of this section I’m starting to get more in to it. I’m still a bit confused at times, and i don’t think I really understand all the parts of this war, and therefore don’t understand exactly why the marriage would help. But I’m here for it, and I do think they will get married, or they manage to delay it so they fall in love first.

    I’m wondering what’s going on with khaede, I hope she’s okay and have not turned traitor/ left to the other side. Also I could see it happening to keep her baby safe, but I hope not.

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