The Hurricane Wars Readalong: Day 3!

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Hello fairies!

I hope that you’re all loving The Hurricane Wars by Thea Guanzon so far! I’m dying to know what will happen in this section!!

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Good luck!

Today we’ll be reading from Chapter 16 to the end of Chapter 22, let’s jump in!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for The Hurricane Wars, from chapters 16 to 22. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


Alaric thinks they’ve caught him in a trap as soon as he realises it’s Talasyn that he’ll be marrying. Urduja explains to him that Talasyn – or Alunsina – is exactly who they are saying she is and they found that out because of his patrol. Oh irony!

Sevraim thinks they’re all in cahoots too. If only they knew that Talasyn is against this as much as they are.

Their marriage negotiations go off without a hitch – other than Alaric insinuating that Talasyn will be an obedient wife. Good luck with that.

“Hate is a kind of passion, is it not?” I love this. Although I’ve also heard there’s a very fine line between love and hate. 👀 Will they cross that line?

Alaric catches Talasyn in her garden and he’s very intrigued to know how she ended up a Lachis’ka, but also a helmsman. I feel like the enemies vibes are very much coming from Talasyn’s side of things at the moment rather than Alaric’s. Anyone else feeling that too?

Despite her obvious hostility Alaric is coming off kinda flirty and I’m digging it.

Ooh he’s kind of brutal too though, bringing up his desolation of Sardovia. That’s gotta hurt for Talasyn, especially given she still has friends missing.

He is PINING for her. I’m so here for it. His hands burn to touch her, he thinks about the dip of her waist and the curve of her spine. He wants her sooo bad – and Talasyn is either completely oblivious to it or choosing to ignore it.

The wedding agreements continue, and the bickering continues. I’m really frustrated on Talasyn’s behalf that so much seems to have been kept from her, the Voidfell’s issues really should have been made clear to her. The way she found out in front of Alaric too just makes her look powerless in a situation where she’s really trying to hang on to that power! I feel for her.

Regardless, Urduja seems to have Alaric right where she wants him!

Oh this is an interesting turn of events, Alaric is now going to train and teach Talasyn? This is going to end with either one or both of them having a strop.

Slowly, it’s starting to seem like Alaric’s feelings are not as unrequited. She’s nervous to be trained by him.

In terms of training, they make little progress, in terms of understanding each other more? I feel like they make quite a bit!

The tension between these two. I can’t even cope anymore. You could cut it with a KNIFE. Not gonna lie though, I’d definitely leave marriage negotiations to go meet with a pudding merchant too. I’m a sweet tooth girly what can I say?

Oh ok, a peace offering, Talasyn gets him a pudding. I’d be happy with that.

They train more and pass on tales of their mothers, finding a little bit of common ground. Not over how they lost them, but just over the fact they did both lose them.

Oop. Alaric corrects Talasyn’s posture but she moves at the same time end ends up pressed flush to his chest. He’s obsessed with the smell of her and wants to BITE DOWN. Be calm Alaric, calm and collected.

I could punch Sevraim right now for interrupting. That was… intense. Angsty. I loved it.

They’re BOTH yearning now. I’m living for it honestly. He was going to kiss her and I don’t think she would have stopped him!

Hm. Urduja is here to explain why she kept things from Talasyn. I kind of do get her reasoning, but I’m still grumpy about it.

Stop I can’t deal with all the conflicting emotions each of them are having about their feelings and their wants from each other. They know they should be enemies but the love is creeeeeeping in!!!

The only thing better than Talasyn feeling so awkward she blurts out compliments about the soup… is Alaric making fun of her for it. It’s… sublime. 👀

We end this chapter with a possible spanner in the works when Lady Lueve’s nephew, who loathes the Night Empire, arrives. This should be fun!

How are you finding the slow burn enemies to lovers situation we have going on? 60% in and we’ve had only an almost kiss!
Do you think Alaric’s training will pay off and Talasyn will be able to conjure a shield?
What do you think will happen now that Surakwel has arrived?

The tension in this section has me thriving, I’m loving it all so much! So excited to see where this goes.

See you tomorrow for another day of reading!


28 thoughts on “The Hurricane Wars Readalong: Day 3!

  1. Ugh the tension in this section. I am a slow burn girly and this is right up my alley. I was so ready for the kiss but of course Sevraim had to interrupt this moment 😭

    I’m so ready for these two to continue training and hope Talasyn will be successful but I can understand if Alaric is too distracting, I would be distracted too 👀

    It has been hinted at before that Surakwel might be trouble if he comes back to Nenavar so maybe he has something to say against this union of Nenavar and Kesath.

    I’m very curious to see how this plays out! With that I’ll go plan my Instagram post 🤍

    1. Just posted my photo on Instagram @selsbookcorner 🤍

  2. I accidentally kept reading so I know what happens lol but then I stopped, so I’m not too far ahead.

    I am living for the slow burn currently. I was worried that the tension wouldn’t last but the author has done a good job of get the plot moving and keeping us from getting too much too soon.

    I fear a cliffhanger is coming though… I don’t know who but someone is gonna return at the end is my prediction – Khaede or Alaric’s mother… Or even Talasyn’s? Also I think someone may have murdered her mother… Not just a mysterious illness?

    Also Sevraim saying like maybe be nice to her and Alaric being like pfft as if that will work lol hilarious. Also his interruption of the almost kiss – hiss lol

  3. Oh I’ve also entered the comp – I’m @onlybooksiveread on Instagram

  4. The slow burn is killing me. That almost kiss. Ugh. I’m having trouble putting this book down. I can’t stop reading it! I just need to know where everything is going to go. I need to know what happens.

    I don’t like trying to predict things lol I like to be surprised!

  5. Oh how exciting💜💛cant wait to see everyones photos!

    I am loving this readalong…the slow burn is killing me but I am here for the tension!

    I cant wait for them to be training again and Im sure with a little persuasion 😘 from Alaric she’ll nail it (maybe even a shield to protect him will spur her into action!)

    Ok we have enemies to lovers…arranged marriage….could there be another trope?! Surakwel making the love triangle?! I wont be complaining. Oh imagine the drama!!

    1. I also wondered if this was heading for a love triangle… Or could be be a new match for Khaede when she returns (she gotta come back, right?)

  6. Loving this book i posted on instagram @tweetybugshouse

  7. I am finally enjoying myself. The long worldbuilding at the start was just to much. But now the slowburn and enemies to lovers is catching up and i like it!

    I also posted with the # @Bookcrazykim27

  8. I forgot to mention in my earlier comment that I’ve entered my photo on instagram! My handle is @allicyn.a

  9. *I’ve already posted my #HurricaneFairy photo under @TupaKitty_Reads 🤞🏼🤞🏼*

  10. Just started on day 4! Lets hope they don’t find them🫠

    I posted my photo this morning too 🍂


  11. “Hate is a kind of passion” has been living in my head rent free. 😂 I love the way that things between these two are heating up.

    Also, the cliffhanger at the end of these set of chapters. Lord Surakwel! The scene in my head had him doing the MOST dramatic entrance.

    Entering on IG @ rygurl

  12. How are you finding the slow burn enemies to lovers situation we have going on? 60% in and we’ve had only an almost kiss!
    The tension is pretty good but tbf, they haven’t actually had that much on page time together before this section so like… slow burn from a narrative perspective but pretty normal or even quick about of time if you look at how long they spent together, lol.

    Do you think Alaric’s training will pay off and Talasyn will be able to conjure a shield?
    Probably, though I think it’ll happen at a crucial moment rather than through the training itself

    What do you think will happen now that Surakwel has arrived?
    🤷‍♂️ I’m intrigued to see!

    Haven’t had time to post yet (honestly I’m finding keeping up on this one as a whole really hard. even for an adult pick its WORDY.) But I’ll check in with my photo here tomorrow

  13. I entered the giveaway 🙂


  14. I’ve entered the IG giveaway as!

    Just finished this section and I agree with everyone else, the slow burn is *chef’s kiss*. The training scenes must be my favourite part of the book! I love that they finally have a reason to work together and I’m curious to see more. And Surakwel’s arrival right at the end! I finally reached that moment where I can barely put the book down to comment here. Now that it’s done, it’s off to the day 4 section!

  15. I am such a sucker for slow burn 🔥
    Let’s be honest… they both want each other super bad, Talasyn is just in denial. I’m ready for her to give up on trying to hate him and kiss him already. Too bad that almost kiss got interrupted. I’m imagining some more accidental closeness during training brining this on… 😏 I think things are about to get hot.
    Although with Surakwels arrival, things are about to get awkward and tense for everyone.

  16. I also entered on IG with my username @thatbookishbeachgirl

  17. I posted my photo today!


  18. I’ve posted my photo and entered the giveaway on IG as @sami341reads

    I absolutely love everything about this book 😍

  19. 1. How are you finding the slow burn enemies to lovers situation we have going on? 60% in and we’ve had only an almost kiss!
    I’m honestly living for the chemistry and tension between those two! I was smiling like a maniac reading this section hahaha

    2. Do you think Alaric’s training will pay off and Talasyn will be able to conjure a shield?
    I think it will definitely help. If they succeed is another thing tho

    3. What do you think will happen now that Surakwel has arrived?

    Entered via my bookstagram account @lisashelves

  20. My post will be on @brincollects by the time you see this! Just writing the caption now 🙈

  21. Finally, I feel like I’m into this book! The slow burn is killing me and that almost kiss… The chemistry and tension has got me swooning.

    I’m really enjoying the training sections too and how the magic works. I think the training will help but I’m not sure what the outcome will be but I’m loving the fact they have to learn to work together.

    I feel like there’s about to be a whole lot of drama with Surakwels entrance so after a slow start I’m so glad I can’t put it down. I’m so excited for the next section!!

    I posted my photo on cosy_daze

  22. How are you finding the slow burn enemies to lovers situation we have going on? 60% in and we’ve had only an almost kiss!
    I am thriving with this slow burn. I think it feels more natural. Normally enemies to lovers get insta love or they realize hate was really lust. Where this book feels like enemies coming to understand one another.

    Do you think Alaric’s training will pay off and Talasyn will be able to conjure a shield?
    Yes. He’s such a good teacher, and she’s good with magic 🪄. I think she just needs more confidence with it.

    What do you think will happen now that Surakwel has arrived?
    I think all hell is going to hit the fan. I think both sides are going to have to band together to survive.

    I will be participating on the ig post. My handle is @mangapenguin

  23. Ugh, so close. But I’m starting to like this better. I fall out from time to time, but then I get dragged back in. I love their bickering, and can’t wait for more of them. I hope their training will work out, and I’m excited to see what will happen now that Surakwel, i feel like that could stir up some drama. Maybe he know something about Khaede? I feel like we need to hear what’s going on there soon.

    I have also entered the giveaway on Instagram. @juliesbubble

  24. I have entered the competition 😭

    Ig _aly_sun

  25. Finally catching up and also posted picture


  26. I’ve posted my photo and entered the giveaway on

    Instagram @sakurablossom95

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