The Merciful Crow Readalong: Day 5


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Hi FairyLooters!

Welcome to the final day of our readalong of The Merciful Crow! That went by so fast!

Fie, Jasimir and Tavin have had such a rough journey and I’m really hoping for a happy ending for them but I’m not sure if that will happen!

What have been your favourite parts of the book so far? Or your favourite quotes? Let me know!

But let’s get into the last few chapters! Today we’re reading chapters 20-the end!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for The Merciful Crow by Margaret Owen. Read only if you’ve finished the book!


The Vultures path has changed and they’re now heading north…either towards Fie and Jasimir or on a different route to the capital…

Is there a possibility that Rhusana is somehow controlling the king? Is that why he didn’t watch as Jasimir and Tavin’s bodies were taken away? Its weird that we haven’t heard much about the King or what he is doing so I’m curious.

I’m glad they’ve been able to put their differences aside and might actually be able to achieve something if they manage to stop Rhusana.

Nooo the Vultures have caught up to them!

Fie uses everything she has and a Pheonix tooth to control the flames and create a path for them but she’s shot and can’t walk! They’re so close now, they have to make it!

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Fie wants to sacrifice herself, cause a distraction to let Jasimir get to the gates of Trokovoi so he can become king and keep the oath but Jasimir doesn’t want to leave her.

Ahhh Draga saved them and chased off the Vultures but how did she know they were coming? Surely Tavin was the only one who knew their plan and they’d been tracking him, he couldn’t have got past them could he?

So Tavin managed to get the message to them but is still a hostage. Draga wants to ally with them but won’t give Fie the Hawk’s protection! I’m going to be so mad if she’s gone through all that to get Jasimir there and have to walk away with nothing for her people!

Fie decides she needs to go and save her kin and slips past the guards and begins looking for a way out but finds Jasimir in one of the great halls.

Did she just describe the difference in their eyes like Jasimir and Tavin’s? Could Draga be Tavin’s mother??

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Omg they cut off Pa’s finger and sent it to them?!? They have to do something! They can’t let all of them die!

Ahhh I was right! Draga is Tavin’s mother!!

Surely Fie has a plan and isn’t actually going to give Jasimir up! Please say it ain’t so!

Yay! Using a Pheonix tooth to burn everything since Tavin can’t be harmed was such a good idea!

They’ve brought down the Vultures and stopped Tatterhelm and in the end she didn’t even give him a mercy killing! I’m so happy that, even with her lack of training, Fie managed to keep the oath and was really clever in defeating her enemies!

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Pa officially made Fie the chief, even though she may think she doesn’t want it, she’s definitely the person to make the path for crows to become more respected! And Barf the cat is still alive!! I’m so happy! And Fie and Tavin are together again and happy to be!

Draga has agreed to give them the Hawks! Finally crows will have some protection and maybe will be treated better. But now Tavin can’t go with them.

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They’ll be together again but first they both have things they need to deal with and Fie is the chief, she has merciful killings to deal.

And that’s the end of the book! So much just happened! I’m so excited to hear all your thoughts!

Thank you so, so much for reading with us! I hope these posts added a bit more excitement to the experience! Will you be participating in the next one?

Hope you enjoy your weekend!






  • lucylang

    Loved the discovery of Tavin’s true origin! And how Phoenix teeth and abilities are used so Fie and Jasimir can burn everything but also save everyone that Fie holds dear.
    So glad she is reunited with her crows (and her pa!) and she becomes chief which is fantastic- despite not wanting to.
    I’m still curious as to how the skin ghosts are created so hopefully there will be more of that in the next book.

    Overall I really enjoyed learning of the caste system in this book and how teeth magic was described.

  • Ariana

    This book was so flipping good! I loved everything about it! I cant wait to see what happens to Fie and her gang and to learn more about the king (for real, where has he been). I’ll definitely be participating next month!

  • Sandy

    I love this Book! It made me cry when she had to say goodbye and the moment she discovered the cat was still alive!
    I liked reading it together with you guys! I’m definitely gonna join te read along again! Love Sandy

  • Rebecca

    This ties for my favorite FL book! I really liked it. Fie was tough and spoke her kind and she was brave, but she wasn’t over done and overly bitchy. I hate it when people write bitchy characters, thinking that being a bitch somehow equals being strong. Anyway, loved Fie, loved Tavin, loved this book.

  • Verena

    Loved the book <3
    Another amazing Fairyloot book and another great Read along (even though I didn't have time to wirte here very much)
    I did really like the reveal, even though it wasn't really all that surprising, but still.
    Really enjoyed the romance (and I for one are very happy that we didn't have a love triangle)
    Looking forward to learn more about the world and get my questions answered in the next one =)

  • Meri

    I absolutely loved this book. I laughed so hard when Draga asked if there were any other secrets she should know about and Fie announced about her and Tavin. (I could just see it, everyone’s looks.) Excellent choice and theme Fairyloot.

  • Elizabeth

    I loved this book so much! It was so different and I really enjoyed all the twists and turns throw our way. This was my favorite new read of the year!. I can’t even wait for the next book in the series to come out!

  • Connie

    Wow, what a ride! I actually really liked the ending and can’t wait for the next one. I’m so glad Barf and Pa survived!

    Thank you FL for another great read!

  • Jennifer

    Okay so now I need book two. There is still so much that needs to happen. Evil Queen needs to be defeated, Tavin and Fie need to be reunited and we haven’t even met the King yet.

  • Chronically_Bookish

    This was soooooooooooo good. I cannot wait for book 2.

  • Anna

    I loved this book and the unexpected turnings! It was sooo good and I’m so happy about the end. I’m sure Tavin and Fie will be together someday and I’m happy that Barf is okay. A really heartwarming book!

  • amandakuipers1986

    Barf is save! So happy!

  • Bookish_princess

    I’m a day late :p but Omg I’m so glad they made it to the fortress! That wall of fire and battle mammoths! ? I KNEW IT ABOUT TAVIN! Bam! The whole battle scene was just the right kind of intense! Haha when fie announced their relationship so funny! Tavin’s story tho so heartbreaking! Perfect open ended ending without a cliffhanger! Very sweet

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