The Ones We Burn Readalong: Day 4!

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Hey fairies!

Welcome back to day 4 of our readalong of The Ones We Burn by Rebecca Mix!

Today we’re reading from Chapter 47 to the end of Chapter 60.

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for The Ones We Burn by Rebecca Mix, from chapters 47 to 60. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


It’s time, the covens are arriving. Ongrum is nowhere to be seen though. 

Suddenly a whistle is blown and it’s a noise Ranka recognises, it means get ready to fight.

Ranka manages to get Galen away, and hands him over to Percy’s care as she goes in search of Aramis. The witches are after the vaccine and Ranka knows that’s where Aramis is. It’s a mistake though. They’re already waiting and act as though Ranka lead them there, that she was in on it all. 

Ongrum appears and tries to trick Ranka into switching sides. It works too. Ranka launches her axe at the cabinet, destroying the vaccine.

The Skra have caught Percy. Ranka begs Ongrum to let her go home, she’s done her part, but she’s adamant that Ranka needs to stay longer and shows her why. Ongrum is behind the winalin witches, she’s creating them. She wants the power, she’ll keep infecting witches until winalin is perfected. Not only that, Ongrum was the one who sent Yeva away knowing she would be captured as the Bloodwinn, and released when they realised she wasn’t Ranka. Ongrum was behind it all. Ranka tricks her, pretending to understand long enough to inject Ongrum with a tranquiliser.

She manages to convince an inebriated Tafa to give Percy over to her. With Percy in tow, they find Aramis, but there’s no sign of Galen…

Where do you think Galen is?
Do you think Aramis will ever trust Ranka again after this?
What do you think Ranka’s plan is now?

Catch up with you tomorrow for our final section!


4 thoughts on “The Ones We Burn Readalong: Day 4!

  1. 1. I’ve got no clue where he is, but he probably escaped in the chaos and is doing something to free Aramis and Percy.
    2. Yes, they’ll have to work on their trust but it will be rebuild
    3. She’ll have to kill Ongrum to truly save the witches. As of now she only tranquilised her and that will not be enough to defeat her

  2. Everyone seems manipulative. Everyone’s lied about something. Percy is still my favorite character. I’m rooting for him.
    Daily Q&A:
    1.) Where do you think Galen is?
    2.) Do you think Aramis will ever trust Ranka again after this?
    3.) What do you think Ranka’s plan is now?
    1.) Probably moved to separate the twins, especially after Ranka showed herself unwilling to kill him herself. Maybe given to the Hands.
    2.) Probably, in the end.
    3.) Save Aramis, find Galen, stop Ongrum/the Hands. Basically, their Plan B but with a couple extra steps.

  3. Ongrum infecting everyone with winalin and somehow even convincing them that it was the right thing to do to themselves was so horrifying. I had a moment where I considered if I wanted to continue reading at all because I hated that so much. But I’ve come this far, so.

    1) Someplace even safer since he is the actual heir?

    2) I think so…it would be so unsatisfying if this story ended with that kind of tragedy.

    3) Get them out, recover their strength a bit, and then get back in to save Galen. Ideally without having to face everyone else left in the palace.

  4. 1. I have no idea. I’m hoping he is safe though.

    2. I think Ranka’s plans are now going to be showing that Ongrum is lying to all the witches. Maybe she will overthrow Ongrum.

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