The Prison Healer Readalong Day 1!

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Hello Fairy Friends!

How are you all doing today? I hope the month has ended well for you all! Are you ready to kick start our Readalong of The Prison Healer by Lynette Noni?

In today’s section of the Readalong, we’ll be reading from the Prologue to Chapter 8. Be sure to get cosy, grab a snack, and bundle yourself up in blankets as we dive on into this one! When you’ve finished reading this section, you can join me back here in the comments to chat all about it!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for The Prison Healer by Lynette Noni, from the Prologue to Chapter 8! Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


We have quite the dramatic prologue, don’t we? Starting this book, we immediately jump into the action with Kiva’s childhood home being ransacked by guards. A vain attempt to run away is tried, but we soon learn that Kiva was destined to end up in Zalindov. Although…is anyone else wondering why she’s in there while her family are not?

Cut to modern day, and Kiva is the Prison’s healer, part of her job being to carve the Z into prisoner’s hands, marking them as one of Zalindov’s forever. It’s a harsh prison, with a harsh journey to get there. But prisoners do indeed arrive – though not all survive. Which makes our newest prison member all the more intriguing…

Three men are brought to Zalindov, but only one survives – just. In this space of doom and gloom, we meet Tipp, Kiva’s assistant of sorts. Does anyone else find him adorable? He’s too pure for this world. Clearly Kiva thinks the same, her uneasiness at his teasing of guard Naari showing right through the page.

After days of healing and rest, our new inmate eventally wakes up. Jaren, is his name. We don’t know his story, or much of anything about him really. As Kiva says during the orientation she leads him through…it would be rude to ask how he got here. But who else is too intrigued not to know? I know I am! As we learn more about the cruelties of Zalindov, Jaren’s supposed optimism is a thing of bewilderment, but also admiration.

But wait, what’s this? We have another new inmate? And here we thought the winter months would bare few prisoners…

Lo and behold…the Rebel Queen enters the story. Tilda Corentine. An uneasiness rises through the prison with this news, but none more unsettling than the one felt by Kiva. Entrusted with the care of the Tilda and the illness plaguing her body, she receives a note from her family outside – “Don’t let her die”.

Easier said than done.

Because not only is Tilda battling her own illness, but she has been sentenced to the Elemental Trials, something seemingly impossible to win. But the only way out is to get through them…and so Tilda’s future is looking grim. Can Kiva heal her enough to have her compete?

That’s the question on everyone’s lips as Kiva begins the course of healing Tilda, a few of her fellow inmates gathering one evening with aid. It is on this evening she discovers the Crown Prince and Princess are coming to witness the trials. It truly is an event to behold, they say. But with rebels and royalty on the mind, a related story is told. We hear the story of how the Rebel Queen came to be, through a family feud splitting the magical royal line in two.

It is around this mark we leave for section one of the readalong, and with such a build up! Is Tilda really the Rebel Queen? Is there more to the royal family’s visit to Zalindov? I suppose we’ll be finding out soon as we read through the week!

Let me know your thoughts on the first few chapters of The Prison Healer, and I’ll be back again tomorrow to talk more about it!



71 thoughts on “The Prison Healer Readalong Day 1!

  1. What a start! And hello handsome mystery man! I definitely need to know what jaren did to get thrown into the prison! Did he kill the other 2? Why is he not freaking out he is in prison? Does anyone else feel like this book kinda relates to present day events with quarantine and all the unknowns? Also does anyone else really dislike the Warden already? He seems sketchy
    I love that Naari has a prosthetic hand (“it comes in handy” love it!), you don’t see many characters with prosthetics! Also does anyone else find tipp adorable? ?
    Can’t wait to continue the read!

    1. I love Tipp as well ❤️

      I’m wondering what Jaren dit to be taken to Zalindov, but also Kiva, why is she in prison??

    2. I love Tipp ?. He’s super cute, but I’m also worried, because he seems impulsive and a blabbermouth, which could get him in trouble D:

    3. I love Tipp as well! And I am currious whats up with jaren

  2. Hi Ashleigh and everyone reading along ?
    I love this story, so far!! I got drawn in from the very first page!
    Of course left today’s pages with a lot of questions! Is Kiva the girl from the prologue, I assume but what happened to her family?? Why aren’t they in there with her? Are the messages really from her family??
    Why is she locked up, and what did Jaren do to end up there?
    Why is Naari so kind?? Wondering if perhaps she was once a prisoner there? Don’t know why, because no one seems to escape…..??
    Can’t wait to find out more!! See you tomorrow ?

  3. Hi Ashleigh and everyone reading along ?
    I love this story, so far!! I got drawn in from the very first page!
    Of course after today’s pages I was left with a lot of questions!
    Is Kiva the girl from the prologue, I assume she is but what happened to her family?? Why aren’t they in there with her? Are the messages really from her family??
    Why is she locked up, and what did Jaren do to end up there?
    Why is Naari so kind?? Wondering if perhaps she was once a prisoner there? Don’t know why, because no one seems to be able to escape…..??
    Can’t wait to find out more!!
    See you tomorrow ?

    1. I’m also wondering why only Kiva is in jail and not the rest of her family.

    2. I have a feeling you don’t have to do a horrible crime to land in this prison. If a child can land in there… I don’t know, it just sounds like the worst place ever.

    3. I thought it’s not her real family but her rebel family. I guess her real family died

  4. Hello Ashleigh, hello everyone!

    It’s only the first section of the book and I already have so many questions, love that.

    Speaking of questions, I think there’s more going on with Naari than a simple “it’s the only job I can do with a prosthetic hand”. Hmm.
    And Tipp, Tipp! He is a ray of sunshine and must be protected at all costs. If something were to happen to him I’ll riot.

    P.s. I’m already trying to understand the secret alphabet ? and I’m definitely reading tomorrow’s chapters today, I just can’t put this book down!

    1. I’m going to join your riot!! Love Tipp!!

  5. I flew through these chapters, it was hard to stop. I especially loved Tipp he was so adorable

  6. Hello!
    I am super into this story already! I actually didn’t want to stop reading at Chapter 8, so I am looking forward to continuing today.
    I like how the dark setting of a death prison work camp along with Kiva’s perspective as healer are very interesting and unusual for this genre. I find YA to typically be a lot more fantastical and whimsical so I am loving this darker tone.
    Lots of questions:
    Is Tilda really the rebel Queen, is it actually her that needs to be kept alive pending the royal family’s arrival?
    Was it actually Kiva’s family that we witnessed in the Prologue?
    Are there Rebel Spies in the prison? Jaren? Naari? There is clearly more than meets the eye when it comes to these two.

  7. I really liked the beginning of this book! It moves along at a comforably fast pace, and we got to meet quite a lot of intriguing characters already! Tipp is cute, but yes, he shouldn’t be in a prison like this… Poor kid, I do really hope he gets out of this all alive.
    Naari has captured my interest the most tbh, there seems to be quite a story hidden in her past and I feel like Kiva is relatively safe around her. Jaren is still very mysterious, you’d think someone new to a DEATH prison would be a bit more devastated. I’m curious to get to know more!
    Making Kiva show Jaren around the prison was a great way to introduce us to the whole setting and let us as readers know what the rules are. I love it when the exposition is done in a way that feels organic to the story and here is was done great. There’s still enough mystery to keep me on my toes, but at least I know the basics.
    Does anyone else think that Kiva might somehow be a relative to the long dead king? I’d SO love for her to develpe true healing magic!
    And Tilda has some serious fighting force O.O I did not expect that of a deadly sick woman.

  8. Hey Ashleigh!

    I was also wondering why only Kiva ended up in Zalindov and no one else. I’m definitely curious to why Jaren is there. Naari is also an interesting character.
    After Kiva’s story near the end of the chapter (I loved that they all wanted to hear the story), it has me thinking that she might be a descendent and have healing powers or something. There’s definitely a connection between Kiva and Tilda and her family is probably part of the rebel group.

    I can’t wait for the next few chapters!

    1. I love all those mysteries! Not sure where this is all healings towards and I love it

    2. I was thinking the same thing about Kiva and healing powers!

  9. After dramatic prologue the first chapter is really slow. Marking prisoners and using numbers an identification doesn’t have a good association in my mind. But it’s interesting that they are using healer as a person who create the marks.

    Kiva is pretty good in her job as a Healer, but I think she experienced a lot of things in Zalindov, and those weren’t a good events. I’m wondering that notes are really from her family, maybe somebody else is using her, besides Warden.

    Tipp is really funny character and put some light to the prison.

    Naari is super interesting for me and I’m curious how her character will change during the book. I guess she has a lot of secrets and isn’t in 100% loyal prison’s guard. Maybe she is a part of the rebel.

    So far Tilda is weak and desperate. Well, I guess the Rebel Queen should looks a little different.

  10. Enjoying this book so far. I’m really interested to learn more about Naari and Jaren and their backstories. The rebel queen isn’t what I was expecting so looking forward to finding out where the story is going.

  11. A great beginning for me! A girl who is incredibly skilled, focussed and realistic, and not swept away by grand plans or a pretty face, yet retaining enough shards of humanity to make her a very likeable character. Some really interesting cast characters too, with no obvious plot threads yet, but plenty of possibilities. The prison itself and life within was painted with a raw, brutal beauty, setting up for a chain of events only very barely hinted at yet, but intriguing indeed!

  12. Wow it was such a fast paced 8 chapters!!! I LOVE Tipp, I think Kiva is so brave, how shocking is it that she has been in there since she was little!!! I like Jaren, but clearly there is more to his story. I don’t know what to think of the Rebel Queen BUT i really like Naari the guard. Strong chapters!!!

    1. Tipp is a precious angel baby child and if he is harmed in any way I will enter the book and slay whomever hurts him…

  13. I enjoyed the beginning of the story it really picked up when J came into view and you had that with you banter I love dialogue so much! The end of this section with the rebel queen mythology was very interesting and I’m excited to see where it goes, love tripp so cute!

  14. i am really liking this book so far! really hard to put it down xD
    I really like Jaren and Tipp is really funny. I wonder where the book will go for Kiva and i am very curious about the magic “system” and the trials.

  15. I have so many questions! Love the start of this book. I wonder if our dear main character Kiva might have some magic in her?? And Jaren definitely has some noble blood in him of some sort, maybe even royal?

    1. It would be nice to have someone who’s not the main character be the hidden royal for once ?

      1. I am thinking maybe Naari as there is something different about her.

    2. Yes! I was thinking the same thing

  16. Im loving the writing style and the story so far. Lot of interesting characters.
    I have the feelinf Kiva has something to do with the royal bloodline, not sure where she fits in yet.

  17. I have so many feelings. Where is Kiva’s family?? Why is she in there alone? Why was she left in prison at such a young age?

    Theory time: Jaren is a Prince. He’s obviously from a wealthy family, well versed in the nation’s climate, and well educated. But why is he in prison?

  18. Not sure if it’s really the Rebel Queen… That said, I’m still more interested in who Jarren actually is xD.

    I like the story so far. I also like the pacing! Can’t wait to read more ☺️

  19. This was an interesting start, we barely know anything so far, but still interesting!
    I have a feeling either Kiva or Jaren are related to the royal bloodline on either side.
    I wonder if the Rebel Queen will be more cooperative once she feels better?
    I really enjoy the pacing so far, can’t wait to continue!

  20. Enjoying these chapters. And I like the characters we’ve gotten to know.

    I have lots of questions! Why is Kiva in prison & not her family? Is it really them sending the notes? That would mean they survived. If so, then the guards came and took a seven year old.
    I am curious about both Jaren and Naari, what are their stories, they are not the typical prisoner or guard. I am interested to learn more about the Rebel Queen too!

    1. So many questions! Hopefully we will find answers to some soon!

  21. I loved the prologue, and the writing is great!!!
    It’s weird that Kiva is imprisoned and her family is not.


    Also I have a suspicion of who Jaren is… I am pretty sure it is correct.. I am hoping I am…

    I read a few extra chapters than the readalong day 1 called for so I am definitely ready for tomorrow to discuss those chapters!!

    Plus this book is GORGEOUS!!

    1. Very intrigued about your theory about Jaren!

  23. Hello everyone!
    The quartet of Mott, Kiva, Jaren, and Tipp is an interesting one. Tipp is definitely a bright spot.
    I think Jaren has a pretty good point of the catastrophes that have been inflicted on the populace is down to the Rebel Queen, more specifically that royal split.
    I do wonder what Jaren did; however, I don’t think he butchered anyone. I wonder which noble family he came from.
    Where was Tipp’s dad when he was thrown in alongside his mom? Did he not have any other relatives?
    Mott allowing his patients to die is brutal; I wonder if he conducts tests on the cadavers?
    Kiva and Nari’s relationship is interesting as well…
    I’m excited for the upcoming section!

    1. I hadn’t thought of it, but as of right now I wouldn’t put it past Mot to conduct experiments

  24. Tipp is so adorable! I just want to put him in my pockets and protect him.

    And we all know there’s something special about Naari. Hopefully she’s like a double agent and on our side, not someone pretending to be nice to Kiva then turning on her.

    Who is the family member telling Kiva that help is on the way? What if it’s Naari and Jaren but they both do not know that they are the help?

  25. Hi everyone!!

    I thought the introduction to the world was honestly a little slow. But it picked up after the first couple chapters and now I’m hooked!

    I know there’s going to be a sequel and I really hope Naari is here to stay. I really love her and want more of her story.

    Jaren has got to be royal and Kiva has magic, right? That’s my prediction.

    But, no matter what, I’m loving the flow of the writing and even though I said the beginning was slow to introduce us, it was still easy to read and enjoyable. I’m so excited for the rest!

  26. I’m a little confused about the bonus content mentioned in the Fairyscoop booklet, I can’t seem to find it in the book. Is it just the list of rules on the back page?

    Enjoying the book so far. The Prison is a scary, brutal place. I’m not sure how Kiva has survived so long. I don’t trust the warden at all. Tipp is adorable (please don’t die). Jaren seems to be someone fairly rich & or important… who is he and why is he in the prison? I want to know more about Naari and I want to know more about the rebel queen… and Jaren, definitely more about Jaren.

  27. Damn, can we first of all talk about how pretty this book is?!

    I loved the beginning, I can’t wait to find out more about Kiva’s family! Jaren seems nice, but I really want to know what got him in the prison in the first place; I hope he’s not a murderer xD

    The rebel queen doesn’t seem that strong anymore, and I kinda feel like she isn’t really who they think she is? Not sure. I do feel like Naari will turn out good, can’t wait to see how it’ll all turn out. Anyway, Tipp better not die because I love him!

  28. I’m so pleasantly surprised with the book so far! I really love the maps. The writing style is very pleasant. My theory right now is that Jaren is a royal, I even suspect he might have gotten into the prison on purpose for some reason but not sure about that one. Kiva seems like a strong heroine for our story and Tipp is so cute. If anything happens to him I’ll be mad >:( Also excited to learn more about Naari.

  29. I loved the first section and I can’t wait to continue reading today after work. Even though there wasn’t a lot of Story so far, I’m very excited to find out why Jaren’s in prison and why he is so cool with it. I liked Naari very much and I adore Tipp – I really like the characters “flaws”. It hopefully will show people that it’s okay to stutter or have a prosthetic ❤️ Nobodies perfect.
    This book is already better than I imagined.

  30. What a great start. I love Lynette Noni’s writing. So many questions….

  31. I’m really enjoying it so far! But I do have a lot of questions, and I don’t really agree with Kiva telling a little boy that all men are pigs. That was uncomfortable to read and guaranteed to mess up a little boy’s psyche.

    1. It seemed to hint that Kiva has been sexually assaulted in the prison several times. Her psyche probably isn’t in the best place either.

  32. So may questions, but so excited to find out the answers! Tipp is so fun and energetic – I have a feeling I’m going to love his dynamic with Kiva.

  33. I’m loving this book already, such a great start! Love the pacing, and I’m intrigued by the characters. Can’t wait to read more!
    I too have the feeling Jaren is a prince, or at least will turn out to be very important. Would love to learn more about Naari and Tipp is just the cutest ?

  34. I read this section yesterday and blew through the stopping point its so good so far! I can’t wait to see where this story is going!

  35. I want to start by saying that Tipp is the best boy, I adore him ?
    And I’m super curious by the fact that Basti is the only one in her family in the prison, she’s supposed to have a mom and other brothers, so, where are them, weren’t they also captured at the beginning??
    Also, whatever her dad told her not to do at the beginning, could she have some magic in her? Like one of the elements???

    Btw, the minute Jaren half died in the table I knew he will be the romantic interest, lol, but I’m also eyeing the guard???

  36. I’m enjoying the book so far. I really want to know why 7 year old Kiva was sent to the prison and her family was not. Also, are those coded messages really from her family? And if so, why have they not come for her in ten years? But soon as the Rebel Queen is captured they are finally coming! That’s messed up! I really like Tipp he is sweet. I can’t wait to find more about Jaren and Naaira’s backstories.

  37. Hi !

    I love how it starts ! I was hooked from the first page ! Kiva seems so strong and I’m curious about Naari, I can’t wait to see if we can know more about her, Tipp is just so cute !!!

  38. I really liked the start of this book and I already like kiva although my favorite so far is Naari. I feel like she has something to do with the rebel queen and that’s why she became a guard. After the story Kiva told i am convinced she has powers. At first I thought it would be healing because she’s a healer but I feel like that’s too obvious. The biggest question i have is why Kivas family isn’t in Zalindov with her.

  39. It felt a little slow to start but I was so intrigued and how fitting that we met the rebel queen in the first day!

  40. I am wondering if Kiva is somehow part of the royal line. I mean she was a healer and her family was in hiding??? Also, she seemed to have some kind of familiarity with Tilda. I really like this book. I think it’s going to be a light fast read.

  41. Better late then never
    I have to catch up, but this will be quite easy with such a glorious book! I’m definitely enjoying it.
    But there are so many questions. is Kiva descending from the royal family? Does she have healing Powers? Whos Jaren? And why is Tipp in prison? Such a sweet boy. I hope we’ll find out

  42. Hi everybody

    Just started the readalong I hope I will catch up soon so all I am going to say is that I too have soo many questions especially why Kiva is in prison and not her family who Jeren really is and I think Narri is with the rebellion somehow. I keep getting that vibe.

    Oh and I love Tipp to his is such a cutie pie

  43. Okay, joining in late but i finally managed, woop woop.
    Loving Jaren so far, super wondering what he did and if he even might be one of the heirs to the throne in some way, he gives off these vibes and charming mystery men are more often than not royality haha.
    Let’s see how stuff will go with the rebel queen, if she’s really that and also the whole family thing, like… why is Kiva alone in prison but her family not? Like didnt the prologue stated that they were all taken in? or worse? Guess we’re gonna find out.

    1. ‘Or worse’ is a really good point, but brings up the question of who’s sending the letters then? No matter how you look at it the situation seems a bit sketchy..

  44. Wow I am already a fan of this book! It’s been a while since I’ve read a fantasy like this and I love it. I definitely think Kiva is maybe part of the royal family without knowing it? I don’t know about Tilda though. Im excited to see howKiva isgoing to be the one to fight in the trial. I also really like the characters! Naari and Tipp and Jaren are really cool as well. I’m kind of happy we don’t get to read too much horrific scenes that go on the prison itself but mostly follow Kiva in the healers room. I’m really excited to continue and hope to catch up to the schedule tomorrow! ?

  45. I just finished! I’m running behind but this Is an early dive into fantasy.

    Anyone else want Naaro and kiva to fall in love instead of with Jaren lol. Also, I bet Kiva has magic. I’m calling it now!!

  46. I love the way the book started, because we kind of get thrown into the chaos and trauma of the prison right at the start. It’s hard to tell what Kiva’s motivation is for healing at the beginning or if she’s just doing it to stay alive, which fair. But this new handsome man has her all shook up and I want him to be the main love interest! Glad the rebel queen is in the mix now, hoping the real action begins!

  47. Im a lil late to the party but better late than never!

    I love love love this book already. I can just tell it will be amazing. I adore Kiva and Jaren and their constant back and forths (especially Jaren’s witty remarks and humour). Naari is intriguing too so I can’t wait to see how she gets involved more into the plot!! Also the Trials sound soooo dramatic

  48. I’m absolutely loving this so far!
    I’m curious as to why Kiva and Jaren are there. And love the relationship the two have.

  49. I’m absolutely loving this so far!
    I’m curious as to why Kiva and Jaren are there. And love the relationship the two have.
    I honestly can’t put the book down

  50. I’m loving this cast of characters so far! Naari seems like she’s got to be infiltrating the prison for some reason, because she’s much nicer to the prisoners than any of the other guards are.

    I think Tilda is the Rebel Queen, but I think she’s in charge of the rebels because she’s a strong leader, not because she’s the descendent of King Torvin. I have a theory about which of the characters might actually be the true heir to the throne, but I’m hoping I’m wrong because it seems too obvious!

    I’m wondering if the royal family might be visiting because of Jaren. He seemed more shocked than anyone when it was revealed the royals were coming, and we already know that he’s had a rich upbringing: perhaps he’s a royal who has defected from the court to start his own rebellion, and that’s the reason he’s in prison? I don’t think he’s with the rebels because he seems to hate the Rebel Queen, but he also know a lot more about the rebellion and Zalindov than an outsider should.

    Either way, I’m loving Lynette Noni’s writing style, and I’m getting through this much faster than I thought I would (even though I’m still horribly behind!). Looking forward to reading the next section.

  51. So late to this readalong but I’m gonna join in anyway. This is a great start for the book. I’m liking Kiva ( I like a tough outside, soft inside character… like Veronica Mars, Kiva is a marshmallow. Tipp is too cute. Excited to see where we go from here.

  52. Hello all! Looks like I’m pretty late to the party but better late than never.

    So, looks like I’m not the only one totally confused as to why only Kiva is in prison. Assuming the prologue was about her then at least her father and brother were alive at the time of her assumed arrest. If that’s the case, where is everyone else? Are they even still alive? If not, who’s sending Kiva these letters?

    Speaking of letters, it seems a little suspicious that after a decade Kiva’s family has finally said that they’re coming for her. And the Rebel Queen! As for the Rebel Queen herself I have so many questions, but the most pressing ones are about her sight. What happened? And is she really blind? Someone without sight shouldn’t be able to aim like that, I wonder if some form of magic has anything to do with it.

    Additionally, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks Jaren might be royal, it may be a bit far fetched but the royal family has a Crown Prince and Princess and Jaren mentions a brother and a sister. With this it also makes me wonder if he actually did something to land himself in Zalindov, or if someone wanted to get rid of him…

    My final point: I love Naari. I love her so much. I really hope that she plays a larger part in the story, and so far it seems like she will. I loved her hand pun so much, mostly because it was not something I expected from her but I really felt like the whole thing expanded on her character.

    Apologies for the length but I have so many questions! I hope they all get answered in time and I wonder how many of my predictions turn out to be true. On to the next section 🙂

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