The Prison Healer Readalong Day 5!

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Hello Fairy Friends!

We’ve made it to the final day of our Readalong! I hope you’ve enjoyed it? I know I’ve had a great time reading along with you all, seeing your posts, and hearing your thoughts in the comments! It’s been a fab read to theorise with too!

But we’re onto our final section, and a dramatic one it is! Let’s talk about it!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for The Prison Healer by Lynette Noni! Read only if you’ve finished the book!


After blacking out in the previous chapter, Kiva awakens to find herself in a cell. It doesn’t take long to realise she’s in The Abyss, the worst of Zalindov’s areas as it’s the place for punishment. Not long after waking, Kiva is lead to another room by one of the guards, only to discover Jaren – bleeding, beyond pain after being flogged repeatedly. Kiva is made to watch as the flogging continues, unable to help him at all.

Kiva’s own punishment isn’t of the physical kind, since she still needs to do the final trial. Instead, she is locked in the true Abyss, a darkened cell completely in isolation. Teased with only tiny breaks of light, Kiva is locked away with only her thoughts for company. There’s no indication of how much time passes, only darkness and the dripping of dirty water…

A crack of light, this time for longer. Naari has found her, with promises of help. We discover it has only been six days, the longest six days in existence. But we at least know that Tipp is watching over Tilda, Jaren is healing, and Naari has discovered the poison vials.

Naari tries to report the vials to Warden Rooke, only to realise he knew all along – in fact, he’s the very cause of it. In a sadistic method of population control, Rooke has been following the same method carried out nine years ago, deliberately causing sickness to eliminate those in Zalindov. The same method that killed Kiva’s father – making Rooke his murderer.

In a vain attempt for help, Naari rides to report Zalindov to the royal family, in the hopes they’ll crack down on Rooke and his ways. But Kiva is disbelieving. Why would the royals help? Until it dawn on her, a slip in Naari’s conversation making all clear…Jaren in the Crown Prince Deverick! And Naari his Golden Shield!

All this time, Jaren has been parading as a prisoner. Why are the royals trying to infiltrate Zalindov? What is it Zalindov holds that they need so badly?

With all these questions whirling around her brain, Kiva is once more thrown into isolation for days, with only her final trial awaiting…

The next we know, Kiva is pulled from her cell and thrust instead into the Trial by Earth. A reminder of the rules is given once again, seemingly unnecessary at this point. That is, until Jaren’s fate is thrown in with Kiva and Tilda’s. Not only must Kiva survive for her own life, but her life is now tied with those of both the Rebel Queen and Crown Prince. No pressure, huh? And with another knock on the head, Kiva is once more unconscious.

She wakes to find herself in a dark, grim place. Jaren is by her side, still injured and really not in a position for strenuous trials. But they’re here nonetheless. Where is here, though? Well, it seems they have been abandoned in the tunnels, tasked with returning within the hour. With an hour of walking in each other’s company, the inevitable happens – the truth.

It’s while in these tunnels we discover Jaren’s motives. Needing more information on the rebel movement and knowing of Tilda’s imprisonment in Zalindov, they hatch a plan to send the royal guards to infiltrate for more information. Befriend the rebels, discover their plans. Only one of them is injured last minute, and so Jaren throws himself in to take his place. Parading as a prisoner, Jaren hoped to investigate more – only his plan fell apart pretty quickly, and pretty spectacularly. Resigned to this, his hope now is to get out – and Kiva with him.

Inspecting his injuries and making sure he can survive, Kiva pushes for an answer about his previous scars. It turns out his mother, the Queen herself, was the one to inflict these wounds, under the influence of Angeldust. Suddenly his earlier aversion to it makes sense, and no more is said on the topic.

But another topic arises, and that’s the topic of what comes next. Jaren suggests Kiva goes back to the Capital with him, where she can begin training in the healer academy. Tipp can come too, and she’d be able to contact her family again. It all seems a bit too good, don’t you think?

But reality soon shatters through those thoughts, as it dawns on Kiva that Jaren has more to his secret than just being royalty. He doesn’t just have elemental magic – he has all four abilities, unheard of since Queen Sarana herself. While useful now in their escape from the tunnels, it’s too much to process right now.

Approaching the surface, they aren’t met with the guards as expected, only screams in the distance. While escaping the tunnels, a riot has broken out at Zalindov, causing carnage everywhere. Kiva’s thoughts immediately turn to Tipp and Tilda, and she sets out running to the infirmary. The place is smashed, and it doesn’t take long for the worst sight to be seen. Tilda is dead, with Tipp soon to follow. Panicking, Kiva stumbles to help him, a flashback to the prologue hitting us as she does so. She remembers her father, making her promise not to use her power, and her anguish at having to remain hidden for 10 years. It’s too much, and finally it breaks out – Kiva has the ability to heal Tipp. He’s breathing once more, and Kiva stamps her power back down as Jaren and Naari burst in.

And so the breakout mission is happening, with everyone banding together to make sure Kiva is allowed free. Rooke attempts to stop them, but with no luck. Kiva manages to send one final message to her family in the process, revealing one final bombshell for us all…

“Mother is dead. I’m on my way to Vallenia. It’s time to reclaim our kingdom.”

Excuse me?!?

Our final note is one of shock, with us finding out Kiva is the Corentine princess, now returning to the capital that should be her own…

What an ending! So many bombshells were thrown in there – did you see any of it coming? There were certainly some that took me by surprise, and I only have more questions now! I can’t wait for the second book!

Thank you all so much for joining me in this readalong! I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have, and do be sure to share your photos on Instagram to celebrate the end!

We’ll be back soon with a readalong for our next book, so be sure to stay tuned for more.

In the meantime – have a wonderful weekend! 🙂



45 thoughts on “The Prison Healer Readalong Day 5!

  1. Wow so many feelings happening in this last part! Rooke is of course behind all the killings. Jaren is the Prince! But why didn’t Naari stop them from beating Jaren? So glad that they had to do the last task together! And of course Rooke and the guards killed Tilda straight after dumping Kiva and Jaren underground but why did they have to get Tipp as well?! So glad Kiva has powers so she could save Tipp!!! I never would have guessed that! And Tilda was her mum!!! That makes so much sense! Jaren did all that to help Kiva and make sure she survived and she is going to turn around and take back the throne. Did anyone else feel completely betrayed by that? I can’t wait for The Guilded Cage because now I’m in a book hangover!

    1. Such a climatic ending! I really wanted Jaren to reveal to everyone he was prince so Rooke would realise who’d he’d hurt and be punished for it. Definitely need to second book now!

      1. Yeah that would have been great! I wonder if Rooke will survive the prison fight and be in the second book?

    2. I don’t think she could without blowing her cover. It had to be real.

  2. I really didn’t want to finish this book!!! And now I need the next!! I see it will be published in October……not tooooooo long, I guess.
    So much happened in these last chapters. Each time I was surprised and thought ‘Of course, why didn’t I think of that!!’ ?
    I like Jaren, so I’m really curious to see what will happen with him and Kiva in the next book!!
    I want to finish this read along with Mot’s lines, because I loved them, they made me laugh and also brought me to tears.
    “Too bad yeh don’t ‘ave a choice, yeh horse’s ass”
    “Get outta ‘ere, Kiva luv” ?❤️

    Thanks for this read along and see you next time!
    Luv (?),

    1. Yes! Mot was such a good character. I like that he got to be such a good friend to Kiva, his last scene was badass!

    2. I was exactly the same! I’m so bad at predicting plots, everything too me by surprise aha!
      Aww Mot, he shall be missed!

      Thank YOU for joining me!

  3. That was quite an ending!

    I’m really glad to know some of my suspicions were correct, such as Kiva having healing power, there being a relation between Kiva and Tilda, though I never imagined them to be mother and daughter. I thought Tilda may have been an unknown aunt or something, but that message to her brother and sister was quite surprising, especially throughout the book Kiva’s thoughts never betrayed the fact she was treating her mother.

    Jaren is the prince? That was also quite a surprise, though I knew he and Naari where somehow connected!

    I was devastated when Kiva found Tipp almost dead, and was so happy when she brought him back to life, although I’m curious what he will say to his miraculous recovery, since he knew he was almost dead.

    I cannot wait for the sequel to come out! It’s going to get interesting!

  4. I am still in shock at that ending!

    I’d kind of guessed yesterday that Tilda was her mum but I hadn’t even considered that Kiva had known that!

    I need a sequel, really soon.

    1. I honestly feel betrayed by a book.

    2. I did not expect that at all, but in hindsight, I should have, because what person would find such a story soothing if it’s not their own? That was suspicious.

      1. Yes that gave a hint. But i always imagined Tilda as an old grandmother like women. Now it makes much more sence that she stepped in to take on the trials

  5. First off, thank you to everyone for this great readalong! It was so much fun to theorise with you all and to go through this reading experience together 🙂

    This last section was a lot! I liked the idea of the blank pages representing a day in darkness each, that was inventive. Kiva will probably be afraid of the dark from now on. Extreme darkness seems like a terror to live through for days and days…

    This might be an unpopular opinion, but I really don’t like that they “all” turn out to be royals in the end. I expected the Jaren twist, and I also thought that Kiva would have healing powers – so she’d have to be an anomality or royal too.
    But it felt like the book tried to give us all kinds of reasons for her to help out Tilda, and then did a complete turn and said she was her mother. I’d even thought that this might be the case, since Tilda said Kiva’s name so often and wanted to hear the story about how Kiva’s mother and father met. It all sounded supiciously familiar, but Kiva found so many reasons to justify helping Tilda that I found a family bond unlikely.
    It just felt a bit too much like it was supposed to be a surprise. I AM sad that Tilda is dead, we never really got much more of her.

    I hope the next book is not too backstabby and full of intrigue. I don’t want Kiva to become cold blooded, she was such a gentle and caring person and I admired that a lot while reading. I loved the atmosphere of people supporting each other. Mot’s last moments in the book were amazing and sad. I’m incredibly glad that Tipp survived and that Naari got out alive too.

    While the book ended on a note that I didn’t like that much, overall it was very well written. I liked the suspense of the trails and the cast of characters. I feel like there will be a lot more exploring of the world in the next book, and I’m excited for that!

    1. I really liked the book, but I also feel sort of betrayed, because we read from Kiva’s perspective and never did she let us know it was her mother. Also, she said her family didn’t come for her, but her mother came, so that was not correct? The plottwist felt a bit forced, still need the sequel though xD

    2. I agree with your thoughts on the ending! I personally would have been happier if she had no powers and was able to save Tipp some other way – maybe his life was hanging in uncertainty at the end instead as they escaped. I found it odd she’d use them to save him and not her mother. Also don’t love the idea of Kiva turning cold now that she’s escaped and will be expected to take up the Rebel Queen’s mantle. But I’m holding on to her comments and feelings on how she doesn’t necessarily agree with the rebels but she can see their point. Hopefully that means we’ll see reasonable actions going forward. Overall loved the twists though! Thanks for a fun read along!

    3. Yes, thank you! I don’t really liked that Kiva is a princess too. I expected her to have healing powers for a while, but like an anomaly? Not like this.

  6. The ending was so good and I’m really curious as to how it will develop in the sequel. Especially with Kiva being royalty as I never got the impression that she wanted to take the crown for herself. I knew she didn’t like the royals but with her feelings for Jaren as well now I’m not sure what will happen so I guess I’ll need to wait for the sequel!

  7. I am…not okay. I need the sequel asap!!
    This was a five star read, no doubts.
    And I’m so happy Tipp made it to and through the end! Have I already mentioned I need the sequel asap?

  8. I had an inkling about Kiva having healing powers but never guessed that Kiva was her mum. She said she had difficult feelings towards her mother. I want to know what her older brother and sister have to do with all of this. Definitely will be picking up book two. This readalong has been so much fun and this is probably my favourite read this year.

  9. I loved this book so much!! We’ll done Fairyloot, you picked another great one! Definitely a 5 star read for me! ?

    I love that not everything was predictable, it kept me guessing and really managed to shock me at the end! You should’ve seen my face, lol.

    I’m SO ready for the sequel ❤️

    Thanks for the readalong Ashleigh, it was the first time I joined and definitely will participate again ?

    Love, Naoual xx

  10. I am SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!

    Holy cliffhanger ending I need the second book nowwwww!

    That was fantastic!

    Also I am gonna need Tipp to have an amazing full life and nothing happen to him again because my nerves cant take it!

    1. Tipp must be protected at all costs!

  11. What an ending!! It was all wrapping up nicely and then boom. Did not see that coming at all!

  12. I actually saw it coming but i still didn’t think i would be right ?????? what an amazing book, so fast paced, so addictive!!!!! And this was my first readalong which i have loved, so will be back for the next book ?

  13. the ending was WOWWWWWW. i kept gasping so much at every reveal and plot twist my parents came to check in on me like “what is happening?” LOL. I NEED THE NEXT BOOK LIKE NOW!!!

  14. I really need the sequel now! Please Ashleigh, can you guys do a special edition? c: Guessed that Kiva must have had healing powers, but the rest? Nope, could not have guessed it and I loved every second of it.
    Thank you guys for this read along!

    1. I’m not too sure, but I thought I saw that they will do a special edition of the sequel!!

  15. Ok, so I did see a lot of things coming.

    But even more things not coming xD. In the story she told Tilda about her parents, she hid the background of her mom, so that’s when I suspected that she was from the Corantine bloodline.

    I did also expect Kiva to have healingpowers, but I thought she didn’t know herself yet.

    I feel a bit deceived by the author, because we read a lot of thoughts and feelings of Kiva, but never once was it mentionned Tilda was her mom or that she’s known she had healing powers.

    That said: I still liked the book and need the sequel. Now.

  16. This ending! OMG, and yes, as I expected Jaren is a Prince, but way how he got to the Prison and reason why he did it were a surprise for me.

    Mot, oh my heart is broken! He was a really good friend for Kiva.

    Tilda is a Kiva’s mother and I expected this, but I felt a little lost where she reminded herself the last message to her family. Did she know this from the beginning?! Did she recognize Tilda? Did I miss something important?

    But hey, they are free and now I need 2nd book immediately! Give it to me! I need to know. The last plot twist: Kiva is the Corentine princess remind me a little beginning of “The Bridge Kingdom”. Will it be from hate to lovers relation?

  17. Called the royalty thing, and suspected the Healer thing but the fact that Kiva knew herself and was purposefully stating hidden… I gasped. Out loud.
    I seriously loved it and I can’t wait to read part 2!

  18. I. Am. Screaming. Actually, literally, screaming. That ending, holy crap. I got goosebumps, I even get goosebumps just thinking about it. Damn, I didn’t expect that!!!!

    The Jaren thing I saw coming from a mile away, but this plottwist took me by surprise. Damn. The torture scenes; the guards of this prison are seriously mental. What the crap man.

    I loved Mot so much, with his crazy apothecary vibes, he reminded me of Leroy from Renegades by Marissa Meyer! I hope we’ll see him again, but I’m not too sure if he’ll survive.

    All in all, I reaaaally loved this book, and I can’t believe that I never tried a read along before! Loved sharing my theories with you all 🙂 I’m scared for the sequel, because I loved this one so much, I’m scared it’ll let me down haha

  19. That ending blew my mind! Omg i never expected this. Not even when she healed Tipp i thought she was just one of those born outside the line and had some sort of magic as she had not any other elemental magic.

    I knew there was skmething with Jaten but it was a nice twist that he seemed to be the prince and Naari his guard. At first i thought Naari was the real rebel queen. I never thought that Tilda was actually Kiva’s mom. I can’t recall they ever talked about her appearance.

    1 thing is sure i need book 2 now.

  20. I’m still shocked by this ending! The hints and clues were there the entire time, but I didn’t piece everything together until the very end! I don’t know how I’m going to be able to wait for the sequel!

    In light of these events, I’m curious how the dynamic between Kiva and Jaren will change. Will it turn into an enemy type thing (one sided, though, since Jaren doesn’t know Kiva’s true identity) but with their mutual attraction binding them? I have so many questions!

    Overall, though, I loved this book! Definitely a good pick on Fairyloot’s part! I’m eager for the sequel. <3

  21. The all black pages marking time in the abyss?! ? genius JAREN IS THE PRINCE?! Mind blown! All the reveals at the last minute?! Her mother?! I knew she had to have healing powers but the rebel princess?! Makes me want to read book 2 rn to see how that goes down with Jaren ?✌?

  22. I definitely need the sequel ASAP!!
    I don’t know that the ending was truly earned, but I am so invested in what comes next…

  23. My jaw is on the floor after the multiple plot twists. Jaren being the crown prince??? But KIVA BEING THE REBEL PRINCESS?????

    I knew Rooke was sketchy from the beginning when he reprimanded Kiva for not having more info on the rebels. Who knew his twisted heart would willingly kill people for population control. When he threw Jaren into the fourth trial, I was so relieved. That was basically a free pass for Kiva to survive and be free.

    I thought Jaren being the crown prince was a plot twist (I really didnt see that one coming) but Kiva being able to heal! I should have connected the dots when she was healing Tipp, bc Corentine family has healing powers and shes literally the prison healer. And Tilda being her MOTHER – what a shock. Jaren’s not going to know who he’s bringng into his city. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer, am I right?

  24. What an intens ending! It was so good!
    And i didn’t expeced all of it.
    And I’m not sure if its not to much ? You know… Jaren is the Prince and of course he has 4 elemental powers and Kiva can heal people and clames the throne now. Not to mention that she lost her Mother right now! I have to process that first.
    The only one honest in that book was Tipp, and I love him. Mot was georgeous as well.
    All in all i need the second book! Cant wait for it ?

  25. Lynette Noni is the master at misdirection. I had figured out that Jaren was the Prince quite a bit before the end but at no point did I think that Kiva was the Rebel Queen’s daughter. I did think it strange that Kiva told the story of her parents meeting and Tilda hung onto that wanting to hear it again, but I didn’t consider that they were related. What an ending. So glad The Gilded Cage isn’t far away!

  26. What a ride!
    I really enjoyed this book and I can’t wait for the sequel so all my questions will be answered.
    Although I expected Jaren to be Royal and Naari his guard, I definitely haven’t seen the plot twist coming that Tilda is/was Kivas mom, but it makes so much sense now.
    Without Fairyloot I will probably never haves picked this book and I’m so glad I got to read it. This will probably be one of my favorites.
    Thank you for this readalong ❤️

  27. I really enjoyed this book despite guessing most of the twists. So glad Tipp survived as I was worried about him all book. Can’t wait to see where the plot goes in the sequel.

  28. This book was sooo good! definitely 5 stars. The characters are really amazing! I saw some of the plottwists coming: I suspected Jaren was the prince and maybe Kiva was a descendent of the healer-line. But since she never used her powers to save anyone I absolutely did not know for sure and started doubting it. And especially since Tilda was there. But that Tilda was her mom?! WOW I did not see that one coming at all. I seriously cannot wait to read the sequel.

    Kiva feels like a really badass girl and I love that she is now planning to take back her crown. I mean I love Jaren and Naari too but Kiva has endure a lot due to the royal family so I think she deserves some payback. I’m so excited to continue reading woooo

  29. Okay, so I’m not sure I liked the ending? I liked it until the part where things took a Throne of Glass twist and apparently Kiva is the daughter of the Rebel Queen. And royalty? I expected Kiva to have healing powers, because there were so many mentions of people who might have powers outside the royal family, so I expected that part. However, now that we figured out that she *is* royalty, I’m sure I like these events, especially since now her and Jaren are kind of related? Tough stuff, I definitely want to read the sequel.

    I hope Rooke will get what is coming for him. I still can’t believe he called poisoning the inmates population control…  Oh, and I really liked Mot, I wonder if we’ll see him in the future?

    I gave it 3.5 stars because of the ending, too many plot twists and royalty popping up here and there. I hope there will be a FL edition of the sequel!

  30. So, the last sections weren’t as good as the first three days I thought. And while I liked the ending I’m not sure it entirely makes sense… Why did we know a lot of Kiva’s thoughts even things she didn’t want to admit but then have so much hidden? I think this could have been avoided with slightly different craft…

  31. This book was so good, just finished and I’m exited to reread now knowing what I know

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