The Prison Healer Readalong Schedule!

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Hello Fairy Friends!

I hope you’re all doing well! It’s time to delve into the depths of Zalindov with our readalong of The Prison Healer by Lynette Noni! We’ll be beginning on May 31st, reading a section per day until we finish on June 4th. I don’t know about you, but I am super excited to read this one! A rebel queen and elemental trials? Count me in!

If you’re interested in joining the readalong, here is the schedule we’ll follow so that you can plan your reading:

May 31st: Prologue – Chapter 8

June 1st: Chapter 9 – Chapter 14

June 2nd: Chapter 15 – Chapter 22

June 3rd: Chapter 23 – Chapter 28

June 4th: Chapter 29 – End

This will give us approximately 80 pages per day to read, but don’t worry if you want to change up your schedule! We’ll be ready and waiting to chat, and the posts will be here whenever you’re ready should it take longer for you to read!

There will be spoilers for each section so we can freely share our thoughts for what just happened and predictions for what will follow! I’m very excited to hear your thoughts as we read through each section!

As always, there will be a Readalong exclusive competition to win your next box for free! We always believe reading should be encouraged! Details on how to enter to come soon!

Instagram will remain a spoiler-free zone, but please make sure to tag us in your readalong stories when you get ready for a reading session. We often repost these and we love seeing you all cosy and ready to jump into the next part of your adventure! It keeps us and others motivated!

If you take Instagram photos of the book, you might also find your photo being featured in a post too (with credit, of course!). Just remember to tag your Instagram photos with the #fairyloot hashtag.

We’ll also post reminders for the readalong on our Instagram stories each day (we know they often come in handy!).

Are you ready to venture into Zalindov?

Be sure to introduce yourself in the comments, and let me know what you’re most excited for in this book! (Mine would be the elemental trials, for sure!)



29 thoughts on “The Prison Healer Readalong Schedule!

  1. Hi Ashleigh!
    Thank you for reading the readalong, can’t wait to start!
    I’m most excited about the elemental trials as well. 🙂

    1. Hi! I’m so glad you’ll be joining me for the readalong! It sounds like it’s bound to be a good one 🙂
      I hope you enjoy!

  2. I’m most excited about the ending because everyone keep saying that there’s a brilliant twist (I love plot twists I don’t see coming!), but that also made me super nervous about possible spoilers while sticky-tabbing the book for the readalong ? I basically did it keeping the book open the bare minimum!

  3. Oooh this is my first time joining in, where do we talk about each section? I’m just excited to start reading it, it sounds so good!!!

    1. There will be separate posts for each day here in the blog.

  4. I’m curious to read about the prison setting because I don’t think I have read anything like that before!

  5. I’ve heard some really good things about this book. Looking forward to this readalong.

  6. Hey everyone ?? so exited for this book! Cant wait to start reading

  7. Hello !
    Can’t wait to start this ! I tried to do the The Bright and the Pale readalong but I didn’t have the time for it

  8. Ready for prison! 😀

  9. I’m so excited to start this read along! I heard only good things about the book!

  10. Hi! My name is Tori! I am so excited for this book! I love the read alongs but I always want to read farther ahead! Haha! I’m most excited about the trials!

  11. Hi everyone ??
    This is my first time joining.
    I’m excited to start reading this, the book looks so beautiful too ❤️

  12. Hi Ashleig, I am excited to join you for tho read along. Thank you for arranging this read along. ?

  13. Hi everyone!! Can’t wait to start this journey with all of you. Finally there is sun after the dark period of exams at university.

  14. I already started because of my work schedule i would otherwise never get it finished in time. I love it so far

  15. I am quite excited for this one!

  16. I forgot about this one! I really wanted to read this book so i will tag along in this read along. Can’t wait to chat with you guys aboit the book!

  17. Hi everyone, my name is Pearl and I’m from Australia. I live in the future and what is the 31st of May is actually the 1st of June in the land down under. I’ve already read the book but I’m happy to read along with you because I love it so much and I’m super excited to be talking to other people about it. See you tomorrow.

  18. I have never done a readalong before, but I’m excited to try!

  19. Hi ALl!
    I really enjoyed the last book discussion, so I am pumped to start another one tomorrow!

  20. Hi, happy to join to the Readalong. This book sounds super excited. Can’t wait for reading and our discussion! ❤️

  21. Hi everyone!
    I’m excited to start this readalong 🙂 I think I’m most interested in the “healer” aspect of this story. I love people who help others, especially if they are the protagonist. Also, to keep with the title related things, prisons are a cool setting full of tension and it sounds like the protagonist knows her way around Zalindov.

  22. Hi everyone!
    I’m all tabbed up and ready to go. I’ve been really excited for this readalong as heard really good things about the book!

  23. I’m really excited to get to know this setting more, this had to be one of my fave map(s) to have in a book! I just spent the whole time getting to know it tonight to prep for tomorrow!

  24. Hi! So excited for this read along! Lynette Noni is such a great author and this book sounds incredible! Cant wait to dive into this world!

  25. Hi, hi! I’m Rissa and I’m just all around stoked to start reading along with all of you in my very first Fairyloot Read Along!

  26. Hello everyone! This is my second readlong, im so excited for this

  27. Yay I’m excited to join the read-along officially this month! I’m already behind as I thought it was starting June 1 but I’ll catch up!

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