The Remnant Chronicles Exclusive Editions

We are so thrilled to present to you… ‘The Remnant Chronicles’ Exclusive Editions, brought to you in collaboration with @maryepearson and @hodderscape!

The Remnant Chronicles follows a runaway princess bride, an angsty love triangle, and an assassin that can’t be trusted. It’s a story we have read time and time again and we are so excited to share our Exclusive Editions with you!

What is special about these Exclusive Editions?
✨ EXCLUSIVE COVERS: Hardcover editions with exclusive colourway changes to the covers
✨ FOIL ON THE HARDCOVER: Character art foil on the front of the hardcover by @morgana0anagrom
✨ DIGITALLY SPRAYED EDGES: Gorgeous digitally sprayed edges on all three edges that create a map
✨ ENDPAPER ART: Six character art endpapers designed by
✨ SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR: Each book will be signed by the author, Mary E. Pearson

This is NOT part of our normal monthly subscriptions and if you wish to order a set, they will be available in the Fairy Trove (we ship to many countries worldwide).

The Remnant Chronicles Exclusive Editions will be available for £80 GBP / $107 USD + shipping and are expected to ship around September/October.

Early Access emails will be sent on July 24th at 1pm BST to UK/INT active subscribers and 4pm BST to US/Canada active subscribers. If we have books remaining, they will be available to the public on July 25th at 1pm BST for UK/INT customers and 4pm BST for US/Canada customers from the Fairy Trove.

Do you love these books as much as we do?

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9 thoughts on “The Remnant Chronicles Exclusive Editions

  1. Since the active subscribers are being spilt into two different times, will stock be spilt to make sure US/Canda has a chance to purchase them?

    1. Hi there! Yes, we always allocate stock for each store. ?

  2. Are you considering doing exclusive editions of the Dance of Thieves duology?

  3. Have these been posted for sale yet?

    1. Unfortunately, these Exclusive Editions sold out during the Early Access sale but we are currently looking into a reprint!

  4. hi.I see it sold out. will there ever be a reprint of these series?

    1. Hi there! Unfortunately this is sold out and we don’t currently have any plans to reprint. If we have any leftover copies available, they’ll be available in a future Fairy Trove restock. 💜

      1. Any update on plans to reprint?

  5. I’d love to see this as a reprint. Hopefully at the very least some copies end up in the trove


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